The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 16, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1948
Page 4
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Engaged Dale Chosen For O*Srien-Baer Nuptials Saturday, August 14. is the date set by Miss Margaret Georgine Baer. daughter of Dr. snd Mrs. Ridgely W. Baer. W«st College Terrace, for her marriage to Mr. Donald Frederick O'Brien, .son of Mrs. ; Two Local Boy Scouts Now In New Mexico William A. Renn^^on of Mr. and , Mrs. Alvev V. Rena. and Charles, W. Ross, IV. son of Mr. and Mrs. j Charles W. Roes. HI. are among; 24 Boy Scouts and leaders froa the National Capital Area Council. will be performed before members of the two families and will be followed by a large reception at the home of the bride. Scouts of America, who are the facilities of Philmont Boy Scout Reservation in New Mexico. PhiUnost Reservation consists of 150,000 acres of mountains and wooded land, and is owned and operated by the National Council, Capt. Edniond Scavone. MC, 303 s" oy Scouts of America. East Third street. Frederick, has j Renn is serving as assistant lead- reported to Brooke Army Medical i er o f the group. Center. Fort Sam Houston. Tex., for j duty. He will serve in the Surgical j jirs. F. C. Kenyon. of Anchor- Service for Brooke General Hos- , age, Ky, is a guest of her parents, pital. -Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mantr, Rock 'Lodge, Braddock Heights, Mr. and ilrs. Merhle Bopsi, 403. East Patrick street, and Mr. and 5 Miscellaneous Shower Mrs. Walter King. Tsneytown. re- ! Given Bride-To-Be turned to their homes here this i " week after spending a week's vacation at Virginia Beach, Va. mony a reception was held at the home of the bride The bride and groom cut the wedding cake placed in the center of the dining roor" and Mrs. Tingling are now residing at 35*4 Pilgrim Road. Palm Beach. The bride was graduated from Palm Beach High School in 1943 and for side. table with lighted candles on the j the past five years has been asso- ' ciated with F l ury and Crouch, Inc. Mr. Yinjjling was graduated from Frederick High School in 1943. served three years in the Army The couple left for a honeymoon to Pennsylvania and upon their' return will reside at the home of th* groom, who is er.iployed, by 1 Air Corps and is now associated John Stauffer. of Walkersville. , with the American Bakeries Co. Relatives and friends attending , the reception were: Mr. arid Mrs Raymond J. McDcnough, Raymond McDoscug'h. Jr . Mr and Mrs John' i Muller. Mrs. Ira Hair-.e*. Mrs Glen' ,Rudy, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cooley \ Emmitsburg Mrs. Frederick Obertean and son \ The Kew», Frederick. Md., Frldar, Jnlv 18. 194S Edward and Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Obertean. Jr . all of Cheektowaga. | ton - and Comdr. and Mrs. Ben j ing a statement that his health to N. Y -Miss Fainc Mane Topper ob- l TM s . e KUfs ^ ? f D .r and Mrs served her twenty-nrst birthday on Whl * m P l " v U l « Clagett. of Los Angeles, are the as good as when he dropped his insurance. On and after Aufwt 1. * . , Physical examination will te n. TM rs B e t y ^monilon. of quired where a policy has July 8. A wall party was given ' _, ~ s \, , monon. o quired where a policy her at noon by the employes of the i P°° ! « v '»« entertained at dessert Iapscd more than 90 days. ., , , »,,* ,,,,,* \r,, Emntitsburg -- Prof, and Mrs. Eckenr ode and son Joseph en- tertalned at a barbecue in honor of and Jackie Sir. 3rd Mrs. Donald M Anne Eckerlrod e on July 3. Monroe Browning, .Mr and Mrs burg: ilr an fMrs. Leo Eckenrode . Austin Snwtfl. Mr ar.d Mrs Clyde 3n d son Mark Steven, of Philadel- Burdette. Mrs. Alice Cookerly. Mrs P hia. Mrs. Charles E Eckenrode. Charles Moxley,. Mr and Mrs Jesse Paui Eckenrode. David Arnold and Moxley. Carol A».i, Elaine and Margaret Kouck. Eleanor. Mr and Mr--. Layton S:o:i- i _R ev . Qvmss Sto:-.e. of Barring- Miss Evelyn E. IVachter Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Wachier. shower was West Seventh street extended, aa- er. Mr. end Mrs Carl Sheets. Sr.:r- toa. R- 1. is visaing with his ley, Donald and Jean. Mr. Ernest mother. Mrs. George Riggs. and Dr W. Moxley. Mr and Mrs Lynwood Riggs Mrs Riggs. who was a 'Browning. Mrs. Mtel Linthieusn. '· patient at the Annie M. IVarner her at noon by the employes of the i Pctomac Edison Company. Taiiey- town, at which place Miss Topper is employed. ' --Hazel Keiiholtz. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Keiiholtz. near Emmitsburg was treated Tuesday at the Annie M Warner Hospital for contusions of the right forearm --Mrs. Regina Rybikowsky and ' Miss Adele Wivell are visiting Mrs. · Rybikowsky's aunt. Sister Vincent Goulden. Lowell. Mass. --Mr. and Mrs Albert Glut;. Mr on Tuesday afternoon. On Frederick county veterans wish- Mrs. Riggs Darby nad a !ng help in reinstating should call br.dge party followed by at ^ Frederick Veterans Admta- a luncheon istration office, said Mr. Westoa. --Miss Jessie Franklin, of Wj, s h- Or ;hev raav wrft th lBsynat ^ w*h%," E^ mg MJ«c°«^" £T C : 0r - Ve '- erans Administration T v* " o F"d ·' "MS"" ^^ ^orth Lombardy street, Muncaster entertained with two tables of bridge in honor of her - saond 29. Virginia Mrs, :. all of Helen --Mr ar.d Mrs Roger W. Tubby, formerly of Silver Spring, are, '" moving into the home they have , ,,* le recently purchased in RockviUe .... a..a -V!ss-, h . s week Mr Tubby , s a s , a;e --The annual picnic of St Anthony's Shrir.e church \\jll be held on Saturday. August 7 in the church grove --Mr aod Mrs Robert Watkirw. of Guatemala, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. George Wiihide and Mrs. formerly made their horre in Ver- mcnt --Mrs TnoT.a? Garrett wa: the honor sues' at a show er bv h e r ' former school friends at the home , of Mis* Nor:r.a Htrshberger. Or. Friday her cousin. Mrs. Jeanr.ette TavJor of «aih.ngton entertained Burgess and Mis. Thornton W. Kod- gers Graduate of Hood In June Weds Announcement has been made by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mahloa Buekman marriage iane Harvey Ewing. EL last Saturday in Xewton Mrs. Swing graduated in June from Hood ,,- ^ , ace LT , Au gust. CoUege. ^ x - this city." Mr. and Mrs. E O. Rudolph. Jr.. Mrs. Ralph Moxley have returned from theh wedding s trip through the South, and are re- , Mr. Thomas Blumenauer. Wash-' siding for the present with Mr. . visit. Hal!, of Philade:- ! phia. is the house guest of Mrs (Zflithorshlirff 'McKer.dree Walker at Rol'.inc . _ .. . . UrUllii^rUUrg Kno3 . Farm , , he sufK ! sometime at the summer home of I Gaithersburg--Dr. and Mrs Ken- --^ and Sirs Merie Jacobs Mrs. Kate M. Reuter. ; ne: j McCu'.Iough ard their daugh- have returned from n short vaca- --Mrs. Harry Smith and twsn ter. Laura EMe.i. Miss Elizabeth t«on at Blue Ridge Summit. Pa. ; sons of Blue Ridge Summit. Pa. i Griffin and Car' P:ckett. of W a j - ' -M!S George Sclav is spend- rsday at the ! cross. Ga . are the house guests of ="S several weeks in the town pre- Edwm Ohler. j Mr. and Mrs Fenton Kepharl on paring to move to Cleveland. Ohio. ' ' Brown. ! Wa'.kcr avenue | for an indefinite period Dr. Se'.by , , d Mrs. C A. Rice and plains, x J is visiting his mother, · Union Bridge, left iast week teir home in WUming- Sirs. John H. Shank. Middletown. a weeks motor trip througn ii!e in New York they I Northern States. George Em- with Mr. and Mrs. C · family at their ton. Del. While in Xew York they t attended the Monday night radio' Miss Ruth E. Ludy. registered program, "Winner Take All." , nurse at the Washington Count-. -Hospital, is spending her vacation Mr. and Mrs. T. Melvin Lescal-, \vith her parents. Mr. and "' leet and daughter. Patsy, West Sev- j Lloyd Ludy. Myersville. enth street, left today for Ocean ! City N J They will visit there; Messrs. Charles Stottlemyer for several days with their son.; Victor M. Wolfe. Wolfsville. mo-i Tommy, who is eir.ploved for the.tored to Staten Lslanc. *.. \.. on; summer as an assistant manager at Saturday, where they met Mrs. i the Fleetwood hotel. Mr and Stottlemyer and son. Harpla. who' Mrs. Lescalleat. daughter Patsy sau^d from Nuernberg, --Comdr and Mrs D. W Wigle {s taking -specinhzed tra.nmR at have had ai house guests the lat- thc Eal ". E - ve and Throat Ho^pita! there. i mitsburg. was married June "6 at ter's and f nepaew. - ; church. Palm Beach. , was held Thursday afternoon at the Mrs. Charles Walker with '-; Helen Martin and Charlotte Miller jand ushers were Albert Lilly, the! won the prize in bingo. j t._: j-.*,, i_ __»i» s *_».i »^i_ · · ! · . _ . ( _ Have Until July 31 To 'Reinstate Insurance supper and shower. The young [ couple have just recently" been ' Frederick County World War 11 married. " , veterans who have lapsed their t --Mrs Clarence Ayton. Mrs. Har- ' National Service life insurance j ry Willard and Mr. Hershey Ayton. ! have only until July 31 to reinstate ' bride's brother, and Arthur Phillips | --Doris Peppier o£ Baltimore j of Poolesviile. have returned from j under the present easy plan. Sarni The bride was given in marriage! spent the 4th of July holidays i by her brother. E Cummings Lilly.. her mother. Mrs. Walter Pepp with Peppier. A pretty wedding took place Sat- , A reception was held for approxi- ! --Visitors on Thursday at the i«i-iJ. *-- *-.-,-.---- -.-.. »**-^--..-^- _ ^ ~ » _ - ^ "rt'rt *V»etr- " "^ .Jict*.* v\ CTJMl.:^ LWrv IJies»_t uat. j . * * *_^_*_^*.*vj.4 », t^ -.^.ivi AV*i tjj^^iv-vl-, -- -- . V l i l t U i a \Jll X t ! U k d U « X V CXL LilC and son Tommy wiH return to about ten oays ago to join Jie.r, da *. even i ng Ju i v 10. when Miss . mately 125 guests at the home oi the ' home of Mr. and Mrs. Guv Baker ·n . * .... - . ^*- , *-v_ rt* 3 . . rsst«naTint nnn TSTPPI* at W OUSvlilc. ' . . - _ _ . - ·* - ! . . . . . . . . . . _ i ^ . _ . siiu sut: i«j::uiij wiii iciiim ···-' . . , , ". . . ,(,, -- .,, uTGav evening jur^ lu. \viieii jiiss · u«utuy i^j guesis ai me norue c Frederick on Monday. On Tuesday j ? USDan ° a ;;? Ialner ** - oUsvllle - : Helena Eyler, daughter of Mrs. i brides brother and sister-in evening young Mr. Lescalleet wiUi^ouag S .^ y f'--,,^ ^TM"+K^ ; Mildred Evler. this city, and Cp! I Mr. and Mrs. Cummings Lilly. *» . _ _ _ _ - - _ * - ^ i T^ a a T\vn mourns Tli?"IOS!BO ITOm Tile J _ ~ . . _ . _ _ . . be the guest of honor of the Fred-.a two niontns .urloagn from toe | erick DeSIolay chapter at ceremcn- · u - - Army, met ies during which he will be pre-j serving with the Armed sented its representative award | overseas. j parsonage by Rev Dr . \v. V. Gar- } He is a student at Gettysburg Col- j Miss Barbara p y ies returned to i rett in a double ring ceremony. j * e se- \ her home at Myersville on Satur- 1 The bride was attired in an aqua . dav after visiting for two weeks! street-length dress with white ac- j Mr. J. Walker Carty, Rockwell j ^a, ^er uncle and aunt, Mr. and '. cessories and wore a corsage of rust I Terrace, and Mr. George B. Douglas,.' ^jvs, Marion. Gaver, Baltimore. j roses. Miss Mabel M. Slorelock, of j Jr.. Clifton, have returned from | i Camp Detrick. was maid oi honor ! _ Chicago where they attended the · Miss Theresa Limner, Rochester, ^ an( j wore pastel Dink v.-ith \vhite " fall home furriishing market j N. Y.. is visiting with her sister,' accessories and a corsage of vellow IMrs. John D. Mause, Jr., Myers- roses . Mr. and Mrs. John Gladhill and j ville. ; The groom had as his best man Grace. Richard. Johnny , T _ ,, T*^ -D^^ XT^»^,-,-IT» ; Sgt. Francis I. Collins, of Camp -in-lav.-, I and Mr. Charles E. Baker, who is Fol- j spending sometime with his son James D. Green, son of Mrs. Cora lowing a short v. edding trip Mr. i and daughter-in-law, were: Mr. and ; G. Heal, Cincinnati. O. were mar- j '. Tied at' the Evangelical Lutheran ' a vacation in Hershey. Pa. uel J. Weston. Officer in Charge of ' -- Mrs. Frances Williams enter- j the Frederick Veterans Administra- taincd at bridge recently honoring j tion office, pointed out today. Mrs. Ted Winder, of Canada, who In most cases, a veteran now may . is visiting her mother. Mrs. Julius j reinstate a lapsed policv without j Hall, in Poolesville. a physical examination by paying -- Mrs. Mary Clagett of Washing- ' two monthly premiums and sign- md Donald, of Woodsbcro, Mr. and ivlrs. Harry ?.Iein 2n«I cal!dren ."arbara ao^ Harry. Jr.. near CTr- b^"-" M. and Mrs. Edwin England, } Jr., o e Ijamsville, and Mr. and Mrs. j lc " JohiLAy Wright. Frederick, visited j 3^ Sirs. D. EC gar Bittle, Myersville. returned on Tuesday from, a 10-day ; trip to Chicago and Normal. nL, e visited with her daui " r. Mrs. Kyle W. Bittle. Detrick.- Both were in military form. bride and ^ oom are resid - 313 West CoUege Terrace. ; Mrs Bernard Downey ploxley--McDonongh with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Flook! Wrigh t, of Savannah. Ga.. an- Miss ^euie Louise McDcnough. near Braddcck. Sunday. fnounce the birth of a daughter, daughter or IVir ana_. 4 Irs. Raymonc H. H. Quynn. who has been JHT* fl a. wuynn. ^no oas oeen h . s HospitaL alrs . Wright is vismn? Mr ana Mrs._Wm T Dels- f m e r Miss tj^ Mae Edwards Dill avenue, left today for t Fittsbui?h to visit her brother for I a short while before returning to ' her horn a in S Mrs. Quynn was ' Sharon Ann, on June 20. at St. Jo- the former Miss Allie Mae Edxvards. of jr r . an( i Mrs. i^ester Fauble. Lo- !t. Louis. While here l cust vallev. near Burkittsville, -as extensively enter- ] {he narents of a dsughter. Lau are; ^ ! tained. and on Saturday evening j Virginia, born last Friday mom- Mr. 3-_sd Mrs. Delaplaine gave a ' :^ g supr^r party in their garden in honor of Mrs. Quynn's birthday. ing. J. McDonough. Monrovia, and . Ralph Walter Moxley. son of Ern- : est W. Moxley. near Lifaertytown. ; were married July 10 at 8 30 p. in ( in the First Baptist church in Fred- · erick. The single ring ceremony was performed by the pastor, Hev. Wil- ' liam C. Royal. The bride was attired in a white _ i crepe dress with white accessories , ! _. m » . · · · » -r 1 ! Vi V-MK- V*J- «-O-3 ·· i«J.i » · iil t-i_ u^i-v^.fs^u.*. Mrs. Ernest P-AuU. ana aaugnter and v/or£ a red rosebud corsage . f Miss Jerme. ana Miss Grace Der- i M _ s Austm Smit ^ of Monrovia . ; of honor for Mrs. Austin a. Haffner. Clarke _ gngg^ Brunswick, have returned, . Place, and Miss C. Bess Castle. · after spending a -week with the matron daughter and :on-in-law. Rockwell Terrace, have returned i to their homes from a motor trip J 7,ij-_ ang jijs. Robert Asher and to Charlotte. N. C . -where they vis- i T\Jan( j Mrs. Douglas C. Ault, in ited the former's daughter. They ! Akron, Ohio. returned by way of Charleston. S. j C., where they stopped to friends. Mr. and Mrs. Owen W. Ayers moved last week from their late ivore an aqua crepe her sister. dress with white accessories and a pink rose- . bud corsage. Fred H. Moxley. near Libertytown, brother of the groom, was best man. ! 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