The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 6
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.£ 1 - 7v-.~-^ j£ ^^--V^/'-iX^-, -t ,' -*• - '- v * ^tiTy- "» '^ *"* '- '"''"-• -—V- ' , c* 1 ~"~V ' v * - 1 -** c \ "„ SIX The Paris Evening News TMK DISSJEK BOKV> PARIS. TEXAS E&ablisbcd July 1O. IttO NORTH TEXAS PUBUSHING COMPANY Entered a* Second Class Mail Matter at th* Port- •fttc* at Paris. Texas. Trader Act of Coa«r«« March. lS?a. Published Dally Except Saturday *nd Sunday New York Day by Day BY O. O. MdNTYRE SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Mail, One Tear Bv MalL Sis Months By Carrier .............. Itc P«r Week By MaiL One Month O O. Mclntyre flr fcv Cos* /s HfsrA P EOPLE ivln candidates complain on behalf of for office of the high cos: of; N EW YORK, July 2£—Radio is in the most desperate search of its career for sustaining talent. Familiarties of broadcasting breed the usual contempt. And no form of entertainment ends in such quick oblivioE. Ten of the most popular features OB the air came to a full stop this year. The demand is always, incessant for something: new and original. It has become for the artist, so mercurial is public favor,, a calling with practically no future. This adjustment was totally unexpected. For, a 5*ear or so ago. the popularity of a program seemed indefinite. Now, six months of coutin- « e ^ r I ued acclaim is considered a long run- Because =eir " | of the times or that the novelty has "worn. f, there has been a big slump in fan mail. W«5r» *:»« c 1 *^ i The star who used to receive thousands 01 \ etiers weekly 7iOw numbers them in the hun- 5. ' { i Tfce biggest audiences are recruited fz? j | the singlf night broadcast built up by an ex- | I rrsvaeaiK ballyhoo. The foremost executives i j realize there has tome a transition period. The j : radio is here to stay, of course, but a big 3 ij. P change in presentation is around the corner. j THUIttDAY. JULY « MM il The Cftrd mam in to allow friends to pay his expenses and there- j & after is under obligations to ihetn for so ; "Whatever the ultimate fate of the Casino j iced one record fevr high j ned. Not one intosieat- ; ng rink was sold there during prohibition. ] doing, which ouer If this is true, and it n&y i>e. The News ; ; ngr T TTSS in the Casino a wintry night when ia prominent fellow of the town came in thirsi- is not arguing that part of tbe question, the blame is to be placed on the legisl; then a h ball after a trying evening. He ] implored Sidney Solomon to scare tip the ] legislature j raakngs. Solomon chop-chopped: "No can do. ? * that enacted the primary election^ law. in- i g u ^ j n ^ e ern er£rency. he did point to an al- cluding noirsmaTiott of state .andidates. nn< £ ; raosi covered flask belonging to a couple daae- on the people who urged^ such legislator ^so j : 3 ^ jj, e ^hj rs ty marj purloined bis drink and, j thev could have tbe privilege 01 voting ^or j Before departing sent the lady an anonymous j the*nominees instead of having- there selected j bouquet, ". ' { by a convention. Also it is partly on the people j " [ of today who are so in love with voting that j The Casino ^ toa ^ ve shv vounsr Eddie ! they will not put pressure on the legislature to | Ducb - II} h : s c b HG ee to be an orchestra leader. repeal the monstrosity tsat is, cai4ea tne ier -JHe was a younsr pianist with Leo Reismas. rell law and return to old ^ | studying pharmacy at Columbia and paying Men did not have to be rich tees to SSK \ f,, s -way" tickling- the ivories at night. He was lor and receive office in the state. O. M. ^ ^ engaging at improvising while the orchestra Roberts was not a rich man ~vrhe:i he^wasj^-gg ~* »^ji,>h that voun2-ladies came especially nominated for governor, nor was Jim Hogg •! to v, ear _ j^ s a result, be was given a chance Bor any of the other big men who have^been | to organize his own orchestra and became a at the bead of affairs. Did FranK LubDoek, | sensation of the rest auras t and on the air. state treasurer for twelve years, never bad to f DO WITH ts cpoe GpOc CRSA^I — HAW—HAW trie state eecton- Mend money going over eering. John D. Mc-Call. troiler. a •were across Texas staged at noise had it besn necessary for th-eni j_ ^ ^.^.^--^^ to SQ about snaking- bands like a candidate for \ ^^. ^^^'^ r . if ,^ -^ nis teau ?ri France, after three ;t:C»inhs in N?w sharpest differentiator? h^ 11 CHAPTER 15 IDTX. ? did you tell "Slla. she IC<VK- j **Ko?r could II 5n her cap. dear?" Bob i .. , f ^^^^^^ ^ can't do or sh«> knew certainly that It could J nor last. 5 it,** she reflected- j I've done; all I .se of all I've ] FERA SUBSTITUTES BACKWARD GLANCES •t aV W. TCYUJLE While tbejr did not appear in the newapapexv ax frequently then as nowadays, zome .of th character* of early day* wer* fond of having their picture* taken and they were «old by photographers. Newspapers did not have the tacil- itie» for reproducing photographs they nom- have, and while cuts could he *nd sometime* were made was a -sloW and expensive process and therefore confirmed largely to the metropolitan papers and Forty years ago a Fort Smith photographer. C. C. Cooke, nd- vertised that he had a new supply of the photographs of Henry Starr. " e noted bwadit. and that thev sr« being rapidly sold. A Fort Smith newspaper "of that day said the Photographs, taken while Henry wras in jail in that city, were different from those taken when he roved the wilds free to rob and kill. He still had his piercing black eyes, but he looked pale and emaciated and nothing like the rugged character he once was. A photograph of Belle Starr, •which perhaps more than, any other of that notorious woman of a Sialf century ago, has been used m illustrating purported stories of her life, showed her on horseback, which was h^r usual means of tra- ?eL One day in May. 1SSS. Belle stood in front of a photograph gallery operated by an ariJst named Rhoeder. on A street in Fort Smith She wore a rfdlntr habit that al- most touched the ground mm she «t in the aide-saddle, for she had kept i&e skirts ol a"orasLnhoo<j through all her adventures. She wor* * large tan felt hat. a. newspaper account of the photographing said, decorated with a> red plume, and in holsters carried a fine pair ot short barreled .45 revolver*, frhlcli she had bought and which "s*» her back." to use the current «- pression. »45. She had another picture mad* standing with "Blue Duck" h«r Cherokee sweetheart of the moment, who was under sentence of death for murder and who warn finally executed in is?« with other members of the infamous Buck sang which had' been the terror and scourge, of Indian Territory a long tune. Those were great days in *ut«rn Indian Territory and western Arkansas. Ko one knew when a new grans would be formed and start robbing and murdering, nor when they xvouid t> e caught by th« deputy marshals, brought to Fort Smith jail-and tried before Judge Parker and generally promptly hanged. There was little law delay then for the crop of desperadoes had to be kept down else thev would have overrun all that country. They were finally subdued however and presently ceased operations as gansis and only an occasional individual had man was operating and being hunted where before they bad been in bands. MRS. EVA BREWER DEES AT BLOSSOM Funeral There Friday Afternoon; Burial to Be At Hooey Grove PROGRAM OF VVUI Replace BLOSSOM,^ — Mrs. Eva Brewer, •widow of J. A. Brewer, died at her home here Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, and the funeral be held at the Methodist church, here Friday aiternoon at -:3O o'clock, conducted by the pastor, the Kev. J. M. 'ConnaUy. The body will be taken to Honey Grove for btiria.1. and D. C. Chambers. Frank Blackburn, Chat Thomas, Vernon Whitson. EdwarU m arid Fred Allen serving: as pallb-earers. Mrs. Br-\v«r is. survived by four nieces and a nepbe^. Mmcs. Roy Bo-wdeiv LOTW^II Jefrries and Frank Vamer, Misse Maude Kane and J, V. Kane, alt of Houston, and one . Grant Sayiors. of Honey Grove. >Srs. Brewer, forwserJy M*ss Eva Kan*», u-jis bom January 27. IS54, in Cass county. Michigan. and came to Teaa^s in 1STS. .settling near Honey Grove. Later she removed • to Dallas and in 1590 came to Blossom -where she 3«pem tbe rest of her Life. Sfce had been a. rnember of the Methodist church from yox:n?r •^•ontanbood, (ausrh? a ctaas in the church here and had I y-n an officer in the ary Be««», S o^. .he felt she did sbo-")ts O? loneliness in i " er ^s.?- and v n: ere 15 S hen "here 2S not a cance- X insntntiOES .and' sonsetimfs for : [District At'tcrjiev Hurt of the north Texas metropolis is ctioi^d in a Dallas newspaper as '•saying- tiat had s Dsi'as j^"- coovjeted Kay- .<?nd EatsiHon of murder !"~hen Attorney philosophic of xrhose sisty years I Insr over dull and endless { be this life -srith Boh could not | last. i?he must not let herself dream Well, don't you see. dearest?" ; "hat it could, sn-5 remin<ie<L herself. a^ked. She didn't: she shook I She had, fay constant compromise. Relief easss are to ai<5 themselves during the printer by retumir.s four filled the commissary here for rs to every Jars issued free for their use ^Tiinpr fruits ajjd vei tste tem do so"- he •would prob- | :erfusre -Hurt aMy no'R" b» be'nind the bars of Ds.;!a> ; t o -Tsraitliis: sett^ui^nt of his appeal from sentence. \ ' , "Hansiltox;. it TT^I be re^sUea if anyone I so soon forgO't^s. escaped from the r^n-tent-| on a iary by reason of having been supplied -with : ^ T ^ f; r : s v a pistol •whicft he us'-d to intimsdaie a gruard. ; ^f. Jt taar ais-o b<- recalled tha* EOT so very long- ago one- Harvey Bailey, a rather desperate character anc <=';-roi;r;-d bad rrsau b^niself. >iz* of '^*' Dallas js : l uixi^r tr:e sa^je i«.— a ^JJJ-T'?] having been delivered to . feisa by meani of bribery. While ?-e rrgy rot h^^'*- irt^rri^.; h. ^ :-ls imrrv to -&av a ?ood ^vord for Da Has- or Jts read late, jroes 7 -o t'ne ft*Ti£- TOOT: of a railroad Terminal often reads up*if ~ a. m. As a, sub- He trie<3. very hare r:ot TO bother | zr rnucb.; lie felt sne v.-a^s a sizvie 1 iopi^r when ne seemed but &aj~, ; *'"W"hen lies are ina-de to make! At th» end of the week she be .n to woudsr whether Boh could ? O f fruit i r!niri;n:a^cDS: ivarherine Brusn. ?nag-;rea t for a novel, •'nrerst to South Ameri-v tnr^* 1 "^eeks . . . Sarnuei B<v>F^e]'~s Life of Johnson |je*-e] expert : .n hea-ren hurries to 1 ;ret anotiier j':-3r»t *or the liar's ; cro-s-rs . . . See? You kno^. -srhen : •«*•» telephoEed mother last "nig'ht. a"<J I sa-id. "I'm massirg- yoaT"** Four huudr«<5 dozen quart jars and 4^0 <Ic>z«n OJie-'balf jcallon jars * oo { have bees i«sue<; during the sutn- { TTf*r rrsonrbs and Miss Armstrong ! expects 100 dozen tilted jars to be return »A to the comTnissary. j Prices "are to fa* s»t on «ach jar _ .„, . .. and relief she had j ^^oi-^r^ ^-JTT K«» r,-rr.«^-^fj j o -srork become his -wife. The question p^r- j ft , r t v err , on< j er t jj e direction or Msted: grre^- strong: it trarr.^d her ) M - Reeves' department during the ^:ieur often and it lee her to look j ^-ir.ter. at iiim <raestloninrly. { ... Mrs. C- I>!bb3e is vlsitir-.^ a.t B^rsham. T-?xas. this ••wpek, Cha,r3f^t Ma;ip»n hajt b-^en ^olns: to Paris for treatment by a specialist. UNION REVIVAL AT CHICOTA IS ENDED -CHICOTA.—^A successful minion revival conducted by the R«v.'' : I*/ E. Shackelford. Rev. E. G. Beckman of Paris asd the R«v. 34r. I^ocJcerd of HillsLoro, cam* to 4 close Sunday evening, a. program havijisr l>een given Saturday by th.e c>a!dreTi'i5 training school conducted by Mrs. Shack«Iford. The Baptist church revival .-will- the third xve«k in August. A t'alkijig picture show Bended «, week's run here Saturday night. Chicota. ball team defeated Caviness Saturday 17 xo S. Friersoa pitching for Cbicota. acd on Sunday w*a a same from Max«y.'...2S : to 0, Xed Clem beinj: the winningc pitcher. The . Chicota. team . is seekinsr matches with other Lamar county aines, . Ernest Griffin has finished covering and papering his liomft- and F. C. 'VVhitesSdes is re-roofin«r hi* bam. Inieresz is g:rowins' warm In politic* h«?r^, probably due to the fact that six Ghicota men hH.v« tneir tsats !n 'the riss. A tennis tournament f» under way here. Mr. a.nd 'Mrs.--Jim Lynch are raafeiws: a. jisit in Xorth atid Soattr Carolina! """ ' ' "" '•"•"'••- '•' ' ; - ; Ja<k Gla^s hs« returned Crotn a.n extended fishing- tr!p *nd report* 145 pounds caught in on« ni$:ht, Emrnctt Wakeffeld who recently i;r.-i*r*A-eni RJO operation I» Improving:- . • , _ Pear: Ixjve of Antler*. and Ix/uise Ix>ve of Paris the past -week with different rel»- tive* Jier"=u '.- , The Infant •>' Mr. and Mr*. Claude Sheehan died here Satxnr- day night. TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1- Dry staii barr Solution 1C Horn* W Walk to wai« 1* aua away to marry Mer"A"«i has read ^0 tjtnes . . - T'"' ?'; i i7 f ^ t--5^ ; .c* ^- T T> * n i> ^: >iar I?-]**? :m -Jonnsor^. vi-nen oir-e ^n full evenina: ""^"ell, you kno'w, dear chsld. I couMn't rnijr? e'-'^n my very (2-ea.r rr.a'her jast cc^". becaus* life is— "^*i». VOTJ Icrio 1 ^". ajtyway. I said you! A lifetime ^ron't ?rive me jail th* 5 d.i>:rri o:n tfce Texas sys'enn of Tns tasr-e wh^r* p dose at Ba'a sstenj t. st'ornev irLtereTiTia'sy reTiects i F-nh^n-inry and fts manezer and ;• 3.gpm*i~~ IT <*£'!T!e in rather bad j u<:t?ea'!;v the sa.n:-e ? ^ = <*-• r-h<;ri & t:rt:e since. ;-;-••: sift'd ii i 'UTU as *be l>e;£t ;n\-&*c vo'jJisr dream. I be found be bl&rr,e<5. If the grin "Tired of me?" he asked on one j RO^WFT T PFRSO1VAT of rbese occaeions. »V3 W t,L.U ftUKSUTUU- She wanted to answer -a-iih a.} ITEMS OF INTEREST violent- "I shall never b? tired of ' BOSWETL.L. Okia.—Mrs. Jeff | CoHiijfi returrsed Sunday after a • Aubrey. Texas, k ajR<j her moth- xialtlngr Mr, Pierce. Of IXM! her arid sister. G. ) Green-»-ood and Mrw. Henry! here week. him for a short second. j on ih,e broad arm or her chair; "I ^ r an< « j.5 rx p c -Xo." he agreed, voice tightened | am b^inninsr to kco-w you": h« an< » 5 on», Jac's and I>ona.rd of Out I and short. "I know yots -srerer/T. | *aid slo^Jy. <She felt hi» hand on j f or » -Worth. Texas. Mr. *nd Mrs. :er. CIo- a.nd Mr*. T, •er Jaanita. Bokchito -«r«r* w*ek ersd visitor* in Th<! home of Mr, and Mrs. H«n- an «ra It. God of k*r« 11. Radicxc «=aa- natlots IX 1 and gay: he held her clos^ pressed ! emptyius^ pipe. Ke turr/*d to f^ettle on-i. i on rh« broad arm of her chair; "I ou;d not he, I heard | ^*r; he -was atl^avs so sentt*;:) j TRT. i^. G*y*or and dau^h in the most ro-und ? "And T kno-sr v«>n wanted to way thilde of Sxn Antonio a_nd ee Dallas. .W§ •other's so or-. t ?s ro rnor^ tan o*b«r case*-, in <S a ding A suit not 'vorn for a year ^as cau r.F the mothballs *«>day. It was aU out of lirie- IJ^ajoos. Toa So niuf:h s<t that I went to mv wife for ex-p? u **?. ^/l , ^ , w %., „ . * r . .-r .... •- -. - JT *, _ - t ; ahotJt, dlfirnf'ied asd clever -s^ay the | more, bat old. h*bits cling. Am I other day, -whether I seemed <?ulte | right?" "Tes." *he admitted. Within, «he i.t<J to hinr. panic at heart. "Don't In the News 13 Years Ago From the file* mf The fari* Mori* T/? can au « nt i 07) ro j! in0 News thirteen year*m0* nave SOJTSP or our to fenOTr T L, Tuesday, July 26, 1921 re. 75, native of 3 normal. You wanted •whether yoti -were roaie py. now didn't -oa?** K "The curious thln^- to TK*/* he | said slowly, seriously. "5i? that yoT3 • don't "know anytisSngr of how rarely I B arid dear and generoiJ* and ! ire. T"oti ar^ ^o h^^ij^if'^i • in all ways—I—I don't know how : I*H e^-er eqiial yoti." 'i 1 She broke ( ip. and clone to sharp- Hi« faith 'n h»r. yh* <:T'-jJ4 not "Oh, don't, Bob"" she aj>- s.**—Arkansas Fra.nCisco psr-ers 'na~«--p b*€3 delivered i at his bom* 05 Xortb Seventeenth street after bv airplane in N>v.- York OE tbr- day of psbH-ja ^ rt "? .Hlness, He bad lived in Lansar eoti^ty ' s>^ie<i. caii-013. But the Ssn Fran^^sro par»rrs -will T5ot;s;nc€ 3S84- [ She did 7*ot like him so w-in ueeessanjy nov- run r*?ulsr W:UTEDS of j jwh^« he wa,« not n«ht and gay. he | { The body of Thomas Hines, soldier -xbo ; ; ^^.t^:^,., h<!; ^.^ wjtfc a ^ya^.,^ j idled overseas, ".vss met at the railroad station i <,f *hoai<J*-rB. "rhaf* th»t; but il •verr i>: orif* difference betveen Gaston i by Lesrjon rnensbers ac<5 e ^feajis believ "Waxah a<* h ie Li srb t. me tox> He maid. "> one*" She felt him and then he rose. And asrain before th* hearth h* filled h!« s>ip*s with ?reat parties la rity and srave it his rnt're •ttentfon. If, Instead of looking sli^htry r'»rturbed «he w*rre to say. "Toia d«?»r! I feel that way too!" Or per: *t fetich, m.a.k«» h«Tn an- thit sh« knew what ».1I X*. Bond ry Bemle Fewel! is •vJ suddenly <To ' ! her hands ?rrew <joi«t on the keys. Residents- in the Mays Prasne vicinity were • "My i^r^.. -what do<r« ?o«r aont International dipiomsry appears to be the j'wosderirjgf about an animal the? was beard \ wranj7 Toc Platy—«axjoi«it«-ty:** ability to bury the hatchet with one band and j screaming m tfce nigfit and decided it ««« * L S J^*^? ^^^fV^tSTJ^ tb^ ax \ the other.—Omaha world j panther or bobcat. not with aotlilny of *xcltlrar nattire !n them **to* p^flB tltc tlwi^. i Henry McGraw ard family who tnored f Th < w«atii«r wa« rsr^iy Ii> easy to be a radio humorist. You jii&t .gix months before from Caviness to M?ss5sj>ip- ; J h<?y ^****f the beaeh Artrt words. inT*rsp«r««d with gig^ies,^ to j pi were back at their old home, having de- ~!^ ^eT* «ii«S. ** old 2CM ! r<jFd i^okc,—Atlanta Constito.- : cided tfeej preferred t^o live in Texa*. the hiiia. played arm In TAUHINA RECEIVES RAINFALL TUESDAY TAI.IHIXA, OkJ*.— A «uddeti "•wirj of rain surprfaed TaHhfna To*#diiLy mft«r«<K>n, jfWn^ ih* town 4gar<J«n» ft fair » ^«u«raJly Improving the lion «n th» Jnh»bttants. Tb«rmot»«ten» ti«<S t*rJnK n«-w hijchc *n«J a f«w h«*vy No •— » Part of Wall Street's present bappine«s of ,rolf: Pale piHs parstied by eFp«aine«i by the voluntary.return of h« Jjk«?<5 No. the «r««rer part of their mol*t«r*t within th* ctly Tlnsjtjs. the f **»* •n <?x»ct of *?**«»* *!mowt Un* of the fall* L*t*rm£y Took oart te * cont«»: odor An!zna!» Alack Corner Color f£«v*rac* FSrstr Coil«r* Of Moharam*- das Ernmeft H*i rroth*?r b*v» r**t«rn««d T^xan, after * •w««k'« Mr, and Mr*. Sam Mr*. Jamift Mstrt*. and Misw Ivuna K*rt*^r hav^ r<?Tt;rn»d from » two w««jlcB vacation Jn *W»«t T«*xa». has from Thirami wh^r«r »(h^ ha* MURDER ON THE BLACKBOARD MAfv ATTHELAMAR MURDER AT THE VAMTIES 4j» E*H Carroll Movtnkl Com- wfr nrltti • AT THE GRAND .ffW CEKT HAT

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