The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 11, 1965 · Page 40
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 40

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 11, 1965
Page 40
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Page 40 article text (OCR)

8C RACINE SUNDAY BULLETIN Sunday, July II, 1965 This is Your Future ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST For July 12 By Sydney Omarr "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." General Tendencies: Cycle high for Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Special word to Sagittarius: Settle money differences, Aries (March 21-April 19): Unusual methods can gain you the most success today. Investigate, give full play to curiosity. Find answers from out-of-way sources. Friend with unique interest could be helpful. Taurus (April 20-May 20): Ties of affection could be under unusual strain. Be understanding. Vacation journey revitalizes you. Appreciate beauty that surrounds you. Seek pleasure! Gemini (May 21-June 20): You awaken to fact that there is intrigue. Means you are now drawn to mystery. You may feel associates are taking unfair advantage. Take chip off shoulder! Be analytical to find answers. Cancer (June 21-July 22): Erratic statements made now could be held against you. Be aware of meanings. Improve public relations. Do plenty of listening, observing. Obtain hint from Gemini message. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Practical affairs dominate scene. Finish projects. Look to future with optimism. Express yourself. Fine time for outlining plans. Gain indicated through writing and reading. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept, 22): Sound out associates. Your creative resources may require constructive outlet. Take initiative. Be original and independent. Combine proven techniques witli daring theory- Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You could now find what you have been seeking. Evaluate plans, hopes, ambitions. Build solid base. Check real estate opportunity. Improve conditions at home. Trust hunch! Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Pleasure gained through unusual interest, hobby. Maintain open mind. Friend may suggest unique plan. Examine it. Don't commit yourself . but do express sincere interest, Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Your time is valuable. Make others aware of this fact. Be tactful, but firm. Check possessions. Get money's worth. Emphasize knowledge. Make others ap preciate your ability, Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) No time to harbor ill feelings toward one who makes mis take. Be generous , . , offer guidance. Cycle high. You can win friends by sharing knowledge. Set fine example. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Money could be obtained from unusual source. Investigate ask questions. Display your unique interests. Others apt to be favorably impressed Obtain valid hint from Scor pio message. Pisces (Feb, 19-March 20) Excellent time for attracting attention, gaining public acceptance. Good possibility you will get publicity which aids personal cause. Maintain pleasant, tactful manner. If Today Is Your Birthday . . you intrigue people because of your unusual sense of humor. You would make good story teller, writer, announcer. Old Handicraft Popular Now URBANA — Do-it-yourself circles have discovered the ancient handicraft of batik- printing. This popular new hobby involves the use of wax and dyes to design fabrics that make colorful wall hang ings. University of Illinois home economist Barbara Fisher recommends the use of light- to medium-weight cotton fabrics because of their natural ability to absorb and retain dyes. Begin with a simple design using no more than three col ors, starting with lightest color first. Each color in a batik design is applied by a repeated process of waxing and dyeing. Melted paraffin or wax is brushed on selected areas of the fabric before it is dipped into a dye bath. The dye colors the unwaxed areas. Miss Fisher says that small amounts of dye will seep through the wax and give a distinctive marbleized look. To achieve this effect, d i p fabric in hot dye and then in ice water. The wax will crack and the dye will seep through. To remove the wax, iron the fabric between layers of heavy paper. The process must be repeated for each color in the design. If you would like to try this new hobby, you can get specific directions for batik- printing in textile art books. ResDonsibilities for Summer Sitter 'Tis summer and the baby sitter's working day is longer. Not only are kids allowed to stay up a little later, a sitter frequently finds herself hired to permit parents a "day out" as well as a "night out." So if you accept a summertime baby-sitting job, be prepared to assume a different set of responsibilities—and to keep a sharp eye out for a different set of hazards. Simple "over doing -it" is one of the dangers, A child can become over-tired, overheated .overchilled, and even overstuffed on a hot summer's day. Every once in a while dur- mg a rough-and-tumble day out of doors, divert the child's attention into quieter channels —a story-reading session or a game played sitting under a shady tree. Speaking of shady trees . . . until a child has become as brown as an acorn by gradual sun-tanning, keep him out from under the sun's meanest rays between the hours of 10 and 2. And always keep him well-lathered with sun-tan lotion. A bath when it's really sizzling out of doors can keep young tempers—and bodies —^below the boiling point. The mother probably will have special instructions for you, but you might remind her that household baking soda added to the bath water is great for calming prickly heat, sun­ burn, and even insect bites. Most mothers will have made sure you know a number of other first aid rules— always with the caution to summon help if necessary— so this is just a reminder on summertime's usual simple cuts, scrapes and scratches: wash carefully with soap and water and add a loose bandage or sterile gauze. If the wound is deep and bleeding profusely, call the doctor at once. No child should be allowed near a swimming pool, lake, river or ocean unless the baby sitter is an expert swimmer and a lifeguard is nearby— and the parents have given permission. Even under these conditions, the sitter must keep alert for that "over doing-it" danger. A child can tire himself out in the water —can become chilled—and can get a painful sunburn even on a cloudy day. So plan some on-the-beach diversions —under an umbrella if possible—to compete with the wonders of the water. As to overstuffing—don't let consumption of hot dogs, ice cream, and cold soda get out of hand. If yours is an all-day baby sitting job, most mothers will have planned light, simple meals for the youngster and you. Too many extra treats can only result in a tummy-ache for the child —and "headache" for the baby sitter. Unaftractive Rows of Toes/ Well-groomed feet are a must for summer sandals. A pedicure will prepare feet for maximum exposure and pamper them at the same time Follow these steps for feet you'll be proud to display. It's easiest to t)egin in the bath because water softens skin and nails. Smooth rough skin with a cosmetic stone while you're in the tub. Out of the tub, dry feet thoroughly, including those often neglected spaces between the toes. Immediately smooth hand lotion or leg cream into your feet, including the soles. Next, work on your toe nails much as you would your finger nails. Begin by spreading out several layers of paper towels to protect rug or floor from spilled polish. Then clip nails straight across. Smooth rough edges with a filei or emery board, but do not shape toe nails. Shaping will risk ingrown nails or infections. Carefully push back your cuticle with an orange stick wrapped with cotton soaked in cuticle remover. Before polishing toe nails, wind tissues in and around each toe to separate them. This will help keep polish from smudging. Use a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat to assure a longer-lasting pedicure. When the polish has dried, dust your feet with powder, and you're ready for the glamour and comfort of a summer- in-sandals. GOOD MANNERS True good manners spring from consideration. Store Hours: Mondays and Fridays 10 to 9, Other days 10 to 5:30— FREE parking in the Doivntown Ramp—Convenient credit terms I The famous Promise by Poirette (original style 60A or F) regularly $16.95, is now $12.95 including our famous fitting- room service (if you wisfi) and any alterations you may require. Sizes 26-36. Comparable savings on fresh stocks of selected best selling styles from • VENUS • FORMFIT • BIEN JOLIE • GODDESS during our semi-annuol special selling of Better Girdles, Bras and Lingerie! Chairs lor dmosi any voom in Gvery s^le--. NEW THIRD FLOOR FOUNDATIONS & LINGERIE MAIN FLOOR LOCATIONS Pair Country Spanish Occasional Chair, vintage fruitwood finish wood frame, cane panel back, tufted cushion seat in red textured fabric ea. Traditional Ladies' Lounge Chair, deep tufted back, poly-dacron cushion, kick pleat skirt, gold suede cloth Schoonbeck Traditional Tub Lounge Chair, deep tufted back, spring-down cushion, kick pleat skirt, caster base, lexmon textured fabric Schoonbeck Traditional Tub Lounge Chair, deep tufted back, spring-down cushion, kick pleat skirt, green silk shantung . . Pair Schoonbeck Traditional Tub Lounge Chairs/Ottoman, deep tufted back, spring-down cushion, twin scalloped skirt, blue sculptured velvet Schoonbeck Traditional Lounge Chair, pleat skirt, loose pillow back, kick spring-down cushion, copper textured cover Traditional Ladies' Loungfe Chair, tufted heart shaped back, down cushion, custom scalloped skirt, blue silk shantung cover Traditional Ladies' Lounge Chair, tufted padded back, fruitwood finish, blue/green Traditional Lounge Chair, loose pillow back, box pleat skirt, foam-dacron cushion, quilted red/ green print Traditional Semi-barrel Lounge Chair, distressed finish wood frame, embroidered alabaster satin cover Baker Country French Occasional Chair, open arm, high ladder back styling with padded back panel, dark vintage fruitwood finish, green velvet Traditional Easy Chair, tufted padded back, kick pleat skirt, fruitwood finish, lime texture fabric Traditional Swivel Lounge Chair, tufted padded back, belted kick pleat skirt, capri cushion, blue textured cover Traditional Lounge Chair, fruitwood finish, attached pillow back, front leg casters, green tapestry. . Traditional Occasional Chair, bronze painted finish wood frame, cane arm, gfecn/ovango stripe cover Italian Provincial Occasional Chair, antique white painted wood frame, hish padded back, black/ white jjrint Traditional Tub Lounge Chair, buttoned padded laack, distressed finish, blue shantung Traditional Open Arm Lounge Chair, distressed finish wood frame, buttoned padded back, blue textured stripe Rer. Sile Price Pric« 110.00 ea. 77 185.00 99 265.00 139 230.00 119 758.00 4 95 295.00 189 299.00 139 189.00 99 260.00 130 289.00 149 279.00 169 169.00 99 275.00 1 69 199.00 149 135.00 44 310.00 149 210.00 119 199.00 119 SECOND FLOOR LOCATIONS Reg. Price Traditional Chaise Lounge Chair, distressed finish, deep tufted back and seat, raspberry velvet cover 172.00 Oxford Occasional Chair, distressed finish, caster base, taupe silk cover 269.00 Oxford Italian Provincial Lounge/ Ottoman, distressed finish wood frame, open arm, black/white ticking cover 428.00 Oxford Tub Lounge Chair, distressed finish, caster base, red embroidery print 320.00 Oxford Italian Provincial Lounge Chair, distressed finish, attached pillow back, high cane arm, black/white print cover 210.00 Oxford Traditional Lounge Chair distressed finish, front leg caster, copper stripe cover 260.00 Oxford Italian Provincial Occasional Chair, distressed finish, brown tone fruit basket quilted print cover 220.00 Oxford Italian Provincial Occasional Chair, distressed finish, wood frame, open arm, white/ amber quilted print cover 225.00 Oxford Italian Provincial Lounge Chair, distressed finish, blue/ gold quilted print 265.00 Oxford Italian Provincial Occasional Chair, distressed finish wood frame, high tub back, India coral leather cover 330.00 Oxford Italian Provincial Occasional Chair, distressed finish, attached pillow back, green silk shantung cover 210.00 Oxford Traditional Lounge Chair, distressed finish, loose pillow back, eggshell embroidered velvet, caster base 340.00 Oxford Traditional Tub Lounge Chair, distressed finish, caster base, sheath/chalk quilt print ... 310.00 Oxford Traditional Lounge Chair, distressed finish, caster base, Brazilian quilted brown tone print cover 299.00 Oxford Italian Provincial Occa- casional Chair, distressed finish wood frame, attached pillow back, caster base, bronze embroidered velvet 240.00 Oxford Traditional Occasional Chair, distressed finish wood frame, caster front legs, black/ white ticking cover 230.00 French Provincial Tub Lounge Chair, distressed finish, tufted back, green textured stripe 219.00 Traditional Lounge Chair, distressed finish wood frame, padded back, citron/pink stripe .... 295.00 French Provincial Lounge Chair, distressed finish wood frame, padded back, down cushion, orange textured tweed 295.00 French Provincial Occasional Chair, distressed finish wood frame, tufted padded back, tufted loose cushion, gold brocade 155.00 gale Price 99 99 199 149 139 139 149 149 169 166 139 199 188 188 149 99 133 188 188 99 MAIN FLOOR LOCATIONS Traditional Open Arm Occasional Chair, French cherry finish wood frame, cane back, red/gold tapestry check Traditional Occasional Chair, pumice painted finish wood frame, cane arm, oriental print...Italian Provincial Open Arm Lounge Chair, fruitwood finish wood frame, attached pillow back, front leg casters, gold velsuede .. French Provincial Occasional Chair cane panel open arm, distressed finish wood frame, tufted attached pillow back, copper stripe Italian Provincial Lounge Chair, distressed pumice finish, loose pillow back, poly-dacron cushion, gold/beige tapestry Traditional Occasional Chair, fruitwood finish wood frame, cane back, front leg casters, beige velvet Traditional Open Arm Lounge Chair, black painted finish with gold trim, loose pillow back, red/ black tapestry print Pair Traditional Ladle's Lounge Chairs, distressed finish wood frame tub styling, loose pillow back, raspberry velvet, from the 1964 Guild Galleries ea. Pair Oxford Italian Provincial Occasional Chairs, distressed finish wood frame, carved back, tra- punto quilted bronze velvet cushions ea. Traditional Lounge Chair, loose pillow back, down cushion, kick pleat skirt, quilted bird and floral print Modern Lounge Chair, v-loose pillow back, walnut finish, caster base, avocado textured fabric ... Modern Lounge Chair, padded back, walnut finish, gold textured fabric THIRD FLOOR LOCATIONS Modern Lounge Chair, chrome swivel base, padded barrel back, rubber cushion, avocado/blue print velvet cover 149.00 Modern Lounge Chair, walnut finish, padded back, caster base, citron green textured cover .... 178.50 Modern Swivel Lounge Chair, walnut finish, chrome trim, black vinyl cover 120.00 Modern Mr. and Mrs. Chair and Ottoman, walnut finish, padded back, rubber/foam cushion, orange cover 241.00 Modern Swivel Rocker, walnut finish, lime green textured cover 137.00 Modern Lounge Chair/Ottoman, loose pillow back, walnut finish, rubber/foam cushion, blue/green 344.00 Modern Occasional Chair, loose pillow back, walnut finish, open arm, off white linen 219.00 RcK. Salt Price Price 99.00 49.50 129.00 66 179.00 88 145.00 99 205.00 139 79.00 55 229.50 99 375.00 ea. 188 199.00 ea. 99 400.00 2 49 224.00 149 166.00 119 I 75 88 88 177 99 199 149 ALL LISTINGS PARTIAL LISTINGS-ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE-ALL SALES FINAL

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