The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 16, 1918 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1918
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*^&>fV**£Xi ."ysrj**' -^p4^" V ^>«n™* • »,* ( ill • • ••»•••• • - TMt Htm IS A •'• • 'MEMBtH OF f Ht • • ASftUCIAT» Pft£M « • WHICH l» tMK .»E«T • 5WS. •«*•*«*««•#*•**• • tHE NEWS HA* THft * • LARGEST CIRCULATION * • OF THE PAPERS IN • • CENTRAL KANSAS » is- VOL, XXXIV. HtTTOHINSOKf, KANSAS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. 1918. LAST EDITION NO. 26. AMERICAN FW^ ON GERMAN THRESHOLD They Are Under Fire From Outlying Fortresses of Metz, in German Lorraine, But Go On, PERSHING'S VICTORY HAD A GOOD EFFECT German Lines in Southeast Have Been Much Weakened. * The Serbians and the French are Making Inroads on Bulgars ~ ' in Macedonia. ' Along the battle line .American attention Is directed chiefly at the front In . Lorraine, where the Americana are under fire from the fortress of Metz and are apparently making ready for a drive against the "Krlemhlld" line,, to which the. Germans withdrew their shattered columns from the St. Mlhlel -salient. Along this front American forces are on the threshhoid of Germany. Tim victory of General Pershing has had more than a merely local effect. German lines to tho southeast have been weakened by the terrific blow dealt along the heights of the Mctise, while to tho northwest, the Germans are forced to adapt themselves-to the new menace which has taken from them the cornerstone of their positions to the east of Verdun, British Move On. Slowly Ihu British aro,„ creeping nearer tho Illndonburg line-in Picardy, Malsscmy; northwest of St, tyuen- tln, has beeu taken from the Qerrruuus, who wero also forced out of Holhon wood, further south, ' '.. " The German re ,tlr450ient Jn;J.he.l" Ian- ders. area Is. still got'ng'-Qif.-'fJie; prlt- Ish pressing closely on'tbe.'iieels of the Bfierayas.h,<j>' extricates his forces from the ..perilous salient into'whlck he rustu'd last April. . Bolsheviki Scared. Nikolai 1-enine, the Bolshevik Pro- inler of Russia, has sent a note to the People's ComuilssurleB and Soviets announcing that tholJolBhevik government is helpless and that it muBt form a defensive and offensive alliance "with another power." He adds that the Russian people must'not "recoil" from an alliance with Imperialists. Of the passengers on the British liner Galaway Castle sunk toy a Herman submarine on Thursday, 154 are 'missing. The number of passengers on the steamer was 749 instead of DUO, as at first supposed. ... Still Move Ahead. 'The French and British troops on the- main battle front In France continue; their progress. Between tho Olse and the Alsno the French are pressing on. North of the Aisne they, have taken the town of Vallly and nearer tho Cbemln lies Dntnes have stormed Mont Des Singes, an. Important hill position, Astride ttrtpeca'rpe tho British have pushed forward now posts, -while along the Ypres-Comlnes cunal, southeast of Ypres, they have advanced on a front of»two miles. West of Cmn- brai and around St, Quentin, the activity has (lied down after the British capture of Maissemy, Big Guns Active. The aerial ; forces and the artillery have l/een active on the American " front southwest of MeU. " The enemy guns have been hammering the Amer- can lines but no Infantry attacks have developed. Allied aviittors have bombarded railroad centers and other military targets in Mm Melz area while enemy airmen have bombed some places within the American lines including St.'Jllhiel. <j> <|. •$><•>•$• <S> <j> <$><$><$><$..$><$> <5> «' , <t> »- WITH AMERICAN ARMY. * t- 1 «> *> <«W' <»' <5> 4' <$>••$. <S> <y •$> <}> (By The Associated Press.) With the American army, In Lort ralne, Sept, 16.—Activity ' of the German artillery increased some. 1 what during the forenoon today, No _ Infantry attacks, however, were made. i >. <S><3><8>3><j><fc'$><j><S><$>'$ , <i><S> «• BULQARS WHIPPED. <S> <8> Allied troops are on the offensive on the Macedonian front Reorganized Serbian forces, aided by French units, are attacking the Bulgarian positions In the mountains, on the Serbo-Greek border east of Monastlr. Intense artillery activity marked the operations early today, Tlie Cler- mans have nut resisted minor movements calculated to consolidate the American line which, now has become firmly fixed. • Far into Germany. Allied night bombing airplanes Sunday night dropped more than seventeen tons of bombs po Couroelles, Khraiige, Saartrueken, Boulay, Bunl, Conflans and other points. Tho bombs • dropped on Conflans wero directed against tho railway yards, the center of the Ciermim communications in this region. Ttfo. roads crossing the Moselle also were attacked, by tho atr< men. Many direct hits were observed. An enemy train was hit at Lpnguyon. ... (n the AJr, . pursuit groups, protected-by a liar, •rage, carried put numerous raid* awt . Three Important hill positions which had withstood Allied efforts tnrough several years, already have fallen to tho Serbs and tho Freudi. Tnc heights are Sokol, Dobropolle and Teak Vetrenik. Sokol is twenty miles east of Monastlr. Tho captured positions are about midway hi*- tween tho Cerua and Vnrdar river and command the upper course of the Cerna after It makes a wldo curve southeast of Monastlr. Several hundred prisoners have been taken in tho advance which continues.-^ Washington, Sept. 16.—Launch. Ing of an offensive against the Bulgarians on the Salonikl front by the reorganized Serbian army In co-operation with the French forces and the capture of strongly fortified Bulgarian positions is announced In an oflcflal Serbian communication received here today from Salonikl. The positions taken are Teak Vetre­ nik, Dobroprolie, alter the Mountain Sokol, which the Bulgars had held for the past two years and a half and wero regarded as their strongest places. Starting yesterday atter artillery propartions the Serbians- and French moved forward, reached tholr objectives and were, still going when today s dispatch was filed. '••'.•. scored victories in .several, engagements. Attempts of German aviators tro cross .the'American Hue were unsuccessful, generally. Enemy nlrplanes last night attacked points within the American lines. Bombs were dropped in St. .Mlhlel and the Germans used their machine guns against that town but with little et- fect. ' <?V ^ ,j> <£. \|> <J> 3> <jl $ Q> .';> .;,> <j. BRITISH ADVANCES. * <;> oj. v ;> <t> <8> <5> <$> <$> ij. <j, ^> .{> (By The Associated Press.) With the British armies in France, Sunday, Sept. 15.—Mals- •semy, a village five miles northwest of St. Quentin has been captured by the British. The place was taken during a local attack directed against the high ground on which this hamlet Is situated. This adds another-Important position to those recently taken along the ridges west of St. Quentin, - A little bplow this-place and to tho southeast of Holnon wood the British also improved their linos slightly. Fighting of a local nuuiro continues on the northern battle front near l-a Bassee, where the enemy haB been forced to give ground steadily. Beyond this, no Important Infantry action has been reported, but heavy artillery duels have been fought at numerous points. British gunners bombarded the. Hln- denbttrg line fiercely for hours yesterday and heavy enemy losses were inflicted. The German gunners havo been maintaining an intense firs in -.the Gpuzeaucourt sector and deluged llavrincourt with explosives yesterday. Today brought the first fair weather the British front has seen for a week. -The sun came out bright and warm this morning and has been rapidly drying' out tho water-logged ground over which it was becoming increasingly difficult for iroops to operate. METZ—THE CORNERSTONE OF THE DEFENSE OF GERMANY AUSTRIAN PEACE SUGGESTION DOESN'T INTEREST THE ALLIES And Opinion in United States Characterizes It as German Ruse to Secure the Best Possible Terms to End the War. DOESN'T CONTAIN SINGLE BASIS TO MAKE OFFER ATTRACTIVE KANSAS STATE FAIR ON IN HUTCHINSON Prospects Fine for Big Crowds, Fair Weather and the Biggest Entries. FOOD ADMINISTRATION DAY TODAY TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17. Cattlemen'i, Hutchinson and Labor Dny. a. in.—Jmlirli'K in all LVpartnu'niM. This l.i ih» day to sou the t » Ktotk out by claHSHrt. Martial MIIHU 1 . 10:00 ru ni.— Concert hy Ureal MI IPJJ Nnvtil Hand, 12:00 m.—-Activities will coaso at sound of whlstfo for- one minute HlkMit I' for smrcosw uf our CUUHO and safe riMiwn of our J.ioyK. 1:00 p. m.—i.i|.ionlng numl>cr by Horb's Offlt-kil Uuixl In SppakiT'H Tent. Short aildrcsM by Gvo. K. D'onaldMon, t'reMidwit of < *ttttff*n« , n 'H Ati.-nw.lutlun, who wJll nftrf explaining: (.'otlou Hotrd situation as bo found It In Washington, act as prosldlns chairmnn. Address by Hon, John A. Md wards, t'li-st Vlco-I' , H'3ldf , nt of Kansas Cattle' men's A&^wiailoii. AddrcsB by l-'utir Minute Man. ":00 p. in.- -L*onct,*rt by' Great I rfikcs Nav.'il Hand and Kerb's Official Hand at Ornnd Stand. 2:30 p. in. -•*.' :\i:> I'ncdng, purac JTJQO .00. 2:14 Trrtititm, pnrsf jnoo.on. 1!:11 Paolbg, purse I&00.UD. The heats of tlie ibices will bo lnlnrs- pol-srd with h'oi' Knlertalnment Acts. ;t:00 p. m.— -Opening of th*» Show of Smldle and lloadster clttHsca In front »'»T CJmth! Stand. 3:45 p. «\ —l">rnft I Inrgo 1 1\ tch, fli^tt prlzo 3;!5.00. 4:13 p. in. - Kim-^is Iii-rby. 4:^0 p. ni.-Uiimilng Itiu-c; distance 4% furongs. 4:45 p. m.—[tunning Itace; distance an- nounewl on "Pally I'nigiiun.** r.:0a p. in. - MuKie by Herb's Official i liltn<l In Spea Ui-ls Tent. Address on I^ibor Pay by Hon. J. I .Shepherd followed by IMenlc Supper. Program, by Great Lakes Naval Hand Tonigta at Grandstand. Good Program of Races Will Be Staged Tomorrow, Hutchinson Day. HonnlBi-vIHo City. Ky.; \V. J. Mnrncll, Leavcnwortli, KimsiiH. WANT WAR TO END.' Amsterdam, Sept. 16.—Socialist members of the municipal, council of Berlin raised the food question In a public debate In the council meeting on Thursday, according to advices to the Telegraph. One speaker, after denunciatory remarks, exclaimed: "It Is time the war came to an en,d". His words were greeted by loud applause from the public gallery. TONIGHT'S PROGRAM. 7:30 p. m.—Concerts by Great Lakes Naval Band and Herb's Official Band. 8.30 p. m.—Russian Ballet Dancers and other Free Entertainment. 8:<15 «£. m.—Grand Pyrotechnic Spectacle "The World's War" witn special music. THE BEST PROSPECT. "The prospects are for the best fair which was ever held In Kansas for this year. The weather Indications are perfect and the Interest was nev. er higher. The crowds will be record breaking and the entries are up and above the usual high standard." was the statement of Henry S. Thompson, president of the Kansas State Fair this morning. Germany's Suggestion to Withdraw Armies from Belgium, And Keep the Latter Neutral, is an Effort to Escape from Allied Armies. >s> ^> <5> <$> <S> <$•<?• $ ij> <J> •?> •<?• <S> .$> * * FRENCH STATEMENT. * • . - « <t> * «• <S> <$> 4> «• .J. <j. <§> * <S< <»> <S- <8> Pails, Sept. 16.—The town of Vailly, on tho north T>anU of tho A.l»nt> r-uat of SolssonB J\t\s- been capturhil by Iho French, the wi^r office announced today. fe The French uava continued tholr progress between the- OIBO und lire Aisno and euyiurpd Mont Des Singes. British Statement. London, Sept.- 16.— British troops last night advanced their, lino north of tho Areas-Cambrel rgad, establishing posts Jn tho, vicinity of Sauchy- Cuuchy and Oppy, according (o today's report from Field Marshal Hftlg, On the Flanders front the Britltih pushed ahead in a successful minor operation on both sides of the Ypros- Comloes Canal on a front of .more (nan two miles. The text ol the. statement reads: "Purine tho night we carried out a : (CpntJAUSd OA Page UA (By Tiio Associated Press.) While Austria was preparing her note to the belligerent nations, proposing "that they, meet In Informal discussion of peace terms In a neutral country, Germany was making ready to make another offer of separate peace in Belgium. It is announced that the Belgian government has been approached with a proposal that If she will remain neutral during the remainder of the war, Germany Is ready to withdraw to the frontiers that were violated In August, 1914. It is affirmed from Berlin that Iho Austrian government acted on Its in- iUUive In sending out lis proposals, but tho offer of (jennuuy to flelgium points to what .may be. said. to bo morn than a coincidence and probably a desporatc "peace offensive" is now well underway. A Chilly Reception. If official sentiment Is reflected by newspaper comment at the lSntcnlo capitals, Hie efforts of Ihe Central l'owurs to reach a peace by negotiation are- doomed to failure. In Loudon and Paris the offer of—Austria was very coldly received, while at Washington U is pointed out that the United Stales will npt entertain any peace teutatives that can, at best bring only a temporary respite from hostilities and will leave Germany and Austria tree to break the peace of tho world at any future date. Germany Herself Fearful. Even in .the German press there seems to be little hope that the Allies will agree to meet representatives of tho Central Powers. The newsaapejuofilJerJIn point out that similar stepe by Germany and Aus» trie, have failed in the past and 1 'iit while the poy|| will no doubt, 3& hosejuj far g. .cBjeiiUop o,f the Strug. gle, there is liltle prospect of its early termination. * •$• * * * •«> * * * * •»• s> ENGLAND NOT FOR PEACE. -J' •> •$• * <5> London, Sept. 16.—American residents of London celebrated the American victory in hotels and public places last night, singing "The Star Spangled Banner" (Continued on Pa«o 11.) WEATHER REPORT. First National Sank Biiitdrns- Tornpera- ture for Last 24 Hours . Toniperulure Ltt Noon St. 1 P. St 1 A. M . . .10 li l\ ,Jt li A. M .. in 8 l',TU ..52 8 A. M . . IS ID 1'. M . .50 1U AM .. 12 .MWnli;ht... 1- Noun ... 5 I 2 A. M S I'. M Maximum, ti<) minimum, WEATHER FORECAST. Kansas—Fair tonight, cooler In east and aotith centol ii -.rtlon; possibly light showers In *<MO[ portiou. Tuesday fair and wnrpicr. WHAT DO£5 THEV IN U -&Of \T STmt) FOB ..ZIMMIE? PEACE NOTE OF AUSTRIA Had Not Arrived in Washington, This Afternoon—No Doubt of the Answer. Washington, Sept. 16.—Austria's peace offensive note had not reached the state department early today, nor had the department heard through official channels of Germany's reported offer of a separate peace to Belgium. llotli of these moves are recogui'/ied in both government and diplomatic iliiuriiTs hero as the definite beginning of the oxpccled desperate Teutonic, efforts to confuse the issue, sow discord among the Allies and patch up the pusitlons of their governments at home through peace propaganda while tliey Hllli hold the spoils uf war. No doubt is to be found in any quarter as to what the answer of America and the Allies will be to Ihe Vienna proposal for "nouWndlng" peace (lis- cuKsions, nlthough, of course, officials carefully refrain from formal comment before the note actually is received Kven when victorious German armies were advancing Into France such a suggestion would not have been, considered seriously. Now that ihe tide is turning and America and the Alllos propose soon to drive the enemy out of conquered soils, there Is no disposition to parley over what the Teutons shall be allowed to keep. Officials havo read carefully Ihe lext of Die Austrian communication In iho press dispatches and exchanges bolween the co-belligerent gorero- menls on the subject probably already are under way- It is assumed that the official version will come In a few hours through one of the neutral legations. Kansas Man Named. Otlowa, Out., Sept. 10.—Tho Canadian casualty list published today in- PiBaes^ines of Muv following America/is listed as wouuded: (J. While .;> '.J\ ,J, ^> <t> £ <i> ^> ^- i, ..J <*• TO REJECT PEACE? •••; * • " <*•; •is .j, .{> ,J> ,J, .J. A <J, 4> .J. <•> ,.> .y v -j. j Washington, Sept. 16.—Austria's | peace discussion proposal readied the , Swedish legation here late today and! arrangements were made ut once for: its delivery to the slate department. Secretary Ijinsing authorized I lie an- nouncemenl thiit lie would have a statement to nmke an soon lie could read the note. * In official and diplomatic quarters this statement was expected to disclose the government's intention to reject promptly and flatly the Austrian proposition. OVER THE TOP. Washington, Sept. 16.—Returns from the registration last Thursday of men from 18 to 45 on the >. basis of a few states complete and partial figures from all others, Indicated today that the total would be 101 percent of the estimated 13,000,000. FOR DRUG USERS. House Was Raided In Fort Worth Brought In a Lot of Things. Fort Worth, Tex., Sept. Hi.—In a raid on n house here last night, police captured a typewritten list, of all the banks In Texas, jimmies and burglar tools, us well as a large nuanlity of habit forming drugs. The house, which was headquarters of a gang most of whom havo been killed In bank robberies or tire In' prison was suspected of being the reuduvuus for drug sellers. MR. BAKER IN LONDON. London, Sept. 16.—Newton D. Baker, the American secretary of war, arrived In London today from Paris. NOTICE. llockadays will be open night and day during Fair week, Including Sunday. HOCKAUAY AUTO SUPPLY CO. Phono 58. I05t Dad luck Is generally a lack of foresight or possession of a good foryct- ter. -Atchison Globe. It Is getting so one needs a microscope to find the ham In a ham sandwich.—Atchison Globe. . <$> -i> t£ 't' j. <v \' v ^> y <J> * . * *. SHERMAN WAS A SCHOLAR. <|> <i> - <v •9 Chicago, Sept. 16. --The price * of beer in Chicago was raised * <*• from five to ten eeuts a glass to- 'v * day. The yierease lit price, aa- <$• IJ> lounlteepers said, was caused by <$• 4> the advance hi wholesale price <t> •i> to Iff a barrel for the better * * grade. Ordiuury grades were ad- * <S> vauced from $12 to %\d a barrel. * •* . «• With the weather conditions, ideal und interest high the opening day of tho 1918 Kansas State Fair^was one of the most Buccessful in the history of the Fair. Willi the rain last night and the bright stin of this morning lite crowd w;iu in high .spirits aud the Fair officials were enthusiastic over (he prospects. The Kansas Slate Fair i: one id the most important of the educational institutions of the HI-LIC and this year Ihe key note »!' the entire F.iir is toward helping to win ihe war and getting beuind lite Allies with every atom' of power in Kansas. The winning of the war is the paramount idea of the Fair and every award which will be made will he given with the Idea of reward for the bent of the products of Ihe state which will he used in winning ihi! war and making the wcrld safe for dcioucracy. State Food Administrator Spoke. Today was Food Administration Day and at 1. I'. M. at the grand stand State Food Adniini&trator Walter p. Innis of Wichita gave a very interesting talk, lie lins just relumed home from Washington, li. <\ v. hero he had been attending a eoulerenc) of Food Administrators and tit tin > time the substitutes which are to he used were fixed. Mr limit, spoke of this and of the food situation mil on. l.v for Ihe civilians at home, hut ut Iho food supply in Franco, from whiih our own soldi :-rs and .vtiics must be Ted. ills address was given under the iiusplce« of the Women's Liberty 1-oan committee. Itev, Seward linker uf Hutchison, one of the government'* four minute ir.en spoke for lour minutes in the interest of patriotism. The Afternoon's Races. Interest was high Hii.-< afteriiiion lu the program of races nhieh iia.l been prepared. In the K. and t). Futurity, but two hoi -M* started; F u xj Maid, owned by I. I,. Hc-aton of Harper, Kansas and Haute Kiit)..|t,<. ,-< coll owned by .Mrs. J. W. Green uf Aliileno were entered. liesides the Kansas and Oklahoma futurity but two oiler races were run, both running events. In the •! furlongs race some 0 f the best runnel'.i of this part of the t'iiite,| Stales were entered ami a couple el' car loads or tlie runners- In the recent big event held til Cheyenne, Wyo., were featured. At Cheyenne the event (.untlmnil for 'A days, all running events und attracted racing men from all over the country and the horse* w,hich won names for tin ni^elvcs are how to be featured at the Kansas Fair. The horses which were entered In the l furlongs race were Sorrell Al, June Hug, .Marcus, Uidy Me, Marlon and English Lady. In tlie five furlongs race the horses which started were l.iz.aie Wen. lli-n Grcenleaf, Gloss, Ellen Smyth, Maud -M , and llalala. The Program Tonlgjit. Tlie progruin tonight will open ut 7:30 Willi a concert by the Grea' Lakes Naval Uaud and Herb's Official hard, who will play for au hour. At eight-thirty the Kusslati Hal let Dan cers will be featured with other free entertainments and attract ions. Tuesday's Prouram. Tomorrow will be ('Kiilcinen'? Day, lintehlnson Day and Labor bay anu It is expected thai this will be one oi Ihe largest day's in attendance. Judg ing will atari in all dtpuruneut.- proniptly ut nine o'clock and 11" Great Lakes .Vaval Hand will play a concert In from of the grand stand 04 li n. (leorgv K Donaldson of (Continued ou Page Fight.)

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