The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 16, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1918
Page 4
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PAOK mini. THE HUTCHTN30N MEWS, MONDAY, SRPTIQMBlSR 16, 1918, THli HUTCHINSON NUWS_ Or ^lCIAL PAPER OF HE.NO COUNTV W- t. MOPOAN, EOlTQHt |.&TAG'»16HED 1B72. ttnlfrcd at lii* lOBtoffltc In l*"*?** 1 " ... i.- t-,>» 1u > n ifci>iiiti throueh the sen KHII,, !'•<• truiiMntMloit ttirouek mulls <L .f Bi -cur .d >^iLsd mailer, TELEPHONES. I 'uuincjn Ujnce No. di HI uh'iijj j >c|iui Untiil Nn l &Jitui mi tuti'ina JNu fci'tuny i^.ni'-r rtu. TE H MS OF 60B8CHPT>o;f, I.»auy tti' mi. tlrfii vftwi IJJIIIT fUiJ pail o. f ialcttiiiMoii* iU'ctli'fi a w« Uy nidil, o< yiar 13 It/ huui, ./x HiwiUlri Hy uiuit, Lttjfct ni'iiin. •"> Ml.UJ. ulm UJUIIHI Svti-i.^ ,\twa. uuo yu*r TO CHANGE AODHfcSIi. in L>iOv:t .g liit? H^IJUBH of y-'Ui paper l'u.')i„in«»i; .VJjiJKliibo MS wt:il i*» the / DVERTiSEMENVS. llin .Sewn tes-.jvfcji ilu« fib*'< f lo /'CJ— hti,\ iiuvi i usii.g uiiLttir tli-u IL itiny vocm tifit'itii«>iH uiiitiitii tT disn-un Untied L'MJLN ioi tt.^ijty mi'tiiiiftH, cards ci»uy a jiJ I 'tiurcti sjctisJ*. leciuiu noticus, bcri .-K i\j m u ( Liutififcrwd us wivi'i ti»lii|t f.lHI full bt ;),v(((t-*l JOI. "IIIL * ^Ln'.eiu uiiic ».B ot this pM'er are tb-l'j ibiu ctirvut. Nyw York City, and u<..uir.* itJi-;,.i is Tiust iiuiMuiK. City, AJa, fc; [v;iia .U*wu*iiijf Agency lr thai ^P. AdvfciUslnK rates mado known on aiipil TtUi-phuno i .t'Wh ttuin* to lid 1 .1.rial U<»-mi*. No. or IMtii. 3 .... 3 . to t ;ek. ,3.y0 1.1-0 . yo .40 k'Cl by of so 9 at MEMBER OK THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tlw A«Mi.-ilwl-Tr <*8 exclusively on- Cl .liiT t'i .h.. » S u fur W"™™"^*^ ncwh crwliud tr» II or not oIhcra, .so rw • lid 'u I'll" paper and ula.» ' OCA1 l,U A , ! 1s, V ;i .,u r, ;,'" - riH .«i t l ,.n of «.eclai ««8|..ilcHV« 1.,-rBln uro :0so .cferved. The Sidlinger Drug Co. J'BES'JBIPTION SPECIALISTS Telepnone 01. Ko. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson PLENTY OF WORK. ' Tlio \ has lois of Iron* b]"; ))r. CTJI'I /lo(l>:,' labor worth a ' (rui; no otitis how ho mny twiM ' iiml doiil/lo. pome joli will track * 111n> In iiis ICIII . Where is the guy » who useil to iiuittcr, "I enn't get * Avork, howe'er I iry; t (f liko to * ffirn my hreml nnd bvitlnr, but. ' 'Xmliirif: iloins'' Is the ery." He * usrrl to eoitn\ wnh £n\\ Immortal, * nnO hmiil that kind or tnlp to you; ' yon dltl not shoo him from your ' portal, brratisr Ills story mluhl Lc r lrt;e. You i )tin<UMl liiirt a pip or 1 iiiuffin and said.. "Poor man, your ' fate is dire." aild watchod him f while lie sat thi.Tf «iuUte" his in- 1 nards, like it lttmsc nflre. Hut now 1 ii some one comes aHpeilliig ot ' lack ni work, and fake* like those, ' yon bump his head against tlio ceilinc anil Cluod liltn tvltli the garden liose. V«r.i know ai once that ' he in i'akitis:, yon lanyh to scorn ' his pUintive yelp; employers ev- 1 ci'ywhere are hronking their wish' bones rustling round for help. The lazy man has no CXCUPPS with ' which to fool the kindly guy; the ' stress of war has cookpd his ' fcoosi s. and he must go to work or * die.— \\';ik Mason. THE CROWN PRINCE. Thero are those who hope ibo Crown l'rlnce of Germany, the eldest son of the kaiser, won't bo [oollsh iuid got shot or stuck with u bayo- , fnot. UV want liiui saved for exhibition |i'.u poses, after Clerninny la licked to a faroyouwell. We want (he Crown Prince brought lo Kansas r.iul paraded around just to see If ho look;: t)n> way "Ihcy tny" be doeB. The Crown Prince Is to be just a common Hun without a title or very much of any otln-r thing at the end of this war. II the war ends, as we Bio boiling it will the kaiser's phleut (ton will have to go to work for a living, but wo waul (o liorrow liitu tor It lii|; slioiv, first, all over Ibis country Winn peace comes again. The Pro.-.-n 1 'rlnce would be <1UIU> a .tight. He could loll III lijs lecture, how lie tried to.edge through at Verdun and Jus,t nearly a million men; how be ttii t! lo gut to Paris recently and left a large pari of blB army l .vlni; dead on tlio batllefleUl while 1m tvds t'<,uttit!£ for )>is lilv toward -tlta. rr-ar. Let's hope Ii? dofsn'l get in the way of shell or hltr.tpnel, get gassed loo much or punctured by itti American bayonet, lor we want lo use him tvlien llermajiy i.i only a inemory on Ibo iwap of Kuicpe. THE HUMAN LOSSES. The August hsue of (lie (iuaratity News tells of money looses In the war, giving some va»l figured. It telle of the cost of the four yeurs' •wnr lo tlio .-even leading bi-lllKi'l'eut •wtiuni lieinn the slupendoust sum ot |t;M,0bJ,iK'iU'i>ti ti(> large that it Is almost inc'.uit|ii'i lictti-tble. It is at the rale of .-tlwu f l,)7!UUiu each hour of the (lay for the lour years of war. la regard to Hie losses of human life ;in-.l the riillllons of the iiennan fj.liy 1/ijnred, tlio Guaranty News k »)•!•: "Ilul (In- greatest and most, iriv- lirrttble ki.^„ entailed by tlio war Is, <if couree, tlio loss of humnn life. It In the ern!6ti«l,ln!i'»Ut-o lite 1 B it jjrico- Jcsf tli1i>B. ;i!itl uo vuluo can ho set uiwii II, Still In'ecououiiM, as iu all pilitr .•.cienc-B, In treutlinf of man. euiotliuiaJ eoiihiUoratloiKi arc n»t aside find it purcl? ocouuuUo vajuo, in tortna of mauiiy, Una heisn I'lacod Upon tlio Jufli.iduj;, uitoa vfm Us }>9i «AtW productive power. Thus Mr. M. Barrial, the crlebrfited actuary, gives (he following figures an the capital value of man; In the T'nitetl Stale?, $-1,100: in (Ireal Hrltnln, $4,110; in (icrmatiy, $S.:!80; In Frntiee, $2,!i00; In Hussla, $2,020; in Austrla-lltingnry. .fS.ICO. or an average capllnl value for the five foreign nations of $2.£!C Tlie number ril men already lost is S.fif'H.fiOl) killed, and 7.1 <'',000 pertnnn. ently wounded, or. a toial of l .'i .OSI,- W0. Thus .society lias been impovi r- islied through the death and permanent disability of a j-Jirt of lis prod ic live mau-power to 111'- , -\I( 111 of $-l"v (lOO.OUO.ono." DID THEY SURRENDER? After the hot fight In the St, Mihiel snliejit was on the Certn.ins lalmly and cooly nnnouneed in Merlin thai they had known of the coming offensive and "had withdrawn" the soldiers and punfi. Who ever gave the order for wllhdrnwnl evidently forgot (o get word to Ibo twenty or more thousand General Pershing's soldi', ra captured. Germany's lines of communication evidently are net what they might be or these men would have been warned, Kltlier this is true or the twenty or more thousand held by General Pershing now were Just waiting for a chance lo surrender and took it. It begins to look like the newest republic of the woNd would be Siberia, the sore in the side of respectability for a hundred years. If Siberia can recover from her prison fame, forced on her by the Kussians for so many decades she may turn out to be one of the great countries of the world and a credit to the republican form of government. General .March says reducing the Si. .Mihiel salient will put the Hies in a much belter position "for future offensive operntions." That has a good ring to it. It is the style of fighting (hat will finally mean American soldiers, marching down Main street, Uerlin, land of the Prussians. Federal court* have recently found the head of the I. W. W. guilty and sent him to prison for a term of years, In spite ot bis supposed personal popularity. Also the. man once a candidate for president If to serve a sentence of len years for being convicted of disloyalty to his government and flag In time of war. Down at Camp Howie, Texus^ the 142nd Infantry is composed wholly of Choctaw Indians and they are about ready to go overseas and try their method of warfare on the Huns. The Indians are all loyal in this war. Enough prisoners to make almost more than two German divisions were taken by the Americans In the first action of the Independent First American Army. All they need is the opportunity. The Czechoslovaks mutinied on the Austrian battleships. There is coming that day when the Austro-llungarian government is to pay the price for the enslavement of the Czechs- Kansas farmers: are sowing a big crop of wheat this fall. In all portions of the state. It Is a good way to take a sure swat at the kaiser and Ills bunch. f Abe Martin We believe we prefer Hi' feller that, never changes his shirt C In feller thai never changes his niiiifl.- It took tb' kaiser almost as long t' git bis teeth n.ved as It did t' git ready t' lick th' world. of i.e Utile mother fully confirmed them. Why will people be like that? l)y "being like that?" 1 mean being censorious and Ill-tempered when people who nave been forced lo use tneir Judgment In handling their affaire have done the, wrong thing, Wc nil know husbands who do that sort of thing. Wives as a rule don't get u chance to. That is. not lo uielr husbands. llut thai it is only the opportunity and not the inclination tney lack they prove all too well by- treating their mothers or any one whom they dare Impose on Just as their husbands treat them. H anyone is put Into a position where be has to^-make a decision for you, and if he does the best he can, it Is a bully's trick to lash out and blame him if he has not done just what you wanted. True it takes self control not to be Irritable under such circumstances to anyone, who will stand such irritability but It is my private belief that St. Peter has a sjiecial star for the crown of people who overcome this temptation. OVER OUR STATE, An American bark has Just sunk a pair of Hun submarines, somewhere in the Atlantic. It had to come sooner or later. * <?• <:> «• «> <$> 4\*:$> <8> <?' •i' <i> <$> A SPECIAL STAR. «> * i «> •i' By Muth Cameron. <* * . « My neighbor was plainly worried. uer daughter with wnom she had recently eomo to live bad gone to town leaving word for her lo order u half bam for Hie Sunday dinner. The butcher hud just come and had no ham on hand except a whole cue which he refused lo cut; and my Uuigbbor could not decide what lo do. In liur perplexity, she came across lo the doorsteps whero 1 was waiting for my Interview with the butcher mid consulted mo. "Why don't you get the whole ham?" 1 asked. , "I 'm afraid Kdith wouldn't like that it takes BO long to out It up." Then you'd*betler get a piece of 1,-iub." "liul' John doesn't care much tor lamb." "A roast of beef." "Kdllli doesn't think thle butcher has very good beef." "Tongue?" "We bad tongue last week. Oh, dear, 1 don 't know what to do." tShe is it sweet old thing and It smote my heiu't airings to sec how worried she looked and how her voice trembled. "Just do the best you can," I cpuii- sellell, "and of course It will be. nil right. Supposing you don't gut Just what alio wants, It Isn't your fault, you can't be expected to read her mind." - 81ie assented doubtfully iinil wont back to the butcher utid 1 objurgated myself for not being of more help. And yet how could 1? lOdiih is one of lliofio peojilo who know vory emphatically what thoy want and menu to litiYO It. Never having buen ono o» Uer family I tsouid nut actually testify that sue miwlo buroolt disagreeable when anyono dldjrt do the right thing but 1 bad sawaya bad «atf eH8rtl'fow>- A»A arorrtmjiM. There are 56 boys and girls in the hie,., school at Sylvia this year, a good showing. The lied Cross rooms in Haven are to close all day Wednesday for the Kansa.s .State Fair. Count that Sunday lost in Ellin wood when there js no ball game, if the weather Is good. The rtiiinglon Enterprise prints some good letters from the boys over in France now and then. Great Bend lias been having some fire hydrant"'teste recently aud everyone Is talking about (he pressure. The "grrfnd opening of the skallng rink" in St. John was last Saturday uigut and the place was thronged, "they say." Lawrence hoe a soldiers' welfare club hostess house without a place to gather, since the university term has opened. The owner of a 480 acre farm in McPherson county is trying to sell it so he may go to war and fight for his country, Sterling had an auction sale of a big quilt given by the W. 11. C- to the lied Cross, on Saturday evening, on Broadway. There are more than a half million dollars deposited in tlio bnr.ks at lu- man, which makes an excellent snowing for that community, j inney county is to vote on tno proposition to put all roads under the direction and supervision of the county instead of the townships. Burrton is to have a mixed band, composed of ladies and genl-s. It Is safe to say that all of the time will not bo spent tooling ihe horns. A wriier in the Montezuma Press says tin* kaiser and his folks are whistling lo keep up Uielr courage, Inaf they're whipped and they know- it. DRAFT SERBIAN LABOR. Men Between Ages of 18 and 55 Summoned for Harvesting. Washington.—A notice calling up all the Serbian male population between the ages of 17 and M has been published lu the newspapers of Belgrade, according to a Serbian source of information communicatod to the Department of ijibor. This is Interpreted to moan the cpllecilvo forced recruiting ' or the purpose of harvesting for the AustroJiungarian military stores. Announcement that all per­ sons of both setes between the.ages of 11 and 60 would bo considered as liable to be called lo work. (ARMY CASUALTY Lgf) Thr» folkm-tnp rtwiiflltios n»v reported l»y the Commanding Urnrml of tlio Amrrlcan Kxpr-ditlnnary Forces: MJjtpinK in avium, 32; woundwi severely, 45; died of disease, 1; wounded, decree undetermined. 4; diet! from wounds, 7, Total, J»t>. DIED OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: Ind. Privates: OnMnve Harry Hulloek, T^trniMre, l-'runlt Cooltsley. \\>Insert, XPI*. Fred K, Jonej*. I fun Irdnit WlllUim I Viper. I.uvt'rne. Minn. llHiry I. Mimuldt, Fi.-inlt. Wis. Andy Tidlt, I^-hnli, Allrn. AnlHiuis WrtU'fliiiiiKfcy, lUnoklyn, N. V. DIED OF DISEASE: Private: * Ijiflter VieU, Hussellville. Ark. WOUNDED SEVERELY: Corporals: •Wtlllnm M- ppvivuey. S. OhtcMrn, 111. Rturxls F. ruirtin. Tne Fork*. Mo. KdwTn llenrv (Jrirflth, roller, la. Kenneth I-A-IP Minimi, Murs, I 'n. .lann\* J, Hallitlflv. Furr-kn, Ciltf, William IL Harn.i, Or»-f. Y.u Oscar Hudson, MinM'iin-'e. Ind. Wilfred HuntiK>n, HIiiKhnin, I'n. Howard J'uul stu-noffen, clianitK*r*- burg. IM. Merrell Bdwuril SineUMl. Hra/Iionl. I'n. WHinn- Frank Sutlers, Chamhersluii't. r». Frank Toomev. (;rntnn, Mn.vt. >tov 1^. Trclill, Wiilit^tnn, N*. P. William J. WMdiKT. Kitifftnn. Ind. Bugler: Uulpli WlllJam Sl»'*fry, Itnulfu'd, iM Cook: Alnnr-D Ilnvmonil >!«r:lii, llinrl^inp, I'n. / . privates: I lay m on d H. Aelit i n in, \\ !lkr*l IIIK, Pa. I 'aul W. Alvater. S!. \AH\\*, "MO. Clinrleff Wn.ldo A inlor.-"Mi. I'I A nkllti, \\\. John JJ. Ansel, Utirn.-sille. N. Anthohy I 1 . AniiJn, Now IVdford. Mas.". William firm-fr lii^is Frnnklin, Fn. Tolllff M. Itippfis, i;«m*pt>\ illc, N. C. l.^dore HrMiixnn;i, Prookly u. N. V. t.eorge Broderick. St:nen Island, N. Y. ./ni»eph Biikott'ski. I ')i\r;iK(\ III. Nicholas T, Fji ^mell, New York. N. Y. Adlurd A. CInnK, I'awtnekel, R. 1. W41Iiajn II. Havle. tutaw.i, Onl.. Can. WTl-btir DolUt, Lnj-KM-te, li'd. William H^Kun. i'ol<«M, M*». Ha'-old Howard, N'.nro Hanu 1 . ind. Whiter Quihey Jfueklehrrry, Hill. Okia. Kivlnd Jaoolwttn, I'arley. Minn. <Tar«nee H. JtiluiMHi, Chlcag-o, 111. Car] W. I^nv.sun, ]I;imnii>n 4 Conn. Frank Lynch, l^uisvilie, Ky. Mai the w J, Mv'Nally, Summerhil), Ireland. Clarenen MrQuiUv. P.urord. O. .lullus Malaeh. ('htenRi*, 111. Francis W. Miil^y,' Fairhaven. YU TXivId Martin. Ulnduuui. K\\ .Iaiv>h c. Matthews. Ke-ii T;ai)U", Ml^s. Chin lea .Ioi*eph Murphy, l.or.c Island City, X. Y. * William Henry Nauss, New Cumberland, Fa. WOUNDED: (Degree Cndetennfned) Privates: Julius Shechler, Minneapolla. Mir.n. Vlto X. SlWcttJ. Torito. Hilly. •Inmi's Henrj- TavJor. Fall Ulver. Mae:'. John V. WaJsh, Chicago, III. MISSING IN ACTION: Lieutenant: Ueuber IJ .-Hnsklll, Ule.hmond, Vn, Sergeant: Isa C. T. Huney, Cahlwn T-fill, Ala. Corporals: Harold' T^owt^r KrH-te, FtirestviHc, Mieh. Walter ISdward Hritz. DeUoir. Mich. Mechanic: A rl hur F. Fresetvi i , Dorchcater, Mass. Privates: Krvin Jfeon- Charles ^Vdlr-r. Monroe, Mich- .Tnrk A. Adler. Cincinnati. O. Uaymont! R. Alhert. IndianarKiM*. Jnd. ladure • Alt man, New VorU, N. Y. l^ouis Arlt, Cinetr.natl, O. Anthony Frr.nk Piixn^r. I><-tr(iit, Mich. •Mortimer fl 'Tiiinn, Aurora, ID. Kuc'nc Joaeph Hernier, Detroit. Mlrh. Alfred Oliver IToudHo, Monroe. M.leh. Lloyd Joseph Boudtie, Monroe. Mich. Hay Moyetr. Rwlnp.'JIl. Clarenr-p Brodiff, Monroe. Mleh. Ilohmri A. Ufudar, Mnyville. WlR John ll&ymond Cliord, Philadelphia, Viu Harry M. Ooopor, Cochran ion. Ta, Thoiiuf* W. Pulley, Newark. N. J. J^flae o. A. Davis, Weymouth, Ma«s. Itnim*' WiMUi'iii Dun more, Monroe. Mich. .Hamlet Horatio DuranL. Dotrolt, Mich. John F. Kiran. Host on, Maan. Ttay Oeorffe, Kolin, Mont, t'harl.s T. fiolt, Mellon, lud. John n. Oi-.iham, )i»Tln h;y. Calif, James W. 1 1 ueny, Mu ron, ^a Frederick J. Ilarter. AYitten„». D. Oleo C. Hf-uc-han, Muncie, Iml. Cltmciit W. Hildotnand, Seattle. Wash. X »lK*MB<rtt>."S6Md- fet eeldi— tptir Iht *out^d.» trt.tra.nt-" ICR'S VAPORUB^. NEW PRICES—30c, Mc, <t,20 PUR TRIMS SATIN AND VELVET SUlTi men arc tlolns lof the c^hae of the ,..nes. She has -been muoli Inicrpst- ed In tne war program ot the t)e- Itttriment of I,nbor. ' "A great change has come/estnr the people of the United StafeB f ahd over the American Women In the six months or so that 1 have feeen here," she said before sailing tot home. She told of the great Intprosl-and ehthus lasm women have manifested In th6 Liberty Loan and Tied Crtjss earn- palgnn, and how through care In food conservation"' they havo left available ftiod for Belgium and France, She declared that few persons outside (he .munition factories had any Idea of the great number of American women who have taken up that work, Mnny s of them are women who had never worked before, but they are devoting their entire energies .lo this aprvice. she said. The tendencies of the times, she declared, are bringing women Into the full responsibilities of citizenship.^ OPFEftS ASSISTANCE. Social Service Director for Northwest Department Planning Aid. Washington.—lied Cross organizations of the Pacific northwest are making plana to' assist women who enter war industries In every way possible. Mrs. Anna Y, Heed, social ser- ylee director Tor the Northwest dlvl- sldn of the Red Cross will make a careful study of the effect of tho entrance of women Into Industrial work. The results of her Investigations Will be made public us soon as she has had an opportunity lo compile them, It Is expected. MARINE CASUALTY LIST The lollnwinff cfleUHltic-f, ni'd reported by the Commanding tlfrnoral of the American Kxprdlltenary Forces; Killed in action, wounded In action. Moveroly, :'; «uunib -,I tn Hvtton, degree tind^O'i'iniii :d, •t; IIIIMSJIIB in action, '10. Total. IS. KILLED IN ACTION: Sergeant: Myron H. l>tt!H, Plymouth, Mich. Private: J,ec J'ttzpr. nnjmm'i'KVillr. O. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Severely) Privates: Roy. striegel, Burlington, Kan. Clt'oiKt* H- Wtasmnn. Winnt-tka. 111. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Degree Undetermined) Second Lieutenant: •lacnh H. Jlwkmon. raixiiiieth. S". .1, Wounded In Action, Degree Undetermined (J'l-evloUKly reported missing In action): Privates: Mux nrariley, SiUumlr, Hnlln. Mussia. William K, niUIinuer, Dsytoi,, dust A. Itiritnun, rit. I'lul. Minn. MISSING IN ACTION: Privates: Louis .1. Rondeau, Cohocs, N. Y. ,lesHp M. .lohnaon, HpokiiiK', V /ash. John Kurzawskh Albion, N- Y. Arthur O. Qucck. Jersey City, N. J. Omer A. Itloi-, Valley, Nob. Jam^s II. Itolerls, HaJtlinore, Md. J^-sllr 'P. Sbapton, Chnrlevoix, Mich, Olmiles M. Hbontz, Shamoktn, Pa. Wllbei -t W. Sinclair, Woodstock, N. It. Andrew J. Sullivan, Mooic-s »rl <lg<', MM. Waving the flag Is interfering a great deal with Jude Johnson's work. Atchison Globe. To keep lemons, put ll\em in a Jar of clean white sand, so that they do not touch. Perfect Health is Yours If The Blood is Kept Pure Almost Every Human Ailment Is Directly Traceable to Im- Purities In The Blood. You cannot overestimate tlto itn- portauco of keeping tho blood fruo of impurities. When you realize that tho heart Is constantly pump- iug tUI# vital fluid to.alt porta of the body, you can easily BOO (hat any impurities In luo blood will cause serious complications. Any Blight disorder or impurity that creeps into tho blood Is a source of danger, for every vital organ of the body depends upon the blood supply to properly oerforni Its functions. Many' painful and dangerous diseases ar« the direct result of ft bad rnnillttfin AL UML<bluoiL IHQ most serious are Rheumatism, with its lorturing pains; Catarrh, often a forerunner of dread consumption; Scrofula, Kczema, Tetter, Erysipelas and other disfiguring skin dlseasos; -Malaria, which makes the strongest men helpless, and many otber diseases are the result of Impure bload. You can easily avoid all of lE£se diseases, and rid the system ot them, by tlio use of S. S. S., the wonderful blood roiuedy that has been in constant use for mora than fifty years, S. S. S. cleanses the blood thoroughly, and routs every treatise of Impurity. Jt is sold by drusslsts orory- wUere. For valuable literature and medical advice freo, write today to the Mudkiul Dept., Swift Bpoolflo Company, ai gwift Laboratory, Atiautti, Here is a stunning conservation suit which Is patriotic although elaborate. Since wool Is tabooed by the real American woman heavy silks and satins will be popular for wear thrutigout the coldest months. Fur will be used extensively for trimming as it adds warmth to these silken materials. The suit pictured shows a pleasing combination of two "wool-less" fabrics. Satin and velvet together make the Buit very appropriate for dress or formal wear, and the elaborate fur trimming adds richness and warmth. The distinctive feature is the coat with its velvet panel back and front reaching almoBt. to the bottom and edged with rur. In the back the panel hangs free from the wide crushed velvet bolt but In the front it is gathered In forming a graceful waistline. The body of the coat Is of henvy satin heavily braided while the skirt is of plain satin with fur about the hem- Note the hat with lis abbreviated brim at the left side and the spats or fawn color which match the hat. This matching of shoe-tops, hats and- gloves is a new fancy which Is very pleasing lo the eye—but hard on the war-time purse. TAKES MESSAGE HOME. Englishwoman Returns to Tell of America 's War Siplrlt. Washington.—After a long speaking tour, in which she has delivered 232 lectures In 228 days on the work of English women in the war, Miss Helen Fraser has returned to tell her English sisters what American wo- THE MAKING OF A FAMOUS MEDICINE How Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegetable Compound 1* Prepared For Woman's Use. A visit to the laboratory where this successful remedy is made impresses even the casual looker-on with tne reliability, accuracy, skill and cleanlinws which attends the making of this great medicine for woman's tils. Over 360,000 pounds of various herbs are used anaally and all have to b« g athered at the season of the year when icir natural juices and medicinal suo- sUnces are at their best. The most successful solvents are used to extract the medicinal properties from these herbs. Every utensil and tank that comes in contact with the medicine is Bterilized and as a final precaution in cleanliness the medicine is pasteurized and sealed' in sterile bottles. It ia the wonderful combination of roots and herbs, together with the skill and care used in its preparation which lias made this famous medicine so successful in the treatment of female ills. The letters from .women who have) been restored to health by the use of Lydia E. Finkhsm's Vegetable Compound which we are continually pubr liahing attest to iU virtue. BELL-ANS Absolutely Remotes Indigestion, Druggist* refund money if it fails. 25c McVAY LIVERY TAXI-BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. I »MY9ICIAN». H. S. BREVOORT, IH. D. Practice Limited to Office Treatment »f Chronic Diseases Rxaminnllon and Dlafn 0 *!* Pf.*. IH West First 81.. Hutchinson. K.n.«a Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Office with Dr. Louise )\ Itlchmoia, aults 63) florabamrh-wlli-y Building, Phone 2652W. TESTING EYES AND FITTING SPECTACLES Is our specialty, Prices reasonable accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Comrriereiat National Bank. Phone 3359. 11:2b 12:10 . »:2t ..12:01) . ?:4ti . (.15 .11 UT t:tw 4:io <:titl K:dt »:io »:u6 a. ui. p. m. p. in. Cuticura Soap is Easy Shaving for Sensitive Skins Tb. New l)p-«»-da«a Carlcara Method AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Sappf? aid Repair Hones AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St. East Auto Supplies, Tools and Garage Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kept, Stromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings. Phone 3000. -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"— THE »VanZandt IMP •* DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO: Autoinobifes and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 first West PH09C243 HAILFtOAO TIME TABLES^ SANTA FB No, 2 Tho Navajo S:0» .No. 1 Oilcasu Limited 4:06 tiu. 6 CIIICUKO I'-'xi'fusa No. k Sunla klthl No. 1W Tho Scout Nu. 12 Ramus City l'"Uor..., No. but) ^aaat-ngev No. 66S ruHsengur No. tos 11. & $, Passuiiiior Ar No. 74 \Vs.v vVesluound. No 1 The Scout 6:66 No. l.The Cttlitonilu Limited.. S:4U No. 6 The Colorado lCxproas... 6:65 No. 7 I'urso Fast No. 0 The NUVHJO No. 11 Culorudo KtLtft Mali.... No. 61i6 Poaai-nEci No. 66, l'HSfct'nKer.,.., No. »67 I'ajm&nser ., No. 6Q7 It. * a. l'assenger.... No. 73 Way Freight tMaltl line) io:oo tie. 11 Way l'rclcht l Branch line) ... 7:66 MISSOURI .PACIFIC, casTDOund. No. 421—Local raaacneer 10: No. 464— lA »oal ruMgenger 4: Nu. 4S6—Local crcignt 12: WestDoond. No. 423—I^ocat l' 6 No. 433— Local Ptuuenger ». No. 40t—Loc»a Freight Ii; ROCK ISLAND. ej&i- Qouna. No. S4..Ar. B'.JS c ni., ocpart S:46 a. m. u. m. p. m. a. m. a. in. :10 am 36 pm 10 pm :10 Pm :35 am ;40 am 11:16 a .m. 10:10 p. m. i 11:16 p. in. 7:!I0 a. m . 5-10 p. in. No. 4 No. I No. B0, Local Fre'.jrat Will Bound. No. J No. 3 ..„ ... „u No. 33..Ar. 6:26 p. m-, Deport 6:36 p. m. No. 81, Local t'ificht 1M0 p. in. ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN. , Easlbound.,. Elcctrto tr. Ins ror NTSVton, Wichita and Intermediate ootnts leave liutcoinijon at 6:30 A. M. 6:30 A. M.,'Llmltali 7.SJ .\ ,N> , »:15 A. M„ )(«!, A. M. lt:60 A. Jt.. Limited-, 1:16 P. M.. 2:36 P. M.: 1'. M , Limited: r.:15 P. At., C:M P. M.. 7:55 I> .M., 3:1.", P. M., 11:20 1'. II. ' Wosi. jund. Electric trains from Wichita, Newton and Intermediate points arrive at llulcn- Inson at 7:40 A. M., 8:30 A. M., Limited; 10:15 A. M.. 11:36 A. M., 12:66 P. M„ 1:611 P. M.. Limited; 3:35 P. M., 4:56 P. M.. 6:60 . P. M.. Lhtlltod; 7:35 P. M.. 8:66 P. .U.. 10:15 P. M.. 11:86 P. M. 1:30 A. M. WICHITA WMTCHINBON Arnold Auto Go, Marmon—-Haynes Dodge Brothers Phone np7 . Automobiles » E„,t Flrit^BV DAT/nv —"The Most Beautiful > , ITAiu -A car in America" The Salt City Motor Car J3o. 123 Sherman East Also Studebaker Parts and Service Electric Battery 6 Repair Co, WIULARD STORA0E BATTERIES OI6Tr \ieUTOR8 FOR - Und by 87 Per Cent of All M«mu(actwwf LARGEST PATTERY RPPAIR STATION IN KANSAS, ttts Sherman Bast. Phone W— FREB INSPECTION OF ANV BATTERY AT ANY*TIM8 i Directory of the Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg. Elevator service day ant olcat. AKCHITliJCTS, MANN <1 GEROW > Roome 72).22. phone !15»"A-T^ORNEYS WM. H; BURNETT Attorney-at-Law 608 R.-W. Uldr. DENTISTS I. <l. JONES, Dentist, Suite «12-1». Phone SOW. KHYBlOiANS AND SUKGEONS H. M, STEWART, II, O, '. SulU 111. Special Attention to Eye, Bar, Nose and Threat. Glaesee Accurately Pftteet. Dr. Ktu MuodelL Dr. W. M. MuaSaO. ERS. MUNDELL, Bull. 631 H.-W. Blojf. Poojie IWIW. G, A, DtASPCb v PHYSICIAN AN9 SURGEON suit* int. Office Phone HIS, ' Wea. fKcne 174J. DR. LOUISE F. RICHMONO. • ''• Suits SZI, .' Office plionf ?W2W« .flfVdw** Hltn 0. A, CHICKERINlTI, Phytlcan-Swrsttw, lit* m *W* m t. M^* T * B|t,.A, G, aiAUU Phyililan mi Stiraeon Special 'Attention to Diagnosis, . ,- Rovm 60j.- 'Phones!'iflWce SSSSV/.. Rtsi, 1651 •" Or. H. D. STERRETT Pruottoo limited to Eyo. ear, nose and throat. Room (if, Rorabauifh-Wiloy. BWB . STume |6S«. piSTJJiA^GS Virtu ""'I

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