The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 30, 1956 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1956
Page 4
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** *'<M ,, t" "f s*. x 1 *\"*<i •^^•v^ * ^ *:1> Fnaay? warcn OT, April Will Bring Shower Of Events MBS. HAEET BLAJXE SBXWES Double Ring Ceremony — Ann Laycock Becomes Bride Jifes Siizabeth. Ar.a Lsycock •End Harry Blaine Skewas recited double ring' vows at S pja. Thurs-day in. First Chris:iaa church, '• The Rev. Clyde D. FoJts o£- O.tas.ted ir. the- riuptisis before sr. altar &ettlr.g o: caia Hbes arid •• candelabra. 3>Eu;ic was presented cy l.trs. Cerl Btish, crg-s-nist. Girea ia msrrisge by her step- Jajltsr, CosTay 5£srt. tr.e briae wore a white crgascy ballerina Sows 1 fashion e-d v,"jth i^e blue ftrn- broidered motifs aiid tr;ffi3£d :r. Jjcsris artd beacs. The Princess design was f&shi-os.fed «ritb sricrt. etesves ar.d a boufiaat skirt. S"r.c- ca-rried •white roses asd lilies of tbs vsJley on a vrnite Bfole. While roses were carried by the roaj.d of honor. Miss Betty Jtar. Raiciiff of O-Sobe. Ariz. JOss K-at- cliff wore as ice blue- batiste cress styled wiih shcrt sie?-.-e5, & round aecitliae &za full skirt. "Dr. Janies R. Atkins o: GuymoE, Okia. served as best narj. A rte&plici: sras given in the Eart, Miss Ar.r. Kar-. asd Mi£ = Pa'rty Features Easter P-fnata •Aa. Zastcr pir.ata. vrgs used TJusneity at Sastcr egg 2mat o^ the First' Baptist kir.der- SXrter* pupils. DeEigxes like- a ilercicar: rabbit, the piaate re-3eased Ssster eggs shzfped cookies, ca^^hn-jts ar.d pu&ch were served. Assisting- the teschers. Mrs. Ear! Bowers end Mrs. P. B- Miiier **->-h hcitess duties were M*s. Fred PhiiUps. Mrs. Bart Jobnstor.. :••?.-.«. Hugh. Campbell, Urs. Hoy Fulitr. Mrs. FJotcher Kjckcreor 1 ,, Mrs. H. E. Cappltr. Mrs. \\~. K. Sch^eitzir and Mrs, Forrest Gober. Pairfcia Carroll assisting: i A double ring vrediiing cake o^ E, cotible icirror osntertd the serris^ table. Decorated ™Ith ••Joves carrying weeding rings, the ca>t.e ^£.3 encircJed -with' greeaery, Sil»"er casaslabra asd the' b>5'catiEt also ~ere placed en ihe tafcis. The co'J.ple *vj!! reside at 3C»5S !.v"cpherson. Fort Wort h. For LTGIVE:!^^ ihp br^d^" "'ho^--"- £. b'E^7" A graduate of Robert z.. Lee ^STii school, wis bnce is s, ser^ior in the school of business s.t Tescas Christian university. She is the d-acgater of Mrs. Convr&y Hart, cujum. at TCIi", the gross, is a graduate cf Pa-pa high schooL His paresis are 31r. ar.d 3>lrs. A. ""I't 1 " CT"- ^..i- - *•*••;*! /"*"— --"-•;*. _ *O*- «*-—i ™ *• » . »i-T^c *v iiSj - ^ii,— \_*-*i jjt ».»i^:. Z <ijj^ jjC-. it rains 11 pours" is a rr.'ixiir! that easily couid apply to the vast collection of events sche- cx;!ed for April. Club iO«a!s. spring con.'rrenees, receptions, schoo! activities—-aii •w.ll vie for predominance in the fo::sy lives c' Baytoriian.?. The following paragraphs are Xext week will include the an- r.-ij guesi cay coffee cf the '39 S'.-.'.dy club, an Eastern Star iash- kn show, a performance by ibe Texas Lutheran College chcir, the Y.'oman's dub annual guest day tea a sorority rush party and forms: ceremony. The latter will be s pjtual of Jewels for nevr pledges in the Kappa Kappa - chapter of JJeia Sipna Phi'next Thursday right ;a the Trinity Episcopal parish ho-js-e. "psijon Sigma Alpha sorority, Beta GamiTia chapter, w:<! Jets spr:rj|r rashees with a picnic at 5.30 p.m. Tuesday ar the COK- s^nity hoiise. Mrs. Bti?k Turner's home will be tho- see-lie of the "iVoman's club t--2=t day tea next Friday. Hose £«~~ styles ^£i be featured Thursday night a: a style shotr p-err-ora at 15;;5 a.zr>- Thursday in ti~ c Hober! S- Lse high school sadi- 55 Stud" club 33esbsrs "srii: is.Te their coffee frora ID a_s. to 12 21303 "<Ye±5esdav in the hcrsse of J£rs. Vr. C- Stewart, Xnrlh. Marks t. •. Satiirtiav the Robert E. l«ee Xs- travel to Ha-asio- to a bEr;G'Eet st Ks.pan'5 restaursat. Teacher assodatSoa spring eoafer- esss Trill be lea ia G-arr-eaton. A3 IriiCnral Z5A rush party slso is H.^L s?r-;ors ^"ho "s-ill stage the class piay. '-TL—e O-t for Ginger," T~? paisli: is javiied to a recep- :;K April 15. the first day cf the asr.Uij spring Ar: League eshliit. Aprj IT marks the date for the l»a ?orie-3ayshare clnb JlcT^er Nu—eroas are already plsr-nir-g to atlesi this double evert. "'"'•"-"."Ti In the Arsett creative Apr;] ".-; at a reception in the Corn- ra::±:y hcase. Hosts -srill be rr.sin- bers of the Bayto'vca Writers gtilld aid Poetry society. A ' "V,"ornar.iess ".Ved-iing" a^d B-.:cka.rro dance occupy one -s-eek- e--ji for HHL sttsder.ts in April. i^e 'jr.-js-ja! r.uptiais *^i2i be ®c- cfcar.ged April 20 by the Ki-T chub ir. the P.C.L auditorial^. The Eis-- toryclub will give a steak fry and 3uckaroo caace April 21 at I>ia- 33end Alkali crjbbc-jse. iie final event for ZSA rtishees will be a preferential tea April 22. in the Community house. April 26 is a red letter date for Baytowrs Junior high which will be the scene of a sprir.g festival. Houston wilt tur the site of a Pilot ctub convention April 27. The following Saturday, April 2S i.$ the date of the Le Livre dub guest day coffee in the Community Three Bot?. Sig'ina Phi chapter?. XI Gamma Chi, Kappa Kappa and Rfeo 2?ta will have a Founders Day banquet April S3 at the Rebel Inn. Ari out of tovn event of interest to Baytoaiaas wiii be ihc ir.terna- tions! garden show in early April in Houston. Wcwster Garden ci-jb members pi3,?. lo es'er an arrange- raent, ~Vio?et Hues.' 1 Saunders To Head Club ?.Irs. R. K. Sauncers was ejected president: of the Wooster Garden club Wednesday at a luncheon in the home of Mrs. M. A, Jones, Baj-shore. drive. Mrs, J, T. Traylor was r.arsed vice presi-aest; Mrs. George Shepherd. recording st-cretarj" Mrs, Jodie iseahower, corresrpo.ncing sec- YWA House Party To Be April 27 In Wooster Mr=. Fletcher Ers-i-.. ycuag people's -counselor for the Wo iSaKosar;- IT^ica cf Woaster Bap- tist'5, 3~20tia;ed in_ WiTU" ±=ee:- iag this Treek thai the Sas Jacinta AsscciEtion 1 Girl's At^iii^rv ho"i?s party -a-iil — set April "7 jLai 23 is Vroaster Sap-st church. •The corcsatica far the TWA will i?e May 15 and —ill have a c:-ior Ki.h.£ne cf grrees, "-"iiite erd It TS-SS also arjtounce-i that Mrs. 3rt2ce Wooes trill' begia the stewardship bc<-k, ''Sac.rifice and S&sg-"' at the April 11 Taeeclag: Th£ f trjri-> chapter ci the Bible stucy book, "F&vorite Bible Pas- s&szs" vriil be taujrht by circles is retsry; Mrs. Ed Xeisos. tre.astirer; Mrs. John .Starling, - parliamentarian ; Mrs. Dan G. Long/acre, historian, and librarian !>-frs. Lor^acre cJi*cnsse-d "Insects-. Diseases ssj "Sprays."' She ssi-ci that -gtseral clsanil- ness in garden is the susjo-r preve-tive of plant diseases and insect attacks. As sj-:-reUect precas-tioa. Mrs. l»t>2gacre. poi-te-i Mi, is the "use of s. dcnr.a-:t spra\- o~ ell orna- raeatsis i-du-i:-c frt:i: sr ; d citrus. It <Kioti3d i>e applied -caririj w-ir.- tfr before- ss-d iKii:! th.e ne-r gTD^th aid b^5s appea,.-, she- sa3:d. A jr&ixf *?ray. the speaker s-*r:- tio-fd. is rrjii? by tisinc 13' tbsos. cf :;~-t- ti> c~e g^ksr. o. ~3.:rr. Sprays shotilc! be a.pplie-3 ir, early marriias: or la.t? aft.ersc»or« arefsrsbiy ts&, •rntsibars •BTere resincs-d. Dusts should t>e a?pH5«; CE a. 'stS day 02 dry fol:- a-s?, they ~ere told, Diseases of the azaiese, pca- Names-N-Notes -Out Of Town Guests Arrive For Easter Holiday Weekend CHABXXS RCSSEIX FOXEK Charles Is .Americanized Cowboy Now It just taites sprayed TRlih fusgicide, phygca, or titnes a The Ethel Ka_rcy circle will present the sissJOKary program from the Royal Service nagaiir-e at the April 13 r^eetisg-. X>tirinz the meedng Mrs. M. S. Clrati J- iec the group in so-ngs. iirs. Ray Givens, treasurer, reported that the g-roup had gone over their goal for the Annie Armstrong offering for home missions. NEW PfANOS FACTORr-TO-TOU PRICES F. M. WORDEN S«rric« Phone PAMJELA KAY GOING FIRST BIRTHDAY — Daueh- l«v of Mr. and Mrs. Billy ^roin:,' of Odar Ba}ou, Pamela Kay is a new one-year-old Friday. Grandparents am Mr. and Mr*. H. A, Goiii?. Great irrandpartnt«> are Mr. and Mrs. T K. Abemathy and Mrs. l«e McKeller. C HEADQUARTERS FOR EASTER GiFTS Have you torgotien some-one? li's still not too late io find exactly the right bit of remembrance-. We- have lots cf gay jtuffed toys, baskets and fancy candle: for the imal! fry ... and a world of fragrant cosmetics for both women and men, Easter card? and favors,.. and many, many last minute gif} items. And best of all, e good suppl/ of beautifully packaged chocolate candies for that special "someone" in your life. GfFT BOXES OF CHOCOLATES By Pangburn's and King E«s1 Texas Avenue Store Open Until IO p.m. BLACK'S PHARMACY 225 West Texas 721 !«tr T*xm T r """" ' '— Ptwit* 8107 Phont 3.2212 'Serious Call' Is Discussed Julia. Lottie Circle of Cedar Bayou Methodist church met Thursday at th*- church for a social and Jesso.*! study on "A Serious Call to t. Devout Holy Life," presented by Mrs. Robcrrk Mrs. C. J. 3abin presided over thr- busihtss. _ J.rrs. Af.a Luthrir.ger gave the devotional on Johri. "•ere p-ese.-it .'or tr.f- stuc'y. Nine •••isitors ar.i :? a:c-rrib«rs attended the cover-r-s d:sh lur.cheon after- noon v/^3 3pcnt ir. Easfer Posters Are On Display V,':r,r.c-rs Ir. the P.EL Easter poster contest, spor.sorod by the Ki- •»-ar.i.s club ar.d the Key club will be displayed in Scarborough's pharmacy Xo. 2 or. Texas Avenue Friday through Sunday, Th'.-mc- of the contest was to "Dr'.-ss Uo Easter Spiritually." V/jr.r.'.-r.-i vi'er'i Eve Leo Pichot, Jire: place. 510: Celia Varneil Fer- riii, second place 56, and V/anda Voidoniske, third place, J<. Five honorary mentions will also b<-- on dispisy. Easter Eggs Are Traditional Treat Sunday Itrs. B- 3. Sutphin. 3207 Indiana, auggeats ser.-lag Easter c-ggs on Easter Sunday as a special treat for 'the family. She »id the traction in the Sut- phia family wa« handed down from her grandmother wid mother in West Virginia ™ho served the same- dish every Easter. Boiied eggs are peeled and put in beet jyice with enough vinegar to cover the eggs well. Two cans of beets will color a.r.d flavor about one dozen eggs. After adding the vine-gar, the eggs are put ta, the ice box with a lid c- the container and" are left for two or three .deys. Tne eggs are tartly flavored and are colored "beet." red. Terry Tolleson Feted On Birthday Terr.- Toileson. son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Tolleson was feted on his seventh birthday with a party ir. his home on Massey Tompkins roa<j jn Cedar Bayou. Guests were Peggy and Penny Corr.pton. Butch. Bill and Bob Adams, Dennis Collier. Judy Barber. Randy R.eed, Paemiila and Dale Keith Telf&rd, Morris Wallace, Iris and Sherry Merrls. Phil- lls and Ronny Ewell. Rebecca Harnme! and Jodie Sue and Tom Bay Tol'eson. Also present were Mrs. J. V. MUer, Mrs. J. B. Kammcl, Mrs. W. V. Adams. Mrs. E. T. Compton, Mrs. Carl Ewell, Mrs. Hope Wallace and the grandparents Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Tolleson and Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Flowers. Wh«a .the casisilia bJooas is ciseassci with flower bli&st fs^igus, it scotil-d be pick&d and bsinie-i, The sacking injects jktcd ay Mrs. Ixssgacre, are aphids. scale, plazit lice, chinch bug. red spiders, iris borers, mealy bags, ihrips, -^vHirg -^7 : .-;5 ^-"^^ni^^&i ^*l^~t b'J"T?, iss-f hoppers, rollers end borers. They contro-llrQ by contact insecticides which cover the injects and stop their creat.hlr.g p-dres. Slides of various vacation tripi ware by raeir.bers and so-,-» lag pictures of previous garden. cliib parties. Sarbecuee chicker., salad, bak&d b-£s.n=. coke, pia and coffee were se: r.-e<J to IS, Next meeting -will be a picnic "April 19. Members will look for driftwood, 'Arrangements On Cups, Saucers Will Be Shown The La Porte-Sayshore Garden club '.vili present its anr-usi flower show April 17. from 1 10 S p.m. at the home of Mrs. E. C. Buster, 137 Bayridge roac. The theme of the flower show is "Sprir.s: Comes in aJI its Gio~." and wil! "feature flower arrar.gc- Jnents iri cups and saucers, mugs and steins. Mrs. G. L. Mcitillan, chairman of the artistic division, -.vjil be in charge of ail arrangements, and Mrj. E. C. Buster is chairman of Ihc- horticultural display. In conjunction with the flower show, the club is sponsoring & pilgrimage of homes the same afternoon, from 1 to 5 p.m. The homes open on the pilgrimage are those of Mrs. F. G. D. M-jHer. Mrs. R. G. Florar.ce, and Mrs. Leo Gaber. Tickets may be obtained at the entrance's of the .hon-.cs. Toozood's Jewelry Store. La Porte, or from any garden club member. All proceeds will be used for the Gardea C?ntc-r building fund. Ajacr;caK;?!<i. cor.ipkti;' iv;i.h. &. ct'^'buy wsrdrobe £.r;d a love for euSbk' srii™:, hiamGurg'f-rs a r. d Cokes. foasr-year-ola ?ri\5aj\ >raa tell vo-j all abot:: :i. A year sg'o today he c-aicc- to 3aytc--r, :"ro— Gfrma-y wrth his r.e-s- ic5i«r parrr.ts. Dr. and Mrs. Cyae PuiJ^r, lies So-slh Sbf?- fcerc. 1^i= Pu-icrs, who ?tJ5>-?d ;n G^r- iE.&ny i-.vo years v,-hik- tie coct.-sr x— as ststiorf-i i~ ih? Array. scDT-tt-d Charles Hc?5fZ3 after >-is parents A former ire.acrai ;r. t,h? Xssi anr.y, Chs.ries's father h=i beer, a judge Iz 'X-jmscrg at the tirsc of When take:- into iht FuSsr fas- :ly, Cha^J?s Kaaseii acq-iir^d a., Cly-^e Jr.. sg? eight, and also *~t'.vo dssJdie-s." Afu-r heari-j; D — \*~* 1p* CJ V. -n ^"i 1 '*; ^-V?!^i-^|.^ ,•••£; "I • ^ O" ., »». £-. *J--*^~. J- 1 A C*-.i.*--. ti* >- -^ ---- •--;* him otter. Jatr Sirars^r. Ctaries Husseii acquired the hibit of ad-iresang Dr. Sharp as "Paddy Bill" The Sharp's summer hotae is next, door to the Ftilkrs'. %'ery Uttlc- Ot.rn;an regains in his eorsv-jrsstic-. Mrs, Fiilitr r.ot-;^, Tie cs.iy quirk in his rvsr>-day talk ia c;iliir.g s car ''a'Uto." «"hJch is the German original t^rrr.. '"A^to" has beco-ac- a frc-c-tr.t and fevsrrtf- word of his., Mrs. Puller observed. Xetct fail Chs.rjes "*":!' be rr.- —" the Easier holidays arc attracting an influx of out of town guests this weekend. ?«£.-. f-')d Mrs. O. H. Johanson, 4-09 East Jack v.-iil be weekend fcoits to Mrs. R. J. Sehoonover of South Bi>nd. Ind., Mrs. Ruth Trammnll of Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. D. D. hanks of Palestine and Miss ;Nancy CowcsSar o; A thins. la Patlgt-tt Home Miss Jjari'yn Padgett senior Bayior. Is h.?.vL n -g one of her iast visits this weekend with her par- eats. Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Padgett. before she embarks this summer on - a 'long visit" in Hawaii. In Sehulzc Home Spending the v.-cekend with trie Kolar. Schulse? in Baytown were his parent.?. District Judge awl Mrs/J. R- Fuchs of Xe;v Braun- fsis and ihe Sc:iulr.cs - tiaughlar. Mary Margsre-t, frorn Southwest Texas S-iti; coHcg? in Sasi J'arcos. Also, their san Eric, a theological student at \Varb-urs: seminarj- in Dubuijae. la., wit! reraain at home t:rsal Bas*s>r. Tfcie occaftica fv'vr the family Jrsth- c-ring' -,-ss the cor.firKiation of Dorothea., your.g'Cir dauchtor of Uie s'. " At St. Paul Lutheran Skcwce, all of Pnmpa; Dr. and .Mrs. J. R. Atkins of Guyinon, Okie. Mrs. Harry Parker of Fo!- Ifclt, Mra. J. B. Skcvvos of Moab, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Elcholtz of Sun Antonio, Mrs. Guy Pipes and Gerry Pipes of Port Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Homer of Pasaeiena. Krom Austin Easter holiday guests in the homi; of Mr. and -Mrs. Fred Palmer, Eayview drive, tire their son- in-law and -daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Don Hood of Austin. Make a Dote with the Newest Ffics Tn Mrs. MolUe L. Patton. 13C3 Indi- fir.a. ficw- this v,-tck to Bastroji, I^s.. "n visit her new hvin granti- sons. The i?cys -.--src born to her son-is-law ss-d daughter. Mr. and y^s, Ch5.r>=; jLussell at Bastrop Gc-r.cral hospita, 1 . ROCKET rolled St-verai oat c.i io-~n jruesis w. srtJient s.; the wcci'-iag c' ^»Iiss Ann L&ycocic and BSaJne Skewc.i Thsrscssy r.ight in First Christinn church. laciuaea "ere Mr. and Jurs. A. Vi". Shcwes, Jliss LiaJa Mrs. Wriohr Wil! Be Priscilia Hostess Mrs.. K. M. V.'righi -*-iil be hostess. V-'ecnescisy to the -ext rooe'Jni; of the Priscilia tiub jn her home, 6>» V.'est Jaaaes. .Mrs. H. T. Arr.ett served straw• ta b-:rry short cake and coffee this ana Mrs. O. R. Bc-icher cf V.'aco and Mrs. Aiir-a ruiler o' Shtrrnar.. Party Entertains Edward Wotipka Edirar ^Votipka ivas honored Wednesday nifht with a surprise birthday party at his homo, 1 ; ".S Co-hoata&ses with his wife were Mrs. Ed Kotrla of Crosby and Mrs. Ruben Kotrla of Channelvievr. Rafrcfhmcnts served were birthday cake, dougrhnuls, coffee and punch. Gueats were Mr. and >fr.=. Ed- Vs-in Wotipka ar.d fasiily, Mr. aaci Mrs. Joe Liska and son. Mrs. E-'i \Votipa. Mr. and Mrs. Ruebsa Kotrla ar.d ton, ?>rr. and Mrs. Albert "vVotipka and family. ?>!.-. and Mrs. E. C. Harvey. Mr. and Mrs. Lou's D'ouhy and son, Les \Votipa, Robert V.'otipka. Mr. arid Mrs. Levi Mitchell and family and Mrs. Albert Reynolds ar.d '» ?-r.k rftses formed fiorai ar- 7WF . BLOCK/ OR 'ROUND THE TOWfA fF YOU LIKE I J SEE YOUR NEAREST OLDSMOBILE Try Sun Classified Ads—'Dial 8302 DIAL *2IS '-"Quality Jewelers K/X-^ft^' Let the glistening btauty of this superb creation express your love and devotion forever. Perfectly matched engagement end wedding ring in 14-k white or yellow gold ... with 5 radiant Diamonds. As Link At $ $2. WEEKLY 132 W. TEXAS AYE. f Uf KITH CQKfl9t KCi . . . rncivets TAX Perfect to wear under your Easter Frock or as a gift. llarliizon's jYo-froH Zephairc Bntists! Herd to believe tin's slip is a cotton blend. It feels like silk, is shadowproor and nover needs ironing. The styling is strictly sophisticated. Permanent crystal pleats make tho bodice and flounce, In Barbizon's magical blond of Dacron, Cotton and Nylon that stays pretty, never needs ironing. A«k for "Sorrento" In Wilts Only. Mlit 12-30, UttUMIti 9-15. tody 38-42. Llttlt Lod» Utt-22!i, Tall Mix 12-20.

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