The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 29, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 7
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r Advertisements Pay Pilots Discuss City Air Markers The reyulai meeting of the I.K.vptiaii Pilot's Association w;is IK Id Thursday evening at the Country club. Group discussion was held on in:-mai kerb and their relative im- poitance to the private flyer I'lans aie in the making to present a draft to the city council lor aid in installation of CAA nppioved air-markers. The club lus in mind particularly the city wj-ter lower. When the city undertakes the necessary repairs that .uc now contemplated on the tower, p/oper painting and marking for aerial view should be kept in mind. The dub has been instrumental in the new installation of i' markois :il the Muddy «'"»'J; The project if not,yet completed but will be u the near future. · The removal of power li"«s bordering the airport was also a suw- ject for discussion at the I » 1C """^ A report was read Irom J. . bu ,, u ". Thurmond, governor of Soutn uu- ohna. and J. 13. llartranfl, ^'"-'^ manager of AOPA, of their sut- cess in having that state bury; wi cs underground wheic they will not be a direct ha/ard to aerial n.ivi- gnlion. College Scores By United Press Illinois 38, Marquette 66. Villanova 84, Army 50. Grinncll 44, Chicago U. 42. The. Daily. Register,, 20c jij^e Woman Billiard Champ to Give Exhibition Here louis Fights E St. Louis Boxer Tonight It Pays to Read Daily Register Advertisements KROGER MJSS CHICAGO. Jan. 29--U.K--Joe Louib fights a four round exhibition match with Bob Foxworth at the Chicago Coliseum tonight, and the Brown Bomber plans to go all out to keep his opponent on the defensive. Louis' title will not be at btake. However. Foxworth .would dim the luster of the Bomber's championship reign by.knocking him out or even sending, him to the canvas. If Foxworth should win a clean | cut decision. Louis would still Ruth McGinnis, woman have the title but it wouldn't be Ruth MCGinnis 4 Ir i 1 · Tonite 6 p. m. -- Fri, 6 p. rv». -- ?e^. 6 p. p. m Kroger-Cuf Beef gives yob more meat . . · · bone-.-iess wastel pocket billiard champion, will give an exhibition of her skill at 8 p. m. Tuesday, Feb. 3, at the F. 0. Eagles home in this city. Since the left-handed woman champion started playing as a girl of seven, she has defeated . many worth much. "I've seen Foxworth fight a couple of times,".J-ouis said today, "and about all.I-,know,aobut him is he can hit hard. Anytime you get a fellow who can hit as hard as he can, you don't take any Kroger-Cut removes excess bone and waste before the beef is weighed and priced. Rib roasts are not more than 7-in.. steak ends,not more than 3-in. "Cut by the ruler" gives you more meat, tlTfTn less bone and waste. It's top U.S. Grades of finest beef. man piofcssional players, includ- chances. ing Ralph Greenleaf. She has i Going to Hit Somebody made many runs of over 100, her j oc w ho put on the worst per- bcst effort being 128 Iformance o'f his championship ca- She is a graduate of State ' i c e r b u t, won,a much disputed de- Teachcis college, East Strouds- j cision .from Jersey Joe Walcott I burg, Pa. Recently she made a i as t December, said ,he would do movie short entitled "Cue .Magic." his best to hit the tall and lean The Eagles are making arrange- .Foxwocth. menls to accommodate a large "j didn't hit Walcott," he said, cio\\d ' /'and I'm certainly going to hit Miss McGinnis is en route to somebody." . !Kansas City. Mo., to compete in Louis _ wasn't certain that his ! lhe men's "professional champion- | June appearance would be a reship tournament Feb. 25. She is match against Walcott, who t has the only girl in history invited to been holding out lor a champion s compete with the men. She has percentage of the purse. -Albeen tabbed bv sports writers as though a second brawl against Jer- . . _ _. ... " _ _ _ * f ^ * . ... n ..l*I Vvn 41i rt V\rtC-T H »*Jtlf.. Thurs. 2 p. m. --'Fri. 6 p. m. -- Set. 1:30 p. m \2c 'Susic Cue.'' fa 5c ^'^y^^f^ ^' *i1*PA %cMn-~^' i^h-^fi! KROGER CUT--TOP U. S. COVT. GRADED BEEF PSl?" p^sr * $££3i KROGER CUT--LESS BONE--LESS : FAT !f'4£Bi SMALL PKC... 16c ·Ltbb, r-AI - . · ' * · ' _ ! USE STEAK. * t ... M , No. l,Quality--Sliced or Piece !. 49c Large Bologna 1 Tops in Sea Fcod--No Waste, Boncicss Sbo47c Whiting Fillets ' TOILET SOAP 2-218 . Bag S-lb. Bag Hi. 1-Lb. Bag.... ^I FRENCH BRAND ib. 46c ·SSli S or PlttSBURY ---- 25 10-LB. BAG $1.09 5-LB. BAG 55c THE BIGGEST BREAD BUY IN TOWN! .. Big Fresh i. Loaves J ',' S iced PEACHES N c°an- 25c -Finer Whiter Texture" -- "Less than 12c_a pound" m3RSS3XX3l3 yAX«vWfV»W^W*WVVVVVl«v-»TM - ^g. "* "CAKE OF THE WEEK" '·- - .. CD"--/V.onc'a'c CUT BESTS S Chocolate Nut Devil's Fcod. LAYER CAKE each cS, 2 -a iJv CUT ASPARAGUS £Stef9c BEANS 2^;25c 67c t^V^iS; ·MAZDA .LAMPS r 25, 40, 60 Wart each l i e s 100 Watt .each 17c ^ 150 Watt each 22c I NATIONAL BISCUIT CO. THIN CRACKERS SALTINES Ib. bov Large Sire--RIPE and SWEET FRESH CALIF. "pr^«i?.- $4*8£ " r - Quality--K'orJhcrn Grown Cobblers L "'sc fresh, f i r m heads c - 3---Texas Marsh Seedless licn«l bac ^'c- 4 -! Texas inr s:o hnncl1 27c Chocolate _ ft DROPS u. 39C Standard Quality TOMATOES Whole Kernel CORN No 3 Can SUndard Quality PEAS Standard Quality LIMA BEANS «« I8C Black Eyed PEAS Large Lima BEANS ... 1-Lto. 3-L.b. SWHETWATOB-=g» IOC That's what one Kroger store man does, because he is the fire chief in the town his Kroger store serves. And more than 75 Kroger store managers, head meat cutters, and branch personnel arc mayors, councilmcn or hold some other elective office. Kroger people ~arc active in community affaire. Located in 1500 communities. Kroger has 1500 'home towns." Alice Brand CATSUP.-. 14-Oz. ·Bottle ays Useless fo' er SSile !kke!s sey Joe would be the best draw ing card Mike Jacobs could find, Louis said his -scrap might be against Gus Lesnevich, the light heavyweight titleholder. or the winner of a minor elimination tourney. , "Jack Cranford fights Gino Bounvino tomorrow," he said, i"and the winner of that one is to ! fight Joe Baksi. Then I'll fight CHAMPAIGN 111, Jan. 29--No the winner of .that bout or Lesne- public sale of tickets for the 1948,vich or Walcott" Illinois State High School basket- Challenger Ranks JEightn ball tournament will be held and - Joe, at 220 pounds, will hold a it is useless for anyone to send in big weight advantage over the mail oideis. letters of inquiry, or challenger, expected to come in at to call the tournament ticket of- about 180. However Foxworth fice icgarding seats, Albert Wil- is fast, durable and a hard hitter. !is executive secretary of the II- Thus he might trouble the Brown 'imois High School "Association, Bomber, even with 16 ounce '···aid lodav i gloves. r With seating capacity of George ! The East St. Louis, 111., scrap- Huff gymnasium, state tourna- per has won 23 of 2o professional ment site having been reduced in fights since he-won the National .conformant to fire law regula- Golden Gloves light .heavyweight lions all tournament tickets will crown in 1946. His two losses were 1 be turned over to schools which,to McKinley English of Detroit in enter the tournov series except one of his first pro scraps and those devoted to "press and radio, i more recently, to Joey Maxim of players, tournament Cleveland, school association offi-i In his last bout Foxworth,.wno Willis // PLUS 3 OUTSTANDING SHORT SUBJECTS \ 3 Stooges srs "Sing a Song a? Six 2--iWaEfr Disney's "Hawciiasi Hobday" 'ha\e begun to pour into touma- ment headquarters. This simply causes unnecessary confusion and handling of mail. No tickets of any kind will be offered for pub- 'lic sale." Willis explained. As in the past 2.500 tickets will be reserved for the 16 schools competing in the finals. These will be sold on a single session .basis, with all seats reserved for even- tournament session. The 3.600 tickets heretofore offered to the public are being sold on a season basis this year to 'schools whose teams entered the i state tournament series. Each school regardless of its size is entitled to purchase four tickets. 1 _ _ [ftefefei! Season Closes Jan, 31 SPRINGFIELD. 111. Jan. 29-- (U.E--The rabbit hunting season c'loses Jan. 31, the Conservation Department announced today. Livingston E. Osborne, department director, said hunting ranged from good to very poor this season. IRabbit takes were cut considerably, lie said, because the rabbit population was coming out of a' low period in its abundance cycle. Osborne added that the low bag rate in some sections of the state was also due to heavy concealment provided by thick foliage. He predicted better hunting next- fall for all small game. Volume of Black Pepper The average American uses ti\r ounces of blrck pepper ·* \ c n r | Catskinners Beat j-Marion · Mules, -55-51 | The Carrier Mills Catskinners i racked up their 13th victory while remaining undefeated by any independent team last night when they beat the strong Marion Mules, iwho just'recently won the 16 team A. "A. U. tournament at Herrin. The game was close all the way with Carrier Mills holding a slight 'edge during the first half The rest of the game was nip-and-tuck I all the way with the Catskinners · emerging the victor 55 to 51. iBorum led the scoring for Marion 1 while Fort netted 20 for the Cat! skinners. ThriJl Pecked Chapter 6f "Jungle · in Girl High-School Basketball Scores ·By United'^Press BENTON TOURNAMENT Johnston City 30, West Frankfort 24. Benton 75, Cairo 28. Vienna Tournament Galatia 38. Carrier Mills 36. Golconda 25. Cave-in-Rock 19. Vienna 56. Brookport 28. Coal Belt-Tourney .At Zeigler Elkville -53, Carterville 36. Carbondale University High 53. Sesser 49. Colored Athletics Piay Friday at Mt. Vernon, Ind. The colored Athletics basketball i team will go to Mt. Vcrnon. Ind.. [at 5 p. m. Friday for a contest. |1 hey arc taking a bus and spec; I tators are welcome to go. S1.7o -for the round trip. If the weather is too bad for the trip, the ! money will be refunded. The bus leave from Ruthie's cafe. srn TS! TO BAKE A HAM May rose Ham decs not require parboiling Place fat side up oa a rack in an open pan. Use no ·water. Bake In a slow oven (325 c f.) according to following weight schedules: IJ:o iSlbs.-- 4to-l%hrs. or sbout 15 min. per Ib. 12 to 15 Ibs.-- 3 to · hrs. or about 16 min. per Ib. 10 to 12 ibs.-- 5 to 3£ hrs. or about 18 min. pcrlb. 8 to 10 Ibs.-- 2 3 .4 to 3 tin. or about 20 mm. per Ib. 5 to 7-!b. pcs.-- 2 to 2 : 4 brs. or about 22 rain. ?sr Ib. (If 'j rreaUbtrmomrterisuseJ, bete to 150° I", internal leraptrjSarc.) Remove paper and all rind. Cover v.-ith one of the fol- lowiag glazes: 73 c u p "brov,-n sugar and 1 tablespoon flour; % cup brown sugar and 1 tablespoon mustard. Bake in hot oven 400 a F.) for 15 minutes. or till the desired brown. 1 1 i Kcxie Phwic or come in for o qyidtr friendly loon to meet rid-winlcr . We'll dly help if you'll a__!««*· UP TO 20 MONTHS TO REPAY Ground Floor. Rose Bldg, 113 N. Mam St. Phone 4.1 · Socialite in Prison 'For Killing Love 1 Rival to Get Parole SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 29.-- ; dir»_Mrs. Annie Irene ^5ansfcldt. \\3io was the defendant in one ol Ihe most sensational "trian:;lc murder cases in California his- lory, will br paroled Feb. 17 after j I , serving a little more than two ioirs in prison for Killing ncri loxc rival. . ,. i The 47-year-old socialite was, ) convicted in 1946 for the fatal i ^ItOotin** o^* ^5r*»- »3d3 ^isrlin, « , . 'irjrsc Employed by Mrs. Mans-,' feldfs husband. Dr. John Mans-, ' ] Mansfcldt committed suicide a 'few hours after he learned that,J 'his wife had taken Mrs.-MarUn , on a loni; auto ride, shot her t o , 'death, and then driven to a San! .Francisco hospital with the body, ! still in-her car. « ' On entering prison, she told' reporters that when she-got out, hb would "start repaying her three 'teen-aged children "for what ;' 3,as happened." If, 20c a week,! Planning a really "special" dinner? Naturally, you want to serve the finest. And, that calls for delicious Mayrosc Ham ...tender, full-of-flavor quality ham. From end to end, sugar-cured, hickory-smoked Mayrosc Ham has that superb "center-slice" flavor...truly magnificent! To get the highest quality ham, remember to ask for MAYROSE. Stretch your ford r.udirot! Send for free recipe- for using leftover Ham. Write: Dorothy Sn art, Mayrosc Tt.«t Kitchen. MM South Vamlc\ enter Avenue. M. Louis 10, Missouri. REMINDER: is? r a _ e ;.«AY?OSE r'c~i The ais.v by carrier coy. SP4PFR1

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