The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 9, 1970 · Page 4
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May 9, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 4

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1970
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

leather on, Singer Seeks Frontiers Of depression With Jazz By Leonard Feather • _^ _ . ' ©.tli* ues Anaetss Times LOS ANGELES, CALIF. — At a time when pop-*nd rock "• singers prpli£erate_on an astronomical scale, the emergence of an important new vocal candidate for eminence in jazz is as rare as an accurate definition of the term "jazz singer." * Leon Thomas has enough go- r SOVIET PLANES IN ISRAEL: U,N, UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) - The United Nations im dicated Friday that Israel is ing, for fiiffi to. assure a measure of .security, in lhis_uhdetL populated JiJJd._JHfe_.feJ*e_first male,vocal performer to be as-lX. sodated with the jazz avant-' garde. It was his singing on stfumental track in which he _d.p_ujbl es on percussion and moans a requiem fo I be to jthe involved, Even in Wichita main i the will and rich bar- j itone and mature style should solo breakthrough.^ Seeks Innovation (assure him acceptance at all Thomas believes in the need levels. A housewife in Wichita, to explore for new frontiers of Kan., could wash dishes con- vocal expression. In his case i tentedly to his vocalization of the ambition has been realized!Horace Silver's "Song for My through the use of sonorous!Father." swoops and dives, and an eerie I "i don't care what label Des Meinsj ftsaistir PMMA 4 May line on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. Meanwhile, - si* Israel i soldiers were wounded Friday in renewed attacks by Arab guerrillas from across the Lebanese frontier, only hours after Israeli flying Soviet-built MIG j e t military leaders threatened -to planes against Syria. The ls-! hit back int< ? Lebanon, Israeli ra61i- mission to the "United NaJ 80 ""* 8 in ™ A * iv said ' THEATfft CLOCK tions denied it. U.N. u . The two attacks, the latest in tional markings" \cross the I , f: c e a s re-fire lines Wednesday A military spokesman in Am- rnjng ! man, Jordan, said Jordanian Said a spokesman for the Is- and' Israeli forces exchanged sound effect that resembles a dy Overtones. people put on me," he says. yodel, without the Swiss come- "Categories don't matter; I just Iwant to be judged for quality. "The public- is ready," hejj'm investigating all the early says, "for a more creative ap- j uses of the voice, the so-called proach to singing, both in musical and lyrical terms. We have to be liberated from our roles as just entertainers. The human voice is the most evocative of all instruments — in fact, it was the first musical medium ever used by man. Now the wheel has come full circle; it's _timeJorjisJo__express_vocally the adventurous new ideas our modern instrumentalists have been working on." At 6 ft. 2 in,, with an impressive background in baseball, basketball and track, Amosis Leontopolis Thomas brings to his craft a powerful physical presence. Now 32, he has spent half his life as a professional singer; at 16 he worked in local clubs and Was~ott~the air regularly in East St. Louis, 111. "That was Miles Davis' home town too," he says. "Everyone was very jazz-oriented there. I could never stick to the melody; I improvised without realizing it. When 7 my brother brought home a bop record of Joe Carrojl singing 'The Champ' with 1 Dizzy Gillespie, I found I could do the same thing, only faster." Thomas' first solo album finds him flying off productively in all directions. As a composer, he offers simple messages advocating universal -peace- and-happiness,-with a lyrical flutist providing sylvan settings. As a blues singer he converts the traditional I-miss- my-baby 12-bar form into a ve- ' hide for social protest: "You can do what you wanna, but I ain't going to Vietnam. It's a dirty mean war and nobody ''seems to give a damn. 11 There is also a long,- mainly in- primitive styles that are actually very subtler at the same time I want to move as far ahead as I can, to reflect the new era we're living in." Kill Rock,Thrower In Pakistan Clash DACCA^-PAKISTAN,-(REUTERS) - Police killed one man when they fired on a crowd of railway passengers throwing rocks Thursday. At least 20 police.and several passengers were injured in the clash at Kamparpara, 200 miles north of here. PLEA DISMISSED CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA (REUTERS) - A military tribunal has dismissed the appeal of a life sentence by Peter Denzil Allen, a 21-year-old Australian private convicted of shooting an Australian lieutenant at Nui Dat, South Vietnam, last November. - ' raeli mission after consultation with a military liaison officer: 1 'We deny the .whole story." The U.N. observers* according to a reliable informant, are convinced "that these are Russian MIGs" flown by the Israeli air force. machinegun fire for 10 minutes in the southern Jordan valley Friday. ' fcMPLO~YMENT~tJP FRANKFURT, - GERMANY (AP) — The number of unemployed in West Germany dropped to 120,600 in April, (Saturdays starling, times art . By tftcater managers.) ' ; VARSIfY:: Ca«ielot^-3:20; 7:45. Guess Wfio's Comlna 16 Dinner—.':30, 6, 10:30 , .-.. CAPRT.: A Walk In the Spring ftain—2, 3:45, 5:30, 7:15, 9:15. PARAMOUNT: Skullduggery — 2; 4, 6, _8/10. PLAZAS Cactus Flower—2, 4, 6, 6, 10. INGERSOLL': M'A'S'H—2, 4, 6, 8, 10. GALAXY: What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?—12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. RIVIERA: Paint Your Wagon—2, 8. RIVER HILLS: Hello, Dolly!—2, 8. EASTGAtE CINEMA I: Can* WHfl the Wind-i-2, 8. EASTGATE CINEMA U: The Reivers— 3:40, 7:10, Ifc35. April foals—2, •5:35, 9:05. EASTGATE CINEMA III: Love Camp No. 7—12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. STUDIO III: Lady Godiva Rides—10, 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. A U.N. spokesman said Un- down from 197,800 in March, 1 _ *>!_« f f. J A«nl 1 A W AM. AC f! rt—. MM" dersecretary-Qeneral Ralph J. Bunche had been told a recheck showed that the sighting actually had been made near the northern end of the cease-fire HOLIDAY: Wlthottl a Stlteli-tfiSO, 9:25. CAPITOL 0RIVE-IN: fht i-a,m. Alflt— 10:55. ' PLANTATION DRIVE-IN: Lfivfng— 8:45, 12:15 a.m. Castlt K«p-4d:25. PIONEER DRIVE-IN: Easy Rider— 8:45, 12:30 a. STARLITE DRIVE-IN-. Carlooris— 8:30. Midnight Cewboy T "8:45,' 12:55 a.m. Alice's Restaurant— 11^05. S.E. 14TH ST. ORlVE-INf Cartoons- 8:30. Scream and Scrtam Again— 8:45, 12:20 a.ffr. . Htll'* Sells— 10;40. WEST-VUE DRIVE-IN: , -Cartoons— 8:30. Halls of Anger-^8;50. On Htf 'Majesty's Secret Service— iO:45. WAKONDA; Butch Cassidy and-the SiHi- dance Kid— 7:30, 9:30. , DRAKE AUDITORIUM: The Black Sun —8. VETERANS AUDITORIUM: Shrine Circus— 2:30 (children's /matinee), 8. NOW! GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE AT ANYTIME AT BOTH COOL, COMFORTABLE LUXURY THEATRES RIVER HILLS Wanted: Several Young Men and Women to Train as Computer Programmers and Data Processors. _Aq» over 18, married.or slrmle.-Hish_ School education or equivalent. Experience helpful but not necessary. References reaulred. Must have ambition. Average starting income $600.00 per month*. (Source: Missouri Slate Employment Agency) depending upon education, experience, etc. It accepted, you must relocate to St. Uojjls, Missouri. You will work 40 hours per week, take special Iralnlnq for approximately 9 months. If married, husband or wife must be present at Interview. Average income increased up to $975.00 per month* (Source: Business Automation Magazine) after approximately It months In St. Louis If you are ambitious, dependable •and can accept supervisory responsibilities. Mr. BUT Lack of the Tec Corp. will be holdlnq Interviews Sunday and Monday at the Ramada Inn. In Des Molnes. For appointment, phone 265-5671 Saturday, ' Monday. Sunday or PARK FREE SHOWS at 2 & 8 P.M. at BOTH THEATERS SPECTACULAR FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT AT BOTH THEATRES! "DOLLY" CHILDS PRICE 11 .M • "WAGON" CHILDS PRICE 11.JI KxsuuuuutKttiAKM^^ Take Mother Out to Eat on HER Day COLOR- STEREO SOUND TODAY at 2, 3:45, 5:30, 7:15 and 9:15 RIVIERA RMIUR WAGON TECHNICOLOR STEREO SOUND GP Good . Time Families "' Love it! CAPRI 4-2 Kt and Uft/yfKSITV WGRW ANTHONY BERGMAN QIMN & ADULT $2.00 GOLDEN AGE ONLY 75c' TENDER! POIGNANT! PERFECT! Limit Uses of Peru Beaches LIMA, PERU (AP) - Llrfla'S beaches afe t&t sunning -dnd swimming sM nothing else, authorities feiftinded. they noted a_ city Regulation prohibiting beachefs from "sleeping, cooking, playing ball, undressing, throwing garbage, or taking do mesticjnimals^l.: _______ ACCRA, GHANA (REU- fERS) — Dr. Diosdado Macapagal, former president, of the Philippines, arrived here Thursday night ori a two-day visit to Ghana as parl^ of a world tour; . AUSTRALIA eatet Mortis, head of a U.S. tfade which, opens Jun^ .29, here fijday. THE PINES 441? eth Avi. . Dancing Nightly Paul Baker and The Home Towner i « Charcoal your iteftk on our new iharcoal grill GP-IN COLOR VARSITY esrr> ana i/ft/vfas/TV Choice of 5 Entrees Plenty of FREE Parking Fast Service 2 BIG HITS! NATALIE tt'l't, 1» A GRAND BOUBLE BILL! Together For The First Time/ Now Thru Tuesday Only RICHARD HARRIS VANESSA REDGRAVE ADULTS 11 .JO 'III « P.M. thtn $2.00 Child A Goldtn At* 7Jc All Tlmn Des Molnes Eattgat* Shopping Center Ames Dubuque Iowa. City SioilX City aCXX3t3^SXXXXXX3«X<XXX3»XX1^^ remarkable (uys Look) very important • • • * ~~ * U»y* HollU Albert) courageous ^. IM^ (uvs John Simon) funny (uy* Viircent Canby) v a landmark (uys Cue) ADMISSION RESTRICTED TO 18 & OVER TONIGHT 7:30 & 9:45 SUNDAY AT 2slS, 4:30, 6:45 & 9 P.M. Admission $3.00 refurbished EASTOWN ^ All NEW CONTINENTAL SEATING FRff WAY to .EAST Wh IX/T, 1 b/ock souf/i, r/2 blocks east MAY 9 AND 10 IB the 20th Aiiwql Zd'VCP'Zig SHRINE CIRCUS 7krill$ gad fai gd/or« Auditorium TONIGHT 8 P.M. MKiflM 2J30 P.M. G«n*r«j Adm. 1.50 ' .75 2.50 Buy Beserved Seat* Veterans Auditorium or Shrine Of f ice RESERVATIONS OPENING MONDAY FWENDS OF THE FAMILY STEAKS * SEAFOOD »007 Fleur Drlvi SHOW TIMES Mon.-Thurs. 7-9-11 ' Fri. - Sat. 8- 10-12 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Catering Large Groups Up to 400 Final Weekend MAIN STREET SINGERS guess who's coming to dinner Sidney Poitier Spencer Tracy Katharine HEPBURN Today at 4 J MI J 11,V k L «t 4 Da X s! 2 & 8 P.M. WwWfWjWlfW Sun y at 2l ENTERTAl NMENT FOR THE WHOLE fAMlLY! Gone With The Wind CLARK GA»LE-VIVIEN IN COLOR R - RATING NO ONE UNDER 17 PLANTATION STARTS 8:45 DRIVE IN STARTS.AT 1:41 FIRST RUN! NOW APPEARING NITELY DAVE and : SUSANNE • Nationally Famous Food Served In a Fascinatim Compltx of Hint Dining Areis-Optn Sunday • Full Servict Cofftt Houii • Complet« MMtini * 'Pool Ficilltltt HYATT HOUSE Fleur Drive t Des Molnes, Iowa M321 GEORGE SEGAL / EVA MARIE SAINT Co-Hit al Drive-In Only • Burt Laneatlar "CASTUE KHF" CINEMA II Steve McQueen "THE REIVERS" TODAY thru TUES. ONLY SHOWTIMES REIVERS—3:40, 7:10 P.M TODAY FOOLS—2, 5:35, 9 P.M I Jacfc Lenimon "APRIL JFOOLS" .MOINfiS * EXCITING PERSONALITY 0 f .ovelu. JESSIE 10 P.M. Til Closing i'ifli COCKTAIL LOUNGE HOTEL SAVERY BEAD THE WANT AD PAGES TODAY WAKONDA NOW Showlni IT ACADEMY AWARDS! . 7-.30-9.-3P KCAOTMS WANT AOS TODAY r ^w f ^ ~w v HURRY UST WEEK-END PROBABLY THE FUNNitbT MOVIE YOU WILL HER iU THthl «iJ Ntvtd '\\ iusi I Jo 'utu S t i\ tu a "\akrii i.acK S«e> Thim Topight Final 4 Pays Optn 7:30 For The Fir»f TimTT Peter Fonda Dennis Hopper R Ritlni • C«ter , No Ont Undtr 17 Com* Out Early St«Hf «t 8:45 .'2 ©rt¥f Ones, Bock to Sack/ PIONEER DRIVL IN F* i» l »" AT fiBiansf^ ''•••••MipBHBBp^ START* 8-45 One of Those Rare, Gwat Motion Pictures! YOUR EYES WONT BELIEVE III 1 f 1 mm PIUS MICHAEL CAINE Lobster Lovers... aijoj whole tK«N lobster stuiW m crab meat dr^ M* spg itt garta ^ for ooiy *150... 8ltt mi Gaogto* 2W6-3444 WEST- VVEOI roira DRIVE-IN TH[flTRE Itt DRIVS-IN TONIGHT! SPIN I P.M. CARTOON ItM 111 DRIVI-IN . RUNI JMIM Bond 007' HALLS OF ANGE BOTH IN COLOR THIS PROGRAM RATED "GP" ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••i «/STARLITE ^ DRIVE.. nrs MCIIMI •; CA.- UK COLOR CO-HIT AT 10:45 . "ALICE'S RESTAURANT" OPEN 1:1X1 NOWI CARJ. .1:10 lit Des Molnei SHOWINO S.E. 14th. DRIVE-IN THEATRE VINCENT PRICE-CHRISTOPHER LEE-PETER GUSHING IN COLOR RATED OP [ACTION CO-HIT AT 10|40 "HELL'S BELLES" IN COLOR j THETROPI... WAI IT MUMANT.,.»NIM»IT ...OKTHI LIVINO DMCINIUNT OMHIMHIINO LINKI SKDUDDGGEBY OPEN l:45 FEATURES Mill HyKCHMIDCWfJIUHUTlfWUIIKUMI NT WWII ACADEMY AWARD WINNER MSI fUPPNTINC ACTIEff (fiOlWI HAWN) The prickly stage lutcni that convulsed audiencts around th« world.. wlri all us barbed wit • and Ihe sharpest comedy cast of the year OPEN 1:45 FEATURES WALTER MATWAU INORIP E«AW OPEN 1:45 FEATURJES ,IQ. NOW OF HO ONI UNDER " " '..ill imSTi EASTGATE «i<MMiA PH. 266-9109 .GODIVA BARE BACK ANTICS OF LADY GODIVA AS SHE REALLY WASI IN CQLOR " "LOYl CAMP Shown Dajly «t STU01Q IU"uMMtk Mk/f,' . »u «tt-*a» « Savery Hot*) / D£$ MOINES' KfWiST In Color *LL THE Y9UN9 BEAUTY OF EUROPE iNSLAVfD FOR THE PLEASURE «f lit* JW REICH! »IO WEEK TONIGHT 7:30 »:» WARNING! PATRONS TIU US HOW WITHOUT A STITCH CCNVcKiEUTLY LOCATED HOLIDAY THEATkt iUU SW VT

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