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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Friday, January 30, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results THE DAILY ISTER THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., FRIDAY, JANUARY 30, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 180" About Town And Country By T1MOTBEUS T. -------Frank Spurlock Raises Bob-Tailed Cats Mirchellsville There's a visit I in !!'""·' t u e rm 'em. and to the twin and go load about a hah miie home of Frank Spin- He V u ipurlock raises 'em. ,'. x in thc office Wednesday ,, 0 oV He asked for Timo- '·° When I saw Mr. SpurlocK s on the other side of tne \ u th a busnel basket. it to show vou something," ,,,,; ?e \s l.o Preceded to taKe £ ,,!i .1. thc basket. A; he U.IK. House Takes first Whack at Truman Budget Committee Trims Agencies' Funds By $56,215,313 WASHINGTON, Jan. 30--MM-House Republican economy leaders took their first whack at President Truman's new budget today i by chopping S56.215.313 from his money requests for some 19 indc- j pendent government agencies. i The House Appropriations com! mittee recommended $991,583,551 to run thc agencies in fiscal 1949-cut of about five per cent from President Truman's budget request of $1,047,798,864. The committee said it also reclaimed $3,092.758 in unspent funds from various agencies, brii its total savings in thc bill Salaries Too Only Men of Independent Means Can Accept Jobs By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent Dam INGTON. Jan. 30.-- (LM!)-- , A Nine Barges with 400 Hew Afilos Freed front he NEWBURGH, I n d , Jan. (Uii--Ilivermen worked to thiee barges from an Ohio river sand bav today after nine other bargee were cut loose from ice and lowed to open waters. The 12 oil barges, with some 1400 new automobiles lashed to thei'- decks, were hemmed in by ice when the Ohio froze above 30.-free ASSASSIN All of India Plunged Into Mourning, Fear Strife Without Leader NEW DELHI, Jan. 30.--U.R--Mohandas K. Gandhi was assassinated today by a Hindu extremist whose act plunged India into sorrow WASHINGTON. 47 four days ago. naval reserve landing craft _____________ . .. Our great republic %vith its deep ' am i t hree tow boats late yesier- feeling for democracy is spinning ( ] a y succeeded in cutting a path toward a situation where only citi- through the ice and towing six zens of independent means can Ot the barges, carrying 200 new afford to take the jobs where carbi to safety in the Green River, policy and decisions are made. j xy., winter tiarbor. President Truman has complain- 1 Later, the river was lowered ed repeatedly of the competition of and three more barge s an d their bi" business pay for big brains, cargoes were taken to open waters This S J coUege professor turn- , be low the. dam However, lower- m 47 FLEES IRAQ. This photo showing Sayed Saleh Jabr, ex-premier od down « SlOOO^jar|ing to^nm Iraq, right, ami British Foreign Minister Ernest Beyin was made in *TM-\ afford gand b . d h e u n i a $5 9,308,071. Portsmouth, England, after the British-Iraq treaty was Jabr fled Baghdad, capital of Iraq, after rioting because Ms countrymen believed thc British alliance on a sand bar. Rivermen, who dam said the river and fear. Rioting broke out immediately in Bombay. The 78-year-old Indian whose people had christened him the "Great Soul of India" died at 5:45 p. m. (7:15 a. m. EST) with his head cradled in the lap of his 16-year-old granddaughter, Mani. Just half an hour previous a Hindu fanatic, Ram Naturam, had pumped three bullets from a small caliber revolver into Gandhi's frail body, emaciate^ by years of fasting and asceticism. Gandhi was shot in the luxurious gardens of Birla House in the presence of 1,000 of his followers whom he was leading to the little summer pagoda where it was his habit to make his evening devo- e u e n e d t h e Ud a n d a, e inched umastemng the liu .% SK 01 gray leaped out ana In onto the counter, " w a s a M It looked almost like the ;'. cv cat variety only noi quite U s 'back «as broad and flat and it d u m t have a tail at all. Us a natural boo-taiied cat ·Plained as he retrieved the At thc same time, the commit- the "national aims of Iraq.' tee lashed out at the Budget Bureau which it accused of "delaying action" in working out some way of reducing the "large number" of personnel officers on thc federal payroll. Only Nicked Budget if said the government jn some cases had one personnel officer for every 18 employes. In private fe explained as nu i en « = « « . « - · -- f or CV crv 10 employes- HI i cai D\ puiimg on a little cord he business it said, the ratio ranges had around its neck. ' I v e naci ag high as one to 3,590. or V U * " ·*" - - - - f *V*rt l*P **^ * l l * * *·*' v » » w »-- -- -" - - 10 natural bob-tails m tne Th(J comm jttce's reductions to' Sees Parched ,f» uv i "f lorn Diet if Meat Rationed WASHINGTON, Jan. 30.--(U.R)-- Fire Destroys Hotel, Four ueste broke out there it- When colleges can outbid Was..-1 ab "TM h '~' dan r W o"uid be raised tions. to realize ington it points up a s i g n i f i c a n t I f ^ f ^TM£ MA little trouble Cmmpled to Ground Telephoto) trend. J in treeing the three barges now is looking at a , H und reds O f persons nned the \uii£,i k.oo *»v »· *^* .««·- c, - , l-JUnurCuS UI pciouna *i**^v*. v"*^ bill which would lift the general ]janks Qn both the Kentucky and i level of top executive salaries m ln(Jiana s jd es O f the Ohio yester- | government from $10.000 to SI*,- , lo walc h the J. H. Dufiy, tne 500 and $20,000. Even that may j jm AIartin an( i the Lehigh, all Snot be enough. Not only Goesi u and nava i reserve LCI 926 ! Mr. Truman have trouble hiring crash t hrough the irozen river Dressed as always in his home- and around tail that hopped around just line rabbit" Spurlock said he now is b l a l l l i i £ «ju*j *· *»%*£*· ww-""-- -- - icuuvtti cv «* v*i^.». VTA. j, w * *.,,-._-- -- j.Y i 4- * "rtf/\ omv leaders have promised to trim and boiled hav" if Congress re- and flee down stairs into his estimates anywhere from S3, '·· ' - - «-··"·· -- --^,- T i · · A * . , · . . . , -- . - - -- - - i V^A c*D*» t,***vt*^*» ,,.- -- -! good men--he often can t keep , lo clear a path f 0r the boats, {them after he gets them. Secre- 1 i tary of Agriculture Clinton P. An- 'defson was crying the blues this month over the resignation of Carl Farrington, whom he regarded as. -,i .\LBVs'S Vt Jan 30-^.P.) his best business brain in the Com-j FircWroved the 75-room Jesse modity Credit Corporation. , tl^l M , Iden Inn "early today, forcing Wants Experienced Men i Cft* KfVnjI \tdnl6Y guests to leap for their lives Anderson described the CCC as » «» Ml |HH *IUMIVJ Funeral alurday 2 p. m. spun, sack-like dhoti, and leaning heavily on a staff of stout wood, Gandhi was a few feet distant from the pagoda when the shots were fired. _ Gandhi crumpled to the ground instantly, putting his hand to his by his people as "our saint and our savior" and fought all his life for the freedom of his country but even in the days that followed India's independence he again had to resort twice to his individual weapon--fasting and prayer. His frail body was the abode of a flaming spirit that punished him mercilessly. He never deviated from the belief that his mission was to rid India of its discords and religious hatreds. Even in the moment of his greatest triumph--when India had been granted independence from the British--Gandhi again felt he had to "humiliate the flesh." ^ Wanted Freedom for All His life-long goal was "swaraj,? which means self-determination i 000,000,000 to $5,000,000,000 before they are through, u v, ac Chairman John Taber, R., N. i., m tr.e oob-iail variety. He nas said th(j iniUal cuts could have Uui M-epmg all bob-tails m lu "] been m uch sharper except that tor» In the litter irom whicn | comm }ttee virtually was bound one nc had at the oftice came, Drcv ious congressional commit- , , . . - . ! _ 1 *.««· u p t v - " . . ^.fur, tytc OKO to appropiate ? 817,316,952 stores meat rationing. Mark V 111., told a meat ers in below zero weather. ·'the biggest corporation m the Funeral 5crv ices for Rigdon Bry- 1L 1U »«»». 6 . --- 0 - , ,,,,,_ _,, world." Farrington ran it for less' Stan i eVf 75. who died at 6:30 Pickell of Napervillc, * ichard H - S .". eeny said four PC than $10,000 a year and was lost' Thursday in St. Mary's hos- . riineu ui v --,, .,.,,,.,, m i c i n a to a b . g Minneapo i IS gram firm Ual at Evansv ille, Ind., will be · ...i,;^:, nr./\'-»rjhlv nnvs him three ,..., j ^ t n ,, r»i tninnrrnw in the forehead'in the Hindu gesture of and freedom for everyone, and he forgiveness to his assassin. Three. said he would achieve his purpose bullets penetrated him at close range, one in the upper right thigh, one in' the abdomen and one in the chest. He spoke no word before he died. A moment before he was shot he said---some -witnesses believed he was speaking to the assassin-'You are late"." h e the subcommittee on sons were mismg. _ _ that livestock feed-' "They were screaming and jump- which are "iitterv" ing from the windows when ue Umes that sum . u - TM «l,,-r,r. pays him three t 2 m- m- r . I chape i of the Harrisburg funeral threat of chaos reached there" said Sweeny. ' A The government hired a S2oO,- h ^ h erc the body now lies m leac had I ie aoout a ear old I he boo-tailed Tomcat he uth him calmed down plenty dur- t.- - , h of tne man and a woman plunged from O00 . a . ycar man the other day to n state Re% jsi. c. Henderson Gandhi at'a range'of a few the second floor and landed near an annu al business of more , o£ the First Methodist ,, f . , f ., . t . ,,t;v^" «x.rpfar\' of ^ he sccond flo0!: and landecl ncar run an annual business 01 w^ pastor O f , executive secietar^^ot me Thcy were i uc ky. The worn- thall S i, 0 00.000.000 and it is_paying ^^ wiu officiate. in'the oifice It was just as tame as ai.\ Kilty by the time he left. It was just frightened by-Timotheus and all thc rest of the office bunch ihu '4a?ed at it. Can't blame u much. Spurlock said his cats didn t pay a,i attention to the dogs around hu place. the Corn Bell Livestock Feeders abroad require every possible-gov- ( 1943. ernment economy. "The feeding industry has not ed the ruins lor ooaieb anei-im. s^ou.uuu-a-ycai is a ^^ ---""--- · aays, -»"· i 51 "" 1 ^ ,"r' ·^"i" Vipr» fire, which started at 1:15 a. m.. of Ewing - s return frqni the New. ncsday to S t. Mary's hospital where burned itself out. AH hotel rec- York latt - practice which he aban- hc was lo rem am for a ma or oy non-violence, by actually conquering the enemy by love. ' Gandhi started his 15th fast in 35 years on Jan.. 13,.1948. ,,, ' Here is the record of his other 14 fasts and the reasons: 1913--seven days--"moral protest" against questionable actions of some of his followers. 1914--14 days--reproof to ,Mos- factions m South Africa for seeking separate representation. 1918--three days--to win rights for the working class. 1921--four days--to halt com- Ifeet. He fired a fourth shot in munal riots during a visit by the * -am r-omp an attempt at suicide but the bullet i Prince of Wales.'" the Sunset Hill ceme-| mer ^ y creased ^ scalp j IQ2 ^_ 21 days _ to put _ an end to assort. ~~'*'--f*-"-' i 1924--seven days--penance for The assassin' had .been standing beside the garden path, his hands folded palms together before him in-the Hindu gesture of greeting. But between his-palms he had concealed a . revolver with which he ilf-for Ahe -last . ten f Turn" on Assassin -.V ^^^-"---^a^fS^^^^-aSi-orsome iembe. of his 174 \jyi »t* *.»«»··* -- -- - _ - - _ _ _ j ^^ . i l ^ « A V ' ^ * ^ * 1 - ' a * * * ~ O --- - - - - . W M A J, V»»*^» Jii**»»"--^ - -- es this year. It said this stems ai- · said « vou S h 0 uld wait at least un- comp ii e an accurate most entirely from a mandatory U1 con ' d itions have been restored m j s sing. increase of $195,588,854 in public tQ a po j nt w here the housewife gweenv said a pre list of guests ing i ong hours and spending his a ha if i a ter. iii w dJ vw * N--"- -- · - - - . , operation. A heart attack which occurred at 5 a. m. Thursday resulted in his death an hour and KINSHIP DEPT.: Kcpublican P, i Elmer in publi tems in the bill are items ; m savings. oitniz"o C n!s2«T2H6o-forcivil service,$459,- organizauon ! 588.854 for public roads admims- the housewife ""q^Tnv «:aiH a preliminary check ""Government could get Plenty^of -lose the where- $2,500-a-year men ,, of Mrs. Grace Holmes and a .year jobs which constanu. a return of meat ^{[ S s Catharine Br-ant, both of St. available. But government . ,, , Mr. Stanley was a well known itizen of Harrisburg and had lived committee for Aeronautics. K:,hrcnkrou have lived herc for la or lb ears and she's a native of Mi Cli\e. Ill, where her bro- tbei now lives. Col Dro--tc was in both World I \\ar I and World War' II. In thei ksi tonflict he was with Gen.j _-. _., 1-atton m thc Sixth Armored di-1 \tr|lrO rtlPfflVfi jlllllv L I I V U I W V pons. Pickell said a reiuru «i mcac A11SS ^ainai-mu joi.vdin, uu«... «^ ~~ itvanou^. =? ~ v _ 0 ,.; or ,- pf i" would cause livestock Albans. and another man and wo- m ore mature and more expei icnctu feeders to dump hogs and brood man whose names he did not administrators tnan tnai. sows. **mi*f*liG(l diet rather 'than "a dinner with W h 0 W ere hospitalized. to dump hogs and brood man whose names he did not administrators tnan inai. ^^ w cc tric Company of It would bring on the know. He said he obtained his m- Hi iitary Men Available j £°.j; *v511e In d and for 20 years -d corn and boiled hay formation from some of the guests Truman is criticized for put- £;£""" 7 hat {i me was employed For the employed ii and last ? year he had n S o u hern Indiana tne S o u e r n ndi going off ana it was a moment be- cam P fore Gandhi's devotees realized! 1933--eight days--to urge the what had happened. Then they; government to drop separate elect- turned on the assassin savagely and would have torn him to bits had not strong police guards inter- orates. First Fast Unto Death nau iiui aiiuiis UUIH.G gucuu^ *»»«.\-» . , , vened with rifles and drawn bay- 1933--21 days--to obtain for de- onets. Gandhi quickly was borne back | social and politica pressed classes their place in the social and political life of India. St. Louis Dairy Admits Buyers' meat made" from feeding that corn More than a dozen persons were i = civilian jobs, land hay to livestock." _ _ |injured, but only five were held gcers^ ^ ^ ^ Mr. Truman Is criticized ior put- - h Ume ting so many Army and Navy of- g.'^ ^ ^ \iMon He was elected in 1940 j :is jtate icnator from thc 38th j ci'tnct but resigned in 1941 to j 30 _(U.E)-- The Jan. JU One reason are available there mi«ht and"usually "arc paid on a scale LIlcl t nu e iiv 4 - r t r l l r t r t \i*it n \vn3L U lia Uti liiiurtd A itoi- - wr»-^.-w« fc - ° .- v» o f for OUt Ot UnC « i t i i «»i«"- ** and the Agriculture have been a hea\y loss of life if no itifln can offer. But 'dead wrong", in , all the guests_ hadjeen m their = lnlv the S thcr day an Army officer ^ E ^ i n ^ i r n e l d . I l U o n D e , S", \Jiil * 1 1 *· *»»··"^ _ · __ 1872. Mr. Stanley was the son late James Slocumb Stanley and to Birla House and placed on a couch with his head in his granddaughter's lap. Within a few moments she spoke to the stricken throng, among them Pandit Jawa- harlal Nehru, premier of India: "Bapu (father) is finished." Then Mani rose and sat cross- legged beside the body of the man i_ 1!^_ _ . * ^ _ 4*.h._f.M?^ fjt« tl^jt stmtCn member of the first Metho- He whose life was forfeit for the cause - . v^u - -- an * « - " *· . nonL i ruiiuui unu t*»^- -* »· ·*.*.«.----- - ~ , . . j t _ A , : rt u^nir* civiiiciii uuoin"" *.*.-· v as a iut* »***'*'* vi r · j . « Department arc "dead wrong" in ,all the guests had been in their ^ the ^ thcr day an Army officer ;g a h h of F airfield, and was their contention that meat ration- rooms " e ««d many of thern o civil Aviation Board a m ember of Elks Lodge. rjo-lOoS in- won't work without price con-'were at a banquet cclcbiating tne ie h - unlcss he cou ld con- { b He was a veteran ol Sols i! 0th » nnivc -f ar v o£ thc St ' A1 ',S to be paid at his Army scale ^Spanish-American \Var. s= ss- asa ss high , h a d , "L "t The hotel was valued . ,. and the guests lost most of their Board. Fear Damage To Peach Buds i of Pevcly .times as many bottles of milk were I being returned as was normal. id .. hundrcds O f my fellow producers" arc doing thc ; Louis" C^nsumc n r^¥edcr^ion C ycs- ind.! ,suggested Colored Youth Gets 90-Day Jail Sentence On Larceny Charge Stanley of Los Angeles S. Stanley of Glen Kugene Calif.: Seth Ellyn. ^asilc. Tenn. I Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Tom Stanley ' McCartey j *»n^- *-· - - r nf--- brother-in-law andjister^ Mrs. are staying nardTurnc7.20j. colored olllgj °^^l s ^^ £S*^, y^^^S S fu^rafscrviccwillbe bud CENTKALIA. 111.. Jan. 30.--(U.P.) ·Kruit uroucns ,n this big pro- -- ~ The committee said 'cm? pcuch area feared today « OI Jj oh h strikc had cndcd . it time, nc mcnt cold wave may have * . * rccd buvcrs to avoid pay- a h-a\y toll in their peach f^ ^ £ 2 cent ^ a quart f or Grade- yesterday. Ed Martin. Bob berry. !iiS,:Tcrn=r Joync, and Paul confessed Endicott. 1943--21 days--while imprisoned SffiSS^^3^^^^» of the Bhagavth Gita, the Hindu scripture. Over all India the word spread like wildfire. Minutes after the flash was received in Bombay rioting broke out with Hindu ex in Aga Knan's palace. t t _ _ T n p 1947--another "fast unto the Rombkv death" (with no specific time lira- BUinud}, ... » - v,^U /.nmrniinal noting in it) to halt communal rioting tremists ' Moslems and a With each fast GandM came closer to his goal--the independence of India. Pete Gibbs, 75, Dies - ' , Mff Af I AHfl AIICI LV'S be 'and thc barn was completely pair were arrested Wed- county officers. Ihcir Barrett Defends Illinois Courts in , n » ro ,,.«-., -, .---. -.-H-.-j.ta Rood «a Reply to Criticism by Federal Justice : way from furnish approximately 63 per cent street occupied by John Rccd «a». "T*! · to growers of lhc mi i k S old in St. Louis. .destroyed by fire at TMTMyf s TM:\ SPRINGFIELD. ardistsvnll I day and Pxcc^ told t'rc Chief Ka j o ,,_ VUy Gcn oft" Thr ^,« ·»fii-vc- -n«iinrc I,I,«^^T ·Tv*i nc lost, c-iuu in me .. ,-_j , _ ,, growers may _,,,_, ... r . ,, firvj ], 5 hi crop in several officials of the St. Louis Dairy As Fire Destroys 1U ' ; ' X , ? cach "^P 5 ^ avc Co refused to comment, but it One-Room Home Here hant-stcd for the past three ^ known thc firm was hit as n Mwnhern Illinois. h rf d as p cvc lv. Thc two dairies A one-room house at 621 Logan W'X ranucd all thc " Schools Report March of Dimes Collections * " . sis Foundation m % b«d loss ,, «,.. · i'.:t\id most orchardists vnouuh buds left." Thc ST L oUIS DAIRIES ho A ever, was that thc mivE BUTT ER PR*^ ··\ca1hcr would have to] S j LOUIS. Jan. 30--'W.»' u-miTw m tensity before it could | lwo ^·(\j-c't"i to cause any apprcci-'j-- -"I" '..O..UO io thc crop as a whole '"· ' V I- iH-,-1. 111. Jan. SO--- rctt's request i\-«» «····« --^-- -- oinri ·« «v,.i"--'- T --.-vn.». vivii. George F. «ar- cases. i Johnson that he lost §400 in «i- retl rcpij^ lo a federal Suorcmc | Barrett 'flames. Court justice's criticism of Illinois the scv * Tnc Johnson siid the fire started, cr j m i na i procedure today with a i ra ij on ·· . .*_ _ .« j»*l f-1 r\\*4+ 1* Orf^ri I i « * . _ _ _ *1_ ^ * « \ _ ^ . 1_ I ^vl* 4 «·»_ _ · _ _ · _ But there were grave fears, ^f-.-! 0 * 1 " . ightcned by the savage outbreaks Aldndge Dies .,. -,, . in rhir-c «i ^ ,Bo , mtey '-^ at - w1l K. 1 lii r ^a Following Birth of Son other two .mittccs in c TM T *f h ", rcp0 rts arc to hold passions in check all India "»··« » lions, and rural school rcpu. whirled into a caldron an(J " Hobson Aldridcc. panic-stricken Moslem w o m a n echoed the thoughts of thousands with a cry: "God help us all!" People on Maich In Delhi itself, in the quick-! gathering gloom of the night, the j news set the people on the march.' They walked slowly down the avenues and out of the squalid j Gibbj , 75 who lived at bazaars, converging on Birla House.. L · sirc ^ d i e d at There by the thousand they stood -« * ? Lightner hospital weeping silently or moaning a "^ { ^^ ^ illness of two years. Mr. wailing. Some sought to scale the. G - bb had been a patient at the high walls and catch one last . j {or ^g last six daj . s glimpse of their sainted leader. * leaves his wife. Edith Gibbs: Strong troop contingents strove to daughtcn Mrs. Golda Basta. Chi- kecp order. ' caco- and one grandchild. Within Birla House there was -*g£ t{ , v was ^gn lo the Tur- grief and mourning which at least funeral home in this city, for the moment fused the dissident, ^,.,5^ a rT angerccnts have not sects of India--the Hindus, the u . cn con , p i e ted. Moslems and the Sikhs--into a , _ community of sorrow. R. .ian. ou--·»·...'--»··*. Johnson siio «»»- ·"*- - " ' " j 1 criminal proccaurc looaj «u» » iranon tunuii no* ""·· ."" .r-/"j «,nnlv supcnnicnuum v \ *.."_.. dairies in SL Louis to- from . an overheated stove. Rccd.i^port sh owing that thc high tn- c i c criminal case in .the United j"» . ^ following collccliows. ~~^A ;n/TV9cr: in lhc .^_ *· «l»ii» «.·»; not at nOniCli...«^i :«-^lf I^-KT O»im/3 lilll/« «rrtnC C4^4 A - C.inivTn» rVv.irl. **·'. ·v-- o W?'32' BanKSlV" Dav of Moarning 5 ! today of the death in Los Angeles, i Calif- of their daughter-in-law^ Mrs. :John Wayne Aldndge. Mr^ Al- ·dridce died at 5 a. m. today fol- Withdraws from GOP State Central Committeeman Race · T \tl\. *J\* i-rv*--*- -- * ^ - - ^VBIV* , ^.*/\rt *·-*--"' -* - -- c-"- ~ - . . i l J U i V « » i*,-VV« ·»"*-·*'».*· up to 99 cents, an increase ol two j . . w j 0 hnson that thc $400 |W as issued as an answer to Femoral ^ . of anv o} j lcr in curroncv was in a featherbed. Supreme Court Justice Wiley Uirt- ^ id in V » M « V . _..j_ iv,rnii^h thnn^j««v ·«;»«;«« /T-i«i*icm t\{ nil- " . ' cents. oi Nashville in Wash- PrinCCSS tO Wed ^'''·i oun:, who had filed for] ;-(,'i,..m;,n .v.atc central commit n cwrcn ,A search «as made through thc ;lcdi;c - s stinging criticism, of l«i toins but the money *ras not f«» rocedure on crirnnal P , w ,« .- o ;---^^ 2 - Bankston "--' v ° , -d-idce died at 5 a. m. loaay 101;" lo demon- Ha TM ^-°'ifi' dmorc So. 1. Xchru broadcast to the peoples gjgc g« birlh of a ^n yester- ihJcoSSte 1 N °- P; r S-h Shool No. 105- of India tonight to proclaim a day d °;;. in5F ^ ncral SC rviccs and mtcr- rt£fi?lS ing^thHiffitoS. No- 5J of, national mourning and, to in- ^ wiu ^ in California, her ' - r'l^?: F ^t I cdtord No. 47. S3.oO: j vote in the name of the dead lead- Uvc slate c23.9o. East i^ow §15 C cda. | C r an appeal against stnfc and 1'i.nkcyvillc M-- I'- 'passion. ,, ... _. ... 1 ;mnl No. -v. o-««- . ...Aojn IT^ ««u i»:- i;,4«^nif jVia! dannhi i m.% vdoi s than the con- j state." Barrett t o - f f h two cascs in w hich Vvious collection, of * ed fur- ' omsvinc aid SW Court ordered fur according to announce-. ·w Secretary of State Ed-j torrclt. ' MINES r !Former King Michael | Bc[/evl//e Miner "n Style' in May Crushed fo Deoi , ST. MOR1TZ, Jan. 30^-«»-1 BELLE VILLE. HI- Jan. 30.- |^BVrrctt "said j Prince Rene of Bourbon Parma a;i!1 _ F j ovd n. Boycc oi Belle jtions j^m to said today that his daughter, Pnn- was " crushed to death while Supreme Court ! CCSS tcsj, Anne, will be married to former Kinc Michael of Romania May and not in a wnv ·*7 works. sv -n uorks, '-' Rirrt idle. ""i^ works. 16 - Washer work. in tcr resort ceremony. Thc Prince when they cr courts in this state. V4IIU ««J v"- . . , , ! - n^V TBino' r I - Vi. i * r 4V.rt DCr Ol aOPCaiS iroill tm OMJW. '» I vtlif w i i v « v -"· v.orking m the Little Oak mine | crs during the s1^four years, the J^ 0 , 1 ^^ l)ffn ordc rcd for ^ in a bxx p Mr here '.cstcrday. _ _ court has dismissed all but eicht ««"·· »" ai ^ th 551. one per cent-uith- Marino. ! more than Thc said in an interview V hirhotcl that the mar- would take place : cither in i,,^n Paris or Villcfranchc Jon lhc French Riviera. The'40ear-old miner died when!--slightly over one per cent--uitn- ·'«»···«· ^^ ^ { ^ The theft of a coin c tW S ^ chunk oTrock to^faU j the court? 1S thc ^HornJy ^oncral sano in 1917 and denied a sanity j theft, cl *g^ - sl ^ causing a cminK ^ as pronounce( i !sa i d fivc wcrc donicd onc casc hcanng by lhc-Cook Counl Crim-1 .:^.one^01 ine ^ }}e * n *K irnvafat St. Elizabeth's!is still pending and thc tribunal inal Court in 1946. The Supreme , ' I00k ^ W.chcn. dead on armai granted further hearings at Bar- Court ordcrcd a hearing. · ..o.c in me N box at Jack's 'been reported, bv thc proprietor dOs7*vai J l _ * He told his listeners that Gandhi had said in thc strongest terms that hc wished his body to be cremated on the bar.ks of the India, the The Weather Cloudy .uUc Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, thc Mahatma. or wonder worker, venerated leader of 400,000,000 In-, dians, was born Oct. 2. 1869, at India, thc son of mer- tpc, apparent-1 chanl ^ass parents. attendants The wizened, bespectacled and .._ , almost toothless man v,as accepted Local Temperature Thursday 3 p. m, 29 6 p. m. 29 9 p. m. 27 12 mid. . -- 28 ·* · §' i lil 1933--four days--for the same · reason as the previous fast. 1934--seven days-^to obtain the right to continue his work from his cell. 1934_ S even days--for the cause of depressed classes. 1939__the iirst ''fast unto the death" (which did not include a Friday 3 a. m 28 6 a. ro 28 9 a. m. 2t 12 noon 3tt til i NEWSPAPER NEWSPAPER!

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