The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 7
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X JULY M. 1M4 Troops Rule Minneapolis Four Thousand National Guardsmen Ordered Out By Governor Olton M1XNEXPOLIS. <JP) — Four ttMMuenA national ruar<Um«n trer* ocd*r*d t» »lae* Minneapolis wider military rul* Thursday by Ger, Floyd B. Olfcon after warriii* faction* in tit* track driver* *trike failed to agree on final p«ac« plane submitted them by federal m*dia- lor«- The martial rule decree. at 12:20 p. .m central standard time. •.followed by about an hour th« acceptance of the peac* plan by tn% drivers union. *Co. ST4. and *. reply from the employers. committee accepting some t*rao* wltn reservations but rejecting the wa*e scale «uKX«st«d by the Rev. Francis Haas and EL H. Dunzdsan. mediators. Bri*-. Gen, E- A- "Walsh was Immediately appointed by itoe governor as commander of the troop* who will move into the city in force immediately. Some SGO already were stationed inside th* boundaries of Minneapolis while the balance of the 4.000 men were stationed at th« fair »ro«i>d» adjacent the city Jimit* and other points nearby- General Walsh begran preparation of regulations to be placed Into effect- Previously. th» «ov- ernor had announced courts woeld function as usual and that only those areas of the city affect*d by The strike, climaxed last -Friday with a burst of shotgun fire that one man fatally and most of the fi 7 . others injured in the fray, would b« put under control of th* troops, President In Touch With Affairs In Europe A.BOA.RI> CRUISER NEW OR- ROOSEVEL.T. &P; —• Roosevelt watches in silence the European situation revolving about the assAssination of Chancellor Ensrelbert I>ollfuss of Austria. X-ast minute developments a,r» constantly relayed to him by -wire- lens a* ih» cruiser Houston ca.rri«s him on ,his unprecedented presidential journey to America's *ar- fhin£ insular outpost*. LJitewise "he is. kept ic intimate tt>?jclj with of- '1SAST PARIS STORY HOUR. The last story hour of the summer at the East Paris school n* held Friday afternoon from 4 until 5 o'clock. At this time plan? will b* discussed for a picnic to be heid n«sxt Varicose Dicers —Old Sores Healed At Home No "'"enforced rest. No -operations cor injections. The simple ErneraJd OH home treatirent permits you to ^o a.boct your dally routine as us- ttsl — -while those old sores and ulcers quickly heal up and yoar leys become as sroo as new. Bznerald Oil acts in jrtaatly to end pain, re cinialatlon. Just foll th* easy directions — you »r* sus-^ to be helped or money oack. The Palace £JrU£ Store and dru^stists e v»rvwh ere. — A <5v_ MOVE BIG GUNS INTO MINNEAPOLIS STRIKE AREA Warlike »c*n** tuck M th» *n« pictured h«r« occur** fit Minneapolis when nation*! guardsmen, Ce- Mrmlned to maintain order In the city's bloody truck itrike. paraded machine gun*, rifle* and even 75 millimeter field piece* through th* «tr*eta, A week-end truce brought a Iu!i after turbulent riots In which many, including police, were, wounded, (Aa*oelat*d Pree* Photo) Wear Talks Before Lions "There is always a reason," declared the Rev. W. F- Wear, speaking before the Lions club Thursday on the subject "The Everyday Philosophy of aa Everyday Man." The individual will be mtich happier, he decJaredv once he adopts this philosophy because there are many times when persons seem to do foolish thinss. but the individual who will believe that behind every person's deeds there ia a. contributing: cause will find that cause and will- cease to be annoyed by his fe.How men's acts- Another philosophy ^-hirb is helpful to the individual is the philosophy that **the ^reatest people are not those In the limeligrht." he said. In a jerreat many instances, he said, the man who is always in the public eye is really iac?vin^ in ability, bat makes up this lack by ambition and by egotism. "3tst the irreatest fellOTV in the community is many times your next door neighbor who is plugsring' away quietly orovidin^ *Tor USs family aad contributiijg his part toward the general welfare of the community." T>r. "Wear said that it is his phil- j f osophy that human beings never do evil for evil**, sake, but because there ' is sOTrrcthinsr they wast •oi-nich they believe they can secure tional convention which was held in Grand Rapid* last week. Mr. Wunsch said some two thousand delegates were in attendance and he reported an "sateenem: convention, Rivinr in detail sonie of the outstanding features on the program. Visitors *.t Thursday's luncheon included the Rev. P. F- Hemdon and Judge C. A. Martin. Dr. A. TL*. Jones -will have charge of the program next 'T»urs«ia.y. (Continued From Page One) cided their cause was lost. Hundreds of Nazis fled across the bridge into Yugoslavia and surrendered ro th» authorities there- Fighting continues elsewhere in tbe province, however, and 15 ui-en of the government Torces alone are known to be dead. Fighting was continued from Donswitz. to Aussee. Fears of further trouble in tire Tyrol were revealed by an appeal 10 all able-bodied former officers and *oidiers to place themselves j at the disposal of auxiliary troops. At Judenburg, Styria, a railroad bridge was dynamited. Armed federal men patrollsd V'ienna Thursday. But there W*LS desultory fighting ar.d a number were killed. Roine ajad the choice of Wednesday's nazi putsehers to succeed Bollfuss, was shot in his cell and died several hours later. Officials said lie tried, 'to commit suicide. Rintelen was j.aken to a hospital in a critical condition. He regained consciousness long enough to scribble "1 am innocent." The na.- zis had falsely proclaimed over the radio Wednesday that he had bees General Wagner of the Austrian army. a. close friend and adviser o* Rintelen. was arrested at Graz. A motor tour through districts reported in the hands o£ the government revealed several were still held by nasis. Tlie Associated iress found Rat- gersburg. on rhe Yugoslav which was reported at ID a. ra. to belong-'to the government, actually to' he in the control of nazis -at noon. Crowds Hear Revivalist The Rev. Springer brought a message on "29 Signs of The Second Cooajbat of Jesus Christ" Wednesday night before the largest of the Springer-Jones revival meeting, with several hundred people outside of the ten*. The Rev. Springer held the people in suspense a* he told them of the many signs pointing to the near coining-of th*. Lord Jesus Christ. He opened his message by say- ins he heard a preacher one time say that he was going to bring a message on Premillennial truth versus Postzaillennial truth. There is no such thing a* Postmillennlal truth. To tbe contrary it ie Pre- millennial truth versus Postmil- le&nial error. The PostmiUenniai- ists accuse us because we take, the Bible literally. The Evangelist said, he pleaded guilty to this accusation. Again the PostmiUennialists accuse us for being pessimistic. This, the Evangelist said, was an untruth, for nothing makes one more optomisti* than the thought of the blessed a,ppearance- of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ- Again they accuse us by saying we> reduce the Bible to a plan. Again I plead guilty to this accusation, and want to further say we had all better get back to God's plan and quit dilly-dallying around with human plans. He said, so many times you hear these Postmillen- nial ministers talking about "building up the kingdom" when ovir commission is to go after the lost one that might be the last one to complete the body of Christ and then Christ will come back and es- j The Evangelist then told the great multitude to open their Bibles and follow him. as he was going ro quote- scripture aftor scripture for the next 30 rainut-ss relative to the second coming of Jesus Christ- The Evangelist then began witli prophecies pointing to the definite coining of JPSUS Christ, The Rapture, Th rlage of the Lamb, The G: bulation, The Battle of Armageddon, The Judgment, of the Nations, The Great Revelation oi Jesus Christ, etc. He said that the Battle of Armaseddon would be const!mated -when th.? Anti- Christ with all his forces on the Plan. Fall Weddin* av«m*. -who -was in the car Jthttlew suffered aevgr» cats about j tb* ia.ce. Mr. I^ong «a» bad& cut | OB • one hand and Miss LJgbtfoot, | suffered considerably from shock, j The Longs and Miss Laghtf oot. j a. relative, were returning horn* I after dinner at the Provja* rest* j stored in dence on North Eighteenth street 1 10.000-bai Five (Continued From Paf* O»*) the autoastobil* show but a. nunaber of cars it -were undatnagedL A ,»~«_~ =, barrel oil tank Ind"iheir car. headed east with j to a railroad was crushed Mr. Long driving, was turning into : j t was estimated; tfaatt tfee Main street. Seeing the coupe ap- '. reached a velocity of «0 mfle« An proaching at a hlgrb rate of speed, \ hoar. It had subsided to m. bree** Mr. Long said, he endeavored to | Thursday. Between Victoria a*4 get out of the way, but the; Port Lavaca, countless windUnills coupe struck the rear of the I w«re- overturned, fruit was strip- Lons's sedan. • ped from trees, graiii crops, "war* j^^jy.; flat on the ground *nd maAy against btl ^^' n § s were- roofless or in rains, : There was a difference of opia- io"n as to whether the storm had damagred rhe cotton crop. Previously, drouth had scented th*.cotton and growers expected to pick The *edan. which was damaged. was knocked the curb at the northeast corner of the intersection and the coupe struck the curb on the tVest side of Main street- Those injured were taken to tbe Sanitarium of Paris, Mr. Long and Miss Lightfoot being able to return home Wednesday night l and Biankenship. Thursday buz a small fraction of th*'aj»ouat normally raised in this sectfoau Some were- hopeful Thursday &*** the rain which drenched their ^fiT/^c MTO** *^. *?^ O**O"V& X^G Mica Angeiia Lawranc* Morrison morning. Mrs. Long will remain j Others feared that th,« hard wind (above), daughter of former U. Senator Cameron Morrison of Charlotte. N. C., will be married this fall to James Jackson Harris of At(Associated Press Photo) at the hospital a few days. VOTE FOR J. A. JOHNSON Justice of the Peace (Political Adv.) anrt rain had finished the destruc- j tlon. i Three oil derricks were blown lover in the Coletto Creek oil Seld. 1 five miles southwest of Victoria. lake of fire with, the TJSevil and His Angels, which was the second death. Then the work of Christ* will have been completed and i eternity will have just begun. j The Evangelist then, told the j people if they would allow him i for the next 15 or 20 minutes, that S fie would go into 15 or 20 signs j showing- iae nearness of the sec- \ ond coming- of Je-sns Christ. Soiiie of the signs were : fl) World Wide Persecution of the Jew (2) Sign of Kussifi. and Germany (3) Political Sign (.4) Sign of Aiui- Christ (5) Social Sign <5> Edu- \ ca.tior.sJ Sign (7) Military Sign. It j was under this sign that he dis- j cussed *&e plow-up campaign. He i said that last year in Oklahoma j he told the people that if they i plowed up their cotton that this j year would have a drouth and j 1 C i. ,. k jcc this outstanding 1 1 ^"* opincnt in electric refngcrut ion I i * * I * "rigid aire N C> I I rcczcr The situation at Ratgersburg is 1 one ftand versus Christ ana unusually important because ot its location on the border. • li is one of the towns divided Oy peace treaty boundary and if Austrian troops should engage in heavy fighting there Y"ugoaiavia might beeonteMn- volved. Italian troops were massed on Lhe border, ordered by Mussolini to be ready to march on short notice. Austria was leaderless, facias the future more uncertainly than she did 20 years ago Thursday forces on the other. It is immediately after t^-ts xinie that the conversion of Israel would be brought about. Zecis. 12:10. -Talk abont shouting. ther- be the time when we would ..all snout. Tho 1000 years Millennium would begin. What am I talking about ? "God's Plan." the -plan you- criticize, some of you Port •miller* aialists. This is not my plan, •plan." Ke said it was Prince Ernst Von Starhemherg, j when k-er ultimatum to Serbia was tall nobleman, and leader of the 1 svjected starting ^he war that be- fascist "heimwhr, was an«ounoed j cani " a. %*orld cvai tasra curi- as • the n*w chancellor, succeeding | Martial la%v was enforced, the little- commoner. £nge!b*-rt | throughout Vienna and i?O'ria_ who was assassinated on \ Members of the heimuehr, or fas- 'ascists' bitter- f cist horoe guard, who had fought or tJhe slain through evil methods. On the oth- | Wcdaesfiav bv the er hand there are roatir people in | ^ f<>eg -^ ^.^.^ Presid ,. n . w .._ \ before for the slain chancellor. the world who are earnestly strtv- ^^ M | klas was ^p^ed ro make 1 were mobilized. throughout the ing to do good for tfee pleasure and the formal appointment of Von } country. .hey receive froro Havins: life better and happier for some one else. And be- | _ hind it all Ss an intelligent force always leadinsr mankind oii to a better and irsorc perfect life h« it& | not tell how many men were The musical prosrrain consisted j killed although an official Starh-emberg Tanrsday, •IK even as the fascist star as- civil war blamed forth in the province, of Styria where nazis battled government forces for con- Violence Flares In Union Stockvards Walkout CHICAGO. (.^ — Sporadic violence cropped out in the- Union stockyards strike, as federal me-1 curing the ^Millennium that Jestis would rale with an Iron rule. It:!- mediatalv »t the close of this Mil- tacy of the Churches (10) ting of Mount of Olives. The Evangelist closed "his mes- eage by exhorting the people zo be "Ready" for His coming. Tonight bis message will be "Kow Jlay I j Know I Am Saved." Friday n:=lit j lie announced as his rnessa..5e, j "The Blood of Souls." Busttr i Springer, the Evangelist's brother 1 rendered a solo at tbe b^ginnlnsr I of tne ser*.-lce. People are urged j to come early so as to gez comfort- j able sears. As -the crowds increase i seats will b^ provided, on the out- j siae of the huge Tabemaclo, i Js o lEtarter what you may iia^e Hea.rd of- what ycm may think abotrr rhi* or fHar kind of electric refrigera.- tion—yon caa have no Idea of what a. modern electric refrigcraror should be or do nanl youVe seen thePrigid- aire Super Freezer. Come in and iearn •why thousands are saying: Parisians ed From Page One) is a .TrigicLaire 34 ??nnium -would ensue the charges of driving an an excessive rate Great I jail on White Throne Judgment when the { automobile- a,' unjust would be ressurrect-"d frotn j of speed, the dead, ju^ed, and cast into \ J. ~L>. Blankessclp of 450 Maple T*hone 2424—Tire Impertinent Store of Paris. OXLT OXE FPJGIDAmE — A PRODUCT OF GENHWt an- <?f several solos b> Miss Willie Pin- j RO uncenient at Gras, capital of the j diators moved swiftly for a settle- sou formerly of Pari.«. She wa* ac- 4 prox'ince. said I-* gox-ernment sold- | merit of the controversy. i>y Mr«. Troy C. Thomp- \ i srj i wtire slain. j A proposal lor a mediation con- n - \ Styria nas for months past beers j ferer,ce- already approved by sirik- Freceditie the regular procrrarc, ! the scene of terrorist 'bvaidtJ'i,* in- j :ng stock haridlers. ire-as under con- i of which MHton Vanderpao' ^ras < s;i.i, [ sideration by officials of the Union | chairman, prrsfd^nt Joe ^Vunscb | the aazis whom he fought in his i siockyards and transit company. - cnvc an account of the Interns— | efforii, to VOTERS PresinctNo. 2-NOTICE x\> -vish to ca!" your o in ft»cjn<-t >"o. ", in t to the Con*migsiot!«r» «J*»ctson to be »» tv «.h»- uafim^lv Ucailt of Roy Dunasar. who was "in-.iJtHioftet and wij<* was * candidate for Kew» arv a>nir.s th* voters in this precir.c? to sup- S- S«-V LsUNAGAN for this place- T»:c Bs»!i«'T b« printed in the following manner: Commissioner, Precinct No. 2 J. FRANK JONES ROY DUNAGAN lr you ar« *ups>ortJrt« MRS. ROY DUNAGAN" yon «TC AS th* Ballot f» marke ConiTni**ioner Prect. 2. f A *J 3IRS. ROY DUX AC AN u n«usl 'A-nt«* In th» nfcwr Mr*. Hoy Dunajran. If aot know how io «p«U Dnn«jr«T) b* sure to look D<tn«t:an'* n»m« on the Ballot. u <i-, Koy \\<. *-t*h to stat* thiLt In Jt»kln{: your support for Mr*. h^Jdi no 111 trill or ~nitjiMc*> to t^i* oppo- o »oi!ctt your impport in her brhmlf on fr*jr ftvnU).|r« «nd •»«*i-ric* w« kTiow that will h* rendered of thi* or HOT ] land." f Everywhere rumors and fears I for iht peace oE Europe a^ it rv~ suli of the stirring events of Wednesday and Thursday were ex- 1 pressed. Armed nien were everywhere in a. strenuous effort to order. As his first statement as chief: of the cabinet. Prince Von Star-1 hemberg said only that tie sov-| emment policy will be to carry on] the work begun by I>ollfuss. | The first act of the cabinet j when it met under its new lead- j er was to vote ar* authorization i But. during the fojir-hour peace conference "vTedEescay night, a guard -vx-s-s felled by a paving brick and the force of guards around the yards—the hub of the world's' meat packing industry—was hastily reenforced. for "appropriate" fina.acial meas-| WASH OUT 15 MILES OF for the future welfare of r>ollfuss" widow and bis two chil- \ dr^n, five-year-old Sva and four- year-osd Rudolf- Then the cabinet deciared the creation of a specisxl mjlitary court to try the offenders in Wednesday's putsch when a. group of Naris stormed the chancellery and killed the country's leader. The government, it xca« indicated, will set sternly against the \ Killers of its former loader, but apart from this punishment, Jt was indicated that one of the subjects of most concern was that of relationships with other countries as a re-suJt of th* naurtfer. A report -which w»s not imrned- iatelj- confirmed fron» tij* province of Carinthia dec.I»r*d Tu^o- slavjan s^idlerai had fired across the A'.ssrrian border ajtui Austrian there as * result. Sharp fighdnj? raged Wednesday night aisd Thursday about several towns of th* province, #oath- west of Vienna, Meantime rambling* of war •m-cre heard over Europe as a result Of the nuc-nartnjr s?tu*iiom A commnnltiue by the secretary of the state of public security said: "In Vienna at>d the provinces, with the exception of Styria, order prevails. "T!>% revolt in certain s«ct:ons of t Styria h«s already collapsed thanks I to the enersetic action of l»w en- I forc«TrteT»t AK^HTVC!**. l "L*rs:e <S«tachments of troop* at ! present arr murchinit OTI j Tx'Oben *nd Doiwtwftt to all vp-*iiuep t»f VfNt»H." Private *<Jvic*« from Styria said n**l troop* in u»ifonn were jruard. inir wany railway station*. A ,f««w bonrn after h* had J*il«4, S>r, Anton Rtnt*i«n, 1 Wm Back Pep Vigor Vii xstkosstse* 15 MXU5S of tsay t=bc -»)»db fcep to puiUj tbe Hood keep TOO. Jsemithy. If yoa hxre trouble -with too frs«raeBt bUddcr r«s*mtTi! vith soaty a-j&gst cmm- bdttiztsr atsxf ^istesssKfcn. tV- 1-5 MIUES If twisty* dost •sd «c rid of yotsr KKir-»C1 troobl«. It J=t*y 700- T=P foe TngTiT saoalhs. I>OT:" Aifc yo«r <*rass3*s for DOA2TS P ' :OT awer 40 y< r«ii«f «ad fi-m bcJp to ««•£: oci tbe IS MIIXS of Icdaey tobw. Bet dcot't take ch*i»CB -with *=• r»~ tlas ciair= to JOQ ta> to 15 «t3W6e».-fe»r Aey ssay ia5ccre xad irritate deikatg tiBRHs. Istoart em DOAJTS FIIXS ... tbe old rrfimbi* liti tiwtt eoBtaia ao "dope" or droc«. B«- wsre >t>o ret at CALL 401— We will t>ay or trafi* for your o!*J furniture. Corn* in tt> •«» xx» for the best valve* in fcotr.* fur- O. H. Baker Furn. Co, Th» HOGS* That Sell* Frr CALL 123 For *Hr« and Battery Service Aero** Street from Postoffice Lost tia <Jo yotir vxx*c*n:si«s »md batwrj' rechArcing. C. S. t*. Batrerit*. Ixx Tlrea Bill** Tire and Eat* tcry Service Prop. things vre refuse io do to sell a car Tlx«r« cr« «ora« fiiia<j» w» r«fu*« io do io sell <x cos. W» iik» sole*, bui fofe-decliiig and ih* coa- fid*nce oi our customers ar» desircbl* too. For one ihin^r, we refus* to poison GUY one's mind aqrcinst anoiiier make of car. W» know what onr car is and -what it wiH do,' and we are recdY to t*il Y<«I aboal that. But io tniplY defects in emother cor is not our business. We have done oar utmost Jo encoxiraqe intelligent baric? oi motor cars BY showing purchasers bow to protect their own interests. All that a good producer asks Ss a customer who knows «ualilY when he sees il. An ixrfelli^eni purchaser wiH priced car. That is claimed for severed cars. Obvi- ouslrs" it cannot be true oi alL There oomes a point where claims and cdjeciives and all advertising hYSteria disappears in its own fog. PersonaST* I prefer iacis, We SCY the Ford V-8 is the best car we hare ever made. We SOY that our 8-cYHnder car Is as economical to operate as anY lower number ol bad sales methods.- We refuse to keep dinning in Your ears that the Fotd V-8 is the best, most economical, lowest W* SCY that we have always been known as the makers cf good cars and that the mnrtY good, well-balanced Dualities of our present car place It at the head ol our TfTie to date. AnY one wishing to do business with us on these principles will find oar word and the g^xdirr oi our product to be A-L What we SOY about economY* operation and durabilirY will stand good axrrwhete,

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