Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 6, 1975 · Page 25
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 25

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1975
Page 25
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I6-.D—LUBBOCK A VALANCHE-JOURNAL—Sunday Morning, April 6, 1975 U.S. ^4/nbassadors Rice-Lift i Worry Over Blame Appeal Placed On Aid Cut < - noie SAKJON. South Vietnam (API — U.S. Embassy officials voiced concern Saturday about cial, "and il could become flammatory. What worse is that we makes il don't know [ L b' No lly Project a RTOwinp tendency among iwhal lo do about it. The only- WASHINGTON (DPI) The Drop Noted In Traffic Fatalities <.. (API — I^stjand f;ital accidents this year i Robinson said both totals :\ traffic, fatalities arc ahead of Ihe 1074 tally, Istill behind the numbers for tl AUSTIN, Tex. year's rt:'op in may be traced tn drivers in cxa.s' towns and cities walking more and driving less in 1974. a Department of Public Safety spokesman says. Jim Robinson, a DPS public information officer, said there have been HSl traffic deaths so Tar this year compared with 5-l(i re same periods in 1971-7:!, before highways was reduced from JO the the maximum speed on Texas to 55 miles per hom'. • South Vietnamese to blame ca-i thing that could turn the senti I Ford administration apparently tastrophic government losses, menl around is something j ] 1a s ignored an appeal from the on U.S. aid cutbacks in the past i that's not KOW^ to happen - an j swashbuckling president of vcar. |increase in American aid," 1 World Airways, f-Jdward J. This "polite anti-American-i Tho [,- nrd administration in-1 )aly. to let him beef up the ism," as one local newsman do jj^jiy m |uested $1.4 billion in i airlift of rice tn Phnoni Penh} scribes the sentiment, is most military aid for South Vietnam ; with a Hoeing 7-17 jumbo jet evident among government olli- : f, H . the currenl fiscal year but ciials and newspapers who have on j y na i. r O f | haL> 0] . J 700 m n laken their cue from Presicicnl .ji,,,'^ was fi ni ,i| y voted by Con Nguyen Van Thicu, 'gres.s. Starting- last fall, the On Friday, Tmeii again [south Vietnamese military in || ctlrv blamed U.S. concessional aid : i|.j a icd slricl economy mea.s- cutbacks as a reason for his! l]rcs inrUulini; a cutback troops' poor performance in the a irstnkes and Ihe heavy use of Communist-ted offensive which a.-l.illorv. durinp; the same l.s)74~- an incr.ease period in of 22 per A Stale Department spnkos- acknowledKcd ',man Saturday i the receipt of Daly's cabled ':request to Secretary of Stale A. Kissinger and Presi- " dent Ford, hul said lie did not '"believe an answer had sent. has gobbled up three-fourths of the country. Thie.u said the offensive proves the North are trying 1 to invade South Viet ,,,. ' . . . ' ', " lempo. ! On Saturday, a group r , fnl ' cent. "But, of Ilic increase of 125 deaths this year. 88 occurred in towns and cities," Robinson said. Me added that 3X<1 persons died in urban areas this year while only 24l> deaths were reported from the same areas the comparable period in ir)7<f. "It appears that more people are reluming to using their cars for short trips," Robinson said, "Jl is a fact that when more people are driving there going to be more Daly's cable h> Kissinger and; HI 'e .the Presidem was sent from the! ( ' cl -^- ' "I'ill.S. embassy in Saigon March! Robinson said the number of "21. it offered tn put a World- falal accidents so far Ibis year nf six Airways 7-17 in Ihe airlift to'stands aL M2. which represents uam by force and urged the;pro-government national as- .Cambodia's beleaguered capital ;;l L>1 ncr ct< nt increase over the American people and Congress seinblynicn sent a "cable writ {stalling Tuesday and continu- 1<SS rccwded during the same to vote adequate aid "to avoid :icn in blood" to President Ford i - WK f (1| . a WKpk ' i period in 137-1. being accused of betraying the jthrealcmng lo commit suicide; s .,. cs :., ,,,,,„,, , n ,,.„] l; wn Uiough both fatalities penplc"or Soutli Vietnam. j lf hc cl °™ ™l "bomb and land ' , -. D . ,-"., ', '"„' Picked up by a handful of ! l™'l>s on Hanoi" lo stop Ulc! <«»»'* »™' ^MjI. who has lakcn Thieu loyalists and pro-govern- i current offensive. menl newspapers, Thieu'sl "We wonder whether subtle anti-Americanisms ccn |Mr. presidenl. and the Ameri ler around an alleged U.S. "be-1can people have inflicted on us Irayal" lo carry out pledges ; a death verdict by throwing us made at the time of the Paris'into the hands of the Commu- specifically a con Jnisls." the six deputies, none of linuation of aid and onc-for one : them well known in political replacement of military equip i circles, said. "If this is true, ': charge personally of his air! line's mercy missions in South you. i Vietnam and Cambodia, lohl! the two U.S. leaders that! "unless ihe airlift is increased j immediately. Phnom Penh will be on its knees." mcnt. we would appreciate you give U.K. Kmbassy officials arc us a gift in atomic bombs, just keeping a close eye on Ihe tone ''enough lo destroy a!! nur of newspaper editorials and i people. 1 ' .government leaders and arc Pnlilical analysis do not know concerned it may lurn in ; how seriously lo take the depu flammatory. .ties' threat, particularly in a Daly turned to Ford and i Kissinger after failing to get! lower-level officials lo slep up] the airlift. The State Depart: menl spokesman .sairi the 1 earlier proposal was rejected] hocausc a TIT costs more than Ihe smaller planes now in use i and would offer a larger target Election Returns 'It's Ihe kind of situation .country where suicide has been ; will ' p nn llle ground in Phnoni | lhal's both understandable and a (oi'm of anil-government p.'n Penh, noticeable." said one U.S. nffj- lest. In his cable to the President, "~ jOaly rejected Ihis argument. The pistol-packing airline! president said his company's' (wo DCSs are carrying (iO perj .cent of rice now reaching! ; Phnom Penh. Hc said they entirely i would be kept on the operation | indefinitely. "The Military Airlift Com-! mand has failed to accept our offer of the 7-17 for this lift, l even i hough it will move 125; tori.s per trip compared to <)">[ tons for ihe nCS and at a cost per ion of one third less than j the DCS." Daly said. "The apparent reason for this! position has been a reluctance i to hear thp exposure lo loss nf j a S3") million 747 compared tn a i SI4 million DCS." 1 Daly indicated Ibis WHS' invalid because a single 747 j unloading nn Ihe .erounri in Phnom Penh for -10 minutes [could supply Ihe city with the same amount as three DCSs which would each spend '20 minutes on the ground. "Thus." he said, "for the same rice tonnage the S.'io million 7-17 exposure of -1(1 i minutes compares to a S'12! million DCS exposure over (a ™* r tola I of I liO minutes." j >' in The State Department spokes-1 ' "Kd man said the U.S. embassy in i-w Phnoni Penh sent Daly's initial j " *' proposal to Washington and j asked for an opinion. He said i department officials replied .,„; turninc thp original proposal; nni'-,down, but said Daly may not pnnri' lavp received that reply since u"; il wen( lo Plmom Penh. "We have no problem wilh getting rice inlo Phnom Penh using DCSs when the airpnrl is not under lire." the spokesman! said. Following arc ac'dilional re turns from Souih Plains area municipal elections conducted Saturday : IIP !•' j-^ V o R Jl t'l ,, _ ;; Olton Ol.TON" l L-l'fCi.Tl i— A MlliniT dp<-1iO(i v.il1 lif Id IjiHwrfii annmir.i ri! raruJtrlFitf uilrr <i'lio enrh !->> voJrs in \r,r -iv mo ml Pnnri*;, v/iih KJ.I vnir^, \\ss • rMcriCfi In tlir irm.inuni: al-lhi ^P sr.u Iicr ijiiMic-co.'tfiii ho^rfnU « n c Canifl r^ with SS vuU---. Siriilion Sniitli ^ Hi liV iri .Inhnnv .)r 11111111;% '.viih -11 . I lai^ nf r nn'inff will iinmiuniTil larcr. ;in oMi- al intJii-atr.d In ilir nia^oi 's in IT. tin p ii ('--rd IM n(Ln!.ii r < ', J < *\ '• "i- > ^ n '• rclCtl wilh "rlii vntr.t. T.Tilc^v M' r:'~. ;r-i ihrrr. and nu>-rn snani. v.r.n onr. ballnls \SCLP ca-i. r ^ J; Paducak PADUC.Mt r.-prt i,Tl)—'l'hl'P» rilv pntin Imrn. all runnitK unonnn-r'i. vvrir •ouch. pl.'i'T .1, mmv'cr] 51 'voirs. Prr-.- <\ \vi\rt\ Ma>cv! "|>|FH:C H, rpc*»i\rfj ,M etc s oJ the 37' rast in a belli UinuiiH. _.„._, . .... Petersburg PF.TVjnSBUnG ' >pcria] i-- -An flbnvr-;»v Silvarlan ; Sll.VK!Vn>N' iS|HH'L,-il'-ln an rntircly - mn:-nr xn<l rity (vniiU'il v,ic,in*-ic, e ivitlr ,">h f •utti'is lurivni: M\i for ctpchoiis Sntunlay. I-'i rd Mrrrov \\;i-; rn-rlri'l.vl mn.vor u ii)i • .'V. \ (.:»' . : | Javs-1 TipjiMi mid Cni'I Bomni 1 • itiTH ml ." vim-s rfii'li. — .... i Shi (on. SLATf >N' i Surr-ial > ,Fnhn 1 >,i l>'ll'Pth wa.s i f-r'JorlOfi mr v \'i«!' uitii 1 -^ of tli<' (rilnl l 1 !'^ vnl^-v cnKntrrl. in \V,ird 1. if. N iHmnUl- MIII uun 71-1-i nvr : - iiK'utiihrnt F^v inn < 'r.TUdHil. \V'.Tnl '.'. incLiniiiriil, .1 p, Spnars : Mon \Mfn :M \'<>lr> m an HmVurt^lrrf ' lai-p. Spur SPUR isnrvial.- -l-wn Snur Blilornii-n l«tin^ Rillv R. Ranril "S" vnlr, ,inil XViv.dliiw McArihur Ji.. -J.|'.> vnlr,. cclcni nrn Spradhnp, 'J'-D. fn; the no-is Snur ina'rr Ran=om rTSllosv^v \\H>. irhn-npH lo ollli-r tfirr.;.,! 'JR: of trip :"1K tntr-s ,- S M in hca\'v biTllnhnc - • Stan l on STAXTOX -S|ici:i,-ii i .. .lipiiniiv l.oii. In rlir- nn u?Ti)iriit, anrl iMnny r-'r-\o- hnth M'lll llllCflUllOllS^ll .It l.TL '^f :.f;tK nil tilr i'it> cnunnl in Plociions hern >auiulav "v o( '.r' vnlfs \vpr.> I-.-KI r\'HKf voter turnout dec'[tied HIP cirri t-m for HHTC nlrif mini Tot' PrlrrMnii ^ r\{- ^«i\Ti-nmrnt ;-nUit<i,-o Mclv- n hulTm i*'>pprf| fi f .\ voic>. Hrtsht*ll SrnMli 71 vole:and -Idi:k Ham> <i!l hnllnt-.. Pltrins Tnhohd rsiirl Malmlni fr linlbmt T ,1 Mille i:porcr nlmi{il u tui lllnr' 1 ; K(5 (Ithpr 1 ! Jl;»rn : riuri\ 1 In Mil tS|jcri;\l >- '['on: <'!<>p it'i'i s<itt'-- hi"-i»' S;i1ut'<lii,v HI ins, Inn ;l wasn't irion^h [n u r Mrliloii r.r:;Sir who Inllind "i rr winning fffui t, '|*hf» fu'n \; i' sr.-ti ^ wcni ui iriiriiinliL'iil -- iion, j:."j, flrKi jr.r;. Airf;cj<l Jr.. rfforl. Tnlifi ill! nt' MrltMir an >am Minff. FO:-T i.- 'i'i ihrrr pff iv*1 1 1 1'n Post. rr'ifll I-- M.iv or I", i ' MI innunh'-iu ni" r-ourv •r! lo r(hr r hrir :-nru't c-liHvactc-n/iv! li 1 hrx\* I lilli n'"il ,l'r " iccTur Mi:irr il iriTi 1 on Enlrs anil n.R. |ia«-«i Tin-Jicv Thrrp ivnlfin- norl. K) \ ntf ^ ,Tun Onilaqtiv niiiis>'s!nnp| 1 Wilson . nnd L-r.-trr P. ".Inhn" Not.liirnal Thief Swipes KA1,!.:- "Sppciiil. Ti i-' Uioni incinnlicnt - \vi r-ln if-fli-" s--l:iu|ri%. I i•ii^Knii^r 1 nf fun: Miii^i ' iimhonts i '1 ii * tun ' 'i -inn- ",^il' > fiist-tin\r ciiiiln 'Tr; alsn \\x* rlrclnl nil !p ami , l.>l.-fl fIrcln Roaring •tugs Iii-i-ial i I >3lnn-Ifl<-. .Ma-.fir r> A. fhri-n,, arwccl Ml^. MH n.lil .\r. .Iriiirs m«n t'Kf-r, Jon Th;iVii(T cijtli s<--tos anri Toninr.- I>. \\'ilsi-in ^, ^•:il out ox-ri i»j>i>iiiionf^ .IcHn Fal-.ay Hiilnrl-kl. :',li-. ami Mis Z'r. >. Ari,!-! 1 'Il:ul [.'!'i ik'r.-•<)!]< vi'tc in In? hf*rix y Uirnon: ,; A ihief in ihe iiiLihl backed np •|lo a biiat and trailer in an Vajiai'tment parking lot Thui-sdeiv l, 1 ',-/"'!''!',,;;";!, 'I 1 i!" l ^,- I ; > ;; l ,,"i,,,'m':i'' i ' if| rirov< ' »»•">• wi! - h thp ^-^ ,vi-rr- Ti-iioill slmio will, :,1 vot-s- ami ' I'if,' police said. ^li^r.^'i'''^^^...''.-.^!'^^;...;^;; 1 nrew uoyd ,,r um -mi si.j v.n-..r in UK- .•Irrii.-,,, irirnr.l in v ,,io. Apt . II. (did police lie had •Ulrl Alf:fil I'l^M I'^il :;7 In i\'in nnr--,p;ir , , . , .. , ."ill c-hili li'nir-l'. ril^rrl ,ml !.,,„. ,,,' I'leaiieCI tl]l tllC Hi lOOl lina t •IN"'p' '''' u "' Kl ''' i . v all( ' l r " ''• parkcrl on .','k""i!a<l : tllC Id! . '. 'ilTvvV.'i.'' V^r' 1 ""^' 1 ' A '"'^ ' l ^ C IWal WflS h '"° a " f ' ^' lli( -P' land was nn a whilr Irailcr, i i] 7 ()lfforth jl.loyd said. A lir> horsepower! csppnal, Tlnrr- ,;„ -„„,- [ - " U ' hfW 1T| m nlni '. ^Pf pla.Vrr,! mm nni- ip.pipcipii „-. .lliiTe sets of skis and four life, lutriir^'.n "'"t'f-'pt^Ti '/''.Jackets were alsn taken, police 1 i. no-: said. j "<•" .i l 'i<i ; l>ale Saturday policp «'ere; '"•"•i searching; for the boat and trail-: cr. a spokesman said. i n\ la i Roprsville .. v.un plarp 'J n^.niisl rmrntliv n.lU Orl'im ami \M-.ii unt-oiiTC-'.r'i v.'l"-, i PMtrrti- v rilr-in c.i nilni \nti'-. rrnrp- ruli liimoul. Trt'ro anil n "hPllpr rlrnrff, PIC. f',ir .r) votr^ rat'li n .\ir.\dn,. ' S1 tolfs urir Scminolu SF.^^1^'OUK lSnPi'iali--.SIilrnnPri ivrip rlrctp-ij in tl^p t-'pminnlp rily plpcli'jiis S;iluriM>-. WPJ-!P>' Kariip.^ .Tr \vnn \MI]I -(Cfl \n1P^ wilh Knil linn TIni;hrN fnllo-v l:ij ^^•^th r/U. \\'.y, IJpnfon ti.irl L'7'l to lake all Ihree plat-rs. All Dupe men \vrrr mcumbcnls, Shallowatcr SHAU.OVVr\TBR i Till PI- nrvv roiincilmen vrtrr rlcrlcri hr-i-r SnlurrlH-, in fl volp whr>s^ lurnciU \vas iPniKrl Ir one offtnal fls "thi? hrst WP'VP np|- ]\.irl." In a fwirtll foinKr roim- rilnian .lark lliilj>no>'. ninnini! nnoi>ii*>sPil fr.r mayor, rolkrlril li*l nr (!•.<• 10:: mini vnle.^ cast in IhP. PlPelinn In Plat-r ;?. W. A "Oub" Tiarrlm outpoinlril Uoli c.iir-p. MO-51. I'-nr Plni-r H. llnvlc Mnshr> rayr-il hi- H. V. I.P.-l.v. 7" ID IK. uiiil.' firm- Usrcy rqniff in tlntd ivilli TiO In Plarp 1. .lor V'o.v harl !).', v.ui-s. MI> lli,«air!l rrn.-lpn lotalM tifl nnrl \V. I'.. .Inhionnl had 27. Important Notice Regarding IMonlgomery Ward's Advertising Supplement in Today's Avalanche Journal Our ro furliirs lirxonil ili^r }i;i«. mil \rl :irri«ffj iii^ lirdriinu ^1 Hiul tin I (if ')'' Marl* anrl i. Iiilp |)<ir;irit> unl nf ihr I |i ciinlrnl, thp fnllnxiriK mrrrtian- nnr^Uvrr: \\ ;inU !%>in innrr^pr- rcl*|irr-^ilv nilvrrli^nf nn p.h. ^nil I'M-inn nil ji.fl, \\ r arc al«n Irin- il-^nilr (;l«p|ir <fniilil<- hiilli >«aj; l;uii|» I»M p. 7. HMM.IIKChS \\ll,|, HI-; |s>( in T(( sim\<; TDK AIIOVK .MI.IU:;IA.\;>I.SK AT ThKI) lMtlU>. Wr Iruly rr>jrpl nny im nmrni'-nrf |hi DK- rifK AD\KH- 50TH & BOSTON Underwood SAUSAGE WITH EACH If the electric service you've been receiving hasn't been up to expectations, then take another look at Lubbock Power & Light. We provide the best service available to our connections all over town because — we're your electric company and we try to represent you in the best possible way. When electric service is important — take another look at Lubbock Power & Light. THE COMPETITIVE ONE Z UBBOCK POWER & LIGHT 916 Texas Avenue 763-9381

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