The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 30, 1951 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1951
Page 2
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t?VHi!SKK?Mt.'. »· 9 ·-»; 4 -T "^r,», c t TEJC The N«w», Fr*d«rick, M«., FrW*y, November 30, 1851 I AND MML TOE GUMPS JtiKt Fits. Eh, Andy AJ«K MY K YOUR POWER OF ATTORNEV...VWTW RfVPER., Y3U ARE LEGALLY HEAD OP 6UWP fN MY ABSNCE... , SIM.- YOU WON'T. RESRETTUIS MOVE... ·THERE...TRY OUT MY DESK POfc %IZE WWILE I 6ET MY . " . _ _ _ ' _ . 6WOT6 AND VACCINATIONS... ARE YOUR PASSPORT AND VISAS IN ORDER? CHRIS WELKIN, PkANETEER Cheating' The Scales I'P -ftAV TWATI7K. VD HERE WEIGH* 0 POUHC*?; IH^-TEAt? OF HI'S- HORMAL. I7O. AT ONE TWJ? ne' L.O-S-T NSAKL.Y TV^O-THIKtf-S- OF- youe. Carnival T. M. HC. U. ?· PAt. OFF. COPR. 19St BY N6» SERVICE. INC. "Nonsense! Of course I love you, Albert! Aft*r all, why should you be an exception!" i JACOBY ON BRIDGE Novices Get Nod In Bridge I. Q. WEST A 3 V 9 8 6 5 3 2 · 2 # J 8 6 4 3 NORTH (IX) JO 4 7 5 2 V A Q J 7 · 95 * A K 7 2 EAST * Q J 1 0 9 8 4 V None · A63 4k Q 10 9 5 North I V ' Pass V K 104 * K Q J H 8 7 4 None North-South vuJ. ·East South West 14 3 4 Pass ; Pass 4 * Pass Pass 6 * Pass Pass Opening lead--4 3 By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NBA Service ' "This is a hand that will drive all the experts crazy," Harry Fishbein told me the other day. I looked doubtful. For a long time I have believed that all bridge experts have a few bats flying around in their belfries. For example, take the national tournament that will be held in Detroit next .week. , About a thousand experts from all over the country will plunk down good money on-trains, planes and hotels to get together and try to outsmart each other in the toughest kind of bridge competition. Those who win will Ret a certain amount of glory, but nothing that xvill pay a grocery bill. WKat's more, they love it. To tell the truth, so do I--but then I'm just as crazy as the rest of the experts. To get tacK to the hand, Fishbein said he had shown it to a dozen experts and also to a dozen average players. "All the average players make the hand," he chortled, "and all the exports are down at trick two." Every declarer quite properly wins the opening spade lead with the king. All the average players then lead a trump. East can take his ace of trumps, but can do nothing to defeat the contract since West is then trumpless. South can easily regain the lead to draw trumps, after which he has tricks to burn, AH the expert* see that West's 3ead is a singleton spade. They also see that a trump lead win allow East to win and lead a second spade. Then West will ruff-unless he has a singleton trump as well as a singleton spade. To guard against the spade ruff, all the experts lead a heart at the second trick. The plan is to win in dummy and cash the ace and king of clubs in order to discard the six and ace of spades from the iouth hand. It looks like a fine idea, but East ·uffs the heart at trick two, and all the experts are automatically set. As a matter of fact, the ex- jerts take quite a beating, since he defenders then get a spade ruff, a second heart ruff, a spade rick, and the ace of trumps. 3own four on a hand that any average player makes. It should be pointed out, as Fishbein agreed, that East should double six diamonds as a signal for a heart opening lead. Then South s surely set--expert or not. YOUR THROAT 1$ PWW-- RiFR ff QUICK-B6SOR6 Strength For Today By Earl L. Douglass NXERNATIONALISM ..WITHOUT RELIGION A six-foot bronze statue of the Zeus of Artemisium has been presented to the U. N. by the government of Greece. It will be placed n a landscaped area at the U. N. headquarters. The significance of the gift is not entirely apparent. It is probably just a reminder to the world that the ancient Greeks were the most artistic people the human race has produced. In other words, the statue probably represents well- justified national pride in a noble heritage. But if it is supposed-to have any Famous Statue Answer to Previous Puzzle 4 Greek letter 5 Goddess of discord 8 Mirth 7 Poles HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted famous statue 6 It is an example of ":--, ,, sculpture Jg;«I «*»« 11 Moderate 12 Deprivations 14 Knock 15 Regulated 17 Observe 18 Near 19 Speediest 21 Natrium (symbol) 22 Distribute 24 Passage ir the brain 26 Therefore 27 War god 28 Correlative of either 29 Siberian gulf 30 Goddess of the earth 31 Artificial language 32 Part of speech 34 Heraldic band 37 Fish sauce 38 Employed 39 Prqnoun 40 Accompanies 46 Sloth ·47 Consume 49 Theater boxes 50 Insect 51 Tritcr 53 Ointments 55 Eat away 56 Attempted VERTICAL 1 Tidier 2 Small demon 3 Opera (rib.) 9 Worm 10 Sharper 11 Exchange 13 Chars 16 Mountain (ab.) IS It is now in , Italy 20 Fearful 23 Leading (suffix) 25 Small drums PA R A R E D N SPOTTH SKUNK N u m Nj K HS M 32 Titles 33 Chemical ester 35 Inclined 36 Revises 41 Winter vehicle 42 Center 43 Giant king of Bashan 44 Remainder 45 Former Russian ruler 48 Pitch 50 Hail! 52 Behold! 54 Chinese measure li 16 W, n m 30 T/icy Landed, We Knew A T ot JF/ierc NOT r l - ' t T'LL surr -sou CAN SBMP OLC? C?N« 7 WOMB MUTT AND JEFF -*- i And When Jeff Found Out, He Too Became An Ex-Wood Cutter! | i GOT TWO Pieces OF PAPER HER6/ON6 HAS voosoT-me'x YOU CUT TH6 WOOD/ THERE'S NO sense OP us } y ol j 1 AM"X" MARKED ON IT/ MUTT' S^Tr WE'LL EACH DRAW ONE OUT OF THE HAT AND THE ONE WHO DRAWS FtRST THE " C" CUTS THE WOODJ feOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES Junior Steps Out, Too ;· BUGS BUNNY Bargain A NICE HUNK A THW'^ A O' 5TUFF PER TEM JLITTLE TOO ex- PENSIVE FOR MP"" ^Js^ V\ V, A TN^VELING HOW ABOUT THI£ THAT'^ ONE FEK FIVE y QUITE * \--~^r\ SIT /V\01?E THAN I WANT TO RIGHT THEKE'/ I THINK I'VE GOT V7HKT WANT IN THE X'AA LETTHsl' THI- GO f=HR. THIRTY- NINE CENTS/ FRECKLES AND HM* FRIENDS Slavery itytil ""· * *" t\j\j . \ 1 1 i r* i CLUMSY HITWIT5/1 WE WEED DO 1OU KMOW / A WHAT THIS MEAMS1 MOMSENSE/WlS MOVWST^AT^Ot) OWE ME WORE , , WORK "FRAN / COULD GOOfJ VIC FONT It's AH Over IN AN INSTANT HAM SCRIBE'S- "SUICIDE NOTE" BECOMES HIS- DEIATW WARRANT ACT 19\-r; 5-PORT SET THAT SUN IMTO HI* MAMD BEFORE RISOR A\ORTI£- 6-ET5- IW. THE PERFECT SUICIDE APARTMENT/ HERE COME^r THE ELEVATOW, HAM. 6OOD NK3HT PAL. AND CHEER PRISCIIXA'S POP One Good Turn--« religions significance, then that significance is bad, from the'Juda- istic-Chrislian standpoint. We are Dart of a Christian civilization. There are many nations in the U. N. which are not Christian, but no nation today worships Zeus. Furthermore, the nations of the world are almost unanimously opposed to idolatry. This may be making too much of a small item, but it does raise the question whether we are going to try to take religion out of our national dealings and say that we can have both private and public goodness without any reference to religious faith. If we are, then we are going against the teachings not only of Christianity but of every other religion which in the world today is influencing the minds arid hearts of men. (Copyright Babson Newspaper Synd.) "How did you stop your husband staying out late at the club?" "When he came in late I called out, 'Is that you, Jack?'" "How did that stop him?" "My husband's name is Bill." Luf'sStuft FRIENDSHIP Old friends, as some-one haS declared, may be compared to gold, while new-made friends have been compared to silver, till they're old. Now truly, whether old or new, good friends are to be prized, and certainly as years accrue their worth is emphasized. New friends can be of priceless sort and old ones quite the same, for friendship, whether long or short, is worthy of the name. N. A. LUFBURROW. Cranberries are found only on the ArnoriMn continent. SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS LITTLE LIZ Gossip has been defined as the art of saying nothing so that practically nothing is left unsaid. /SHALL I HELP VOU CROSS THE ·STREET, LADY? THANK YOU, CHILD THAT WAS VERY KINO OF YOU* NOW WILL \OU TAKE ME BACK? MY POP DOE-5NT LET ME CROSS THE STREET BY MYSELF; OTTR BOAKDtNG HOUSE JO£ CARP 15 PART OF M.Y ACT, 8OY6/ VJHSM T. POLL A HOVMLER, HE 6ET5 IT OFF 6TLJMT/-*~-F0R. SAY: "MYOMLV IS THAT T ONle \MlFE TO THE PlKE AMO i« SOT ANlVJ CARP, KOH v^ (5ASS ^ Trt£ ACT ^ -THW'LL M M A k E 60TH OF Y9O , JUMP IMTO A \MHlRU- IMS ·*· PROPELLER Ir FAU- REALLY A OOTOOTflMT I THINK WE'RE ALL. A BIT MOSV ABOUT WHAT 6OES POVWW IK1 THEM LITTLE BLACK IF IT SEEMS ABOUT THEM'S MOSTLY A 8OSS'5 TIME STEALER--I HAD A PEEK. ONE DAY AN' IT WAS A RECIPE FOE 8UNHOM SALVE/ THEV MEVEK WRITE IM PROMT OF TH' GUV WHO ·^ r» 1 EWSPAPERI

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