The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1932
Page 3
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TBOS DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD. FRIDAY MAY 27. 1932 THREE LILUI* PARKING LIKES ARE OBRB! Few Persons Stop Mere Than Fifteen Minutes Allowed. M I N U T E PRIVILEGE -ir^s ger.-raily are clc. obser\ir.; the n--".v jc.-vv. cura *--. vhere i?arh^i$ i.r --l"'«i- ^'-i-.'.'t^s e ^ allcieC. C.i--?f of Poi-Je V.'.-i-:n St« sa-d Thur^Uav * er.^-5 ?~ fcaie t33gtio:: y JI»DU ^-\. aUtori'-- ?- :o? long 0:1 the ys-lljvv curb, ^j.oe t.s nea- ordinsr.ce ·fter.t v^'S e:fec: s^-r 1 ·aeeks ago. :: v\a^ s-:a:ec. The ="» \vll;-.v ^:x-s ^re ix^usi ci. aU doxTi'O'a" ir-t«rn^c'..-3ris c: i!.-^.e- s-^eet and or. sorr.e 01 Pa' i'.ree: Police have bee= ke^ins s close :a3 or. the parking of rsschine in ".he yellow spaces bu: have no^ been f c-rcvd t. place tags en many of ·---? ..Mfn-.ooilw The were has been «::: o-ii, hJ-A^er that automob^es may b psric: ui T.e spaces for fn-.een Kir.ti-.SB only --T-i -he the off.oers have -cc-en sr^trwcd tc see tha: the letter -'. ihe !a-»- ii ,/cser.-- ed. Since 'he r.ev, ·a a? er.ic:- ed. traffic has been creitly curing "msh" hours in the biLsir.c-^s district by ihe yellov/ lines. Mayor Munshower and the aldermen n^-.e seen ttesiegec by pct-i.ons :rora mer- rhants seekr^g yellow lines for Lrr-.i:- rd parking la fror.-, of the^r =;:c-« but lone have b^en granted Accident Case Heard. Pound gui'-'-y s- reckless criMng. f.-l- ·ovring a sligh; accident or. E^s: ?2- "ick street Thursdav afternoon abou*. 1245 o'clock, Har-.ey P. W. Tooerv. Frecenck, was fined SI by Magistrate Alton Y. Bennett in Police Cctir: Thursday night. Tobery. according :o the testimony. was preceding east on East Pau--ck street and collided -srith an automobile irlven by B. 3. Micdleton. Baltimore. which ·sras pulling ou^ 'rota the curb Tobery said he didn't know hotr ihe accident occurred and Middieton. supported }jy a companion, said he held BUS his : i»nd trhen he star-.ed to puH from the curb. A fender ^"as torn from Middleton's car. Officer Alton Bhaff brought charges c: reckless driving against both men and the warrant against iliddieton was dismissed W. K. Momings-ar and Frank An;elo each forfeited SI on parking viDlaticr. charges. One of the defendants TVOE charged ·with parking over fifteen minutes on "the yellow* Lne nd r^ie other ·nrhh parking his autcrsobJe over n=-o feei from the curb. STQOy */ HAL COCHRAN F ' r CONSIGNMENT SALE Held By Ayrshire Breeder* Near Tlmon- iam Thursday. Approximately 200 persons a:t«idec :r.e second annua'. lxl day and coa- t^nrnent sale, under the auspices ol the Ayrshire Caxle Breeders Assocla- 1 tion of Marx-land, at. "K^Eiarnock Farm." oivned by Dr. Gorsucii, :i«?-ir TiKoni'-is:. Thursday. Amor.g .JUTS." from "h^ county »ho attended W.TV Walter P Feaga. Ker.ry R Shoemaker , county agecit. L. R Renisberg and Kvr.ry JLakm. Jefferson. Paul Rucy. M:cd«- JIOTC A. L Dudle. Mt Airy, ir.c: W Paul B:zr. th:s c.ty ar.c breeders of Ai riiiirex pnesect froc!' Cirrcll Howard, Baltimore a=d HarforJ ioun- In addition to the sale a car.Ie ;jdga-.g center wis he-^ ai^d ad^re^-:were ir.ade bv pr«r:r«si speakers M: Feaga von f--s: prize '^". the ,«u5s:--·-- o:K;«st and tivk-e v.-m sjxe wore C T . ra-*ii=. W sec:v-:iry o! . National crsri~;z3t:on. and Howard C. Barker, dairy specialist. Extension Service UniverKty oJ MarjUnJ A ".Ota! of fifteen head of cattle, cor.- or$, »ere s-^Id The total receipts we:c SI.46-50 The a\erag pr.ce per beau ·ASS SS7 j? ;.!·. $lo more per head than sh'* ^er»£O price la^* vear ARIOIX.: :he purchaser;. v,ji; Mr Eizier Fur- chi--er^ -xprcs-eKted cilfere:it seci.o:i-~ of ilv ^:a:e All out or.e of toe .» tlu were hellers ^r:d cal\es The sale «i -eg.».:ded as *ery v.ic- rt-sJj: jnd th" i»r.ce o\ir ;,i£t \ear ^\-i :ake:i a^ ail u;dicat.\ii vl a future f T :!v* Avrshire catt. · 1:1 M-irvlii-J A bask?: i'^nch -aa,- JACOB RUPPERT B A R L E Y MALT SYRU P {*Tke Ta.ik of thx- Towix*! ) j BLOOD TESTED CHICKS r«MQ rnntf ttbilf · t t r s » s o r n » . $A-lW# xr \\bur »t.d r-cil £?v \HMJM»*. tJotf d Bl»ik Mir.tfi»Ji- K«J i.^l»i«:u Ufetl* nd " » . l » r r - I a^r*l W * * n J t f U * - ^ V» f*r IVO f v r » Blju k ( . t a u t - k I IK hi B r a h m a Bttf* rpiwt^ 0 "* 5-l - ' P* r Sc».ilrr*l %.-%xirtrd ive*! ^ pr I'V *'·** r" »«·*·* U c l n c r * :HICHESTERSP|ILS ! to riit K\ 1-- Jt Axrv, Md. Commencing June 1st and Ending July 31st All Retail Prices of STIEFF SILVER will be subject to a deduction of 2O% JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER Ventilator At Top Cools Porch inn ^roK\. mt.\ COLOR iu£ SOtD ET pmOCClSTS ETEKTWBEU T-- S---aa-a-cuas Tiere t.ckled ?.nk Jtu: let h.- «r..xBe He'll ard t-v of them said ··! To tn-nk je all r.?lit He loves to that ·** arr gctt.r.; .ots of sel? fr,rr. .l^p by cay or r..:ht The rest of us ,,!! -. ^^ Tin-.n-^t^: -:11 keep r.;=: yj. 'v-suse »v al- -eel in \V ino-a v^u'll ::rl? us do it slirk tr.rr. " _nd v.e 11 x rini^r.ei -.cry Q-.c£ T.T.T.. In bout an ho-r ^r.e Tuiy cr.ed. "The stavje ie -.11 jcu ,».:^re to sc--- uts-de^ c^r.e. Lot's go We'll "-rre tliri'l -ii tights. ^e~3 '''-·? "-·---·" from iron', to bacs ··it rr.iL5t oe fin to tr^-.vl 'round tiie TV. ill s^-or. look y^t Lk-- nex." .vorld and *ce n.~^-. can le fo_r.i. We're -xnen the Stinch had reached glad TOU stopped to call on us. 'ca^r t.:e dc-r. a bushel basket with a roar °ou areiery k'^ici. '-rjie :ir.^~.s out. It snouted to tin. · Dcn't -jrork so hard you canny s'and T-ni-ss. · Ho^dy do"' o- vou"' -e---el ''OU lent a hand Wrier. And then .: ran or. di%-n a hill "It'.- voa be;^-. to evt t.rei out. -ust quit, tilled ^-.'h cans and tr.ey srill spill.' W» ^ilfr-ot ci.:id." vcllod Wind:. ' Conie^ l.-.'s follow it s jf 4f Ts-ill be a thrillin; rare." A Scrub-a- T-cn So3u:v sc u. "Ol:. this ii fun. i-iD ch:rr.e5 in and s-.i. "S'-re. Tir.}We'll v.ori ur.tJ the task is d;.r.v." Wev "-.::?-- Go ri;ht ali-.-ad " And so :=. . Duncv tnterruo-.ed him. ' I'm e.-tt-n,- cr.e snei all, took u? the craz t.rec. : said he .r.ase. "Besides I ^ruess I've done mv share ''To be continued*, .ind. i: tr.e S:rub-a-dubs dor.'t care. -Cc-?;~.;ht. 1932. NEA Ser.-ce. Inc. I'm goinar tc 3o? dovrn for i nap beneath -.hit b^ uak tree." 'The T.r.:es arr.-.e ir. Tin Can TO-RT. Before the Scr-':-a-dubs could say. .r. the next, story.) ·Oh. vou ha-.e dene enough toda;.." wee * Co pp.l cr:e 5_ --He's lazv. Hard TCork News advertising pays big dividends cisagrees with h^n. . ^-.ves; in :t. BirtLday Dinner Giren. » A delightful surprise birthday dinner ·a-as held at the residence o: Mr. and Mrs. William D. Harris, near Frederick. May 22, in honor of Mrs. William D. Harris' fiftieth birthday and Albert Smith's turenty-Sf-h birthday. Refreshments were served. Those present- IVIr. and Mrs. William D. Harris. Mr and Mrs. Albert Srr.ith, llr. and II-E L. Wachter, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hr- ler. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wachrer, Mr anc" Mrs. Henry Magaha. Mr. and Mrs George MehaSe. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Be2. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Wacht^r, Mr. aad Mrs. Smest DOTVUS, Mr. and Mrs. Sd-surd TJrr.berger, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Burkhar: Fceie.- Mrs. SHa. Stull, Mrs. Phebe Wachter. ilrs iL C. Plo-wmaa. Mrs Lily Wachter, ?.irs. Ida Smith. Mrs. Viola. Graver. Messrs. Willard Wacht-er. Wdiaai Creager, Melvin StuH. Woodro~ Fos. Grayson Beil, Walter Srler. Haroli Eyler. MiUard Plowman. Jr.. Charles Harris, 3-., Ed--ard Wachter. Eugene Wachter, Thomas Do'srns. Francis DO-KTLS. Misses Audrey Wachter. Helen Scull. Catherine Wachter. Beverly Wschter. Virgie Wachter. Paulire Crarer. Mary SUea Craver. Geraldine Craver. Nancy Smith, Francis Mehaf2e. Sdr^. Crcoer- ger, Margaret Umberger. A tall is attaciec to a kite for balancing purposes. RED WHITE BLUE »C? FAVORIT RICHEST STRONGEST BEST QUALITY SUPREME OH BOY! HERE IT IS! The BIG 3 ib. Can No Disappointments-Always use this famous brand for best results. This product is the result of years of expert research and we are justly proud of it. Sold by all leading stores. YOU FEEL IT! Friendliness, with security, helpfulness, with tested qualifications, are characteristics of tins Bank. Patrons sense them when opening busi- ne^s relations with this institution. Old patrons count upon them. It takes years of establishment and character-building to brins a Bank to this desjree of individuality. But we're still young enough to appreciate new friends! Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Bank of Personal .Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 MEMORIAL EAYON LACE Trim Fitted Slips $ 1 00 I t NEW MESH Panties and Dance Sets New Styles in Dotted Silk Crepes Lig"-t anc Dar»: Patterr.5 yd . CHILDREN'S VOILE DRESSES Colors: Tea Rose, Kesr., 'Wr-::= All Silk Service HOSE All HCT shades Special | J/C P r * Sizes ---6. 79c Nannette Sleeveless DRESSES Sizes 1. 2 a^d 3. 8 f - to 10. CHILDBEN'S MESH ANKLETS FINE QUALITY Printed Voiles GOOD TIRES FOR THAT LONG TRIP! K E L L Y - S P R I N G F I E L D LOTTA M I L E S · Yes sir. Memorial Day falls on Monday this year. Chance to make that long drive to distant friends or relath es. But don't make the mistake of starting out -with old tires that may spoil all the fun and pleasure of the trip! Don't risk the safe~ of your faniilv. Just look at these pr-crs for genuine Kelly-Springfield tires. -K odd-famous for safety and wearing qualitieJrVe stake our judgment they're the best tires made--that's -why ·we scl! them. Ar.d they don't cost one ccr.t oiore than other tires. Let us examine vour tires and mount a genuine KcUr-Springfield for every T\eak tire e got. Doa't wait. Drive in today. SIZE 29x4.40-21 29x1.30-20 30x1.50-21 28xt-75-19 29x5.00-19 28x5.25-18 EACH S4.79 5.35 5.43 6.33 6.65 7.53 PAIR S 9.30 10.38 10.54 12.32 12.90 14.60 other sizes equally lotc *!.! THE IDEAL GARAGE CO., Inc. 112-114 E. Patrick St. Freden ;k. Md. Phone 400 New Dotted Swiss Scarfs and Vanity Sets For c3: suasaser dresses BOYS' SLEEVELESS SUITS Sizes 3--S 29c 39c 50c $ 1 Organdie Scarfs s piece Hand Lc-.^a Breakfast Sets PM " : STORE WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY SHOP Bennett's T a k e . . . GREEN AW ALT'S Dandelion Liver Disks for GOOD HEALTH! 2Sc A BOX Large JUi\. roi:t.iinin; !i\c urn- Ihr quaiilil* -$1.00 · O K S \ L K \T .\L1. 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