The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 28, 1987 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1987
Page 14
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THE BAYTOWN SUN Friday. A«fu»i M. 1«*7 BIG DISCOUNTS ON ALL 1987 MODELS x* * V v AU'i7 POMTIACS AMD £\ 87 BWMiYILLE Hg %£$$£ *' : ^' 87S-15JIHIY '1'-\< 5TK.#M305 /x>||^^ TO SILL I " '"' ' *- $TK.#4-1242 $ I Z,/TT ^J^f&^X ~-\' ' > — $11 »999 ••-'-^ "> I* ^ &^! V. t^ - -.<..,..*.- ,', ,'?; ^^5^^'^'v.K^sA^^-*",„'V-. JO'" 5 0" PlmTTtL BEAT THE SEPTEMBER 1ST TAX INCREASE OPEN TILL 8 P.M. FRIDAY A SATURDAY * ^*£ s % ...•. --> M t^, v < A - •-»: - M^fc^^«aaaagAgM,U|MU«| rfffmlllfV • lift ^c: V A'.% CASH Ma ON SELEOID MODEU 6 YEAR/6000 MILE LIMITED WARRANTY BAYTOWN 700W.Texas Dial...422-8161 REDCARPET OOT*tlA«eMai «W».<S4W) "-ril air *ri in in |ii nilaail Hi Ha Tte «-» *Mk a mot MW •ak, t*d nMiy kHcta IM a aattfite wlaf tar Ma (wrtt ki»?iia, W't. Newport U-i IM a lamiy KM wHk fireplace. Kilckm/bnaUMl e*ak* with built IM. AHS warranty . (HClTilf ) JM IH.W wHk Bunclni available. Ow tadraaii, *H bath onto jual palnM. Diadwaaber and oven ranfe. Thit two bedroom on a corner lot with tract hat a Iwft kitchen area. Hone hobby room, too! ( Jill) •MKUt And a DM! kWK wttk jacHtii, pnl Ubk>, and finpiace. ) or 4 bedroom la Whitpn- in| Pinet hat large famcroom and a formal dtaing.(AJttS) PUCtClTT Special >% flied rate fihanclni available on thia cvatom built 4-2-2 In Quail Hollow. Conditioned for move-In. MO's. (R3BI) (OGHLANU ID the n»'t. Thne bedrowi, two batt bat* WtB»J twnb*a»(«. IndowOility. Central air/beat. AHS warranty. ILJPK) rUHENCO Topped off with a new roof, 4-5'vJ hai lormtlf, tiny**, and « fenced yard. Indoor utility. AHS warranty. (M24il) LOWkWVB-IN In Quail Hollow. Special low move-In financing enhances Me dewnbility of Ihta 4-2^-2' with firtplace. U* ISO'l. IS4PB) .. BtLUtWOLn,4 CAROLE OP11 Y9MEE, UHNETII maniLri. KEITH OP1I REDCARPET .427-1711 E\RY DUNN AGENCY WOOOCD L* ACMS- Qualliy in the country. Gameroom with wet bar. pool able, itereo t finpiace. Urge country kitchen. Ms-J 1 *. Ws. W-W POPVLAR PmtatVIOT- Neat 3-M with fenced yart « hot tub. Ml.M). New "HA/VA financing available. 7!1I-M BVA HAUDK- 3-1-1, covered palto. Ei- ctlteil kicjtwti. by KhmU k tfnpplng. Make offer. 1W1-M OU) lUVkk OOUIrTRY- Auumplion J-2-2, garoerwcn t eitra room. fTD's IZm-ORD ONE ACHE IN COUHmy- J-3-1H at end of cotaitr>- road. Ura MC's H12J- KR A1W.W-U77 PtCCY, BBdYCUYTON Bctatdi or )«jl wwW I* Ike apa. *a- tqr tfM fa^ly eteauafi ta UK »(I. on wttn cattadral ceiling aad fireplace. UiaM |UM Irati daar InvHei you iota *fc kwrlqr 4 oaarta* hotw, (faurkif bay backyard ll«,aai. AKM . : . ntKIDILAIHQ)!! Owtw Hiat nH. We*n ate can you buy a M-l oaJy I y«*n old vltii built-in ap- aU»c«, ceatral twal and air, and (rath paint tor only MI.M; Csi 17L UWHTI N«M and dean three bedroom, 2 balk brick home with fenced yard. Alw aurafe building and covered path). CS9M-L mckunwG Larte tarty older Dome. 4 b«dr««, i baun with bit 'amlly mom complete wKh lirepltce. Good ana. Wj. F! JB-C «BS Hwy, 141. near Fwry Road, over 3 acm with nice brick houK. Ne*d a ] bednwm.,! bath brick, larie tot Fireplace in family room, all in CluunbtnCouMy.tW'i.ClUJlK LARaVMMA Railed living area with marMe fireplace art k>u M wtttm enhttct tu< tn«*. Formal dtaint area. Sun; kitchen with European «t»le cabinets overlooks coyered patio. RUM THDtTm Nice three bedroom starter home wiih larfe sunny kitchen. Central air and beat.LTUL PATIOHOia Mainteriince free with am pool thU two bedroom borne is ready for i new owner. OMM-LK BAYOU FRONTAGE Huge gamenwm with dressing room. Opens onto lovely screened pool. S39W WOOBTOtAREA Tastefully mnoriekd frame borne with hardwood Doors and fireplace In toe den. S417-L COUNT* YUV1NG-MI'S Aboe Addition. 3 bedrooms, large den. forma! living area. Slim-C NEWUITTMG A perfect place to live, tow Hue. Ion of trees, and an immaculately well taken care of 3 bedroom boroe. Priced in the RO's PWMLK VICTORIAN CHAMIER larmat hi Wikfamg Pkw, IWa 4 REDCARPET Ittm iiaVnM in link iHi riaMiaa <• 1 Mmtt. RttwUy ratmnM. CM- n*rci*l vWbUMy <• C***r »ayai M. (CBIH7) la th* IHU« M CkMabtn c«y«y. H-l kM kltclwi/aWK raxtlollift. PaHt- !.Tr*H.(SIW«l Klrtjitace.Ti AMAUMJ IK% liMd rMt VA km. l-l-j hat kmui livtaf ran. Fmd yard hai In«. It tkclWi.<UK) GLBNMKADO* Upptr fortlM! J-3-1 hat a lornal dlnint; room. Pet cWTalUmJ kneed yard. Panel •cental dot. (LIUIM) Gkurano AttordaMy priced in Ike fittta. Brick J- 1-J hat formal combination. Panel ac- coHnl den. Cwerad (alto. Nice land, , , OMTVUO lu Indian Shore* M late Houaton. BoJlhoute and late viewing deck. Roomy 3-2-2 has fireplace, wt bar, and built-in butdi.(FA!l«?) roummooM In (n« MO's in Quail Hallow. Split bedroom 4-1-2 hw new carpet/vinyl. Large yard. Freshly painted Inside and out,(M4ia) HAS FOOL Cut Mo the ITO'i in Graywood. Large 3- J-l hat toraal dMi*: Woodbwnini tlre(il»«. AHS Warranty. I EM) •EADOWLAKE VILLAGE AaaumaMe loan. 1-2-2 has formal dining room. Ovmited den with fireplace. Fenced. IT7MSI Priced to sell in the fonte. Three bedroom, two bath brick with fireplace. Central air/beat. IMCXtS) OEGKEMTEUUCE Frwhly painted 3-2-1 has new carpet and vinyl. Living/dining with fireplace. Fenced. Xld thinks. iG5«OI RED CARPET, 427-1711 FmlirhMi.flM.tT I «CUS • MM IM M.,UM f ~ ICP, f Mil Mm km, W i IT cklctaa' tout, laWltaeaj|l!|ll-M Fnttly p«k>M, *t* (trptt, a*» roat; evil. l*« fcatty Oww •«! aa*M In tpHy.BiaartH. U« !»•». A-Hl ^ • *•>•* 4 Mrim. I MM. Nfc*~ c«rp*f, relrl|eral.r. •icr«wa»e, centra! ' air/teat, boUt-taa. On eantt M In Hlfblanda. Lew M'I. T-W Auumabk IOM w 1 baton, 1 Nice area with lowly land yitt. MM- tbly payinnb, HM. Owner wil wlinlleaoclnf equity. OTi.L-H fffMJIfjM eflAIIB- AM,aaiJ KATWYN FffiSTBAYREALiy; 4B-JO4.........C7-WO tOfl unWC- Spadout 3 bto>o»m.> dtwUd on 5 acre tract with (eneing." ban. t po>l Thto Archer Rd. property' wouU abo he Ideal for bvaiMM. Mil) WtW UPWC- Nice, nNMiy brick 3-3-2 with formal living room 4 covered patio. Good location. Priced to adl at M.W. C-1W? ' • . • : ".." CUMJC COmUKMMY- Located In beautiful Whispering Pins. IU leauirea Include; calbtdral ceiling in den, ateikae Uie, Bam to dkttjg */de%' A mutt to see! In the Mf<. G-4W COUmWT CLUfc- >-» improatve' brick with tpacioui open ftw' aiatt' Special 1% financing. Would consider teate/purchaw. S-Mll .- CENTLWUN rARim*- Will love this spacwuj cwslon ranch on 24 *cr*i • Vaulted ceillags, double tirtplace, »« bar, • pool. W-3I1C IHEUULLIATBS. «Mm OJUautttNOAm Buy em and ctaowjwowB paint aad carpet colors for thti 4 bedroom home In UReformi Callfordetails.U«IIWs DNJ»"-l- ANCHOR REALTY 427-4747 CMAMBEHS COUNTY- U-I custom eiecwtire home oc atrooitt 2 acres -f- tsarn.M's.S-IMts GREATSTAfrnai-J-H. separate din- lnt\ central ur/heat. fenced, DC'*, B-*X WOOOLAND AdtEF- <-! double.^ jik hoax, Woodrd kit. tur» Dice, UO s M-13110 CHAMltRS CDUim'- >/<-Vi brtd. Untt »ortihop oo approt IS acre*. BII1SD tan's SUJU7 PWEHDRST- W-J brick, ttreplaw, vmlcjlWiMs U« t*0's WOTE2 CXECimVE 1 STOftV HOME- On ap- WALUSVILLE- 5 acr«, ejnplan, COLDWELL BANKER WEST BAY REALTY 420-1222 LA RCTORMA- Lite on. Well decorated Lovely deck with t perm spa.J-M ' ' ; ' , " TRUE CLAJMC DBBCF*- Urge four bedrooou. 34 baUu OB apprai. *- acre, Seauliful hsri)»ood n»ri Larfr- building lor bobby -Aos Mtus >*e! CK- 110 , : iZAimru. BUI'- seat »> pte buck.. in Lakewwd. 3 bettrnxBi, 2 htchi. Formil ttrina^'dtnicg RB-10* IIUCX HOUE ON .KXKAGK- Ap- proi_ I.S ICITI, tar|t oen with firqilaw Big oak trees O-.rr low >q ft buikltag *ilti air (neat rouid be itfi tat small bastnesj FMlta CHAMBCHS COUNTY- : tmiroomi. 1 bath Ne* urp» Hoex H oniy : s«n (*d. Good ojndJ'.ioo Bare.K-44E IOCKLAND*- M IKIH an : acres AJumtavm &idtng. hardwMd fknrL cri). 3urganfe Cl-ltlT VWC WTTH A mttOMALTOUai s 19MClMvrototMO Extencted cob, AM/FM sterem, V-6, ouTomotic, air, camper shell, low miles, red. Extra clean! Like new! BAYSNORE DOOCI TOYOTA H 422-l«2« J*L *-Wheel drive. Automatic. Air. AM/FM stereo. THt^Cruise. 28,000 Miles. Beige & white. NEAL DICKENS 70! AUi«n4*r Dr. 427-4711 If 16 Do«Jf* Rwnctorfw White with red cloth interior. Tilt. Power windows & locks. AM/FM stereo. 2-Wheel Drive. NEAL DICKENS 701 AltxwMlw Dr. 427-4711 1949 2 door. Restored original body, inside 4 Out. Original flathead, V-8. Runs great! Duals, Kroger mags, 8 tube, radio. Must see! 0.7ft 425-2772 I»tni»tf. 421-5MI 19111 Power windows & locks, cruise, tilt, air, am/fm cassette. Very low miles! Showroom New!! tttW. TUAS 422-1247 Big den with fireplace. AMttKAM MFG. HOMES 2714 N, AUXANDM Ot. (MWY 146) MYTOWM 427-SM2 Dual gas ranks. Good shape. With 10 ton Gooseneck trailer. *ft«.l»o*S 1914 Loaded! Has unusually low miles! *11,9>9)S *22 W. TUAIAVt. 1*171 Loaded. Lists, $19,021. Discount, $322" Sale Price * ttMNftf Red {. tan. 4-Wrn»l drtv«. Edd<C Bau«r Pockog* All the extra*. 1 f 17 CWmM a**** Ow*k Brougham. All (octory options. 1' .000 miles '!*,••• Fully load«?d, low miles, excellent price. NEAL DICKENS 7M Aluarfii Dr. 417-4711 Ver>', very clexin. Automatic. Air. Classic. *39>9)§ on Morons . Automatic. Air. Red. SAU * Bedroom. 3 Boltti. 3 Living Areas 7710N.H*r 14* (Vi Ml. S^rtfc MO) 711/MMSM IMS Fully LoooVd! *1« t 49)S 3 Bedroom, 2 Berth. 427 5642 if as < V-8. power windows & locks, tilt, cruiw. eoiien*. camper cover, sport wh«<el» red & whete. *•!•• Supvcab. SWB Lariat Pockog*. Pitwrglow Leer camper shell. Aluminum wheels. Loaded. 351- H.O.jengine. NEAL DICKENS 7M AIW4M4W Dr. 417-4711 SUV CLASSIFIED 422-0323 ^^T^PW^PW ^DT^HD^^^HM^F HWO I IMiV .It WWWl DEALS ON WHEELS •A I* ^RWPl^^^r^BaWw^PT ^a^BJ ^V^^^^DT ^^^V ^^B^p^^^V ^V^PVBVBW fjrl^WP^WIl

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