The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY K, 1«M ^^H^^M ^h A ^MAA ••^••aA Tiff rAMS Iftw5» ALLRED TO SPEAK OVER RADIO FRIDAY Itolk Over Hookup Will lie Last Before Primary "T 14 DIE IN BUS TRAGEDY FLAMES V. Alired. candidate for governor jof Texas, will spealc over Uie radio Friday night Croui S;4£ to 10:45. according to auinounce- joaent-receix-ed here Thursday. 'The address will be Air, Alir«d*s last prior to the first Democarattic: primary Saturday. The address will !>e heard over radio stations KRLJ}, Dallas: KKOW. Austin: KGRS. Amarillo; KFJDM. Beaumont; KTSM. El PASO: KTAT. Fort Worth: KTAS. San Antonio; KOKP. San Angelo: KGKD, Tyler: WACO. Waco; KGKO. Wichita Falls, and KTRH. Houston. In addition Myron Blalock will cpeak over stations \VFAA, Dallas and. KPRC, Houston. Friday nisht from 9:30 to 10 oeloek in behalf of the candidacy of Mr. Allred. BOILER EXGiMER PROVES HE HAS HOTTEST JOB CljARKSVILL-E.—If you think it is .hot where you work, read this one and coo! off: An employe of a sawmill here does his part keeping three giant boilers ai top s?peeU all day and has always insisted he has th-j hottest job in Texas. Listeners strongly voiced their doubt in the j matter and beirvg a man who hates ] to have his word questioned, the j man borrowed a thermometer} •with an unimpeachable reputation for accuracy. Placing it in -what he considers the "coolest" part of the ensine . room, he -watched it for a -while to. satisfy himself he had not been in error, ^raiting until the mercury had gone past the 120 degree mark. About noon, the hottest part of the day. he went over Tor another look before calling a witness. l>o and behold, it was down to SO and still falling! Hs was j-ust ' reaching for his coat when he noticed a foul odcr. and investigation prove** it was front the red liquid in the fhernjometer. -which had. burst in Its honest effort to record the heat. The man lias the ruined ther- jnometer as proof, thoush some beEeve he broke it with a hammer. But it is ho-t in that boiler room. A happy holiday outing was turned Into tragedy when a bus bound from Brooklyn, N. Y., plunged down an embankment at Ossining, N. Y_ and burst into flames, killing 14 of the trapped occupant* and injuring many more. Only a handful of the passengers escaped. The charred •-uins are shown above. (Associated Press Photo) Brunson Bases Campaign On 16 Years Teaching ILL1VKSS REPORTED EN 7 PALESTES^ AREA TINE!, — Mr?=. I. I_ Con- <ier has been 11! FJnee Friday. Mrs. Grady Cornier had an attack o* acute Indigestion Saturday Mrs. L~ A- Summey -who fcas been ill is able *o be up. Mrs- TV. C- Smyers attended the reunion at the home of Mrs. Isaac | Secrtst Sunday and J. A. Conder arid family' visited in Paris. 12 Reno Methodist DELTA CANDIDATES SPE>D LIBERALLY COOPER, — Delta county citizens who WEI! exercise their right of voting ir. the primary election jtext Saturday "have htui an average of Js.Ks.riy $1 per person speni on. TLh«m by the si candidates rnn- !n county and precinct races. A summary of the second ex- accouni lists filed with Miss Robey. county cleric. re- v^ais 52.54l.-52 h,nd T>e«n spent by the • candidates from the time they b^SST! their campaigns. Included is the siirn ar«* i:«*^is eover;«5 ^ v - e-t"^ typ-c of expense, trse accounts ryirsg from S".S7.15 to 5 3. IS. COOPER LOCAL PERSONAL ITEM5 COOFEH- — Durw^Qi) Flenj'ngr. sen or the Rev. J. P. Fleming. M*tho«3ist pasror si Pecan Gap. was r^port-'xi r«*?;ir.?r -wel* after an operation in a I>aiias hospital- H-? r. h^r« through young Mrs. Charles Conner coilapseci znd was Disced under a doctor's care when her 21-nror.ths-eId son. Bcbby. was found ;n x thicket near their home at Hartsdale* N. Y. The child, missing several days, -was scratched, bruised and suffering from exposure. (Associated Press Photo'i .s."=rnn-. to visit relatives, an-d was accompanied by ixcr niece. Miss EHrabeth TiJjman who Tvili go on to "Washington. D. C.. to visit her aunis, Mrs. Albert Fry and son a.n<2 Mrs. Haskel! Palmer and daughter of Hugo, Okla., are visiting Mr. ari^j Mr?. "W. M. Johnson. With only a. few more da^-s left before the Democratic primary. 1 want to make one final appeal to the voters of Lamar county who I might possibly have missed during: niy campaign for the office of county school superintendent- I have met thousands of voters. and I know that many of there are IIOTV my friends. I have conducted ray campaign on an a.bove-board basis, running: strictly on a campaign of giving equal educational advantasres. to., every boy and girl In Lamar county. The office of county superintendent of schools is 333. office that should require a. seasoned teacher. one Tcho has actually had many years of teaching school children. and I believe that I azn qualified to hold this office, since I am sure that I Jtave had ~ more acrua! teaching than any other candidate for this office. I have -taught scfiool in- LAmar county for 15 years. 14 years of iv-hich was spent at Chicota and Forrest Chapel, and the last 2 years at Minster. T believe that a close investigation of my records at these schools will reveal, tliat T have evolved many successful T of training students, and if the voters of I^aroar county choose me for their superintendest of schools I will conduct the offic"- from a standpoint of the marry rules learned from 15 years of actual teaching, and no: •f^om theory. I have never asked for public office before, but now I feel that I have spent the years of actual teaching required V»«fr»re a f~s.nrti- date is really eligible for this office- and I urge the voters of this | comity to cast their votes for a. man Tvho has spent 15 years of his Hf- in teaching in the public schools of L-amar county. - Respectfully. J. G. BKUNSOT. Candidate for Superintendent of r Count- sch^ols. f Political Adv.) «?. i i Hubert Stewart and Johnnie Pollard bav*- returned front Tea^s A. and M. Oh>se ^-hcre they at- b<-» fifth annual Cir« _. Th* sioro at Cross Koads ow by AKr«<J Jacks was destroyed firf of andctcrnUncd orijcin. It partly covered by ir.purar.'-*. Mr. a rvl Mr*. Cecil M--«<iUn of ne »ecoi«r-'vrr>--J by Milton Un and O. Jeter. Mr. and 3rr.-., H- C- Aver:.-. Miss. !Lor*«c MiS'er, l^^sUc Smith an<2 L,«nfiy Ho.M?-n. Jr.. havo ret'Jrr.^d from ih»v C^r.tury of Progress *x- po^ItJoj; in C'hscnso. Miss Prtuvt TJ'jrrsarj h:i? left for If you "want efficiency and courteous service in your new combined office of Assessor and Collector of Taxes, go to the polls Saturday mnd vote for Dorothy Latimer. « Political A'3> IN THE PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE I9OI* DOLLAR DAYS Friday and Saturday Get In On This Event To Make Room For Fall Shoes RACK SPECIAL ique, Calf and Kkl AH iicsi r.!.*'! if p.itu-ii,- in ^u^r.mer slippers goim; at this rrk*.* f«» r«. •siiivcly clear them out. Solid V anj bi^n n ind j:rain leathers, A verv l \vh?tc. Sandals Oxfords Combmn- Itons FOR CHILDREN Size* SV 2 To 2 $ y and combina- ^port she^s for at tht» sav- Friday and ^tur- All Shoes In Kxtejtuv* Rang* Of Sia*« Porto Rican GOWNS 2for$l Friday and Saturday 69c and 79c gowns. Size 16 and 17 •.. flesh and white. SOX SUPS,$1 All-silk and lace trimmed- . size 3 4- to 48 . . white and flesh. A wonderful value! Cool BLOUSES 2 for $1 Fluffy organdy, cpol ba- tisie and smart prints . . a selection of much higher priced blouses! Savings For All The Family Read All About It! 8 o'Clock Store Hours Friday 8 To 5 Saturday d to 9 HERE ARE VALUES A-PLENTY ! Fast sei^ng Starts Friday Morning! July Dollar Day brings new enthusiasm coming ri^nt at the time of the Summer when we have hundreds of savings in midsummer t! ings at,the price you would want to pay at this lime and many prices much Ies5 than you y/uiild expect! Read these values and, come see hundreds' more displayed but not advertised! Friday and Saturday $1.95 values in white and new fall colors. All Linen Ladies Kerchiefs 7 for $1 Fancy embroidered and sport" styles. Lace and Organdy COLLARS 2 for $1 Values t«j Si.25 up price. a clean* Special CANNON TOWELS 16x27, 13c Value 12 for $1 22x44, 29c Value* 5 for $1 Special Sale of Summer MILLINERY Hat* Were Priced Up lo 2.95 ... .. Hatt W*re Priced Up to 5.00 ..'... Inducing small and. .large brims, head ?izei> in small medium and lar^e dark and pastel -straps! Gut they got at a -fraction of their real value! A close-cut. Smart, Cool Styles MORNING FROCKS ODD PRICE SAVINGS I TWO DAY SPECIAL SILK HOSIERY Three-Thread—Full Fashioned Pair Limit — ?9c Vain? Specially bonsSii for &n outstanding value for Dollar Days. ^Ce~»v mlxi-Siimmer shades. Vv"lii3e 4OQ, pairs last! To Close Out DENNEY AND DENNEY ? to 1.00 S-f Special — 2 for ......... ... JL Outsiandmg Dollar Day value ..... clever dresses to fii all in sizes from 14 to 44 .... well mads with many little dt^alls of .trimming that you find in much higher priced frocks. 50c Rayon Slip SILKS AND SATINS 3 Yards for $1 Make several slips, for late summer now - - a v.-ide selection of colors: pink, orchid, maze, nfie and blue. A 5oc value! A Big Lot of $1.00 and $1.29 SILKS 2 Yards, $1 Many patterns io make your selections fron; .... prints, dots and plain crepe. Make your selections early! Clean-ur. SO Square, Vat Dyed Prints, 7 Yards $1 -atterus .... rec'-ilar 25c prints. CREAMS LCTiONS ASTRINGENTS I/Z price Special Mid-Summer COOL VOILE DRESSES Sheer. Cool Wash Dresses summer stvies all sizes. te assortment. 2 Bex 100 KLEENEX Box 1 Dozen Regular Size KOTEX 10 20 ONE GROUP 50 MEN'S WHITE LINEN SUITS Were $10.00 and $12.50 Vcde T ? to fit men and young 1 men... 3-1 ih!> season's new suits, but ^e want M seH them RIGHT NOW! Specials For Boy* BUSTER-ALLS Size 1 to 8, 2 for $1 Cool and comfortable.. made of preshrunk seersucker, plain and blue trimmed. • SPORT SHIRTS Tom Sawyer Irregular* 2 for$l Fine grade of broadcloth hardly up to stindara, but no noticeable defects. CHOICE TABLE 4 for $1 SvvT-Tirnlns: suits, broadcloth shirts., hats, plav suits and knickers. Were 79c and up! BOY'S LONG PANTS S1.50 Value, $1 Sanforized shrank in very desirable patterns .... well made! Savings For Men STRAW HATS, $1 One group men's sailors and soft •Straws. :\"".." ; ' 35c Ties, 5 for $1 Silk ind wash ties in summer colors U-Suits, 3 for $1 Size 3o to 46 Reamford back , One Gioup 22 Men's SEERSUCKER SUITS 12 MM AH Sfflc Pongee, 6 Yards $1 For many uses at th:s special price. 2,OOO Yard, More — 10 Yards Marquisette $1 N'eat ratterns and pjain colors. 15c and I3c. Were 6.50 and 7.5O The coolest rnaterial for summer and otve?-; price \ou ever heard of 2 85 Jutt 50 Marquisette Panels* 4 for $1 With wide fringe 21-4 yards long:. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Regular $236.00 "SB"* De Luxe Model <1 QQ 50 KELT1NATOR ^* Pure Silk Socks 3 Pairs, $1 \\'Il5on*s famous "Suffer Heel and Tee" and Inierv--pven Fancy patterns. 1.50 and 1.95 Dress SHIRTS, II "Iain and fancy panerr-s from ^vell "<novv-n brands: Pool's. Elder's, Lux- irrv < snd others. Special lot Shirts and Shorts. 35c Value, 5 for SI 25c Fancy Socks, 6 Pairs 51

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