The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 16, 1948 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, July 16, 1948
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Today's News Today NEA FEATURE SERVICE A. P. LEASED WIRE AND FEATURES r Weather forecast M-j.-tly cloudy and somewhat w-i-m-r tonight and Saturday. Scat- tcted allow ers Saturday. | VOLi LXV.--NO. 231. Press Run Today Post --S.5T1 1 Total--16,200 FREDERICK. MIX. FRIDAY. JULY 16. 1918. · I Wheat From Shoots Dog, Nearby Area Much Better TWELVE PACKS PRICE--THRKK CKN'JtS ThousaiidsTo Ouh Tiro Courses Of Action Widespread 60 B~29s From Bushes ' Larger Yield Than Produced Here: Price Down 5 Cents: U. S. Is Largest Buyer Rains this week have iowed up the v.'heal harvest here and the price has declined five cents a bushel in .he past ten days, after Deputy Sheriff Austin Murray .admits that he had one of the ' scares of his life this morning. The deputy had been called to Point of Rocks to get rid of some dogs which were kilting chickens ' and doing ether damage. Four dogs were caught and given . the "needle" by Dog Catcher Murray Smith but the fifth ran into a wooded section. The deputy trailed him and shot the canine. Toill In Rites ^ an ^ rea ^ Russian Blockade For Pershing Western Powers Can Resort To Military Force Or Retaliate In Other Sections Disorders In Italy £n Route To Europe Vast Military Funeral Procession To Include Tributes By Every Branch Of Service Washington. July 16 i.-P--A vast Almost as he fired, a man rose , military funeral procession is behind a bush directly be- planned for General of the Armies tween the deputy and the dog. John J. Pershing. Berlin, July 16 f--Only two courses of action have any hope of breaking the Soviet blockade \\hich is strangling this city and ormging Europe closer to war than at any time since Munich. The first is v the use of western power military forces to crash the land blockade. The second is retaliatory action by she west in other parts of the world which would make it too costly for the Soviet Union to con- . f the new crop came on the market. Had the man. whose presence was Tentative plans call for an escort, t-nue its Berlin policy. it was reported today At the same time, a local market ed up man said the quality of the wheat would being harvested in some nearby sections of Carroll and Montgomery county is "very much better" than that being marketed here. unknown to the deputy, straighten- ot thousands of infantry and ar- just a second before, he mored cavalry troops, navy blue- have been shot. Murray jackets. Marines and Air Force personnel. In addition, there is to be farewell salute by Air Force said. The unknown. described as an a This is the common belief of the western allies and the Germans who have seen she Russian action at first hand for shree years. They believe further that the Soviet L.- terins as international control of reparations, development of a "peace loving democratic ta;c" as;d similar terms, but fundamentally they a!! go back to she amc i w o points. The quec~ i e 0:1 Berlin wa nt»: brought about by ;he currency reform or the setting up of a wc^rm German government. It started months ago when the Russians first cut off Allied military trains. When this was successful w i t h out any Allied retaliation, the Russians began iniposiisc other controls, waiting each time to test western reaction. All these took place before itinerant peddler and a "character" ' planes over the grave of the 87- ; on j, as killed international diplo- currency reform or the setting up in that section, who is known war hero, who died early-- macy in the accepted sense. At the Farmers Cooperative authorities as "Patches." departed yesterday at Waller Reed Hospital _ . , . . . plant here. 6.000 to 10,000 bushels : without a word. Residents of the. after 10 years of steadily failing- ;OX1 V rejec.ion ot me wes.ern of wheat a day was being loaded area said they are surprised he has health. powers notes surprised none here. for shipment before the rains came, survived the hunting seasons each ' President Truman and the full This has been cut materially and i year since he frequents the mour.- cabinet are expected to attend the . about the only wheat marketed at ; tain sections, present .is that which was thresh- Five cats were in the raid. · ed before the rains. The price decline was attributed ; to general conditions, with the j cutting of a bumper crop through [ many wheat areas of this country- , Actually, the price hasn't decreased materially from last year at this · time, when the golden grain was: bringing S2.29 a bushel. There is · nothing to indicate that the trend '. will be upward in the near future. · Practically the only buyer of | 1 wheat at this time is the Commod- j ity Credit Corporation under the [ government wheat program. Little ' grain is passina on the open market. it was said. Wheat from the Westminster- ; New Windsor area which was" DeMolay Boys to Mark 25tli was expected. No one dealing with the Russians in Berlin in the graveside ceremonies on Monday pas : lhr f e years had an - v hope_iha» ;., A^i; n n « n n *,,.;,,.,-,! /-»,,,,.,,-,".' 3n note or protest would nave any effect on Soviet policy. This includes any United Nations or World Court action. Failing to achieve also confiscated in Arlington National Cemetery. With them will be the generals and admirals who compose the nation's military high command. Included among the crack Array what she at the con- Germany. These last iwo acts merely served as an excuse for the final squeeze. Thus the Soviet Union has abandoned diplomacy for direct action. "Training" in Air Corridors Berlin. July 16 ..I*.--The Russians warned the American* and^ British today that Soviet fighter planes will be training in air corridors down which the western supplies to troops from Washington and posts: wanted n Germany _ . in this area will be the ceremonial' ference Wb.e. Russia has abandon- allies are bringing ·unit from nearby Fort Myer. Va. ed n^'at'on f ° r direct pressure blockaded Berlin, and 250 men from the 3rd ~Mechan- P r °Pa?anda- TJje planes win opcrate from i:'.ed Cavalry at Fort Meade. Md. Ir * the simplest terms 2.000.000 Russian airfields at Koethcn. Dal- At Fort Worth. Tex., the com- Germans and 25.000 western allies gow and Brandenburg west and 13 Killed And 100 Others Reported Hurt; Togliatti's Condition Reported Worse Rome. Jti3y Hi i__j m .-e.-h ··;- order erupted m Italy today a a i-ommu!i!=t-!ed general strike sputtered to a halt The communirt^ called ofl the strike rftcr Premier Alcide DC Gasperi ^ government -;aid it would u^i- force to break the "insurrection The official end of the walkout at noon * 5 a m. c*t» came amid scenes of wild tumult Js» the Chamber yf Deputies where Christian Democrats and Communists engaged :n list lights. Then- was repeated in miniature the strike- bred disorders -which had swept the country for 36 hours. At least 13 persons weic killed and more than 100 injured in the communist-sparked rioting Even before the hour set by the Communist-led Genera! Confederation of Labor ( C G I L ' for the end of the walkout, the strike virtually had collapsed. A back-to-work movement began late yesterday. The CGIL knuckled under when De Gasperi's W*Mttitsto!i. July 16 V--The Ac Foice announced today that 6!) B-29's are cnroutc t« England for a ' -hort'° tiamiiiK visit thcrt Tin- b'-ii bombers vompi i.siii£ -,v.o groupx v. ill m;,ke the Ui} _.i t-; iwo toutr-. oss? by w a y ot Labi attar and the other via Bermuda. Ii: England. CSAF officials .-aid the American formations will b- KUCi-fe ot the Royal Air Force w.-ing three RAF b;tse w h i l e theio While there was no announcement from tl»o Air Force, it v, as con.sidercd probable that omc .»; the B-29'.s w i l l make tr..iititix f l i g h t s out o( to L~::i!cd States» ut Geimaiiy. The Miperforti ('--«:: arc i Diiroeher To Giants., Bums Get Shotton Mel Ott Resigns As Leader Of Polo Grounds Outfit; Changes Are Effective At Once resigned today a * manager of the New York Giants and was succeeded by Leo Durotfher. whose job as pilot of the Brooklyn Dodgers !cd " as l "'" ei A«: to Burl Shotton. Shotton via.s pulled oat of semi- ing retirement a year ago by Brook- She Atlantic in the w a k e of the ! - va a "i led the club to "the pen- American cargo plane fleet recent- « a »t after Durocher w a s suspend- ly sent into Ceiin.iiiy--10 iiy--1000--«"J '"} Commissioner A. B. Chand- into Soviet-blockaded Berlin The training trip greatly icr. , .. ~ . . . _ au *~ had been manager of mcnis L S air strength m Europe .h c Dodders, the Giants' arch rival nt n t i n m i» i,on u,i..-;.. .. ti--...«A.. · .. . . o»*_n i » \ a t . at a time w hen Russia IN threatening to slam shut the air corridors into the beleaguered German capital. [/. S. Steel, Ford Grant Wage Boosts inander of Carswell Air Force base . \ n Berlin are being held as pawns southwest of Berlin from seven a. government stood firm against this ' Series Of Events Being Planned By Frederick Chapter i alerted a Negro staff sergeant o f ; °" Russia to achieve her aims whom Pershing once said: "I want; Germany. ' no one but Charley Wycoff to sound '· These aims are principally two i taps for me." .' The first is establishment" of a m. to seven p. m.. U. S. operations officers said rhey were advised. The Russians have been posting such notices more regularly as the Pershing chose his own burial strong German government on the American and British air forces most serious challenge authority. Fichting In Bolo-na. In the last hours of incc the .start of the 1939 campaign. Ott has been bo»s of the Polo Grounds outfit .since 1942. He joined the club as a player 23 years a^o. when only 16 The announcement of Durocher's iciignatioii and Shotton's return :o the Dodgers was made by president Branch Rickey at Cincinnati. He flew there from Brooklyn after conferring with Durocher last night. Ott. one of the best liked members of the baseball fraternity, will take :l bricf vacation and then return Pittsburgh. July 16 V -- The _. yet to its S. Steel Corp. and the ClO-Umied lo tlle Giants staff in a capacity still Steclvvorkcrs today rgrced to a l! °t determined. pay increase averaging 13 cents Horace Stoneham. president of the strike hourly and the firm announced it the Giant.-,, said Durocher would i plot in Arlington, in an area where Soviet model dominated bv i men who served with him in France communists. ... A series of events has been are interred. The grave site is on ' -hipped yesterday qualified as No. = Planned to celebrate the twenty-j a slope below the tomb of the Un- - grain with a wei»ht of 58 pounds : fiftn anniversary of the founding ' known Soldier--who died in action ! per bushel This = i= considerably · of Frederick Chapter. Order of De- ! during World War I while under · better than the local crop, which. ! a *olay. which was instituted here j tne General's command. ' on the whole, has been so deficient : on J" ! - v 20. 1923. by Hagerstown i By order of President Truman. General tne The second is a Soviet voice in the economic life of Germany, principally the industrial Ruhr. stepped up their air lift. Both American and British officers described the increasing Russian air activity in the corridors as "apparent harassing tactics in- 16 persons were wounded, three has no alternative but to raise take over the club tonight in PitU- scriously. in a gun battle in prices to meet resultant higher la- burgh. Sholton is expected to takr- Bolopna Pol!i"«» i!«s*vi !H**ii- f»«ir»«? bor ro^tr? - .!.- .- _ . "" These have been the main de- tended to make things awkward mands made fay Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov at every big four for us." They emphasized that the Rus- or resnondingly come from near the river areas of ; The actual anniversary hieh caliber has ceived into DeMolay in Frederick. | in gs. forts, military posts, naval ; ~ conference in the past two years, sian action was not affecting the win They have been cloaked in such operation of tho air lift. Duild- - Montgomery coun. it issaid. Much | Tuesday will be celebrated with a of this good wheat is averaging 22 banquet and dance In Masonic Tem- to 25 Bushels per acre- i pie. /"Tie banquet will be prepared next stations and aboard United States i O" ships until after the funetai. · The almost unprecedented mili- e. the crop i an ^ served fay the Mothers Club at est since h ood as far · 6 o'clock. Many parents of the ; Soldier--wi tary tribute--possibility the great- , burial of the Unknown ' ·will start Sunday morning. \ ^Juvenile Delinquency Blame : Put On Adults By Speaker Bologna. Police used their guns on strikers after they were fired on from the windows of the Chamber of Labor office there. , Disorders also occurred in Milan and Palermo as die-hards strove to enforce the walkout right up to the noon hour. Authorities regained control of Genoa, one of the major trouble spots. Police and troops moved vigorously in putting down rioting, ar- restinc strikers who resisted them. This was in line with the get- bor costs. The raise ranged between 9 ! _and 25 cents, spread over more than a score of various job classifications with the average hike 13 cents hourly. It will affect about 170.000 production workers employed by U. S. Steel and its five subsidiaries. Steel workers now average about SI.53 hourly. Ford Up 520 To S50 Detroit. July 1C -fP--The Ford tough policy outlined bv 'interior ^ o _ t ?F Co - t ° da " b °°s''Cd salaries of _ C T r " - «.._·. *v. .,,_ -- « « _ _ _ _ _ _ » - . _ . __ r _ -- *·«-»!·% * _ f - ~ n Mario Scclba and De So far. it was said hen has been surprisingly good . _ . . . ,. as moisture content is concerned. · members, as well ss a number of j Army troops will escort the gen- , _. . The high moisture content last' former members. · their wives and ! eral's body from Walter Reed Kos- i Placm S th = blame for increased \ ica. Dr. Overton said- The Chris- . spring se-iouslv affected the price. : friends are expected to attend. -pitaL in northwest Washington to : i u v enUe deliquencv in major part i t i a " church is compelled to face mum , st le ^ der Pa»fnro Toghatti. ' ' ' ' - - - . -- . , . _ . . _ - · women o f ; a n d accept responsibility in train-' T * 5llaUl Worse Minister Gasperi. The strike followed an attempt two days ago on the life of Com- 25.500 employes from S20 to S50 a month. in many cases. The WeaJher Bureau said more _ showers were likely by Saturday ; tive DeMolay award to Thomas Tvl. but today should dry off things con; Lescalleet. a l*ast Master Councilor sideraoly and enable many farm- · of the chapter, who is the son of ers to move ahead with the grain Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lescalleet this h^T-,-^t ' rftv. The DeMolay Cross of Honor be presented to Russell L. i Michael, of Frederick, who has ! served the chapter ,as advisor for a ; number of years. The presentations : city. · will Playgrounds Flower Show Holds Annuity Subject To Tax building."resting on a"historic ~" j Grace 'Sloan Overton appealed to j of the problem. Although recog- ^°" dition h ?* grown worse. He tafalquf which previoSv hTd "* delegates of the Women's Guild nizing marriage as an institution. ^ , a TMa,x,mum temperature of Reg stcr of Wills Harry D. Rad- borne the remains of Abraham £" r^-ence of the Evangelical and ! the Protestant churches have no ±^"?"^ ^ .SlM. 11 " 1 " ?'" ^L^TMTM?^TM A feature of the banquet will be j 'he Capitol. Until Monday morn- ' on the adult men and the presentation of the Representa- ing he will lie in state in the high. l t h . Christian world vaulted rotunda of the grey old today. Dr. j ing for marriage instead of taking · a - covvardlv and inite rate" view Togliatti's physicians said he passed "an agitated night." and his condition had grown worse. He had a maximum 4 temperature of coin and the Unknown Soldier. permanent to achieve. Paraplegics Fight From Wheel Chairs j Reformed church to concern them- basis of finahtv and | selves with the vital problems o f ; marriages are harder I adolescence and to act constructive- ! she added. ! ly toward their solution. | Bv graphic iHustration Mrs. Ov: In a series of informal talks dur- . erton told of the bewilderment was 122. The bulletin on his con- from Attorney-General Hall Ham- dition said broncho-pneumonia! mond which is understood to have *, congestion developed at the base of far reaching consequences to hold- the lungs. ers of life Rome shops reopened and trains and busses went back into opera- over direction or the Dodgers at once in Cincinnati. The text of the announcement bv the Giants: "As of today. Mel Ott has resigned as manager of the New York Giants. "Leo Durocher has been appointed to succeed him and will assume command of the Giants in Pittsburgh tonight. "The negotiations leading to the appointment of Durocher were conducted, with the full consent of the Brooklyn club, and with the aa- proval of Ford Frick. president of the National League.-* "President Horace Stoneham wishes to express his deep personal regret at Ott's departure from the Polo Grounds.- Kow;ever. he is iiappy to announce that today's action does not sever an association between the Giants and Mel Ott lhat has already extended over a quarter of a century. Upon his return from a vacation. Mel will malad J ustn ' len t of the teen age tion before the noon expiration of - tracts, as far as the Maryland inheritance tax is concerned. The case came before the Attor- The annual flower show of the i will be made by Egil Steen. Grand j j ing the four-day session of the i Senior Deacon of the Grand Coun- i Memphis. Tenn.. July 16 i.-P.--A j ference at Hood College. Mrs. Ov- ; group, especially the younger group the general strike. But everywhere ney General on an appe; i from the cu - : paraplegic veteran was reported in crton. author. lecturer, and coun- ' from 12-15 years. She said that \ve heavy patrols of riot police, armed decision of the Register of Wills n e · , , ihe dance vail take place injhe fair condition today after a shoot- selor on family life and marriage. ' must .deal with them sympatheti- { with clubs, pistois and tommyguns. who had assessed 7'- percent col- approximates lateral inheritance tax on a cer- south. 10 persons tain annuity contract issued by an them grave- insurance company to a resident of fired on a - «·---- T,- ,, romantic Americans, endow. the church- school can fulfill t h i s " ~ enck warden Club and- three of j baseball team will be hosts t» the as \\ailace Rice. 28. of Amarillo. i idealism, movie glamour, and un- ' function. Dr. Overton said that for ~" a - j Silver Spring chapter team at aj^" e x - He said Rice had held a small j realism, instead of accepting the ' too Its members, Mrs. William T. Dela ,plaine. Mrs. Charles McC. the sidewalk beside the Smoke j District of Columbia are expected . similarly paralyzed--patient, said -i erton pleaded for good parents. life. With preparation and good Shop on East Church street. The; to be present. ! Clyde Beck, hospital manager. j good homes and good children. We. ' -- - 6 ' show was sponsored by the Fred- i The newly-organized DeMolay · Beck identified Hicks" ** -»f T f n l l m d b A T^T r t O . f · -·»·· . - i t ' . - ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -..,.._. long^a time we have dangled ' JL/Cl CHCI CRll '· and Mrs. Charles W. Ross. III. ! school diamond on Sunday at three :-ead. but the safety catch was on ! the result is disillusionment and ' ican vouth" for 5 whi-h ^durlf^n served as judges and made the fol- ; o'clock. The local team has been '. an * the gun wouldn't Sre. ; divorce, she said. has refused to train? the church 20. of Gainesville. *'££**]££'** * C ° Ur ff [ " t r a i n i n « ^ or TM " communities refuse to underwrite. 5 ; ona , seat . said t o d a v . Presiclcnt Duckworth showed him how to * g , ^ be . '" evcr - v hl ? h Dr - Overton. a native of Adams, j Truman's work the pistol. Beck said Rice^T- . eg ° n 1S thc ORly stat c | Jefferson county. N. Y.. has a shot through the floor t o j n ' 0 " * working p reseiu """y -" """=·" courses lor , mciuamg "Love. Marriage and Par- J "The Republican candidates and * nrf^nai-3firn -int* lif* at-** t-3*,rtt* r-n. n n nn »i a -· «.i-_ ..» - ^. .... . squealing like stuck Three of any variety, first. Betty . the game will mark the first ap- Lou Kemp, second. Richard Rems: pearance of the team in the newburg: not less than five mixed . equipment. Games are pending flowers, any variety, first. Gather- i with other chapters in the state. ine Engle. second Harriet Reed: ] On Sunday morning. July C5. flower arrangements. a Sowers : members and former members will ' and vases under six inches, first.! attend services at All Saints Epis- t Susan Rabstsin. second Charles Cas- j copal church here. { tie. third. Sandy Whipp. fourth, j A degree team composed o Takoma Park. July 16 Byrne Austin. Democratic --F. candi- Frederick county, who had named her sister as bcne'ficiary. _The opjnion rendered by Mr. rimmmgnd--and--Richard--Wr--Case. Assistant^ Attorney General, said they had never had occasion to decide thc precise question involved. After reviewing man Court decisions, the opinion. qu-)ting from a law dn annuity contracts sajs. "* the general conclusion is inescapable that in commercial an- S60.000 Salary Stoncham said Durocher's contract, reported to call for a salary S60.000 a year. had been taken up and would be extended through 1949. Ott's contract runs through the 1950 season and will be continued, Stoneham said. There have been many rumors lh : s season that Durochcr wnnlri not remain long with Brooklyn. Two weeks ago it appeared that Durocher was on the way out. y and ^ 3tc f or Maryland's Sixth Congrss- nuity contract cases there is rcallv Sred make sure and then recall of Congress is writ- . -much more than" a "brilliant and Both Rice flowers and ! mer members of the chanter will .jElgin Etcnison: · -b 1 * vases over eight inches, first, j confer the two degrees of the or- a Charles Castle, second. Jimmy Fox. der on a class of candidates on the third. Mary Louise Chcsley; ic ', evening of July "7. Queen Anne and other grasses J Richard Metcalfe is Master Coun- . fro ^' ·with garden flowers in arrange- 1 cilor of Frederick chapter and 3Jon- · menu Srst. Patsy Speak, second, j roe Gaither is chairman of arrange- Charlotte Roberts, third. Jean Des- ' ments. peaux: d corsages or hair arrangements, first. Jackie Fox. second. Grayson Mercer, honorable mention. Billy Schaefer; novelty Sower arrangement, first. Mary j,Thoinas. second. Rachaei Sewell: j 1919 as potted Diants. · a" 1 best cared for. j Mo. It started with a group of nine Ralph Shank; ' b most unusual, j high school boys. Today it is in- first. Tommy Gouker. second. Gin- ; temational in character and more ny Gouker: special prize. Charles' than a million and a half boys have ' preparation -,-^A T i i- Itificallv and i\ an lr D drSndln hg TM ' %%« '-her, investigation fay the FBI. Beck' . '; g As the shooting occurred on · Federal reservation, civil au- : v.-ere not called in. ! ·c _ said both men--paralyzed ' the waist down---had viously fought on the hospita porch until both fell f-'-m their DeMolay chapters are sponsored ^ s ^^ rie ^ ds S **TMTM a transfer to a donee .ostponed until death. " ' * The result for tax purposes is exactly the same a.s if a contract were entered into by which the transferee of money promised to pay the transferor by cd Trails for Girls." and "Marriage '. pigs out of sheer embarrassment." . amounts equal to the interest plus courtship, j in War and Peace." A graduate of he szid- "They know that the Portions of the principal and upon which Xorthwestern University. Chicago. ) President is going to force them to ' his deat h to continue the payments * h v n « n - ,h " 5 an,,, nere our . she h « .ectured to over 700.000 I , ""f / n « niver ^«s and col- -! leges of the United States. fulfill thc promises made in their to a th . ird . Party until the interest pre- by Masonic organizations and are -jj e ; r composed of boys between the ages " of fourteen and twenty-one. The the two men Per slims; Was Once On Verse ,, '-- O to Ot Buying Farm In This County and principal amount paid in. were exhausted. Finally, the opinion says: "Based upon what we believe to be thc ple.n and unambiguous - . _ _ s- movement was founded in i iNoil-oUppOrt a boys' ciub in Kansas City. ' rr AT^., General John J. -Pershing. Amer- ; tice ending the i ica's World War I commander -who Gen. Pershing sais died Thursday, once considered be- ond war that if coming a gentleman farmer and Before Magistrate · __ , , _ ,,_ »_·_»-.!_..£, «_ j^c--u_^:---j.i ,1*1* i.;vi rfii*.* -s 1 -"-- *·'-' --·*-;- 11*1. -·^pprehenaea by Deputy Sheriff. living in Frederick county, it was be in this fight." war gone to Berlin. ·irsl World War. i durins the seethe Allies had u. e m;gh: not Castle. · claimed membershio in chapters lo: cated over a grsat portion of the ! world. Father Is Sought In Slavine Of .Daughter . ,, _ . . ".. " ,. - , .-X, ,- Bill For Divorce indianapohs. July 16 .?--George . Leonard. 47. who had opposed the Digfllissetl Bv Jtl ^approaching marriage of his daugh- ^ * c *^^* *rirta" i*.-ac ^;IT***VI 23. today -%vas hunted by police for questioning irs connection with her slaving. George Grouse early today on a non-support v.-arrant. Lewis Morgan. Woodsboro. \vas found guilty by Magistrate Manuel M. Weinberg in Peoples Court this morning and ordered to pay So a week tov.-ard the support of his wife. Sadie 1J. Morgan, of near . . Monrovia. Ke was also given a six- '' months suspended sentence in the House of Correction which learned today. Brig. Gen. D. To Attend Fnneral Gen. Markey. who hypocritical platform. "Their rage at President Truman proves that they intended to get themselves elected *irst and then . quietly forget their platform.'' Austin said the special session is necessary "because emergencies already exist in the fields of housing and prices and in the trouble centers of Berlin. Palestine and Korea. Congress must step forward and do its duty." Austin will oppose Rep. J. Glenn Beall. Republican, for the Sixth District "seat in the November gen- fore, that thc tax should be eral elections. hc club caught fire and the rumors died out. Sioneharr said he approached Ott about 10 days ago and asked what the Giants needed most to stay in ihe race. Thc president quoted Ott. who attended thc press conference, as raying "maybe it is a new manager." Although first reports said that ·he managerial swap was made in St. Louis at the All-Star game. Stoneham said the entire deal was arranged since 1 p. m. yesterday. He said he called Rickey then and was given permission to approach Durocher. At 11.45 p. in. yesterday Durocher told Rickey he wanted to resign. \CgTO Health have interpreted similar language in both estate and inherit- ce tax laws, Duties Rockvilie. July 16 ,?--Mrs. Rosa hold that the Lee Jones has begun her duties as tract is a transfer subject to the Maryland inheritance tax It is our public health nurse. Formerly employed at St. Eliza- opinion in the present case, there- hcth's Hospital in Washington'. Mrs. lected al Ihe collateral rales upon Jones trained at St. Agnes Hospital Trainins School for Xurses .,,. _ _. il! attend Beall made a statement yesterday the value of the contract which in Raleifh "X C and has tak"n ° WalkersviJle, who was probably J he . 'uneral in Washington Monday, describing President Truman's has no-.v passed to the sister of the uostgraduate work at St. Phillios is Miss Leonard was fatally shot complaint for divorce filed by Mrs. istrate said, yesterday at the home of her aunt Amanda E. Wiles. 523 Xorth Bcntz " and uncle. Mr. and Mis. timer UUerbsck. 10 miles south of here. State police detective Jack Kestor said witnesses co the shootin" in- street, against Jesse the same address. charged Desertion. The Court also directed that an Pershing than anv othec Marylander. recalled the incident. Aides of ihe general and the Frederick coun- ihcn a National Guard of- firer. canvassed real estate In this area and found a likely place faut the deal fell through. "Hc was to me always America's first soldier and his distinguished _ Morgan testified that he had three 3ead e r ship of American srm~ play;e £.. Wiles, of children at home for v.-hich he had *** a most 'TMpor',?nt part *rs the Mrs. Wiles had ' t o care besides supporting hi^ \vife v ' CIorv of "World War I." t Gen. who is partially crippled. Sirs? Mor- Mar key ssid of The General of thc gan said the last lime any money more closely associated with Gen. : ' nsd ° een closely associated with move as "purely political" and de- decedent."' on the Battle Menu- signed to create an emergency that Associate Judge Stedman Prescott. in an orcer filed in Equity . be carried out upon Morgan on not Court today, dismissed a bill of keeping up the payment, the Mag- eluded the girl's mother. Mrs.~Eer- order passed on March 3 be re- . w - a5 received from her husband nice Leonard. 47. and her two younger sisters. Sandra Kay. 6. and Glenda. 9. He said Leonard ·^vas being sought by police. scinded insofar as any future pay- Gen. merits Commission since its orisin in 1923. Gen. Perching was the chairman of thc commission. Markey and one other member are thc cannot %vm. oniv remaining original members of thc aroup. -.vhich will attend thc funeral in a body. The county n?an was Ihe only T p aide to Gen. Pershing at the time * " * of the 1927 American Legion pjl- sriinase ;o Europe. Ke v,-as also an aide TO Pcrsniiig v. hen the General attended nis !a Lesion convention at Bo-ton in 1930. Gen. Persh- !.«!. hc recplled i« the onlv honor- Good Truck will win votes. "Unless he can create an. extraordinary emergency he knows r.e Avoid* Allto Accident Beaii said. School of Xursinc and Catholic University in Washington. Delrick Firing Salutes * i concerned. In the temporary order. i Wiles had been directed to pay S15 I a week alimony during continuance -' of the suit. The final order directs ' him to pay the costs. C. Clifton Extended weather forecast r-i Vi *·»-= represented Mrs. Wiles and Saturday w a r m with showers. ^Hiam M. Storm was attorney for Sunday and Monday fair and slight- i 5 ' ly cooler w i t h lower humidity.' Armies. "The Meuse-Arsonne i-'iTcnsive pn_May 3 and that she had medical under Pershing. m'which 1.200.000 ary nal£onal comiTialldcr of ;hc Lc . S'"on, elected in 1926 Gen. Markov 'so accompanied Gen Pt-rshing to Extended Forecast ' bills to pay without any subsistence American soldiers fought, -.vas the from her husband. ' decisive battle of that war and it 1 Another non-support case before · resulted in the conquest of Ger- Ellrope on f o u r othcr occacionc on the magistrate this morning was many six months before military continued when the defendant tes- experts believed such a t h i n g was job and was go- possible. Battle Monuments Com*Tii=-:ion Gen. "er.'hin? la visited F:-ed- !· morning. Mar- , ''Last year, when in Berlin on crick when hc slopped' here ome r! ' !a ^ t f or 30 days Showers and warmer about Tues- PILOT HOME day. Altoona, Pa./July 16 T. Oden was charged by his American Battle Monuments Corn- wife Margaret R. Odos. both of mission business. I wrote Gen Frederick Junction, with failing to ' Pershing a letter reminding him provide for her - - . . . Officials at Camp Detrick announced today that at midnight last night they received a telegram from the Commanding General of the Second Army ordering all Army · retaliations to^re a salute every iiaif-hour commencing at 730 thi- mornins until retreat is sounded tonight in memory of General of the Armies John J. Pershing. Also contained in 'he telegram wa an order to fiy "'he Sag at half- tod a v. years aso 'o pick no Gen Markey on the n a v 1o the funeral service heid in Haeer=tov. n for the late Expert handling of a large t i u c k by a driver identified as William Harper, prevented a serious accident near Hyattstown late Thursday night and permitted an expectant mother to arrive at Frederick Memorial Hospital to give birth to her child. According to Hjattstown firemen, a car bringing Mrs David McClccry. Gaithcriburg. to thc hospital, was parked at the crest of HstTstown hill without lights McCleery said the lights tailed and he w-as pltempting to summon help. The truck, operated by Harper, ran between the parked vehicle and an approaching truck to avoid a collision Hi? machine swerved into a ditch and back onto the high- wav ARRESTS LISTED Six arrests v.-ere listed overnight by city police Thev were: Ra-^- mond Hal'er. John Smith. Russell ai! listed as Frederick, charaed with intoxication and disturbing the oeace. ported S5 collateral each "cndinc hearings: Charles Kei'i;. Frederic 1 :, and Mildred Keenev Frederick. Routr 3 charced with intoxication posted S5 and S2.5O collateral respectively The arrests were made bv Lieut. Dorsey. Ssls. Phebu^ and Svorrley. Officers- Ka- nodc. Shook and Boone. From Saturday through Wednesday temperatures will average .about 2 degrees below normal and Umbower. 38. of Clappertown. pilot of a small airplane reported missing last night, returned home safely tr e · L , su PP° rt and tnat ; that he wanted to push OP the Maior Joseph W Bvron a H. of a minor child. Oden said he had j heart of Germany, occupy Berlin a job in Frederick but that it did i and stamp out German militarism not pay a salary to adequately nip- ! afler the first war but his voice in Point classmate of Pershinp. SLt'SIP HALTED Xew York. July 16 P--Demand for a hand-picked ^roup of steel SXAKE TX VEST As *he went to her hen hou-:C :o csthcr eg^s Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Charles H. Painter, of Lovettsville. Va.. discovered a six-foot. Re? t h a t Mi. McClccry was five-inch b'aclcsnakc fn one of the in need of immediate hospitaliza- j nests. Returning to the buildir-2 tion. Harper is said to have sent in ' with a .22 rifle. Mrs,. Painter \vound- 3 fire alarm which summoned the ' ed the snake with two bullets but a i n f a l l w i l l average about ·"·» to 1 | today explaining that hc had spent, ithe night at Tancytown, Md. i n h f p TM i U ! a m V h a t l ! e « t h e S "P l e m e W a r C « u "C n «W "« { job at Brthe.-da where he « nrevail and Ihe Allies halted on i was to report on Monday morning, j the Rhms at the time of the anrns-1 eraL and railway issues .stemmed down- He had visited some time ago al ward tendencies in the- .stock mar- j llyatUtown Fire Department Mrs I it continued to fight back IS"'* 1 Hie Prosper! H-jll home of Mr. and ket today. Tradmt; sUi\vrd after a McClOriy was removru 1 to the IK*- then seiv^d a piectr of 2 by 4 from were rnoid-fire opening then picked up nital in t h c Hyattstown ambulance , on? of the roosts and killed ttv T C r t i n when signs of a rallv aooear- -Mid li^r baby was born a short time n?ku \ v i i i c h was believed to have ed. , alter. | been eating s'jme of the eggs. r*- - T o « n h If Him^. who ,-Kr, c i o , e fri t -nd of th" l a t e Gcn- NEWSPAPER!

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