The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 16, 1948 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1948
Page 5
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Xewt, y. J«lr At Key Proeram ~ » ^^ Congressniaii J. Glenn BealL wiil be master of ceremonies for forma! ceieniosies in the dual celebration honoring the author of the "Star Spangled Banner." here. August S. Written acceptance - as been received from the Maryland Ssxth District coagressman. General Chairman C Cyri! Kline of the Seott Key Commemorative program corcraittee also released plans which v.-H make of Frederick a literal example of "Keyana" on the fiiieth anniversary of the dedication o£ the nienurneftt over Francis Scott Key's gra\e and the i:rst-day issue of a r.ateonal commemorative postage stamp honoring the Isxv yer-poet. One of the guests of honor for the celeorstion at Key's grave during the afte:s:-.iO!i. vsl! be J W L Carty. this city Mr. Carty and Mrs."Sue Rainsburg. this city, were among the men:bers o; a choral group featured on the program at Key s monument. August 9. 1898 Mr Carty, a retired banker, also was assstant-postrsaiter at Frederick in I8SS snd ss doubly interested in the dual ceremonies Colorful papezntry will be provided in a background of City Playgrounds children attired in period custon:e at the redecication sr.d conirnernoratic:- program at the rronurrerst in Mi Olive: cemetery. Public DUplajs A ladies' commitfc headed by Mrs V.' H?rry Haiier reported that an invaluable collection of articles from public and private collections is being accumulated for display in Frederick ;tore *A indows. ai! pertaining to Cither the 18H period of the writing of the national anthem or the erection of the monument marking hi« grave here. A three-color program of the August 9 celebration will be off the presses within a fortnight. The program is being printed locally and 5.000 copies are to be run off Details of the commemorative souvenir? are being withheld * A full cornmi i '»: on arrangements, meeting last night st the Francis Scott Key Hotel, was mainly occupied with financing the celebration More outlets for sale of the cachet envelopes and speeded up sales on which the com- mittee realues a slight profit, are to b* attempted. Presently the cachets arc fceing handled iffa number of local stores and several thousand have already been addressed and forwarded to the Frederick postofficu for having Key stamps affixed and cancelled on the first-day issue date. Postmaster Guy K Motter said. |U. S. Repeats i Berlin Stand Nine Killed When U. S. Bomber Crashes Sahr.a · Ka; July 13 7---X:r.c men were kiHed today tn the cra^h of. an Army B-29 bomber returning Irom a simulated bombing mission over four msciwestern cities Co! Lei!:e G Muizcr. co:n:nand- .ng the 30!^! \ery hes\y borr.CMrd- ment squadron at the S-r.oky Hsi! air bate ne«jr here. ia:i one other member of the crev.- v. a- iCiioui!;- injured and three o:hcr- e?c,ip*i by bailing out a« an altitude o£ 1.200 feet The crash occuri^d aboii' a ha:f mile east of the village of Smolan Kas. about - 25 p :r -GST- The plane crashed a= it v.-as coming in for a Jandir.a on its return from a mission with a croup of other bomber.* i; \\as one of a Croup v.hich had mace simulated bombing rur.^ over S: Loui^ the two Kan.-as Cst\ r ?nd On-aha Neb Identification of the dead v. ;» withheld : MAYOR IXSTAI-LEH Mayor Irving L McCa'.hran of Washington Grove has been m- . stalled for *js 12th con* one-year term. Otho: no\v!v ittvU'lIeri officer «IIP Councilman Svdncy Connor elected to his f u s t torrn and Everett B Bean, rc-clectcd Ench v iil --crxe for three years Mr Bean siso i* town treasurer I Installed at clerk and bailiff v, .»b Dr. Edv.nrd E Hosjnn ServinTM un- rxpired council terr-« ;so \Vi!!iam · T. Tecpc Roland A Wadni!! and Xorman C Healcy Washington. July 35 JF--The United State-, resta'^cd its "We'll stay m Berlin" polic today. Press vfhccr Lincoln White told a ne»%s- conference at tht State Department that there has been to change in the C. S attitude since Secretary of State Marshall ' "^aid en June 30 t.»at 'we intend to sta respite the Kuiiian block " ace of the German capital The reclamation of policy follow ed Kuissa ^ rejection yesterday tjf the Western powers" demand of Ju: 6 that the blockade be lifted Ai-o ft unchanged was Mar- Arnr : icMurret. .:i cooperation v. :th 3r!'j:T and France v. ill be U^C'l "o »i:pp'j the Civilian pop- u:at:t!i .,£ Borl-; by a:r Threaten Air Lift in th.v connection, the Russians !hrea:e".ed through their official EerJ.n ::c«?p?pcr today to interfere w ith L' S and British plane: £ o-. c: the blockade A Brit:-!: A:r Force spokesman .rs Bcrj:-. conjmcnted that the Rus- · Ma:u tan t sn'erfcre ivi'h this air traO:c v. ithout reporting to military action A", atmosphere of crisis prevailed around a Cabinet meeting in . London The Cabinet was studying tne Russian refusal to lift the Berlin blockade The v. hole German situation brous'-t tome m Washington to tr": conclusion Nc\v!y revealed weaknesses in Moscov.'s system of Cfntrol Eas-tern Europe may or infiuenciiit; the Kremlin to fol- iov. a much toucher policy in dealing *sjth the Western po\veri nn the Bcrlir- criMS. Studyins Next Moxes Some top policy-making officials here believe that the more insecure Russian leaders fee! about their hold over their satellite! the more difficult they may be for the Western nations to hanalc. Specifically. these : uthorities believe th»t Kremlin concern over Uhe failure of th* Conwiuntsts" ef- ' fort to purge Marshal Tito in j Yugoslavia may have been one of ! the reasoris why the Soviets yes- I terday slammed the diplomatic ' door so firmly shut in the face of , Western Bovver moves to approach a Berlin settlement. Press officer White said that the : United States. Britain and Prance are already consulting on the next moves which the Western powers should make Movie Bills Coming Week W«rn«r Patbe News ar« add- 1 ed- Tuesday -- "Rocky " featuring i (Roddy McDowell Also March o f ] i Tune. Wednesday -- ' God's Countrv and ', The movie schedule for Frederick the Woman." \vitfa Geors* Brent. I | theaters during the coming week j has been announced as follows' At the Tivoli. Sunday through Wednesday--"Fort Apache," with Added is a musical Thursday--'The Cobra Strikes." with Robert Fraser. "Soap Box Derby" and Warner Pathe News aie John Wayne. Henry Fonda, and -Shirley Temple. Short subjects are j Fridav and saturdav-Trigser , a cartoon --Upstanding Sitter » j Man." ~ starring Johanv Slack 1 Pete Smith novelty. "\ou Canti 3 r o w n Chapter J0 of B r~ick Brad- Win. and a tmversal News rwl.| ford -, and a cartoon are added at . MAYORALTV CONTEST A contest looms in the approach ing rr.unicspa! election in Brunswick, it was learned a few das . ago. with the circulation of a petition in behalf of Carl C Hahne. East Potomac street, who. it was understood, is contemplating candidacy for the mayoralty, m opposition to Mayor S T Virts. whose candidacy for re-election ·A as announced last week You don't need a bloodhound Thursday and Friday -- "Tne Lady tractions. from Shanghai," starring Rita Hay- j At the Frederick Friday-, \vorth and Orson Weiles Added are ; "Speed to Spare." v, ith Richard Ara March of Time. "Crisis in Italy" j en · r r . Bluebird. ' a cartoon and and Warner Pathe News. . Warner Pathe News are added Saturday -- The Mating of Mil- J Saturday -- "The Last Roundup ' he," with Glenn Ford and Evelyn I with Gene Autry Also Chapter 8 Keyes A sports short. "Stop. Look, j of "Tex Granger," and Top^y Tur- and Guess 'en'." and a cartoon, ] key," a cartoon. : 'K'tty Konceri " are added. i - -At the Opera House- Sunday and t Total deer population of Wyorn- · Monday -- ' Waterfront at Midnight." | ing has been estimated at approx- v. ith Wiiham Gargan. A comedy j imately 65.000. SPEAKS LV tMON BRIDGE Union Bridge July 15--Miss Jessie Cronk, Salem. Va. gave a missionary address in St. James Lutheran caurci*- Sundav. She has been in America =ince April. 1947. most of v.hich time has been spent a' Saiern, Va. v,;th her mother. w ho is 8S j ears of age She expects to icturri as a Lutheran nu- s:cnary to India this fall, u: October v.hen her furlough expires A special offering was received for her to be used at the Lutheran Mission Iieid at Eajahmundry. India, to pay a ^n:a!l wage to those natives accept the Christian faith and because of this sre forced ;o leave their and families It helps ! tidg^ them over uniil thej' are i permanently located in Christian 'areas. Miss Cronk spoke in the 1 KeysviUe Lutheran church on Sunday evening. Her visit to this charge \vas sponsored by tht Women s, Missionary Societies of these ' churches. HOLTEK QUALIFIES Edward F. Holier, near Middle- tov.-r:. Master of the Maryland State Grange, on Taursdav qualified before the Clerk of the Circuit Court here for another term on the State Fair Board He was re-appointed by Governor William Preston Lane. Jr. -- In VPSET Cambridge. July 13 major reversal fc: n ne Can'sbridce political faction W i, Tubman defeated incumbent Mn; or Dors«*y Davit in jestcrdaj."? municipal election ' The opposing political faction | also captured ti\o council sen's i i ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR TROUBLE? 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