The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1932
Page 4
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FOU* THB DAILY HIWS, FWBDEBICK, MD, FRIDAY. MAY 27,1932. V N tf \ V ^ ! W| LL ROGERS HAS HIS SAY _ i OK NEW YORK SITUATION THB OBZAT SOOTHERS PSIK«J«O «x SO CQlIilCXICATIOJi c: »=j «ctt « -"- - -- ----· SOCIETY CAN YOU BEAT IT By Eettenj They ._ Walker inre*tis*'.icn out cr. the Republicans sre always going rind out something on old Ta^- raanr, »od the more they find cat about r esc. the les* they pro-.*. They get everything or. em b-t the e-. idenoe. There is only os« conclusion to craw--Ta=^=ar.j u either the slickest thing back there, or Uie Republicans are the ducibwt Yours. WILL ROGERS -art parties and other event*. Decora- | interest to MJw Mish because of her - guests tioa Day will be the occasion of a lull · cwr. dramatic training. j srotraiB throughout the day. *ad plans | ---for ear:.' Sumaver* a adtjiuor. I Mr arid Mr*. John WUliarj t v e Decoration Day program and tile ' hard'. Graenway Apartment*. Among County Women's Clubs ituatioa ef Us» «Uter. «-t«*s at te» toftact* : *a* oecid-d i'o have a card party about i Wright. c! Baltimore, on Wednesday, -he ~id' l of J-'-e tive event to be at Jur.e 15. a'. 930 o'clock, in Sa-r.-, -in" and arranged by a oO3iffiiW*e of Ph!isp and Saint James church. Bait*. wn;-r. .Miis Anr. Brown will oe chair- i snore. The bnde aad groom *l-l ,,,.. ... f., ~*r. A canoe u to be hekJ about Mr. Andenoo D»«T*«. With \tow» Of ^^ o . J; .. y ^ fyfa , ^ ^ p , ·n- Dr William E. Trail as chainnan h»rdt a well known here, having spent In acd.t.-:: to Mr. W. Ham- her gumrXCT at Braddock Heights lor *«·:: chiirnun o: the entertainment ! many years. She » a graduate -l who attended the Notre Dame College. Mr. Wright ^ a I FTTERS TO THE EDITOR LCI lCn» IU inc nuiiun Dr. John B. Nfcodvtne* OB Grance and Farm Bureau. To the Editor o! The Nff»». Sir' 23 there appeared 12 your ttee o: nusp aca ouai. .ja^o vu--^'.ij, *--*-«- . ;o .^ vVoman'i C.ub oi Myersrvt-je. i chair- i snore. The bnde aad groom wi-1 be ^-x.^Ij^j.. ereair-- The ^resident, Mrs. ; wt the .« home, afwr July 15. as 70* Ne»usg- . p^^ ^ Doub." srestded "and opened ' ilanr.*d ' ton avenue. Balurcore. Miss N'eid- :h? »*«:£* *ith a sons. "A Merry MyersvUle Club Mrf John R Langdon r.4 Club ot in; The ?r »as hostess .-. meirMk.: Mluable paper a letter from Dr. John D. ^.^."'^ ,^ ,,««,, »-ere Mas Brown. ' graduase of *. John's. Annapolis NicMtec:u giving hi. oplaloa of the ^ ^ BchaoB ^ T,^ aad M... j William B. 1bhen. i Mrs Al*y S. Noad. formerly Miss FRCXAY, MAY IT. 1*52 Grange and Farai Bureau ; I beg 5r»; to dliagree hia state- i nient that '-he Farra Bsireau aapire* vo ; oe a sUKessor to tr.e Grange. They are i ;»o separate organizations working and both with the Mme -t " Recreation ·aas ooncucted 3y ; hostess *~d was that of guessing , ; events sa:c« 1872 frcca pic- ; . Hire*. Tee Home Makers prayer was read oy Mrs. Wachtel. Natnmg cis- i tri«s i county *as giver, in response to roll call. The tree re- GOOD OLD St'MMEB . .. J ^ Jt .^t harmonxuA-y. »«%. **v.-. -.. What a tfc* best seawo of the year? _ ., rpoe _ u he ; P »-r !C ulHire Suasaer. to most people--though the Q, jjj^ 1 adv.ce. regarding the other seasons, especially *pn=g. na^« ; farmers ar.d farm o.-gas!»«orj select- Mrs Ciayt-n O Keedy deUghtfully r:it*ru:r.ea sseasscrs of h'r "500" club *r.£ a. '.ex at a card party Trijrsciay afternoon at her honse on Wei'. Church street. Prtz« were won AS JvllOTs. Mrs. D Hauer Quynn. flrst ^. .-:ub pr.7. Mrs. Edward D. Shriner. their charms. Ar.d the older you K'*-. i ing..'"^[^^'tf, ^^f^y'^o'k'f-^r ^ vco " d : '- :b pr!w: Mtss Ca'.Jacrj.c the sore you sill li^ sua=i-r. the more . ;;;^. "' tt ""oa."l^;^UUve Ha!l4."is ! Q'J^;" / :-ja dra '»" P-" 3 *-, %Ii " ^f-" J * r --^" *· 7"- » . _ _ . _._ Mrt-'r-k. first riiost orize: Mrs. D. Prlnco- yoe will ire«d winter. course logical asi wucd. and »e ! i ,-,, .v^ j^ organization a:-, injustice : ^ =-".d Mrs. John Moraa in M«-x-»aJeee. . | wh*r. he stales that their ^Ilacnce , w ^- Acne Dudley Lesier, is visiting her j ^.^ jii"-r«i panted on the school parents at. their villa, in Siena. Italy, j ,,0^,.,;.; The quilting COSBEI".:** an- 1 She will return early in July to her » 0 .., e ^; .,,. a q.j.;.. nas ready to be home in Montreal. Canada. Mrs Nijfcd I q ui -^ ic well Scnown here, where she v^ ·~ J ' "*""" relatives several years ago. Her ents. Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. are formerly of Frederick. -ted I · T; _ e p, ograjr , in chariye of par " gram chairntan. Mrs Effie J e pro- Dean. Mrs Charles O'Donnell Lee. Needwood. Frederick county, has rived :n Baltimore to be the guest of j ".j,^ ,, her son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and · ^ Mrs. WU'.iam M. Randol. at Uieir '""m* ! Rar.t-Iagh, in Woodbrook. UiM-r. ; 0 -- OTS: Dj ,.r p Mases Catherine Lang- . ; don and Ruth Wachvl. til£ Ply»-ers, , of i Mrs. WIT.. S. y e :; o - A5: or;e National Saliie j rfed by : -.^S. The nursber c-i s-.e was 13. ar- : j a ,; ce .,. R«rreshments *ere Miss Ruth Edna Smith delightfully Autumn is Lke the waring years o: Ufe. when ire harvest as we have sowa. j .^ ^^-^..,^.--- ^._.^_-..-TM-, er.vsrtained a few of her classmates at, Mor.Say evening when we suffer for our negligence and I ." ., ^ o ." a .r^j,p.' 7 0 ' a j-5»er"f"r the. i£ ja Thelma Nixdorff. Rockwell Ter- a party and dance Friday night at her: 5ve visitors present mistakes and are rewarded for our j GrE ^~^ .;-^. orsiniia'.ton car. 'jetter _"-«-. " " ~ " effort. Most of us. when we look back- : ar^-Jit-r !?r 1-j.elf. I car. show Dr. N..-O- : --'isiting in New York. -II demus where '-".e Farm Bureau his well' ^-._ M.Ir. of BiUIrnore. officers ward ir. the autumn of life, say ... , ,=.,'-1 ! 'unified iis existence, both in Wa^r... I o=ly =«d ay lift to U-.e aga^ ; ^ ^ ^^^^ , n gc ... nK or op . Winter. human growth ur.' sprout All three paratorr to or the aftermath of sum- user. And summer LIFE--of aeccmpUshmen: the lives we are living. Lucky are you! can dis-rus the activities or the Farm; chapter wsi! bf ·who have survived springtime. You; started. Toil and of life will be upon j aware. For rraults. Mr* Henrv Zoi'er ar.d Mrs. Wii^rn Mt. rieasant Woman's Club. T'"( v "'casart Wontan's club met . __. - -- TT- i '· OTTMT 1 a- :t hoie".' M^s ?aul,,e E.«r TodaV Ltl HlStO^ i SIDE ;2 members ar.c , ·» · _ ^ _ . . . . _ ,.^ .,, . The pre~iei»3t, home on Upper College _ _. opening song -? ··Juir.ita." ar.d "A Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brace Ogle, af j prayer for Ko3ieniak«r£." The roll-call By George Clark Hancock, have announced the engage- | -. vas responded to by "A Way :o Maie . of -Mrs. Ogle's daughter. Miss, Home -\Jore P:«a5ar.t " Several letters of the M. E- church South, and col- j :«ge president, bom as Hancocs, N.: Y. Died at Louisville, Ky.. Se?:em-1 ber 8. 1850. a....~ ... - --""^; " ^ U!nerat .^ g ,;- :c:r accomplishments! a pre:! meeUng was attended by !of Mars-land Medical School. The wed- er is the penod °-! hcrc "v.'c hope to hold a meeting at j 28 women -*ho decided to form the! ding will take place ir. July. Sishment--symbolic of | ^a \ijers-. llle in the near future when we new chapter at another meeting. The j W. Me Devi", chairman of "Better I Homes," had charge of the follow-as; prosram: S^igins. "Old Folks at i _ MS5J5 Margaret R. Matter, who hsi i Home:" reading. Mrs. William DeUu- ; I33a--CoaMS works and deeds, bora in 2 Died in Rhode Island. Oca5Oer :9lO. i Francis Aoams. celc- hav* b«*« na-ed Benl'o "' ' street, have moved to their home Braddock Spnr.g. In every old-fajhion-d school yard . there was always one bov who f houUci | Judging from his letter, the Doctor : i thinks a farm organization is needed, i Another more or l«is durable rnys- Mr. ar.d Mrs. W!:!iam H. Minfcer. Em j by the criticism la his letter he does street, observed -their 45th weciding an- | Miss Margaret Elsenhauer. Mas Flor- ! no: er.-ourage the farmers to unite. j nivor*ar-. Wednesday. Following din- | cr.ce E. Garner, Mrs. Michael E. Fue. j The Farm Bureau and Grange ars! r.«r at :he Barbara Frilchie Tea Room. ; Miss Anna Cromwell and Miss Cathc- j BrowningsviHe Club. The BrowningsviUe Women's tery U what, if anything, the ordinary' icins to work far seme tax relief for ] -hey were given a delightful surprise i the farmers at our next Legislature, and | party oy their daughters at the home '; we are depending upon Dr. iicodemus; ,,* ^tr and Mrs. C. Irving Storm. They · were the recipients of many beautiful I gifts and flowers . About 45 guests at- interpretive dance interprets. Whea you want to have fun pet a · to telling their middle names ! to be one of our main supporters. T. S- ANDERSON Secretary-Treasurer Frederick County Farm Bureau nne Sunday, of Frederick, attended ' met at the Coinmtiait Ha", at, Brown- j the ann\ial meeting of the Maryland | Ingsvdle Wednesday nagh:. May 18. ; rmnfo-Anrp of serial Workers at the! with sixteen tr.ercbers ana live \-«uors born. Died July 3, 1929. 11378--Isauore Duncan, most famous of Club ; American dancers of her day. bom in San Franc-sco. Died in France, September 14. 1927. Shepherd Pratt Irtiidtution, Towson. j present. Wednesday night. The meeting was called to ie vice-president. Mrs- Mollie ! Today In History. 1564--John Calvin, famous Protes- Gladhill. foiiowed by smgin?. "Th · ^ ^ l _ » ^^^^i-T-n " 'l -- f' T»**f»VPT ·There's : rant refoncer, died at ., aged A n ( i r^ l S ^ A Bible Thought I Final arrangements have been made Hood Club was held last week at the The May meeting of the Harrow* a Gi^ing" Cro^" ar.d prayer by! lTM»-P«er jt* G«. B founded S:. ! for the taxi dance to be held at the Catoctin Country Club Saturday night ' from 9 until 12 c-'clock. The danc« is _ o - d )he cves c r the Lo rd God arc : the first 10 be held tha season Dur- the sinfui kinedom. ar.d I »il de- j »S the event each uoy wm act as a -v - ,vom ofl the face of the earth: ' hos'ess. and men must «cure uckete n «t uf.criv it- BY BRUCE CATION LAYS ENGLAND'S WOES TO FOLLY i OF L-PPEB CLASS. If you enjoy reading pcssunisuc re- , ports on the state of the British cm- I pire. you can hardly cc better than happy as a king get "Soft Answerr." by Richard Aid- air. ington. . Jac " K In this collection of short series Use . s talented Mr. Aldington turns bitterly , oa the tracitior-s of tie empire and j " leaves them locking like something the · j ragman forgot to take alor.c. One after another, he examines the · types of his day; the public school graduate who is fc-rcec by unkindly faic . to go into trace, the society w-rnan of BoheniJaa ;er,der.r:e-'. ar.c so on; sr.a , he discusses his fel'.o-- cc-ur.tryrsen with ' an- at-itude thai can best be dcs-rnbe-d , by saying that it, is the exact reverse . of that of Rudyard K-pLr.g. Mr. Al-dington. in other wrds. believes that ErsJand hs5 landed ir. a very sad rcess because her ruar.r c'.ass has been stupiti The 0^1- pire-bailder of Kipling's ts'.es in his eyes, the cause of rr.oft of ET.S- laads troubles. Ke seerri; -e feel that it Waterloo was wcr. on tii^ cricJiet Stlds of Eton, the cnpire s'tecir.e :?s- m mtich the sarr.e slsc* This doesn't rr.^Ke efpecia'.Iy p^fawr.: reading, but i: _ii cxceedir.z'.r itimula - - isg. Mr. A'.oirj-.on c?.r. write, as the , saytrig eroc"-. !±c n;roc;. s t-'.ncjo. ar.d :! "Soft Answers" cc-r. - a.r^ a s^^d u-:a". more acid than .ts t.t:e rr_rh: ::r.ply it also has a lot "f f-^-i f - r "n-~ueht. "Soft Answers' is rublish"*! by D-orar. ar.c Co . destroy j for -ach dance. A prize wffi be awd- of Jacob, saitb the Lord-- «5 the lady having the largest number of tickets at the conclusion of the dance. Those planning the event are: Bad men live 5 hat they may rot and 1 Mr. Charles Byeriy. chairman A^o.v. » » M V » « « -- - - - - . » - » *». _ » r_f-l_ ,,. ·· r -- f Itril home of Mrs. F. N. Hoflmeier. 442 North Potomac street. A fsr.ancial report for the year was read and plans were made for a festival this summer. Tea. was served the following mem- \'== Va-iche \ Co'win Four new mem-, Petersburg (Leningrad). "^ w^e anno^d. U» Corwin | Ul^r**^**.*^ bers were save a ke; that is at Bethesfia. talk on the women's farm mar- ; 1929--Col. Charles A. Zindbergh and beins held each week j Aitne Spencer Xlorro-s- A "proirracr. was «r.ven j Englewood. N. J. married as by members of the 4-H Girls Club of j berspresent: Mrs. Charles Plack. Mrs. BrownL-.gsviile The next meeting ^Robert, Foltz. Mrs. Aldine Lakin. Mrs.; be held -Tune 35. James Cannon. Mrs. M. W. DUUO Mrs. Omer Kaylor. Mrs. Philip Recher. Miss Louise Funk. Miss Caleetice Wagner. M»s Elizabeth Seal. HarrisburK- ar.d c W. Clinton McSherry. Mrs. William B j an d the Misses Doran and SteEfcy, i Lebherz. Mrs. Ransom R. Lcwfe. Mrs. j WslHamsport. The Juna meeting w;li '. Philip Werthcimer. Miss Lorraine! be held a; the home of Mrs. M. W. «e" I sbo-ild think you'd feel as | Thomas. Mr. James H. Grove, Jr.. and Dutton. 1039 Hamilton boulevard. good nw n est drink th*t they may live--Soc'ates. ^.^..-.TT A MONO THE SICK «**- Pa 64 rvlVlWlNVJ J-IJ-LJ Oiv^i\ : 3er _ jam:n Today's Birthdays. ; WiiUant H. Woodbin. Kew I manufacturer, president of the Aineri- i can Car and Foundry, bom at Ber- Karplcr--I'm aa ace. vou are ir. the j Mr. Alvin G. Quinn. Those fho were years ago j .aer-iamin R. Herts. Xew York dra- · i matist; and specialise on interior cec- P. Berine:t. East Second: Or2 t:p.g. nom there 44 years ago today, has beer. :!!. is much ira- | Joseph C. Grew, our Ambassador to able to be about her j jopan. bora ir. Bosron, 52 years ago j cradle of Fame today. ! New Tor's. May 27.--So long as there Don't worry, lady! If you can't find an apartment, I'll ask the missn* to put yon np for a. few days." NEW YORK Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick (Local Items from the Coluotrj The News. May 27. 39iC' Miss Catherine Schmidt, formerly of j the Catoctiii Frecerick. and now of New York, spent! Gcuntry Club Tuesday. Ladies' Day. i last week-end in Frederick. Miss' Iwero- Mrs. Jamos A. Long, Miss Kath-i Schmidt traveled by airplane f r o m , ; ryn Bartlett, Mrs. R. E. Town. Mrs.' New York to Baltimore. ; George J Ross. Mrs. Ernest Helfen- j ' 5tc.ii. J r . Mrs. Edward P. Thomas. I Prof. A. L Eisershauer. rp.usic.w edu- Mrs. F. W. Weltael. Mrs. Marshal". | cator and dire ! Stsi:b. ^TT^ W. T. Deiaplaine. Mrs. j da-s here in Samuel E. Brown. Jr., Mrs. Jolm j musical ecu Quvnn. Mrs. Arthur E. Le'-T. *** the j Eisenhauer will ! follow jic wh- p'.syod with the Tues-: Rarnior.d R. ~ Or I day bricipre clubi Mrs Rusw'J H Mo- j Mrs. Carroll ! · Cam. Mrs W R. Slentser. Mrs. Janies · entertained Miss Grace Neidis. Mrs. William Fortune, noted Indianapolis; ^^^^s c -r.= coritsaip-srarT white hair tainer. Toward spring the white mouse no longer used Pepv's collar as a. parade grqund. Pepj refused to explain the d^appearasce. Th? other evezin^. Pepy arrived as E! Gerron carryijie a. ;arge . H. Harris, ^!rs F. Grove Wh h.ite. Mrs. j William Storm and Mrs. Mary Tol'^r.?- , ..rl"/,: J. Keller, i er. a" of Frederick, at her hp:re. at : ' " c "*""r" ' 1 . ^1*- «S1 ether schools of :b-S _ o r Shepherd I. Franz, noted Call-j P-^N^ -=-OK THE ERECTION OF : E. Austin Jarr.r*. ^-s Otho J. KeUer.jer. a:; or Frefierici. at her home, at . "_^ d :xlrs GeDr - t , A . H v:ar.d. c; -_ x . j., 4S iears ago ^aay." Py^hiar Cast for Mountain City I HI. Mrs. Claud^ N. Clary. Mr^ Ran- | d^r^Tswoar eveniri?. l^ierja j Mr snd M ^ En:C7y B .cci:n«r Mrs. ' fcrr.ia psychologist, bom as Jersey' They tell of the arrival a.t this old 1 Tweaiy-sixtih street estab-Jshmeni of '·yr-.-1-va. Acanis and daughter. Flapper Fanny Says--- Miss Ann Browr. von thr; Virginia, to Mr. Mar^ ·r; o. porcelain count«r?ar Perhaps ;he rnos; sincere pe; faddist of all, however, is Roland Young, oiice of BroaaTvay but lately of Hollywood. Fesguins have been Roland's ho-bbr. 3e has coHectec thoosaads of pictures, paintings and statues of penguins. Yet he has never owned a. lire one. From London, ~lsere he has been working oa a picture, comes a nct« that Eolly- wxxi may have a pe"guita farm. He discovered that penguin egsS. in- ported frosa South Africa, can be purchased for S2 a dozes in L-jraior.. zf is bn=zi=s bar's several hundred --GHS3RT SWAN. HIS TEAM STT GEK train V irr.ev. Daily Lesson In English h-rsr scaped wiU-.ctst peopje cot ite coar. DHLEC-ATES CHOSEN TO F.EPK.r.- SEXT the Jur.i~ Fir? C,-rrrar.y at :.-y. l.^ Wc.r.bcr:. ECT- --r. .* ?**c rC^op. A"-crri'.cs -!»vrr My- . The Acicncar: anci ^:rs Ai»r.ts "T.j --Shaw Desmond. Br.tah i poor as; hat ar.d c.irn --c list Stir.ciiv :r. Y-^rS .-."i -~ci ~t«r. ~^c re-r^nily "nsivd tl*^ "ni»d St^tss. iss --heii t-a~.£ turns to yesteryear. 'Bored at Own Trial An. Ycunr. ?ic£wi;keari of appear- a=« and m"deaa a=:ag :te ^too^ J o ^^^-. Do aot say. aa. -*-* of -je JK -^ -a. ^--ea .-.» ! ^ to I; ia his C3=r. f=r TW.S-.-.S a=^.va. pe-. j^^^.. ga _ ..^ =o . ,^ ^ ,, _ ' ~ :et. ?rt- 3S, O -J3. r«,n::y «:vd the Uni:« S»:«. ; 3^- ^^ ,^^ ^ defe= d^ j*^ ^.^^^^ * *· * --^ Yc-ur-7 bored as i-e proceedings. O..^.--s?-C..o^x~..3.^. M ? r.k=-.d ·--. ?-:* rf pr.:.:- evidcr.K %T ^.^ ^ ^..^ K? ^ -y^« t- au 3$ in ^-_. r.o. , Mrs Charts Ar.ccrs is \is-j-.r Mr. ar.d Mrs W-- :· :;-.e ccr.tTi.y.^ e-ic-ei ».ir. rea- , , rKI . -..^ jj oae 3 _ a ^^^^^ O f the sh^uld- tha; r.e -J USJT.C the powers to o^l- \rax5rs -as --rhist3en=ic: "Fter bssven . . .. . _ Oft-en -iss?«..c: aiccup. or V=L AND MRS WTLUAM K XKER in Bolt;- ' ana it is yours. a word three tirtes 1^; us increase our :."S JOSEPH Pstr.c's rreet K ::-'·«·: -s-.:: SvffiZSS OF THE EEFORMED AND fcrm^d th? V* ca Cemetery Assc-r.a- ...,_ ^.-.-^ -.;·;; foll;w:r.c ^f2cer« M^s. R.-h.irc P-r-j, C^ur' s rsev -·ss h-sst^sf to Ixr card chib w?c:n»»- vss TOT: by Mrr Karry .'. Lebherr. :^vd tary-treasurer. John K. K.:: " 5 .pen-W Cra- th? W-?5-"«rr. Marylar.d Shrine Clue Tiwsiay r.t?ht. at Vmdobcr.s. Brae- dock Kfigr.t? The erect --.:: be riro- cedfc ty a du-.n?r to be :-»Id by ;'r.e Jesters C'ub. corr.pofe-5 of Sltr-ncrs frc-n-. Cu^iberland. K.^erKcwr. and r j»-r. c-f Mr ar.d J^ 1 -"-f~"-. headed oy Mr. Hsrry ?.;ar.- ic^sr ~ ley. Aixvit 50 r?rsor.s w-;r. attcr.i -.he r:d:r.c " Thrown From Auto. Tl.rv". ;.-· -.-..- -,ric.^ .--f t.t- Balti-- ^fr .*o'-r. K. Shaw. Mr? John K. ShaT. T- er " c-f Mrs G^rr.c: Kulir.cs The tnarrta?-* i f * 3,T r phaw ar-.i Miss Csrolvn Ryar. PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS TO of New York «-.'.: tak« r'-^ce Jur.e :. the graduates of Mcrs^.:".o Hish , School -5-as to be made ty Cyrus F ' M.« MUh. vrho has re- , . . , , , Floe* The eraduates aerr Maude : turr»d to NOT Y.r-k city after spotvd-j ever.t took plaoe from 3 until o · the qui-siy .». ^ ·--· 3 __^ ,, M a -v D"C'f" Charles ' ir.c th" i.«t .-ever*; ~-?'IL. w-.t'.i ner o'cKvte. «as a^er.cied by ir.rmbsrs of _ to tlw ·'fSo? 1 - .» ?r...".-.- . T-- « 3 KauVeTV^r BicdX Jv-ph Karp.'rare.', f . Mr ar.ri Mrs Frank W :.!X-. Xi^s MrC^rras' .crontv at We^to" ! - ^t-i: w-rf ;r '·-- *^ '* *':'".* Harrv Kir.r.astan. C^r-03 Zuie and o: Ka S cr,-ov r. --.:: .ea-e J--.-.« 1 v -t-l A Mari-'lAnS ColScpe and by fneno, -. ,.-.^ =t-st:iti x '.-- -Miuft.«.^*a Pa.*^.- W^laia Marker. 1 party of friecas oa a pleasure trip to.'.fie cTo. Gussts were icoeived b/iTeacner As*oc^a«oa. _ n _ .^ _ M-s Gfor-re W McC.-itr,3,« West Co.- ^r: ge T?rracc. cplich-»ully er»;-rt.'.ir.od .it at a tea th.s afternoon in honor of he: -·-'.*. y. Viac'-^to"" w ^-c b-;^os T'.-.ur^i ho is V.IT c,-.-,,-.:; .·.:·:-.,- tr.e M.idlet-- 1 ' _ ^ _ * _ Bnr.o. rolorfu! garre; e-ditor. ^rrote ! ir.e »"·- ;.-.or^s c^.^ a.yays ge; coz- ;i _. c; - : ^. 2sa -* s o ; words in -whiii : ' r-'f-·: hartr.:ny when vv'arst; ^"^'· s ' x ---j-.ed bizarre crasSs and freak crjar- { ·are too .~.*m =jr.y : ^ f _ ~ ^ - " _ ° u : aorers such as sight-seeir.^ b-^s drivers' i W.uaticr. tha; _= r.o: c'.ear'.y covered -^^^'-^s ^^ "^ a^-ce'of ir. -;x^tir:? statutes, tr.en hear tie shout i a -. :ba .:.. T ^^ f^~ He packed his · TT.cre a.i?h: to oe - .aw. ^arret --Ith wee-trie folk: t:acard«J · -- Gr^-t Kir.ilo. -:rcUry of Stale. s^-« · ., ^.-50^5 ~-.h notices of poetry; x' Waslr.r!; jreadiafs ana art shows and put or. A | show for all arid sundry visitors. . SticKler a tea th^f afternoon in honor of her; teacher at tr.e M.ddie^wr. ---".--···. '!·· ^' s ~ Cirrus Girl: Did you ever have lutf-.ter. Mv«a Mar- MrComas. Tr.^ wa? operator of :h? au:^.cj. s:op??a -^ pair of carters that wo;!.d reai-y itotc B:a- -v-jr stockmcs^ Pel News Speas-r.s o. ^..e s^zarre a..- i '^--n- G-l No dcar.e; but I have · trie, one of Mar.-a'-aa's sure s.-.c-:.* j ri , r , h - ? h?:d vr ^otor -r\ff.c fcr'prov.^rs '.as; T » i r . t r v.-is -he ^ white , *.?? blocks io^.3i5*- i ~~~'M*ciiiftSQ. iiotor. ",v-i^ ^Drn o.. -.-^ v-j- ._p^. \. * -.^ j w-a-c. »2ft ASSTO'V. dc lU56 3H§ift Cl^£) C^Ii^r* STRTW S R K R T The Idtcrs above appear in tKcir reJcT, but frv'e vowels are fnissirg froin each fine. Can you fiO Aon n 50 as So make two 10-ieiler words?

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