The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 28, 1987 · Page 15
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 15

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1987
Page 15
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THE BAYTOWN SUN TVOrUMOOH TOVNMOH- Nutt*d M )«%• m.M. HW OMW.ttMK* «< l*%, "II* OM mOVC- lft..),b**«>«- W2.SM. 2 bedroom- UWMAU/FADAUAmC. lUmoOO- For t»lc or tease, l-t- 1C* ttvukoiiw. Many amenities. >!UVoy«,4a-»a,47Mf>77. PMUBJMT uttt- mtrldcd. HomttHti. WIW. OOUWILLIAWU WttTlAYUALTY WPER BAMA1N1- LoC across (rim Stn Jacinto River. All ulMti«. if,Mu U»mm Really, 4 vooMourr InLaRelorma 422-43J2 UjpGlt AND SHALL, tHACTS- i Acre lo ,,18<» acres. Owwr tinanct JO'S REALTY, 421-4510. IB ACMS- M.wn per acre. Owner (intwe.. Jo* KMlly, 421-4510. •m ACRES- North of 1-10. UOOO pi-r acre. Jo's Really. 4JH510. ACUS- off o! KM 14011. <n-mi w dUafHlli CWNTY- Wooded to act* ad FM 565 R*4l Eftafe .Nertort. 1 ACHES l»»0peracre.a)%do«n ! • Jo's Realty ' ' LARGE RACE TRACK- wilh borsebarn, . : . JO'S REALTY 431-eia ONt ACM- oil County Line Hud W*U 4 sepllc system Equiiy i assume ' OfteAOlfc- *. in. I15.W3. MARY DUNN AGENCY 383-3386 OttJUEHS COL-JOT HACKBEKHY CREEK SUIDCVtSaON- 5 restricted borne site? Water in,,BHlSB r».x»up, 10% d»n. I-ie rBCDER- S jcro Wjier is sUibte. i\ rolcftat., »vih 10% dwn ON M* EAST OF AXAHUAC- I acrr Kuroincipi tracts, Viittr available UV.m xn Iff^dwB Ovocf vutvof- NOTICE! LAND! WEST CHAJUEIU CO., ESTATES- 6 miles Northeast of Baytown. Bill off 1« on 3<5 East. 1 acre k u acre, No Do»n Payment. Financing available. 3«3-2243. 1 STORY HOUSe- To be torn down or moved W-I7JS,- U X »»- 1970 Lamplighter. 2 bedroom t KMMHM. 1 MTU- Extra dtan Clote lo Mfcook. ahoppmi For further Info call WhltaJwr i Auoc. Realty, 427- COUNTRY OUt QAU- 3-2-2 hum-ins with fireplace. I7W) depctil. Waiter Really. 424-5M3. AM NEWFOBT- Attractive 3-2-2 brick. Central air/teal. Carpet, drapet, 4 bulll-inappllaiicei. 3O-51S3. REDUCED!- Urge brick 3-2-2. Air, built-lns, fireplace, carpel, fenced, utility. Eiceltent neifM»rtMod. ISiS/mo. LEASE WriM OPTION- To buy. 3 bedroom. 2 bath, 1 car garage. Quiet neighborhood, roo/mo. 122-4T92. MEADOWLAKE AREA- 3-2-2. [our years old, eoo/mo. Available Sept. 1st. Call afierSjim. 421-«75. SMALL 1 BEDROOM- Couple or with 1 child. Fenced backyard. Washer t dryer connections. Stove I refrigerator. BOO/moiUh,Call422-«72. M K •*— 3 bedroom. 2 baU). I ft. ce<lin|, 1 ouner. Oviner uU! finance or consider cash offer. » X B COUNTRYSIDE- Island kit- Choi. 3 bedroom. 5 bath. Shingled roof, magnificent home! Low down pavmenl CallWi-gTJT. 1« » • TIFFANY- 3 bedroom. No equity. Assume noltt I*J7 MANATEE— Set upn part Assumable now or lease. CaJlu-lltl. 1CT REDMAN- MobUe home. 14 -\ W 3:. ,U3ume notes of t20l.«0. S'- years M_ 4a-«ITor ct-Sti. Musi be moved I* FLEETWOOD- Hi ». Gmera n>-s! rrff. !>l» set. prwe, fgaflggj. seiup inpjrli. • FTMT, Ms— Good shape Must s5 this nt-rt A ilcal at HSM. or best o{fer. DOUiUEWlDK SKIRTED rRAlLEftS- Welcome: 1 acre !r«u i llB.Mi'am, lM,iJ»a BH1SD A4A.XDONED 3 BEDROOM- 3 bath" C«vs« kilclien Eiceilent condition Assurtw Jia'ne CalliK! «K HOkHANDLOfi Slirtw »ith cmered porrtw* CSS and up per uet more al Bri-Mor <3i«B CROSBY 1-1-1— with appliances. Cute little house for rent or sale. Must see Inside to appreciate! B00,'mo. 127 Live Oak. 328-7157 or 328-583S. M"! IN CHAPARRAL- On quiet circle. Large family room with cathedral ceiling. MTVmo, ~ HTSdepQSil. 795-5477, i BEDROOM, 2 BATH- on 1 acre Carpet 1 centra) air/hea!. .N'ear mall. MOO month 4- deposit. 421-206S, GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD- 505 E Sterling. 2 or 3 bedroom. 1 bath. Centra! air. Stove. Fenced. JJS mo. 1125 deposit. Possible rent reduction. 421-M49 after £ ISM HAWTHORNE- Qose to L« College i L« Heights. 3 bedroom. I bath, completely furnished with dishwasher, isf-er 4 dryer, 1 window air conditioners, I ceiling fan. wall furnace, £300. monthly, $50 deposit. 427-3722 LEASE/LEASE OPTION- Very m« older home Good neighborhood. Baytown. Large 4-3'vl Available Sep(. HIGHLANDS- 105 Avenue C. ! t*r<in»m, appliance » asher'dryer con- recuoo^sa.'u'mo Water paid 434-7141. CKAJGMtWT- 007 V»ifj-t-l "fenced d HOOirao, T ESS Deposit M«ry DiattAjtkCT.Vl-JM. FOR LEASE OH SALE- IK4 sq, jl. 3 tearooms, i baths MH Ba»ou Arenur. . Ask lor Pnjcilla. '- 3 bedroom, llrrplace. wtifcer/dryer con- netUons.M4S. month. V.l.P. APT. LOCATORS 422-««0 .. SPACIOUS, ArrOMMBU- Living In this 2 bedroom apartment. Located near shopping, convenient to Mo. No deposit. 1235. V.I.P. APT. LOCATORS LEKWOOO APARTMENTS--!, 2 t 3 bedrooms. Beautiful pool, mini-blind:, patios. Sen/rity.Superprices! WrtorttwdDr BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL-Large 1 hedroom. New paint, carpet, pool. Quiet. Families welcomed. *175 mo. Move in for M7.50.424-1907. 1 BEDROOM- apartment. Furnished. Bills paid. 1250 month. 421-1170 or 42- SW. . ' MANAGERS SPECIAL!- Free cable, pool. air. One bedroom 1200. Two oedroom, £40. Close to school k shopping. 510 William. Call 427-6097, SPACIOUS APARTMENT- I bedroom furnished. Utilities. Maximum 2 people. No children or pets. We accept Housing Authority applicants 510 W. Pearce 427-|| 5878 COVENTENTLY LOCATED- 1.2,4 3 oedroom apartments. Good prices. Gift certificate of $50 -r »25 cash. Call for details. V.l.P. AptrtwM UeMoro, «B- IOT41MI17. 1 BEDROOM— Refrigerator, stove, central air/heaL Good location. Call 422- 24W. GARAGE APARTMENT- Nicely tur- roshed. CSeas i bedrwtn in "quiet neighborhood. Near College Mature adults. No pets, i250 plus deposit and references.42-5052. 1 STORY- Urge duplex i bedroom, washer/dryer. Covered carport, storage, CaWe, 424-S188. NO DEPOSIT- I9C7 Hill Street. 18 bedroom. S225 month. All bills paid. Call | 57J-I141. ' _ _ __ __ _ OQWtCTOAL LAW) TOR LEASE *C3 Y Hipwiy I*. Call dS-SS After ' MUST SELL- Mile '- Whisper^ ing Pwes J-J-2, Urge kitchen »ith C£*pJ refrigerator 4 buili-tas. IWIBJ room, dm- MOVE-Ui SPECIAL!- Small, quiet, II "ell-kept apartments. 2 bedroom 4 1 oath, starts'a! HW'rao Pay own dec- 'tnc No deaosit. 424-3sr. Bay Oak Apartments J1TC.1 Bob Smith Rd. ...; 42T-T* 1.1 and 3 bedrooms. i bmrowu. J twtls » i HaM»oxi tiding Call . . baci mis nam. tiniil; rwm Ceiling (ara. RENT TO OwS- ;wir otra racbiit borat, t£ X aooUo-, Fran ts* & iaooth »6o* cwencia. fully carpetftl Few: edjard \opets.SKOraoritft 4^7-33±5. _ t COUNTRY- nTlJTl :t»a »«li utsUty nora K.«tt Mast be oorM. Call 4S^!M DB SO rT.-"*arct«»t 4°olt'iea. < "*~ II fi hi^&^ o>e?^ead dotin _____ __ __ ___ 3 BEDROOM- I'siuraurm! Smile cir ' 75 no 25**' ; ! LARGE HOME- »re»! Jft> ao tt ili TRJULEH- J twirwsB. : ba'J>. LariK ^ Lot* oi siaOr Jrt« orC ra i txD APAtTiE,vts- :« Mt »* ClICT'lWt Mil LEASE- l i-orar? '^y., <l> Xarrr,! <£ ..__.. ITKISPOUNC PLSES ADOmON- I Apartment Hunting?? Fait Free Inlormatran Prices.. See!, i Locations H=u Sjwcssb. AcaeolUo .Ml >«i a«d to bw» aiout. Bjjtonu's Apirtnenti 14: KEYFINDERS Apinment Looaton Witk-ins Wdcotne ^.Maiwv Tomptms 422-3586,424-1419 rj.VD£R NEW O^TTEKSHIP Rollingbrook Woods Cnl Mat OirSvamrSpecsik 1 BiJra. Imra IW. J B4nn. (run n» Sautn Over S6 Qwbfyltr One 4S-7ZS l Bedroom Apartment ! tiii • >i HIT JREST OR jil'V- 1« Oraeuus J:: (i^CRJES- Irsela « V-puf J"; 4 M=7 |j SEPACOM TO">"HOCsi:-- \W i l*^ ax *t?; •*"* JrJ '* M -' ; rmift plw drtwi.: CaJ cs'r* i.' ».ij"H!2>HOOM^"i"»ATH-Tcntrd"iK : i •MKE OfTTR- ««! w r; cwntorr to; trwcu PECA> ACRES MOBILE HOME PARK- 23) Mivv-, ToapAira Spwn. iTiii<-^ Va)« Cttum Rites, pooi -jifcitrni itLutinrt <r:4:u. i:'. .................................. j »T>3DLAM) ACR£S- Fuif. funt!>fe«! : KEOROOM, 1 BATH- tea'.r* f»xi iKjawrtwl ! i ! he<!n»raj. IS*J • |ur,Vil U*i awrtt - HW ansma t Jjri t»3 Rl.« 14» STHr.1. J*« vJfcATHWBCOtOR.\I'0'- fcr LEASE »I7H GJ-tlON TOi'r ™" ..'.??"?". < -:'::^... Pt'KCHASt- To.cteair. !J W2»OOM. !>, 8ATH-UrJ R- 3W or J :^ : jWe^ljiitmoBW) l^»J7j3M:s-ta« M I - BO-<T SHE&- Cww to itwtotr^ j Rt*i.-n!i.T.' • (COROOM- Larje i cfasrtt. Ccr.iT.TW teaSw. tlX traiWr C«lirj(. !an a«wa%t. UT|R rtmr' HIOHLA>DS- i Loar.i : »:? Vif A.i»ci^,kr*:' Ka KS put »«h pool A!!oc REAL ESTATE MTnrORX 2HUXW. : BATH- Hrtrl 'hs LALL n - RMSHE&- ! t^rwxi I •a* Vufrt Vis pets Sm<5f or fouptf j ILVKCE TO«?«»CH:SE- >;•,'•: 3»'j"!!?..^?*.t.???l s ;>; : J.:?.. i •S R l-*f?r ^3>.i FirrJlUcr Ul« no- jHH.CUtA.S- tU!rrnn.tal« No p^i j i- 5JM* !r»»* t> HanUiar; j FOR KKM OH SALE- Muiio Tncemu W iteu: ftidtt CoMi J BKMIOOM. Ih »ATH- Oaa 1 »a! ff rurriiftfd tXX! roorahj At»o 2 t^inwm . L a,'«raa»rrf Civ soak B«h «itt bit ! >A*y trm C! l*.c« Ci Sii3_ __ ; Tb»> r "A^b~col'yrKV- " '\icr^~ "£. LANDMARK FAflAL* ASSOC *»H STIWSOK- So»3 : I« ; IIW _ ! bnirwra" w'ltef 4~(ij j ' | SO DEPOSIT REDCCED- <ll |ilA'-.-: l^o*r.italri firjft apt L*iEU\T>GSTWWATOUTtOyT- Krinrri *U pf *m TV KAT MARY DUNN AGENCY : 383-2386 'I TRINITY W OOBTOOWLOIY, MIX* CLASS' - 4 1SJDBP' HOCSING ALTMOKm ACCEPTtD i ISM» . . OMUB| " MONTH -• t j THE BUJEBONXETT 1 1 1 BEDROOM. BILLS PMD niMMdMKD. I NrTHM.MJEI> WKKXLY AM) MONTHLY HATO: me Hit Vat t »rt«t No prts \ 8AYTO»> OR KlGFrLAXDS- in turasiried twuwn KMrtrti furt5!sr»-t: 'irira.-ir.| «».«) ncoov t M4MIILE HOME LOT FOR SALE- »wr »od «p!K O^wr f mi nerd HtJ sti I Sfciii; aSijiAL "TRACTS AVAILAIILC- J m*i nonfi <i( Orwt.) oil "I FM :i»j Woodrd, !l£!it.l KtV A»l) -T; 7ST. B6- KM RJ^ossesiED"" MOBILE "HOME UJl— .Wjorr 4 x-»rr Ivoak up !/)» tto«n payment SOS!1.4W-B«-;Sil ..._.._. jj^— ^j^ j s p OLD RIVER-CARRIAGE TRAILS- , »crr heavily wooded tots ("•"«) restnr tiom I'litAM (H-ner Imance try&3 REWJ ioobCD ACRES- BlKt lop mt Communltv Water Syjtem Sm»ll <Jo*n. pick up pavmenty 38J-231 w w*- !> Ct iJMt rBEDROoi rX'PLCX- .ivVr 4 drjw 13& miWJ; JIi*J dr^-isit'. 115 A jKormi O7-JJ4* J8AJCK- ! Drdroes. !'- ta'h. 1 «»' earlier IJO*) v'jJi <;« :ta. R.UIBERS Hlli ROAtv'J:": «'a,i pronituirlj C *ctr^ Has i ssalt Uan: H^> nionUi Bin m snL.>'v REDCARPCT' tfr - 1711 THREE BEDROOM - one ^a:)-. »ith central airhral thfrvjlrd | v. IP" APT 'LOCATORS >w * Cedv Bavw l.n MM| BAYTOW> WOODED ACRE- "uw, tKiildxn|L ttt moftt. 1 !!) Cr'l^ i HlCHLA^fDS AREA— Lar^e • beflnMra | untu.-n»hed Also, vraall 1 tjedrwsn (ur | KiOaM Call brt»eer. 41 i, O*-i*T j HIGHLANDS— 3 funnsVd mobile taron »itfc carpwrts Bilb partullv SJi*Jrdtol t4rtJm«i!li • ulilitn EWw- TA RAY»tX)0 APAKTME.VTS- !'• ^ - ™-:^'- -.-.- iMpn ixasrcuT ^ vutti Program :< IWB i laj SA.SO\ LA.NE- : bwlnwoi trulrr. rrteno KiiBifnancr ("ooli fNiofKpor! Hrnaielol AvaibWeAut 13J5 do»n. o»wr trojraw) srfr«K5 _ ; ___ LARGE LOT- in Finehuret »nd knely lot ' in Mission Viejo B> o»ner RMMWWe. 0*11 42^^" nuraWDDCOEb-Tjirirr »w*d tot, tVI ()m Drive in T*m Del Oro Days 431*721 KvOTinp* «TeteixJs42!.7;M_ ~~_"~- ^uiBTioN" »Tij purcnaje a kx m Chambers or Liberty County' 1 _ ^ ANSWER Lo^er tixes, etcellent scronls. (intastK cnnlry InHit- wwraj suMlvblons to cMMr Iron. Ouner nnanced 1-ois as km'nMMI, _ _C4**wjrA**t<WI-MM, _ •i'oowS- • ri Jf'ii) n' kxi. AH udHUO »>ilaMe Barbers Hill Schmls _ _ ...... I U7T- . t!!!~A M i* Ot»mr»ni four.! v lot •tMit- WPMM Int. xHnfe.iiMT San JK-MO Mall <77S»4J REOCUU'Et 1 BEDROOM HOUSE- tS monsh li« 311 K IVartT Call art« 5 pm <r* a?KTWJ^I tac'4it>e^. 4 niuc^ RVXT* niti!^ roraplei No deposit No U<t« 4Tl**4«, HE VILLAGE APARTMENTS- M.* t 1 *^?!™!!! apartTnmts We accept aaJr-i autfKin!) Appi> in p*rv?r al *.M Vilta^Lane «GE "ir BEDROOMI APARTMi.Vr- Li a^filiancn. includinit «»VMT & •>-n Carpor. & outside storage 42- I MEADOWVIE* APAKTMENTS^ AU |t>eilnwra Open »ertda,«. Saturday 10 to i and Sunday no 5 Call(J4J4a JErnoiL^'ApiMTMCn^QuMl private Kurno.Vd All hilh paid Son WTKAen onl% 431 f<i3S 3«h • OTUXfiAL PARK-"First ."eei"FREE rent! Hi «rrk i up 1.J.5 bedrooms j Water. smera<re. fu i fiart>a|te paid " Ptui i • iiftatwu on prrraco 4S-tBt. covETimso IU m WH- Pnvale. wdedTsmal lake. I bedroonu. 1 bath Deck IXO too »llfr jas lumished Oa> 43-833* at Mi »rrV Also sriadrd RV spacn. homes Water an) gas paid Al» 3 bedrrom bouse 42-7531 or 454-ain. •? CLEARANCE SALE! CUSTOMER CASH BACK On $*l*ct Models 1987F-130STYLISIOI Bright lo* movnf mirrorv tinted fl»» con. sentence QTOWO, *u«ilt*rr twfl tan*, chromt tttr*« *im clock. <»fi«r-*i. tut dn.liKl vinyl wen. •rrrtnrt rr»n*mi«ii«n. Flit llr»v «l*c« <7t>I* Friday, August 2t, I9t7 S-B SUMMER SIZZLING SALE 1916 FORD TEMPO 4 DOOR Ante, air A powtr, Ilkt $7188 986 DODGE DA I ON A IUHBOZ $8888 1986 FORD ESCORT 4 DOOR Auto, air, ptwtr, Only $5288 S8J MtHCUHY COUGAR $7288 1984BUICK CENTURY 4 DOOR V b power & ai' ni( p $3988 1984 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX Fully $5788 1983 TOYOTA SUPRA $8888 1985 HONDA PRELUDE air, am-fm casstttt, low milts, cltan $9399 1983 MUSTANG GLX V/6, air, auto, powtr, S4f« this on« $5688 1985 MUSTANG LX Auto, aif power Mfce new Only $6888 1983 FORD THUNDERBIRD V/8, auto, air I powtr, food car. $3588 1986 CHEVY CAPRICE CLASSIC 4 DOOR Loaded 1] 000 mile', e<tra sh^rp $9988 1984 CHEV. CORVETTE Loaded, 32,000 milev a steal at $13,888 1985 DODGE RAM Slant six, auto, air I power, extra cltan $6488 1985 CHEV SILVERADO PU Silverado PkR loaded, 13,000 miles $8888 1984 CHEVY BLAZER S-10 »/6, auto, air I power, eitra clean $7288 JOE CAMP FORD'S MOVING INVENTORY FAST! JOE CAMP 30 Years Quality Personal Service 471-1642 621 Hwy. 146. South in La Porte SUPER SPECIALS! BEAT THE SALES QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED UNMT5 ARRIVING WEEKLY! AIR CONOITIONINO '87 EXCEL GL4DOOR WAS $7270 SALE PRICE $6770 *Tct ti»t. * U SALE PRICE '88 EXCEL WAS $9920 $5295 HARUE THOMA. HYUNDAI PtFUSfS JO BE UNDERSOLD' TAX. Tint A t(C. '87 EXCEL OLS S DOOM WASM720 PRICE $7750 MAKE YOUR BfST DFAl NOW DURING ^HYUNDAI EXCEL SE NOW AVAILABLE! CIOSFOIJT SftlF A A A CREDIT UNIONS MEMBERS WELCOME 3 DA Y SALES BUTZ - THURSDA Y, FRIDA Y AND SA TURD A Y NEW CAR TRADE-INS 'M YUGO GV CnMttt I mttt '•5V, PORSCHE • $3387 '86 MONTE CARLO SS 001 it " 11 $10,987 '86 HYUNDAI QLS fcrtrtrtta..,**- $58g7 '85 3002X $10,987 •85 TRANS AM QTA Edition. T-T«|n $9987 $18,887 '86 FIRENZA $5987 ECONOMY MODELS '85 CAPRI GS NK.c.r $6487 '86 MERKUR XR4TI **"**• $10,887 '85 PARISIENNE BROUGHAM '87 SPECTRUM CL $8987 '86 SPECTRUM '86 HONDA ACCOftDLX •^^_ ^. ^^^^*|^.i nviv ( •*<• pv^^vnvi 79 EL DORADO 1917 MSO SUKR CA8 *ir c»n«itl«nin«. MNM t«f«T»«. Hit 0»»r*rt«« trMIWfMMWt, IMflM •§SS-10 BLAZEB MM7 ••2 AMC WAGON 4i4 '•2 FOftO CLU« WAGON «MI W. Ill ftrttp tf cjr ••*• |4«t7 •M MOHCO N UT MM MM7 ' $2987 Mrt»l *ir $4987 $13,987| SAVE NOW!! No Gimmick Sato ********** LOW PRICES A LOW PAYMENTS (>UI^T>K)MASHYUN^ 12211 MFrwyO

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