Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1961 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 9
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f fcutifty, Juff f, )f 61 NOM ITAt, NOM, ARKANSAS Hot Topics Around Arkansas % By BOB HARING »»°e!«f«d Pr*s s staff Wri» c r Vicksburg has fallen. The attack on Helena failed. Little Rock may be threatened. Those were the hoi topics of conversation D8 years ago. in July Of 1863. Fresh of the minds of Arkansas were the siege of Vicksburg and I he unsuccessful attempt to rout the federals from ijWcna. TJoth occurred on July 4, 18G3 VickslHii-g, besieged for months, finally gave in even as a Confederate force under Gen. T. II Holmes moved against Helena with the idea of forcing Union forces to divert troops from the bclcagurcd Mississippi city. The Helena attack was opposed by Gen. Slreling Price, who latet y^n fame for a raid into Mis souri. But Holmes overruled him "This is my fight," Holmes wrote Price. "I intend to attack Helena immediately and capture the place jf possible. If I succeed J want the glory. If I fail, I am willing to bear the odium." The march on Helena began June 22 at Jacksonporl, ueai Newport. Nearly 5,000 Confederate troops were assembled for the jflsault. But conditions were unfavorable from the start. Mud and water covered the 00-mile route. In places soldiers waded waist deep and dragged wagons through swamps or lowlands. Swollen streams had to be crossed on makeshift bridges. It took 12 days to reach the Helena area. But by July 3 the Jycc was in position four miles from Helena. Price still opposed Ihe attack but again was overruled by Holmes. Holmes directed Price's command to assault the center fort of three which guarded Helena, Gen. J. S. Marmaduke was to hit the northern fort, Gen. James F. Fagan the southern one. The attacks began at daylight '"ice's troops charge with fixed bayonets and overran the federals. But heavy artillery fire held back Fagan, and Manna- duke's force also failed. Holmes then tried to assault the southern fort from the rear, but gunboat fire smashed this advance. And Price's force had to be withdrawn from its exposed GOLDEN GIRT, IN GOLDEN SUIT—A dross Jill St. John sets oft a $1,500 Balmain-dcsigncd tfold metallic bathing suit (or vice versa) on a deserted bench on the French Riviera. Descried, that is, save for Jason Kobards Jr., with whom Jill is filming the F. Scott Fitzgerald story, "Tender Is the Night." Jill plays the golden girl role o£ Hosemary. position. Six hundred Confederates were lost in the 1 bailie—killed or wounded. Another 400 were prisoners when Holmes began the march back toward Little Jiuck. The federal commander at Helena, Gen. Samuel K. Curtis, (hen sent. Gen. Frederick S t e e I e against Litile Hock. Steele left Helena about a month after the Confederate defeat. Skirmishes along the way held up his advance temporarily, but on Sept. JO, HMi3, after one final clash, his troops moved into Little Rock. Price, a veteran of the Confederate victory at Pea Ridge March 7, Ji)(52, in which Curtis was the federal commander, succeeded Holmes in command. Fagati was Price's second in command in the last major activity in Arkansas, Legislators Give Views on Session LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Three legislators today gave Gov. Orviil E. Faubus their views on a forthcoming special session and one of them, Rep. Paul Van Daisem of the famed aid into Missouri. It began in southwest Arkansas and reached Pilot Knob, Mo., before a major engagement. But instead of proceeding to St. Louis, Price turned west and finally at Marais dcs Cygncs, Kans., was beaten and forced to retire to Arkansas. • SALUTE TO HOPE'S INDEPENDENT GROCERS • SLEEP BETTER i Drink Botden's Buttermilk at Night and sleeping's as Easy as 1-2-3 Officiols See Russia, China Rift iy JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (API-Top U.S. officials were reported convinced today that a serious dispute has broken out again between Die leaders o fthc two greatest Communist powers, Russia and lied China. The argument could hnvc a profound impact on Soviet handling., of East-West crisis issues, particularly Berlin and Laos. Western authorities arc trying to get at the real facts of the controversy and thus establish n basis for judging what its «ffcct on future Sino-Sovicl policies may be. The most authentic evidence of the quarrel known to U.S. State Department experts is the fact that the Soviet leadership sent ,-i high-level delegation to Ulan Bator Jast week to represent Moscow at (he Hlh anniversary of the Mongolian Communist parly. But Soviet Premier Khrushchev, at Ihe same lime, virtually ignored the far more important -loth anniversary of the Chinese Communist party. This snub, U.S. experts say, Is unmistakable proof if very severe differences between Moscow and Pciping. The cause of Hie current argument is nol known, but il is assumed lo be along the familiar lines of recent years—the Hod Chinese favoring tough, expansionist policies for international Communism, with a risk of nuclear war; the Russians favoring a more caul ions policy under tho label of "peaceful co-cxistenco" Top Kennedy administration officials were deeply interested in an article published in Ihe Times in London last Sunday. This article by Isaac Dcutscher, a longtime student of Soviet affairs, reported that Khrushchev had clr- culaled among foreign Communist parlies a loiter denouncing Red Chinese policies. In Dctilscher's arlicle, it was reported th.il Khrushchev'had accused (he Red Chinese Communists under Mao Tse-Tuug of violating an international Communist agreement, made last Novembci at. Moscow, which represented a compromise on expansionist policies between Soviet and Red Chi iic.se atliliifles. .Highly placed officials said today Ihe United Slates had mi independent evidence lo confirm the existence of such a Khrushchev massage. Obviously efforts are being made to obtain a copy of the document if it exists, officials, said. But in high quarters here there was considerable skepticism today about the reported document. AMA Against Authority of U. S. Agency WASHINGTON (AP) - The American Medical Association vigorously protested loday agians! giving a government agency authority lo pass on (he usefulness of drugs. It said the effect of this provi-. ion in the drug industry anli- •usl act introduced by Sen. Estes iofauver, U-Tcnn., would be "to mil research, the marketing of rugs, and the exercise of diserc- ion by Ihe medical profession." The AMA's position was set orth by Dr. Hugh 11. llusscy, Jr., f Washington, chairman of its oard of trustees, at Hie start of carings on Ihe legislation by the enale Anti-trust and Monopoly .ibcommittec. Kefmiver, Ihe subcommittee hainvuin, said in an opening latcment that the public's pa- Jence "wilh price-gouging in rugs is wearing Ihiii" and that lie people will demand direct gov- Tinciil controls unless Congress icts along what he termed Ihe 'relatively moderate" lines pro- uised in his bill. Kefauver siid his bill would on- ourage competition and thus re- luce medicine prices without esorling lo dircel federal control ivcr drug prices. Yesterday He-test LITTLE ROCK (API - The temperature reached Ofi al Lilllt Rock Tuesday afternoon hottest clay the capital city has had this far this year. The mercury had clipped to 50 degrees early Tuesday lying the low record sot foi the date in 1924. 1 You'll sleep like a baby! Yes, Borden's Buttermilk gives you that "full," contented feeling doctors say is so important to normal restful sleep. 2 Easy to digest! Indiyustion, doctors tell us, is a prime cause of' sleeplegsnuss. A glassful of delicious Borden's Buttermilk reduces stomach acidity, so you can sluup better. 3 Cooling and refreshincjl Every ice cold sip ryirosht-s and duliyhts you. Drink Boidun's Buttermilk at bedtimu and sltu-p better. Perry County, suggested il be de iaycd several months. Van Dalscm said he advised the, governor against holding a .special session lo draw up u state con struclion program while there are so many different views on whal should be done. Jxard CiiinJy Hep. .John E. Mil Icr and Pulaski Rep. Glenn Wallli cr also met with the governor to day. Faubus has said he expects l< call the special session arounc Aug. I unless legislators fed they need more time to study the state's fiscal .situation. Miller said he proposed a sma. tax to finance construction at the University ol Arkansas and ,sev en state colleges. Wallher declin cd to reveal details of his plai but said il would be a long-range program. Van Dalscm, Miller and Wallh cr all said they oppose a plat advanced by Saline County Rep Virgil T. Fletcher who wants t< save $13.5 million by eliminalint, budget increases and put thai money with surplus funds t< create a construction fund o! more than $30 million. 'There is no need for the col legc presidents to expect Ibis Leg islature to appropriate then funds from surplus," Van Dalscm said. Faubus indicated he will a.sl allocution of .surplus money foi i building at the Stale Hospital tint the Children's Colony. Van Dalscm said lie expects the Blnicl and Deaf Schools and Na tionul (iiiard armories to : some of the surplus money. Van Dalscm said hi' doubts the people will support any kinc of bond issue—even one smallc than the WO million proposal de fcalerl June 27. Wallher said smaller bond issue might get favorable vole if il were proper! explained. i Asked what he thinks of llu : various plans. Faubus said. "I'm |li-lcniiig. I lliink Ihe wisest thing I could do right now is (o shul my mouth and listen." ; Faubus slumped hard for I be SCO million bond proposal. Various construction plans have been proposed by several others, among them Columbia County Rep. Hurry li. C'ulay and loniKT Gov. f.d MeMalh. matter off FACT Sonic people need lo get OFF the water wagon. Medical researchers recently turned up cases of people, who made themselves drunk hy imbibing too much water. They get the same symptoms as people who have too much alcohol. And for the same reason. The water dilutes the blood so that less oxygen is carried to the brain. Why are there compulsive water drinkers? Probably for the same psychological reasons we have alcoholics, © Kncyclopedia Brllnnnlca by the subcommittee. Suggests UN Monitor U. S. Tests WASHINGTON (AP)-Thc United Nations should be invited to monitor and inspect a limited program of U.S. underground mi clear tests for peaceful purposes, Sen. Hubert II, Humphrey, D- Mitin., suggested loday. He also proposed turning over majority report a biased mid unfair monstrosity, contending il was based on testimony from prejudiced witnesses. Key provisions of Kcfauvcr's bill would: : 1. (live I lie Food and Drug Ad- ministralioii broad new powers to license the manufacture of drugs and revoke (he licenses for cause. 2. Restrict Ihe use of pal mil agreements covering the production of new proscription medicines. I). Require KI1A to test and approve new medicine, products, ride, herd on advertising claims for medicines, and force clear warnings concerning any possible harmful side effects of medicines. He chrages such advertising MM ,. ,. , 111* CHI(lfJ<:^ MUM (1(1 VI.I ll.MIIU l^ 1 'the mvesligalHin caused a pm'- 1()f((1|1 mi ,. |( , 1(litl( , .„„, KO , m! V im( , s . lisan splil among Ihe .subcommittee's members. The Democratic majority handed down a report lasl week accusing large drug manufacturers of abuses, incltui- Thc measure is (he product of ing excessive pricing, icarly (wo years of investigation | Republican members called Ihe downright false," •I. Require simplification of the official names of drugs, wilh tin 1 idea of encouraging doctors to prescribe medicines by (he official names instead of brand names. o Ihe United Nations the data uid results of such tests. Humphrey, assistant Scnato )emocratic leader and chairman >f the Semite Disarmament subcommittee, said in a statement hat ll.N. inspection of the tests would give the Soviet Union 'a clear allernalive to the impasse which now exists in the test ball negotiations. "Its delegates may vote to join Ibis project of testing for peaceful purposes or face the ccn'surc of world opinion by voting against our resolution." Humphrey stressed he was nol suggesting a resumption of mill- !ary nuclear Icsls. Forty per cent, of the 10,1100,001! people of Peru nrc pure-blooded Indians whose lives have changed III lie since Ihe limes of the Incus. GOB LMClUrE HOPE BALL- «. PANAMA A FRANK ***** THE . Saenger WHY SITUI FOR ONI WITHOUT THI OTHIR? OIT »OTH AT GET TOP DUALITY! ,R L 3 • f ' VJakeru ^JpecmfJt Cherry Pie «43c JANI: I'ARKLR Golden Loaf :! JANE- PAKKLR KING Orange Chiffon «=.. JANC PARKER ORAMGt TWIST Coffee Cake JANC PARKER Potato Bread....2£ JANE PARKCR ASST. SAHIJWICH Creme Cookies n,.39c PARKC.-R 2 ___ v.i Facial Tissue Peanut Butter Chum Salmon '•• World Wide Pears Beef Stew Beef Hash as.. 1 ^:: 2 s 63 4 Gladiola Flour --„„ - 39* 3 t , ' 35' 99' 65c 29' Green Giant Corn t- 2 ,: 35* Nestle's Quik CHEF-BOY -AR-DCEW/MEAT BALLS B&B WHOLE BUTTON Spaghetti ....... 2'Sr43c Mushrooms 2&65c B&B SLICED BAB CHOPPED Mushrooms 2c^; 59c Mushrooms 2 &53c SULTANA ANN PAGE Pork'n'Beans'^lOc Red Beans "c°; n 10c A&P VIRGINIA GULTANA PORK 'N Peanuts ................... "^ 55c Beans 2 %:t 55c ANN PAGE ANN PAGE BLACKBERRY Kidney Beans'^ lOc Jelly ............................... I2 .r 25c ANN PAGE SALAD ANN PAGE Mustard .................... 2 t25c Peanut Butter. 8 ;;; 25c SULTANA LARGE STUM ED ANN PAGE ITALIAN Olives B-oz Jar ;25c Dressing !.is.25c Produce HOME GROWN Purple Hull Peas HOMP GROWN SQUASH FRESH GREEN ONIONS CALIFORNIA CANTALOUPES GOLDEN BANANAS PEACHES FRESH PLUMS CALIFORNIA GRAPES SEEDLESS u, 15c 25c 25c u, 14c Lb. 15C Lb, 19c Lb 25c "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF SALE "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF BEEF SIBES FREEZER BEEF CUT AND WRAPPED AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF 43 HINDQUARTERS' £.,, 53' .Ib. 50 lo 70-lbs. I "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF TRIMMED LOINS "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF Sirloin Steak "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF Chopped Sirloin "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF Top Round "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BtEP T-Bone Steak "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF STEAK Rib Eye or Sirloin "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF BONE-IN Rump Roast "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESHLY GROUND Ground Beef . lb. "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF 69' RIBS or ROUNDS "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF 89' Full Cut Round Steak "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF 99* Sirloin Strips "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF BONELESS 89< Rib Steaks "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF SWISS 99* Steak or Roast 75 to 85 lbs..to. "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF 7" CUT 2! «, bl lb. M 39 Rib Roast "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF BONELESS 69 Rump Roast "SUPER-RIGHT" BONELESS, ROLLED, DICED 39* Ground Chuck .ib. ib. ib. Ib. 49' 69' $159 89 79* 49* 79*

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