The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 4
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FACE FOUR THE PAMS NEWS. tHURSDAY, JULY tt, 1*34 Society j and Miss Marfiie Laura j also of \Vo-fe City ba« charge of the bride's booJi. Tea Given At Deport For Recent Bride DEPORT. — Mrs. Joe Kelsey. Blisses Vivian and Virginia Elder. XXxris Bell and Robbie Read entertained Monday afternoon w::h _ •a tea at Mrs, Reiser's home, hoc- j oring Mrs. H-Jsii Jeff'^s, a recent! RENO. — Lar?:e crowds are a:bride, tending the revival at the Metho- ' RENO 3IETHODIST REVIVAL IS HELD -:• In :iie receiving; line were dist church and it has been an- KelseyT Hcgh and T«r. Jeffvts, r.ounced the Church of Christ re- Lizzie Beil. and I. TT. Terxsue' \-iva! w} .n begin :he first Sunday ia Slisses Vivian and Virginia Elder. | A^srust- Mlss Read greeted the guests at | s--vain Bisters, TV. P.: Bills and xhe 'door of the room where j ;;. or . s spent part of last \veek on ";h« table was spread with "!a ce \ j_;«j e river in Oklahoma. Wishing over grreer.. Punch ana cake were J ar:(5 hiir.rnsr. served J>y^Iiss^3ei:.^e^_Hoach. | ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^_ "" """" last ^-^y fron: Hope. , £ " d over tunaay the afternoon those from out of; log that police find their Make This Model At Home Pari« New* Daily Pattern f Waxahachie. | * r - J < -'-- Powers la?: Former Wolfe Cit Girl 1$ Married to Alabama after visiting Mr. and !Mr«, Malcolm Cieere hero several DROUTH QUIRKS CITY.—The xnarriage : of Miss rlena KusselL former j "Wolfe City griri. the ca-jgs-.or of ! •—• 1 G. R- Russell, to O?^a!d Daush- j Th-? drouth and h?r=: are re- j ^tv. son of I>r. a.r.d Mrs. Jewell! spor.?:b!e f:r . son-.e QJ^-JT \ iDaxighety. of Br-D T .vn-K.-cod. was sol- j quirk.-?. ; t-mni2e<* Mor.da.y. July "3. at the ;' Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Jo~I j home of Mr. and Mrs. Brice Twit- ! R. Youns of G!or>- bru:s-ed her j ry. 5S4S Mercedes avenue, Dallas. : foot Trhrn she accidentally J .- iirs. I^au:-3.h Xincaic. of ^Vo'fe | s:epped into one of the de?r> j City played the tvedcins: music. \ cracks In the grc-iiiiJ cf her | Poisoned Kidneys | To fl^sh poisons and acid from ) bladder so thai you can stop "get- \ ting up nights" ret a S3 cent pack- • a.=re of Golc Medal HaarZ-r-rc Oi'i [ a -K-c-ri rrr-Jie Capstiles a.n<i take as directed. I orer^vork: durin Other symptoms of k:firmer a.r,d | fourth rmiie h' b' -fvea.knesses scaat, '! year. At the same r^.-"s, a mxile buminsr or smarting: passage— ] be! on firing- to Jackson Backache—Ice cramps —puffy eyes. ! fel* in a v,-eK. in search f;r At Maxey, Alfred XVilson "^ras overcome by the neat r>londiy •^•hils at '.vork on the road, thousrh he TVSS reported: im.- prox-ins- later. Bill Slonkle 01 Hopewell lost hlch died of has lost this INAL Hollywood FOK THE 1>AYS YOU* IVOtTLJU IXX>1L FEMIXtVE PATTERN 1S5J By J»XNE ADAMS For the ctays when you -wish something soft, and feminine said very flatterinsr. this is the frock. Be sure you choose a becoming color . - , the frock will do the rest: The rippled revers are one of its best features ... you will not kno\v 3ust how graceful they are . . . and slenderizing . . until you see them in the fabric. The sleeve- are smart, too. and so is the twice pointed yoke in skirt, and every woman always likes a surplice line It makes a lovely frock in a sheer dark material xvith white or ecru net revers . can't you just picture it that way! Pattern IS 53 is available in sizes 34 35 3S 40 -42 44 and 45. Size 3S takes 3 3-4 yards 39 inch fabric and 7-S yard contrasting. Illustrated step-by-step sewing instructions induded- iei.c i-'IFTEEX CEI\Ti> USc) Ui coins or stamps <coin.-! pref erred f for this Anne Adams pattern. Roundup at Clarksville CLiARKSVILLE.—^Heading for the last round tip, candidates for- office in Red River county are winding np. their speaking dates this week, prior to making a last stand on tne public square in Ciarksville Friday night. Every candidate In the race is- expected i 20 Teeu He to enarage In this rally, to tell voters how ballots shou'd be marked on election day. A large crowd is expected, as interest in the campaign has at last been aroused, and citizens are waking up to the fact that some of the closest contests THCRKSBOERMAX THRESHED BOJLOGXA. Italy.— Mario da! Piume believes he has discovered the world's most efficient thresh- j ing machine. Caugrht in its niechanisr:i. he was whirled around and tossed was unharmed, but WJ3 SUSPECTED AS MCCH EMPORIA, Kas. — I>r. L. C. Wooster ha* decided drouth-suf- fering Kansas needs more Fourth* of July. - Checking weather record* for rh« past ten y«ars. be found that in nine year* heavy rains fell on th« holiday or the day afterward. iii history are pendir. of the races. in several left in the kernel so to speak. The machine stripped off ail his clothes and spouted them, forth a-s cJzaff. COMINGS, GOINGS OF GARRETFS BLUFF FOLK GARRETT-S BLUFF. — Vance and Leola. Nutt. Loys Tippin *uid Joe Clement ot Mineral Springs, Ark,, spent Sunday -with L. E. Xutt and family ana Eldridse and Reece Kutt returned home with them tor a. few weeks visit. Bstelle Dancer of Bo<mrell. Okla., CO>L>nSSION, TBGE SPRAY X. J.—The mos- { is visiting- her grandmother. Mrs. Quito-less lawn parti" has come at last. A telephone call to the Cape V.*. R. Fisher. Frank Herron and family of Atlas are visitin MeDONALD TO SPEAK AT SULPHUR SPRINGS C % - C, McDonald announces to* will speak in the interests of'.hi* candidacy for governor a.t'8 o'clock Friday evening atSulpfaur Spring*. Tfeis will be his final «pe«ch in tn* sheriff badge. The county superin- tenderit's race has the most entrants, with five people, including two women, seeking to replace Sam Giddens. who retires after the first of the year- ORIGINAL, BUT— { been visiting- Mary ard Ruth Pa.1- i mer here. remember, loss of strength . . .-. sleeplessness ... nervousness paleness... lack of appetite ... and general rtm-down condition quite often mar be traced directlr to kyir Wood strength—that Is, the ted corpuscles and vital oxrgen-carrpiny hezno-glo-bin of the blood are* below aormal. S.S.S- is the great, scientifically-tested medicine for restoring this blood content Bv nil means try it for better health" and more happiness- Unless your c»*e Is an exception, you should soon enjoy again the pleasure of appetizing food...sleep soundly ...feel strong... and Regain the t>ride of clear rosy cheeks. Do not be i&aded by tb« «ftort* of a f«w unethical d«xl«za BUDAPEST-—A stranded circus | Mrs, Anna Gray, ill with malaria rills a hungry menagerie of f ered \ the oast week is uainaproved. to the children of a. nearby j The Baptist meeting f : -on ducted return for cats and dogs. | by the Rev, H- I>. Roland of Bos- acdress running is €t>-;e number. BE SURE TO STATK j most of the other contests where there is more titan one opponent, and nobody who likes excitement ! is Coiner to be disappointed. [ i j n ] A'ae roaring °* hungry lions and. j-re-ell. Okla_. closed Sunday evors- tigers died down, to be followed j ing. and" five, persons were baptized the clamor of \-illasers demand- Sunday afternoon at the river. smartest the ncv.-est fabrics, and the Summer season's outstanding accessories are illustrated and described iu the XE\V AXXS AD- A.MS PATTERN BOOK FOR SUMM£K. ORDER YOUR COPY OF TI5IS HELJ'FUt. NEW SUMMER Bt>OK_ PRICE OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS. BOOS AND PATTERN TOG ETHER. TTVSNTY- FIVS CENTS. AdCress orders to The Part* Ne^vs Pattern Department. 243 1-Ve^ 17th Street, New York City. EMBLEM OF LUCK USED IN LAURA WHEELER QUILT DIRECT PERSONAL [ AND LOCAL ITEMS | DIRECT. — Miss Opha Collard | of Van is visiting her parents, Mr. j and Mrs. Jeff Collard. j II r. and Mrs, G rover Self have j returned from a two weeks visit i at Rawhide, ' " j Mr. and ilrs. Roy Smith visited I at Petty Sunday; Shortie Self and j family attended ' church at Gar- j rett's Bluff Sunday evening. j Mrs. Jim Meredith who has been i ill some time is reported better. I The beer that tells its own aqe ! .. .. FOUR LEAF CLOVER this quilt Four of but t^fo pat- ;tr. ^vhi:e it makes a quilT t'naT iH s.dc. beauty to any b>t-iroorr;- Pat'crT!; 6T2 COTT.PS to yoti v."-»~'r: ADAMS COMMUNITY NEVt'S OF INTEREST Mr. a.r.d r>Tr?. L.on T-^iocrt arc "eT*terta:r,iJiE theaft relatives from Co;-Jnib*as. Ga : I_ X. To^r^rt. * Z»:.;jr>';:i VivUr: ;i.r<J Nora >?«•'! ToT- ! beteid^s Mr, Tolb^rt's brotrer, JL- ' Colorado aci Snyder. j 2cts^s ?"ay Ccker o* Hi^h Ls visit- | •w •• - T *'"*•* I l,^r, and ilrs. G«-c.r£r* Hu-dson j PATTERN' S72. eoniplete. simple instrcctic-ns for • cutting-, sewing and finishing. ••>- : geth-er wtih yardage chart ,d:a- cram oi quilt to help arrange the . blocks for single and double bed size, and z. dlagrraLrn of block ^hich , a^T^^s as 3. euide for placing the '. Sen^J 10 cents :a stamps or corr. : ^ coir, preferred) for this pattern to : The Paris Xe«s, Depi-. •i - Eigrhth Avenue. Xe-w York, of the pro^rarr.. -which fea.t^red a. . saxophone solo^ by Garth Cajior ; ;jn^ several voca* riumb^rs r.,y ; Rnt-y Trt;< MarBhoIL -Pirjfe of I the r.*-;rro teitcher c* i acriculture- A ?:na.'ic:at'= of H-arr.p- j von institute, she sang: at tli« V^hit 1 ? 1 KOw*o during both the Hoover and ; Coollds-e a'iministrations "SLR<J tour- ; ed Europe is IS30 with a group of • .students. THEY TELL crackling STORY Ix v-rr.-g or cream, Kellogg's Rice Krispies actually crackle their story of extra-crlspness. Fascinating to children. They love to h ear as well as eat them. Wholesome too. All the notirishrnent of rice. Plus irresistible jfiavor, sealed, in the patented. WAXTJTE bag. For breakfast, lunch, or children's supper- Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Listen!— ^ Juaric 1^ Feature of Li one Club Program HUGO. Ok!*. — Th» Oons club ;*•*. W-e.dn^*.d-ay a.t. the Belmoct Rupert L. Ballard j i I -wi!! apprecia-t* your vot* and • J influence tor re-election, second i t*nn *s your dbrriinlssloner in Pr«} cAnct cumber I, aekjn^:, you to »e* I rrsy record for tfr« pact eig-hteeo *i jtnont&5 «« i your vote. in c 'L, • BAIXABD* Pi<|aes f Fin*I CIo»e-o«t Perkins Brofc ^ r* f\ AA e» A M V ^7 SCO. guesswork. You know when you order Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer that you are getting fully-aged beer. Every bottle of Biatz Old Heidelberg tells its own age — the exact elate on which it was brewed is plainly printed on every neck label — your positive guarantee and proof that it is fully-aged. Aged beer is good beer. Order Blatz Old Heidelberg and you will have beer of proved quality and age — with a rich flavor — -with full body and satisfying strength. JRetsiember—only Blatr Old Heidelberg Beer is Brew-Dated. Order Blatz Old Heidelberg today. X>f»tritmUx! By X D. GIBSON PHott* 115 247 BonWm Street P«ri», Texaa t L BEER

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