The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 30, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 3
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,·,,,! M.islird Ashore ,,,,. tide i-.w-s out »t Lync " I , , I UK). j)i-o|)1e mo able lo ' " , y l | \ .ishulln by the vvuvcj ""J'.uri uiiik'i the water. Eaujr to Clean Lining kitchen cabinet drawers with linoleum, us Well as covering shelves and table tops with lids easy- to-eleun product, mokca homemak Ing castor. , . ,, ,, . 201 \V. West St. ' ,us. "I am :« y«ips ", V. i t u l t.iK'.'K Kennel 1 * r * i - i ;ml -tulTy. Since . i! 1, IMIIK- uUni'ly and ...r 1 have faith that ',,., K t o l o e m the future ," i " I ( i l u \ . ,1, S,M 1 and I U i i * n« .IM "W , I1U . vmnr.u mid niori, i ; , ; u | i i i t i i c t l i c a d n n r - v.M R L t i v o from ywur Lady Loses 30 Home Recipe fricmli sis y««jir future becomes younger :ind your vitality increases. Juat go to your ctruKRist awl sisk for 4 ounces of tn|iml Rcnncl. Pour the contents into si pint Ijottlc--add enough unsweetened KMpefnnt juice to fill the tx)tlle and then lake t^o tablcspoonfula a day. '1 hsit's all there is to it. 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Cliff Grindlc We Cive More for Your Old Car On A K IvlISEi or NO TKABIN NECESSARY 24 MONTHS TO PAY MOTOR SALES 202 East Locust PHONE D1SW HARRISBURG *_ · **" ·v --~ ff. t ;: S SANTA?*?AC A popular gabardine weatherproof jacket It's smart...It's comfortable ft T s 0 dress-up sports Jacket that gives protection against \\ind and rain! Designed for good looks and good taste. . . built for comfort, .. and perfectly tailored in fine-weave gabardine lined with gay cotton plaid. Have it in tan. wine, natural and grey. . - You'll find it on lhe Main Floor. *s S(oro) THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., FRIDAY, JANUARY 30, 1948 PAGE TI1RBV School of Missions Vwlncsday Feb. 2, at 'resbylerlan Church Ciidc.s of the Women's Guild of he Presbyterian church met Wednesday afternoon at 2 p. in. An- ipunceinent was made at the four circle meetings of the School of Missions which will be held at the church on Wednesday, Feb. 2. A linner at (j p. m. will precede the neeting, and all members of the hurch and their families arc urg- d to attend. The Carrie Wilson circle met at he home of Mrs. L. M. Hancock, 205 West Church street, with eleven members and a guest, Mrs. Scerial Thompson, Guild chairman, in attendance. Mrs. J. 0. Wells gave the devotional, "Choose Ye This Day" and the Bible study, .he subject of which was "Jesus and Our Needs," was given by VIrs. G. G. Mugge. Mrs. Louis Kato gave the Year Book of Pray- Mrs. Leslie Carnes, 1125 South Washington, was hostess to thirteen members of Sarah Wiedemann circle, when they met Wednesday. The devotional was given by Mrs. Harry Gearhart, and the program, "Jes'us and Our Needs," was discussed by Mrs. R. C. Davenport. Mrs. W. G. Gilchrist. Jr. closed with the Year Book of Prayer. and Personal Items |U:.ptist Classes Meet I At Karl Wallace Home 1 Mrs. Karl Wallace, teacher of er. the 'Eu/.elian class of the - ~ Adult department of the first Baptist Church, entertained n'." class at her home Tuesoay evening and her daughter, Helen, wai hostess last night to members of the Sunday school class to whicli she belongs. On Tuesday evening tne mcctinf opened with the devotional by' Mi-JJ- Marjorie Mills, and Mrs. KalpJJ Spanglcr, class president, presented a program which included J3i- hie study. During the social horn fortune "telling and other rccica- tion was enjoyed, and a 'Kounu- Kobin" letter was written to Mrs. Kugene O'Zcc, a member of tne class who is at present a patient in the Ilarrisburg hospital. Refreshments of pineapple upside down cake with whipped cieam, and coffee were served to the following: Mesctames Chcs- tc-i Thomas, Herman Davis, Ralph Spangler, Den/il Pearson, Jewell Culvert. JIubert Morse, ttitby Dry ant, Paul Baker, Gay Brashear, and Miss Mills. Last evening, members of the; Young Girls class of the Young Sunset Carson in Person a! Grand Thursday, Feb. 5 Cottage and Rocky Branch I'arcwcll Party for All. and M l s. llvrschcl Cummins A farewell party for Mr. and Mrs. llerschel Cummins of Hocky Jiianch, was given at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yates, re-: tenlly. Residents ol this vicinity regiet losing the Cummins family, wno aie moving soon. Games were played by those in, and a delicious pot luck dinner was enjoyed by the loilowing: Mr. and Mrs. Cummins, Mi. and Mrs. Guy Carnahan, Mr. .Mid Mrs. Roy Lands and children, I'litsy, JJonmc, Anita, and Steve; Air. and Mrs. John Lane and chil- 01 en, Dorman, Bruce', Sue, and ,;acK; Mr. tna Mrs. Hazel Yates and son, Floyd; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Carnahan and children, Judith Ann, and Francos fay; Miss Matlie Dec Coomes, Mrs. Bessie Coomcs, the host and hostess, and their sons, Larry and Lyndell. IN MEMORIAM Mi. and Mrs. Merle Ragsdale and daughter visited Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yates, Sunday. Uc'-. and Mrs. Walter Smith and children had Sunday dinner with y OUIlJi vjii i» ^jaoo vi «.··-·* * -- \juuu luvsita, aumtj' w * *v*v- w · M ) . UHU Ml*i. JLr. A. i M U i p J l j . Adult Department of the cnurcn horsc conv incingly and a Texas' Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bonnell and · ·. Mrs. Clyde Dal- ^..^j 2ti(le( j up to lan( j Sunset' children visited Mrs. Pearl Mor- In loving memory of our dear wife ami mother, Mrs. Easlcy, who" passed, away January 30, one year ago. The moon and stars arc shining, On a low arid silent grave; Beneath it lies one dearly loved, But whom we could not save. The world is empty since you left us, Life, to us is not the same: All the world' would seem like Heaven, If we could hear your voice again. Our hearts still ache with sadness, Our eyes shtfd many a tear; God alone knows how we miss you, As ends the first sad year. Sadly missed by. the Family. » f ' »*,,· it · · · · * $ ' f Sunset Carson Good looks, ability to ride mu uitu uvtiviiv*. *'*«.~. ~ - w -las met at the Wallace home for ' mt .. _ _ - I «* *m r% I A rityvi. a chili supper. me enju^«»"^ Seven members of the Mary ovcn j n , was spent in visiting and Setcn circle _assembled at the ! rlavin | rec ords. fiome of Mrs. Sherman Wiley 221 West Church street, for their regular circle meeting. Mrs. Nelle Meyers presented the devotional, and the lesson was given by Mrs. Perry Moore. Mrs. Oliver Woods gave the Year Book of Prayer. Mrs. Stewart W. Radford discussed the current Bible study at the meeting of the Nelia Gregg circle which was held at the home of Mrs. Ownly Furman, 215 East Locust street. Ten members were present to enjoy the program which, in addition to Bible study, included the devotional, by Mrs. Caison in western pictures. ris of Eldorado, Sunday. cattle ranch. playing records. In attendance were the following: Misses Barbara Webb, Marjone Mupge, Laura Ann Gates, Joan Keith, Nelle Armstrong, Edna Witten, Mrs. Dallas, and the hostess, Miss Wallace. ~ _ T ' H-'ULII Mabel Cozart, daughter of Wr-|irche 3 . and Mrs. Ernest Cozart, who is a sophomore at McKendree college Lebanon, has been appointed reporter of the McKendree Review, student paper. This is Miss Cozart's second semester as a report- i i J\Jil i l l V t,*9bV*l 11 M 1 V L « A V J. I 1 i O \J1 iJlViV/1 C*»JV, »^ w.-*»».^ The star, appearing in person; Mi. and Mrs. Gallic Trail visited w i t h his Sunset Rangers at the,v.ith relatives in Ridgway, sun- Grand Theatre on Thursday, Feb.'day. 5, is a native oi Texas, where George Broadway made a trip he learned to ride on his dad's |lo Kentucky last Monday, to seek I employment. l l l i * i t l l l v J j l *· « 1 *i* il -' fcT ···»*»»*· , As for the good looks, he was. .Mrs Dan Duncan /"J* °« Jjj; boin with that grace. But vigor- sick list last wee* but is mucn I o'ub, outdoor lite helped him" lo 'roach the stature oi six-ieet, four- ,. and Mrs. Virgil Alvcy and visited Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe er. Alvev rec6ntlv Some youngsters decide early | Do ' n Rj slcr ' Visited last Friday in hie to be policemen, firemen, I ;th hlg b rot her-in-law and sister, detectives, doctors, or even ncws- j M r and Mrs Biu MiUs- rn»»Ti «»·»-»· fin '·iiincoi'c f*Pt*l l f S i _ 3IT1- ,. _ _·» » T TT n ..»tt*st*t \A7iil trtrc papermen! Sunsei's earliest am' bition was to be a world's cham- 1 Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Walters -- -,- , -yatchered last Monday. p;on rodeo nerformer. j Arnold Davis has leased the He kept at it religiously until, i;, c k Martin filling station at El- !hv v.on the championship--not, dorado rnl. M.M t-. j-i r\ f\mr\ r\r\ Buy a better pen for better writing! "Your hand- deserves it" Choose the pen that takes to you, whatever make it is. Which Do You Like . . . PARKER '5.1' SHEAFFER THE NEW WATERMAN EVERSHARP' I 5) [1 Icefield Feeds Rivers Harry Moore, and the Year Book, , _ ,, _ A . . of Prayer, given by Mrs. Iselle Mrs. George Guard of kquamy, oncCj but t wlce . xhen he decided Hetherington. and Mrs. Elmer Davis of this city {o branch into O ther fields. returned Thursday morning from a Aftcr traveling as a tr ick rider u lhe roof of the Canadian Good Response to ten-day trip in Washington, D. u, th the Tom Mix cu -cus, it was Rockie . 1S the Columbia icefield no "Galloping Coffee" land New York City. They were (nl nalural that he should tur n « oc £f s «* e c ° ll j^^ t heces oun'e of In soite of the weather there representatives who attended the l o 'Hollywood and the movies-- wss an excellent response to the N a t i o n a l Interdenominational j espct . ialiy smce an alert talent Name's engraved in gold -- free. Choose from them all at Wah ail fj.\tcilclll itai^uiiav; iv ··"- i^ " · · « " " - ; . . , "galloping coffee" which was given. Churchman's Seminar in Wasning- by members of the HarnsDurg ton, Mrs. Guard representing the unit of Saline County Home Bu-. southern Illinois Methodist con- icau at fhc home of Mrs. Sam ference in her capacity o£ Confer- . . I . _ A. . ^.r **^V%»«iff inn V*. r» l"» 19 I Cape, Thursday morning. The officers and members of the unit were pleased with the success of the aftair. the proceeds of which will be paid into a Saline County Home Bureau fund for the purpose of buying a new car for the Saline county home adviser. A delicious burnt-sugar cake, made and contributed by Mrs. especially since an alert talent 5-cout ottered him a contract. Accompanying Sunset Carson in bis personal appearance tour are Sunset Kangers," western an oceans. WINKLE terence in ner capaci.iv u». ^^m^-_ "^ ne Sunset nangeib, wcoium ence secretary of Christian Social ; enler t a i ners 0 £ the movies; Carl Relations, and Mrs. Davis as vice [ zdlcrj known as the world's fast- Illinois Council ] csl Oll pain t e r, who will paint . In New York ; ^ picture valued at $100 which president of the of Church Women Small Shipment of 'W*~ 1,11 V^lJUJ. V.I1 « l V J i i V * * . *-»* ·*-·» v. ·· ^ « . . - j ^j L J i U L U l C Vdiu%.u c*u Y-*v w they spent one day in United Na-, t, unse i Carson will present to some tions, sitting in on two sessions of i, !C ky patron at every performance, the "Security Council'" and at the j i-, u ' nsc t liKes personal appearance; ,~m-,*.n.A~ f\f **^/%»vt»v\iftoo Af TTiiman * , . ..,, i^,. nn . 1f -^ ,f mvoc him a phnnCC sessions of "Committee of Human Rights."" " Mrs. Sara D. Hodsor. and Mrs. maO-C ana coniriuuicu u v ^no. iurs. oaid u. -ciuu^uji auu i'"-Edward Heister. was awarded to j Louise Wickham were in St. Loui Mrs. Michael Resheter, rural route Tuesday and Wednesday attending cne. A dislrict meeting of the Illi- noii. Public Aid Commission, which v;as held today at Marion, was, attended by members of the Saline county staff. the Nettie Rosenstein fashion sho\v tc:,rs. because it gives him a chance lo get out and meet thousands of \oungsters who constitute the «ie'tcr part of his screen audience He's nevei reluctant to -how his pearl-handled silver pis-, and" gun belt. lae iNeuie r\.05eniLt;iii laamuu oi»u« . l0 , s ant j gun ueu. in the Crystal Room of the Park,) ..j guess i' ve shown 'em Plaza Hotel "and a performance! IQQ.OOO kids all over t of "Harvey" at the American Thea-1 j" n . !· h e says . to about 11 the comv ter. They were accompanied home j ,ege n ! Civil Service Accepts Miss Watts is a student from Applications for iSrhL an o? ilfan^S/LS; Student. Nurses' Training Dorris of this city. rphe Civil Service Commission -- -- announced today that it is accept- RliJTH; ing applications for Student Nurse D » K · M: training at St. Elizabeth's Hospit' al in Washington, D. C.. and for i To Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hisc Adjudicator positions ini the veter- !of 921 South Ledford street, a boy ans -^ministration m Cashing weighing 6 1-2 pounds this morn- ton, D. C.. and throughout tne i ing at the Lightner hospital. The United States. babv has been named James Ron- Student .nurses « « · { . , ov ,,.,,.,,., ,, - laid." The mother is the former beth's Hospital, one of the natwns United "Press Staff Correspondent, Lucille Hufstedler. - outstanding P s y c . m " l " cv "° rbitrain : WASHINGTON. Jan. 30-«LE)-1 To Lt (jg) and Mrs L e w i s receive Si ? 2 for the 3 car tram How long will the oil shortage c. Sunday, a boy, xvho has been ing period, plus y^: f^JJ. last 1 ? i named Robert Lewis, born Jan. sistence. launorj. ai.u HUA The American Petroleum Insti-,29, at the navy hospital at Maic tention To ^" al S' du S from tutc hopes it can be ended this T S i an d, Calif. Mrs. Sunday is form- must have been giaduatea irom summer icrlv of Australia. LL Sunday i an accredited 4-year Officials of the Interior Depart-1 the" son of Mrs. Eva Sunday of and must have ment's oil and gas division think j Ilarrisburg and the late A. 0. l^un^J" J Only Answer oi! Shortage Is to Use Less JUST RECEIVED In keeping with our announced policy, we ore offering them on a yirst-corne-first-served basis, starting Saturday morning, January 31st. JAMES C. AUSTIN FURNITURE STQR! HARR5SBURG ELDORADO and Mrs. W.rren Felt* ciation fresces a three-year short- O f Aurora, a boy named Richard and lubricalins o I in consumption is vital to prevent i genuine hardship due to lack of , heat. . , . I As of today there is a large net ! deficiency in oil which this country needs for heating, motor vehicles, locomotives and farm equipment. At the present rate of consumption we need about 6.200,000 barrels a day. Here at home we arc pumpmc and rcfin- ' vcr' of Urbana. Mr. Felts is i director at West Aurora hig» ! school. ( r -OT , Thc Youns Adult doparlme-' ol the First" Baptist church \\:ll \ written test is required. Thc salaries for the Adjudicator positions range from S4.149 to S7102 a year. To qualify, applicants must have had 5 to years of general and special experience. The general experience must ha\c been in legal or quasi-legal activities in Government. busincs. or industry- The special experience must have been highly re- thc JUSC LCSS Oil -c-cnan 1 That makes a total of o.68.000 barrels available daily. Out of that amount comes exports of ap- Voximately 133.000 barrels a day 2,000 Tons of Friendship Food Burn in France PARIS. Jan. 3C. --U!- Fir, arnination or adjudication of claims arising under law. contract or Government order. In addition, for the three highest grades, applicants must show that they have had administrative or supervisory experience. Appropriate law study or membership in a bar may be f have 1 for "domestic i*c would be only 'about 20 per cent of the present 4 spread between supply and dc- i^lJniil the oil industry ean get imorc steel to drill more wells and , build more refineries and until greater shipping facilities can be j acquired (tankers and tank care) there is not much chance that the inql! ' r - destined for Par,, nrca. It was s-torcd in a house of the French welfare 01- ganizalion Entre'Aidc Francais. i. Officials said the food inciudcc; 1 sugar, milk and chocolate. Dan ! was estimated at more tha^ iroOO.OQO.OOO francs. Post Office. uanv 20c ? WCCK. v - - SJ j Convention At.Stonefbrt Sundoy ' Thc Saline County Sin.ins ««,- ciation will meet at 1:30 ?. m Sunday at the Stoncfort MclhoduM church. A general invitation i* cxtcnded to all singers to attend. u, ,,.-*, --· oil. The is urging those who lurnaccs^ to cut their ,s t ats to 65 decrees. A flat ler on less heat has gone out to all government buildings. The American Automobile Association ^ Scientist Sentenced irics lo induce motorists to con- ^rvc casolmc by holding their MONTREAL. Jan. 30--t-?'- " - - - - · down to 35 miles an hour. p T0 ^ R ay n5ond Boyer, former Me Gill University scientist today \\a- sentenced to two years in pn»c:. foi conspiracy to supply secroi information to Soviet Russia. NEWSPAPER! { Test Flight Movies Test nights of one now model transport consume rr.orc than a mile of movie film, exposed to collect a record of inttrument readings. The Daily Register, 20c a wee); I by carrier boy. ] Mr. Lewis From Southern Illinois Surgical Appliance Co. will be at Jackson's DRUG STORE From 3 to 8 p. m. Saturday, Jan. 31 ter is early -- H 28 BOB BURNETT'S PRE-SEASON SHOWING OF NEW SPRING FABRICS AND FASHIONS ...NOW READY FOR YOU. An early Easter means an early buying rush. By placing your order now you S ct your pick of hundreds of fine new colorful, all *ool fabrics and you'll have your suit in plenty of Umc for Easter. The fabric, the fashion and the pattern of your choice, custom tailored to your individual measure. It's Mode-To-Mcosure This Spring Summer Exclusively from The Main TAILORS-HATTERS-HABERDASHERS on Main Street KNOX CAMPBELL SPRING HATS

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