The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 30, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER,'HAKRISBURG, ILL., F R I P A Y . J A N U A R Y no, 19-18 ^·PMBPBPP^^^TM ' The Daily Register (ElUbUihed 1869 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sunday* and holidays at 35 South Vine ·treet, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, MRS. ROY L. SERIGHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, 'Editor and Manager. · 'Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. "Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year in advance; S1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three 'months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole Judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either, as a news item or a paid advertisement. The 'Daily Register, 20c a week. Barney's "Win the Peace" flan How To Relieve nahitis ·Creomulsion relieves promptly be- causeit goes right to the seat of the ·trotible to help loosen and expel S laden phlegm, and aid -nature ·fo soothe anel heal raw, tender, in- 'jtoined bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you £ bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it SHy «a5ys the cough or you are CREOMULSION *forCbuehs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis MERRY-GO t». «., V t '·· O* · f t l t o f l A R S O N ful. ui.bcllMi battling by the" j American anny for peace--working hand in hand with the major moves by tho United States gov-1 loriuuent-- to win tlii.i battle. Hut ' i t can be done. And it we work hard enough, it can prevent war with Russia. Cholera Loss Hog cholera causes a loss ot about 12'A million dollars cad, year 1'KAKSON Says: War w i t h Russia i s "'t necessary if U. S \ works at battle of peace; Soviet hopes »for American depression: Many iiulividual America n^ enlist in cold war. , (T.ilitor's Note -- Today. Drew i PC u.son in liis series of columns '0,1 f S. A.-U. S. S. H. relations, itell- how the struggle with Russia ican be won without war) \V\SH1NGTON -- \Vhcn Herbert Bayard Swopc coined thc phi.ise "cold war" for his 'friend Bonne Baruch. it was another way jof saying that we have to fight ! to \\iii the battle of peace. If we don't we'll find ourselves in a hot The Daily Register, 20c a week.; fay carrier boy. To Soy the Least, This lain! bloody war. The trouble with fighting the · battle of peace is that there are ino trumpets, no parades, no uni- I forms. Vet in actual fact thc urgency is just as great as when we I are "at war. And even though Congress, as ! usual lags behind the people. I ; am convinced that the majority jof Americans have come to realize that we've got to continue the patriotic endeavors that attend war without the killing that at! tends war. . | For thc plain fact is that there !is no easy road to peace. It is a long, .stiff, rocky road. It costs almost as much in dollars and effort as does war. The chief difference is that it doesn't have to cost lives. , Looking at our possibilities of ! future war from the vantage point of recent trips through both Europe and the United States, the conclusion of this observer is that jwar with Russia can be avoided. It ican be avoided if we arc smarter than they are, work harder than |the\ do." and outmaneuvcr them ! in the battle for peace. j This is a large order, i gentlemen in the Kremlin are mighty smart people, on top of which' they show a disposition to I work at "the job of stirring up 'trouble in Europe much harder (than we work at the job of stabi- who make up the backbone of America, can broadcast messages to the people ol Kurope. Local radio stations can do a lot to help him. AMERICAN MAGAZINES There arc all sorts of other people doing their share in the battle for peace--so many 1 can t even begin to list them. A lot of magazine publishers, for instance, arc sending their periodicals free to American consulates abroad .where the consuls set up reading 'rooms for students who w-ant lo [know more about the U. S. A. In Lyons. France, I visited an 'unhcatcd, crowded little room i where French students sat reading American literature. \Vhen a mg- gardlv Congress curtailed money i for trie State Department's information program, U. S. Consul Ho- J ratio Moores had filled this room J with magazines patriotically sent by American publishers. In Mar- 'seilles. Consul General Cecil Gray has done the same. Then there is Mayor Mike De .Salles of Toledo who is urging I foreign-born Americans to write ! their friends and relatives abroad, i especially behind the iron curtain, 'refuting" Communist propaganda I about the U. S. A. ! And by no means least of all. ·there are the several million ! Americans--the Chambers of Com- imerce, the service clubs, the vet- lerans, the school children, thc j farmers and housewives who got ,out and worked to put across thc '.Friendship Trains. All were help- 'ing out their country's foreign policy: all were helping to win the battle of peace. ' It will take a lot more thought Hogging thc Market South St. Paul now leads all thc nation's livestock markets in receipts "f live lions. YOU BUY St. Joseph ASPIRIN T ^A/ w WHAT IS YOUK LISTENING PLEASURE -- Chuuli iiviniiV -inil Music, Dance Hands, Hillbilly Music, Classical, rr-ml oSeri sirrlii" Marches or Folk Songs? Did ,,,, know that \ u u can suit your own individual taste in recorded ·misic -- without having to buy one single phonograph recoiil? Not onlv this, but ou can change your selection of recording a "often as- vou desire without anv cost to you! ihis can j». ilnne over anil over again for thousands of times, if you Sin a WEBSTER PORTABLE WIRE RECORDER. Make Iho recordings yourself, in our own home, and play them instantly. Continuous recordings can be made for cither 13 minutes, one half hour or one full hour. Each can W ol-ivetl or erased and re-recorded thousands of times without Jlv addil iSf 10 you. The WEBSTER PORTABLE WIKK RECORDER plays its own recordings as natural as life itself. Ide-U for use bv Lawyers. Teachers, Clergymen. Schools. Students of Music. Students of Speech. Clubs. Sheriffs. Home Gatherings, etc. Indispensable for use by Funeral Homes. Very reasonable in price. For a FREE DEMONSTRATION of this recording sensation of- the twentieth century in your own Home. Church. Club, or Office, call telephone number 48G-R. Eldorado or write -, SLLSNOSS By HARMAX W. NICHOLS He and his colleagues receive been a raost to up the lemon trees. |hit lc'. Milk and sugar, 3 to 4p. Other breakfasts cost up to 80p /or a family of four..Thar means yon save up to 60d a day with Quaker Oats--a'sav- ing of $15.00 a month. This cefeal has long b ( een famotisffor 11 "" extra · energy, growth'lnd health benefits. Get a big, economical package of Quaker Oats today. $?/// Costs £ess heat wave butted above. New York · became one big igloo when 25 inches of snow gave the city the '"whitest Christmas in 'man's memory. i It doesn't make sense and what's ; the answer? Is it the 20-year cy- 'cle? Sun spots? Is ' something or other ki Sometimes, like when the changes, they miss. [y 4,000 of the 11,000 get 7.000 are U11 ,.v^.,, or people who are civic minded. The bureau sets them up in their hobby by providing them with instruments, like rain gauges and thermometers which stick on the upgrade to record the. high temperature and clog down low to give the minimum during ~ - " govern- , .. A United States of Europe · whereby Europe can recover political stability. This is just as essential as the Marshall Plan; in fact more so. Because the Mai- shall Plan is sure to fail unless Europe is given faith and hope--a political goal. 3. No depression in the TJ. S. A. -this is just as important as aid Business of Great importance to Corre Before This Pres. Guy Price Sec. Fern Moore HARRISBURG TRADES LABOR ASSEMBLY Bill Matthews. Pres. Clarence Vaughn. Rec. Secy. Tfie World's Best-Tasting Ccresi · \J£. 4.J.111 U\/kr*i%»* »*«O · - - -- lerman to find out how they work 1 and what they think about it all. Sometimes They Hit ( . The weather bureau -- the big. ! national one--is housed in a clus- !ter of buildings out near the 'Georgetown section of Washington That's where the brain work jis done. The bureau has 520,000,1000 a year to spend on forecasting whether we'll have pea-plant- ling or overshoe weather here and there tomorrow and next week. ! The weather man is hated and 'loved by turns, according to how- accurate he is. Such a man is Ivan R. Tannehill. in charge o£ reports and forecasts. . there are 400 . In the big league there aie 400 j ^ , major stations or " fir st order s.a- · f m e r a i i capitalism | tions." as they are called They sa » c j; k ..- T 0 pre vent infla- noi depression a things such as ( . make complete observations with complicated instruments like ra- dioscopes .(instruments tied to bal- . loons which go up and radio back atmospheric conditions.) These professionals are members of the f r bureau's first team. They send }oi their stuff in every- few hours. ^ coded. The doggondest code you H* ever saw pr i ce controls will j .-m American people's army | leace--this may sound ideal-! and visionary but it isn t.: 1 how" many individ-'j are already work-: er saw in« at the job of peace. Take, for At the last international weath- I^JL- *«»,.:«£ ishor. Tor keep elestnca! appliances in good working order Electric apples out of adjustment or irregular in operation arc low in efficiency, dangerous, sometimes costly. To S * *c l»«t from ihc household Helpers you H*vc, be sure to keep; in tip top shape. Check vm-; and ccr.r.cctions, if performance of an appliance does nsi suit yov. Avoid more cosily repairs by callins your clcclr'.c service shop today/ 1 . · · » ' "* '- Live clccUic 2 !!y and enjoy Ac difference, bu^bc sure you 'gel full value fo; the electricity you buy from the appliances you own. CHECK YOUR APPLIAHCES TODAY CENTRAL ilUNOi PUBLIC SERVICE ~ "" II1U labL i m u i l l « l l . i u i i u i \ » t a u i - . -' er conference delegates from instance, around the world argued for three Irvm 0 weeks about it being too compli- J complicated that even some of the 'experts can't d-cipher it without help from the code book. ican labor. . i. AYL international c in Brussels. is 2 about the_ job of i j with j. winning them away 1 ·^K^^i^^eS-s^^HF^ 1 That. sir. is science, f u t ^ n n e i s doing more for peace! tne 1 i l U t * i l l . 10 a V - l ^ l i V - W . J^UV 4 . U « A i t w 'hill, a pleasant little gray-haired J? rovn man who rolls his own cigaretlcs. £" a " ?. 'says that we oughtn't to make fun i"310 L of grand-dad and his bunion forecasts. When rain is coming, he by said. Ihe air gets moist and shoes ' get tighl. Sore feel. Tomorrow, we'll go inlo the actual business of forecasting and maybe even make it so simple we can all play thc game. more for £m j coplc peace the ll «, ._ is being done! Amalgamalcd Clolhing i They are setting up a ; factory in Italy to teach t labor methods, prove that American labor is ,. odden and that Italian » doesn't have to be Commun-. i:..iv.. Simullancously. Mrs. Sherwood Anderson has gone lo Italy, for Amalgamated to set up \. M. ( C. A.'s and American sports duos . among Italian youth. 3Irs. Robert Bootcn. - Another labor leader active be- Correspondent , j,j n( j ihc intcrnalional scenes has ' , been David Dubinsky of Ihe Inler- ] Bccchcr Williams and \Vcbb national Ladies Garment Workers. ( Williams returned from Mcxicr who is close 10 Vice Dernier Saturdav night. Sarcgal of Ilaly and is credilcd Mr. and Mrs. Guv DeNca! and with helping Persuade some of j-tns. and Mr. and Mrs. Grovci the llalian Sociahsls lo bolt Ihc I Wise v.cre Sunday dinner nucsls Communists .__.__,,_ cl Mr. and Mrs. Robert DcXcai. AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS Mr. r.nd Mrs. Grar.t Kiesel of ABROAD Ba!,k*ton \ifilcd Mr. and Mrs. Two other fine jobs of building Clarence Foster. Sunday cvcnsr.a. American friendship arc being piu Mrs. John M-.IHganV cordilior. across by Ihe Pans cduion of Ihc contm;ic.s lo remain critical. New York Herald Tribune and inc Seieral children have been ab- Rome Daily American. Tne Hcr- Mr.t Iron-, school I«cc2u?e o! ill aid Tribune has been carrying on r...s* and bad weather. for many years--at no profiU and ;rs. Lillic roster is much im purely as a good-wijl *ermc to proved after suffering for thc pas: the U. S. A. It could double its MS. montns with a rr.rc disease circulation almost overnight it ^t following blood poisoning in a could get more newsprint, but *o f, lit:cr - ^aic it hasn't got even a thank ,j .Mrs. Nora Tucc Wallace and you" from thc U. S. government, daughters -.isitcd Mrs. Walbce's " Less known is Ihe work of some 1-rolhcr-in-law and sister. Mi and cx-G. I.'s who stayed in Italy after Mrs Bob Kcnrscdv of Manors. lat the war and set up the Rome Daily i l week " American. 11 also is hungry for Kd Wells. Bill Williams a.vl newsprint. At present thc Export- Huiold Hull made a Jnp to Sikcs- Import Bank is loaning several U.n, Mo \-ssl Thursda. million dollars to Finland to fin- New lights and other repnis ancc shipments of newsprint lo liu been added to t!ic church the United Stales. But so far thc ] u . rc directors of the bank have not seen f,t to nod in the direction of these niF.LE THOUGHT FOR TODAY two American newspapers which God is infinitely'tr than arc doing so much in the daily bat- wst of us think." He tu«, much tic to sell the American viewpoint la say lo us if we lislcn.--P.s. US:- to Europe. . . . . , , IM: ""Thou art nigh C Jehova; Another fiqhtcr in Ihc bailie for ,, · _ ,. _ » . ,, · . _ . _ mfi. Tl*-'1*J*lt" ^ Pork tasty cisid fresh earton $11.69 ^^HK^MCBV 39c · · o o Pyre ig. EH iSl f B^e . 33c ? O O 9 9 O 9 49c Breeze ond pwdr.bx39c heesy Kroft f^ weshiiig powder^ box HI; l nou an lilHii \* o*:iiO»«:« ^ M i u t J i v i n^.nv.. ... »··- TM...~ .--- . : r.ri all thv commandments arc peace is Walter Lemon of the! jniih" " \VorldWidcBroadcasiingFounda-j tion in Boston, who pumps a con-1 r.iBLE READING FOR TOPAY slant stream of shortwave broad-; Jan. SO. To Give Grac«\--Ho- cssts over Europe. Asia and Latin · brews 4:15-16. America. Walter is planning some | new programs whereby the folks i The Daily Regisler, 20c a week.!from Sioux City to Sail Lake City, j Phone 1290R On Roure 45 'SFAFLR

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