The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 30, 1931 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 7
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THE DAILY NEWS. FBEDEBICK. MD, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 30. 1931. SEVEN ITCHEN BV S1STEK MARY r % Service Wmer o% . . cc^tsi^r-s foed for a i^ never a s^r.plc task, and t'r.e :::co~:e is fr.s''. the h-nv.-- f o .ces a :=Kr-r" c_::ic'.-lt problem. . ', ;.r.d i:u;rui:: r.scds. couple J j Spring Is Here In Chic New Coats That Mold Ttte Figure And Resembles The Dresses More Members Of Red Cross : ~ r :;s r '. ·.-.' :r;i %.ilu.- and: I : _. 'z- '.·;·· chtra;x: source cf cju- i isfi.r.y e^cr.rnucal source of: 0:1^: r^d p::xs.\:er k J3. A::c a:-j :: * ;.:: evjer.^.e source of I ~c-e .·_* ::.·:: cr::t*n: :s lyv. tiiix · rs m;li is cupplied ::: adequate · its. the i:c-t msy be very Zoy in ! v.-;::-.cii saer-':cu:s anything es- al to :-,^:r.-.i~r.. rroirfsor S'ner- ."·. rry L v ;y ur.til 1? is -u« gro'.vu, a qui" of ;::i:k a. day for every . oaby iin;:l s;ie has weaned her last ." I: :s ger.em!:y agreed that a t cf milk a day :or each child and ia!f p:::t for each ac-J.: is tlie MUSI ^ir.our.: that, shcald be sup- : and :h2t r.o diet should fall be- \ rh^. A full quart of milk a day · taeh child and a pint for each ! i -s much safer and every effort !d be made to supply it. Milk's Food Value High, .ere are many reasons why no · food gives greater returns for rconey expended than. milk does, he fsrst place, milk is one cf the . primarily designed to nourish roung and for that reason contains er.ts which. v.-e:ght for Treight, ·sh more nourishment to the hu- I body than almost any other food. Be generous use of milk In the safeguards the body against many .e deficiency diseases. I;s vitamin mineral content is high. In fact is so rich in vitamin A that if slid Is given a. fuG quart a cay »· is little danger of a shortage of f^tir^JY^ «O . Bi3-tit£* *?^?r3.t- OxXlCXT may be lacking. The vitamin B ent is good. The presence of vita- C is so variable that it should not ependec ·upon. Fruits and vege- isust be used to supply this vita- protein, lat and carbohydrate 3es of TnMV are particularly -well ed by the body. The protein Is puzed as "adequate," of the very quality for growth. The fat Is emujsified form--broen up into globules--rrhicn makes it especial- asy to digest. The carbohydrate he form of tnlTV sugar or lactose is easily used by the body. milk is supplemented with whole i cereals, the legumes--dried peas, s, lentils and peanuts--the cheap- egetaWes. such as potatoes," carrots, age, . turnips, parsnips, canned ifcoes and onions, as well as dried s^and iresh fruits and vegetables eason. a. varied and complete diet Jh is also nourishing and well need cart be maintained at low Tomorow's Menu. IEAKFAST--Grapefruit juice, ce- cream. country sausage, pancakes, p, rnilk. coffee. 'CHEOIf--Cream of carrot soup, toes, spinach and egg salad, raisin Has, rrffr. tea. CNSER--Stuffed baked spareribs. loped potatoes, buttered parsnips, salad, sliced bananas and or- snice cop cakes, Tn-it-^ coffee. Included amons thoe who joined the . Red Cross for 1932 are the Io"?wias ; FreiencS members aanoursced 5?y t-e .roll call committee: 1 Jess* H- Mlciael. Mrs. H. S. J. Dut- 'rov. Miss Edith Wiciham. C. C. Cartv. Robert E. Delaplato*. Mrs. Ki^i Daaiell. Mr. and Mrs. IT. F. Chiidf. Jr_ Hirry B. Carty, Mar.on £. Mier, Mrs. Ira E. Biser. F. W. Obcndcrfcr. Clyde M. Roney. George L. M;Uer. Ellis C. Wachter, J. M. Culler, Mrs. C. E. Cliae. Mrs E. P. Gale. D- F. Davis. Karl Jsoobsoc, James E. Dc^";. Cha;. E. Hudsen. X3»ve G«*B. Mrs. Murray SJauSer. Charles F. Knock, Jr.. Mr. aod Mrs. .V.ban M. Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Harry O. Schroeder. Mrs. L. Elmer Keefer. SegaluS's store. C. H. Mi^er, E. D. Hoffman. Sana Mi!r. Honer D. Riceaour. Rose Marino, Mr. and Mrs. Alien R. Lampe. L. L. Soa-el^. Alrin G. Quinn. George \V. Hflnleii:. Miss Cathanse Craignrie. Charles W. Ixwgh. Mrs. Hammosd CIar-. Mrs. Maud Waters Dittmar. Garber BaScing Company. Blue Bird Restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. AtVw Halaee. Shaff Simpson. Miss Han. Mrs. Thomas H-JL Arthur D. Lambert, Mrs. Jesse L. C. Sunday, i Mrs. Joseph H. Apple, Rabbi and Mrs. \\Vlir \Vlllner. Mrs. Hcv ..ivi L. Smith. I Mrs. ROM, Paul Reec. Ilciiry Sunioicrs. . Mrs. J. J. Schiaidt. Prof. A. L. Ix-^ry. j Martlia B. Pc:u:. Grace E. Liougli. Mar- , cclene Kcfau^er. C. Bess Cafilr. MJIV ! ,' Sh'.Jtr. Ruth Rcmccke. K:;;^er;nc M. \Yifiier. EtiwJ Beachley. lli-;.:ua Hsr.r.. ' Mr*. A. Miri:ic. Mrs. A. R. \V.i":s. iicr.ry R. Si:.x-niai.T. Ril?h R. B,i»cr-. Mrj. George Ed. Mvcrj. Mr. a::c Mrs Car:.-s deGiraioixi:a. Dr. Cha-'- E Eroois. Kxinip Motor Co. Miss Mar Ncr.aiJia. M^« E^sabeth Nnrtsanr.. Mr. an-l Mrs. Nathm Er,g'..iixJ. Mr. and p Mrs. \V. A. R:die::. Mr. ai:i Mrs. Marie a H. Nelson. Mrs. · Cf,'. M. CJ:.ipI"i*. Miss Liuisi- Sapp^ig- i -.or.. Mrs. Kranilia L. N.-Sr.Aglf. \Vs:- ::a:n5.on'* drug store. L^a-herniaa S'juey, Mrs. David G. Ever::.\rt. Mrs. Herbert S. Kahr.. Mrs. \Vm. C. Hunim. Maurice E. Cransur. Miss Gertrude Mask. V.^LS Eeanor M. Honard, Mrs. Char;,:,e Eater. M^s Beachicy. Miss Daisy ^arlrtwrs. Mr. ani Mrs. C. J. Bragari. Mrs. O. R. Hargis. Mrs. Charles Ever; Mrs. E:e*aor Broofcs. Mua Mar- j SarK Robinson. Mrs. Clara M. l*on. | Mrs. M. T. Harsls. M, A. Rlckrrds. i T~orcas Svodien. Mrs. Marsare; Cr^ai- t«rs. Mrs. SeUie Grove, M:ss Carrie j in. Miss Amanda Zimsicrman. j When special glass uwd to pass it can be treated by heat and brought ltia-Molet ru\-s becomes too ppaqur. I back to normal again. Insure Your Automobile HIGH 1.BADE POLICIES CONVENIENT TERMS CLAIMS SETTLED PKOMPTLr INSURANCE THAT INSURES LEWIS R. DERTZBAUGH NOW WE HAVE IT WHAT? J; Alcohol. 188 proof.. 46c tal. [ I; OiL S-gaL lots, wro test S2.i9 I j ! ; It *U Is voxatixficterT. tvtua waned t i 'i p«rU*B »d 7*«r moor? will be nfud- * j I; 13 PLATE BATTERIES-- 54L44 j ! '·'· TIMS TO SCIT VOtK rOCKETBOOK J I { 6£E IKY AT 2 '· S THE VALLEY GAEAGE * n-ooDsnoKo. M». ; » *f*t+f*ff***rtrrtvf*rff»***fffrr At an Eiis^i* seaport where the tide \els sometimes change as much as 3O ICT-; ail inventor obtains Ironi 30 to 25O horsepower by capturing the water in tanks a:sd -.IS:BS '-"-s ' a11 to operate a . -urbine. PEARRE'S Modern Pharmacy DRUG AND PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Clorox Beneficial to the hands. Removes dirt, softens water. "The White Knttl** Line is the Clor6s Line." U«JLUC TELEPHONE 208 BT JOAK SAVOT NEA Service Writer. Once the holidays are over, clothes look to Spring! If yoa have a mind to go bargain- hunting, for something to irear here and there, just remember It will probably be a big mistake you bring borne unless you keep a. weather eye on the Spring:. The new coats, designed for Spring stock, seem pretty much like dresses. In their general molded loofc and their novelty sleeves, belts and yoke collar treatments. Fur is used, but only in moderation. A couple of fur cuffs is quite enough fur for one good looking coat, a fur vestee and collar plenty for another. Many are entirely without fur so you can take your pick. Materials are novelty weaTes,^ many diagonals -and fine (Costume from Carolyn* basket weaves and colors range around from the new string beige tones to soft greens, blues, reds and gray. Gray, as a matter of fact, is a good bet. But be sure you wear it well before purchasing. One of the green coats that is very chic is a diagonal boucle. It sports those leopard spots that will be seen on many coats when spring comes around the corner. Its fur makes a. regular little gilet for the coat. The .sleeves curve in to make a tight cuff which buttons, then flares out over the hand. A novelty brown coat, in light tone, j has a bloused^and tight hipline, button- j ing like a. coax, dress below the belt. ! There are deep Jap weasel cuffs and a scarf collar can come off if the wea.ther gets too warm for anything around the throat. McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 NOKTH MARKET STREET Offers you their experience of seventeen years in the Jewelry business as a warrant of their ability to give you good service and good Jewelry and Silverware^ PILLSBUEY * Pancake Flour » V Pancakes mate » perfect breakfast-- »nd P i ! I s b n r y" makes perfect pan;! rakes. 2 pkgs. »IELS WANTS NOMINEE TO HAVE LIBERAL YIEW8 ainst Any Democrat Savoring Of "Standpatism." r*r York. Dec. 29.--A 1932 presi- aal candidate, who ercbodles lib- asd progressive views and has "no ige ol standpatisai or pink Eepubli- i"' was urged upon the Demo* ic party today by Josephus Daniels. V said ihe Secretary of the 3- in the Wilson administration. Situation riexs year wtH be not ie that of 1912. Then as now, the e are going to eletr; a President. embodies liberal and progressive , in I12. i^s Democrats had linated wiat is called a ·conserva- ·a misnccncr for a reaciionarr-- seve^t would have won. But the locrats picked Wilsos, a great pro^ire. ar;d they wor;. one who is S3OTC as a, 'stand- IUEH' THERE is THE Guy HJS ·UHFE DO ANYTHING S«E , Unconvinced of their ability to block i TUT. Hoover's reaomination and dubious ! over the outlook for an acceptable Democratic candidate, the Republican · independents of the North-arest are seriously considering a third parry movement. The name of Sen, Jforrjs. is that ·about which the third party discussion 1 revolves mostlv. other nam«s also are i aeard very deSaiteir, including Sens. i Borah. Idaho and Johnson. California. land GOT. Piachot, Pennsylvania. j i . i I JTetre advertising pays. Give it ! trial. patter' or ·srho acquiesces ia 'stand- -paiisra' can -xin in 1932. Nor can ire ·Kin. Tilth a 'pink Republican,' T»hlch is another name for reactionary Dem- ocras. The people are on the uarch; thev see conditions are bad; they demand change. The party ia power, bj- aEo»l2g 6,000,000 sen to go -Blihcrut ;ebs. has in the words o* the Scripture. been iveigaed and foand Washington, Dec. 29.-- Third partr ra^: developed deSniiely today ia the discussions of the anti-Hoover faction of the Bepnbiicans on Capitol H5H. Turn to . j MOM M POPj For Your Daily Laugh True To Tradition RADIO /N HIS CV4C* - H a v e that family group you have wanted so long made while you are all home for t h e holidays. N e x t year might b r i n g many changes. Phone 799 for Appointment Edmonston Studio Rich in Flavor and Food Value Full Pounds Net Weisht D. C. Winebrener Son--Harris Filler Co., Distributors HOWARD F. LATE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES TV/I IT A IP IViJE-CjCTk. J. POULTRY. FISH AND OYSTERS mmmmmmmmmmmmmrnmnrnx\ I New Year's Specials! H DECEMBER 31, 1931--JANTJAEY 1. 1932 = 243 NOETH MARKET ST. Good Evening Did the Mrs. Say . Don't Forget To Order BISER'S , CLEAN : l COAL PHONE 267 lb. 14c lb. 14c lb. II 1 ,c lb. 18c lb. 12c lb. 25c lb. 28c lb. 12c lb. 23c = Pork Loins and Chops E Fresh Hams = Fresh Shoulders = Legs Spring Lamb r Shoulders Spring Lamb I Lamb Chops i Loin Veal Roast or Chops i Chuck Roast i Round Steak _ I Prime Rib Roast lb. 24c i i Porterhouse Steak lb. 28c = I Veal and Lamb for Stew Ib. 8c | = Sliced Breakfast Bacon lb. 24c = i Clover Bloom Full Cream Butter lb. 35c | = Oysters quart 50c = i Halibut Steak lb. 23c | I £42 J -- Phone Your Order We Deliver = ^filllillllllliillilliliilililliiiillilNilllliliflilliiiliitliliiitlliililiiilllHililllliilliliiii s PANCAKE FLOUR HUNGRY? Raisin Bran 2 With cream and sugar; hot muffins; brownies with dcssrrta: after-school cookies. Recipe on every pack- Manning's Hominy 2 «"« 25 OLD WITCH Ammonia 32-oz. bottle M Cannon Wash Cloth FREE. G. L. DANDY OYSTER Crackers 2 Delicious. VERMONT MAID CANE AND MAPLE Syrup jug Challenge Flour 12 lb ba g 32* SANTA CLARA VALLEY Prunes 50-60's clb. BORDEN'S Evaporated Milk 25c cans Healthful and Sanitary fin-Son Coffee 35' ROASTED FRESH WEEKLY' Barbara FritcSiie Coffee lb 25c High Quality CofFee at a reasonably low price. Stravor Coffee STRENGTH--FLAVOR--ECONOMY 22 Country Side Coffee "· Try a pound today--use it always. BEE BRAND Vanilla Extract 2 bottles 25 C The flavor that makes the cake. '' UNEEDA BAKERS'' EAGLE BUTTER Crackers 3-lb. boxes 39 Sour Krout (large cans) 2 f ° r 15 c ConquerorMixedVegetables Makes delicious soups. Oxydol pkg, BLCE RIDGE SMOKED HAMS 10-12 potrad average 1 6c lb. SLAB BACON ib. SLICED BACON ';-Ib. package 14c pkg. California Soft Shell Walnuts c lb. OCEAN SPRAY Cranberry Sauce can 23 Brazil Nuts Large Soft Shell Almonds c Ib. Seeded or Seedless RAISINS 1 O New Recleaned CURRANTS BOB WHll'JG Baking Powder 25-oz. cans 23

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