Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 24, 1962 · Page 9
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 9

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1962
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

AMUSEMENTS AND ARTS IN 'THRU ON A MATCH' Eye-Filling Julie Newmar Brightens Hollywood Again FRIDAY, AUG. 24, 1962, lake «?,«i N 'r?,°' i Band Leader Dies SPt/KNS TV in Cuba Skirmish By BOB THOMAS Movie-Television Writer film in a couple of years. She<is not sexy," she commented. "II jhas passer! up a few movies be- think the slower latin dances are' cause producers could see her HOLLYWOOD (AP)-It is a!-| 0 nly as a sexpot. Silly producers. ways a pleasure to have Julie j Newmar back in town, because where Julie is, there is action. The reason for this quickly meets the eye. Julie is 5-feet-10 of adroitly assembled (39-23-39) She is also provocative "Were have you been?" she was asked. "I have been studying at the Actor's Studio in New York, I have been all over Europe, includ- the Greek Isles. I have been much sexier. Personally, I prefer a slow foxtrot—about two steps ia minute." , There was that laugh again. She added that success in the twist depended upon what kind of a figure you had. Figures count strongly in Julie's scheme of things. The sexiest kind of male, when she opens her mouth. Her cogent comments, punctuated by a lubricant laugh, can be delightfully original, especially when they deal with matters concerning s-e-.v. Julie is displaying her traffic- congesting form in leotards for GENOA (WNS) — Maria Bordighera turned down the TV set that neighbors wanted to give her for her 90th birthday. "The gift comes too late," «he apologized. "I'm too set in my ways to stop working and to start merely looking at strangers behaving strangely." Russ Morgan Endsj Stay in Hospital HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Bandleader Russ Morgan, 58, is home from the hospital. Doctors say he is recovering nicely from an operation Aug. 18 on a blood vessel HAVANA 'AP) — Cuban troops and militiamen killed a counter! emu iiuuuciillt:!! IMIICU a muuici- tr**vifl A revolutionary band leader named ™_™: , Manuel Lopez in an engagement ! Monday, it was announced. : Press dispatches said Lopez, de- Pr«i scribed as a "rhsntr-'ile collaborator" of f!i2 U.S. r-ntral ligence Agancy, was shot near Moron. 310 miles east of Havana. No other casualties were sands and thousands and thousands of dollars in summer stock," she replied. She explained the various items: she has taken courses at the Valhalla of the method actor in an effort to escape into more serious roles ("I am really quite she proposed, is the tall, lean ™n Aug. IB on a blood vessel man. ; which apparently ruptured after "Three on a Match," her first; good at playing a nasty woman"). "He is the one who appeals to me most—the man who looks underfed and helpless, but he isn't," she said with the laugh. "I can assure you he isn't." Grasping at straws, I came up with an old dodge: name the 10 sexiest men. JULIE'S BACK — Julie Newmar displays her statuesque form (5-feei-10, 39-23-39) in a leotard on the set of "Three on a Match" in Hollywood. It's her first film in a couple of years. (AP Wirephoto). Group Goes Back Into A-Shelters BENSON, Ariz. (AP)-About 50 members of a religious sect have left their homes in this southern Arizona town and taken refuge in bomb shelters, Police Chief Russell Milner said. Two years ago, about 80 members of the Full Gospel Assembly said they had received a Divine warning that a nuclear war soon would destroy the world. They went into shelters but emerged 42 days later, saying God had assured them the danger was past. "They were very close-mouthed about the underground move this time; they gave us no warning," Milner said. Benson Mayor Peter B. \Vil- harm said their religious beliefs "are their business. We won't interfere unless it concerns the health and welfare of the people." she enjoyed Europe; she found , the Russians unresponsive ("I Gary Grant.' she started with-j wore an evening dress that wasj out hesitation. She gave a slight j virtually a nightgown, and nothing shudder and explained: "1 go off i a minor traffic accident. Morgan's band is appearing at Avalon, on Santa Catalina Island off Los Angeles. His sons, trombonist David, 23, and guitarist David Morgan, 21, are running things for their father. He won't be back on the . bandstand until next year. happened"); she is now out of love: she was a smash in "Damn Yankees" on the moneyed straw- hat circuit. On other matters, she opined that the twist is fun but unsexy. "Anything that is an exhibition explained: "1 go cloud whenever think about him. When he smiles, it is as powerful as a Shakespeare love sonnet. He has said, 'I love you, you're marvelous' even before he opens his mouth. "If I ever meet him, I'll probably fall in a small heap." CROSSWORD PUZZLE E. Honor cards **• ^<>rd of r-Junior Editors Quiz on COMPUTERS QUESTION: How does a computer work? ANSWER: A computer is something which helps you solve arithmetic problems without having to do them just by using your head or a paper and pencil. Joe (A) is working on the problem, what is five minus two? Heknowshe has five fingers, BO he's turned down two. and is counting the three fingers which are left, getting the answer "three." The abacus, used In China, works in much the same way: you shove the beads across wires »nd count them. Modern electronic computers look extremely complicated, but they're really based on a tiny thing called a •nip-flop," which if it flips one way means zero, or nips the other way means 1. It's the amazing speed with which these flips and flops can be counted, using such modern devices as the "transistor" and "magnetic tape", which makes the computer so useful. In our sketch C, a girl feeds a problem into a computer at the top, then it goes through a maze of electric devices and the answer comes out at the bottom, printed on a card. Because computers like this work by counting up separate numbers or "digits", they are called "digital computers." « » » FOR YOU TO DO: Look at a clock. The hands tell you the time, but they have not counted up anything to do this. They do it because the unwinding of a spring is similar to the passing of time. The word "analogous" means the same thing as' "similar". Your clock Is called an "analogue computer"because It works in this way. Can you think of other analogue computers? 0-24 (Grant Boozer of Centre Hall, Pa., wins $10 for this question. Mail yours on a postcard to Junior Editors In care ol this newspaper.) Lord's Prayer To Be Recited In Ohio Schools CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP)—Pupils at the three schools in suburban Lockland will start each school day this fall by reciting the Lord's Prayer. Supt. Richard Dallmer said the school board decided last spring to open each day by playing the national anthem over loudspeakers to all classrooms. After that the teachers will lead pupils in the prayer and the pledge of allegiance lo the flag. The board's decision was made before the June 25 ruling of the U. S. Supreme Court that official Board of Regents prayer in New York schools was unconstitutional. When asked if he thought the opening ceremonies violated the Supreme Court ruling, Dallmer said reciting the Lord's Prayer and the pledge to the flag would not be compulsory. Ditches that surrounded Neo- litchic settlements in Italy have long since been filled, yet the 4,- 000-ycar-old pattern is still visible from the air. ACROSS 1. Group of meals 4. J_.ave 9. Arab, sleeveless garment 1". Slip ]:;. Pains 11. Wood block 15. 1'ipe fitting 16. ity birth 17. Odd Job 15. Bids 21. Wade prosfreus 22. Disappears slowly 14. fiestan 25. Away from windward 26. Gluts 27. Sun god 23. Radical 30. Filthy plac«« 31. Liquid measure (ab.) 32. IMural ending 33. .lumping- insects 34. Operatic solo 35. Shepherd's pipe 16. null, stupid fellows S7. Jntimixtn assoeiat* 4fl. Bound 41. Covered the inside 42. Uom. god of herds 4:1. Poorly 4fi. Dissimulate 17. Upright 49. \PW (comb, form) 6. Article 7. That fellow X. Shirks 9. Presently 10. .Kagre ] 1. Noasoned IS. Sizzle 20. Ulahop'p jurisdiction commiseration SO. Of little forc« 31. Feeling one'* way .1.1. Gratuitous XI. Armpit 3fi. Coins .17. Standard 38. Oriental food staple *fl. Preposition 50. Man's nickname 51. Skating areas 52. Two-wheeled 21. Portals carriage 22. Prosper DOWN 2S. Beverages ••••• ;•"''' 1. Fit of temper 24. Water nymph <". Vv ant 2. Seaweed 26. Spirited 4^. (age 3. Feared horse. 44. Haw. parland 4. Benches In a 27. Sudden * ! >- C.'P » diary Ballev Invasion (S. Note (music) r 25 31 41 so 38 13 47 SI 48 AT. 40 18 8-14 31 44 45 Makes Trip Across Florida On Water Skis COCOA BEACH, Fla. (AP)-Lt. Cmdr. Joseph Edward Coogan of St. Petersburg is back on duty after six days shore leave—most of it on water skis. Coogan skiied across the state to Fort Myers Beach and return, a roundtrip distance of 440 miles. He spent the five nights ashore. The sauce r-shaped leaves of South America's Royal Water Lily often exceed 20 feet in circumference. The white blossoms measure up to 15 inches. OPEN 12:45 PHONE HE 6-2503 featnre 1:07—3:15 5:25—7:30 NOW OX.UM8IA PICTURES {ratifc » FRED KOHUitt-RlCHAftO QUDE PKOOUCTlOt iikiM, • JAck » f» NOW TH£ (ANDLADY wntWNfl JEFFRIES-ESTEttEY/INWOOO Screenplay by LARRY GEIBURT and 8UKE EDWARDS wi „ i ( :vj i, M ran yitt Produced dy FRED KOHUUI D,iecied Sy RiC"..'.SD QU.NE ««««r PALACE OPEtf SPM HE 9-2408 SAT. DOUBLE filled SHOCK Thriller! Slarrfc* VINCENT PRICE JUDITH EVELYN DAIRYl HCKMM 'John PAYNE Gail RUSSELL Sterling HAYDEN Answer In Classified Section HAVE YOU TRIED The Buccaneer DRIVE-IN FOR DELICIOUS 2101 Hwv. 14—Orders to go HE 4-8040 SULPHUR, LA. _ FRIDAY & SAT. "CHUBBY CHECKER" "KING OF THE TWIST" "Don't Knock The Twist" PLUS — 2ND HIT "Everything's Ducky" Wiih Mickey Rooney Now Showing Features at 1:00—3:05 5:10—7:15—9:25 CHILDREN 35c OPEN 12:45 HE'S A HAPPY-GO-LUCKY HERO! ht-aut 1) IVOU «|l| S>*nW«» C«. !•» EXTRA ADDED * * * WALT DISNEY'S "BEAK COUNTRY" A Tijuana bar features a Cos- monaula Glenn cocktail, named in honor of the U. S. astronaut. It's made of cuervo (a local brandy), Cherry juice, with a dash of lemon. "If John Glenn had had two of those before take-off, he would not have needed his rocket." SATURDAY MENU For Noon and Evening Meal Bar-b-Qued bed ribs Baked beans Potato Salad Garlic Bread Chicken Fried Sleak Cream Gravy Mashed Potatoes Siring Beans Roll and Butter Both served with tea or cellee CHILP'S PLATE «c LAMBERT'S CAFETERIA 915 RYAN 79c 69c "RECORDANA" Every Sunday—5:30 P.M. 'Til KLOU RECORD HOP Featuring Oeorae Galloway Ball't Auditorium 2200 Block of St. John Street Pint 10 Ladies FREE Adm. soc Parent) Invited to Come as Chaperonet Hey Mom ! Designed Just For You KIDDIES DAY of your PUTT - PUTT® GOLF COURSE Oak Park Blvd. & Hwy. 14 THE KIDS ENJOY -A- 3!2 hrs. of Putt-Putt *• Excellent Supervision it Competitive Play it Wonderful Prizes if Free Refreshments ALL FOR ONLY 60c "We're the cheapest baby sitter in town" Thcjt's KIDDIES DAY PUTT-PUTT GOLF COURSE Every Saturday 9:00 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. Ages 5-14 SEE YOU THERE ! CARLOAD $1.00 M CARLOAD $1.00 GUNS OF THE LACK WITC •NCOLORSCOPE AN AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURE TWIN ORIl/£ IN NIGHTLY 6:00 - 10 SUNDAYS 1:00 - 9 Also Serving BREAKFAST, 00 ADULTS $3.95 00 CHILDREN ... (1.50 LUNCH and PINNERS A'UaCarte CftHDLEIIOTT E __ TONIGHT IS TRIPLE FEATURE NIGHT HIT NO. 1 AT 7:15—FAST~AND FlTRlOUSLYlPVJNNY HIT NO. 3 AT 9:40— A LOVE SPECTACULAR PAUL JOANNE ftlDNBV NEWMAN-WOODWARD'POmER Hit No. 3 at 11:28—Wickedest City in the United Slates HIGHWAY 90 EAST HE 3-8331 PHENIX CITY STORY FIRST 100 CARS RECEIVE FBEE PASS TO PUTT-PUTT Automatic Defrosting Refrigerator Separate 89 Ib Zero-Degree Freezer NO MONEY DOWN!—30-60-90 DAYS NO FINANCE CHARGK OR TAKE UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY KRAUSE & MANAGAN, INC. 203 S, Ryan HE 3-3666

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