Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1961 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 8
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tigfi* HOPS STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Junior Boys Hammer Out 23-0 Win The local Junior Legion slaughtered Hie Ibyesvill Juniors here 1,-isl ni»hl ; score. Hope scored in every except Hie thinl. Ci.-iry B;im>\v got three hits, Danny Key an Wa.Vnc Camp sol two each'. K,-n-| Hay Murphy, David Hiirkc an Dan Hatficlfl sol one ,cach. McAlurlrey was (lie winnin.:; httrlcr, pivins up only one hit, in six innings. Lerny LimmonhitTt allowed no hits in I he linal two frames. Games tonishl: Nashville -I. Hope :;. then' Nashville :?. Hope I. mere Friday Night: Red Sox vs Braves Lions vs Pop Kola Owens vs CBC Midwest vs Coleman McKinley on Top of the Heap Today WIMBLEDON. Kngland t.AI"-- Chuck McKinley, the b;id boy of American tennis, was on (up r,l the world today. The fiery 20-year-old star from St.. Louis, released from suspension only six weeks auo. shimmed his way into the Wimbledon men's final Wednesday and was hailed • as the most colorful personality in this year's tournament. He delighted the crowds with his energy, retrieving and speed. McKinley, the first native American finalist since I'.^'i will meet Rod Laver of Australia lor • lohlln - v Kcanc. CHESAMAKi AND OHIO . & 0. Pomngsr Cann«cMoni OOOO- C, & 0. Troinf.Hj Ho "* r ' ' ! : C. & 0. trackojt Riohij BALTIMORE AND OHIO' Other RooJ in Which «. 4 0. Hoi Maiur Inferut Thurichy, July *, 1911 "** 1st Half of Year Kind of Headache By JAMES MARLOW Associated Pres s N ws e Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — The first half of 19fil was a kind of aspirin for a headache that won't go away. We arc now fresh out 'i.spirins. Up till June 30 President Ken- jncdy's administration had—corn- first year in office. But it wasn't involved in foreign dealings, it all. could probably have been sv/ept Congress cleaned up most of t under the rug. the programs bclore June so. But But it wasn't. From the ncdy's administration had-com- t ™ * .,- 8 ° paratively-a delightful time With! ° P .' om sc lhls ai ' both Connrcss nnd ihn riii M !nn< ! )<IS1S ' Hc w '" Us ' PROPOSED RAIL COMBINATION-Merging of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway and the Baltimore and Ohio would create a network blanketing the New York-to-Virtnnia area in the East and much of the Midwest. Proponents of the affiliation which would lead to the eventual merger claim that there would be less dislocation of jobs and facilities because the roads are end-to-end" systems rather than "parallel " Solly Hemus Is Fired by Cords LOS ANGELES (AP) -Solly Hemus was fired today as manager of the St. Louis Cardinals and replaced by veteran Coach the cup Friday. Today, the women take the stage with Sandra lno Balance of the I'JGl season and Reynolds of South AtYiea playing f<11 ' !W -Britain's Angela Mortimer and The „ , tlt^.1 11.1.1 lln.. ^ ... v..., tllo , IUIIIH.HJI lllLZ |llj nonce Schuurman of South Afn-:isixth pkice. also made veteran ca meeting England's Christine second baseman Red Schocn- Truman in the semifinals. dienst ;i playing coach and ap- "I can't tell you how much this pointed Vcrn Benson manager at success means to me." McKinley their Portland. Ore.'farm club a said after he had blasted Britain's coach. Mike Sangster 6-4. fi-4. :;-i; to '^mi Fi-iday's final against Australian Rod Laver. Laver beat Iiamana- than Krishnan of India, 0-2. a-ij. Apartments May Open to Negroes WASHINGTON (AP) -Several Washington real estate owners of fercd today to open large luxury , ,. , , .apartment buildings to Negro dip- -ardinas. foundering in |] 0 mats in response to an appeal "id. was appointed for Caroline Is Saved From Drowning WASHINGTON (AP) — The Evening Star said today a young matron jumped fully clothed into a swimming pool last Thursday to . pull out Caroline Kennedy about . ;-•• jto sink in water over her head. Harris \\ottorcl. special assist-1 rim «tm-v i „ n^n n i ant to the President, conveyed ! Ml ! * ± , mJ Sl^u T^' Kennedy's views to a closed moot- tc in | ' TLn H en 1 inr, n r «.'.,,.„• „.., _.,_,_ if'-in-l.iw ol Sen. Lcverott Sallon- from President Kennedy. ing of Washington real estate . leaders called by the State DC-i" me ! benson replaces Darrcll John- j partment to curb housing discrinv i ( |. u n. who will be reassigned. jination again.--'. African diplomats in the nation's capital. Lcverott Saltonstall, R-Mass.. as the rescuer of President's three-year-old 6-2. "That suspension up.sct nie lot. I meant missing the I'.S in door championships, and I had Martha L. Stephcnson. the Plaint if prays judgment in sum of $24.000 plus costs. W. W. Andrews cl-b-a Andrews Metal Co. vs Ralph my heart on winnin? that. When Screen t I was banned from playing, it up. Saundors. Plaintiff pravs iud« ml ™me ^ ^ SCl ' )atk mtnl for S ' 75 Phls c «* 'Now it's come back acain and ^ ™^ P^^ ** all that trouble seems over ind Plaintiff prays forgotten" judgment in sum of $54.93 plus A plea on behalf of the State!. Department was made by under i • sl "'l ) ''isc. ^ As for Caroline, (he story said "her only reaction was one of Schools Owe $105 Millions both Congress and the Russians In Congress, where he lacks enough support to .sail his programs through as he asks, he used two simple but adroit mclh- od.s to get what he wanted: 1. For the most part he offered very moderate programs which, by their nature, avoided violent opposition: differences with members of Congrc;;.,- on various points but not on total programs. 2. Hc used pressure, persuasion and concessions by himself and members of his White House staff to win over such opposition as he had. This has been a very smooth operation. Kennedy's own 13 years in Congress made him expert on this. The result was a big batch ot , legislation which — if that had been all that was involved—would have given him a very successful Crowds Greet Old Soldier on Return BV DON HUTH MANILA (AP) — Huge crowds LITTLE HOCK (AP) _ 'Dial indebtedness of Arkansas' 41!) school districts stood at $l(). r ).fi million on .June :!0, an increase i , , , , •—~- of $ll.» million over the s . inK . I sl()ocl fo1 ' houi 's in drenching mon- date a year ngo. so . n rams tocln y lo catch a glimpse of General of the Army the programs bclore June 30. But the three biggest and most controversial were left over until after the Fourth of July holiday. These were federal aid to ed ucation, 'the foreign aid program and medical" care for the aged. The medical care bill looks just about dead for 1961, isn't likely to get action until 19G2. The big stumble in his foreign aid program IK . his request to Congress to give him authority on a five-year recipient nations to be able !o pian long-range instead of on the present year-to- year basis. Congress \A hjsitant about signing the check for that far ahead. There'll be rough-and-tumble on this one. The same goes for the federal <iid to education bill, principally because of the fight over this question: Should uie aid also go to church and private schools, At this moment it isn't at all clear what the oi'lcomc will be. But from now until Labor Day, at least, Congress should !>e making more noise than it did all year and Kennedy's trouble with Congress probaoly will be intense. In the foreign field Kennedy stumbled badly on Cuba by approving a sad-sack invasion by Cuban rebels which withered on the beaches. And he got a nasl> setback in Laos where, despite Ills early stern luik, the Communists have calmly gobbled up more of it. But to most Americans Cuba probably looks like small stuff while tiny Laos, lost in Southeast Asja, seems far away and not. vi- The total was shown in the an- n -.. ,. TV," ~ ' nual report u f the Education Dt- fS^,^:^ ?" he partmcnt's Bond Service Division, issued today. Five districts have a debt exceeding (he legal limit of is per cent of total assessed valuation. moment he took office Kennedy knew before the year was out he was going to have trouble with Russia over West Berlin. Premier Khrushchev had warned of it last year. But for most of Kennedy's carl* months in office Khrushchev was rather gracious, as if allowing the new President to mow into his new house before pullr'g the roof down around his cars. So Khrushchev waited till early June to tell Kennedy ha wanted a Berlin settlement within six months. From now till the end of (he year the heat svill bui'.o up, since something -.vill have to be dontf' So the second half of 19C1 ought lo wind up being a piolol Lcgol Notice IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAU COUNTY, ARKANSAS ODESSA MOORE GU1SSETT, Plaintifl VS. «. JOHN HENRY GIUSSETT, Defendant. NO. 8427 WARNING ORDER The defendant, JOHN HENRY GIUSSETT, is hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the complaint of plaintiff, ODESSA MOORE GIUSSETT. WITNESS my hand as Clcrfc and the seal of this Court, this 14 day of Juno, 1061. Jamie Russell, Clerk By Kalhcrine B. Laulcrbach D. C. (SEAL) tf this had been all that was i June 15, 22, 29, July G 1'Jtil traced the route 'his troops look to liberate Manila from the Japanese in World War II. It was the fourth straight day that Filipinos have ' thcir affcction for Hi the report showed, while 12 clis-i 1 "?"' a '\ ccU< frirfs nrr. fv.v, nf ,I,,KI .soldier, here , tricts are free of debt. • vi.0 ciiu lieu UI UUUl. i .. , ' , Exceeding the legal limit is ll Of °f ? fc poured out 81-year-old on a sentimental vis- permissible if the district con- secretary Chester Bowies Kennedy's protocol chief, Angicr Bidclle Duke, reported that the real estate owners had shown a "xprcss some v..|., v, 1,1.1 OUI ll\. wonderment that Mrs. Saltonstall should be in the pool with all her clothes on.' 1 Asked about the episode as re"most cooperative and positive | pnrlcd by tllc st '' 11 '. White House attitude" toward easing the dis-| P J'? i ? s soc i'ctary Pierre Salinger forgotten. The U.S. Lawn Tennis Associa tion suspended McKinley because ; costs. Marriage Licenses Issued he threw his racket during a Da- ,.,•!,"„'„ vis Tim mntr.h Inct „-;,„,,.. l>.\tl.v Hope. William T. Elder, Hope, Gloria vis Cup match last winter. From Records otHempstead Courthouse Billy Jackson, Williams, Hope. Hope, Lorctta Logan Coulter Jr. Nashville and Janet Whitmorc, Nashville. crimination, which Kennedy believes is giving Uncle Sam a bad ! name around the world. Kacial snubs against Negroes in this semi-Southern city arc of "It's true, but I don't have any of the details yd." Mrs. SaJtonstall, when called by m mis scmi-souinern city arc ot --—«—"^.vi i iusb reporter, increasing concern to the Kennedy ]?„' '' W;IS !llc onc who jumped administration as new African | Jl1 ' iho ticclill «I to discuss the countries send envoys here .ini m ", r fui 'ther. f| School children stood under ba- vcrts its school bonds "to' a~ higher i nan " lcav : s or P alm rocd f |<); ' k * principal with a lower interest i a f r£1111 P° llrutl down. They rale. And the l!)(i) Lcci.sl;,li,rn i chccrcd CVC1 '>' cal ' &ti drove When the aufos carried . they yelled "Hi, Joe," as Filipinos did lo welcome American troops 16 years ago. Filipinos normally are friendly and sentimental people, but. on no occasion have they ever turned out to greet a foreigner with the enthusiasm that MacArthur has received. The visit was reminis- - *...~, A i.i v< iu^, j , flll j-rfUjjioicUurc ' , raised the limit to IS per cent in|1 £ ,_ districts whir-h mu.st issue bonds to rebuild facilities destroyed by fire or natural disaster. The report showed 8! districts with a debt radio of 10 to 15 por cent and 135 with a ratio from one to five per coin. . po °' wll<? " sllc suddenly heard one an ^ Associated Press reporter, of l!lc mothers say, 'Is she all cent of the receptions the late President Ramon Magsaysay Civil Docket Russell L. White and James F. Hope. Marion C. Ross, Hope, Flossie Ret> Burton. Fulton. (federal capal, Cecil B. Twillic, Little Rock, U.S. hypocrisy. Ocarce Lowe. Hope. George E. Hamilton, Hope and] Mrs. Carrce Watson McGehee of growing numbers. The Commu nists arc ardently wooing the new nations and point to discriminn The Star story related: right?' She looked over toward the pool and saw Caroline in the middle of the pool alone, holding ontoi "Three-year-old Caroline, along a hoard raft. But even as she if ll Jl rtl'ril in ^.f U*-... r .• _ _ i " I Inr»l.*nrl (lin i»r>fl f 1 I,-,.,,-, ,1 F nations and point to discrimina-! w ' '?. S ' oup of hcr fl ' ic "ds, was ; lookccl llic ™ft flipped away from tion in America, especially in the )j lltc ™ing the third birthday par- j Caroline's hand and she started federal capal, as evidence of y Ivan stcci 's. son of Mr. and • to »° down. The water was four Mrs. Newton I. Steers Jr. Mrs Steers is the former Nina Auchin- C ' CC P there, over her head. "Without thought of her Next time you shop your favorite Independent Grocery Store . . . Look for this Quality Brand in Dried Peas and Beans! We Salute ... HOPE'S INDEPENDENT GROCERS S. Korea Jails Ousted Premiers By ALAN CLINE SEOUL, South Korea <AP> - | BcThesda", Mel .South Korea's two ousted pro- "Six or seven irnicrs, John M. Chang and Lt. j smal | chi|drc|1 : Gon. Chang Do-young, have been i th c j arrested with several former gov-! two [ernmcnt and military officials, ' competent sources said today. The ruling military junta refused comment on the reports. -_. ^ •vi*fji»i 1114f(( /lULlllll" i f f '«.« 't/n». *•**',! M lUll^jl f L \JL IK. I jcioss) daughter of Hugh D. Audi-' 0 "'" condition, Mrs. Saltonstall, i mcloss who is Mrs. John F. Kon- i whose third child is expected in ncdy's stepfather. j two and a half months, ran to thc 'The party was held on the j P° o1 and jumped in before the. spacious grounds of thc Steers: 0 " 101 ' parents and nursps had j^'dcncc at GGOt River Road, flll| y taken in the situation. T> ~" "" ' "Unknown to the other adults, Caroline's nurse had gene into the. house to change into hcr bathing suit. ' By thc lime Mrs. Saltonstall got to Caroline thc little, girl had gone under. However, when slit* used to receive on his trips to the provinces, .shattered the block with a slap of the edge of the hand. The Marine, undaunted, had the hand treated, then returned for the next show and shattered the two-inch building block—with his other hand. ENJOY THE TREATS OF FLORIDA'S FINEST FRUIT IN I • Made with choicest tree Ripened Fruit, Donald Duck Juices Are Good Tasting, Healthful and Vitamin Enriched, Too! BUY — NALD DUCK From Your Independent Grocer charges. "The President's daughter had been accompanied to the party Chang, the elected premier oust- £[ "£ r " S ™ ,™ n wl f w ™ I in iho \r.nv IK miii t! ,,-v ™,m ° " ll . y '". thc entrance to thc ed in the May 16 military coup, was reported by informants to I have been taken from his homf | Wednesday to Mapo Prison. HP i had been under house arrest sinco the coup, Six of Chang's Democratic party ministers also were said to have been taken from their homes, where they had been un pulled her up youngster seemed unaware of what had hap--- - .,, vu ,..„_ pencd. Her only reaction was onc grounds and by a relief nurse who j of surprise. She did express seme takes Caroline out when hcr reg.; wonderment that Mrs. Saltonslall ular nurse, Miss Maud Shaw, is i should be in the poo! with all her looking after her infant brother,! clothes on." John Jr. "Mrs. Saltonsiyll had only time to prepare her children for the , - dcr detention, to the same prison | S3 .( )0 o,ooo to ?<JOO 000 sin- ^"",uuu SUM. . uary. Other reports said Brig. Gen. Song Chan-ho, Col. Park Chi-oh. Jll; Lt. Col. Kim Jci-min, three junta I, i, ,..:,,„ „ . members forced to resign Mon-jS" ™.^' ir S . ' Shattered Hand ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. (AP) —Marine judo expert Sgt. Carl Freudcnberg of Parris Island, S.C., broke his hand instead of a concrete block during an oxhi iday, also were jailed. Chang Do-young disappeared after he was ousted Monday by Maj, Gen. Pak Chung-hi, new chairman of the junta's ruling Supreme Council. out ° Ut [ " tuj.vi^iw t^jw\.j» uujJII^ till LAIIJ- .: : °.. pn; , ls 1C ' '!° ricil ' i"iurra] ibition before a Sunshine Festival i audience, wiped i At thc exhibition Tuesday, Frcu- eini uf this year. idcnbcn supposed to have Debt Reduced NEW YORK i AP'--Democratic National Chairman John M. Bailey reports the national camniitle'j has reduced the party's cbbi frurn July Is Independent Grocers Month V. 4 ° ZCAN 39c • Featured ot All Local independent Grocers in Hope GLOVER & COMPANY FOOD BROKERS « REPRESENTING FISCHER HONEY Arkansas Processed and Packed Breast of Chicken Tuna • Brown Beauty Foods We Salute ... HOPE'S INDEPENDENT GROCERS 'Serving the Grocers of Arkansas for 20 Years' ARCH HALTOM COMPANY FOOD BROKERS SELLING ARKANSAS' FAVORITE BRANDS "RICELAND" "SCHOOL DAY" RICE PEANUT BUTTER "BUSH'S BEST VEGETABLES "SKINNER'S MACARONI ii "HYGRADE'S CANNED MEATS "CRACKER JACK" Ii 3-MINUTE OATS & POPCORN ii TOWIE" OLIVES "SARAN WRAP" "O'CEDAR" "TEXIZE"

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