The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 9, 1970 · Page 2
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May 9, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 2

Des Moines, Iowa
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Saturday, May 9, 1970
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•r* PEOPLf in It NEWS j Des Moinas Register !'S*t., M«y 4, 1970 afl * Briefly ... THE DAY IN WASHINGTON WAiHiiiatpN. D.C. ! WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) • M " y •• m 'j T h e N i x o n administration I moved on many fronts Friday Arranged to have high gov-jto conciliate young war protes- erriment. officials available, for j te rs, taking steps to allow them discussions over the weekend I .„ ;• .. ... . _„.._ students and others ito hold their massive demon protesting the Southeast Asia | , stratlon to ? a y in a P ark ad Jo>n- Libel Suit • Louisiana Gov. John ,l.j .McKeithen filed a' $10-millionj • suit In Batorr-Range against] Life magazine in -connection with an "article in the Apr. 10 issue that said Carlos Marcello, a reputed Mafia leader, controls state government 'in - Louisiana. The suit, filed in J ° HN the name of the MeKiiTHeN state, challenges 'Life's allcga- tions- that he ordered a whitewash of a 1967 investigation of, Mafia influence. However, Life | oul Social said its investigating teamf and funds to hire inspectors for ; found no evidence of personal Gulf . nf Mexico oil and gas op-j involvement by McKeithen in' erations - | Nixon *• On Dissent conflict. Announced appointment of G. Alexander Heard, chancellor of Vanderbilt University, as a special adviser to keep him posted directly on student thinking during the next two months. Asked Congress for ait extra $282 million ih appropriations for the present fiscal year — including more money to mail) tano, who has been 4 Slain |whjte . Announced criticized for inviting sexual to speak to tie senior sociology-class she Caches at « Phoenix, Ariz., hij has resigned. She said she is quitting education because "compromise is a part of teaching, and I bdieve in speaking oul honestly." She plans to move to San co t Calif., with her husband to study law. the Justice De- ing the White House grounds. And 'President Nixon held his first nationally broadcast news .conference in more than three months on the eve of a .demonstration expected to' attract thousands, perhaps hundreds' 6f thousands. At the same -time the ad^ ministration strove to carry through an unprecedented opening up of the government? to its critics for discussion of the issues of war and campus unrest .which have exploded during the past week. The most conciliatory gesture a homo- • Arville D. Garland, 45, wa sj P artl " nent has been directed to! wa s an order to the Justice ~ -—'-- being held on first-degVeemiir- i "Main permission for anir-war j Department to seek a waiver of der charges in Detroit after he "" ' A Ik i a " e B edl y broke '"to an apartment where his 17-year-old Arrested plajnjright-compostjr" O $ s f e Davis, 52, was arrestei with his teen-aged son and i wo other persors -after (staging a four- sit-in at of the Rochelle, , draft to pro- American Krnent in odia and 'the faW shooting oJ four students at Kent S t]a I e - University in Ohio;" Booked on charges o criminal trespass were Davis his son,. daughter was staying and killed her and three 18- year-old youths. Police said Francis- Garland ' who had been trying to persuade his daughter to return home, smashed in the door, of the apartment and charged in, firing from pistols in both hands. demonstrators to Use the ellipse i a requirement for 15 days' no- near the White House as well i lice for a permit to hold the as the grounds of the Washing- j demonstration on the Ellipse, a ton Monument Saturday. ; large park bounded by Fif- ^ , ' ; teenth and Seventeenth streets, Senate j Constitution avenue and — on Six senators, Including Demo-! the north — by the White crat Harold E. Hughes of Iowa, j House grounds, announced a campaign to de- ~' feat the President's war policies the same way the nomination of G. Harrold Carswell i to the Supreme Court was beat- WIREPHOTO (API Hughes, Co-sponsors of Viet Pullout Plan pssii DAVIS Guy, 17; Peter Manciester, 17, T ftn Mnm and the Rev. Albeit Meyer. * "P "lUIH They were released without bail Wilson of Memphis, Tenn., has and ordered to appear for hear- been named Mother of the Mrs. Dorothy Lee ing May 14. Dead • Dr. Heiyy Noble en, 86, retired V, president, in Poughkekpsie, N.Y. ° r a r v .committee president. He served as -VasBar-'s- president from 1915 to 1946 except for a brief period in 1918 when he was dismissed for his liberal views. ' He was rehired after student- faculty demonstrations and the resignation of three trustees. An outspoken and pro- Year by the American Mothers Committee, Inc. Mrs. Wilson received the award in New York City from Mrs. Plight D. Eisenhower, hon- Mrs. Eisenhower, was also cited_ forJieJLtQle-as a homemaker. on en. House Not in session Agencies Presidential Task Force Science Policy recommended the U.S. place greater emphasis on weapons research, even if it means cutting back on current military hardware purchases to pay for it. Departments of Commerce and Housing and Urban Development reported 1,432,900 new housing" units were completed* in 1969, a 5 per cent increase over 1968. ' Labor Department announced the number of jobless Americans climbed 300,000 to a total of nearly 4 million in April, pushing the nation's unemployment rate from 4.4 to 4.8 of the labor force. HENRY MacCRACKKN gressive educator, he stir in 1921 when he advised parents to let student:; think for themselves. He revised Vassar's curriculum and supported student attempts to »ain more say in college policy-making. created a Uniroyal Recall Of 6,164 Tires Leased Wire From Dow .Jones NEW YORK, N.Y. - Uniroy- al, Inc., said Friday it is recalling 6,164 ( tires produced during May and June, 1968, at its Opelika, Ala., plant on a request from the National Highway Safety Bureau. The tires are Uniroyal 1968 series Tiger Paws, size 855-14 and are four-ply nylon bias-ply construction. The Tiger Paw tires now being produced are of an entirely different design and construction, Uniroyal said. Pressure Wilson To CalLElection LONDON, ENGLAND (REUTERS) — Pressure mounted on Prime Minister Harold Wilson Friday to call an early, summer election following Labor Party successes in voting in England and Wales. Results from local elections Thursday showed a trend to- Dismiss Charges Agtimst Chicago Black Panthers CHICAGO, ILL. (AP) -- The state dropped all charges Friday against seven Blick Panther Party members who survived The waiver was granted j promptly by U.S. District Court [ Judge George Hart, clearing the way for the Ellipse demonstration. The Ellipse is a grassy plain adjacent to the sweeping south lawn of the White House. It is directly across Constitution avenue from the grounds of the Washington Monument which had been designated previously by the government as the only available location. Primary Objective The rally site finally agreed upon had been proposed Thursday by demonstration leaders > U.S. Senator Harold-Hughes (Dem., la.), right, appeal's in Washington, D.C., Friday with cosponsors of a measure requiring 1 withdrawal of "U.S. troops "from Vietnam by June 30, 1971. Backers of the legislation are, from left: Senators Gaylord Nelson (Dem., Wis.), Alan Cranston (Dem., Calif.), Charles E. Goodell (Rep., N.Y.), George McGovern (Dem., S.D.), Mark Hatfield (Rep., Om), and Hughes,... Seated in background, are U.S. Representatives Daniel Button (Rep., N.Y.) and Abner Mikva (Dem., 111.). Under the proposal, President Nixon would be forced to cease offensive military operations in Vietnam by Dec. 31 unless Congress declare war or grants an extension of time. G. Alexander Heard Special Adviser on Youth demonstrate peacefully in the street. The New Mobe had objected to the Washington Monument grounds as being too far removed from the White House — a distance equal to several city blocks — although the government had noted it was "in view ojjhe WJiite House. 1 ' _"_ Advise Parents The Young " Americans for Freedom (YAF), a con- strike, and an unnamed active duty soldier. Mr. Nixon issued an invitation to young demonstrators to meet with government officials and talk things over. The Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) building was turned into a communication's center. I Secretary of Welfare Robert H. Finch said policy makers would be available for discussions with students and other demonstrators Friday and posted on the thinking of young 800 Hear Pope's r»i Development Plea "I recognize the profound concerns that are rending many of our campuses today,' 1 Mr. Nixon said in. the statement announcing Hoard's appointment. "However,- this is a time for communication rather than vio-! s P ec ' a ' VATICAN CITY (REUTERS) — Pope Paul Friday told 800 young company presidents from 19 countries they could make a contribution to world lence and above all for mutual!peace by promoting devel- understanding." iopment. He was addressing chief executive said participants in the first inter- on i national congress of the American-based "Young Presidents' s e r-v a t i v e national student group, accused demonstration leaders of deliberately courting a confrontation to produce violence. 5 The New Mobe advised par-1 desks on the grassy mall near ents not to take young children! the Capitol for informal dis-i to the demonstralioff¥n~d~s~erup~crjs^taris7 Association," Desks on Mall The policy makers also set up' The chief executive Heard, while remaining the Vanderbilt payroll, will serve as his special adviser "for the next two critical months" — a time span coinciding with the limit Mr. Nixon has placed on U.S. mili- t a r y operations in Cambodia. Arthur Klebanoff, a youthful j VOLJJI. NO. iB*£ Ittointf Pounded In U4t Published tvtry weekday morning by OES MOINES REGISTER AND TRIBUNE COMPANY 711 LocuM St. Des Molnes. U. S0304 MAV 1, tt7l day care centers for the youngsters. The YAF cited this as Finch said the situation was serious and that he hoped "the ward the Labor Party and! who initially .had demanded a presented Wilson with the \ site on Pennsylvania avenue, choice between an electirln in j and in Lafayette Park directly | June or early July or one in i before the east front of the i- October. White House. With three weeks' notice ofj The concession by the govern-i '• . _ i 11 . . i an election required, time was running short for declaring'a summer vote. Politicians said the prime minister might decide over the weekend or await results of a new opinion poll next week. a police raid Dec. 4, slain. State's Atty. Edwarti V. Hanrahan said after the predawn raid on a west side ipartment that Panther members initiated a gunfight in which policemen killed Fred Hamptoi, 3J1, -Illinois Panther chair nan"* and Mark Clark, 22, a Pejiria party leader. Panther members hkve main- 1969, in which two Panther leaders were tained that the raid and white policemen state's attorney's o by Negro from the fice was part of a national 1 ^pl in to harass them and that police shot Hampton and Clar without provocation. Murder Char The seven surviving were charged with Panthers ittempted murder, armed violence—and other offenses. Judge Saul A. Ephjin of Cirl cult Court granted tie state's motion to dismiss charges. Hanrahan said the were "largely based" all the charges on a report of toe police crii le laboratory, ''which identified two expended shells recovered in the apartment as coming from a weapon fired at the Brenda Harris," 18, ant and occupant of ment. , HanraJbajt said he police by s defend- he apart- received 'JIlllllUIIIIJMUllllilUII another .report From the crime lab. Apr... 28 which "states that the expended shells in question did not come from Brenda Harris' weapon." In addition, he said, "the methods used to recover and identify evidence seized by our police in the apartment may prevent our satisfying judicial standards of proof." For those-reasons, the state's! attorney said, he was compelled to move for dismissal of. the indictment "despite the fact that there is other evidence that occupants fired at the police." Hanrahan declined to elaborate on the other evidence. Didn't Have Guns He said the initial report from the crime laboratory was made when laboratory staff men did not have all the weapons seized at the apartment. Hanrahan did not say if the Harris weapon was among those which the crime lab did not" have. Nor did he explain how the technicians would have linked the shells to Miss Harris' weapon if they didn't have it; or jf they did have it what] difference the absence of other weapons would have made. Armenian Prelate Arrives in Rome ROME, ITALY (AP) - His Holiness Vasken I, supreme patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox Church, arrived Friday to see Pope Paul VI in history's first meeting between heads of the Armenian and Roman Catholic churches. He Pope Paul today ment gave the demonstrators! their primary objective in-preliminary wrangling — the right to take their protest directly to| the White House. "We still assert the right of the American people to as-, semble at Lafayette Park," said Ron Young, co-ordinator for the New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam. "But because of logistics and evidence of intended violence, j students aren't so turned off but Chief Wilson said he saw no i that they can't talk with the violent intent behind statements j government." of the leaders. ; Messengers streamed back Young said 32 representa- - and forth between HEW and tives and two or three sena- the White House, and a spe- tors had offered to be in the j cial telephone hot line was front line of demonstrators to assure peace. The Defense Department announced that about 5,600 regu-| partmenf employes, Finch said lar Army men and Marines will i the meetings "are not meant to be standing by federal facilities! be group therapy. Conclusions in the area to help law enforce-i and summations will be drawn ment agencies-it needed. . \ and ^ent down to the White The Pentagon described the House." action as a "strictly pre- At the Pentagon, spokesmen cautionary measure" and said j said high defense officials al- the troops would remain on fed- j ready 'had met with some stu- eral property unless assistance) dent-faculty~ groups and that opened up between Finch and the President. Briefing several hundred" de-j staff, resigned Friday, presumably because of disenchantment over the administration's deteriorating relations with young people. Klebanoff had served as a principal assistant to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, counselor to the President. Heard was among eight university heads who conferred with Mr. Nixon Thursday on campus violence and unrest. OUT-OF-THE-WAY PLACE BRUNSWICK, GERMANY (AP) — When the Lessinghof Hotel discovered guests were having trouble finding it because of nearby construction and detours, it added a line to the ads saying: "Because of poor street planning, only reachable by helicopter." / "NewiTOIficei MAIN OFFICE m Locuil Street VT|]lam"sjmbro, Cerre Room 315 Guaranty B ondent cue ydtr. ck Hovelson. Corn I First National B r. By mill on R.F.O. foulei In low« and Iowa lownj whtre neither Raaltler nor Tribune carrier-service Is available. IOW *' » 3UO * js required elsewhere. The main program was to last two hours. Scheduled speakers include Coretta Scott King, widow of the Rev. Martin Luther King, jr.; David Dellinger, one of the Chicago 7 con- meet : said. our own concern to make this a !?P iracv defendants; David Hill- militant but peaceful demon- iard> national chairman of the stration, we have-decided to' Black ? a "ther Party; three hold it on the Ellipse,""Young leaders of the national student to discuss ways to bring the 500-million member Roman Catholic Church and the 4.5-million- member Armenian Church closer together. other sessions were being ar-, ranged. Cabinet members, their ajdes and White House personnel-continued to meet with students and faculty groups as they had Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. Nixon also appointed Chancellor G. Alexander Heard of Vanderbilt University as a special adviser to keep him '• Demonstration leaders said they would rally c street at the north edg Lafayette Park if denied,"the Ellipse. Police -Chief Jerry .V. Wilson had agreed to.let them of USTGAH Eastgate Only! • lis Stare Houn: S«f. 10 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. 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Values to $16. $coo Dress styles from f amour makers such a* De Angelo, OuVal, Naturalize/,' Mademoiselle and others. Values to $40.' New All Sales Final • No Mail or Phoae Orders i All unsolicited manuscripts, articles, letters and pictures sent to The Register art sent at the owner's risk and Dei MoJne* Register and Tribune Company expressly repudifies any liability or responslblllly ter their safe custody or return. Member ol the Associated Press. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use or reoroductlon of all local news printed in this newspaper, as well it IA.P.) news dispatches. Rights and reproduction ol all other milter published In this newspaper are also reserved. • HOV. HOY .-MOV I-HOV. MOV. HOV. HOV. HOV'. HOV. 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