Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1961 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Thursday, July 6, 1961 _H O P L b I A k , _ H Q HE, Poyo Sovcn CARNIVAL By Dick Turner PLASH GORDON Boys Are Boys Answer to Previous Putils ACROSS 3 Overlook •1 Mr. Harris 4 Robert E, 5 R u b 5 Native of 8 Whitman _ R ° me . _ .. „ 12 Frenzy 6 "Black Earth" 13 Native metal "? . .14 Cry of ' Shouts 8 Marry 9 Proceed* l'^ ish .. 19 Disputes 33 Sam's friena 30 Fixed look ,2r," s -. 20 Harshest 34 Pertaining 40 Penetrate A? Y u ,^ ,• > 23 Spirit to the Andes 41 Woody plants 21 John (Gaelic) 25 Peaceful 38 Man's name 4.4 S'roster • 22 Serious ^9 Electrical unit 37 Rubbed out 47 Macaw address 30 Rough lava 38 Pester 49 Narrow inlet 24 Limicolinc birds 26 Gaseous clement , 28 Route (ab.) J30 Exist 5p.l Roman bronze 32 Girl's name 33 Chums 35 Ireland 38 Doctrines 40 Convoy •12 Final part ' 43 Bound 4'y Gibbon 4G Scope 48 Play part 49 Demolish HO Fly aloft 51 Scottish sheepfold .J|2 Arrow poison W3 Girl's name 5-1 Stray 55 Sums up DOWN 1 Malaysian canoes 2 Set TIZZY t » T t v^ ,-J W,\ M ] ^-%(ifcj^ ^ ?%l / M _______ __ NEWSPAI'EU ENTEKPKISK ASSN. RANGERS CRUSHED THE FSOGMEN'S flf.tr AWO YOU PRETENDED T RI<5Nt.' WE WANT TO YOU WERE ftACefVL I CKVSf/, XSTHOY, To SOFTEN us ^V e///wwtne YOU ATTACK/ f^ SKRA6e/~ OF COURSE. WE'RE A LITTLE Btfti RIGHT NCW By Dan Barry YOU MAYBE LEAVE f.t.'RACG ALONE FOR A FEW THOUSAND wir'u, c-o s-siBuy,.. WE 1ST Wipe OUT If. HSMBY PIANET5 FIRST/ ALLEY OOP IT SURE DID! t -. HOPE NONE HAVIN 1 THOSE >. OF YOUR MOONMEN MUSCLE IN N B0YS GOT ON US MAbE OUR LI'L 1 HURT TOO OL' WAR SEEM KINDA / BADLY' SILLY, DIDN'T IT.- / _ytl1M1 by NE», inr. 1..... n«£. U.S. Pal. C /-£, "Him? Oh, he got his signals mixed and moved away from.the plato right when his mother told him to finish dinner!" CAPTAIN EASY By V. T. Hamlir A TCW HEAjWOH.THEY ACHES, MAY- / KNOW THEY BE...WUTHIN BSEN IN A SERIOUS.' I FIGHT, ALL HOW ABOUT \ RISHT... YOUR CREW? ...BUT HOW ABOUT YOU AN' MISSUS TUNK. /LOVE IT, GUZ... HAVIN' TEA WITH / >OU FOLKS COME ME AKJ 1 UMPA OWE/ OVER AN' SEE OF THESE CAVS? I US SOME AMP SO ENDED THE MOOVItvN- LEMIAM WAR, TEN-MILLION YEARS ASO...BUT THE rOSSIBILITY OP CONTINUED PEACE DOESNT LOOK VERY PROMISING ^ta.f-W^P.,.?,. By Leslie Turner SWEETIE PIE By Kate Osann By Nadine Seltzer "%->- «S JB61 by NC*. Inc. T.M. H, B . U.S. ?•!. 0(1 AH, HER& ARE THE CELL KEYS'. WB &AW HARRY «U1NN BROUGHT HERE. ANP \VE NEED THE PLANT FUNO& He HlP,,vN\ORE THAW TKMTOR CA5TRO POE&! MOW TIE THEM UP 1 . PD VDU REMEMBER ME.5EWOR <JWNN? A WORKER IW VtfUR PLANT L BLONDIE WE'RE TAKING VOU WITH 1)5 ! THIS- POOR B6 LOCKED1 HEX OUTSIPE, ANOTHER OFFICER REPORTS FOR my.. _ MULTI- WANT AM A/ 1 PURPOSE, ALARM CLOCK / ELECTRONIC .--'"-) \ BRAIN 1 U\ :\ i ''••• ( IT WAKES YOU WITH /•" C/\THEDf?-AL CHIMF.S, \ ST/NRTS VOUR COFFEE, AND PLUGS IN J TOASTER , ^: 'T IT REGULATES THE ROOM . ( BAROMETRIC PRESSURE/ ' v - AND SENDS VOU TO VKWITH JG BAND By Chic Young ' 1-IAVrU'T VOLI GOT A LITTLE CLOCK THAT JUST W Tii THCPE s >.. c Al-JO TICKS ? . .. ! i PRISCILLA'S POP "Father, I want you to hear directly from Betsy's lips how much she gets for an allowance!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosscr i "If you want some business, follow us 1 ." SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith A BACK-JACKKNIFE WITM A / ^<U«' ' r. '' C^"^" * V~ "•- - f ~_-sS J t« ER—WMAFS HE UP TO A/O^V, 6AZOO ? LOOKS TO ME. LIKfe A . iaiMt by HEA.Inc. T.M. R« e . U.S. Pal. Off. 7-& \ID JUST AS SOON MOT ) GO TO MY LADIES' , CLUB TODAY.' / fTHEN I DON Vv SHORT RIBS 1-C J AND LET TWOSE QO-SSIPS CUT ME UP BEHIMD MY BACK?; NO, THANkS! By Al Vormccr IF THAT'S THE WAY THEY ARE, WHY NOT QUIT THE CLUB •si By Frank O'NeaF *£T 7-6 ^t^-^S ,-^A-= / FAstesr &AVCEP. ( IN TP\£ WEST. O" OUT OUR WAY MORTY MEEKLE "I wish I'd gone in for drama. It's absolutely no effort at all for me to talkl" By Dick Cavolli * HOW ABOUT you? ) WOULD vou uixe J TO JOIN MY A F-^!ENC>6HIP CLUB? J F^r^~^- • NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE PONE / you 6Houic> Nevee HAVE A-sxrePHIAA. Hooiiooi/oo/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE EVeRYBODV kTNOW-3 UMPIEEi5 ODN'T HAV6 FRI&ND5. A SHARK SAWDPAPEKeO 1 IT, AWO IF IT HADN'T f..l MKfSK T HE WA« OOWM AfS| : HEIZE < THE DOCK men i/ LOOWNS POST) BKOU6HT HIS , By Wilson Scruggs By J. R. Willioms OUR BOARDING HOUSE wifh Major Hoople /I PIPN'T-WAKlTTO FUSS V^(SOOP \---AKJ' I DIDM'T THIMKA / WITH ROASTINS WIEMER'3, I HEAVIWS/ \ TO BKIM6 TOGSEP > I BAKIW& POTATOES AMP / 1 FEKOOT ) SALAP OR BAKEP \ / WARMIKJG) UP A CAM Of 7 --^ TH' LIMESJ \ ALASXA OR AFTER/ BEAMS OR. SOMETHIMS, ) TABLECLOTH, \ DIMMER MIMTS OR... I ^^, T oo^.^u-r -TLJ,C. T,/ y TH'CAMPLES, /GRACIOUS, I'M AFRAID SO I BROUGHT THIS TV PIWMER THAT VOU HEAT AMP EAT.' r TH' SILVER- { WE'VE RU1MT HIS _ WARE, AN 1 ---/7 MEAL/ •-"Oil -^A^' ^ feS^lf fe'-»' 1 . ANP NO PIWMER MUSIC WHAT'.',- T/-IAT 2 . . TI-0 NANMiS ^1 THOU6HT £Y, MUG, ? V OF -TH V \MHOLE ) ALL H6 wi-lAv's YER i-t'OKVr :^ • : , I SPIGOT aR-Kfi-QAW^/-'--. \\ MOB/ y /• T)0 WAS HELLO,MOB, Hovj'KEYui-i^ 1 y> \NC-I HELLO, SFIQOTTY/ HELLO,SUMP/;5iM FAZZIO/ . HELLO, MICK; M^MOOGLe/ < HELLO, PAT (SlMSBEKt./ / iOLSOM/ '' ' EM if^$n ] \$ OK TALK LlKe A BUGS BUNNY IM AFRWP CO. ( PROBABLY CALL OW YES> ANP TODAV 1 FEEL VE\ GENEWOUS VOU CAM HAVE N ALL VOU CAM CAWWY HOME WITH YOUi 1 TH' HEATS MAPE LI'L CLUC< DAFFY, BUT I AIN'T PASSIM' UP THIS CHANCE .' I'LL RETURN' TH' SCARECROW'S PUPS LATER I

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