Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 24, 1962 · Page 8
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 8

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1962
Page 8
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FRI0AY, AUG. 24, 1962, Ufc« Charles American Press. NEWEST LOOK FOR ACTIVE YOUNG MAN NEW DOUBLE-KNITS NEATLY TAILORED Double-Knit Cardigans Popular One of (he most genuine new fall "looks" for young men to make a bow in a long time is seen in double-knit cardigans, pullovers, sweater-s h i r t s, and vests, which give the wearer a neat, tailored appearance. Especially designed for young ]men with an abundance of energy, these double-knits are in "Orion" acrylic fiber, or in blends jof this modem fiber with wool. Double-knits are firmly Grubb-Todd Rehearsal Plans Told Judge and Mrs. John T. Hood of this city and Mrs. Milton D. Todd of Carlyss will entertain tonight at a rehearsal supper for :heir nephew and son, John Wai- :er Todd. and his fiancee, Miss Nancy Jane Grubb. The couple will be married Saturday at 11 a.m. in the Westminster Presbyterian church of Maplewood. Feting the prospective bride and groom at the Hood home this evening will be the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Loren D. Grubb, and her brother, John Grubb, of Hollywood; the Rev. and Mrs. Roy L. McCown of Maplewood: Mr. and Mrs. Howard Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gammage and Miss Kay Greenwood, all of Indian Hills: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brewer and Miss Marilyn Strait, of Lake Charles; Mr. and Mrs. Milton Todd Jr. of Sulphur, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Wild of Welsh. DEAR ABBY Bumps on His Head Can Be From the Rocks Inside ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: My co-worker goes for every goofy fad he hears about. His latest is phrenology, which is having the bumps on his head read by a nut who calls himself a phrenologist. I told him he is throwing his money away (he pays $5 a reading and goes once a week) but he tells me he has found out a lot about his past and future through these bumps. Is there anything to this or am I behind the times? FOREMAN. DEAR FOREMAN: The humps on yonr co-worker's head cmild be caused by the rocks Inside. You are not behind the times, yonr co-worker Is. Wish him a speedy recovery. DEAR ABBY: I have been married for six years and have never suspected my wife of anything. LaBarberas to Fete Son And Fiancee at Supper WEEK'S CALENDAR Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. LaBar-, Ronnie Ficarrotta. all of Tampa bera wOl entertain at supper to-{Fla.; Miss Katherine LaBarbera night following the rehearsal for of Jacksonville, Fla. : Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Prudhomme and Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Oustalet, New Orleans. the wedding of their son. Frank Anthony LaBarbera, and Miss Charlotte Elaine Gibson. j It's all due to the shape-hold I ing modern fiber, which won't ! abide wrinkles, washes easily, textured, yet soft-to-the-touch and light to wear. The result is a trim, dressy look, whether the wearer is relaxing or engaging in siren- drics q uicklv ' and is readv to uous activities. wear again in a jiffy. GOREN ON BRIDGE tO 1«2: By The Chlcosa Tribune) Neither vulnerable. North deals. NORTH A 987 ¥ A 10 5 4 * A43 + K62 WEST EAST A K5 A 6 V QJ987 V K632 4 Q 9 6 4 10 872 + Q95 AAJ107 SOUTH AAQJ104.32 V None 4 K J5 *843 I The bidding: North East South West Pass Pass 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Queen of ¥ Declarer's approach suffered fi om a lack of the delicate touch in today's hand, and the defenders were quick to follow the line ol attack he so clearly indicated n them. After two passes, South chose to open the bidding with four spades. There was little advantage to be gained by opening with a one bid, since partner's original pass virtually ruled out any chance for slam, and all that was required for a game were a few fitting cards in North's hand. West opened the queen of hearts which was taken by dummy's ace as declarer hastened to dispose of a losing club from his hand. The nine of spades was led and permitted to ride for a finesse. West won the trick with the trump king and, since South had apparently revealed his weaki spot by his discard at trick one, '• West promtly shifted to the queen nf clubs. This was covered by ] the king and ace, and East con-i tinued the suit until declarer! ruffed in on the third round. The! defense now had their book — two club tricks and one spade — and, when the diamond finesse failed subsequently, the contract w«s defeated by one trick. South failed to give himself the best psychological advantage by this play to the initial trick. He should have discarded a small diamond from his hand instead of the club. Since a discard is usually made from weakness in a suit, and West actually did hasten to shift to a club when he regained the lead, declarer at little extra cost would have been better advised to steer his opponent down the wrong path. Suppose that South discards a 'diamond at trick one. Now when West is in, If he returns a diamond into declarer's king jack, South will eventually be able to take a club discard on the dummy's ace of diamonds. That way he will lose only two clubs and one spade. (West should actually exit with a heart when he is in, since there Plans Discussed for Remodeling K.C Home FRIDAY, AUG. 24 | Dixie Squares Square Da n c e club meets every Friday night, 8-11 p.m.. at Drew Park recreation center. All area square dancers invited. Pre-Teen club for 9, 10 and 11 year-olds have classes in ballroom dancing Friday, 7-10 p.m., High School Park recreation center. College Oaks Fun club meets Friday, 7-10 p.m., for dancing at the recreation center. Chennault AF Base, Skyway Service Club: 6 to 9 p.m., Leather- craft class; 7 p.m., card games; j and 8 p.m., Tuna Time. SATURDAY, AUG. 25 Twirling classes for 6 to 16 year-olds are taught Saturday, 812 a.m., High School Park recrea- Bcsides the betrothed couple and their wedding party, the guest list will include the parents i Prompt Succor church in Sul P hur - r , i «•• . . _ _ ' - . is no pressing need for any shift, The need to repair and remodel of Columbus hall on pointed out by H. Boudreaux, at the August meeting of Court Lady of the Lake the Iris street was Monsignor Louis court chaplain. party to be held October 10 at the K. C. hall, with an afternoon and night session. Mrs. Ella Gormly will act as chairman and Mrs. Stella Young, co-chairman. The August refreshment committee included Mrs. Ella Gormly, chairman, and Madeline Brown and Phillip Steed, co-chair- , , . . . , , 695, Catholic Daughters of Amer- but the psychological lure of de- j ca> clarer's discard is often irresisti- j He stated that since the Catho- men. ble and South might just as well .lie Youth Organization now haSj The birthday cake and the door have availed himself of this op-j its ° wn bu i lclin g. P'ans for work prize were won by Miss Evanna on the KG hall should proceed. \ Young and Mrs. Valida B o d i n Plans were made for a card i respectively. i portunity. Many good cooks like to start a turkey roasting breast side down, then turn the bird halfway through the cooking time. The best thing about roasting a turkey in hot weather: it's on hand for a lot of meals. lion center Reeves. by Miss Glenda Dance lessons for 8-12 year olds of the bride-elect. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Gibson, and her brothers, Ronnie and Lee, of Maplewood. Also, Mrs. Vee Raineri, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Melancon, Mrs. Anthony Palermo, Mrs. James M. Starks and Mrs. Kelly McFarlain, all of Sulphur. And, Mr. and Mrs. Mike A. LaBarbera, Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. LeBarbera, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Ficarrotta, Rosemary, Joe and Anniversary Supper to be Held Saturday A dinner celebrating the first anniversary of Gamma Pi chapter of Beta Sigma Phi will be held at Bevo's this Saturday. are given by Connie Miller each Saturday at College Oaks center The group resumes its regular from 6:30-7:30 p.m. 'meetings Monday, 7:30 p.m., at Square and ballroom dancing j the home of Mrs. Jerome Sum- and group games for 12 to ISimers, vice president. year-olds are offered Saturday, 69:30 p.m., High School Park recreation center. Baton lessons for beginners and advanced students are given by Emily Sue Frederick each Satur day at College Oaks recreation center, 9-10 a.m., and at Henry Heights center, 10:30 a.m.-l:30 p.m. Chennault AF Base, Skyway Service Club : 4 p.m., Badminton doubles tourney; and 7 p.m., wiener roast on patio. . An executive board meeting of Gamma Pi to make plans for the coming year was held recently at the home of Mrs. Richard Hemmings, president. REGISTRATION Now In Progress Lady Leah La Fargue School of Dance Call HE 3-1125 or HE 9-4011 for the Mother and the new baby We're specialists in traditional and novel floral arrangements for new mothers and their heirs and heiresses. Let us help you select a floral gift for them. PRICES FROM We send New Baby flowers anywhere The Flower Shop 411 S. Ryan HE 9-2464 Oak Park Florists 1920 Oak Park Blvd. 436-0582 tl. If u finer Frank KUTTNER-BLACKBURN CONCRETE PRODUCTS Like Front at root of Mill St. T/Lt Tel. HE 6-7918 T SHOES FOR EVERY BOY AND GIRL FROM KINDERGARTEN TO COLLEGE Auslin Rover — The Shoe that aoe» everywhere. Genuine Brushed Plaskln— Water repellent—Steel Shank—Hound Doa Tan—Gun Smoke Grav. Loafer or Oxford Stvle. Men's Sizes: tVt to 12 $7.99 Boys' Sizes: 3'/t to t Gent'i Sizes: 12Vi to 1 $1.99 Antiqued Side Tie in Black and Brown Combination. Fancy stitching. Moulded sole, B and D width. Sizes: 121/a to 3 $3.99 Square Toe Italian Loafer Black Suede — Black or Cobbler Tan Smooth Leather. AAA, AA, B $4.99 Nvlon Velvet Oxford with Smooth Calf Saddle. White Piping and eyelets. Child's 8V3 to 12 ....$4.99 Misses, 12Vis to 3 $4.99 Ladles', 4 to 10 $4.99 Loop Tie with Crepe Sole in Black Smooth Leather or black Nylon Velvet. Child's & Misses: 8Vi io 3 $3.99 Revolutionary Injeclioji Moulded Sole Oxford. Wear and Wear. B & D Width Child's & Gents: 8V$ to 3 $4.99 Boys: 31/2 to 6 $5.99 Men's: 6Vi| to 13 $7.99 719 RYAN ST. OPEN THURSDAYS 'Til 9 P.M. While searching for a match 1 looked in her coat pocket and came across a letter (addresser! to her mother's house). I became curious and read the following:^ "It was so good to hear your voice again, Darling. I am glad you still feel the same about me. As long as you don't love your husband, how long will it take you to get a divorce?" I have not told her I read tha letter. I was so hurt I just froze. The letter was signed with an initial which meant nothing to me. Where do I go from here? P. S. Yes, we have children. SICK. DEAR SICK: Go to your wif« and tell her yon read the letter. The next move Is hers. DEAR ABBY: I am considered the DEAR ABBY of our crowd. I have helped solve the lova problems (and even m a r r i agS problems) of other people, but I can't seem to solve my own. •' I am almost 17 and HE is 18. He used to like me a lot once, but not any more. I don't know what I did to turn him against me. but he has no Interest in me whatso* ever. I can't forget him and I won't give up hope. How can I get him to like me again? Sign me— SCHMO. DEAR SCHMO: The most frtls* trating of nil projects te trying to get someone to "like you" again, once his ardor has cooled. Warmed over soup Is never as "We do not want to risk doing I good. Give up! (And he might anything that might offend the wonder why. and start chasing royal Thai couple, a commission you!), official said. i • The wedding a.m. tomorrow is slated for at. Our Lady King and I Film Held Back During Visit of Royalty SYDNEY, Australia (AP)-Australia's government-controlled radio network has banned the music from "The King and I during the 18-day Australian tour of the king and queen of Thailand. "The King and I, originally a Broadway musical, is a fictionalized version of the relationship between Thai King Mongkut and Mrs. Anna Ix;ono\vens, an English school teacher. The music and movie of the show are banned in Thailand. Unload your problem on Abby, For a personal reply, send a self* addressed, stamped envelope to Abby, care of this paper. For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50 cents to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. Adrian Mitchum The Truth About Hormones To Moke Skin Look Young As I write this article, I can look through the doorway and see a woman of 45 waiting in the outer office. The light is good and I see her clearly. She looks 10 years younger today than she did a month ago. What brought about this amazing change? Estrogenic hormones. Reams have been written about hormones. Will they make women of 75 look 16 again? Absolutely not. Will they make women of 60 feel like they were 20 again? Only In a way I shall explain later. To know the truth about hormones you need to learn just two simple facts: 1. The beauty of a woman's skin starts breaking down as signs of menopause begin, because the female organs fail to supply enough estrogenlc hormones to feed the skin—less and less as you grow older. 2. Estrogenic hormones can be supplied to the skin through formulations containing hormones. Here is a tost reported in a scientific journal, one of many that showed similarly sensational results: Twenty - five women applied hormones to one side of the face and neck, and to one hand. On the other side and the other hand, a similar preparation containing no hormones was applied the same way. These are the reports In simple words: Skin lines (dry-skin wrinkles) quickly dimmed or disappeared from sight as creases and hollows filled out. Blotches and "old-age freckles" faded out on hands, face and neck. Skin was softer, clearer, seemed to lose its chronic dryness, and take on a revived freshness and vitality. All these amazing things happened on the side where the hormones were used. Meanwhile no changes occurred on the other side. Tho same withered, lifeless complexion. Still another scientist reports in effect, improvement in the skin of woman past menopause was striking. These women looked like the years had been turned back toward their youthful "pre-change" appearance. I've seen this myself. I hava seen the improvements so rapid that in just two days women looked younger. And, what a life to the spirits! I cannot truthfully say that women of 60 felt like they were 20 again. But 1 have seen the light come back Into their eyes—their chins raised with proud confidence—the zest for living return—because—I presume—to look younger Is to feel younger. Now to select a good estro- genie hormone preparation, here is what you need to know: the strength of ths hormone preparations must appear on the label! The recommended daily allotment for the skin is 330 International Units. The base should be as rich as possible In moisturizing lanolin and penetrating vegetable oils and when "rubbed In" your skin should not feel greasy or sticky. On first application, your skin should feel a radiant glow of revitalized youtlifulness and refreshment. An extra good buy in hormone products today Is a preparation called HORMON* EX Beauty Serum. It Is made by a 40-year-old laboratory that has produced over 80 million packages of pure, flna cosmetics. What is more, it is guaranteed to bring you joyous, noticeable results or your money hack. HORMONEX Beauty Scrum is really a bargain, too. Costs less than 4c a day. So, if you want to see if your dreams of a younger-looking skin —- with these wrinkles dimmed, color and texture Improved, can come true, I suggest you get HORMONEX Beauty Serum today — then look for amazing results. to help skin look young" HORMONEX! Beauty Serum Use only seven drops a day to get! female hormones needed to help] aging skin look younger, lovelier. 1 100 DAY SUPPIY $3.50* 200DAYSUPPIY$AQO» MULLER'S, «5 RYAN ST., HE » 453) Check Your Choice p 100 DAY 3.50 [II 2 °0 DAY 600 Address ............ . CHv ................ . Q Charge rj Check C.O D. siata ... [3 Money Order

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