The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

*AGC EIGHT PARIS NEWS, "ftfUltSDAY, JULY tt. !•»* Elic K. ciuiiion,. former resident •*£ iieirolt noa- in the United State* *rmy at Ft. Sill. Okla.. is visiting relatives at home whiJe vn a 20- day furlough. ih*tr «randmotii»r at CROWDS GATHER AT BLOODY SPOT OF SLAYING J. J. Ri*in£er Is «2>1« to be tap after an illness. Liouise Kisfoser ia reported ill at her home. Several people from Ollye attended the candidates* roundup at Blossom Saturday, night. Appeals from tbe city board of equalization are being heard by the city tax revision board at the city hail. The board Is expected to remain in session througrh Friday. Dillinger (Continued From Page One) .Home grown watermelons, cantaloupes siiiu other truck are now being offered at a:: open-air market on Lan^ar avenue. Similar market ha^s been operated on South Twentieth street for *o:ne time. \V. J>. McFaddeii oi' Glory \vas •was in Paris Thursday with a !oac of honey jraihered froTrs liis ap:2.ry north of GJory. Mr. MePadden is on<_- of the host kr»<v.vrt yrtjcucers of honey in the county. Mfes Beulah Bla<-kweU. home Semc-rssiraiicrs agent, is visjtin~ the various irirb-" an<i \vomt-rTs climbs •of the county tills week. Miss BiackTvel! v.-j-l be our of the county sexz -week, attendinsr the short course at -A. and Mr. Celine, as the ohief ^iincer of the crew. Ke is accused by the government of being: the mjji who shot down Federal Agent W. Carter Baiim when Dlilinger mobsters blasted their way 10 freedom frons the vicinity of the little Bohemia. \Tis_. resort last Apr:!. But Nelson, called the "Baby Face" because of his innocent appearance, win be captured dead or alive before many months have passed, federal officials predict. "His da>s are numbered." said j J Kd^ar Hoover, chief of the in-1 vestisatins head of the department; of justice at \Ya.shinstoR. "There • will r:ever be any lei up irntil Xel- son. John Hamilton and Homer Van Meter, other members of the Ixxsd comniuteci»eii Mho have been measuring lar.d covered by 1934 cotton acreage reduction contracts -R-il! 2?e called into a. conference with Couniy Asrent A. L~ Sd- mlaston. TO receive instructiot; a.r-d. aS>plic2.Tler! blanks for allotmeTj's of tax-esernpi cotton under the vision? of the Bankhead Acz. NEWS ITEMS ABOUT OLTVE CO^OfUMTY .OLIVE. — The Baptist revival conducted, by- the Rev, Frank Mc- s of Forney closed Sunday. three additions made :o tne : 3ttiss Ruby Rising--i-r is visitins iiiss Juanita ilc^nung: at Forney. M. C, Stephens accompsnied by I-lpyd and Sar! Stephens has ^orie to Waco for a visji. h and Bertie Darnell are Nelson is "kill crazy," Hoover said,, adding that he win shoot without provocation, whereas his late chief held his gunfire un::! he was cornered. Nelson was las" reported :ii Ohio and Mich!sar>. And ^hHe the hunt for Nelson was pushed, the p'-bllc still PUZ- 3^e-d over the question as ro who. :i ar.yorse. "put the finger" on Uil- The spot wnere John Dil!sn 2 er. the nation's most hunted criminal, fell mortaSSy wounded in Chicago a.ier being snot down by federal agent* became a magnet for crowds of curious persons. The picture shows the blood darKened portions of the street surrounded by people after the shootinc. (Associated Press Pnoto) I> The Chicago police theorised ar it migrht have been Mrs- Anna a.s'e, "the woman in red""* vrho ith Mrs, Key Keele accompanied i!Hngrer :o the Biogrrapb theatre e nicht he v.-as slain. Their eory was that she mi^h- have le on Dillrnsrcr in an effort to v$ herself from beins deported Hcrr.ania. Federa! agren-s denied :a:s. DILLINGER ^PRINTED* FOR LAST TIME SPIDER BITE FATAL CO33T. Wyo-. 0=Pf—Jack Short, j 19, of We'llinsTtors. Te^, a scj'jj^-'ai-i. | !u a CCC camp near here died j at a >iosr>:ial Wednesday after ti^o : weeks' illness frc-iu a spider, bite. | The body was ^e: t to Ms bo in Texas Thtirs-iar. COOL — Bv Keeping Your Clothes FRESH AND CLEAN ! Tos've no i-^ea hovr much cooler a feel in the hot s— n^me. tiine to aJ^v nlear^ cS" n ••.£ — It's 'rcorioiiilcs-i, tc-ol tf better it makes you ys b-e dressed in fresh SHIRTS Bean ti fully Finished lOc Pressed PHONES S2 ANI> Z3. MEN'S SUITS AND LADIES 1 DRESSES Cleaned and 50 C OK OKER OF BLAIRS IDE AL L AW NOR Y - - / PERSONALS 21i=-t^!a 3iae Miles, of Midland, is visiting: her atini, Mrs. C- M. Terrelf. Mrs, Carl Cot bran and. children, of JDallas. are visiting Mr- and Mrs. J. P. Ford and Mrs. Anna Cotbran. Miss Jmogene Potts of. Durant. Okla., is visiting her cousins. Miss Claudia and IX T, Davis, Jr.. on 213 East Washington street. Miss Sarah Bess Morgan, of £te~ iroit. is spending the ive^k here visitinsr Miss Eugenia Travis and Miss Millie Bankhead. Mrs- Raymond Fennell, of JDe- porr, -who underwent a minor operation at the Sanitarium of Paris, returned to her home Thursday, Harry Bafcer, Jr.. v^-ho -svas at the Sanitariu;" of Paris returned to the home of his parents Thurs- dav. \Vanza Sue Brooks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Brooks. Cuthand, is at the SanitaiuDi. of Paris for treatment. Louise "Wood, three year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wood of XVrigrht City. Ok!a.. is a patient at the Sanitarium of Paris. l^ee Weir, of 215 South Thirty-third street \vho has been seriously ill for three weeks, is a£>!e to be up. la Bonhut trith relatives. ..Miss Virginia. Matthews, da ujgrh.- ter of Mrs. G, H. Matthews of Oklahoma City, formerly 'of Paris. is ill with a severe throat infection. according to word received by her aunt, Mrs. Scott Holland. Mr. and Mrs, R. B, Moore, of Kansas City, and Dr. and Sirs. H. E. Grupe and small daughter. Carole Ann» of Sudan, have returned home after vistins Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Orupe on Lamar road. Meetings {Continued From One> Miss Dura. McKenzie. -R-ho has been at the Sanitarium of Paris ior treatment returned Wednesday I to her home in Antlers. Oklsu Tuesday nisht ?.t Soper and next Thursday- at Boswell. O. A. Brewer, county attorney. eJtplained the status of tJ»« county's finances and offered the official aid of county officials in getting emergency funds made available; AY. E. Schooler of The Hugro Daily Xews tendered the assistance o: the Chamber of Commerce. and Claude Biard. county FERA administrator, said that as the state director had given kind reception to ot3»er\ pleas from Chocta« county, he had hopes that more help would be available in the immediate future. A resolution of thanks to E. W. Marland. gubernatorial nominee for his ef- { forts in this work was adopted. T. W. Hunter, county judge, reported calls for aid from the county and Dr. G. K. Harris, county , physician reported actual danger i of *tmrvation in ca*«« •Beovbt*r*4 in MM visits. E. M, JDotrUiJd. chairman of the comxaiKioncrs presided. POST OAK LOC4LS, PERSONAL ITEMS POST OAK (Mtu Olnr«>—v Mr*. Oscar Hey of Medill, Ofcla.. i« visiting her mother." Mrs. D. S. Robinson. Ernest Mitchell was baptized o» Sunday afternoon by the Kev. J. 1^ Turner at the Crawford pooU • Evelyn. Beatrice and Judith, daughters of Jchn Wolfe of Kio- mitia are visitics in th« bom* of K. B- Crawford. Goodbye Gas In Stomach and Boweb Jf you want INSTANT RELXEF from gas in stomach arid bowels. take a tablespoonful of Dar«*« Mentha Pepsin in a cup of hot water. Brings up the ga» at once. To get permanent relief, take * tablospoonful of Dare's Mentn* Pepsin before* meals. Then you caja eat anyttuns \vithout, suffering afterward from gas Woatins and pre^ssure—d rowsin ess after meals— poor circulation—bilious attacks— dizry spells. No more stomach distress! Dare's- Mentha Pepsin frees you from all that discomfort and miserv or money back. Ask The Palace J>riis Store or any druggist In Anaerle*- —Adv. -...-,• Miss Cassie !_-ou ilCjDowell. -who has been a. patient at. the I>amar hospiial returned to lier home in Petty Wednesday. Mrs. Grover Taylor, -svho has been ill ?_t her home. 374 East Houston street, is sometvhat improved. I TVilliam Shirley and A. J. Smith 1 I left Wednesday for a visit in Waco ! i and Austin and Trill return Mori- i day. Mrs. Ray ford Walker and two I children, of IS North One and One j Half street, have returned home ] from Wichita. Falls, where they | visited Mrs. TTalker's parents, Mr. I and Mrs. J. A. M Mr. and Mrs. T\"illla.rrs Finney •' have rettirned from their wedding 1 trip, and are here for a few days' ! visit -srUh rheir parents before jro- I Worth to make notorious outlaw and killer {Associated Press Photo) | ins: on to Fort ! their hoirse. ] Mrs. Ed Tolbert. and. infant I f dauirht-r. Arra Ann. bom recently ! t at the Sanitarium of Paris, have \ i gone to the home of Mrs. Tolbert's j j mother, 3Irs. J. l^. Harnrrsondu on i i Laxnar avenue, i i ilr. and Turs. !>. T. I>m"is and 1 • children. Ciaudia and D. T. Jr.. ac- \ j companied, by Miss Kracces 'Bra- i • j si!c. have returned from a '-veek's ' FRIDAY BANK NIGHT Now the Most Modern Theatre In North Texa* "H ALF A SINNER" I-PIDAY ONLY A Thrce-^rar Pi*.-rure—Aa Amisins Story of Gamblers la '• and In CaLrd_>* • • L A M A R Thursday and Friday MURDER ON THE BLACKBOARD Comedy and Mystery GR A.ND JPriday and Saturday Riding Speed BUFFALO BILL, Jr* Also THE VANISHING SHADOW A Serial of Science and Every patron of Oie Grand Theatre Frf* liay and SatTirday WOJ Be Girem « Ticket Good for & Cbild's Admission or «c Crcdft on An Adult Admission Ojn August 3 and 4. FREE Last Call/ Save In Penney's Big CLEARANCE Ladies' Fancy Organdy and Voile MEN'S 22G WEIGHT TRIPLE STITCHED 79c Overalls 69 C Full Cot, An Extra Value Pretty Shcer Sunamcr Frocks Smart Style* Fa*t Colors Close-Out ON ALL LADIES* Men's Blue Cheviot Work Shirts 39C Wheat {Continued F~ An Extr* Value! SHOES Wktte KM Parop., Straps and Tiec V*iae> to $3.98 . Ladies' Broadcloth PRINCESS SLIPS Well Made, Fall Cat. SJxe. 34 to 44 J.C. PENNEY CO. if that much wheat is needed nest season or I* the world wheat, export agreement coilapses and the Crated States desires more ^ for export- Farmers conld ba neld under contract to har-.-es* umna.tured wneat for forage on sa^^erntaent instructions. It was explained that this plan wouJd serve both as a partial guarantee against a. whea.t short- asre in. case of another bad drocth and would furnish food for livestock If ordinary forage ran short- The disclosure carae. scon after Dr. £jwood .Mead. recSarnation commissioner, declared that tens of thousands of people rrmst be evacuated fron^ ihe western half of the I>5tkot£ss, eastern Montana and *Vyoruing". said the region must be retnrnetJ to range land. The cvaccstion cf tnt fa.rrners '^"osIcS i>^ one of ^H*i •-TO in history. ;;t- drouth keeps up for three •-t:ks we vrlll have a rea.1 serious un'.ion on our hac<J«t."* He &aJc! y AAA proi^rarn •- EOfter.ed ria- • ~i'~* blows by saving much corn r future feed *«.nd stimnlatins -tare and hay production. Otfier drouth developments: 3. The RFC "snn lend S1O.OOO.- MiUH feides of catU*i Irousht by the 2. A committee twad-Ed by Dr. C<fc*?is B. Koover. oconorr:ic ad- v!'s«r to Wallace, began a study r*<*risen f-'i'h the Jivcsrock poptila- 3. The labor dr-partrnent. A^\A ;»nd NRA continued effort* 1.0 far- Buyjns of cattla tn ihr 1 h ar*a Will r>n re«um«!-4 a« r a* th«» market gl'Jt can b* 5. WaTla.c« •Je-clar^d ir r.'a« for- r-jYiat* that th* govwrrjni'int !I*A rpany a.gencits* to COP* 1 h» dJ»a*t«r and hr> vi«rw»1 appropriation of ^S-.S,-?60.'3 / )v an * ELECTION RETURNS Will poaw<5 ajfaSn thi* county wide return*, through th« ^oortesry of The Paris K«w*. Visit our corner Saturday ntebt, July 2Sih, zu^ watch th* votes <x»m« in, Hildebrand's 1 Special Sale of Electric Table Cookery Appliances STOP LOOK LISTEN IN AND SEE OUR SPECIALS ON ELE< COOKERY APFUANC£Sl AT THE BtAUTY—QUALITY—VALUE—AND SPECIAL LOW PRICES! TO THE STORY OF WHAT THEY WILL DO FOR YOU! Every home can now have uninterrupted meals cooked electrically right at the table. 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