Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1961 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 10
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Ten Beans & Franks Tako To Cum For the British, living in India during the UHh century was u challenge. Yet there were outstanding memories such as a curry". Ceremony surrounded this dinner as young boys carried In the "sambals" or extras for the curried dish. If the sambals were few, the dinner was referred to as a-3-boy curry ... if elaborate you could count on a 9-boy curry. While this ceremony has never been known to Americans, it would be fun to try. We do know and like curry and in 20th 'century style ttse it readily in many convenience roods such as canned beans & {ranks. Tonight, why not plan a 2- or 3- boy curry (girls included) around ft casserole of piping hot beans & tranks. How everyone goes for these beans in their rich, flavorful tomato sauce. And the franks . . | husky and juicy ... are just wait- i ing to be counted. Yes, you'll iind ; » MHijfKluil in among- thu beans. ; \\ ith :i whiff of curry permeating ; the air and a variety of "sambals" ! served by the youngsters, you'll i soon be the "Mother with the mostest" at mealtime. The recipe is: Indian Beans & Franks 1 .-mall onion, thinly slk-fil 1 tabu-spoon butter or mui-garine 3 iritsiioon curry powder l can 11 pound) beans & Cranks u; to:n:vto sauce Garnishes: chopped apple or celt-ry. shredded coconut, ' crushed jiiueapjilr, orange Sfi-tioii--, sweet pickle relish Cook onion in butter until ten- ner. Blend in curry powder; cook a few seconds longer. Add beans <i: franks. Heat, stirring now and then. Garnish with any of the above garnishes. Makes 2 to 2 servings. Not." It was downhill after that—although for him was up on the mountain for most of his contemporaries—as if he had listened too much to the critics who wanted a message, who said he had no social consciousness. In those early days he showed none of it. Why should he have? He was an artist writing about people in trouble as he saw them, _ . _ .---,.-- _„ ...^, without moral judgments. He had death as something not to be post-1 one measuring rod: to write ppned, as Hector in Homer's Iliad "truly." It was his own word, did when he stopped running to But no one, can ever really un- face Achilles, armed but without j derstand—perhaps feel is a bet- hope,. . ,,.._.. Hemingway said 26 years ago, long before illness overtook him, "I must write because if I do not write a certain amount I do not enjoy the rest of my life." It is a reasonable guess the prospect of years of invalidism, or at least marginal vitality, took Hemingway Ran Out of Fun in Life By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analysf WASHINGTON (AP) - Ernest Hemingway's people confronted ter word—what Hemingway really meant to American literature unless he was alive and young in those middle 1920s when Hemingway's work began. The woods were full of literary frauds and second-raters who played it cute and safe, wrote strictly for bucks, suffered from Victorian anemia, or pumped out , ! sex-shockers which disappeared 0 I in the garbage can. the joy out of life for him. This may be to simple .„. future analysts seeking the mean-, ing of the shotgun blast which! There were som . e honest men killed him lost Sunday. You can writin S. like Theodore Dreiser and Sherwood Anderson, who tried to cut new roads with stor- slmost read them now: That his concern with death, which dominated all he wrote, meant he was obsessed with fear ies about the world as they saw themselves, but Dreiser was clumsy and Anderson was senti Then Hemingway, who used his sayer, he used words like rocks, and, in the beginning he had no message. of it and that he sought to buy .time through the years by marching character after character to - .. — — inevitable doom as a substitute i ears to listen ancl not to kee P his for himself. | nat ° ff his chin, broke through to The literary' pigeon-fanciers i write . about talk as il ' s spoken Who like cooing or a message i and "* e as !t is - He wr °'e to \vrite mauled him. But he was no'solh- anci not for mon ey. He made no u_ — , .... concessions. He did it with enormous self, discipline and economy in Ian- Maxwell' Geismar once wrote ;2uage and emotion, He created that Hemingway's people "act as ! a yardstick by which those com- lf thought is unthinkable." This j in S after him had to be mea- was true. He was an artist, writ- sured. At his worst he was a gi- ing about the muscles of the heart, not the capillaries of the brain. The muscles got tired as he grew older. His best work was his early work: the short stories, 'The Sun Also Rises," "A Farewell to Arms," some parts of "Death in the Afternoon," some parts of "To Have and Have Perhaps the future will decide his greatest contribution was not [his style (which sometimes became a caricature of itself) or his ear (which wasn't always good) but his honesty above all in a field where it's a cinch to cheat. WE SALUTE... HOPES INDEPENDENT GROCERS 1 •' • _ July Is Independent Grocers Month FRANKS & SON PRODUCE 11 S. Walnut S*. Hope, Ark. Genera! Says Next War Could Destroy By DON HUTH MANILA (AD-r.onornl nf the: Army Douglas Mac-Arthur told the Philippine Congress today scientific advancement in iho do \elopment of mililary weapons has destroyed the possibility O f uar beinj; ;: modium for (he prac- Itica! sclllc/m-nt of iiHeriiational diffei'ena's." "Global v/ar has hocomo a Frankenstein (o destroy both sides," said tlu- 111-year-old leader of World War II and the Koreyn War. "No longer is it n weapon ol adventure-the short nil ID inlet "national power. It you lose you are, annihilated, if ym u -j,,, you stand only to lose. "No longer does it possess even the chance of the winner of a duel —it contains now only the germs of double suicide." MacArlhui-'s appearance before. the cheering Congress was the high spot of the third day of return to the Philippines after 15 years. Filipino enthusiasm for their .World War II liberator continued svithoul letup. The • old .soldier once more in effect criticized former President Harry Truman and other political Thursday.. July 6, !<?6I leaders during the Korean Wai- fur not lei ting him carry the Unit- Jed Nations offensive to Red Chi- j nose territory. I 'With victory in our grasp," I said MacArtluir, "and without the use of the atom bomb—which we needed no more then than against | Japan — we failed to see it j through. I "Had we done so sve would have deslroved Red China's capability of waging modern war for | generations to come. Our failure | to win that war was a major dis- • aster for the; free world. "Its fatal consequences are now increasingly being felt in the mili- jtary rise of Red China into a mighty colossus which threatens all of Asia and bids fair (o emerge as the balance of mili- tary power in the world. This would jeopardize freedom on all continents." Before his speech to Congress, MacArthur lunched with more than 2,500 of his Filipino World War II comrades and received another affectionate outpouring from the men who had served in the battered, tattered units on Corregidor and Bataan and those Miss Becall Is Married in Mexico HOLLYWOOD (API —Thwarted by legal red lape in previous attempts to wed, actor Jason Robards and actress Lauren Bacall. widow of Humphrey Bogart, art- man and wife today. They were wed in a civil ceremony Tuesday in the Mexican coastal town of Ensenacla. But the riewlyweds couldn't enjoy a honeymoon—because Robards had to appear for work at a studio today. Instead they motored back fo Hollywood.' Robards, a New York stage actor, and Miss Bacall first tried to marry last month in Vienna but were unable to provide legal proof of Robards' eligibility. Another attempt was frustrated in Las Vegas, Nov.. last Saturday night. The marriage bureau said the refusal ol a license was related to the Mexican divorce of Robards' second wife, Rachel, obtained May 22 in Juarez, Mexico. Nevada honors some, but not all, Mexican divorces. Robards listed his age as 38, Miss Bacall 3G. Kuwait Wents a UN Hearing who had taken to the hills to fight as guerrillas against the Japanese. UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (AP) — Kuwait put in a formal request today to bo heard in the U.N. Security Council debate on its complaint that Iraq is threatening, the newly independent oilmen sheikdom. The request was made in advance of a council meeting at 3 p.m. The council took up Kuwait's complaint at an extraordinary session Sunday, then adjourned until today. Abdel Azziz Hussein, director of- education, has been desigatod by Kuwait as its representative for the council debate. ___________ f_ LPCIUrE BALA- ••MNAMA ft PRANK **«»• THE Sot. I' Late Show Saenger sJwp dtUciS w h ere then save twice with S&HGreen Stamps! NOIHOFF SUGAR CURED SMOKED EL CHKX» FROZEN Tocos !* w P&. 43c NEUMOfF £NOS a*J PIECES Bacon 3 £ 73c KROGtt WISCONSIN MED.or MELLOW Cheese Sliced 6 ' 01 - KROGEft WISCONSIN ^L — — -.- Mild . wneese ic^.oi. KROGER WISCONSIN Sharp Cheese 10 *°' 53c COUNTRY CLUB QUALITY Meat Pies c^ rk " 5 BONELESS BEEF Stew Meat u. 59c PAPA DAVID Corned Beef to. 69c 50 S*H *>een Stamps Wrtti Coupon t 3 tbt, «r M« KROGER TENDERAY BEEF BONELESS BOSTON ROLLED. Roast 63 25 SAN fi*eea Stamps with Coupon & Purchase SWIfT'S PREMIUM, NEUHOFF OR KWHC KRISP SLICED Bacon 59 KROGER f 6-Os. V| FROZEN O Cow I Orange Juice Shortening T&V.. 3 £, 75c Margarine «e M w°» 01 !*.... _. 4*. 24c Beans 5S... '. 2 c 3 ^ 27c Nabisco SU. Jft. 39^ Nabisco MM ~J*8z. 33c [•Ifiv'l&nt- Roo< * <->Oc OM» Mf* • IVliCni Deodorizer Oato Orw£ * - ^-»"7 ^f 9 ^f Rice ££,„ ^•."r 27c Giant Tide Welchade... KraftOil » - 4<r= !V^WYji8lffjiiS!^^ ______ ............ ^^^ ^^^^^ £^ -m f^ 9 "WWr w *"™" ww ™ 1 "" 1 ^^ 2nd Btg Week—Big Chain Dollar Day Sale! • * ~_. _ . _ _ • f**m*mmm •/^ ^^•••••^•^•^•Kfc-..— • • • Fruit Cocktail Peaches K^iT:.^ Corn ? el . M8Bt ??° l - < ' e " Cfeo * Style or Whole Kernel D^^M* D<< Montt ... • COS Careen S*M* 50 ft. PLASTIC Garden Hose „ ^ $ 1** Pineapple Pineapple Ckunkf Catsup T°.'i Pineapple Juice Tomato Juice %, Peaches 5 303 $ Cans 5 303 S Cans 5 303 $ Cans 5 303 S Cant 5 211 % Cans 5 211 $ Cons 5 14-0*. | Bel*. 3 «-0«. * Cam 3 4*-O«. $ Cant 4<£ Sliced Pears £uL 4 Apricot Halves SlttCT 4 Lima Beans Eariy 0 ^*. 4 Spinach SiVaS. 7 Sweet Peas A """" lt .,* 3 Green Beans c A -r , 7 Chunk Tuna r : t ::^". 4 Vienna Sausage I 1 """....!. 5 Kleenex JK"«ar. 4 Cfllf^ Jbtiv t>uncon Hin« ^ waKe iviix AS,*, nay,,,, 3 BtVICS MOD, MARSLC. 1 '1 303 Cons 303 Cans 303 Ji Cans I 303 $1 Cant | 303 $<i Cans I 303 $>; Cans I No. '/> $•] Cans FANCY THOMPSON SEEDLESS $ 1 v LB, Bakery Treats Glazed Donuts Pkg. of 6 2i c Hamburger Buns # G ; 25c Rai$i« Bread IOA , 29 C tt 10c Cucumbers t. FAN(;y Mp Peppers e « h 5c Potatoes 10 £ 9 __ .I 1 "' 1 C«MP« C»4 lor » UN GREEN STAMPS Cttfcb J A Division *l th«

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