Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1961 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 11
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, July «,Wl .. ..*~ . IWMAN CIRCUS—Biggest spectacle in a film since the days of DeMille comes in "Barabbas" and filmed in Verona, Italy, arena. In it Jack Palance as a gladiator in a chariot tries to run down and kill victims. Among them: Anthony Quinn (Barabbas). Girl Shows Too Much Interest .. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) — "Dear Pavement Plato: Recently you wrote on how to tell if u girl is losing interest in you. I think I have just the opposite problem. My girl is showing so much interest in me I am afraid sh%wants me to marry her. llovv can I be sure? Doubtful" Nothing could be simpler, my boy. She is probably a talent scout for matrimony—and has picked you as her number one target—if: Her father keeps offering you his car so you can lake her riding. She always carries a needle and Ih^ad in her pur.so—just in case you should need a button sewn on. She would rather drink beer at a ball game with you thcan go dancing at a night club with Gary Grant. She starts making remarks such as, "Some girls like real expensive engagement rings, but 1 think that's a waste of money, don't you?" When you toll a funny story at a party, she chuckles even before you reach the punch line. She begins to take a kindly interest in your money. For example: "You're too generous for your own good, dear. You didn't have to tip the waiter that much." Instead of asking for tiic latest romantic ogcl at the lending library, she checks out the latest cook book. She proudly shows you a now burn on her finger and says, "1 got it in the kitchen last night trying out a new recipe." (Where docs she think you thought she got it anyway—sliding down a rope ladder from the Brooklyn Bridge'.') Your hair is f;il!ii\g out, but instead of kidding you she says "I just love your high forehcrtd. It's a sign of intellect." You're a bit on the plum]) side but, instead of advising you to go on a diet or visit a gym, she We Salute Hope's Independent Grocers Q ALLEN Can Food Co. DAILY SHORT SHORT 4 SUSPENSETTE ©1961 by NEA, Inc. f age tfetift Says Arkla Passed Loss to Customers LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Cities protesting Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co.'s $1.2 million annual rate increase charged today that :hc company passed a $901,000 loss in promotion of gas appliances on to its customers. The charge was made by Harry Wadsworth, an El Dorado certified public accountant hired by the cities to help them fight the rate increase. Wadsworth was the first witness al a hearing before the Public Service Commission after PSC Chairman Lewis Robinson over ruled a motion by El Dorwlo City Ally. James Spencer Hint the company's rate case be dismissed on a technicality. Spencer said Arkla failed to comply with commission regulations in filing its application for the rate increase. Robinson said he felt the case should be decided on its merits rather than be ruled out on a technicality, "You can take care of this matter on appeal if you want to." he told Spencer. Wardsworth introduced into the record figures purporting to show the Arkla earned over 171 per cent on invested capital last year instead of less than .six -per cent as the company claims. Arkla boosted its minimum bill in 52 cities from $1.10 to $I.HO on April 1 while the present case was pending the co. was pending before the commission. The PSC could order refunds if it finds the increase was not justified. .Today's session was the latest in a series on the case before the commission. Nearly 50 percent of the total revenue expended on the public schools in Arkansas for the year,, 1954-55 was sunplicd Lhrougb the state aid; a greater percentage than that of 34 other stales, according to the National Education Association. Enjoy Good Eating with RAINBO and AMERICAN PICKLES Brown and Miller Co, Brown Miller Company Operates 12 Salting Stations in Arkansas — Paying Arkansas Farmers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for their Cucumbers! ^ His ear was bent and beatea by indignant callers. WALDO'S'REVENGE By LESTER ARNO Tonight WHS (he <10th anniversary of Waldo Woimncistcr's appointment as Room Service (food and beverages) clerk at the Brumlcigh Arms Apartment Hotel. ' ' Waldo was not congratulated on his many years of service; not a .soul oven acknowledged his presence. Like his shabby desk, his old-fashioned upright tele phone, the unshaded light bulb Unit glared above him, Waldo was a fixture to be faken for granted at the Brumloigh Arms. The lobby had been redone, the apartments redecorated, the kitchen modernized, a new canopy bung under a new electric sign in front of the hotel—but Room Service and Waldo Weinmeisler had been ignored. In a way. it was really Wai do's fault. Me had never raised his voice in complaint, nevci dropped a note in the suggestion box, never deviated from the pattern he had set 40 years ago lie arrived promptly at 5 p.m. sighs, "My, you're so much fun to snuggle with. I hale skinny men." When you admire her new frock, she shrugs and says modestly, "It's just a little thing I made myself." She can't stand the cigars other men smoke, but "yours are different somehow—they smell so man/ ly." Instead of a $1.3!) necktie,'she buys you an expensive fishing roc for your birthday. Brother, if this is the way an> girl in your life is acting, it's time (u run for the hills or walk to the marriage license bureau—depend ing on how ft rung you feel. pulled the string that lighted the overhanging bulb, set out his pencils and his Room Service order pads and prepared himself for the abuse, .complaints and dressing- downs that were to follow. Such was the nature of Waldo Weinmcistcr's life's work. Room Service in an exclusive apartment hotel peopled by the well-to-do consists of taking orders over the telephone, communicating them to the chef and then checking out the Room Service tables as the waiters wheeled them past the desk toward the service elevator. It sounds like a maltcr-of-fact job, but it wasn't. First, there were the substitutions on the table d'hote dinner, despite the printing on the menu which plainly read, "NO SUBSTITUTIONS ON TABLE D'HOTE DINNERS." Then there were the appetite peculiarities of the various tenants. Those who wauled their steaks burned to a crisp; those who wanted their steaks barely (o nod to the fire; (hose who wanted their milk warmed; those who insisted on no ice in their water glasses: the list was infinite. Then there were the telephone complaints after the waiter had brought the food to the apartments. Waldo sighed. lie received no graluities as did the waiters, he got no Christmas presents as did (he chef, he was not warmed by the smiles of patrons as was the dining room hcadwailer. No, none of these acts of human kindness came his way. Instead, fr,r 40 years, his ear was bent and beaten by indignant callers, impatient customers, irate tenants. And here he was . . . "celebrating" his 40th year on the job. * WE SALUTE... Hope's Independent Grocers! NEW! CARNATION TUNA Leaner! Meatier! Chunk Stylet . . . the tenderloin of Tuna! . . . top quality at low prices! . . . delightful in salads, casseroles and sandwiches! It wasn't until Mrs. Thomas George LaMont, III, appeared in person at the office of the manager that anyone al the Brum- lcigh Arms knew that anything was wrong. Mrs. LaMonl quivered al the manager's cheery greeting. Then, she took the dish she held in her hand and threw its contents in the manager's face. "Snails in aspic, indeed, Mr. Gladson. If this is the Brumloigh Arms' idea of a joke, I am moving out! You know the very sight of snails makes me deathly ill"! No one on the bus paid the slightest attention to Waldo \Vcin- mcister as he sat, a list in bis hand, laughing softly to himself. ' Mr. Wharton, J4A. likes his steak very rare. Burn it to a crisp!" he read from his notes, "Mrs. Johnson, ]2B. hates mashed j potatoes and gravy. Send her | double portion with extra gravy! Mr. Martin. 21C, allergic lo shrimps. Send up double shrimp cocktail, covered with napkin!" Waldo Weinmeister continued to read and continued to chuckle. Then, in a crisp, authoritative voice, he .-aid to all on the bus who might listen. "Now. they'll know who Waldu Weinmeister is!" (THE END) BE INDEPENDENT... By Shopping With Your Independent Valu-Mart Stores There is no Substitute for Quality. We Feature the WELL-KNOWN BRANDS you want-Not Something "Just as Good." Their quality and goodnes never varies. FRYERS U, S. D. A. Lb. 22 TRAY PACKED DQCOn RIVERDALE T-Bone Steak Sirloin Steak CORN Lb. Lb. Lb. 49 C Ground Beef 2 u, s 89c 79 C Bacon Squares u,. 19c 79 C Bologna 4 u , s 1.00 Pride of Illinois White or YcMow 303 Can 9 Clorox Qls. 19c HyGrade Party Loaf 12Ca ° 2 43c Skinners SS±r 2 7B ° z 29c HyGrade Viennas ALLENS WHOLE CHICKEN 19c 3 '/I Lb. Con 89C MEAL Aunt Jemima Lb. Bag 39 Del Monte Do I Monte Fruit Cocktail 4c 3 ^1.00 Catsup Del Monte Dc | Monlc Tomato Juice N o2 can 17c Cut Beans Del Monte Whole Beans N Oz Uotlle 23C 303 Can 2/C 303 Can Del Monlc Crushed 31c Pineapple No. 2 Can 33c FLOUR Robin Hood 25 Case 2 Arrow Pinto Beans £, CHICKEN OF SEA 53c Chunk Tuna Can 29C 47c Fautless Starch -£ 37c Chunk Tuna TALL PET MILK 3 & ™ 47c Mellorine SNOWDRIFT SHORTENING FOLGERS COFFEE Midwest Gal. 39 3 Lb. Can 79C .... 1 Lb. Con 69C BISCUITS Cans 25c Corn Chops 25 - 89 Eggs Pellets 25 95 Large Box TIDE 37c Mr. Clean ' 69c Duz Premium 89c Queen Size DASH Reg. Box 45c Ivory Liquid 39c 120z. Size Reg. Can COMET 15c 120z. Size JOY 39c RALPH MONTGOMERY GROCERY & MARKET PHONE 7-3361 L B. DELANEY & SON GROCERY & MARKET PHONE 7-3701 K. P. BACHMAN GROCERY & MARKET PHONE 7-9935 (FORMERLY BEN RATELIFF GRO.)

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