The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 2, 1959 · Page 23
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 23

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1959
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

T^evision Programs for Week Ending August 8 — DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME— Suhtfoy 7:10 AM •-nnt Mttton f :30 AM t-Or«l RobetM 8:00 AM >-Blb1« Time 6—UTlnt Faith »->RcH(i(m in Amcrlcft •:>8 AM >—Thentht tor tti* XHr 8:10 AM S—Th* Iiord'j 8t»t( »—rronUart ot Fattk t -TAta Scene -ChictKOlsnd B:it AM f—Chrl«tl»n Stienc* (:00 AM t4imp trots Mr Feet 4—RellRloui BerTtce* »—RellRion ID Life KartooD Club CIS AM t—Patth for Today >:3S AM IS— Ne »ii • :30 AM *•«—Look t>D * UT* ft—The American Seen* »—Meet cerllH Archer 1»—Faith for TodaT (:4S AM t—ChrlJtlan Srirnca 10:00 AM a ~YounB Aurtlenrcs 4—Thlj Is the Lite &—"Aestprn •—Little Lulu 7—Feature Film »—Mornint Movte tl—The cnrUtopher* 10:30 AM J-Flril Meeting 4—Journal Comlca e—Brave EaRip la— World Horlron ll:0O AM I—Action Theater 4—Weeteni Theater 1>—New Horlxoni 3.:4i TO TRnth InnlnB 4:00 PM J-«—F.a.A. OoU Tournament 4—Action Theater 8—Summer PJayhome 7—Deadline for Action 9 —Sox vs. WashlnKton (3d Oame) II—Window of the World ' 4:30 TO ll--Ilof Rogert S 00 PM 4-fr—Meet trie Prwi 7—Best ol Brent la— Kingdom ot the Sea » 30 PM 3-«—30th Cenlurr 4—The Open Quejtlon ft—Cfcet Huntley Reporlint 7-13—Lone R».n(ter 6:00 PM »-«—La»«ie 4—AAole Oaklrv Air Force Siorv l -ia -You Asked for It « 30 PM 3—Thafi MT Bor 4-ft-'-8uiplctoo e—Cllr Detective 7-13-MaTerlck »—Margie 7 00 PM 2-6 -Ed SulllvAn • -Your lipnatcr ftrporH 7 IS PM »—The BIc Rii.>r»li 7.30 PM 4-i—Dragnet 7-13—l*w Man ft—Your New Atmj <:00 PM a -6-aeneral KlecttU Theater 4-5-Chevy Show 7-ia—Colt .45 »—O. Henry Plavhou»a « 30 PM «-rUm. "BuUdoi Orummond at Baf"— Ron RMidaU, AniM ino PM I:»l> PM l-<—Andy Wtlllami Show t—Cube ei. PhiladelpbU 4-»—David NlTtn Show B:4t PM 4-ft—All-star Baaeball Oame 7 -ia— Filmed Drama •—Border Patrol • 30 PM 4—Stale Trooper 5—8 A 7 7—Parole • —Death Vallev Davii 13—Target I 4« PM 7—Norman ROM • ;BB PM T—Weather 10 00 PM 7- Film. "A Wnmnn'l nrvntlon' nall>h Meelie^. Pm;l HerirrM t—Film. • :4S PM 13—4port« Corner 4:00 PM . „ •:»(> Topper R«luini" 7—Newa 13 ft-u;; iSd LiSrn Forum HUchcock (—Ramar 7-UtU* Stari ft—Wettcrn 13—Through the Porthole 11:15 AM 13—Cartune Time 11:30 AM 5—Steve Donovan 6—Sir Lancelot 13—Untie Al 13:00 Noon 3—Sunday Cinema 4—Men's Club 5—Americans at Work 8-Fllm. -Allalr With A Stranger teen SImmoni, Victor Mature 7—Fla«h Gordon 7—VI P. » -Medic lS-Mackenr.le» Relderi » 00 PM a-e --Hlch»rct DlHrmmd 4-S--Lorf!t« Vdiitig " Frontier Dminr • -Silent Servur U—Top Plavi or 195^ • :30 PM I My una 4-Whlrlyblrdi 5-Sea Hunt •—Film. Key I,»riin"— Humphrey nnnarl, l.nuren BBCHU 7 -ia --Meel McOraw 10:00 PM 3-4—New», Weather •-«cleno« Fiction Theater *—''!'"•.'''»'• eem 13—Onela Hugo and Pop- •ya 13:1ft PM ft—Invest In Ainrrlca 13 30 PM 1 -Dim. •'De.stroyrr'.- Edvard O Robinson, Olenn Ford ft—Frontier •—Tba Big Rascala 1:00 PM 4—Film, "Payment on Demand"—Bella Davli, Barry Sullivan ft—City Desk 7-13—College Newa Conference »—Baiting Ptacllc* 1:10 PM t-L«ad Off Man 1:38 PM •—•01 T(. WashlnctoB 1:30 TO ft—Film. "Destlnatio* Moon"—Warner Anderson. Tom PO' •—Eve Arden Show 7—Pastor Wally Whlta 13—Film. "Smart Blonde' —Olenda Farrell, Barton MacLana 3:00 PM f—Mama 7—Roller Derby 3:15 PM I—Franklv Bpeeklng 3:30 PM J—Insight •—Sharwood ForesI 3:48 TO l»-Oa tha Watar 3:00 TO I—Meatary at Thra* 4—TV Reader'i 8—Mickey a —Dr. Hudson'i Secret Journal 7-13-—Open Hearing 3:30 PM 4—Opan Question »—IVa a Great Llf* •—Coldlara ot Fortuna 7—LMt of tha Mohlcana and Dlge.1 Rnoney Show Ohosl"—Abbott Costello 8—Sunday News Bpetlal 7—Film. 'The I.»»l "I the IVspprmlds" Jmnes CriUir. Jim Davn 13 - NPWS. 8iiiirl«. Weather Ifl 15 PM 4—Big League Picture 8— rilm, -Nona But tha Lonely Heart"-Cary Grant. Ethel Barrymora 13~Fllm. "Footllght Parade"- James CHgwy, Joan Dlonriell, 10 30 PM 3 -Film. •Kbhlldf • - liny MiUniid. Llovd Nolnn 4-Film, -Thi- OiildPti Mask"—Van Hrllln. Wanda HeiidrU 11:00 PM 7—The Count ol Mont* Crlslo • -Film, "Big Hearted Hprbeil" nuy Kibbee, Aline MncMiihon 11.35 PM ft—News 11 40 PM ft—Star Playhouse 11:48 PM •-News 13 00 Midnight 3 Film. 'The Kpmliilna Touch" Van llefllii, RoAalliid Hussrll • -Film, "Heat LlghtnliiR" •—Ann Dvorak. Preston Foster 13:18 AM 11—Night Watoh Mondoy 4 ()0 PM 6 Film. "Srvrn Hiiys Leave" Lucille Iliill. Victor Mntuie 4 30 PM I-Film. "Captain Caution"—Victor Mature, Alan Ladd 8:00 PM •—Cisco Kid 8:30 TO a -8—Nam* That Tun* 7—Follta-Oo-Round II—MIlwtukM R«pert« 7:00 PM l-»—Tht Texan 13-Polka-ao-Round 7:30 PM S-6-Father Knows Best 7-13—Bold Journey R-Tha Blue Fairy 1:00 PM 3-8—Frontier Justlca 7—Tan-Twenty •-How to Marry a Millionaire la -Pantomlme Quia 8:30 PM 2« -Jojenh Cotlen Show 7—Top Pro Golf •—Rescue 8 13-Wal««r Wlnchall • :00 PM 3-8—Dasllu Plavhouia 4-5—Arthur Murray Party •—Navv Log 13--26 Men • 30 PM 4—Death Vallev Dava 5—Cltlien Soldier 7—BUI Veech.RpporU • —Stat* Trooper 13-Charll* Chan »:48 PM 7-Norman Ross • 55 TO 1:30 PM 7—Weather • Bstllng PtHillca 10 00 PM 1 <l> PM 7- Film. "San Antone" - •-Lead Ofl Miin Rod Cameron. Forrest Tucker •-Film. "Last of tha Red Men"—Jon Hall. Buster Crabbe 10 15 PM 3 Film. •RuRKle* of Red o«p ' -Charles LmiRhlori, Mnry Bnlnnd 4 - TiiKboat Annie 8 Film. 'Las Vruas Shakedown" -Dennis riKepfe, Coleen Gray Film, "One Way Passnge" —William Powfil, Kay Prancia 11:45 PM Film, "Advenluriiut Illonrte" • Cllpurta Kurrell, Barton Mai'Lane 13:00 Midnight Film, "Mannequin"— Spencer Tracy, Joan Crawford Film, 'Mildred Pierce' -Joan Crawford. Jack Carson 10:18 PM Film, "Tight Llttla Island" Greenwood, Basil Radford ainr Parade Film, "Dragonfly Squadron" John >lodlak, Barbara Britton Film, "I Wake Dp Screaming"—Betty arable. Victor Mntura II 45 PM Film, "The Finger Points" Clark Onhle, Fav Wrav 13 on Midnight Film. • n»rt DiiM •- Clsrk Gable, Mary Astor Wcdncaday — Joan Hlondell, Roland Young 4 30 PM 3- Film. "Pacific nenileivous"- Lee Bowman, .lean Rogeri 4-- Film, "I Cover the Onderworld"- Ray MIddleton, Bean McClory 4:45 PM • - 10th Inning 8:00 TO •—Annie Oaklrv 6 30 PM 3-0 8 B 4-8—Wagon Train 8—The Brothers 7-13—Music tor a Hummtr Night 7:00 PM 3-8-Keep Talking 7 .10 PM a-8-Trarkriown 4-5 -Prlcp is HiKht 7-la—OJUIe and Harriet •—Huckleberry Hound 8:00 PM !-•—Tha Millionaire 4-8—Dave King Show 7-13—Donna Reed Show •-38 Men 8 30 PM 2-6 - I've Got a Hrrret 4-S - Bat Mastrrson 7-n Accused • -Bold Ventuie • 00 PM l-8-Theater 4-ft—This la Tour Llf» 7-13—Boxing •—Ban Francisco Real • :30 PM 4-NIne-Thlrtv Thealer 5- Mackenrle's Raiders • -New Tfork Confidential 10:00 PM T—Film, "The Atomic Kid - Mickey Rooney, Elaine Davis • -Film, "Without Reservation"-Claudette 13~Oh, Colbert. John Wayna 10:18 PM J-Film, "Of Mica and Men"—Lon Chanay, Burgea* Meredith 4—African Patrol fl-Fllm, "TralJ Street"— Randolph Scott, Robert Ryan 13- Film, "A Royal Scandal"— TallUlah Bankhead, William Eyth* 11:48 PM •—Film. "Blonde Craay"— James cagney, Joan Blondell 13 00 Midnight 3- Film. "Six Thousand Enemies"- -WaltPr PIdgeon, Rita Johnson Thuridoy L.'IO PM • Batting Practic* 1:40 PM • Lead Off Man 155 PM t Cubs vs. Philadelphia 4:00 PM 8 Film, "Tuttles of Tahiti"—Charles Lauibton, Jon Hall 4:30 PM I—Film, "Comrada X"— Clark Gable, Body Lamarr 4 Film, "The Oxbow Incident"—Henry Fonda, Dana Andrews 13 Tuesday I 30 PM B RnllliiK Prsclica 1 40 PM •—Lead Oft Man 1:55 PM •—Cuba ys Phllndalphlft 4:00 PM 8-Fllm, "Little Men"— Kay Francis, Oeori* Bancrort 4 30 PM 3 Film. "Nn«l Akcnf— C'oiirsd Veldt, Ann Ayres 4 Film. 'Crlmion Canary" Noah Beery Jr.. Lola Collier 4 48 PU • -10th Inning 8:00 PM •—Superman 8 30 PM 3 African Patrol 4-6 -Northwest Passage 8 -flgt. Preston of tha Yukon 7-13—Bugarfoot 7:00 PM 3--Rurns and Allen 4-6 Steve Canyon 6 Boots and Saddles 7:30 PM 3-8-To Tell the Truth 4-5—JImmIe Rodgers Show 7-13—Wyatt Karp •—Casey Jonas 8 00 PM t- Pack 's Bad Girl 4—Fanfare 5-HherUf of Cochise 8 Adventure Showcase 7.13-The Rifleman • -rilRht 8 30 PM 3-8-Spot Light Playhouse 4-8-Bob Cummlngs Show 7-13—Naked City •-Tan-4 Monday Through Friday 6 15 AM 'I'odav s Mr'tHstUm . 6 jn AM Tnwii ^ Fnrm 6 30 AM 5—Pan American Classroom 6 40 AM 3-Thouglil for the Day B 45 AM 3 -Farm Dnilv 4—Farm and Oarden 7 on AM 3-Rayner Shine 4-»—Tdday 7 30 AM 3- Paul Olh'on Hhow 1 Norman Ross 7 50 AM 6 First Killtlcm 6 nn AM 3-Good Morning Ml^s Lee 6-News 8 06 AM 3-Wealhfr 6 10 AM 3 -News 6 15 AM 3-8 - Captain KannHtoo ft :iO AM 7—Tom Mcrceln flliow •—Paul Fogarly 8:40 AM 13—News 6:46 AM 13—Service Gfoups (Mon.-Turs I 13—f.'artooii Time <W-Th-Fi 3 - On the do 4 —Kitchen Hliow 8—Doiigh-He-MI 6—Cartoon Time 7—Creative Cookery •-11-Romper Room 9 .10 AM 3-6—Bam Levenson Hhow 4-5 Treaiure Hunt 7—Here's 'leraldlna • 16 AM •-News 10 00 AM 3-8—1 Ixive Lucy 4-ft—Price is Right 7—Johbleworkv Placa • —Morning Playhouse 13—Fun House 10:30 AM 3-«-Top Dollar 4-6—CrmcenlrHllim 1—neat the Hues •—I Married Jonn 11:00 AM 3-8-Lova of Ufa 4-8—Tie Tac Dough .CUT AND SAVI CUT • Fran Allison Show 13 Burns anil Allin 11:10 AM 3-8-fl'arch For Tomorrow 4-8-It Could Be You 7~Call to Adventure 13—Women 's Angle 1145 AM 3-8 Ouldlne LlKht 13:00 Noon News Hot Shots People 's Choice Plavhouse 8 3 -Across the Board Little Theater 13 15 PM 3 BhoppUiK 12 in PM 2.6 As tlir World Turns 4 .MIdDav 5 I.IIP of Rllev 7-13 —Pantomime Quia 1:00 TO 3—For Better or For Worst 4 5 Quetn For a Day ('• Htar Performance 7-12 Music Bingo R -Our Miss Brooks I 30 PM 3-6 Art Mnklfller 4-5 -The Court of Human Relatl<mi 7—Busle » -Huspense Theater 13—Uur Miss Brooke 3:00 PM 3-8 Big PavoJf 4 'Ihr Woman's World h Young Dr. Melons 7-13 —Day In Court • Soundstage Nine 3 30 PM 3-8-Verdlct la Yours 4-5—From These R<iota 7-13—Gall Htorm Show 3 no I'M 3 6 Brighter Day 4-5-Trulh or Conseuuences 1-13-Beat the Cluck 3:1» PM 1-8—Secret Storm 3:30 PM a -8-Edge of Night 4-8-County Fair 7-13-Who Do You Trust? • -Coinedv Time 4 00 PM 2 Susan's t4how 4 -Comcdv Time 5-U's a Great LIfa 7-13—American Handstand • --Amos 'n' Andy 4 30 PM 8 -Sherwood Forest •—The Big Rascals 6:00 PM 8-ChIcBgo Bandstand •—Garfield Goos* 13-Fun at Five 8:30 PM 8 Amos 'n' Anilv 7-I'J -Mickey Mouse Club iM-W-Fi. Walt Disney Presmts (Tues.-Thure I 8:4S TO 4-Newa • Man on tha street 6 55 PM 3-5 -Sports 6 no PM 3 - News 4—Bporls. Weallier, News 8-We*thar News 8 -Six Oclock Report 7 - Weather and News 13 Puhky and His Pals 8:18 PM 2-5-8—News 7 Paul Harvev 6 '25 PM 4 Hiieclal Asblgnmint 7 - Weather 8:30 PM • Bugs Bunny and Friends 7:00 PM •--News 718 PM • -Weather 7:20 PM • Sports 10 00 PM 3-News 4-8-8-11-Newa and Weather 10; 18 PM 8-Jack Paar Show 10 45 PM 4 - Tonight In Milwaukee 11:00 PM 4—Jack Paar Show 1130 PM 7—Marty Faya Show •—News 11:48 TO 8-News 12:00 Midnight 4-News 5—Nnws 12:05 AM 8 -Panic 13:18 AM 13-Nlta Watch 13:38 AM 8--Becral File U S.A. 4:48 PM ft—lOtb Inning 8:00 TO •~Bky King 8:30 PM 3-8—The Playhous* 4—Bachelor Father &—The Calltornlans 7 —Pantomime Qulx " " Boy 7:00 PM a -ft—Deaamber Brlda 4.ft—Who Pays? 7-11—Zorro 7:30 PM 3-8—Yancy Derringer 4-5—The Lawless Yeara 7-13—The Real McCoys 3—Tugboat Annie 8:00 PM Zane Grey Theater 4—Rescue 8. 8--Bachelor Father 7-13—Leave It to Beaver •-This Is Alice 6:30 PM 3-8—Playhouse to 4-5—21 Beacon HIrcet 7-ia-Rough Riders •—Decoy »;00 PM 4-8—You Bet Your LIfa 7—U. S. Marshal • -Whlrlyhlrds 13—Sea Hunt 8:30 PM 4—Highway Patrol 5 MasnuPradP Party 7 - Parole B -Mike lUmniPr 13—Silent Service B:45 PM 7—Norman Ross • :5& PM 7—Weather 10:00 PM T- Film, "I've Alwavi Loved You"—Phillip Dorii, Miiria Ouspensknya • --Film, "High BiPriii" Ida Lupino, Humphrey Bogart 1018 PM 1—Film, "Stagecoaoh"— John Wayne, Claira Trevor 4—Masquprade Party 8 -Film, W.-tl)nclf!' Lloyd IlriclKC'., Niiiuy Gntes 12 —Film, "Hrtnitovpr Square". Laltil Cregar, LIndB Darnell 11:45 PM •--Film, "Give Me Your Heart"- Kny Frnncis, George Biciit ri;00 MlilnlKlit 3- Film, • Miiik ol Ilia Vamplrp " Lionel Barrymoic, Hcla Lugosl Friday 1 30 PM B Batting Pr»ctlca 1 40 PM B Lead Ofl Miiii 1:55 PM • -Cuba vs PlHshurgh 4 00 PM 8-Fllm, "Buckskin Frontier"—Richard DIx, Jana Wyatt 4:30 PM 2 Film, "The Clouded Yellow"- -JPHii Simmons, Trevor Howard 4 Film, 'E.scniie From HoiiK Kong" Leo Carlllo. Andy Devina 4:46 PM • -10th Inning 8:00 PM •—Woody Woodpecker 8:30 PM 3-6- Rawhida 4~aA 7 5~I'ete KellV* Blues 7-13—RIn Tin Tin 7:00 PM 4-8—Ellery Queen 7-13—Walt Disney Presents 7:30 PM 3-6 I Love L\icy • -Hgt. Preston 8:00 PM 3-8—Phil Silvers Show 4-5—M-8quad 7—Parol* •-Highway Patrol 13—CItlaeo Soldier »:48 PM 4.ft-Jackpot Bowling 7—Norman Ross • :35 PM 7—Weather 10:00 PM 7-Fllm, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Hara •-Film, "Edge of Darkness"—Errol Flynn. Ann flherldan 10:15 PM »-Fllm, "13 Rue Madeleine"- James Cagney. Annabclla 4-D. A.'B Man 8—Film, "Run for th* Sun''—Richard Wldmark, Jane Greer 13-Fllm, "British Intelligence"—Boris Karloff, Margaret Lindsay 11:45 PM B-MldnlBht Ticker 13:00 MIdntHht 3—Film, "Hell Below"— Robert Montgomery, Walter Huston 13—Nite Watch 13:05 AM 4—Film, "The Prowler"— Van Ilcflln, Evelyn Keyps Saturday 7:38 AM I—Thought for Today 7:30 AM a— Popey* •—Active Education 7:45 AM 8--8acrnd Heart Program 7:60 AM 8-Flrst Edition 8:00 AM a— Friendship Show ft—Farm & Garden 8 -Farm Scene »- Kartoon Cluh 8 30 AM 28-Captain Kangaroo 5 Cartoons B—Bugs Ilunnv • :00 AM 4-5-Howdy Doodv 7—The Christophers B -Terrytoons • :25 AM 12-News S:30 AM 2-6-MlRhly Mouse 4 -5—Rough 'n' Iteddy 7 rheater B StU Erwln Show 12—Llf* In Wisconsin 10:00 AM 2-8—Heckl* 'n' Jeckl* 4-5—Fury B-Western 10 30 AM 2-6 Robin llnod 1-5 -Circus liov 12-Malinre 11:00 AM 3 -Cartoon Time 4-Mr. Wlxard 5 -Tru* Story A—Mac, the Mailman • --Western Roundup 11:30 AM 3 Star Playhouse 4 Terrvtoons 5 llplpctivp DIarv 7- Wayne Orlttin Show 13:00 Noon a— TV Plavhouse 4—Hot Shots 6—BenRRl Lancer* 8—Jet Jackson 7-Untie Al B -Mv Little MarKle 13 —Uncle Hugo and Popeye 13:30 PM 8-News «—Air Fore* Story •—Batting Practic* 13:40 PM • Lead Off Man 12:45 PM 8- Report From Renal* 13:55 PM •-Cubs vs. Pllt.%burgh 1:00 PM 4—Newa •—Western Th»»ter 8—Public Confercnc* 11—Amerteana *t Work, 3:11 PM 13—Bcope 3:30 TO 3-Out of This World 6—Film, "Al Bword'a Point"—Cornel Wilde, Maureen O'Hara 13—Film, "Little Bl( Horn"—John Ireland, Lloyd Brlds«f 3:00 TO a —Championship Wrestling 4—Cartoon Carnival 3i30 PM 4- Open Question 7—Record Hop 3:46 PM ft—Tenth Inning 4:00 PM a— Lon* Ranger 8—Rocky Jonea 6—Dance Party 8—Spin Time 13—Mayor of the Town 4:30 PM ' a -Film, "You Were Never Lovelier"—Fred Aataire, Rita Hayworth 4—Oovarnor'a Preia Conferenc* 8—Racing from Monmouth 13—Foreign LeRlonnaire* 5:00 PM 4- My True Story 5 -Brave Eagle 6 -Wrestling 13—To Be Announced 8:30 PM 4—Datacttv* Diar; ft—Roy Roger* t—Eddia Cantor Theater 12—Young World 8:00 PM 2 -News, Weather. Sports 4—News, Weather, Sports 5—Boots and Saddles 8—Lone RanRar 7—Ramar •—JefCa Colli* 12-Th* Other •• 8:30 PM 2-8—Reckoning 4-5—People Are Funny 7-12—Dick Clark Bhow B—Newsreel Cavalcade 7:00 PM 4-5—Perry Present* 7-13—Jubilee U.S.A. •—Polk* Party 7:30 PM 3 -e -Wanted Dead or Alive B—Dial •BB. 8:00 PM 2-8—Brenner 4-5—Black Saddle 7-13-LBwrence Welk •—Danger Is My Business 8:30 PM 1-8—Have Gun. Will Travel 4-8-Cimarron City B—West Point B:00 PM 2-8 Gun.smoke 7-Stories of the Century B-Mr. and Mrs. North 12—Play Ball 8:30 PM 1-8—Markham 4-Fllght 5—D. A.'s Man 7-Col Flack B -I Married Joan 12—Bold Venture 10;C0 PM 2-Fllm, "Affairs of ! Susan"—Joan 'Fontaine, M Dennis O'Keefe !4—Film. "The Cruel Be*" 5 -Jack Hawklna ^ ft—Badge 714 w 8—Film. "All Through th* • Nlghf-Humphrey £ Bogart, Conrad Veldt * 7—Film, "The Cat Creeps" •AeiNE SUNDAT BULLETIN Anroil 1951 t «e. I. Piff* J# ft c • > z o A KING TAKES STEPS—Comedy routines are Interspersed with songs and dances when the Dave King show colorcasts Wednesday nights on NBC-TV at 8 p.m. King, top-rated British comedian, has received high praise from American critics and viewers. NBC 'Catholic Hour' to Begin 1st of 4 Dramatic Readings Four dramatic readings spe-jone contemporary (Paul Clau* Ijcially designed for television jdel's "The Satin Slipper"). Two 7-13—Tombstone Territory 5—Double Featur* »~I Married Joan 8:30 PM 3-8—Playhouse 4,5_NI1C Wrslern Theater 7-13—77 SunKCt Strip •—The World ts Yours BOO PM 3-8—Lineup 4-8—Cavalcade of Sports •-Man Without a Gun 8 30 PM a -8—Original Amateur Hour 8—Open Book 7—Diamond Theater la— Frontier Theater 1:18 PM 4—Library Storv 1:30 PM 3 -Top Stories 4-Color Paritri* B-Sacred lleori 1:45 PM 8-What's Your Trouble 3 00 PM a— Common Ground AND SAVI .....................CUT AND SAVI CUT AND SAVI - Paul Kelly, Lois Collier •—Divorce Court 11—News, Bporu and W*«ther 10:15 PM 13-Top Pro Golf 10:30 PM 8 Film, "The Green Man"—Alastair 81m 11:00 PM I- Film. "Last Chance" E. G. Morrlaon, Ray Reagan 11:18 PM 11—Night Watch 11:45 PM 8-News 13—News 13:00 Midnight 4-Fllm, "The Steel Lady" --Tab Hunter, Rod Cameron 8—Bengal Lancera 7—Charlie Chan 13:08 AM 3—At Random will be presented by the "Catholic Hour" on NBC-TV this month beginning today at 4:30 p.m. Two will be adaptations from great Catholic literary works —one classic ("Th* Confessions of Saint Augustine") and - j Program to Focus on Man in Space RAPIO PROGRAMS RADIO (D.S.T.) Sun. Morning 7:00 AM CBB—Church of th* Air 7:30 AM CBB—Tabernacle Choir 8:00 AM ABC—Bible Class NBC—News 8:05 AM NBC—World News 8:15 AM MBO—Art or Livinc 8:30 AM KBO—Bible Study Hour • KKI AM CBB—News NBC—News • :05 AM NBC—Radio Pulpit • :30 AM ABC—Wings of Healing 10:00 AM OB»-Mews MBC—News 11:00 AM MBC—News 11:30 AM NBC—The Worlds W* Live By 11:55 AM ABC—News 1:00 PM CBS-New, NBC—News 130 PM ABC—Herald ot rruth NBC—Catholic Hour 3:00 PM ABC—Oral Roberta CBS-News NHC-News 3:05 PM CBS - NPWS Analysis NBC—Monitor 3:30 PM ABC—World Vision 3:00 PM ABC- Revival Hour NBC-News 3 05 PM NBC - Monitor 3:30 PM ABC - Bible Cliiss 4:00 PM CBS-News NBC—News 4:06 PM CBS—Johnny Dollar NBC-Monllor 4 30 PM Cns-Susponsc 4 ,55 PM CBS—News Sun. Afternoon 13:00 Noon NBC—News 13:15 PM MBS—Bible Students 13:30 PM NBC—Lutheran Hour Sun. Evening 5:00 PM CBS - News MBS-Word of Lit* NBC-NewH 5:05 PM CHS-Have Ciun, Will Travel 5:15 PM NBC—Bob Consldln* 6:30 PM ABC—Hour of Decision CBS—Gunsmoke NBC- Meet the Presa 8:00 PM CBB—News NBC—News 8 05 PM CBS News Analysis 8:10 PM CBS—Mitch Miller «:30 PM ABC—News 8:35 PM NBO-Monltor 8:66 PM CBS—News 7:00 PM ABC -Voice of "rophecy CHS -TreiLiury ot Stars NBC-News •1:38 PM NBC-Monllor a 00 PM NBC-News 8:06 PM NBC—Monitor 6 16 PM MB8-W«ltei Wlnchell 6 30 PM CBS Face the Nation • 30 PM ABC -Revival ime NBC—Back To God 10 00 PM CBB-World Muslo Festivals NBC-News 11:30 PM Mns-HaWHll Calls 11:36 PM CBB' Invltiitlon la Learning NBC to Attempt Reviving Status of Video Drama RADIO (D.S.T.) Men. Morning 7:00 AM NBC—Ncw.s 7:35 AM CBS—News 7:55 AM ABC—News Around th* World 8:00 AM NBC-News 8:10 AM CBS—Ru.sty Draper 8:45 AM MBS-News 8:55 AM ABC—News 8:00 AM ABC—Breakfast Club NBC—News 10:00 AM ABC—Peter Llnd Hayes CBS-Ncws NBC—New.-* 10:05 AM CBS—Robert Q. Lowli 10:56 AM ABC—News 11:00 AM CBS—News NBC—News 11:05 AM CBS—Houseparty U :5o AM CB8—Galen Drake MBS—News 11:65 AM ABC—News Mon. Afternoon 13:00 Npon NBC-News 13:30 PM CBS—Helen Trent 12:46 PM Oaa—The Couple Next Door 13:88 PM ABC-N*ws CBS—News NBC—News 1:08 PM CBS—WhlBperlng Btreett NBC—Radio Theater 1:18 PM CBS—M* Perkins MBS—Oabrlel Heattar 1:30 PM PJSI.— '*^°""« Dr. Malon* MB8—News 1:48 PM CBS—Second Mrs, Burtoa 1:66 PM ABC—News CBS—News NBC—New* NKTWtlKK FKK(UI»:N('ii:S nKAItl) IN HACIN'R NBC WMA(>—fl7ll KC WTMJ-fl'.'O KC <'BS WRHM—IMO KC ABC WISN—14,50 KO WLS—HIMI KC WKJN—1400 KC MHS WK«X—KtlU KO NON-NKTWOIIK KltF.tniKN'('U:s HKAKl) IN KAl'INK H'IMI—KC WON—7',MI KC WOKY—ll'JO KC WJJll—llflO KC WEMP—1'450 KO WMIL—I'JIM) KC WRI'I—1H4(I KC Wit AC—14110 KC KM STATIONS HKAKIt IN RACINE WNIIK—Hll,!l ^^v WIIAU—110,7 MC Wt)KM—B.S.K MO WrMJ—lt|,l MC WFMR—ttrt.B MC WEMT—»8,7 MC WKFM—ltlt.8 MC WKMF—100..H MO WlUN—100.7 MC WMAQ—101,1 MO WCLM—lfll,» 5IC WKKM—iu:i,n MC WSEL—104.a MC WDAW—III.5.I MC WXFM—10S,S MO a :05 PM CBS—Right to Happtnes* NBC—Network Tim* 3:16 PM CBS—Just for Entertainment 3:30 PM MBS—News 3:66 PM ABO—News 3:30 PM MBS—News 3:68 PM ABC-- News 4:00 PM NBC—News 4:30 PM MBS-Now* 4 35 PM MBS Sport.H 4:55 PM ABC -News Mon. Evening 5:00 PM NHC- -News 6 25 PM ABC- -Kyde Uorni* 5:45 PM AIIC News CllS- •Tlionm.s Ni'ws 6 55 PM ABC- -News CllB- -Spurts NPC- -All-star Baseball Game fi 00 PM NHC Now.H «;15 PM MBS - FuUon Lewis Jr. «:30 PM ABC E. P. Morgan NBC- -Beatly News 6:55 PM ABC- -News 7:00 PM CB8- -Business New* NBC- -News 7 05 PM CH8- -Amo,H 'n' Andy NBC- -Groucho Marx 7:30 PM CB8- -News Analysl* MBS- -Sports 7:35 PM CB8 -Andy Grllflth MBS -News NBC- -Monitor Summertime 7:40 PM CBS- -Burns and Allen 7:45 PM CB8- -Bob and Ray 8 00 PM NBC- -News 8:08 PM ABC- -News 8:58 PM ABC- -People In th* News 8:00 PM ABC- -Vandercook News NBC—News • :35 PM MB8- -World Today 10:00 PM CB8- -World Tonight NBC- -News 10:36 PM MBS- -News 11:00 PM NBO- -News 11:18 PM MBS—Newa NEW YORK ~(JP) — In the coming season NBC-TV will make a strong bid to help bring mature television drama back to the status it enjoyed in limes past. "In counting heads, we know that general drama usual- y doesn't have as big a drawing power as Westerns and variety shows," David Levy, vice president in charge of programs, .says, "But counting heads isn't the only criterion you should use in judging a network schedule. One needs at least oiie homegrown and produced drama show, because it's a staple of the entertainment world." Thus there will come into being on NBC-TV the "Sunday Showcase" of dramatic specials. Scheduled for 7 p. m., it will run against two popular pro-!ers. grams on the opposition networks; Ed Sullivan on CBS and "Maverick" on ABC. One of Three "Sunday Showcase" is one of three weekly hours that NBC-TV will devote to a variety of special shows embracing drama, musicals, documentaries, Tuesdays at 8:30 p. m, has been purchased for what network executives feel will be an outstanding series of varied entertainment. The third hour, Fridays at 7:30 p. m., will be a nesting place for other specials, dramas and news documentaries. Here are some examples of what will be seen in these three hours: Ingrid Bergman signed to star in a the Tuesday series, of Durante" will launch the Friday night spot on Sept. 25, to be followed a week later by th© first of a half-dozen Ait Carney shows. The first "Sunday Showcase" offering on Sept. 20 probably will be an original by S, Lee Pogostin entitled "People Kill People Sometimes." It will be followed by a two-part adapta­ tion of Budd Schulberg's "What Makes Sammy Run?" The Sunday night program will not be confined to drama, however. Two Milton Berle specials are slated for that hour and occasionally a news documentary will be shown. The lead-in program to "Sunday Showcase" is a new adventure series. "Riverboat," from 6 to 7 p. m. With a few exceptions. Fri day night television program ming has long been mediocre to poor. Levy says there has been no particular reason for this state of programming but that it "just happened that Friday night programs generally have not been as popular." He believes that the new show will change the reputation of Friday evenings with many view- Represent Trend These three weekly hours represent the most significant trend in NBC-TV programming during the coming season. Levy .says. Otherwise he sees no marked changes in types of network shows. The number of Westerns, adventures and situation , comedies will remain about the:Wlll 5nOW ImpOCt same as during the season now' will be originals. "The Confessioni of Saint Augustine," today'f pretenU- tion, will depict young Augui< t i n e's passionate strugglo toward conversion. Mildred Dunnock of stage and motion picture note will portray Monica, his mother. "The Trial," on Aug. 9, an original script by Robert J. Crean, will dramatize tho trial of a cloistered nun accuiad of deserting the world. "With Crooked Llnea," on Aug. 16, will deal with an afternoon in a contemporary church and the people who find refuge there. It is an adaptation by the Rev. Donald Cunningham of an original play of his own. "Prouheze in Hell and Heaven," Aug. 23. will tell the story of the love of a man and wom- The story of the planning, research and consideration for human safety that go into today's preparation by the U.S. Air Force for tomorrow's space flight will be explored in "Vertical Frontier," a special NBC- TV program today at 12:30 p.m. The filnried program pointsi^n i„ ,5^^ century Spain. •Dio l?J*^f_P!l^l!'?„!.^^ul.^.l''!!u^„^|script by Gereon Zimmerman is based on an-idea from Clau- man in space and shows what is being done to overcome them. Visits will be made to Wright Air Development Center near Dayton, Ohio, where much of the basic research and engineering takes place in the Air Force mission to extend American air supremacy into space; the School of Aviation Medicine, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas; Holloman Air Force Base, N.M.; Elgin Air Force Base, Fla., and other installations. del 's "The Satin Slipper.' TRIAL AT DEVIL'S CANYON—Lee J. Cobb and Carol Thurston co-star in "Trial at Devil's Canyon," the Desilu Playhouse drama to be rebroadcast on CBS-TV Monday at 9 p.m. In this hour-long teleplay Cobb plays an Arizona Territory sheriff whose unorthodox actions, when an Army payroll stagecoach is held up, arouse the anger of an Army lieutenant and the hostility of a town. 2 U. S. Plays Prove Big Draws in Finland NEW YORK —m— Two American playwrights are among top boxoffice draws in Finland, according to a study by the International Theatre Institute. Tallying production activity 1948-1958, the organization listed the five most popular foreign dramatists in that country as Shakespeare, John Patrick who wrote "Teahouse of the August Moo n," Jean Anouilh, Tennessee Williams and Jean Paul Sartre. has been' drama on "The Best past. Levy admits that under current entertainment tastes, as measured by the audience rating companies, general drama runs the of losing some viewers. "But because of the quality and nature of the proposed dramas, we think we'll gain rather than lose audiences," he adds, i Most of the Friday night'; shows have been sold to sponsors and the Sunday night shows are being sold "pretty well," Levy says. of Strike on Gary The impact of the nationwide steel strike on a single American city—Gary, Ind. — will be investigated by NBC News on "Chel Huntley Reporting" today over NBC-TV at! 5:.'i0 p.m. The program will include filmed Interviews with striking steel workers and their families, storekeepers and oth- erSi feeling the effects of the strike, which is now in its second week. Journal-Times Want Ads Bring Results The Best Car Buy* Are In Your Hands Now... In The Joumai.Timei ClaMified Section... Read Tha Want Ada Now! > OPEN BOWLING I EVKKV DAY •nd NIGHT I Call «-618» for Keservatlun* I SPENCiR'S ELMWOOD ; PLAZA BOWLING LANES [ (iSlmwuad Plasa Bbopplni Center) TINT'S TV SERVICE 4213 GOLEY LANE "We Repair All Makei Radio and Te/ev/si'on" • FACTORY TRAINED TECHNICIAN rormerl:r with Kerstniie PHONE 3-7915 LOW- COST LOilIVS for new cars appliances and home improvements TN SIDE INK Member F,D.I,0, WINKELS SERVICE SPECIALISTS • Well Equipped ^ Experienced • EWeient RADIO PHONO HI-FI TELEVISION Our 30th Yaar Sarvic* ME 2-9891 220 Moin Customer rarklni In Rear PORTABLE RADIO SERVICE TRANSISTOR RADIOS • RCA Victor • Zenith • Channel Master from ^dmw CEmmmoiQ >i !iiHiiiiiiifM -ai^ Ttleviiion 316 and Hi-Fi MAIN ST. Mart DIAL ME 4-3318 pJN SUNDAY SHOWS 13:16 PM—New* U:S6 PM—World N*«* l:M PM—Ain*rlcan-aoMidlnk*lM ProRr*m 3:30 PM—Btlif orkbam 3:00 PM—Dr. CbariM I. PuUtr 3:30 PM-RadIo BIbU ClMI 4 :00 PM-Dr. Bob Pl*f«* «:3J PM -Itt Your Bu(ta**t «:tt PU-Aa W* 8** II •:M PM Bern Ghrl *tlaD Rei*n*« H**!* "PV*7*r Brlnia H*alinf tm % Family" PM—Irwlb D. canhaa, !!•«• 6:30 PM—VlrgU PlnklT t:46 PM-Orov* Av*nu* BapUal Chureh 6:00 PM—apeaklni at BporU 6:06 PM—Whlta Haus* Report 6:16 PM—March o( Medlcm* 6:30 PM—Safety Cruiada 6:66 PM—World News 7:00 PM—Th* lltb Hour CaU 7:30 PM—Speaking of SporU 7:36 PM—Preedom Blni* 7:66 PM-World N«w* 8:00 PM-SpeaklnR of Bporta 8:06 PM-Star Tim* U.S.A. 8:30 PM—Colleg* New* Con(*r*nea 8:66 PM—World Newa »:00 PM—Overseas Correspondtnt »:16 PM-Heart Beat Theatre «:4& PM—The Maiilon Porum 10:00 PM-World New* 10:06 PM—Local and State Nawa MONDAY SHOWS «:H AM—Top O' TU« Mornint tf::ia AM—News and Sports 6:36 AM—Top C The Mornlni 6:55 AM—Raolne Road and News Report 7:00 AM—News Around tb* World 7:16 AM—Top O' Th* MorBlni 7;3> AM—Lucky Uc*t)** Tljaa 7:30 AM—News 7:36 AM-Wisconsin Wsathar and Marina Reporl 7:40 AM—Uttle Red Book 7:45 AM—News 8:00 AM—Parly Un* 8:50 AM—Local it Stat* N*W8 8:56 AM—Paul Harvey 0:00 AM—Breakfast Club 10:00 AM—Peter Und Hay*a and Mary Healy 10:10 AM—Words and Muslo 10:30 AM—Ladles' Air Journal 10:65 AM-World Newa 11:00 AM—SonR Spotlight 11:18 AM—Racine County Horn* Agent 11:30 AM—Burlington News 12:00 Noon—Paul Harvey. NfcW* 12:15 PM—Newa 12:35 PM—You Can't Los* 1:16 PM "ORGAN ENCORES" IS Minutes uf DELIGIITFCI^ ORGAN MELODies LOWELL YENA. Organiat 1:30 PM—World News 1:36 PM—Muslo Maestro 1:55 PM—World News 2:00 PM—Muslo Maestro 2:65 PM-World News 3:00 PM—Muslo Maestro 3:26 PM—News Coromentari 3:30 PM—New* 3:36 PM—Show Tun* Matin** 3:68 PM-World News WD IKI AM—1400 OB your dial •TIVjrif-M-KHI.I on your dial American Hroadoasllng C*. and WUeoDSIn Natwark

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