The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 30, 1931 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 6
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srt THE 1A1LY MKWB, FREDERICK, MD, DXOHIBBB 30. 1981. mm BLOCKS F BRUS UP SPORTS . . By Laufer E OVINCTO*! '-, ^-U." C^= Must Be For World Title And Not in Miami, F!a. '-'-'=-~ SMORS ·£;-·: ,.C- H 'cJ ,--O'0 WALKER VS. Chicago. De--- 2S.--Jack Ks.rns :e=i- jxwirily KMied a" aegoUauoss today snatch between Max Srhnwlins. Orr- fMa-ri iltlehslfier. and Micsry Walter. Jfex Jersey challerser. a: Mas:;. Fla., K«arns, Walker's manager, wants the zcatch to bi helc tn Chiraro cr Los , ^^ -a ; " ** ^* o~--p* *o Xf ; qrY^t »« a "site unless MidiisO" S-^-are Gar- dec Corporation £ST«3 t the fol'.ow- Tvro Demands- 1. (Juan-tec- that th* bout will be Cor tie world heavyweight title. 2. Give Walker v.'hat Hearts cons.s- m*« a. ~\~f\~?-~ srM^rsni'ee £i:~ p?r^e«-ase. Vktf 3» i'* ^ r s r -- ^ _" * "I! they th:nk Walker ii ge.ns "° Fiorida and £3=*- -·'- co - tfc and caie they ire crazy," sax! K^arns. ·'Champictishi? fights are re: even permitted in Florida and Walker is not going to sae*: Schsicling unless the ti- ; tie is at stake. Chicago or ixs Ar.scl-es ; js the place for th* fight a° d * atn going to do everythisg I can '.a swing it to one of these two cities. The bout ·wiE draw S400.000 in Chicago and as : xnuc'a t= t*xs Angeles. whUe I don't : it would maie expenses ir. Fkr- Had Ability To Win Games Away As Well As At Home. V /HUIETTA Kea-ns Us* ol= ballyhoo ar-.iit and HtesBoer of the Dempwy-Rickard- ; Kearns triumvirate which produced the ; first millior.-col^r gaM in boxing, had j faeen strangely silent during early ne- ! foliations for the Srhemltng-Walker , tout, but he ^ going to do » lot of . giving from now en. ! Max In Tight Spot. Kearns knows Scnar.clins is in a bad toot right now. with the National Box- ; ^ag Association threatening to vacate ; 61s tine unless he signs to defend his ] HSOTO by January 4. and he does not ; Jntead to be pushed Into a r.on-titlc · bout in Miami. ' Uxiicatior-s point to Chicago getting ; ATCDI?S I C U B S SHJGGERS PYROIL Uqiiified Graphite saves your U motor, saves gas and oil at the r? ii cost of Ic the gallon. gg SAJLESMEN WANTED * THEMABYLAND · PYR-OIL CO. · B DISTK1BLTOKS B · roolesviile. Md. · m Phone 16-J P. O. Box 47. J ^BBBBBBBBBKBBBBBBBL. 9 ia £ \ . ! | New York. Dec. 29.--Ability ol the i S:. Louis cardinals to mnlntafr their [ winning ways on th* road proved the i deciding rector is their dash to the 1931 National League peasant, official ! ncures released by league headquarters j reveal. The playing site meant little j to the champions who set an even pace ] all tie-way, with a ·winning percentage i of .C92 on the-r home Jot and .618 on j J *c r tr'ir^* soil, | The New York Giants, who finished ; iecor.d in the race proper, had a percen- ! tage of .649 at the Polo Grounds and 1 .493 on the road, with 37 wins and 38 ; losses. s Four other clubs. Chicago, Brooklyn, i Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, played i iinr/r.g ball for the home foli. but I re!! eisastrc osly on tour. Cln- ! cinnati and Boston played no favor- 1 itcs. Icsing with equal facility in any; body's park. ! Cobs Best Sloggers. | Other assorted figures divulged by I the -eague statistician show the CbJ- ! caso Cubs v.ere the leading sluggers, drcv: the most bases on bolls and suffered the most strikeouts. Rogers Hornsby's ureckers had a slugging percentage oi .422. getting al| ntcst on« base Tor every tiro tunes at | bat. They knccked in the most runs. j 766. cirew 577 bases on balls and were ; itrike-out victims 641 times, i Klein Walloped Ball. ! Among the individual stars. Chuck i j=? I Klein of the Phillies, was the most I y . consistent in hitting for extra" bases, i y i At bat 594 times, he hit for a, total j § of 347 bases and a slugging percentage \ y . of .584. Homsby was second with · § ; .574 and Chick HP.fey, of the Card?- j Jj I nals. third with .569. Ten players j *? Prof. R. W. Pond World's Greatest Psychic I cuaraalxe t» «U jiw nxoe la full aa4 UU JOB the object at j«ar iliSt. without ufciBg JOB m «aesti«B- S* positlre «m 1 ot mj power t» teU yen Jnit eiacUy wi»t yos wint to know about injocc or liijtiinj; abort friend*. rnrai«. rivals. who's trw, wio'» fzlsc. bcsintu. l«c. mir- riace. divorce, property »Bd invest- BrnU that I *ill n=»ke «" rh»rt». oalnc yoa *re perfectly utisfird. Yos to be th« Jcdgr. U in trouble ol any kind, distonteoted. unhappy or hare domestic troubles, yvn will be told how ta overcome them It yoa «re jeparaud from the one yon lote. «r lonely and despondent. see tee tal» tery day. ETtrytain; toaOdenUa.1. I teaeh elalrroyancy. persocal mzsce- tism a=d deretop weak mediums. Call and learu »fcil nosderfel cUta you may possess. Srre ttis adTertise- ment for fotsre rererecce- Special tow fee this week to this aij Prof. E. W. Pond Koom II«. Seeood Ft rear. Hours 12 aoon to 9 p. o. 31cCrory'« HAGEESTOWN, MD. That 1932 may ring in greater happiness ta all, is the sincere wish of THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOR OVER 100 TEARS 1828 I . . . . 1932 !. v.-cre over the .500 mart. I tiium SOS's manager, previous;;.- has an- aiouncsed that he is willing to accept she 5200.000 guarastee oSered by Kate fcewis. Chicago Stadium matchmaker. gor the snatch, provided the IlllnoU teglila-ture legalizes 15-rotrnd bouts in Shis state. Schmcling is opposed to BO-round bouts, maximum distance permitted in Illinois iso^"- The Eliaois Legislature reconvenes J*mrary 5. and tadicatiocs are that a US-round bill will be passed without Apposition by January 9. G;-orse Gitz. Chicago sportsman anci aieoiber ol the iffiinois B3xics Commijsior.. who has jbeen behind the bill. is_con5dcnt that it wSi succeed. THURMONT TEAMS PLAY : y : V Do You Remember One Year Aco Today-- A second wM Sraous sports fisure. William T^ Tilden H. aiar.cor.ed aniateurjim and JoEowed Bobbv into movir.s p:c- ilder. sigrcd ;i cc-n:ract to tures. tesirt.s films. Five Years Ago Today--August (Gerr--) Herrmann, president of the Cincinnati Reds baseball club, announced the purchase of the Columbus dab in the America:: Arsociation. to be used as s lam; :r Kcd b^cboSi properties. Kins Definitions. ; Kate Lewis: A Chicago fight promoter i who is trying to make people believe he ; stlU thinks there arc enough saps in the i world to pay S-00.000 to sec somebody fight Mickey Walker. Joe Jacobs: A director of pugilists who would believe S200.000 a very nice pri;e for h's heavywciKht champion to meet Mickey Walker if he could aiso ; bring himself to believe Nate Lewis '.really meant it. : Max SchmcHn;:: A heavyweight ; champion of the world who would love ; to rest up for an evening by fightir.p '. Mickey Walker any place you c-ui think of. -S * * Flit; Pc?gv Joyce. Too. i Jimmy Johnston: B'g shot of Madi; son Square Garden whs wouldn't offer ; S200.noo for Max S:hmeling to npht a i round robin with MicViey Walker. Chr.rlcs RetZiafT. Stanley Porvla. Steve Hamas. Strar.gic-r Lewis and Aimcc Scmplc McPherscn. Jack Sharfccy: One of the managers or Ernie Schanf. Tommy Loujrhran: An old gentleman who keeps wanderin:: into the rins by mistake. Coi^i; to the v.-ro;ii: corner bc- 'tveea rour.cis ar.d :».-!::.;: pleu-^e lor a place to sit d.""-v:: v.'licru he- can think th'ngs over. Hrr.if S-"hr.:it An arn'oitious y, with n rain slra.ngi.-ly rcnjmiscent of Krmte Hanson's. i Just Nice People. ! Leon See: A COth century Phineas T. | Bamum who is about to be chislcd out : of his v.oony hnrsc by certain export j faiilifiower carpenters. i \V:ll DuHy: O:io of the uforcsaid ; artii-ns. and one wh» would ch'sel the .sn'.il? ctl t h f fa.ce o: the Mo:ia Lisa U . loft a'.cr.c v.-ith t!:c l.'.ciy for seven min- j ·utcs.. j Prlir.o Corners: The woolly horse, to I \vhoaj a b.-.giu! of oats is much better j than a. kick ir. the pant*. Pa Birifeiii-.c: A wcll-buUt =TUt!rM*:i:i tram Georgia who tumbled Knockout: An ancient custom dating back to the period umr.edialciy follow- Jack Dempsey: A young fellow who is just beginning to learn the value of money. Jack Keams: The fellow who beat Jack Dempsey cut of the world's heavyweight championship at Philadelphia a fev.- years back. Gene A country gentleman who Mice had a serious light with Harry : Grcb and whl latsr read a book. ; Sport Writer: A person who just I laughs. Did You Know That -- Err.y Pinck?rr. All-American halfback , , i £.'. Southern California. :s by way of gemal : a .,,, fvl _ cartcwnist . . . the ^f.,^^ bu;ter has a J£b all · to a lo: of money by confus rig the ^^ up ^ a Los Ar ,,. Ics ^^ c , after Uv? cf ,i^rc:jst:« and pugilism. ; gra " daa .; ou . . . he has been chief car- D-r-tsblc- VcH S:r:b'.:ns: A pretty fair : j oon j s t f o r the year book; ftr.d for Pig- ci.rrr v.ho :'.! victim t^ Pa's confusion s ^i n . a pamphSet- sold .it. the games . . . Shamrocks Wallop High School Outfit By 38 To 16. The Thurmoat Shamrocks went on a coring sortie in the fourth quarter Tuesday night to shell out the Thurmont high school quint in the town hall ; by a score of 38-16. The game was a clcss efla'r until the last minutes of play (~hen the Shamrocks went beserk and : avalanche of points. Bob Ambrose, fonnsr high school athletic star, was the "big shot" in the fourth period splurge of the Shamrocks He drammed the basket for seven field g:a!s in the last 10 minutes to com 1 - pletely demoralize the scholastics. Ambrose played a sterling brand of bar tl'.L- entire game, rolling up a total ot 2C ' points, more than enough to down hi former mates single handed. · The high school quint lagged fron- the outset although it continued u '. menace the Shamrocks until the las' '·· period got under way. The count at ha!' · time read 10-6. and as the teams start- jed the finale it stood 17-8. "Hun" Am- Ibrose was the shining light for the los- icrs. getting all but six of his team's SJ y 8 y Sf i? We Again Extend At This Merry Christmas Season A Sincere Holiday Greeting We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed, Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth St. »t Pm. K. K. Phone 9M. GoingOutWith'31 Oar. Entire Stock of -X- TT * Loves To Help Oat. Boxine Co":n:isf:on;r: A politician Err.y is chief hoicarrier for the Trojins j . . . in the 10 games or. the regular i The score: Thurmont Shamrocks (38) G. F. 481 m'nut« . . ^ «· Ambrose. ho would have you -i:.imp:rn f^r a cox o .T;:d:;c?: A cxipl:- of declared world ; CP.IJIC c:~.;srs. fc;Io\vs who usu- the rinsrsidc and SiRht differently schedule, h? littie more than three r-.criods of every . and he played 60 minutes. \± , ( - r « a = e " Markell Ford · f.-^rd Err.y only played 53 ' 50 seconds. ninu:cs am ,, ' E-chclrz. s 0 I Ten Years -V:o Today--7 hi: New York Yn-kecs r??allrf Frrir.k - L f - S t y t OTtotsl. p:;r«r f,--r :hc S^n Frt:nr^co Miss;or. club ir. M-.c- cc.:.:-: ::JS-:i'. and BE2Ounc:-c r.-7 would be t.-.i;e~ rcath on the annual spr^s :r^.-:n^ :r:p. Missouri Ace Citv Leasnie riaJ p:ck-.:p was dc- r.:rtor.-Hi.-.v..r Thc English Cl-.annel was first crossed by a balloon in 17SS. by a skimmer in *8"5. airplane ::i -305. r.-.ctcr boat Totals Thurmont Higb School (IS) G. P. R. Bales, f A bwabshdl v..t? throw- i-to the I pe:--r.a::i chsr.ces of :hc Ksis::?rr- Tucs- I ' ciay n:?hi -hen ;r.e Garbcr'j Bal-:cr;.- ! ' bowling tear;! iocV: ali three gar::cs of j a mi'.ch from :h« 'crn:cr Io3^i:c-lend- j ·;rs or. ;.he D.r.r.:cr,d alleys. The tr:ple i 192?. row boat in 153i' ar.i ty glider ;stottlemyer. J t!iis vcar. An All-TrJkie-America Pair iSaltsell. c '. M. Ambrose, g . E. Bales, g ' Totals -... Standing of thf Clabs. *V L. ·: Z'ICT its'.or.a champion- · Hustlers basietisll tears that : secsid Bie S.S csr.'cr £h-p ir three case seasons. Mas s G. L. Bitir..r, Go. conscerec th= c:;tstar.dir.s defensive Crj-ital LaitnCry pl2?er i:i the ccr.ferencc sr.d is also : Garber's Bakery leadir.g st^.rcr. That is the rt^arnn "ports ho ~?.'e.s ar. AII-Arr.erica basketball se- Friendships .. tectitr. .:-, ii .-»;·:- 'Eagle* 24 21 '.0 T PC' -5S3 .523 .235 .186 c--- Dubei. piory. Timer -- Birely. Scor- ] TITLE AT STAKE .-. ~'af~ : .»::; c»p: the RofC Ai:-A~:rlc.-i playrrt facfd the camera ir. t'-c c'.hcr 5.»y. ar,3 ·.·\u-:".y ,1 r.r-s- rxper-.or-.rc to either. The ?·-'..:; l.i--'.;.- if Miss Dc-rctriy .-r ·;·- -.r:r-:,v=. Her .-jc.-.t: ·_' GeralJ i Jerry 1 DV.ryr.-.p'.c. A'.'.-An-.rrU'a or.d :\:v. "' :.'.* T'Jl.-in-* Grcrr. Wave t h a t rr.rour.tcro .uihcru CahiOrr.^ in 3-vvl f^xlall cl«sic of Sew Years Dai'. Second Half Pennant Winner May Be Determined In Soccer Loop. The second h»'f McFsdden Soccf-r I.p.i^a pem^nt winner may be deter- rr.ined Sunday afternoon when bctr- "rcicrick and Clearspring. the preser.- l-:?JTJc-lwier?. meet opponents capable ·-:' ttoscttiag their championship aspiia- ::-.-TO. Frecerics will trace: to Bagers- t .-r. to meet the Hamilton A. C.. and O^rcpris will pay a visit to Wer.- -.-r"? Field ir. Sranswicfc to meet the F.ri-nx-r. c' that place. Of the two. Precerirk his the p^sier .-,=.;.;r.m»T.t. The locals measured the H.-.-^rstowri eleven here ir: the first I-.-'.." ?.r.d they ·R'ere r.-ot as strong then -.- =.t prcfcrt. The Hamilton team. .;·"-~vor. packs plenty of power and -v-..vd Clearspn=5 trouble last, week ?r. .-crort^r.tty to hrlp Frederick to -;^.- ^.»x:d half prm-ir.t- by turning .--ri Claar?pr-rsr. like Fr-"li-~.rk. is «reatlT improved over the The jeason corses to a e~o« oa Jan-.:.-.-- 1C-, with Frederick playing in , Clrarjprlrg. If th« league-leaders are still tied Sunday nisht, the last con- tsst of the season wiH attract a record crowd f:r the Washington county toTT.. The seccc.d half winner w-.H . play Williamsport, the first ha" p:or..for the title. Com fed in at one of a new machine bu'.l; in Italy is turned the form of a completed loaf of bread in 20 rnin- i utcs. Rambler sbows advance quality at 1914 prices, A roomy blucher that gices Comfort ana long SFCOT. THE BENNETT SHOE STOEE Foreseeing a period of severe readjustment we are taking the bull by its horns and offering our entire used car stock at prices heretofore unheard of. You don't have to wait for low prices . . they're here now . . waiting for you! Frederick Motor Co. USER GAS. DEPT.--East B. 0. Ave, 117 West Patrick St. Phone 1092 I F it's Sales yoa're after, we'll power your printing with SALES IDEAS. · If it's Distinction you're seeking, our taste and typography will reflect refinement. · If it's SERVICE you demand, we'll deliver on the dot. CARDS MENUS FOLDERS LETTERHEADS SOCIAL. FORMS SALES BILLS BUSINESS FORMS THE NEWS-POST JOB DEPARTMENT Phone 380

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