The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 30, 1956 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1956
Page 6
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fag* 6 (Thr' Bai'lnum 'fr'ntt •ARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH Friday, March 30, 1.956 —by Fred LossweN BARLOW- LOWS WILL IT TAKE YE TO CLEAN OUT YORc DESK SO'S I CAM MOVE IN OrFiSHUl? I GOT A FLOCK OF PAPERS AN' 'DOO-DADS IN THAR. MAYOR SWF, AN'-UH- CLEAN IT OUT THIS VERY INSTANCE !! ' THARS THREE JUGS FULL OF EVIDENCE I WUZ MOLDIN' FES SHERIFF TATE AN'-- Garden Club To Con'ducf Tour Of Bay shore Homes SECRET AGENT X-9 —by Mel Graft VE&, DOCTOR DOON- ftvD 1 5TRuS6L£ FOR TntSAA<= CAL'SE ! VOU WEEK* I IC-VE YOU, ROSRie" NO! AV< JOB VM5 TO X WEEN YOiJR SUPPORT SO YOBR MUCK MONEY COUID BE 'J&&D EES THE REVOLUTION! S*Vrin0 a momentary *='v«nt*j* > , pf.i tir* tadl from 'i hand... /" riSjil^M, ^^ ..•";;->•' ^"^ _-'j -^~ vV m&~~^~z^ A" The La Porte-Bayshore Garden ,Chib is'Sponsoring a pilgrimage of homes on April 17, in conjunction with its annual flower show. The homos which arc featured on the pil^rimags each have distinctive characteristics that will be of interest to visitors. ' Bay Manor, the Greek-Colonial home of Mr. ami Mrs. F. G. D. Muller, Is on a beautiful wooded site, that overlooks the bay. This traditional home, with its brocade Stowell Church In Sunrise Services The Stowell Pentecostal Church is sponsoring a Sunrise Service Easter with Sunday School immediately following at 7:30 a.m. The church is then enjoying an ouiing to Fort Anahuac Park where a bosket dinner will be served ana an egg hunt held for the children. Frank McElyea is in charge of arrangements. covered walls, velct draperies, and richly carved: furniture creates a romantic sotting for the owners' collection of paintings of famous German mid French painters. The contemporary home of Mr. and Mrs. R. G.' Floranco, was recently landscaped by Bishop and •Walker, a firm of Houston landscape architects, who designed the garden and play area to conform to the needs of a family with growing children. The outdoor area, with a swimming'pool, dress- in^ rooms, cooking facilities and plantings, ! Is representative of the new look in the garden today- The individually dtvi'pied kitchen in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo tiubor is the'result of careful planning and a thorough knowledge of the family requirement:;. Beautiful to look' at. with knotty pine paneling and cabinet fronts, this has every modern convenience, from its'"built-in General Electric surface units and ovens, to«tho laundry equipment in the pantry. These homes will be open to the public from 1:00'to 5:00 p.m., and the flower show featuring arrangements in cups and saucers, -will be open from'.1:00', to 8:00 p.m. Tickets may be obtained at Too- goods Jewelry Store. La Porte, the entrances of the homes, or from any garden club member. All proceeds will go to the Garden Center Building Fund. ELLA CINDERS :hori*K» Plumb and Fred tat tori iN, ) > ; PJ CAX" PJ^n $£is^STA-'/ As AMERICAN i THINK /AY AN "INTER- ^ ,THEY ,V,!SHT • roS&iZLy HiT Y£?{/.' T.Y. Log CHANNEL 2, KPRC FRIDAr 5:00 Looncy Xovai 5:15 Sun-Up Cartoons 5:30 Superman 6:00 World At Large 6:10 Today in Sports 6:15 News; Weather 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 >"ews Car* van 7:00 Truth or Conseqi- 7:30 Life of Riley S:00 Curly FOT 8:30 Star Stupe 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 News: Weather 10:00 Bier Story 10:30 Rome Folks Jubilee 10:45 Les Paul— Mary Ford 10:50 Sports Desk 11:00 Tonight 12:00 sigm on Lt. Hooks Assigned 1 To 1st Armored Div. FORT POIJC. La.—Army 3d Lt. Ra\-nionc5 L. Hooks. 2-1. whose wife. \'h"ian. lives in Baytown, recently was nssigned to the 1st Armored Division "at Fort Polk. La. Li. Hcwks. son o' Homer L, Hooks, 419 E.'Fayle, Baytown, is tlie ath: letic and recreation officer and j ammunition officer in Headquarters I Batten.- oi the division's SSth Arm•i ored Field Artillery Battalion. PLUMBING REPAIRS FHOXE M' ' TEXAS WATER i AXD PLUMBiNG CO 1104 S. Pruitt St. Plumwood Addition OPEN FOR INSPECTION DAILY TO $ 16,500 $ 1 1,400 100% GI's-No Down Payment! OYLY A FEW LEFT Otf THESE TERMS Baytown's Most Exclusive Addition... All Brick Homes... Paved Streets, Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters We Are Just Storting 18 NEW HOMES Buy Now a nd Pick Your Colors COME BY AND SEE DOC RICHARDSON BROWN BUILT HOMES, INC, DEVELOPERS & BUILDERS Drive North on Hwy. 146 to East Fayle . . . East on Fayie to Dal* . . . North on Dale Two Blocks to Field Office PHONES 8429— or HOUSTON HU6-1088 POGO By Sam Lett LEMME Ifff A JJ5tY M' IS OUT HERE Here And Tliere . . . In Wlnnle-Sfowell no'!'-; I.-HOM .JAPAN* v,-:vh •...;,.. :.I::;i:i : ..s j : , J;?pi.r.'for lh'- 'iO-u:.:y r;j:;r,u;:;i \.l:ri h:r. p?r- r-i-. :hr- j'-:•.-,-. ;.n>; M'ri' C K. ,M-'.-!i.r:r.o". of S-.ow,:-::. On jrs :•,••:-.,n: J. D. v.-:;i f,:,,...,; .,......«; -,....;.,.;.-, ),, Cal.for:!^ '•••< . rt 1 ll'.^'t: Schooi. .io:.\s rT f!.rr$ M'W- Kos"--::a,;y M,' .•.. f .i:L;/)v L/ons Hear Report On DA's Office fl.'i ::isi'i.. ;.;;•(,:::• o;' -.:;•.• .-!-.... r.'.ir.s 1.!'1 r.i y'.- <>'.;•.(•<• ;>.! !..-.( ;• r,- k -!i; U «< -'Kiy «!!..••::;.•• ;i •. '.ill- T.f.M:;: K''. .-. VV(,.-i •>:.;!'. , h. I -.::' :'!.,• !«A ;; !.i<'!i.. : ; v ; ,: ,., •-;! .. ,>'. !,;-,, r,ff;.-,, t" !••:•.•:• ;,,,.;.;( ;,;•-<! :: ;„-,: ;,, ,j M^ \v, r. y;,;<r Tciiriil'i. Pni- ! ].;.!•• i!i;,,;r;i;:i-f- f- A'li.-f :-.ii,fi. r;;st!Tl A)!or>••:' ^ • , J;n, J':--,.'...'. Jrrry \Vjr,- . iii;niMi' C/tr.;.r:r.y Tax I.V- v-r:: :-.:i.i I- r.-.!. ; Wr-tr,* 1 !. Co- vr.Tt ity o.' Texas Freshman si -•' ij' .iii, :::;.'•: o u a 1 i f i o d for the K;.-q K.L ciii'o aflcr v/!r.n:n;; out in r'.--.rr.^J::r--y .' rc-cont'y. Miw .'"•„ .'.U;:rr.::;. n 133*1 gradual'.' of East Ch'.T.hvrs High Srhooj. was out- .'•'..•i:id:r:f: in athletics during her - r ;i;';i -' r '. i ::'.>Oi carcx;:.", having rc-D" r '- r'.i'ut*-; the .v.rhoo; in tcrs.ii.s s.t. the J-'i.'iU- rr.'i''-: Lragi;o Mcf-L . c .ljf r.j.j'"0 \';.'i.' ^f •3(:''tr-ci on the All.--,',;!•.-- rear-. :n ba: ::'jtba]I. ! : ne is ih',- .-j;iugh'.f;r of £Ir. and -Mr: ; -. G. B. M-Adams of Winnin. OX JjrSIXKKS TRIP f'. J Jo.-". 1 -, of i'lO'.V'.-ii is on a r .::•:. ';•.!. n tr.r; in Ht;:lc^vij!c, X. C. i H' ;.i l r'-i'.-'Oirig b 1 .' pifiJK'. \VKSI. Af.o visrrort -•'.•" Mi:; .-,;(.• L. S"oit of V.'cslaro : .'-: tl'.f , ; ;o;; : j" ;:jihsl of Mrs. John L. ';,;';•: n i;i \Yinnit 1 . Ail<:r En^fr ->'::•. S'.oM -.vilj leave for Ashland, oi-,;<,. IN HOK.SK SHOW .Syivi.'i !i'r-.kirK, '.*, rlaojrhl'T of >"; (.!,(j .M:v. T. .3. liuskirit of r"..''V.-, i;, i".;; j:ar!.;r. ;palf in th<- annual !•:;;: r;',y hor.s«.' Know of the K'l'ic.'ii- arrj Jirivilf" club for the b<.:-.';f:l of :h. : Poiio Foundation. Th«- fcin/'.v will be held! at 2 p.m. .S:;;vJ; : -. . Apni A ih Tjrrc!) 1'ark near Beaumont. Sylvia is <;rrt!;i'-!i!ig in bujirir-crs' horsemanship arii. in the costume class. TiekH ir,-iy bf purchased from Kylv.a .'or :'•> cr ; n :. She will ride of :h< stable horses. Shfi ir> a fourth gra/ic pupil at East Cham- SATtJROAT 8:25 MorniiiK Prayer 8:30 Mr. Wizzard " 9:00 Children's Corner 9:30 Pinky Let; 10:00 Cartoon Carnival 10:30 Uncle Johnny Coons u:00 Fury 11:30 Bui'talo BUI Jr. 12:00 Saturday Serial 12:30 Winchell-MahoncT 1:00 Saturday Showtime • 2:00 XBA Basketball 4:00 The Way 4:30 Annip Oakley 5:(K) Roy Rogers 5:30 Soldiers of Fortune 6:00 People's Choice G:30 Bis Surprise 7:00 Perrr Como S:00 People Arc Funny S:30 Star Theater 3:00 Georsre Gobel 9:30 Hit ParwJe 10:00 City Det«ctire 10:30 Studio 57 11:00 Movie Spectacular CHANNEL n,KGUL-TV FREDAT "i:0fl 11 Video Lane i>:.".0 News: Wt-ather 5:15 DOUR Edwards G:00 I Married .Joan 6:30 My Friend, Flicks 7:00 Mama 7:30 Our Miss Brooks 8:00 Crusader 8:30 Playhouse of Stars 9:00 The Line-l'p 9:30 Person to Person 10:on Bip Town 10:30 Weekend Theater 1:00 News; Sign Off SATURDAY 7:30 P.tiral Iteveille 8:00 Man To Man 8:15 Our Daily Bread 8:30 Capt. Kfinsaroo S:30 Ulnky Dink 10:fK» Mighty MOSISA 10:30 Tex«s Rangers 11:00 A<lvcn;::r,- 11:30 Man and Medicine 12:00 Lone Ranger 12:30 Cap!. /./irir.'KJ't 1:00 Western Star Playhouse 2:00 r,'^ Ten Rask'.-;baJI 3:43 Ouaiity Theater C:30 Lucy Show r,:::n j?tc J-X-r- >\ 6:30 Beat the Clock 7:0'.i -Talkie «."k.iiOn 7:30 S!a~e SI"— / 8:00 Two for Money 8:30 'Always '.Jan 8:0'i Gunsmoke 9:SO Kunyon Theater 10:00 P'oilow That Man 10:30 The Vise 11:00 Late Show 12:45 Siirn Off CHANNEL 13. KTRK-TV ! nun AY : 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club ! C:00 Foy Willing C:(5 Xcw>: WfaJher 6:30 Kin Tin Tin : 7:30 Crosshoads 8:00 Texas Spotlight Sj:15 Town and Country I »:.'50 U'hc Vise j 9:00 WrebtHnif 10:00 Xc\vs 10:15 Piati I'»K« • 10:30 MyNlsry Omnibus 11:00 S>ws 71:05 To Be Announced 11:20 Sign Off A;!ho-jsi; or.Sy one-fourth of the I'r.ned Srntf.s population Jivc.« in !:'•(- north.'.i. 1 :if rr. state*, thfv r<?- c.^vo uesriy one-half of *1! lamb | SATURDAY ! )!:i. r > Anthem; Praypr j 8:55 News; Weather I 9:00 Sagebrush Theater I 11:00 Into Foc«« : 11:30 Phenomena ' 12:00 Saturday Maniw* j 4:30 Wrestling ; 5:30 To lie Announced 1 6:00 Ethel ami Albert r,:3» Ozarfc .Jubilee 7:00 Grand Ole, Opry «:W Lawrence WelV- »:W Chance of Lifetime »:,1» Meadow-brook Music 10:9» Bowling frnw n-M IH*ek Cmt Thenfe? Off The B'jick SPECIAL 6-Pcsserigcr 2-Dcor Riviere, Model ^,6R YOU'LL GET A REAL BOOT OUT OF THIS switch fhe pf€ch W E'LL grant that you'll get a kick from just looking at a new Buick—it's that kind of automobile. But you'll have to take the wheel, turn the key and press that pedal before you get any idea what this sizzler on wheels can do to your spirits arid well-being. It will take you only a handful of happy minutes to get the idea. Just nuclgc the pedal—no more than a gas- saving inch—and you'll feel the instant new getaway that's yours with the new Variable Pitch Dynaflow* even before you switch the pitch. Just find a spot where you can safely and legally call out the reserves—then floor the pedal. That switches the pilch instantly— and in the same split-second you're at full- power acceleration and sweeping ahead like you never did before in any other earth-bound vehicle. And all the while, just lend an attentive ear jto the whispered might of that big 322- cubic-indi V8 that powers this spectacular performance. For that's the smoothest, the quietest and the highest-powered engine, Scries for Series, in all Buick history. There's more, of course, to make the thrills come thick and fast when you're bossing the Best Buick Yet. There's the deep, soft comfort of big interiors—and the sweet and solid .steadiness of that great Buick ride. There's the grace of line you can sec stretching before you— and the sure and nimble way this beauty handles and corners and tracks and targets to the road. So come be our guest at the wheel of a spanking-new Buick— just for fun and kicks and a new excitement. And if you feel tin's is the ear for you, we'll show you prices and a deal that say it's yours for sure. Drop in today or tomorrow, won't you? '"ftrill-a-MinirfeCiub Ju-.l drop i" c"<i drivo o 195A BuicV. Discover the now thri ricio. hondlins. P°« of anc! r,,;!ch-p-.!Ch per, orn - a r,co 'o bo hod m the Best Euick Ycl. *jVctc Advanced Variable filch Dt/naflnw i.i the Di/nnflmi) Riiirk hnihh liidtitj. It in standard on RoadmiKlcr, Super rind Century— optional at modest extra cost on the Special. Local Delivered Price Of th e 1956 Buick SPECIAL 2-Door, 6-Passenger Sedan, Model 48 fil/us/rafed above) is less Shan some mcdmls ot Ab« 'known smaller can Come in and Check! '$£' JACKIE CUAJON'"-. ON TV Gvory Saturday Evcnlro •* IOW fcmh COMMTfOWWC MTTH AWTOMOtHES Mi MniT MM* Will MM4* I PAUL PRINCE BUICK COMPANY 2MO MAKKH STRICT IAYTOWM

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