The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 30, 1931 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 5
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TBS DAILY fflWB. rtlDBBIOK. MD, tTOKMDAY. DKOXMBtt 30. 1981. ,, DEATHS Mrs. Sdta E. Smith. . Selia Elisabeth Snuti. widow Char!es Smith, died at her home. urmoEt. Tuesday morning at 4-30 oci. after a long fflness, 68 years of Six sons, Albert R.. Emmitsburg: Jford H., Baltimore; Walter V.. urmont; B. Raymood, Buckeysionrn; icster E., and Mar'on, at hosae, and o daughters. Mrs. Herbert Brooks. ·erfielc. and Mrs. Maxirice Swope. of i tvi2e. survive. One brother. David' llh, Emmitsburg, and her step- _er, Mrs. John Smith, DeerSeid. [ two step-brothers. Daniel Simtb. oodsboro. and Simon smith. Sahilla*- e: and three step-sisters, Mrs, John ·an, Deerfield; Mrs. Jam«s Wetael. mtz, and Mrs. Dennis Lanahan. biliasville, also survive. The funeral be held from Mount Marian _ r el. F^xvilVe, Tliu^'day afternoon , 2 o'clock, sen ices by Rev. J. j* and Rev. L. J. Fiohr, __jnenr in ctmeiiery adjoining. WiJ- e and Creeger. funeral directors. WEDDINGS Putmut--Ft*«. A very pretty wwkLug "FUNERALS I RADIO ANNOUNCER'S TRIALS i DESCRIBED BY MINISTER , The funeral ol Mrs. Mary S. RWin- quleUy j g«r, who died at Jhe borne o£ her j solemaiKd on Saturday last, at the! daughter. Mrs. G. Emory Hahn. Tmaey- i Rfty j R Hedeman Addresses S- H*e and member* of Leacers Bi pc^agTin Union Bridge, by Rev. town. Tue^y evening, uas held Sun-: ,-;»» cf !-««** ^V^ *** wyraeT P Ja-kson. when Dorothy day afternoon »ith services at the ' KiwaniS Club. -r^ram. PubUc Invited LOCAL MENTIONS Watch Nlchi Servicr. Rocsy Springs Union Church. Thursday evening beginning at 9 p. ni Ed* Lracers Bibie jt Continue Discussion Of Proposed Reorganization. GITIZJUtS' NATIONAL BA1UL - '«*"* ~S^~~~!^~?--~^*^Z~?~*^~?'y?-' »· OF CENTRAL TRUST CO. Jesse W. Bran. Jesse \V. Ryan. a. retired it ed ·Wednesday at the hose of his _ Jesse Hyan HiijeviHe, a: the age 71 Tears, S months and 29 Another meeting of depositors of the closed Central Trust Compass or Mary- isad *ill be held in the court roccn ol the Courthouse this evening st T 30 o'clock. William J. Grove, chosen chairman at a prunx-iis meeting. -*UI preside with Ben.tanu: B Rcsenstoct, secretary. The purpose of the n^cting is to ·present a plan of reorganization claimed is ^he interest ol depositors. It was rsrepared by Marbury. Gosnell and Williams, Tvell-inD-a-n corporation attorneys o! Baltimore, and will be explained in cetail mth the ultimate vte-ar of Mr and Mrs L V,' Pubnaii. ae*r ; formerly of Taneytown. Intermem *»s Prece^-ck The bride was attired M mack- -a the church cemetery. The blue -a-irh accessories to rcateh. The paJlbearers »ere D. J. Hesson. Augus- b'iie is a sracuat- of the Frederick '-'^ Morelock, O P. S Oi!d. Chartea High School."of the class of '28, and is Kephart. C. G. Bowers, and Earl R employed sn the office ol Thomas and ,Bo*ers. Company. The groom is a graduate of ' the Boys" High Schoo!. ol or '22. Ti,- coi'ple nere attended by M-rma Putmar:, Miss Charlotte Clem. Harold Free and Harry M. Free, brother and fither of the brio? re- the class The luaeral of Henry M. Null, formerly of Hamey. who died at the The tr-al* or a radio announcer who Shoe* Repaired White I' Wait. Best Wort j deal *ith temperamental artist* Mori's soles and rubber hrrli $: 25 j a?re told. »boui by Rev. John R. Mede- l^idios.' ^i-s and rubber hee.s *1 00 J o.' Baltimore", w-ioee voice has ire- SAM MHiSR. 33 S Market s: been heard Jroai Baltimore · s-tatSorL. in an istcreslitK talk be'or* The Savov lioin* Rooms ! the Ki»anis Club at :M *eekly rneeling will be ^-loi-ea w the yubli.- T.-iarsda;. ' .n the Francis Scott Key hotel Tucecay , \v-ni:-.; oa s»w in', o! banquet of \ soon. He briefly Described tie aic- tXiugute.-s. «-: Kooeiah Open New i of a broadcasting studio and Years 0ay -Aith a »;v?cia! menu. ; a lew of his experiences. He ' . | Jan. Ut. la a LcI»I Holiday [ o,.' not for the Kvsponilbiluy Act. { »Urts to ' w o r * ' on that day ! insure yjur car--It nsay po»- [ sve you »r. etiforved «nd per- ! Aiter an extenced trip through Nc-.\ Jersey. Sea' York ar.d CoEnecucu*. Mr and Mrs Puinun v.ill make ihe.r honse »«h Mr. Putmans parents a'ttr xa - s - B - NuU Haj««-er: n-.e grant!( children; 14 great-grandchildren, and one brother. Oliver Null. Missouri. · ^uary l- Enjribreeht--Etaler. Henry A. Enjelbrech:. this city, and ·nved o? on* son. at ihose home he d; one daughter, ilrs. ArtSur Mur- Rldseville. He iras the son of the je Jchn K. and Catherine Ryan. ·uneral services -aere held Friday m :h-r home at 11 o'cloci. Rev. B I. imei. Rtcgeville. had charge of the :es. The pallbearers were: Russell ysr. Murray Day. David M'jrray. Edge I.mthi:um. Interment was made ntjomery Chapel cemeter;.-. Dolly P. Etzler. Mt. Pleasant, were '·*°* place Tuesday morning at 11 .-named at r.ion today at the UetawUft " cl; « k ftoin *-h ftmera! chapel of M Walivrvi Hie. by K - EXehsson and Son. 214 North Market home of hi* daushter, Mrs. Eila Men- :c ,;ii of ^le tho-jsands of aud'.tior^ giveii chey. Baltimore oa Saturday niorniug. y \ radio siwns to securo \oices suit- was heid Tuesday morniug with set- ±y.? ;or broadcak*t!ng. ·»;.? vices at the Karney Lutheran church T.".s» was the la»* meeting of the Ki- i j^-. K f \ . Mr. Sanderoo. paator. oiSciated. aanla Club year, anci tile president. ' J.'»,:Y Interment was made in the Hamey Harry O. Schroeder. -»ho tam* '-^e g»- .-:..»:; Lutheran cesaeurry. SurMMng Mr. \el o-»*r to ihe r.ew president. William ; ^ Null 1:1 adcjsi-.^s to his daughter are oar M Storm, next Tuesday, presided jnd , i:iiiiked the members for their line co- : operation during th« year. Tsie speaker was introduced by R E Town, program chairman of the month. Rev. Mr. who has a splendid baritone vole*, sans t»o solos. «r.ich were thoroughly enjoyed. In th« course of his talk, he explain- THE -CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK, MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 POTTS ft GRIFFIN. WB CAJt GIVE TOO INPOEMATIOM ON ANY TYPE OF PROPERTY. SALES--EXCHANGES--RENTALS APPRAISALS--MANAGEMENT LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH CS FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. i POTTS GRIFFIN, i REALTORS * THONZ 60C. The funeral of Nathan C. Barrick Be »-M^~Ae'nti-'.R PO1TS CtKlFMN" Dance Friday Nile, January 1. AT COU5MANS AT URBA.VA. * qu«-»'.jn .»f d ^it, '.h« crv«»c will \ Gci.v XV 3IabeI I_ Perkins. Mabel Louise Perkins, aged 26 years, hi months and 29 days, died at the me of her parents, Mr. and Sirs. W. Perkins, near Reels Mi!!. night at 10.45 o'clock. The s o' death was pneumonia. She is their oniy child. She leaves a an son nearly three years oM. The funeral vriH take place 02 Friy Greeting at the house at one o'clock ' ing. havirig in vie* the reorgan of the bank, and it is expend to be ,-the largest yet held. Tne first meeting '·vas a small group at ·a.hlch reorgani- .zation was discussed. Th'X^c present ··favored reorganization rather than li- 'quidation under the process of a re! ceivership. i At another meeting at the Y. M C. · A., at -s'hich depositors were present rc-?re*enttng nearly one million dol- j lars. a plan, prepared by the Baltimore ·attorneys -a as submit tea and aftercon- i ^iderablft discussion it was decided to jotibaait it at another meeting at the ! Courthouse. A very large cro^rd. representing deposits of much more than Sl.000.000. attended this meeting, and jthe proposed plan was again siibmit- i ted. Another discussion of mare than ' two hours followed at the conclusion of TS'hich it was decided to meet again to consider the plan. It was felt by some I Mr. Eageibrecht. who is the son ,.-: L. Uaiberger. L. Calvin Shaw. John E s\-5t«n IP. the latter country and t! . Mrs. J. V. Engelbreeht and the Ute A. \ Steiner Rsmsburg. Invnr.eiit rvpense u niet by a tax on eacv. rad L. Engelbrecht. is a graduate o! Fred- Mi OInet cemetery. M. R. EUhwon . set. Tile sweater ifa\e arrJ:n-ntJ : erick High School, class, of 1933. and . and Son, :u:iem! directors. fa^or of each aysu-ui. The America : is secretary of the Frederick Motor '. · method stimulates initiative, he ·Company. Mrs. Engelbrecht is t h e : C^-i/^../-»« T,rt./-vr1 daughter of '.he late Mr. and Mrs. j JliUg(rWOOQ Nimrod Ettte. of Llnganore : ^^.^ r^ go.-Thcce who spent The wore a TOdrew with Ui f^, a .. d ../, .. h ^.^ lef a!:d ^ to maich. Th« ceremony Annual Meettnf. Tne ixi-.i'.'ul nw.inj o! the L:fe Mem- j NTS of t.i* Frederick C-- :nty Agricu 1 .-j -,irsl ti ,--··.· will be at fe CoMrt H - L : f t I'-r. u t - . v A C". MurVd-.-.o. Saf.ra-0. -'-= '·*? -. ·'-'·*-. J t t l t l ' v l v . - . ' . a I I I . ..t -*n:ch ·..!!·" ru:i ::;.-.:-. J ij«-rj «U1 be, ; tne advertisers attempting to gne what t -. e ::cvi i? t:n- uria-.ri o; the j j the listeners want, in order to get ovrr g or .-;y :cr the -.ear 193. .i:i,i such ! SURPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS D. BAKEK. CViatrmon ol Board. HOLMES D. BAKB. President. JOBS H. UAKEB. THE PEOPLE'S FINANCE CO. RECEIPT IN FCLL. Ho-» « ja;»l you :_xe to step t.- \'t.-'. v o! ei h of ;.^_r ..-. tu.l* '.V .-V..C.:;': .: #... ;.«., a. thrU: of n.dvper.^ nc«' Of ccursc it taits rr.?nry t? d j uns. uut there *.ot n.*'t^ it ?cr"ips we can ne.p oa ft: rer-ipl» 13 !--'· for a.: the bills *.u o*e an- iir'p xu c^y it baci ::i *4^v tr.s'.iliner.t Tiir '.ime t- pa} jour iSI-i U r.o*. The place their n»55»ises. He said that in a!I isrobabihw tele^^ion some day »iV. jcc^Siarais U) nja«:s. iim cc;caiu:ii ,,.,,«. ».- ,,..,« \t-- v,,r-r \l'am..r "·*· «« witnessed by Mr,. Raymond Ur.d- "*'*Z"'~£± *** K *~* **TM f ~ I the · say, an aunt of the bride, Mrs. brecht. mother of the bniiegroom. and · ; ?.fr. aud Mrs. Georg* Holland and Miss ' ' Rebscca , and David Greene. f did. Irs Ida Alexander. Schulte and two sons, Guests at th« meeting were: D»-^h: Let. Worcester. MAIS . 1 Theroa Gnwn, Colucibu. O. Dr and iisj'Xit a* n:.iv rcg- e the 1 !!···..!:« ABKAM JltMP. Socrotarv JOSEPH McDtvir. On make their Emil and Kenneth, spent Saturday with - ~ - Christmas i day with ha daughter Mrs. Jesse Boone and famUy. --Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Grimes and PERSONALS Thomas P. Rice, funeral director. | study the proposed plan. I Since the iast meeting a number of copies of the plan have been maUed to depositors of $5.000 and more, request- Eoop--Main. Miss Olive Virginia Main, daughter _ ·· Mr. and Mrs. William Main, Un- j M _ Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs Charles Myers of near Johnsville. --Mr. and Mrs. Charles May and of Mr. and Mrs. Joel I. Hoop. West- i , minister, were married at noon Sunday, i Mr. XatJiart Jac»abson. student at , the University ol Marx-land. Is in Fred- j cnck for the holidays. i LMONG THE SICK Mrs. Bruce Earnmond of Liberty- iwn, who has been ill at the Frederick: ; ty Hospital, is improving nicely. ', Miss Frances E. Worthington. Untcss the pro!:U:cU'i-is shootin? of ', Little Miss Anna Lee ESchisors. who Cderwent an operation for removal of i^s*is and adenoids at the Frederick ty Hospital, returned to her home on ast Second street Tuesday afternoon Gd is much improved. ,, was also published. George Weems Williams, one of the attorneys who prepared the plan, and William L. Marbury. Jr.. are expected to attend this evening's meeting at ·which Mr. Williams will, explain the -rjlan. Representatives of some o' the Jargest deposits favored adopting the and putting it Into execution as as ;I3 the junior member of the Carroll | spe ^ r su-day evening with Jonas Utz . family. Westminster, spent Sunday with unlawful to discharge an air i Farms Dairy, near Westminster. Mr. I ar.d"faraifv. ! his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ree- oat nfle w.ih'.n the city ',:m:M ; and Mrs. Hoop are on a weeding trip j --M- ^r.A Mrs. Charles Myers spent S «"icr. near Frederick. I violation of the law nvist CCASC : , to Virginia. They will reside at the ; sundav with W. S. Grimes and family. ! , and tho police v.ll be instruci ; The bride e groo rcre a. brown fiat crepe dre snapdragons. Immediately; i Mr. Versa! Moore, this city, -who is cordlnsly. ', enrolled in a. course at Strayer. Brj'- i ant and Stratton Business College, Bal_ . _ , . _ ,. _. . ! thnore. Is spending the Christmas va- Rocfcv Ridge. Dec. 30.-Those who , ^^ ^ ^ hom6 ^ e _ air rifle or l This ' .... -- . at once ' ?.nd tho police Mil be :r.stn»ctcd ac- | Kocky ELMER F. MUNSHOWER. Mayor WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN, Catkitr. SAMUEI G. DUTAIX. Aatatant Ciukitr. J. TRAYEKS THOMAS. Assistant Cathter. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER, THOMAS H. HAU.KK. CHARLES H. Cos LEY M. D., JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBRILL. JB.. HOLMES D. BAKER. DANIEL BAKER JR., JOHN B. BAKES. ELIAS B. RAMSBt'RGH, ARCHIBALD E. FISHES. THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. : c -..'. ^ :'i..;.-.e 1473 MISCELLANEOUS. PUSO ll'NJNO ASiJ KADIO REPAIRtNO »'»P«-«'.!» * btrt V P»miT Vhcne ji».w". t w«ti isia -istri- io-»-i;: LOST AND FODND. LOST -YM.LOW HOLD WRIST '.VATCH, T.-«d«v sltern^o:! E'.iiii -»"·" iVxlbiv su.i H..IH! Kr»-.r-! Kr'-.r:-. or " LOST-- WE»DIN«i R1SO. 1* KARAT WHITE l B o.d Sr.!«:: ·! a.T-r.d sr'.Hnj R»«ru ·pkn... J }l Stl-jS'r A: Sons. WlUie.'ST.U*. ' sii7 3 "!»nj. u-3»-aax- FOR RENT. FOR REST--MODERN' APARTMEST ASD A-.i.v Younc »""t Werner. »*' '* " ' 1-J-30-IJ8-. TOR IUM.T--FVWKISHED ROOM WTT" - Pi-ll-s usfr. Apply 1-Vi "«- Tnl ' e . - _-| : "" · I3-3C-d5l . -OR RENT-- MODERN 3 ROOM APART-'.. Jit E*3; Secoad sire*'- S u n r i a a t the home of Mr. and 1 ; . J a r n e s E . Schiidt. of Rocky Doubs r. and Mrs. Milton P. Myers, ol i [as t DOIKIS, Ztec. 30.--The following s:rnas service, "Beautiful Christmas ifts," was rendered in S'. Mark's Lu- leran church on Christmas evening at 30 o'clockt Opening song by school, , Welcome. Christmas Morning": respon- j . ve reading, "A Savior Promised"; I ayer. Rev. C. H. Shull; solo, Mrs. C. 'tt. ' of the Company, at an ap- to be placed thereon by ' an d children. Earl, Harold and Eliza- ATr. and Mrs. H Bhiill. "Hosanna, He Cometh," with lorus by school; responsive reading, an Appraisal committee to be select- bv the deaositors. " (2) The sale to the Peoples Bank Company, a new bank to be of the "good" assets, mean- thereby those whose value is capable of exact ascertainment based upon the present economic conditions, and che Tidings of Great Joy"; anlhern by the DaT ^ ent therefor by the Peoples Bank y£r, "Tee Angels' Song"; musical i ^ .j^j. company placing to the citation, Mary £^a Mcrray; recita- credit of eacn depositor of the Cen- jn, Daniel Thayer and TheJma Wil- ^^ -T-JJSJ company his pcuporcionatc j Va., Saturday morning about 11 o'clock, · and returned the follow ng (lay to T in dea Hills, near this city, where they are residing at the home of the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Etzier. The bride is a daughter of Mrs i Floyd Leathennan, near Mt. Tabor. Mr ! and Mrs. Glenn Leathermari. near j Midoletown. trie brother and sister-in; law of the bride, were attendants at i the wedding. Mr. Etzier is a carpentei by -race and will reside at Linden Hills for the present. dinner on Christmas. Their guests included Mr. and Mrs. Donald Myers and daughter, Peggy. Frederick. rd; solo, Luther Shall. "Messengers ol chorus by school; recitetion, cce Titus; recitation with doH. Phjl- , Frye; recitation, Evelyn Baker; song school, "'Jesus Is the King"; reci- tior. James Titus; exercise. Esther, j ce rtahied by the Appraisal Committee. adys and Lena Willard; solo, Phyl- | sna u bear to the total amoant of the Prye; solo, Carroll Walters; recita- deposits o£ the Central Trust Company, share of said purchase price of the "good" assets purchased by the Peoples Bank and Trust Company, as the same is determined by the proportion thai ·value of the "good" assets, as as- Blank--Cole. Ezra W. Blank. Shookstowrj, Eind Evelyn Cole, or Frederick, were marned at the parsonage of the Church of the Brethren, fay Rev. M. G. Wilson on iy evening at 7 o'clock. Bemioe. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Har- A. M. Ecker and children. Mehrle. Jr., i Winifred and Albert, Mr. and Mrs. ! Shsrley Ecker, Morris Wastler and chll- 1 drcn, Edith and Bonnie, Mr. and Mrs. ' Simer J. Pittinger and children. ·les. Lew's, and Curtis, aU of Thur". and Mrs. John W. Tresslcr and children, Ruth, Winifred. Donald ; and Joseph, of Waynesboro. Pa.: Mr. i Joseph W. Tressler. of Wcodsfaoro; Mrs. ] Myrtle Ebaugh and Httle Gtona . Eliaugh. of Woodsboro. and little Lor, mine Stambaugh. 1 S«OR HBST--MOBERN 6 ROOM HOCSK. ' Fura»c» "u*- n»*'y :r_«j.ii^. !.-nmcdl»t» T7 Esil Cliurc.i £·. 12-SO-dll FOR REST.--$30. MOXTH. THREE-ROOM d»y!i s ht upartment. Pruit* ba'.h. Oss. clfctrlc. Plenty heit »nd hot w»Ur. 131 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Harbaugh. Wcst- 1 minster, entertained at a turkey dinner , Christmas day their sons, R. W. Har! baugh. Frederick: H. V. Harbaugh. E i W. Harbaugh. H. H. Harbaugh. Jr.. and ! granddaughter Kitty Lee Harbaugh. ; Westminster. The Annual Firemen's Bait. New Years Eve. Junior Hall. Danc'ng 9 to 1 Tickets. Ladies 23c, Gents 50c. Auspices Junior Fire Company. i. P. JUUVHSB EIOK. j FOR RZJTT --3 ROOM APARTMENT. FIRST I Sleor. 3iS E. S,-«md St.. lS-2S-S3t · FOR RENT --MODES* SIX ROOM HOUS3E. ! 323 \Vish!:!gton street. Apply W. L- Burger, 301 Boulrt Market sueet. ^ ^ j ^p --·· · · ··«*· --. _. · .-. MRS. L. WALTER LUTZ DEAD Of 1.'. B. Minister Succumbs York, Pa. I MUftary School Representative ; at ; FRANCIS SCOTT KEY HOTEL ! Captain Robert H. Shank represent- I Ing the Carson Lonj Military i located in Kew BIoomMeld. I vanla, will be registered at the Francis OPPORTtJumKa. Elm itreet. modero liome. liteU iocatlon. Seven room, modern home. Washington aWMt. »3.SCO. Pro|ertle3 on Park BTeaue, and CAS! «tl street, to t» told »t k ncrlfic*. of i»na an »»y. ne»r Frederick. m*ke* »n «tttrmo- FOR RENT-- 9-ROOM BUNGALOW WITH two ba!!-.s. Also »psrtsnent. ImxedlmW pos»e»i:on. Apply News-Post. B« 3S05. * KOR RSNT.--FURNISHED ROOM WITH OR witbou; boird. Apply 230 E. Second St. 12-Z3-SU , Julian Frye; solo, liffortJ Frye. "Being Your - Loving fis," -srith chorus by school; eaercise, y^is Frye and MaSeJ Banihonse; cizatioa. Geneviere Bartlett; soto, »tar or the Christmas Sky,". Mary la Murray, isith chorus by school; _ . . , ., Sis^depolitor -a perid of three years. five per cent, being available immediately upon the opening of the Bank, and an additional five per cent, payable at -the end of the first six months, five per cent- at the end of station, Margaret Baker; solo. Gladys j the second six months, ten per cent, at arc: remarks by pastor, offering. ! the end of the third six months, thirty or school. "Giving For Jesus"; | per cent, at the end of the fourth six Che Christmas Story," -with carols by ! months, and the remainder at the end irOiTQ R. Freaman told by Miss Ma- j of the three years, c Frye, Clifford Frye, Miss Mary Ella i (31 The Realization Company -sin .array. Lather ShuH and Miss Alma retain ownership of all of the assets roll;"responsive reading and benedic- i not purchased by the Peoples Bank and 32 " ] Tr-iisi Company, issuing to each de- Holt--Smith. Milton X. Holt aad Eleanor P. :h of Frederick, were t the Church 305 West Fifth street, I '" ' '_ ', Grove--Stanb. i Clyde E. Grove, of ShookstOTm, and i Madeline R. Staub, Frederick, were i married by Rev. ML G. Wilson, at the I Church of the Brethren parsonage on ' Christmas eve. ) Surprise Birthday Fart;. ' A very enjoyable surprise birthday · party was held at the home of Mr ; ar.d Mrs. c. Ray Etzler, New Market, , December 28 in honor of their son Reginald's 20;h birthday and also that of ?.!iss Clara Garber. it being her 17th birthday. Cards, games, and dancing ·Aere indulged until a. late hour when refreshments were served. The table ·-vas decorat-sd with two large birthday cakes. Many gifts were received. --Mr. and ilrs. Marshall Mala and is. James Smith spent Christmas day positor a. certificate of participation m the proceeds to be realized frora the " ' itn ^^Tjs^s^s: ^ ^^ ****^ °- id ·** e:d "tL. 01 T ^? n E£e -^=-«d ^rth her i "^W *** ^^'^ ^^ ^^ T=nst --y^. Jatne. Ea.-e .^..^ -.Ji her , ^^^ ^ a]so purchase the build,a and ca-^^r-in-!^. Mr and Mrs. | ^^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ lbe Ta!ae ^sto Ha.e, and daagawr, Miss Maude ^^ ^^ bv ^ ^^: Ap- a.e, of JeSe-^on _ praisal CoimniJtee. and make the firrt --Jarces Basford of vasaing«m. D. j f" . . . U spent ihe week-end -with his father, j *r LHiam Sasforc. j ,",,,,« ,,,,,, , -rlo t-^ r $50,000 one year iile the residue to be paid t.he aid '13C m- aS Mrs. Carl Da-is. Mrs. Acessa S ^ TZ ^ X thereon, and an additional t-so tup rcttirrec i:~e with Mr. and ilrs. j pc - cnt ^ .v^ Im p a id balance. lamp. i (5) The depositors are also given tie --Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Main and ; --eaefit of the value, to be appraised trs. James Smith spent Sunday with i v,y ;j. e Depositors' Appraisal Commitiec, Ir. and Mrs. Walter Smith ana fara- i aforesaid, of certain liabilities upon the Lime Kiln Lime Kiin. Dec. 30.--Mr. and Mrs. · Charles Bruchie and son, Bobby, Miss i Rath Feaga. of Washington, Mr. and ! Mrs. George Wilson and daughters, ! Mary Lou'se and Ellen, and son. Francis. of Hagerstown. Misses Amanda aad j Ethel Waits, of Baltimore, aad Mr. Lester Feaga, of Cumberland, arc .moTiriii j Feagal er, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Russell Green. Clara Garber, LoreKa Rlppeon, Rutis Beard, Airaa Beard, Larue Haugh, Peggy Hamilton. Teddy Etzier, Idella Tucker, Helen Smith, Zelma, Rippeon. and Little Miss Mary Catherine Greer:. Messrs, Reginald Etzier, Austin Hamilton, Garland Foreman. Austin Rippeon. Maurice Main. Edward Kefauver. Theodore Bro-x-n, Clark Smith. Russell Ful- nter. Charles Etzfer. Carlos Bowers. Maysard. Tregoning. -Mr. and Mrs. Oliver :*ii:ea or Lees- | ^^ f ^ 7 c: Hyatisville. L,--Mr. and Mrs Maurice Roberts and itn_y of Frad=r:ck. spent Sunday aft- part of the guarantors, sureties and members, arising cm of ob- LsatJons asr-irjMc by them, as well as ·Mth Mr. and Mrs. Carl Davis the value of anv liability imposed by 25 farcilr. ! law arton the orBcers ana directors in --Mr. Msreriith Hicfcnan of Marshall ; the aianagernent of the Oer.tral Trust ollece is Hanttnstoa, W. Va., is spend- j Company. 15 the Christmas Solifiays with his : s) The swcitholcers in ihe Central arer.ts. Mr. snd l£rs. M. W. Ei:kman. Trust Company are required to take -£-. S nd Mr=. Karry Seller of ' stock »n the new barifc for an amount ,. recently visited Mr. asd equivalent » their present, 1 and family. iiTl" ! der the IST, or else be assssssu. as rc- --Mss:«r Bennle Harr^. of Frederick, ouired by law. . Tu;t=g Mister Stanley Frye. --Mr. "arS Mrs SdTrard Gibson, of sl-mrron, D. C. ar.S Mr. and its. 'harles Grirtes of ntar KanscciTiDe. -pent Chfutntas day -- t h Mr. and Irs. W«leT Frre and --Mr=. Isa^c Frye roent Chnstmas ay --th Mr. and Mrs. S^ah Frye --Mr. snd Mrs. A'a-iir. Hale arxi --land Sale o: Jefferson, recently littx-d M"? James Hale If favDrabte acti-n is taken or. ^'--·e · pla-n a; tonight's mes-tir.s. sn agreement -Rill ih-sn be pro?ar?c. to be 1 sisned ty each depos.tor. T.-^ plan Trill not be effective unless it least .eighty per cent, of the depo?.-^r^ sign I this agreement, and th« oth^r prsvis- ioris in the plan are;*i --.t'n. Hearin:: Continued fatil Tharsday. ·sitcesses for the platrttft sr.d :TO fir i^-c weal-ev Frre ar-5 cl-tildrcn, '·-' defendant, in the s 1 --.;- ;or ai abso- iv~is"'ar.J Jtiliars spent S'^rilay lute divorce brought by Ssrciiei L- Tyler, Ir "ar.i Mrs. Charles Grimes c-f near Xcrih Market street ;e«eler. aga^ist Kazel I. Tyler, this city, in ths Clrc-ut Hiekerd and C^urt T'Jesda- morning with Judse i Mr. Smith Cecil, of Philadelphia. Mr. ! and Mrs. Markell C^ge?t, of Gaithers- I burg and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Adams. ; of Buckeystown. visited Christinas with i r^Jr. ar.d Mrs. Walter Cecil and farnily ! Mr. sad Mrs. Smith Cecil spent Christ! mas cay with Mrs. Cecil's parents. Mr and Mrs. John Cordell, of Clarksburg, i --Mr. Earl Hazard, cf Washington. and Mr. Lee Smith, of Di;kerson, TII- ; ited at the horse of Mrs. G. W. Fisher i and fami'y Christmas. ! --Mrs. Wm Miles is spending several , dars in Frederick -snth her sister, Mrs. , "ettie Stone. | . ~' r - £Lnd is - A - K - 3 or2. Freder' ick. Miss Cornelia Hickmar;. of "om- of Rocks, and Mr. Harry McAbee, cf , Hagerstown. spent Christmas dav -sith Mrs. j;iza McAbee and famiiv. --.Mr. Harrv Fisher is working at Riverca.s for severaj days in plac- of ager.; Famsworth. ----Gss V.rginia Broeius. of State Norrna. S^iooi. Towson, ^ spending th*Christmas holidays wjtft her parents" --'.T. ar.= Mrs. C. T. Brosus j-Mr. and Mrs. Vicior Ridenour. Mr. Wajcs:, of Hagerstown. and Mr. CbarJes '-"- ^°- *t. and Mrs. cCaufi Miller. ~ : Ir -- -laro-s B-o*rr and daughter -\-b-r.3. ar.c son. Howard, speni Sund^v- Jitn Mr Albert Stagings and faailv. Po.nt; pf K:c.-t,-. _-Mr sr.6 Mrs. Baxter Bissrs ar.d Class Meets And Elects. The "Threads of Gold Class." cf Cavalry M. E. church, held their monthly meeting in the church parlor Tuesiay. Thirteen members were present. The meeting was opened by repeating tJia Lord's prayer and sing- -ng. "O Little Town of Bethlehem." Officers for the coming year were elected as fellows: President. Mrs. Hfger Eyler: -.-ice-president. Mrs. Au- C"« T. Brost: secretary. Mrs. M^rt^n R-.tcliie; assistant secTEtary. Mrs. Wade Bro^n; trea.-zir--r. r.Iiss Erina Myers; asswant treasurer, Mrs. L. Morning-=tar: librarian. Mrs. Frank Grimes; pr«ss reporter. Mrs. Leslie W. Dorsey. missionary treasurer, Mrs. Arthur J-nes. The meeting was closed by repeating the cisfs verse. Delicious re- rreshrr.enta were served. The next meeting -aril be held January 35. at ths horr.e of Mrs. Brust. ' the Second United Brethren Church of York. Pa., died early Tuesday In i York. She had been m me York Hos! pital some weeks and had undergone · two operations. She was a resident of ' Baltimore from 1920 to 1923, when her ' husband was pastor of the Saiem , United Brethren church in Baltimore. , She Is survived by her husband and eight children, the children being: Mas Mary S. Lutz and Robert W. Lutz, of Twin Hocks. Pa.; Mrs. S. M. Kent, of Baltimore: L. Archie Lutz. of New York; Wiil'am A. Lutz. of Red Lion, Pa.; Misses Margaret A. Lutz and Kathryn A. Lutz, of York, and Harold T. Lutz, Baltimore. Mrs. Lutz before her marriage was Miss Thompson. She was bom sixty 1'ears ago in Waynesboro, Pa., and had spent much of her youth in Middletown. Md. Funeral services will be conducted in her husband's church at 2 o'clock. Thursday afternoon. Burial ; will be in OaUastowR. Pa. i . i New British income taxes are 90 times our own proportionate rate for ] married men and 100 times that for , bachelors without deductible depcn- ! dents. Any persons interested in placing , their son or sons in a Military School of · distinction for the remainder of this i ear, or next, are Invited to call to ! sec Captain Shank or to call him on ! the telephone I Call | JOHN W. BRUCHEY'S · Buff Rock Poultry Yards for : alue or dressed. Fresh eggs dally and baby chi:ks "Phone 696-R. 459 West South St. Kent-A-Car. ill ciosc' models Gas and oil free Rates as low ts lOc per mi:e. For information 'phone 1378. FRANCIS SCOTi KEY GARAGE. 114 West Patrick St. Best Fountain Service In The City. PEOPLE'S SERVICE DRUG STORES LOCAL MENTIONS Blue Ridge Transportation Co. · announces bus service from Bus Tem3- ' :na! 10 Odd F?!'.OTE Home. North , Market S: , cxtd . and intermediate ' points effective, December 23. L-KHC Tcrrn.iia!, 9.13 a. rn ; 4 and 6 P re. ;" Lra'.e Odd Fe'.loT-s H^aic 830. 1030 i a rr.. and 4 30 p. n. ! For information. Phone Z'lZ NO SKTTBR INVESTMENT. Modern three story apartment wit O r - sgea that pay* 18 per cent on your tn«st- ment. ^ Two comer lots oa W. tjtb itrat. «J»0 each Consult Rice about other raluw. List your rts! estate with nice. P LOTHER RICB. REAL ESTATE ·PHOSB 148*. 29 B. THIRD BT. NOAH E. CRAMER SON. AS OPPORTUNITY To purchase a HS acre farm three m!!es from W»'.terxvi::« tor 12.800 TUip tarta 1* improved wttli a si* room tram* dwtlllng no-se. bint Darn,* b«2. chlckra huus« »ad Bog pen. spr'.na wster plptfl late ihc Kitchen bj natural liow Frier a » a .i-.CEdow of about JO acre* together wita abcut 30 acre? of fine timber ta^d. balance bein^ uader cultivation The owner ol this property will leave in the (arm JI.OOO. on 3rt mortgage. Thli S3 one ol the most attractive Sarra oprtortunltics tnat u-c have ever offered anfl :* bei»s soM for rn^ch 2ess than the orlglna 1 flrs; mortgage- For further pe.-t!cu!«:j app:y to NOAH E. CRAMER EON. II* COURT STREET, FREDERJC't. MD. 'PHONE SOS. FOR RENT.--FURNISHED APARTMENT.-Three rooro« and batb. 331 Eait Second St. 'Phone -U-J. 15-24-dSt i FOR RENT.--THREE ROOM APARTMKNT, ' furnished. Apply 205 East Second St. I 13-24-SK* 1 i --^TM»TM___^--^--^-^--~--- ] rCRNISHED APARTMENT FOR RENT.-- Ccr.trai iocauoa. AI! conveniences. Appiy . 120 West Patrick street, or 'phone ES9-M- AttenUon. Odd Fellows! AI! members of Frederick City Lodge. No. 100. I. O. O. F. arc requested to be present, at tonight's meeting in their lodge room IT Pythlaa Cast* Building, by 3 o'clock, to help receive the Par. Granfl's Asso-iiatioa ol Frederiok County. All Oid Fellows in the city are nrciaCy invited to be present. Rabbi iVillner will deliver the address. By order of FREDERICK CITY IX3DGE. No. 100. I. O. O. F. I'pholstennc, KefinwbiDjr. Repainn^. Cha'.r Canetns--Rattan Work. A H MAPLE. D Center St. 'Phase ZOl-J. Since the admission of HCAICO 55 ^onr.trlss are members cf the League of 500 Pair V. S. Army Garrison Shoes. These Sh^-es arc newly half-so'.Pd. Special sale--$2.50 pair. All sacs. M-llir's Shoe Repairing, 33 S. M.- S; Trappers Take Notice- Fall alue mi h-ghest pnces pa:d for raw furs at rr.~ p.ace ol business S.iop befiwn Third and Fourth S'-s .Chapel A'_e; I a^o hars all -iir.ds rr Kcond-hsni pipe, good as nc~. from -j-iacJi to 8 · ir.:he» !or sale pr.-^.* 3S3 F°.SDSRICP: JUNK COMPANY. Frank G25t:«" Prop R'.s'.i'^e 215 E Third St -phone 383 JOHN N CLAKY. «-E HAVE REMOVED OUR OFFICE FROM 23 WEST PATRICK ST, TO 9 NORTH COURT blRKBT We trrit« all lines of insurance including automobile liability and propert} JOHN N CLARY " NOTICES. ! FOR RENT.--FRONT. MODERN APART- 1 meat »nd garaie. Apply Young Wetncr, ; US K Mirfce: -.rcct. 12-21-dtI FOR RENT--MODERN 5 ROOM BUUGA- low. 808 Trail Ave. Possession Jan. 1. ' *PP^y Frant S'.niberger. 44J W. Patrtcfe j street 'Phone M7-M. 12-17-dtf ! POP- RENT.--HOUSE OS WATER ST.. SIX I roos-.s wltb e:«tr:c lights, paper srd wa:rr ;-.i fcstchrn Posse;s:oa at once, /.pp:^ J. M; Culler. 82-14-d:t i FOH RENI.-SIX ROOM HOUSE ON it.KTH i Mailtrl 8t App.v tc C E.». 71* N Marcel street- IZ-l-dK , FOR RENT--FOUR OR FIVE ROOM MOD- *ad 'loor. An^ty 6 VV Th:rd street FOR !'.t.K1 -- MUlJERN SIX-RCXr-l HOVSS. 101 Ban Srv'rr.r «ir«t rc-«?»«'.cn (cie- -rr I*i. Apply 2« avenue Pr-.ont IMC. 13-tdlT ron r^t^tT -- 2-noo:-J MODERN APASTT- issrit Aap:? V.i) Brci-. 41C North Vsr- PCBLIO SALES. ASSIGNEE CP "iOKTJ^GZZ S PUBLIC SALE Or V.'iLt-AELr; LJW SLUNG HOUSE prtOPEP.TT F A C I N G E^?t£R PARK. Market Prices Shootinc Match. BnckeysUwn. All Day. Nc-x- Yea-- Star*. 10 z Trap. Still. K..fV; Var^.j of ?r.zes g^ver. Scratch Pads and TaMra. fe to 13: a pound. VH3 NEWS-POST. Cour; Street, A- ' .r r baTM*: ^s r-~^e or. tr" -, - =''-IT*h ! J».r ,a". :33t. 5* r.c '^s s*cor,d Tue Grain. ^nsat. 'ne-s bu. ......... _ ........ _. ... Live Stock and Proonce. Special*. CHICKS FOR SALE. PrcSccis. las- , New £j.t-? Pressed . Hau Cleasei ar.d Blocsid . . SO: BA=.R£rj ivurrs *-n; e'JF? ROX; AS"Vc ar; stll: f^ll^ij Zjaurel CD-IS, s C H , p?:^ s..T-'-Lar«fl Wh 'ifers . ... _ . 30 -.o *: IVrea-hs ar.f. Xrnas Gr/yr.*. 5, JJ ~ £:: '-'-r. ^'^ ' ff -T* 4c -a 50 · "3;. I SNO^^DEN. sVs^-- i'/"'-" ·;«s. good to choice 2'-c to 3c Barbara Frsv.hie Sh-^e Shir« ar.^ 1-i.t : .::~,"".-r'f cr:.'-.~ t)-»5, ra^- to good, . :: r c -j Cc Cleanir.g Parlor o-ri, comraon TC · *. 152 w Patrick St. K^MMOXU CtLAST. Biicl «.' "-:-3 'J'.sr^ SIS pir IK r:.-.-.-j cj«-s-:r-3 : tc E c?» J*'e* r«:\.:o£ Beck 1 pv P :-jt- Airy. Md t-3-tftI FOB SALE. By Tlrtce of t*-e Po"-*? o: w.Te ecat^Uied "J'-j^er v *r.d Z- .'.f S V?t r r T. ^.5 u.'e. to T.-" F.-i-»!:r. SST..--- U^r«; cf Fr»c? ·'-.-'£-t^f. ~ '. ' "T ?. r ,5"..r r-» c the n.'r:ja^"1 7-' r. ·»* - * ' * C~.r*. K 0 ".'^: ticcr. ubsrj\T. j \ x v - - r t Y 'tTH/zsa. a* 11 o r'ots i --. . :"~e f.:^! ' ^ ' cr pa*csl .' .anil dt«cr J .r ftr.3 t ^ n ^ f r - ^ v sa.d l^-r^v-r..*"-"*· t-c** s ~r. ^.r.~ cr. -^^ Eayi ?'"cr.-; s.-*r: r . ..: ?'?C£T r»: Vir-'i3-: i '**·'- sr.d i c*^" 1 - Fi"»s*c .- ct I2.S 7c^t. ;~c. li',4. 3- J -?ccrix^ .-. t-^'- S- T H -t re. dated ». I. osr S. T K TDK SAt-t: OR -·p^TKE 3RZD ~v , ..-C C P-.r.. .-I -«. e '_. '.. IS2. a- :e.:as JSS. s-.c ^'i*» ts .^7rc"?5 £· i! l »-;.t.-s .T-S* '.5J N ST'Z S: . i= ·rick Arthtar D. W.l'ara en :r --i:r. "art; ifrs. J: 5-5, A'ire Birr.h;^?e o! Frecerick Arthtar E ' -t S^r.i^" ~.tli ilr. ani Mrs. Jaoies recesr^d untU Thursia". The clefir^e ·rr.ftuc " jhas about ten more to call. ;,; r _ £.-;; ^:rs William Blessiaf and Mrs. Tyler ar.d her mother. Mrs. "W.l- iTid "l:h Mr and Mrs. Gsorge Biess- tio witnesses far thi dens-:. Mrs. .Tyler is. a daughter ef Waft- · be '"ler and na^ Mr. ar.d Mrs Charles r ^ ' . r . S; M.-ir';'; I,.;:'.-.:ran church, iWastlor. a* stated in t'r.^ paper i Tuesday. parent r.ea: --:.:r. .Mrs. Harry Rannebergcr ar.a yens. Lc:oy ar.d Donald. ·CT.-nt Christmas day with M-. Ranne»er- esr'.s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rar-r-eocrger, of Dc.utfr. --Mr ar.d Mrs. E. A. Hahn ar.d children. Grayson and Margaret Cath- enr-.c-. ar .d Mr. and £rs. Robert Hahn ar.d .itt.e son. Paul Ewood. sper.: Sun- cay - ,t-Ti Mr. 2. A. Kahn and mo;r«-r, Mrs. Emrna Jane Hahn, of Woodsboro. Calves, choice. 130-155 lire. Cvres, 90-100 ibs. s-ibject B-lls ..._ _. _.. _. chalrc, 70-8rt Ibs. 'Lambs. cho:ce. 60-Tn :ss. Lam'af. choice, :oo .as up Lambs, culled Hags, 100-115 Jbs _ Hog.% 130-140 Jo? Hogs, 140-150 Jbs Kogs. 160-200 -jbs. . . Kojs. 200-250 Ibs. . up up 2c to 6C to 5c t3 4c ; to 3c i . 6c ..6c. 5c ' .- 3C The Anna*! Firemen's Ball. Neiv Years E-.T. Junior Kail. 9 w 1 Ti;keis. Ladies 25c, 3ents 5C-c. Auspices Junior Fire Compar.v. FO" ? \L.E -- TCRKTTS. GSESF. DUCKS. 5 : «c 5c ....4c Why Tak« a Chance. -"·: I/-,t Ds'.phey get your 1932 atotcr TC- R " : hicle '..cense tags, chauffeurs' Card, 1 !. NC etc. Daily service. Infcrmat.:-, ar.d -- · application blanks furnished ar.d 5_«3 * in free of chrgc. · ; J PAUL DEL.PHBY. ·'-' i "Home of the B;*e." ,_' k Open _.-. ' "t HELP WANTED. ~:DUS. RS1.IA3T.E '.! A --.,-s C-',CT.-- ^s-.i!:: ^.-.r-! Etr cr. ?.:! TOR SALE-- SIX -ROOX MODERN Br.V :o-^ , r.^ar cctrr Fr 5 ::! iree. e . cli.cfcen cfxjp S4.K-0 R»?!T lo ffnrs-JVsi. Bo'- prefer. t n - X J. FOR S*I.S--B\BT CARRIAGE. HSA3ON- Jo^-.-iicr AT- . kblc prcc, srood a? 10 JerVrjcri St. .'.:\IL C1.ERKS.--MEN IS-Ji FOR SALE OP, HSKT.-THREE STORY j rr.r-.cnce $158^0 .T.j;i;h Steqiy Pa.d br:cit «o-js a . con's.nlng c:c^tcen f l S i '. · m. E-.- v ctjrr'r.a'.os^ c^?*e:eil rMms. :-.c;ud.r.r i iirgt ·store roon;. s,tu- j r..^:. e^u-ci on . ^ r . r - ' y-.:: pan.---~ t*»j 'n *he bu^.r.e^a s^ticn o? VlddSttfcwn. ' ·* "i sai.- " c *c- -.; ;.--c. Wrl'.e to1«y ' T a . - I a - d Far p»7-..c-.:a.-». app'.j to O- S. p.o- :«T9R N v i f - P j . - . A..a.t, 835 Pros.--e« street. Tort. P». [ {.-::-i: i-.i6.t5.i?,:3.:i.:s.;o.3txi-:.s.s.o' · i:-is-d:t ' O3 ROH . c. C Kcjpsr. .V.:'..c7e-- * " OLD

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