The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 30, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 4
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roxrm TBS DAILY ITtWH, F32DEEICX. IT)., mDWESDAY. DEC 30, 1*31. IJUS DAiLJ i MR. ROGERS GETS THE USUAL GIFT FROM SANTA CLAUS IN Browmngsville Emmitshurg "kf FSTE NOTICES of e»l *'.aS ·* cs-. .-* «: »3«.'t.s.Es ess =i S3£l-»d rr *ts: tc f!» cSc .« b* ixea B? t«.fpbc=c iST ERONIOCS r»J ecucn vyos U* __ irarter. suDc--g cr -ip,:«- on «l »oy v--«c±*. £TS or ccrpc-*: c--. * - r b ni»y «j- ^»ar to ^* co uru c: T^f !* I Jdty cerrtete* upon ::» waa« - f t tncstsoa cJ tie editor. at it* pc:cS: ·'· Mi. ma Kccsd ct»«» su'ter ·_:-.? Ei,tor of Tfc* Ne»s: Dec. 30---Got or ns?a»a«l'» =t Ircsn my trife tr ti» tfa^ rd. "Yea c^r. FJ to CMna cr Musrhsns. bjt you cant eecapt G« thjs f?r a Ja-ch. Have had - c^-.e to in: *rt ;ew thr«e ciaerent ' ,gii g-.-e-^rcsni cSc-ils, and -y ·af-c a^ ticked crit before I ; ;o 'ess. C'r.zza 'js :he onlr country in t^c -. or'd s:*rr.- «r.ou?h !: hst« wtth- .coi tti :· -. ??rs cJ n: 833*. eranjent a r' v. ; v .a: tJ*e fcr.*^n"rs · t :: : go cicd up ".t ·*-:.- c v r . ecu.a:«i right \VIti ROGERS ! Bro*niEssvllIe. Dec 30 --A Bible Jee- · Emmitsburs. Dec. 30 --Miss Anna ' ture will be given is Bealls Hall. Lewis- i Belle Hartaua and brother. Rajph. ' ta. ,Jaa_ 3 »t 7 15 p. m. by Wilson ' Harsaan, Baltimore, are vis ting their A. Brail of Wa»alnztoa MiM-locary , aunt, Mi;s Belle Row*. i Subject. "BSartms *t tie Rock, ', --Miss Ma* Rowe. Cape May Court ~ or "Wt^ tie OH 3x)ic Stand*" ' Kvuse N J . Miss Marg*rtt Zimir r- [ A short lecture oa health or "How -..a-. j; e1B . j»r» : y and Joeph Zircnier- · Msch A« You Worth*" will be given nlsn _ »j»-w Yore" are iisaies their par- i Dy Mi» K. Kris*. H. H- SpecaJ HEALTH By DR J40RE1S FISHBKTH. Jo in *i OI auencui M rLiUcn aad oJ Hygci*. Tiw Sere Throat. E,,.- -auc sere throat usually occurs · .-pos-.e outbreak* aad to spread It m'lit be ci8ereatl3t«! from oex- »c LETTERS TO THE EDITOR --Mr and Mrs. J«*ph Day recent- a few days w.ta her daughter. Mrs Al- r »r.«J Sato tneir a*« borne here. cert Weber. Bal imore. --Windsor Besli. contractor, a still --U? ar.d Mr? Arch Er acrf llrt 1 on tocerlor trjsnmings whicn he ' Jenrize R'- i-nider. spent Christmas c!ay "** to coas?le;? aj tie- near future at tbe hose of Mr sad Mrs Joan Sell. """7? Mr Day n*s * fine new home which ' near town li located! on the hH! short (Usance · --MJS Flora E^-le Frsafll from tbe Joes i. Waller reeiaence. aeo her co-^s:r: MU« lii Mrnng. Vn. na part of 1st farm. to»n, on Cbr_«tmas slay. 1 _R;Y and Mrs. W EL Nelson of -- M r and Mr- IJarry BaiJwrt -nd ' Lsj-.Mm ar.d ;»o sons. Pas! asd £teph- · taughter. .'.rnnt Cfcrttnias day at t.-j of Mr and Mrs Erady Witilns and --Mas Laura S'-riS. Thursaoct. i:s- Mr. and Mrs J Otlle Barnes. strJ Mrs Ernriia Nan* raster and M, P : -- Vr Pariaro S=yder. o! PKtsbarja. ShaC tersra; Cars list *e-,£. ' P3 . spest Chriitmas witts sis parrels, --Mr. and Mrs EL i. Annan Jr and . Mr asI Mrs. Maun-« Snyder. · family, R cca-oud. Va. are spec' (Mr alnscst an; :a!_r.i a sore ·,, »hich may x~ ca of V. ipent Chrtst- J-" 5 *- ChrJ»!atas vacation ilr ' *aa with its calidren 'n thei* va-teus Annan's parents, Mr and Mrs. Worthlnjlsjo Writes Book -Fl*ht- hast5 ta ^ aeir WisSlsstoa. D. C s due to [.Tiro-it by the «rej- -.·-,-',·. a.-ac_:-ei *V.f» scarlet fever .r. c^srf ~ v.i.ieh las rasa ol scarlet f « - . t r 0.---S ;iot dft^exp. There 5s also a '.p-- « ! »-re tli-oat asd toad^-ti» ·, r.: n v-n be Qo»a to be dus u tise ;'rc-!X.xc. bJ* * is no: epidemic ..i t rnj. Ar:'- t^a; ti^t the throat is r.-^i.-J by tht»r Mrulrat genes ana ·he u.i\ is ur.-.o'e to throw lfe«a» c£f. ··-.·rri- o.curs mlliiiimatjCMi ol lis threat, !h-« tor^ls and the neck »ilis ftf'.t-r, prcrtra*:?::, i=d a"l of tbe other '..-·;»!-· accompany m- WEDNESDAY DSTEMBER -'h '--'-^ "- txira nation of the jji Sew Windsor. --Rev. John Hays. Scranton, Pa . Harry Huys. Fr*ni!in and Mar-hal! thai Wishingtor. anticipates a struggle and nter.ds to Sght It out until lu, GENEVA. SUrasoas request ... -- -- ,- ^ ... - - - _ - --·· -- ; \ lr lai j jjj^ ^_ g^ Day risrea apj» aiScieat to carry alerts ^'^^^..^Q^'^T [^rtvvia'e ' Ur «- D°-'«-*» »»· Saaday aitersoon. for six or eight months tbe American l," 3 ;'." 1 "j~£^ r - T 'j 3 \ ir n ' u " ? .n vvjjh^ion . --Mrs. WHUaui Grane^ as been delegation at the Ocrie'.a arnament reduction conference n«it year -nJ!catw A :::::; w.-Je ..-o a !tl;r with re- , °' Frederick. :a «T: out arsj *mv rep'.v cards --Miisj Beit.-!-.- Cutaiil of Western ' "HjVJ" a n j tise end, ' ' ' ' "'"" ''"' ~" The London year lasted ington conference That less. time, ·FTvl.f'*** deparnnent taiKs la tcrass « aaji a O g,:' a i r ' f ..^ no w"r"?n-ai" U-"b-:"ce *""! " " ^^ T'" C :: ' Vv y "' lr ' A -" : ~ ?!r and - :rs Car -C- n - PraSJ.-y and year and longer. ; f«'i~v. i;" MC-^-J-. «»"« ihT ^rTvtv - :t?r . P~« «· :: ;"---' c-- Farmers -on. Toa-.?s s.-d w.i! am FraiLy al: A"-., " Apparently the United States pro- o'. tre rut ^nal cj^.'sl at that ertiy by to ir..-!"j?e the Federal poses to lay siege at Geneva next yea ) ear's crtip rc:ni!u uii^slc --Mrs. Lci5 E Orr. ·*-.-. of Wisli!ng:on. D C. are · v..'h th'ir parL-r.t.'. Mr Mrs. Ocir Frailey. .-- »-in-.c:is are t^i:' ri from Ui» throat. ·· '- c .^ -a:i\e s«.-"ms v ill be found. They · n o- rj-bi-d on bacter:o!3g c culture T. is _ tsj u u»aal!y spread from :. !. .r ^r: :_· Ju ther. e.xMpc. to far as i p.- : ·=, :.:.· ·-· -"·'··::;!'; form. In ths epi- i. :n: · J rni i. - uiar.l'y Iund that the · -.-- _i ·t.inj trans "c-rred through -- .. :. thit l"-:- ni li c frosa certaus '" .: s. ;. -t ^? ca -y ^ c'stainins ths rr.i": :r,n» a herd '~* «hi"h there are · : · » v..-.h .i:fe~le1 i:' ! i-rs, and that ·h · ·· c.. s r r ? b^in-* :rl";e- ty a m Ik- -r V.:T. £'..e?-oco7rri c-' th- same type :·! - s. t' Ibe c ei:« be-:rs protnpt-'y and us- ·.·-·:y r-! -"5 i rcpici ccursi. Mcst of ;'·,,· c"i J 'em.7S of s?;:;c sore throat :-y. ,, occnrrrf :n the »r:r:r:3 or - n the r Y sur!-"--r, a'.i^ugh of ccarse they CAN YOU BRAT IT Bv Kettec Lesson In ish One reason more- time is being lowed for tbe 1933 conference than consumed by its predecessars vastly ZOOTB work is laid out for others irere mere bite* at the pie. Advocate* of world disarmament wise in striking now for the ;ron There Is no more propitious time talfrmg disarmament than when . , . . . Tccrld is too poor to arm. Govemm-ntal *** U3e -' a =- !r -" : * so lhan l e^P^*** 1 ! , Aa 'nterestlr.? raeeticj of the Yel' when I b -- a n i t " I tow Springs \v. C. T U. was he.'.: economy is e popular Issue in all conn- ; In acd; . on ;o thc h^torijal data Sunday over.lnj Li Broak Hill :.i E tries right now. While no nation is ! there are and isf.cients re- church, with the pr?.-.c;nt Mrs r^joini eager to disarm while others are them- ! :»'-ed car.r.ot f.i.!. I thlr.k. to ap- Krcpas. in charse Thc projpam opnrti ^e, the world is in one accord on ' %*£*££ s 'S^f^'S St^^.n^^^^^ the general proposiUon that competitive ^ imniraia:". payment, and none uaU i L J - Moore. A trio cc:n?x-cd of E'o.«- armaments are a luxury no country can j the bock is ready for distr.iutlon. per- ' Shirley Moore, ana A'.ma afford. i haps la two months or mare Will you Stalcy san 1 ? a sjlectl-'n. "FircK? in the j not ser.d in prornp'.'.y your reply card Heart." Datry Sf.:^ c . - , - a re~!tat!or. _. ,. [ subscribing If? cmc or more copses? ReT - Gco w - K " r " " · xUlc. l l 5 ? l l V T ,£CCrm Tr i \VzUe * this letter thr?e more -*» ve an addras. a.-ln- oj Ms them-. J~ro.liy J-rer^OUU 11J subscriptions, have b:«n re:eivcd by '·Health" The iw-t!:: 5 ccn.-iuded m:f \ Kail, bat I be:ieve there are others, and sinjiag "R?scuo the Per^hms." ar.,1 it is diiiraafe I fer.ow for a c«r- benediction, j tiinty so that, if possible, thc printins Words often mirosed: Do not say. ~I } an ^ th-.i:ni may be contracted for am through with my lesson.TM Say. "I iv.hout d:ls. ixlth ths prom^c fcat* finished my lesson." j of £Ub?ttaM! reiKb-irfcmen' for the Often mlsproncunrec: Humid. Pro- ' oatlay from SK'.--- '^crr. aounce ha-m!d (not u-midl. u as to j Thore is r.3 financial benefit in the ·unit." i business for m? and I am not seeking Often misspelled: Larynx (stajularl: ' i ' a **~- *at J should like to see carried Laryages (plural). " ' ' ra: the p'jrp--e and sVe~'. o! the :.irg«- eynonyms: lusaSicien:. inadequate. 1? altertej me?-:n? cf the cit-zens of ; incommensurate, incapablo SicomDet- FrcScricic a! the Y M C A a few ! est. " years a;o *.\en th 1 5.jnJ5-anre and i Word stady: "Use a word three times important of the B?.':'.? of Monoracy '· smd it is yours." Let us inrreaie our was first brcu;ht to pabU: attention. " *.t»J»Jary by mastering one word each 33:I when thc crsthiulasm was s-?at that day. Today's word: Med-.carr.cnt: a -he Ocicrr.mcr.t "??:T:\ acd a---c-prt- | cnedicine; a hsalinjr appl-iatian "Fresh atcly mar.-c thc bitl'.-'Cr'd. i'e-soas ! sir and sunlight ars exceilffn: aiedica- n 3t aavinz cne Q: tbe reply carer -or :.« me aj sclirc -..n; a irs' card .«a' pvth^tr: C»-'-. F-rdcr'.;;. M,1. Today In History Today's Annirexsaries. Allen, noted Kentucky his day, bom m Rock- ity, Ky. Killed in the bat- River Rais_r, January 32, 17C-J--Stephen H. Long, noted army engineer, whose "Railroad Manual," i, was the first cf its kind m this ;antry. born at Hcpkintoo, N. H. at Alt-rn. El. Septembar 4. ' : "19--John W. Geary, first San Fran- mayor, t-smtor^U governor of Kansas, Union general, Governr* oT :r Slarjaret. Mri u.'.nn er.ists. lla d:ubt. if an anti- ; Pennsylvania, born in Westmoreland Lewis BujEard and son Tlticldeus me: ::pt:~ could te ke-: ccr-s ar.tly on the' county. Pa. Died at Hamburg, Pa., ?red i; Pnilai^lphia la:: Sitariiy :;-s!"s. ge-rr-j; -oxi'd fir.n it difficult to February 8. 1373. ~ E ' 2V -~-~ r Tl-.oam and F: · -n K- '-';; ti'cre a-d to r;ma n. The gargie :;30--Francis M. Drake, railroad ~~rt ivcre g-j~t= of Mr. a n _ --.-c'.v cl-c^is the t.-rc-at temorrarfly ' blulder, Iowa governor, philanlhro- ?:«. VcrnDn Kcphar: on £i.r.:ay c-. n j t h e -cr«n tr.-v t;k? :n a full dwe i pist. bcra at Rush-Tile, El. Died at f . ve ftrT-:"-"--s J-St rs sr:n as he j Cenlsn'ille, Iowa, Ncrember 20, 1903. SIDE GLAXCKS Bv -e Clark Engl .. .'*"',,?'*?' Lar " s , :; "- V -" D "'-s b - :r: ~-ts cirijact v.ith ether psDple. Community Entrrtr-.^nnt. , Wcs'.m'"r'ler''i Mnyor \ .--r.-.~ur. y'er.:. r r «." be " r "'- - - - ' "·- -f JIaycr George E. ·-·.-:i by Nw ::-rir. Cr.-.r7c -Vo 35° "trthrrs, cf Y'-j^r'zrtc-. is sl'sktry -~ G:z?.^c Hali. X« M:rj-t. Thu- - i"7~Ted. TS"- nr.y:r h~s been sar- -·^:v i!'. ncs Cltrttoas morning at his home. :ai at 7 CO fl-.e p. ...arranged by a commn;?- Everything* Aloud At Nzic Year's Party Quotations to So natksa can riie aVr« the cora'. *"" rfrT ~"* ^''^ and iat«r«itial standards of :ts wam- ' ^""""-~: r M - :33: a. ----·-- * --Mrs. PatrS:'s J. Hurls... K.fe cf the l ' a ^ ^^^ of Fanve* Blonmi S^crctst." of ^"ar. ; V««i.e . . ~ : ~ r ^ c. ^.~- r5 ^ -. ^f - ^- ' -imd *^^rc r."d t - c r c u - ^ ' t t Sentiment for prohJi.tian far from sa e*i' -c r. : ' - ^: sssenin^, has incrca'ca mea^uribly dur- Alfred G^rrr^^ ^ blo'ni.t;^: T '-^ .35 tis past tC years C?' ·-? ATT.~C The r-T?rs hrrrc net --Mrs. Slla A. Boole, p-es'.der'. of W ^T. rr.-o-:rd t j art.:-: :.". m-'ar.'.. and C. T. X;. ^5 ai' i?;r r..n n:v..-r ted tl:ere sre People ts the Cr..:e= States are hid- "e-.s ?r -fj-c O-.-. C.-r s-mas dav Mr. ng tieTM '^ u; c-;;T-iio'.es and Z.~^:r~~,s r'. ··io.'. j-ic.ia frorr. out- tcmsto cans .^. Ic t^" CTc?n h ^ - - c H^ c^rr"*: rrral. -Dr. Warren M' pErraas. ecor.cmist Tt'r.en ii? CTCT r.-: - '.:'-- ·.'.-.-.:-" c-f Bible T h o u h t aft*r many y?a-s I came to of 'h? ;. ear. to rr.y and oflcr- =:gs. -- Acts CharitT is a virtue cf the hsart ard ! :ot cf the h^nis.--Addiscn. i Flapper Fanny Says--- Twenty Years Today 1014--Charles A. Coffin, first prcs- dsnt of the General Eectric Company, born in Scrcarset county. Maine. Died July 14, 1926. 1C 17--John P. Alt^eia. Illinois gov- emcr, bom in Germany. Died at Jolist, III.. March 12 1S02. IE~3--Rachel F. A\ery. leader in the American ironiin suffrage movement, tern at Pittiburrh. Died m Phii- celph'a, October 26, 1919. Today In History. 1853--Treaty concluded for the Gads- ten Purchase, by vrhich the United States, acquired from Mexico al! her territory south of the G-la, 1854--The firsc Amsrican petroleum company, the Pennsylvania Rock Oil, incorporated in Xew Ycrk. 1903--Nerrly 600 persons, mts'.ly s-cmen and cr.;i;ren. perished in the Ircquois Theater fire, Ch'ccgo. Today's Birthdays. Alrrcd E. Smith, fou--t:me go cf Xe«- York, bam in Kew York C::y, 5S years ago today. S.mcn Gussenhelm. ex-TJniied States j Seiator from Colorado, prsciient of the , Am?r.ran Sm?i- ne and Refining Com- ; . ^ p-.r.r. bom IT. Philadelphia, 64 years'"''" c- _·-- - = 1931 BT «£A SERVICE. l.tC. REG. U. S. PAT. OrT. ' "She feels that our happiness mijht relcrn if I ·would wesr a toirpee.'* IN NEW YORK ', *r*3'a-- tts C°°3 C*"' *^3.1Z ?3TS"HS tC^SV--» i at le^st u Xew Yori? Cn'y m soins- D3:Dms ana:nrcnlst- Dr. Franc's C. Wood, noted Ne» ard tnjiiisars. I"".e I; is s-.arad ear and :he nn;r» is to ap- psar a.ejar-tly clad v .,v _,»._.-,^-^ .,,_. _ t c _-.,_»,,,c . ·* -'=-' :iij - -e i----"tx«i '--·· J- a.-; «s=-- · --- ---=----- ---- C^lfy^^y" C °- :n ^ »**-- P--^; a o f t ^ f?Tl ": -Sr^rts^t S;ar.ley Ki?h. editcr of the Chris- ___^_^__ ^ ! *% .'-^".' j-i=: u-'t ccne. Or Herald. Ne-r Ycrs. fc-om in Ch:- ;--~~ ~~A ^£^ packed m a j ( ·-_£,* ^gi:"; raider. :t ^ done, c=so. 36 ysara ago tcday. jat .. G^y srru^ salsn in :hs ·~X" r ^^ :r ?~" · b-j: -o: by the Stephen Leacocl-c. c^lc"cratea Ca^a- j C ^. i j srrar.iy Fifties. '^/Sf/^' \'t' ~r.D Sno^. clian humcrist and Dro"«ssor. born 63 i -V--^"--j'i l A=d -arhat did '-t\J .viJrC F: · s-. «·-!»:»=·..-»«·« Stephen L«acocl. cele'cratea Canadian humcrist and pro"«ssor, born 63 yeirs 330 tcday. · Ruc5a.rd Kiplmg. famous English psat and story -writer, been in India, 66 years ago tcday. Today's Horoscope. You have a contsr.ted d-£pos.tion ·r.hich -a-^i care but hule for the pomps cr the op r.icns of the ~orld The mind · I is endowed with facii'ti's of a. superior | ^^^4 ! craer, but it may be cf little isse m the j _ " j*.'' xray of cb^ihijig a competence, unless , , » . _ , it is famed tcTrards practical things. -=mar. z-' M vc^r and cf cis of the r-- T-.?--c' A 5v.--.-5-~- old Fctlier ~T ;-· e~" % . z"* ~- · ocs's And -arhat did t h e 5250-a-ieat i for ;. thsir money? Well, j thT -s^tched four ' SWAX. Creagersto^m : Th? '-· .--; :i;a ^ iris: For inaziy ; seiso-.s tie famDUs Paris style creators rire bija t.r:2t2nJ3~ to 53 ?Ta ta- --_, Cr-^j'-rs'c'K-r:. Dec. 30 -- 3t Lsrhcr'ui S S he-d il.7t:cr, - S'jr.c". ir.ornir;; resu' a. e John's cfT.cers Luf's Stuff '^ri^~ Thc Xew Tear. a " - V vJ -". C _ ^~ ' S, X t T \ sister.* .iipsrinvndcnt, C E. Long. s:?c- '--'-'-?-=- ;ie.r or.;.r.3. g-d CT-l-j.-.c ·ATT. K.IJ- Mama: tr-arjf-r, B?OTe f er ~ --"- :hr j3£~e" ce:.-.:^ cf :er- T ^ ; ^ce a* :: -: YcrTr -.'·-, a"~, Se:- onr.i-t. f-ss Vsreirs a K:rch: as- a: - cx? r - s ' :e = ~'--^-"- r». "XT;;X tr.; !;r,rr_3 ir:m" t .3 ~os:"' - s-r-. :.-no coins dent fir Primary rl-;n2r-.mpr::. Vrs : s "'·-'- "-"- i:2r.r._:ic='- =;::~ street "*"" a J " " "*' -c -g.-- r f r --u,. -a r. c-.x f.T.rc,.* EC Gsod Looking. ~T~ C"--.« ~.~5 ~;-~.' i =: r.r.3 f- ~ - '- ' ·· -·'- - ''" ' :r ' e ---' ·'" ' :^=-^r_..-r. ;r.r.-. rn-. ..:c- r :-. a:.i ..: ;· a N.-- Yca-s r-c.y s :; fw- , P-a.-r.e: Whitrc^rc: assistant suptr-.n- - s:T;;xr "' ?----**· =J ~s --rr.c of _^T_ .^^l.;.,.""^;..;."-."."-' ,:JTl e , Ycar'« r.» ; .i-tT · - e - s r . - - :-" r_-; :-i .-e "-^cr -.a c.f.-^ ^ t ;:-. t-.-^e 1 "- s-appcr ' ter.dcr.-. Mrs. L-JT her Marti-; crgac-^r. S^^"-^'- .^-f iha-sh: o; a s:hs=-i -hat _ ""'' " _C- "^ "Tr^rHKoV The r.-ot an- s-rss ihc 1 a--ar.;c ""- - ~ ' " ··^·» tl-sx.* -J. :r r -:·-' If i- " '^.--t -:rr. c .: -^ of :.".--- care." Mass H:".da Mart n: supenr.tender.t of r"'" 7 h;; " ? i "'"" ? :i:f ?2r:5 ?rt:.:~_ -ans; t """"" th-r.55 jo that every ir.:'-^ f3"*s :?33 ^-u,-. h-^d U3 ar.a cr.r* f:" '·-" rircr j; nvsls: r.c a :t.-T.. for asy Nc-^ Years e^r c-r Ne-s Y v r s cay pc-y ~--re than *-v«- c-f«f W^ia; -jr c:^ 1 K J .* ' ^ . l-.j-. jv i ran haic :«· : . 'Itf cr'.'" r.=re "e hats ; Crzclle Son, Mrs. Roy Ar^leberser . had S?CT:. -j- - --*--*· j vui_... . .1...*, .i-ij. j, ,,v».-,y 4Ti--*ii^ «J«" i a^c» ir.a :\ v. ..rd r --C:T T ir"s !-.- :ool: j --Mr ar.d Mrs Morris Smith. Louise tr-.-rs . ^ a p-.r.-^t :. .c:. -c. r.o ere -s -^Jd i a^d Hattis Smith and Virginia Keech "-·-·=· as :. j atwr.ded the f-.neral of V.r G. F. Mar! ^~; son. a -crscsal re -. .-; -.'re hai { cey. Clarence:-:. Va, Sunday. c.^;i!ci go a TCj^e r:~5--r. 3-lcrry Sr-~* :l-cr? arc eron; 't r-ls to get ^ar.e'v -.rto U't? Tarty Y',: cr ,;a eas- ,,,- ;pe ATI" rhain- . ." 0" r - ' '' -.' "M-kc it \ Uh:t- ."i t jr'* f n:p'cr. f- ' black j-;..ts ^ ·. vr thr^r ·? o'd mar. avti s ol-c% f v a t t;--s r-'cr ^.-:-.--.".·; ccr-iTM. Chrstasas Dhmer G'.VKO. $25: Ir and Mrs L^iher McDc-aoirga. and feuysrj :o · .-.-- -x» · ' """" ""· a ' : - s:c "^3- ? i " ie 3 C.-.r^lmas c~;r;r. "'", · Sir.;.= T. i-aie preaer: Tere' s "And Ga-thersb---*: if- ar.d Mrs. Russell ' T.-.e ?J»?r: E -h.-or.- Mr. ar.d Mr*. Ziiar ' cs: G--- J ' - f ^ Di-r..uns: Mr ar.-i Mrs cl_-.r.-r. ~T--^tl? a--r.: \"-j , 'cr :'-.: · ·--. · -: real ·-: ·-. :r. your :--. Tr,t-r^ are · vr ;.-t .' - ,vder. soJ- c,^.cr v- ir.'c.naticn, 1-is- B-r- -. C-.-r-. R?a.=.-.c. G.r-c" l_.r- Pr-"'. c 'r :--.* . r.-""v- HT^;^ r ^ r . 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