The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 25, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1924
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THE^HUICHINSON NIEW5 Published Daily tty Tht» M-wn C'.mi'anv W. V. MORGAN. EDITOR ESTABLISHED 1872. Entered m tJie Po-nuffice in hutch In ton, Knhaa». fnr tnin«m.fl«t «ir through Din mail* tit ftrvoin.'C.aai matter TELEPHONE 4400 l*r(VJttf t;r»rvrh e.i t -ji«r!«e, when opflrntut iiiiwi'iA, tlvrt [terinti or tie p»umcnt wnnird. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION First. 6«cond »tid Third Zone* Ry mult, nm ypat M-t»' liy mml. au trmnlha..,. ( .< 11 j mm II, threo months By mull- onp mnnil, Fourtn f'tth. smth. and Seventh Tty mall, ono yenr.i l .w utiih 7* t>l( * l« vi -iir I &'i TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1924 2. IK' ft.v mail six nmnfhi!. By m«]l three rtmntlia.,.,, Hy mall. IT By CMirler, jiei WPOUJV NtTwa. r MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF ASSOClATEC PRES! Tht! Aiw-j-'tirtert l*r.'*a lit f xctu.-uvei* t>n tiffed to n«; u*e Tor rri)i> •>: •.I) dt'wa tr»»tHic»l to it oi tint OMJIM /..*» ci 1'itif''ft t» Mil* fjn(»t-t. and B!B> thM local rifwn pnolifthi-d tu'rntn. All rlKlit nf t.'pitl.!ii-:uii.n of specie 4taparetire neictn nrf «!sr< renf-vt -o Ttie Sfdllnger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. T«itohon« »i. No 1? North Main street. Hutchtnaon n * • * * ***** PEACE ONCE MORE Throughout, the lonir null fierce campaign nlil Crlpes nnil Hungstrad wrangled much; and Crlpes lilt Iluugstead with, his plane, and liungRto.- " slammed 1 Itin with his crutch. A stranger from a l'orelgu short', beholding theso twin lu their fights, might sny, "Tho Peacu Dove never more will hover round those warring wlghtH. A feud like theirs must end In hluod, in ducgev's thrust or pistol'* crack; no other end can stem tin? flood of insults handed forth and back." Hut strangers rroni a distant land don't know our cheer. ul little ways; it takes them yearn to understand the customs ot our native jays. Before election day we scrap and fill the air with liery threats do wipe each other oft' the map. until the ' weary welkin swe.U.r. Hat when the boy.i have cast their ; vot.-s and stood up for their ' chosen men. we Bather in our ' strayiiiK goat's, and settle ' down to peace again. Thus ' Crlpea and Utingstoail. arm In arm. go weaving down the v11- ' Inge street, no longer viewing with alarm, hut. lost in ills- *; course calm and sweet. It is a * | " trait, we must admire, this * j Democrats ; • .10 Faruier-l.nborlto 1 l.a Follctto Independent*! '"' Theso 1-a Pnlletto Independents v.-nre elected as Republicans, but thoy have shown by their previous record that Ihoy will combine with the Democrats in order to win, and nlso lliey opposed tuiolldgo in the. last election. There In one ; ••at/ancy, that from Rhode Islam!.' which the Republicans have the; best chance to win." Hut on the j (are of the figures, the Hepubli-' ! can orgnnizatlon'will have forty-j nine votes RXHIUHI forty-six lit op- i postilion. There are a few Ropub- j HCAH.H who are not whnt iiilsiU be | called dependable, hut It. Is hoped 1 that the verdict of the people, shown In the Me majority for CoollilBO will have an effect to keep them In line. In the last Senato the Republicans, nlthmiKh nominally In the i majority, were not able to select a S president, pro tern of tho Senate or j i to fill the committees as thoy tic i I slrtd. It looks as If they would ] | he able to control the Seuatc after | j the Ith of March. ! i The members of the House ot Representatives who begin to draw their salaries on iho 4th ot March, are divided as follows: ! Republicans ,..2M:l j Democrats 1S5 | Pariner-I.aborites li I Soeliillsts 2! La Kollette Independents 32 In the last ConBress tho Democrats and the Lu Folletto bloc were able to combine and control the House of Representatives. In the next Congress the Republicans will have ihlrty-ono majority, mid It Is not at all likely that the sixteen, which would be required to desert In order to upse,t this control, could be secured. So the Republicans will be able to organlzo the next Congress, elect the speaker of the House, name the majority on each committee, and have the power to bring forward for consideration and to enact such legislation as the President proposes. Of course this situation might be changed by the development of a bloc among the Republicans, which would get contrary and put their own judgment against that of the - l majority and ot tho President. Re* i publican control is not completely * | assured until we have had * few .) tests and nee how tho Daily Thoughts A man't flift msketh room for him, and brlnseth him before ureal men.—Prov. 18:16, that this Is true and that they wouldn't want It any rllfforont. And some who even pretend BO to themselves. But 1 think If people didn't demand this pretense of each other and ot themselves the deep gomilno underlying bonds would bo at ranger. I —^ ,~w t>un irtiv new conj gresnmen act when they are under lire. trie); of wrunjilliiK tor a time, then slumping down from passion's fire, In. one brief day, to pence eublime. Wo have our bitter old campaigns, we rant a while and paw the air, hut when they're done wo lake ' Mteat pains to pprea.J good humor everywhere. WALT .MASON PARTY RESPONSIBILITY. A good deal is being said la the ' j newspapers concerning tho prob- ' able "disciplining" of the senators , and congressmen who did not «up. port President Coolidge, although • they claimed to ba Republicans. | The word "discipline" la hardly cor- ' roct iu this situation. These men, . although elected as Republicans, 1 did not Rhow themselves to bo such [ when tho time came for action. They do not belong to the Republl- can household. They walked out Time and again during the last | ot , helr m . D ^ w , n aDd campaign 1 urged that !:MM- who ., m , 6 , almne( , lhg door aftfir believed In the leadership ot Pros- j Tll(J> , Jlre oilt!j!iei eteiu. < 'ooliduo should vote for the Republican candidates for con- gro^sman and senator because they would naturally stand by him in the organization of congress for the forwarding ot his policies. The IK-bioci-atlc. caiuliiiat'es, it elected, would vote against the Republican organization, and take delight In giving Brother (,'oolldge a stab In hia political back whenever oppor- j w j latnnr y lfl tunity offered. Now thut tho election Is over nvoryouo can seo that this was a correct statement of the cose, tor the leaders on both sides are figuring as to whether or not Coolidge will havu the support of the majority of congress. The best Democratic papers are saying that It Is good that the Republicans apparently have a majority in each branch of Congress They are saying what. John W. Davis did before eleetiou, that au intelligent voter would cast his ballot for the candidate for Congress who was supporting the candidate for President approved by that voter. Petitions not sweetened with gold, are but. unsavory, and oft refused; or. If received, aro pocketed, not read.-- Massingor. THE DESERT ISLAND TEST Hy Ruth Cameron. "If 1 had to be cast on a desert island with just, one pets -n would rather it would hi; my ^ " than anyone else In the world." f heard n husband say that of his wife the other day in a tone that left no question of his sincerity. Vet he Is not ono of those men who Hi'o never Interested in other women. Far from it. Ho has eyes and cars. He knows that there are other women as pretty ns bla' wife and some prettier. Ho has met women whose society he enjoys and he hits not. hesitated to show it. His w-ife has * never seemed to mind even though people who think alto ought to mind sometimes try lo encourage her to. You know the sort ot thing I mean. v l don't like to tell you. but 1 really think I ought to just: say. . . , '' and so forth. Or. "I don't suppose we shall be able to get Jim to the country club dnnco thlK week now that. Marlon is out of town." Why She Doesn't Worry. Through such Inuendoes and direct attacks Jim's wife remains perfectly serene, at least outwardly. And I have sometimes wondered a bit myself why she took .lim'.s evident admiration and enjoyment of other women's company so calmly. I do not wonder so much now. She knows that the deeper things are hers. She recognized the fact that her husband has not ceased to have the capacity lo enjoy other personalities because hers means to much to him, tis nothing extraordinary or alarming. Not Afraid ot Every Pretty Face. She knows that the bonds ot sympathy tin.i congeniality and comrndeship which bind them together are not going to be lightly broken so she doea not regard every pretty face, or every amusing friend with whom dim likes to bandy w-its, as a menace. And out of Jim's own mouth she Is proved right. Perhaps you will say that such a preference for n desert Island companion is too obvious to be attribute. That, of course, any husband and wife who weren't actually headed for the divorce courts would feel that way and that marriage ought to mean far more thaa that. A man ought not only to infinitely prefer his wife lo any other woman but any other woman should mean nothing to him; In short, marriage should bo a sort of desert Island for both In regard to friends of the opposite sex. J think myself that's all poppycock. 1 don't believe anyone really feels that way after two years of marriage. Oh, yes, \ know that there are many people who pretend to their partners for the sake ot peace TRAINING SCHOOL INSTITUTE FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL WORK A T<eadorshlp Training Institute will be hold at the Trinity Methodist church for two weeks, beginning on December 1, according to Plans which were outlined at a meeting ot the Sunday school hoard last night at tho church. Albeit S. Thomson, wfll he dean ot tho inslltttlo. Ho announces that there will be flvo meetings during each of tho two woelts. Tho teachers are Dort .Mltchner, Dr. C. M, Orny, and Rev. A. E. Henry. Here Is the famous "Seal of Mahomet." According to the old story, the prophet wa3 accustomed to drawing his sea! without lifting the pen from the paper, nnd without, re-tracing any line. But In the answer, as usually given, although these conditions are fulfilled, there are several crossings madu. It; Is possible to draw the design without, re-tracing, In a single line and with no crossings. Can you do it? Yesterday's answer: 8 I N T • In order to control Cougresc it 1B necessary not only to have a nominal majority but to have a real ma- lority. 11 looks tui if .Mr. Coolidge s close to having tho latter but not oulte, HO sure of It as he should be. If cither branch ot Congress refuses to follow tho President, the ••esult 1B a chaotic condition In rhlch It is impossible for the public to fix responsibility. But If 10th branches give to tbe.President :h«!r confidence und support, the Republicans will bo able to pass .eglslatlon which will then bo tested by experience and the voters it the next election will bo able (i nto evidence Instead ot excla- nntfons. In tho lust Senate the Republicans were not In control. A group jf senators headed by Senators '..a Kollotte could combine with the leniocrats and defeat any Reptib lean measure. The election h irought u ehunse tor the bell .•'allowing: aro tho figures for t. Souato which, begins official life ho Ith of next March: ttiiubllcaus .49 The question Is not whether they should be put out, but whether tbey should be Invited back and treated aa it tbey had behaved themselves. The Importance ot this decision Is mostly In the make-up of the committees. For example, the committee on ways aud means is made up of sixteen Republicans and nine Democrats. The question will be Insurgent* will continue to serve on the committee as Republicans and be given the places ot preferment as Republicans, or whether they will be classified with the opposition and be put on the committees M members ot the minority. There does not seem to ba much argument on this point. The senators and congressmen who, In the words of Theodore Roosevelt "flew the coop," have put themselves on the outside, and that Is where they belong unless they should proclaim their Intention of loyalty in case they are admitted to the old homo. Thoy aro not likely to do this because they have rebelled and organized another party. So they will naturally and properly take places In Congress as opposition (o the administration and not as supporters ot the administration. Regardless ot how these rules and customs work on Individuals, they are the host methods of securing the responsibility for legislation that can be devised if we aro to have an opportunity to pass upon the policies of Coolidge it will first be necessary to control tho Congress in such a way that those policies can be enacted Into law and thus be in place for consideration as to results W. Y. MORGAN. The eomjUeted "word diamond" is shown above. The seven'words composing it may ho read across as well as from top to bottom. Natives Typing. Unlonlown, South Africa-—Hit n- dreds of natives are being echooled In tho use of the typewriter, In special classes for black pupils, typewriting Is taught to tho tune of Jazz phonograph records. Natives are said to become especially ^proficient In the use of tho machine and make very capable stenographers. Divorce Over Hat. Hull, Sngland.—Mrs. Winslow Hatt bought a now hat with cherries decorating the right side. Mr. Hart thought the cherries should be on the left side. They disagreed so violently upon the matter that thoy separated nnd were later granted a divorce. UNITED WORKMEN HAVE GOOD ENTERTAINMENT A special program was given at the meeting of the Ancient Uruer of United Workmen last night at the A. O. U. W. hall. The feature ot the program was a negro dialogue given by Norville Prick, Orvtue Redd, and DeBert Hooker. The other numbers on the entertain-, uient were: piano solo by Mrs. Del bert Miller, a reading by Miss May Hlckey and Glen Snyder, and piano and trombone solos by Mrs. Joe Davis and Orvllle Redd. The lodge will meet next Monday evening for election of officers. Bans Telephones. London— Constant ringing of telephone bells disturbs office efficiency, according to Walter Brown, toy manufacturer. Brown has entirely dispensed with telephones in his office and employs a large , fleet ot boys to carry messages i to different parts ot the city. There's no doubt about it—the Shop-o-Scope Is .he tlmo and money saver of this busy season. tf. Peanuts may be cooked very, much the saute as beans, and when baked tbey are very good. Lyman's Cafe for Thankeglving Dinner, 12 noon to S p. m. Continuous service. SH-'U LADIES! DARKEN YOUR GRAY HAIR Use Grandma's Sage Tea and Sulphur Recipe and Nobody will Know. The use ot Sago and Sulphur for restoring faded, gray hair to Its natural color dates back to grandmother's time. She used It to keep her hair beautifully dark, glossy and attractive. Whenever her hair took on that dull, faded or streaked appearance, this simple mixture was applied with wonderful effect. But brewing at home is mussy and out-of-date. Nowadays, by asking at any drug store for a bottle . f "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound," you will get this famous old preparation, Improved by the addlti-n of other Ingredients which can ho depended upon to restore natural color and beauty to tho hair. Well-Known druggists say it darkens the hair so naturally and evenly tha' nobody can tell It bus been applied. You simply dampen a sponge or soft brush with It and draw this through your hair, taking ono st, and at a tim •. By morning the gray hair disappears, an . after another application or two, it becomes beautifully dark and glossy. CORNS Dr, Scholl s Zino-pads stop coins hurting instantly. Remove the cause —fric- tioa and pressure^ They are thin medicated, antiseptic, waterproof. Absolutely safe! Easy to apply. Get their at your druggist's or shoe dealer's. Three Sizes—1 or corru, cattimscs. bunion: DZScholVs ZitiO'paas "Put one on— the pain is gone' Save time—save money—savo regrets. Vee< tho Shop-o-Keope for Xmas shopping. tf. PISO'S Thousands Have Passed It '—why can 't you? A few Interesting minutes In this *^ store may show you s great, unsuspected gift— a narursltslent lor music which can gain for you new friends, make you widely welcome KxSUilr ana win good times and added income. Now, all over the country, thousands are proving that they can play )this easiest-tO'learn of all saxophones — the Holton New Revelation. The Talent-Test which you have read in the great national magazines climaxes Frank Hol.jn'i lifetime of service to musical America — first as a snusiclan of International reputatlonand, then as builder of America's Greatest 3and Instruments. With its aid, you measureyour natural musical talent—determine to your own •arbfaccion if you can play. No obligation, no t esponsibllicy—test Isgiven absolutely without charge. J. W. Jeiikins Suns MUdic Co. 122 North Main, Hutchinson Attflor* tttts gh-tn n DEALER'S NAMT% Street Addreai, City 1 wsttt to determine to my own •atltfao Hon. If I poueMnatural titlent cnbutiii to succeed Id ntuiic. I will be to to uke the Holton Taleiit-Tett on. Take Advantage of Our Christmas Club Plan $1 Down and a $1 a Week Until Christmas, and Buy Furniture for your Practical Christmas Gift. Buy it NOW, while our stocks are complete! Here are just a few suggestions: Cedar ChesU Floor Lamp* Divan Tablet Torchier* Table* Lamps Bridge Lamp* Spinnet Deck* Day Bed* End Table* Book End* Buffet Set* Table Scarfs Doll Bed* Kiddie Cars Coasters, etc. HARMON FURNITURE CO. Phone 41 13 S, Main C h ILDren Cry FOr Fletcher's Castoria is a pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops and Soothing Syrups, especially prepared for Infants in arms and Children all ages, To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of CjtaSfrfTZe&jGU Proven directions on each package. Physicians everywhere recommend it AMR Florida is bright with the beauty of springtime. Golf, bathing, fishing, all out-door sports—and perfect rest in balmy air await you. Its many advantages make Florida the ideal place to go this winter. Reduced round trip winter tourist fares. Stopover privileges. Florida is less than 40 hours away, via fonsasHfrFloTlda Special an alt-alMl throu(h train Leaves Kansas City 6:0" ptn Arrives Jacksonville7:4S am*? vfa Prtaeo Llnea and Southern Kaltwar Commencing Dactmb «r itsth, tlMpIng car Mrvtco from Kanaaa City wMl b« • xt*ndMl through toMlamt vta Florida Bast Coatt Railway fiomjackaonvllla. Dining Car Service AU The Way Fred Harvey Meal* on the Frisco Observation Slaapin* Car Kanaaa City to Jacksonville For illustrated literature about Florida, sleeping car raa- •rvations or for other informadon, call at, phone or writ* Frisco Ticket Office yog Walnut Straet, Kansas City, Mo. t a NEWMAN OMafoe Pu *etif «r Atf .nl . LinM T» Wiiout St., KUHI City. Uo. HEALTHY WOMEN, WAPPY HOMES flood dispositions succumb, irritability and snappy retort take the placo of happiness and amiability. Sunshine Is driven out t )f homos, in fact, thoy nro often wrecked, ahtl trlouds are estranged because women sutler with aliments peculiar to their sux. The use of 1 .yd I a K. Plnkhnm's Vegetable Compound will ovorcome such ailments and restore health and happiness. Do not resort to strong stimulants or narcotics when this groat strengthening, healing remedy made from roots and herbs if always within reach. The Easiest Way To End Dandruff There is one sure way that never fails to remove dandruff completely, nnd tlmt Is to dissolve! It. This destroys It entirely. To do this, Just get about four uonces of plain, ordinary liquid nrvonj apply it nt night when retiring; Uso enough to moisten the scalp and rub it In gently with tho finger tips. By morning, most If not all, of vottr dandruff will bo gone, and two or three more applications will completely dissolve nnd entirely destroy every single sign and race of It, no matter how much dandruff you may have. You will find, too, that all Itching and digging of the scalp will stop instantly, and your hair will ho fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky, and soft, and look and feel a hundred limes better. You can get liquid arvon at any drug store and four ounces Is all you will need. This simple remedy has never been known to fail. Miss Grace L. Johnson M COXWELL CW. r *M. A?«nt. SeuUMrn R*JIw*r Br*UM m HaltavKicanao Bld «..KuMa Cltf.Uo. Itu me Classified Ads in The News-Herald. For That Cough I Wnlnut, Kans—"1. like many others, had tho 'flu.' ' coughed until 1 jthought I would choke and my throat was so sore that 1 could hardly swallow. 1 lost the sense of hearing, taste and smell, and mv heart would beat hard ut times 1 began taking Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, also the 'Pleasant Pellets,' and I soon commenced to get better. 1 do believe 1 would never have gotten vvell had It not been for Dr. Pierce's medicines. 1 most heartily recommend them Tbey aro certainly flue!"—Mis' Urace L. Johnson, 11. F. IX No, 2. , Step into any drug storo and as' for Dr. Pierce's (lolder Medical Discovery In tablets or liquid, <>i seqd 10c to Dr. Pierce's Invalid*' Hotel, Buffalo. N. Y„ for trial pki.- and write for tree advice. How I Regained Strength to do My Work FACTORY No. 4 IMPtOYCtS IMfUNCt sma. c. M. MARUKO Sal CaNTBAi, PABK. nocHBOTBH, N. T. QlRLS work in mills, offices, factories, stores and kitchens all over this land, often far beyond their strength. Frequently such a girl is the only bread winner of the family, and she must toil on, even though her back aches, she throbs with pain, has headaches, dizzy spells, is all dragged out and utterly tinftt for work. Lydia E. PinMram'e Vegetable Compound builds health and strength! for such women, as is evidenced by the many grateful letters which arei reeeivod, attesting to the value of this old fashioned root and herb' medicine. How This Young- Woman Got Relief RocirrSTEB, N. Y.—"I used Lvdia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for weakness and a displacement. This troubled me a lot when 1 walked and when 1 was sitting down and I hod to stay away from-work a great deal. H made me weak and nervous too. I learned about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound from one of your booklets and read about how it bad helped so many. It has done so much for me I now recommend It to others. I am able to work in the factory now and can walk back and forth to work and enjoy it. I am very glad to have you use these facta as a testimonial."—Mrs. C. M. MABUKO, 221 Central Park, Rochester, N. Y. Another Woman's Experience litTDisoTOTf, MICH.—"I sutTercd every month nnd was very irregular, had head- ncbes all the time, was thin and pale, with no appctito. I had taken all kinds of medicines and every doctor told me I would have to face an operation before I would be well again. I was only a working-girl, doing factory work,.and 1 had to stay at home so much that 1 was getting rather discouraged. My mother advised mo'to try 1/ydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I did so with good results. I am now feeling fine, I have slur tod to be more regular and gaining in strength and Weight alBo. I nave advised all my girl friends to tako your wonderful medicine." —lira. TIUIKSSA JIODOLE, 420 S. Rath Avenue, Ludingtou, Michigan. The Standard Remedy for Woman's ilb Is Lydia E. Pinkkam's \fedetable Compound '•"•'LYDIA C;»INKHAM MCBICINB CO. LYNN. MASS.

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