Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 13, 1965 · Page 5
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 5

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1965
Page 5
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*. 7" T h ? 19 5 selllor class of Gr ? dv row » James Morse Williams, Douglas F, Mote, James Mi- participate in commencement exercises chael Woods, Richard E. Keaton, Steve Emery Fury, ~ Not pictured is Jimmy Arthur Redus. Mitchell, Bettye Potect Bone, Linda Flo Hutching; second Israeli Grady Commencement MU «- S -t tS Scheduled NM Visit Tonight CLOV1S Walker 'Darkhorse' Cand ALBUQUERQUE (UP!)- The next primary election in New Mexico may be a year away but politics are being played for keeps across the state right now, particularity among Democrats scrambling to move Into the seat which will be vacated by Oov. Jack M. Campbell. Frontrunners in the Democratic ranks today are former Gov. John Burroughs of Portales and Mouse Speaker Bruce King of Stanley, but there are indications a so-called darkhorse from Clovis may emerge between now and the Democratic pre • primary convention next Spring. Rep. Bobby Mayfield, D-Dona Ana, has indicated a desire to run for governor but his chances generally are discounted and Asst. Sec. of Interior John Kely of Roswell also has been mentioned. Who Is Roy Walker? But the man mentioned most recently as a "darkhorse" candidate is Roy S. Walker, director of the Federal Housing Administration in New Mexico, and possibly the man with the best outside chance of getting on the primary ballot. Just who is Walker? A native of Clovis, the 54-year old Walker has gained contacts across the state through his work with the FHA. These contacts may prove invaluable should he enter the race for governor. His background Includes Sisler said response, both monetary and support-wise, had been "very encouraging" and said people had been found in several key counties Who were interested in Walker as a candidate. His Assets Mere are a few of the things some veteran politicians think might work for Walker: —His work as FHA director generally has been accepted well by builders, bankers, and realtors around the state and through his travels around the state as FHA director he has made many friends and contacts. —His work as FHA director also has brought him in contact with labor unions around the state. —His many years as an oil dealer, and his position as a member of the board of directors of the New Mexico Petroleum Marketing Assn., may give him strong support in the oil industry. —His appointment as FHA director came with the blessings of Sen. Clinton P. Anderson and then-Sen. Dennis Chavez and while he might not now have the active backing of Anderson, or Sen. Joseph M. Montoya, he does not face their anomosity. He also has friends in the old Chavez faction. —His work in the State Highway Dept. and for the State menccment exercises for University Park X. M. I An Gr ,^l I!ii{h , Sch ° o1 International Farm Youth Ex- *'" ^e conducted a . change delegate from the Jor-: l(xlay the sch ° o1 aduitorium. GRADY (Staff) — Com- Baccalaureate services were 13 held Sunday to launch the yearend high school activities. The class heard Rev. H. C. McCoy, minister of the Broad- dan Valley of Israel, who spe- C. L. Kay of Lubbock Chris- ™*Nazarene Church, discuss ciallzei in date production, will tian College will be the kevnnt* Looktn g T O T »e Future As The Future Looks To Us." Rev. Jessie Ramsey of Rosedale Baptist Church gave the invocation and Rev. J. B. Atkins of the Orady Baptist Church pronounced the benediction. live with New Mexico farm and speaker, introduced by Mike ranch families for about t \v o Woods. Mrs. Bettye Gave Poteet He is Shaloom Tlalevl who Hone will deliver the valedic- wi!) live and work as a mem- tory address and Jimmy Wilier of families in Dona Ana. Hams will make the Salutatory! l^ina. Eddy, and I/ea Counties address, llaievl will arrive in Las Margaret Truman Prefers Sons Not Eye Presidency NEW YORK (UPI)-Margaretjboys, Clifton Truman, eight: j Truman would just as soon William Wallace, six, and Har...... .. „ ... „..„. ... . J00 have none of her sons grow up(rison Gates, two. Truces May 13 for an orienta- ' R ' L< Journ asa n - superinten- with ambitions to be president. All seemed a little young, she tion lession with the State 4-H e n ( of G r a d y Municipal; Miss Truman, daughter of the added, to have been giving Club staff at New Mexico State „._.. „ „„ Schools, ttul make comments 33rd U. S. President, said when!much thought to politics. But University when he will be and recommendations for t h e asked if she hoped any of her' sh e said her eight-year-old """"" " """ three children would one dayl cam e home the other day tell""- of a mock student body scnior dass - briefed on the agriculture and customs of the poeple of New Mexico. the /^'^^^ S '«""««^SSu::;r^-'°l°vep,, b UcU I ,! She rem,«b«r,d ttat Edward Sumrall president O f i|lol d the nation's' highest office: e Grady sS'Cd ill r'! 1 ** lhtak ?'*'*%*** a P"t it mildly. You! won. many years of government!Corporation Commission, back work on both the state and federal level and also includes years as an oil wholesaler in Curry and Roosevelt counties. His position with the FHA puts him under the Hatch Act which foregoes any active cam- in the 1930's, made him many contacts in state government which would prove valuable in a campaign or in gaining delegate strength prior to the convention. —Both Burroughs and King paigning on his part and when reportedly will have problems asked if he were running for! in Albuquerque. A recall cam thfee members of the preseiitflunwons Wps to Wi city commission has alienated some of his fottnef backers and King will be reminded that he fought to prevent location 6f state office buildings in Albuquerque. Walker is a relatively hand* some man with graying temples and possesses a deep speaking voice which could become a valuable asset if nurtured. Me apparently does not have many enemies, and has friends throughout the Democratic party. Born In Clovis His father, now deceased, was a conductor for the Santa Fe and Roy was born and reared in Clovis. He has two sons, Gene, a dentist, and Lyle, a lawyer, now practicing in Clovis. He has five grandchildren. He still owns his oil company and commutes back and forth to Clovis on weekends. He attended Southern Methodist University, graduated from Chillicothe, Mo. business college with an accounting degree, worked in Las Cruces and Santa Fe with the State Highway Dept. from 1931-35, then was chief clerk of the motor transportation division of the SCC. From 1951-1953 he was state director of the Office of Price Stabilization. He is a former member of the Clovis city commission and active in Chamber of Commerce work there, making on behalf of Cannon Aft Base. During one of these tflpt. In 1960, he was mentioned By the late Sen. Chavez eft fi-p«9fBle gubernatorial andidate rjptrt did not run at that time., Me became state tor in 1961 and supervises 66 employes across the state,*/,, If he runs he it bound to hurt Burroughs in Curry County and in Burroughs' otwi 6dun« ty, Roosevelt. But right now he is no active',' candidate and saying little. However, he also Is doing nothing to discourage his buck* ers and as one of them said, "It's up to Roy, if he wants to run we'll back him and SS will a lot of other people." Clovisite Honored For Scholastics John Abernathy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hez Abernathy, 310 John Doe, has been awarded a plaque at West Texas University for outstanding scholastic achievement. Abernathy, a New Mexico Military Institute graduate, made the highest grade point for the entire year in finance at the university. CHECK ADS DAILY CLASSIFIED ADS SELL Drops Requirement as my father did... still does."] limelight of living in the White! c . hairman of ^ e state Democra- paing by a Burroughs-owned radio station (KRZY) against the 4 Counties Due SCS Aid SANTA FE (UPD—Four New Mexico counties will be assisted by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service in preparing watershed already is working to lay the i work plans for certain projects, groundwork for a possible runj The counties are Eddy, Cha- for governor by Walker. ves. Sierra and Dona Ana. Joe Sisler, president of t h e Gov. Jack M. Campbell's of- Clovis National Bank and viceifice said today the U.S. Agri- governor Roy said "at the present time I am very happy with my position with this agency (FHA). A lot of water will go over the falls between now and election time and I will do nothing that will embarass the agency or violate the Civil Service regulations." But Already Working over in Clovis a group Rut Miss Truman isn't shut-'House was for her "not un- ting the door on Pennsylvania pleasant" because "people were SACRAMENTO. Calif. (UPD Avenue. She said that as her'very kind." But she could have > U /' r '1 1J1 rl M t d Cfrktn C* r\}le\ti n. ! * si V* 11s4*>n»m **«>•».. _i. >. l_^ _ • ' j _. • i i. _ 111 At * • * tic Party, said Tuesday money had been raised and contacts had been made around the organizations. Dorman Urookey, state club leader with the NMSl' , FASHION IS TIME'S LOVELIEST DISGUISE... 17 JEWEL BRACELET WATCHES •ach m tot of em eMceftc*Mlift»t» reml • 17-teeieJ precision watt*. »"*** tM« EXCITING 17 JEWEL PENDANT WATCHES V with 750 acres of irrigated crops of bananas, tomatoes, dates, olive, grapefruit, and ____ rflrn. The farm also produces —Sacramento State College is children grow she keeps in : done with a little less "being 'a- sta * e ^ Walker's behalf. livestock and poultry His spe-,dropping a requirement that se- mind the rule which Harry Tru-!President's daughter while injfp^ cial interests are In dat pro- niors must pass an eighth man followed—"Find out what ^college (George Washington di/ction and rural community tfrade arithmetic test. It's ap- your children want to do, then)University). She said the spot- parently inn tough. advise them to do it." light often meant "professors Of 600 students who took the Miss Truman in prive life is:glaring at me 1 ' because of the ;Mrs. Clifton Daniel, wife of the Secret Service agents and re... „ < ,. ; „ the ! managing editor of the New porters who were constantly operate hxtonn-m St-rv i c e, exam Yor!; ^ ^ fa three"around. said arrangement,* for county — ' . . hosts for the young farmer's visits were being made by Larry lirown, assistant agent in liona Ana County: Leonard Appleton, Luna County agent; j Paul Hay, associate c o u n t y { agent in Eddy County; and Paul I Kemp, associate county agent in \ Ixa County j Halevi will be a puest in Dona . Ana County May B-28; Lunaj County, May 29'to June 16. Eddy County June 17 to July 7; j and L<-a County July 8-22. He; will return to NMSl' on July j 2'J for a meeting with the state j 4-H staff, and leave tht> state! on July 25. i T h * International Farm Youth Exchange is 4-H's two- way exchange program with, rural young people of f«fl other countries 1KYE is conducted by the National 4-H Club Foundation on behalf of th« Cooperative Extension Service. Thirty- thret countnei will participat* in thii year'* prop-am, with over 100 two-way exchanges. Th* Israeli exchange U in cooperation with the Department of Agricultural and Marit i m e Kducation, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culturt. Four Israeli! will visit the United Statet and four U. S. delegates will visit Israel. A foreign currency grant from the US. Department of State Is assisting with international travel. Los Lunas Gets OK On Improvement WASHINGTON (UP!)- The U. S. Health, Education and Welfare Department today approved a three year research, and health improvement program fur the lx>* Lunas hospital and training school. 'jfti» New Mexico congressional delegation said UK- program allows for a $88,700 grant the first year of operation to help j develop medical care and a treatment program to improve corrective »ervice». Th* program will work In coop* ration with the medical M-hool at th« University of New Mexico oi~SEUJKG? FA8? culture Department has directed the SCS to help prepare the plans under authority of the National Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act. Let Beneficial put In your pocket tod GET CASH TO PAINT UP... FIX UP... TUNE UP... DRESS UP ... any good reason! Just phone, come in, and pick up th« money you wantl It's the fastest way to take care of all your Spring expenses at one time. Call Beneficial nowl BENEFICIAL. riMANCK •YftTBM Loans $25 to $1000 en Auto, Furniture or Salary Beneficial Finance Co. of Clovis 114 EAST 4th ST. (Back of Singleterry Hardware) Phone: POrter 3-3468 • Ask for the YES MANager OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT—PHONE FOR HOURS €) 19*3, BENEFICIAL. FINANCE CO. I'--:GRAND OPENING May 13 -14 COLONIAL GULF SERVICE 1400 PRINCE STREET • HOWARD ROGERS •• LESSEE AND 7th & HULL GULF SERVICE 1301 West 7th St. • TRAVIS FOE - Lessee FREE REGISTRATION FOR PRIZES TO BE GIVEN AWAY SATURDAY, MAY 15th»5 P.M. ; NOTHING TO BUY— YOU NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN Duplicate Prizes To Be Given By Both Stations 1st PRIZE ... Your June House Payment Up To $100.00 2nd PRIZE ... Vacation Gift Certificate for $50.00 3rd PRIZE ... Two 7.50 x 14 Gulf Deluxe Crown White Wall Tires. 4tB PRIZE .., Complete Gulf Safety Car Chock, Service and Tune-Up (Ubor Free) 5th PRIZE... Free Car Wash Per Week for 3 Months. CHIIDRENS PRIZE 2-Fret Pouts To State Theatre Once A FREE FAVORS FOR EVERY VISITOR » WILL BE: Lollipops & Balloons for The Kiddos. Pot Holders For The todies Gulf Lighter Fluid For The Men. OPENING DAY SPECIAL! Free 6 Pock of Coca Cola With Each FilUup of Those Good Gtrtf GasoJi.esJ FREE REFRESHMENTS a.- CAR-GO GULF

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