The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 17, 1955 · Page 16
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 16

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1955
Page 16
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.'AR-WEWS Dec. IT» 195$ Highlights Of R-S-N Carriers Annual Party _.JR OF IKE'S liNiON" TALK UBELLEDJALSE ' tfcWBUHO, Pa. (INS)-Thf' •DHfUwrK White Hoiisp today de-1 MtbiNl M "completrly false" a re-; pert that President Eiscnlunvor; mt^t broadcast his state of thr> mhm message to Congress from m office. PWaidestial News Secret ary #MM8 C. Hagorty said no derision iMt been made yet on wlietlu-r Mr. Eisenhower will appear before OoiifresK in person to deliver the! innuAl me.ssa!;e. TM President's personal pliysi- Maj. Gen, Howard Snyder, said last Saturday he fell it would | b» anwise for Mr. Eisenhower fo iMiver tha lengthy jnessagc per- fooally. Tba address outlining the Presi-i dMt's legislative program for (he ycM norraaUy runs about 45 min-, utw in length. Hagerty .said no consideration waa being given to having the ;ifl- drem "piped" from the President's; office to Capitol Hill, as reported la pMtiHshed reports. Heart Specialist Gives Ike Routine Check At Home GETTYSBURG, PA. (INS)-Boston 'a famed heart specialist. Dr. Paul Dudley White, pays a visit to! FREIGHT RATE HIKE REQUEST TOSSED TO ICC Jaycees To Hold Membership Drive CIIICAOO, Dec. 17 fUPl—Au­ thority for a seven percent fre)!?hl rale Increase to rising cost.s will bo requested from the interstate Commerce Commi.ssion, the nation's railroads announced Friday night. Tlie annouticemenf followed a meeting of chief traffic offieersi of the railroads, 't came after an earlier meeting of top traffic exeeutives in Washington last: week where a plan was drawn up to request the increase. • "'('lie se\'en percent increase is the minimum necessary to offset^ the of recent railroad wage and material price increases. j which amount to more than a half-billion dollars," a statement from tlie railroad spokesmen said. Cite '52 Increase A Ifi percent freight rate hike was authorized in April, '19,52. the last general increased granted tiie railroads. It was to expire the end of this year but the: ICC granted a petition last month to permit the increase to be in- enrporated into the permanent i-ale structure. The planned increase comes on the heiMs of a recommendation made Monday by an emci'gency fact-finding hoard that the railroads increase hourly wages for about V.'iO.OOO non-operating em-i ployes by 14 cents. Welfare ben -j efil extensions also were recom-' mended. Many operating rail The Junior Chamber of Com -j merce membership drive will con-| [\nm through Feb. 9. ' First award will be an expense j paid week-end trip for a couple to l")otroit or Cleveland, including hotel accommodations, food and en j „„,,t|ierlainmcnt. „ , locond awards are three free: memberships for one year. Winners will be dPtermined by number of new members obtained during the contest. MEET ME Al THE RIEGER For A Wonderful Dinner READ THE CLASSIFIED PAGES YOU'RE WELCOME TO STRICKFADEN'S TREELAND ,pam uuaiey wniie, pays a visu A varied, highly entertaining program was arranged for The Register-Slar-News carriers during ^''^^'^'^''^ won wage boosts in re- Gettysburg today to find out how:,hpir annual Christmas parly held in the Methodist Church basement Thursday night. One hundred i months. , his most famous patient is getting and fifty carriers were present. Top photo—Students of Kay I.utes Dance St-udio, I.ep Ann Henande. «long. : Terrie Lee Uther, Darlene Ziemke, Steven Bovia, Betty .Jo Palazzo and C.ay and Hunkle. ^^ho D-Q^H CMUC VofCfS His examination of President Eis-i entertained. Lower photo—Rotjert Burns, Sandusky, second from left and st;ite archery champion.- jw/a *nhower will determine how active' and Don Bonner, extreme right, prominent in local archery circles and dealer in archery supplies.; Qood Hoods • role the Chief P^xecutive can arc shov\'n giving archery pointers to two R-S-N carriers. | play in affairs of state during the j —~ — ^ I . ^ , , weeks ahead. Jl may also help an-i ,| , - ^^tf 'ft I H •! f* "i JriLTiS^^ MUSIC, Art Groups OfferiTruck, Rail Suit decide whether to run for re-elec- SEE OUR HUGE SELECTION OF XMAS DECOR tion. It has been nearly six weeks fince the gentle-mannered, bltmt- apoken New England doctor ex -j.^^.^ ^ present "Here amined the President at Denver s Christmas Program Monday On Monday the Milan music and Comes Christmas" in the school auditorium at 7.30 p. m. The program for the evening will; be: Fitzsimons Army hospital. .Since that time, Mr. ELsenhower has taken on an increasing burden of work. He has reached the point I where his other doctors warned! last week that he must guard against fatigue. •. Dr. White will make his own appraisal of the President's progress today and decide whether he had,!, . , u u rm, . c. indeed, been overworking. ^ 'T.''^ M J, -1 nl \ -He will look over recent X-ra.vs'^''•^"fe'^^ by Cunkle: ' Wh.te Chnsl- tfbd cardiograms of the patient's heart and give him a personal ex- Heard Next Oct. "Adventiuan Alphine Village," freshman class: narrators, Alice McWane, Doris Hibbard and Helen H u r s t. ".Jeannette - Isabelle." Grades 4 and 5. "Winter Wonderland." arranged "Behold That PHILADELPHL\, Dec. 17 (ll>) —The 250 million dollar damage suit filed by the trucking industry against 31 Eastern railroads nearly three years ago will he tried Barber, Sandra Osborn, Mary „ext Oct. 1. Neidzinski. Marlene Mason, Ruth judge Thomas .1. Clary of the Oetzel. Minnetta Bickley, Marilyn I u. s. District Court here an-: r:<..^ pounced the date alter a pre- |nan, Carol Files, Marie Jcsberger. Brenda Lee, Linda Nistetter, Sandra Rhinemiller, I^inda Ryerson, Betty Gill, .Joan Kraft, Beulah i Stierhoff, .Judy Doerner, Gerry I ! Martin, Cathy Harkins, Priscillal AKRON. Dec. 17 lUP^—Lieut. ^ Go\-. .John \V. Brown, a contender for the Republican gubci'na- lorial nomination, said here today the people of Ohio "want roads, not words." ! Brown, who addressed more' than 100 Ohio and Penn.sylvania ! motor freight safety experts,! said he understood Texas con-; isidered itself 10 years behind in ! : highways. "But Texas." Brown said, "is! 20 years ahead of Ohio." | STRtCKfADEN NURSERY NUWRY BELL AVE. SANDUSKY, O. .• ".• .t* Weilnau, -fulia Fisher and Jeanette Dorr; Sheila Nistetter, accompanist. limination to verify the medical check-up given Mr. Eisenhower last Saturday at the Army's Walter Reed hospital, • Among the more immediate questions which ma.y be answered to- ciay is whether Mr. Eisenhower will appear before congress in person to deliver his state of the union address early next month. Dr. White noted when ho last ex- mas", arranged by Mayer: by ;\1ilan Musicettcs, accompanied by Shelia Nistetter. "Glimpses of Christmas," Junior High classes, pantomined by David .McKinnan, Sherran .fensen, Albert .Metayer, Patty Dailey, Billy Reeves. Elaine Buckle}'. David Wcscott, Ronald Kromer. Barbara lAmsol, Betty Glovak, Phillip Roland. Gordon Zickefoose, Karen Gainer, sixth grade carolers. "The Night Before Christnuas." Yule Sales Hike jTax Receipts To New Weekly High trial confei'ence with attorne.\s for both sides Frid;i.\-. The .judge' turned down a railroad plea for a delay of al least another ye ;iv. The suit, charging the railroads with attempting tfi put the truckers oiit of business through a I wiciespread propaganda cam- I paign. was filed .Ian. 1(5. 19,5.'^ ijjyg) Early'''"'^ depositions have been taken throughout the !^A".^^. ^ht-".. ^vith additional ones COLUMBUS, O. iChristmas buying n.nH.Kuuu. u..-, .|, , ^, ^, ^, .«tate last week boosted c-olect.ons! probably will last! from the sale of prepaid tax re- ^ . „„ , J^, \ eeipts to the higiiest vveekly totali^t dav.s. I for the current fiscal year. i ^ T'^^. Pennsylyama Motor Truck, State Treasurer Roger W. Tracy. Association and .57 member truck- BLSCO Weather-Locked CAN BE INSTALLED OVER ANY WALL You'll Really Save if You INSTALL NOW AT LOW WINTER PRICES No Down PoyiTu Dr. White noted when he last ex- , T,'^^, H fv Simeone 2 M Ha "announced that tax receipts for the' -n^. companies brought the suit amined Mr. Ei.senhower in Denver^^.'^^f ^d/^-^' ^'"' T.^J^LT. H hv'week ending Dec. 3 soared to J .S.-p ^'h'^h accused the railroads of that, despite his satisfactory proR-i";'^;:^ J.''""'"' accompanied by.^^et -y.^ comparison with $4,93tV^ ^oing to run them out of husi- j ess. it was still possible for com- 1 ^'1'^"" I^'^'et'er. |^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^.^^ 4 ,ness through -intrigue and brib- plications to develop under the "in -Lseek Chorus Robes creased activity" of the weeks! ivivs. .Jack Mayer and Mrs. .John ahead. He pointed out that he had j wild will direct the production, a patient who had been exposed j -jhe scenery and props were made to the strains of the presidency. Set Yule Services At Castalia Church under the direction of Miss Ruth! Sanciersun of the art department. The program "Here Comes Christmas" is being sponsored by the;percent, mixed chorus to raise tunds to pur-' eh;ise robes for the chorus. A free will offering will be taken, ' CAST.-VLTA, Dec. 17—On Sim- Officers of the mixed chorus are: day at 7:30 p. m. will lie llie iiresident Jonnie Hibbard; vice annual Christmas program at the president Ruth Oetzel; secretary WASHINCJTOX. Dec. 17--The First Congregational Church of Heulah-Stierhoff; libranans Sandra f^'f^^''^' governmenTs-erackdown which the Rev. .lohn Colbiirn is Hhinemiller and Paul Wescott;f"'''^'^'''''^ ''"f^''"" pastor. This is to be a service ,.dvisor .Mrs. .lack Mayer. ',"-Y>';»""> received anot.her '•^O ^'ciS::"^^ ^"'"^'"'' ''^^^^-'^^^^'^'^'^^'^^-^.^^^ m. the senior mgn r enowsmp ;i,off; costume Kuth Oetzel; public-1 ^r^e hearint- officers ruled !hat will cond lf)54, an increase of 12.4 per cent.! fry." A total of prepaid lax receipts.; The defendants, who denied the U.S. tax and other collections from! charges, are the Kaslern Hail- last July, the beginning of the! roads i'residents Conference, 'M current fiscal year, reached individual railroads, li.'^ railroad 2.'i3,554 on Dec. 3 of this year, i officials and the New York pub This total represents a gain of 19.33 False Claim Probe Gets Court Jolt lie relations firni of Carl Byoir .Associates, Inc. ice with nui.v i.uM.u.uM,u„ ur.MK westcott; lights Hobeil JJoernerlover misleading arivertisemems received. ,,,^1 hands F.dward Wharff. iexterids onlv to a handful of of^he i^uar'uid-" '.ist Chorus Members i-'-''^ "'"V'^"' oi uie usual .Minn.ix sttiooi ,s( i \ - iinsvirance regvilations themselves. ice and worship lu )ur there will .Members of the mixed chorus i be a combined seiAice at 10 ;i. lu ai'c: ' Those who do not h,i\c a church Hii >s -- ,lnmes Smith, Russell! of their own aic iiisiicd to .n- .\ukcls. Thomas Romell, Donaldi tend these services. .>chl (ssMKin. Hunter Haynes, Then-; —— ddic (laslier, Robert McLane. Hob-: SEEKS CROSSING CIlANtiK ..ji DoiMiier, Richard Gill, Edward! COLl.'.MHUS, Dec. 17 ill'' - Uliarff. Wayne Karnes, (Jary Fry, | The Baltimore and niuo Hail- \Sa>iic Schles.sinan, ,lonnie Hib-| road Thursday a.^ked ilie Stale hard, .idlui Williams, .lohn Warner, Buy Your Furs.. •With Confidence at JASLOVE FURS Selected Group of Half Size DRESSES 1002 Columbus Ave. Phone 7910 ALUMINUM SIDING Next Year! with the LIFE OF ALUMINUM -THE BEAUTY OF WOOD [ AAakes •very house a Evedom House KELLER Funeral Home Heasonahle 3176 Reliable Public t 'tilitics {'oiiiini>.sion for authoritty tio c!i;int!c ii- (•r(l.-.^ln^; protection al .Sixih and H,i\- miller-sts in ('in( inn.ii i. The railroad seeks to '•uhMiiiiic .mid- matic flasher 1],L;1IIS tor ihe watchman on dut.s. Itichard (I r e g o r y. Dean Miller. Carl llciison, Paul Westcott and I'hillip Keller. (iirls ,S\lvia Zickefuose. .lean- iiie l.cuchei-. DeKtta Smith, ,leaii- (iie liccr. Patricia Ward, Gloria Shupe, .ludy l.ohmann. .Ia.\ne Bren- HAVE YOU EVER HEARD REAL HI-FI MUSIC? !F "e\v i )enp!(' i;,i\<' v\i lislenUJ:; U\ •lUlilriilH It will .•(•11 (1 a "i .'111! li "hair slaivi mi t .'iiii your eve.'' u'rucd the thrill of lii,_;h iid('lil\' reproduction. \iiiii sniiu>." make vmu aiiii r\en hi iim a "tear to We invite .vmi to coim- in .nul hear Ihe amazinf "CAPEHART HI-FI" "The World's 1-iiusl llii;h 1 idt lit,> Hecordinj Systems" MAKE THIS A MUSICAL CHRISTMAS AND BRING "LIVING MUSIC" TO YOUR HOME FOR AS LITTLE AS $]29.95 WILLIAMS RADIO & TV Service is. Part of (>ur Sales tl7 Reese St. Phon« 2445 BALANCE makes a big door respond quickly to fnar>oal or elettric operotion, moving easily into open or cloicd poiition. For your garage, demand a quo/ity door — perfectly balarKed, e ^^ptrtly installed by trained men and promptly serviced. T H I » Anieiuo ^ Gieol Nome m , QuAUiY D OORS Wide Variety of Sizes & Stock FREMONT, OHIO ON FREMONT SANDUSKY FE-2-9476 RD. * Freedom horn PAINT • Freedom from REPAIRS * Freedom from HEAT LOSS • Freedom from DRAFTS * Freedom from EXPENSE * Freedom from RUST ACTUALLY SAVES YOU MONEY BECAUSE IT MORE THAN PAYS FOR ITSELF IN SAVINGS Sav»t futtii Droftproof pan»it w«ath«r-iock snugly into •ach oth«r . . . Intulatlon by reflection . . . Saves repoir, painting expenses ... No pitting or oxidation ... Won't chip, crack, fade or peel. 0} PHONE OR WR/Tf TODAY fOB f «£f HOAtf Guaranteed by DfMONSTRATJON W)7HOi/r 06UGATK5N V Good Housekeeping v *or ABLE ROOFING & SIDING Co. All THESi FiATURiS WIATMIR4(KKID LAf PANflSI SElf -SEAlING ALUMINUM CORNERS I PERMANENTLY ANCHORED PAMTI INSUlAnS RY REFlEaiON ALUMINUM aif NAIIINOI WASHES CLEAN WITH A GARDEN HOSE I 303 Tiffin Ave. J JU$7 CAU 269 ANYTIME Ph. 269 j I I I Or Mail this (oupon AVA.E Hl)t)FI.NG & SlDl.NC (.'(). •.m Tiffin Ave., S.:d!utasl.-y, O. Of coufM, I'd Nk« to tnd o ««l, wiM»e«t eMg«Meii, IMW AlKO W «cth«rLo <k«d Alwwinwm tiding «aii a (<iMt (y net* a«ft«y «• »i home. Pleat* phon« >o orrang* gn appoint••(•(. ^kI«l• Addc «M Phon* . c;ty-

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