The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 24, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1924
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS; MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1924 by EDMUND SMELL THE YELLOW BAND OUR BOARDING HOUSE Ct") j'iv.jin -»limji his jinny's reins over a post mill stepped on to the Veranda of .JarohsNirn bun low. IIis keen, y ray uy-Ja lock In the lavlshriesi of tho interior d»-«ur- mlons which Iny behind the bright rod sun biands; sumptuous, car­ pels, I OIIK chairs piled with cushions In bright b-athcr rovers; smooth walls, painted whlto and hung with trophies of tli* chase, a carved Moorish table with a rdl- ror box, open to show a Jinlii .t; of- sandalwood; a Turkish bubble-hub- bio; a gryat fUnndard lamp wlih a •hade of Japanese silk. The. odor *>f a soft, .sickly perfume availed Corrlpan's nostrils. He snorted contemptuously and turn«d to where a native ^irl squatted in a far corner, rolling rignrniH with u rapidity that look the Kn«iish- maii'H breath nway. So absoihcd wus fdiu in her occupation, that •h* did not. notice the broad figure In white duck until hta shadow to Issue furihor Instni'-n.r..- cobsnn's men. "Look here, Mr. Corrlnan." to .la- j •diutil.- | 'Are you awiiM! these i 1 wir' 1 infur- ed (he other, are my men?" t'omuan, satisfied thai n was taut, looked buck nt ih luted proprietor. i ".hi;-t as much an you an: j that this Is my land vnii 'm on- j cruachin); on, my f; ii-nd." he re- • plkd calmly. "Anyihint; lo say'."*: J,ieohs<>n ur.nod hi* pony a eon ; pie of puces toward lim neighbor, j "t.'le;ir off iny estate,'' ho i om- j mauded. "Itefore 1 kick you off!" j Corrida n smiled broadly. j "You'\e pinched :*<i mu<-h uT my j land, Mr. .lacnbsuii." he tolil him, ; "that you ran hardly complain it' I May "ti ;i hit ol' yours a lew nio- • men Is longer." I Us t -j r, blazed. "As for forcing me to quit, idd son, I assure \ou you'd hi' a d .i 'nn slKht IjiK ^'T fool than I think v.m ; an - - lo i ry It on." He com tnu-.-d calnil>, staring until the oih--i was ; WJ <j WeU -<9!R, ' to=-ffeR VvlliJiJlite THE rlUllDHEtJ AT MOJ .rtf?- CAPLO, I "TOOK' A RUkl OVE .K> "To ~TV4& PAMOllS LOVlGSC ^AMDS •n ?ACK' > PLACET) rr ALL oO okte WORSE M\D LOOT e.*w <^OL\ rf • {.wee. A Tc?Lte GAMBLER M I O'Y W ER -TitoL\G ^T M M-IP 1 LOS T \ AU-T V I A T SUGAR, A GOAT 0 vl Ui5 WAV -To-VA' <3Lne v)o»v <c,, A> J ' TA VS Utg V_ DLACE ! *••-' J VlaAT &-(M , MATifeR vjrrM pip ME \»A \/e A V?v^Vi->»Jl virttJ ai$ WrtM LEPiV VUPPER Art* viisu-r;. cast, by n truant •unltght, fell across her knees^ Sho Rtarled and looked up. khe Kathorpd rlRnrotfl, tobacco and papers into a pier.o of sackiru: and LhniRt it hohiml her. (in" :-lt-ii>ler white tube eicaped th- fidd.- and (lroppc'd (o \\\>\ Hour at (.'nil i^aii's tco.t, ilo picked It up and examined It curinnsly. It was n/» firm almost us if It had been turned out by a machine. As ha let it revolvo between hi* Krent fliiKer?, ho Haw that the pa- POT wua of excellent quality, whitf except for a faint yellow iinp at on« ond. il" tapped 11 thoiiRhifnI- ly on his ihumhnatl and the Kiel roso suddenly to her I'eet—and MAtched it from liim. Sho stood for a moment, her lithe form trembling with thf* fury of an enragod panther, then slipped suddenly through an open doorway, nnd was pon** from his sl^ht, A -Chineso bny. In white with pigtail (nrkod into a side pocket, appenrt-d i.t n rioorway. "Where. 'a Un* Tuan -Ht- arV" d-- mandod Corripau curtly, in .Vniny. Thu hoy Hprr ;ni out lii« ha^1s. "Tho Tuan-He.Kar eats tin; air,'' he explained apolopetically. "I fitP-V" reflected roriituin. Ho turned abruptly on hi* hoei and went tdowly down flio short flight at fitepH to vhcie his 'pony wailt'd ic'stlossly. lash inn a' torment in if fllca with its uuclipped Irt11 . At tht: loot of tHo fliixht. he juHi ^^d. "Tell him thu Thau Oorrlgun calU'd," ho said "That'a all." U P fiwung into tho saddle and rode slowly toward the wire feme which divided his from 'a- coh::on's. As he reach-d tlm harrier, he I'lineii his JIOIIJ'S hoad westward, mitjai: the points wlienj the stout I MI M S had been bodily removfd and (•unnii.uly replanted, «o that his lo i;j .hborV. newly planted rubber * tH'i-naehcil more ami more upon hi.. n land. A dangerous look rami' into Corriuaii's *'yes. Uy ii f.uiorn strip •>( vJrcin June!* 1 wnicn i si:ll irinK '^d the r.jihvay line, whew 1 monkey's chattered mid fought in the tiranchiH, \u> 4-aimht a m'oiip ol' Jacobsoiij* coolies red-handed, an 1 bore down on them hoi lint; with rlKhteott« wrath. Ho Kent them fci -aUerfUK in all direction!.', utter- 1iiK fitter crl. s of minub'il fear and proton. A rnandor who dozed , binder a nd paper umbrella with; an oily yellow lining, woke to find j the planter towering over him. "(let. up, you fiwin '" Corrluan. The Chinaman scramble to bin feel. "1'ut. hack thai feuco whero you found tt, or, by heaven, I'll you from one end of the K.atnm to tlm other!" Tho man looked nervously oVt *r Ills shouhU.'i", liesitatitm. rtudd-n- Jy ho eaujiht itie iiyht in Corri^'au's «ray eyes. There was Koniothinj-' Ui that Hslit that lobi him further delay would be uiiwise. Jie le^- ttiRti his ttiubtx'lla from the pony's houfs nud be^an slioutini; orders lo ilia score of hidi-nude fwn lures that stood in a smii-circU-, sapiu^ At the jiewciiiiRT. Tho posts had he t -u driwn firm* Jy Into the s<>sl in Uw oilginal positions and OorrlKan, one hand at "his hi]), was placidly superintending tho l-ophiritm df iho wire, when a voice came Midden ly from the trees fen yards higher up the slope. Corriuan wheeled round to face n tall man in khaki drill, with u laco like yellow paichuo »t, a broad f !enhy IIOKO , and thick lips .surmounted by a wUpy black niun- tache. JatMdi-iim. his shouhleis stooping over the head of his ray of tropical force.t to avert his ^a/.e. "I hudied I in at your boudoir ibis aiteruoon to te : l you two thiniis. The I'ir .-t 's a purely private matter. I raimhl five of your scoundrels tampeinm with :ny water Vupply early this mom in i;. 1 t hmmbt > ou'd like i< > know lh<! ease i-; now in the hands of the district ofi'b- T at I'matan. The uTiimi I was a-ked |o transmit to you by the I). (>. himself. There are rumors of a native rising which miu 'ht prove serious. A fien- tlentau Myiintr himself /arrinuin tio; Terrllde and pnsiim a" a Ma- hoiiH tan prophet, or somethinu of the nort, has succeeded in offering a landing on this island and working up the rrlbott in\o n fanatical fren/.y aKuinst tlie white settlers. As Hr as can bo leathered, he has an extremely effeHlvo in- telli !-*euce depart m- ni and Is kept supplied finin some mysterious sonree with pretty ae .urate information as to our respective movements. Any information as to his movements or the Identity of his uirents will be welcomed by thu commissioner." Jaeobt-on straightened himself in his saddle, his b>wer jaw working eeaseleHsly, u« if he were chewing Hiunetltin p. "VoU had the damned effrontevy to lay hands on my men!" h" jerked out .suddenly, emphasizing each word. • 'Tvf! more n-spdct. for my handv:. old f.on. My watchman, ai.tint: under my hist ructions, tool; your da'ined rasmls to .iustke." between two stakes where the work; of reconstruction was still in progress. Com^an took It at a bound. lie waved one hand aloft, derisively, as Jacobson shot— and shot wide. As he cantered through h'n own trees well wooded and set aL regular intervals ho smiled strangely to himself. .lucobsou, white to the lips* paused at the door of his room to throw a silver box with a sandalwood lining at a black pirl who sat in a far corner of the veranda, rollinir white chare's with a taint! yellow band at one end. It occurred to ConiKau, as he ladled hot water over himself from an enormous earthenware jar, that the. quarrel between himself and his neighbor had been, to say the loast of it, ill-timed. Any time of the day or nisht Zaxlmnu and hia pof-ao of head hunters might swoop ilown upon the bungalows of theso lonely whites, and ho ecunely considered .lacobson big-hearted enoiiL 'h to buy the hatchet in an emergency. Kor every other reason but. this, he felt profoundly thankful that he had brought the affair to a head. This .lacobson deliberately had invaded his territory; he wo* on the fringe of a zone where agents of a hostile pow^r heaped c^oais upon the ever-smouldering volcano of religious fanaticism; two long, weary miles of rubber-planted ' slopes stretched between him and the bungalow* of his first assistant. He could not stomach the Idea ot an endless planting and re-planting ot the disputed barrier. It was for theso reasons that he discarded tho habitual sarong and singlet he usually affected for his solitary evening meal, and put on riding breeches of cord and stout leather leggings. He resolved to put his case before Rrowning. the l3. O. at Putatun. and get the matter straightened out ouce and for All. (To Be Continued) Butter-Kmst [ Do«» Not Crumble/1 Try it / 1 (•boated I " STOOD FOR A MOMKNT, TKK.MHUMi WITH l-'UU". Jaeobson boiled. "You dirty hound!" he. spluiu-red and, spurring his mount, bore down on rorriKun, his in-.w riding stock aloft. The light of batile eanu* Into Onr- rlgan's eyes. Willi a deft movement, he brounht his pony round, docked to avoid the descending stock, and r- 1 lit Jacobs.on hi•adloni: from the saddle. Lis ride: ies-s bea.*t, with stirrups ilangling, (dunging madly toward the seashore. .huob.-.uii rolled over on to his hack, sprawling ridiculously. "You'll—pay—for—t h i s, (,'urr:- yan!" he moaned. "You'll have to get up pretty early in the morning ii you hope to catch me napping,'' he assured him. He touched Mt> pony's flanks. "And take my tip. .Mr. .la­ cobson. Don't monkey uiih my wire; Here's in\ hand, if ymi want it. If you're a man—you'll take it while it offers; if you'ie a fool \ ou wi.n't; but 1 fancy you'll liv- to lie sorry for it." Jacobson scrambled to his feor. Better let us fix up your car tomorrow or Wednesday so it will be all OK for Thanksgiving. Phone f)!>. Ragland-KIncsley Motor Co. 24-U I Monry back without question if HUNT'S GUARANTEED SKIN DISEASE RKMBD1E9 <Hunt'*S*lve nr.d Soap), fail In the treatment of Itch, Kciema, ftingwortn. Tetter or other Itch* inr aktn dlaeasee. Try thia trektoicQt «t our rlak. A & A DRUG CO. Of your Monty Back , IBt ASK FOR THE k &3 PURPLE BC Jit All Dm^lsta^ AorsmoH Stops Coldi in 24 Houri Hill's Cascara Bromide Quinine Rtves c|ui.-krr relif f than any other cold or la grippe remedy. These tablets disintegrate in 10 seconds. Effectiveness] proved in millions of cases. Demand red box bearing Mr. Hill's portrait. All druggists,— ..,,30 cents. (C-303) BREATHE FREELY' Anoint nostril* with .MENTHOLATUM Cooling, antiseptic Clear* head See Our Center Window. C<wri«bt 1924 Hsrt SchaSnu ft Msra A CyrU ; -loKii";U Christmas, tivo your boy or irirl a bicyt:lo of veloi Iiedc, and you give the utmost lu pleasure and health combined. Our ChristmaB sUKk of cycles is ready for your Inspection. Stallman Cycle Supply Opposite Post Office. Phone 93.! 23 East Sherman. Everything for the Bicycle OVERCOATS What a showing! What variety! What value!—You've never, •een styles so sma. t,—fabrics so rich and beautiful, or values so convincing;—nor have you. ever chosen from so wide a variety of luxurious, burly, brotherly coats as are here—now. Everyone upholds the Star dictum—"The Best At the price— No Matter What the Price." $35 $40 $45 Other* at $22.50 upward. N US S B U A M ' S Established 1887 W. B. lUti. CO. BEThOJI. moi. I Natural Looking HEAL SKIN DISEASES! Apply Zcnio, Clean. Peiu-trat- iujT, Antiseptic Liquid. from mount, regarded the intruder wlih a sardonic frmiiie, like a bird of j knocking 111 omen. | breech"*. "Mr. Corrigan, 1 beiieve," he said j "I'll kill yon, f.'orritfan:" he Again, with IL smooth voice. out venomously, his hand fe "Afternoon." replied forrigan j for his hip pocket, frigidly and turned his broad back, A fr'.iiiL'le strand of wire showed spat Kliny; It is unnecessary for you to smf- 1 fer with Hernia, Blotches, Jtinp-! worm, tia^hes and similar wkin f troubles. Zenio will usually give in- ; slant, relict' from itching torture. It cleanses and soothes the skin ami j heal 1 * quickly and effectively most ' ^k;n diseitscs. > Zeino l^ ii. s\ onden'ul, peiietrat inp. i j disappearing Ihiufd and Id j»oothiiu; [ 1 lo the most delicate skin. It is ree- ommendeti i'or daytime, use because it. doesn't show. (_;et it today from any drn^isi and >=avo all l'urlher distress. Trial bottle . n »yc, large <:/(. .•>!.'":)». '/..-uw Soap. TEETH s "Lower"" SET $25.00 Heavy Gold Crowns . . Reinforced Bridge Work Silver Filling* $1.00 Extractions • $1.00 Without the Hurt ALL WORK GUARANTEED DR. CARL BROWN ECONOMY DENTISTS 12 Years in Hutchinson Office Hours. 8 a. m. to 6 p. m, Evenings and Sundays by Appointment Money to Loan On Improved City OP Farm property. No delay —ratss lower. You had better see me before placing your loan. D. A. MOORE I'hone 2«S. First Nat'l Bldg. PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28} N. Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson All The Bran You Need The man who brushes out Us colon with food instead of medicine is the man who is free from intestinal poisons. He thinks quickly and dearly. Nature's best laxative is bran—bat don't eat raw bran. All the bran you need is in shredded wheat. It supplies all the elements for building healthy tissue, good muscle and brain. Two Biscuits with hot milk make a warm, nourishing meal at a cost of a few cents. It is the most food for the least money. Shredded jWfaeat ~ ultMNRSKtlBMUill ilM ;il<i' Appointments No \V| tor \ma?. ' Photographs ; MclNTURFF STUDIO | F. M. JOHNSON I COAL BUTLER A SON8 11 015 So. Main Phone 280 J

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