The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 24, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1924
Page 10
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PACK TT'"N. Till? HUTCHINSON NIUVS, V/J-FAT nmrn W CASH MARKET! Atlvsnce of One to Two Cent* Reported!—Cash Corn Also Higher Today. RANGE OF OPTIONS Futnitheo By Grain Market. ng Co. 110 Rorabauan-wuey Bui'dino Chicago. Nov. 24.—Sharply hlel' er quotations nt Liverpool, nsso ( n- Dec May Ju.y 1 >••<-. .May July May .luiy lated IIHI."'! or less with proposed Inndlne. of Rritish iroops on se'z ure of Iho custom house control In E'.yin. led lo n fresh uptu.n to day In wheat prices hure. The lac. that world shipments of wheat wore below expectations tended also to lift values. The advance here curt led Iho market lo within' half cent of the season's high price record. OpenlUR quotutIons. • [>,.,, which ranged from r, to I-IJc high j May er. Doc. %\M\\ to $1.55 Vi ami May ' •'"'>' $l.ti2',(, to ?l.i!'Jt4, were followed,!,,„„. by slight further gains anil Hien", May something or a reaction. I _ Siibsoquonlly. 1,234,000 bushels decrease of the visible supply total brought about a decide*! new np- turn In prices. May delivery going above t ho previous topmost penk thlH season. The market eloped flnn, l'ic to 2c net higher, Dec. Jl.oo'ri to 51.557, and May *l.G3 Ir 4 l> c. May July 1 Dec. .May July AT CHICAOO, wh»rt. —Cloacd— Open High Low Today Vest y ..1 '4 1...mi l.;,4", I...»•)» i.i>« ..1. 621,, Lint, l.i;r„ i.'-a'. ....4 .1 'j 1.4.14s l .«»4 l.U Corn. ..1.15 J.15 l.l'i'i 1 .14 l.Hi, . a.2l\ 1 :">', .,i.::^ii l.i 'S -.211*. 1.22 Lin Oat.. .. .53 ',i .r..p, .r.a=i t obi. .t.v, .. .1!".i .MP, .1S';„ .. M% .57", .fill, .MM Rye. ..I.K'i lSVvt l.8«»» I.S6H 1.31.s» ..i.n>'.t, 1. :',:!-„ l.ani, 1. ..Lli 1.27 1 I'll 1 .211 1 .24 A7 KANSAS CITY. Wheat ..1 .ICH 1.4A-.» ..46 1.47\ l.4i»», .. 1 Lot", i.:<aj i.r,tv. I.S-.-I, ,.i.;ii l.ui'.i, l.aa'ii 1 v. I.J;I',/ Com. . .Lot'; 10...3 l.l'fi'i, 107 l-l'li", . .I.ltl'i ..1B»« l.U'-i 1.1.1 1.12-., . I.ll'l l.IS'A l.H-i 1-15 l-14'.a Oats. .. ,MH .r,;n, .53% ,83H .r.3 .. ,SSJ, 53% .»«•, .S3% .»!)«* HEAVY TRADING IN THE STOCKS Price Movement Showed Irregularity in Wall Street Today. WHEAT TO NEW HIGH PRICES inson at $1.65 V 2 per Bushel, Kansas City Basis. Corn and oats sympathized with i n , .... - ... . . , •wheat strength. It was pointed • Wheat Selling in Hutch- out that for twenty-five years back the corn markol has Invariably reached top prices later than November. After opening at % to 1 c higher, May 51.21% to Sl.21%: the corn market continued to hold «t above Saturday's finish. Later the market was cased by weather favorable for the movement of the new corn crop. The closo was unsettled at %c pel lowor to advance, May .51.20% to $1.20%. I Outs started at v. to %c up May j hi to Wir. and like corn kept relatively firm. Despite lower quotations on hogs the provision tiftirkut. ref.ccted the advance of grain'values. •ar .-ar Kansas City Cash Grain. Kansas City, Nov. 24.—WHEAT —rtecclpts 307 cars: Ifi2c higher; No. 2 dark hard $t.4b« 1.00; No. 3 dark hard fLIT^LSO; No. 2 hard J1 .48 ®1 .5S; No. 3 hard J1.47W 1 .57; No. 2 red »!.59if 1.64; No. Z red flTiSfi 1.G0. CORN—Unchanged to lc higher; No. 2 white ?1.0"{!l.07',i; No. .1 wiiite $1 .0Cii '1 .06'.j;' No. 2 yellow }1.03 : i;' No. 3 yellow Jl.OSVi; No. 2 mixed $l.«llVjffl'1.07; No. 3 mixed Jl.W't l.nn. OATS—lihehaiiRert; No. 2 white 6'c; No. 3 white 52c. 1IYW—M.24. 11A11LKV—SSfl'75. KAKKIII—Jl.liUfi 1 .G.I. I , „„ r M1I.0 JIA1ZK —$1.73fi 1 .70. Detailed Sales. y.-iles of cash praln, In detail, at K;irs!is t'itv toilr;v: WilKAT: 'No. l'l)nrlt-2. at 1.51. No. 2 Daril —1 ai 1.55%; 1 at 3.5.1'.!.,. No. 3 Dark —4 at 1 .57; 1 at j 1 .5UM ; 1 al 1.5514. I No. 1 Hani—1. al 1.58: 1 at I 1 .55!; 2 at 1.541.1; 2 at 1.52; 1 at 1 .51; 2 nt 1.5(i'-i; fi nl 1.50; 1 .it 3.4!"5; 1 at 1.48V. - at 1.48. Smutty -1.4'.i'i 10 1.50. No. 2 Hard —1 al 1.58, 1 at 1 Site, 4 lit 1 .54H. 2 at l.;-3>4. 1 at 1.53, 2 at 1.521,, 2 al I 52, 2 at 1 al'-. 1 at 1.61, 1 a' 1.50. 2 at l.l'JVj, 1 at 1.4'». 3 at 1.4S. Simiitv; 1.4JU to 1 .52. No. 3 Hard—2 at 1 .57; 2 111 15 , r! li; 1 tn l.r.s'-i; 1 at 1.5Hi; 1 111 1.51%; 1 ut 1.52; 1 at 1 5u; 1 at 1.47. Smutty, 1.41 to 1.50. No, 4 Hard—Smutty. 1.45 10 1.18. No. 0 Hard — Smutty, 1.4'IVj to 1.45. Sami«le Hard—1 at 1.47. No. 2 Mixed-1 at 1.50. No SMlxi-il—1 nt 1.1.5; 1 nt 1 .50. No. 5 Mixed— 1 at 1.43V,,. Sample Mixed—1 at 1.15. Ko. 1 Itod—5 at 1.50. No. 2 KIM!—1 at 1 .C2. No. 3 Ited—2 at i.fiO. 1 at 1.5S. COUN—No. 2 yellow, 4 at l.WMs; No. 3 jellow, 5 nt No. 4 yellow, 1 at 1.07; No. 2 white, 3 al 1.07; No. 3 while, 1 at l.OSVi. 3 al 1 .05; No. 2 mitred, 2 at 1.07. 2 at l.OGVj. No. 3 Mixed-3 at 1.0C; 14 nt 1.05; 7 nt 1.04!; 5 at 1.04. OATS—No. 3 White—3 at 52. NO. 4 While-1 at 51. KAI'TIH: No. 2 While—2 at 1.62. No. 3 White—2 at 1.01. M11..0—No. 3 Yellow — ! at BAU1.EY—Sample. 1 at .7' HYE—No.— 1 at 1.24. Wheat went to new high prices In the Hutchinson cash market today, two cars Belling for il.BaVis per bushel, and others at $1.05 per bushel, all Kansas City basis. Sales of hard and dark wheat were one cent hiRner, Rood demand. Liberal offerings, i-'ree offerings of corn. No sales up to I he close, slow demand. Receipts o kaflr mid nillo slow Heavy increase, 110 sales made, nominal prices ea'.led 7 to 10 edits lower. Receipts of wheat In Hutchinson toiiny: 130. One week ago 101. One year ai;o, 17. j Receipts of other grains here today: Corn. 13; barley, 3; kaffir j and mi.'o. 33; 1 ye, 1; oats, 1. ) Receipts of wheat at other mar- 1 kets today: Snllna. CO carB; Wichita. SO; Kansas City, 347; St. ! Louis, 2f2; Omaha. 75; Chicago. ! 113: MInner polls, 503; Dululh. i 1232; Winnipeg. 1407. 1 ,-ar 2 rlark J .'ais 1 Imvil 1 .;»r 1 hard 1 car ? hard 3 .1113 1 haul 1 enr 2 hard 0 cars 2 hard hard 2' Imrd •J hnr.1 2 hard 2 h»i .1 2 Imr.l 2 hard ha aril ;-nrs 3 h.tnl •::\T 3 hard "ar 3 haul rar 3 hard rye 3 11 n id 1 car 3 rye r>s.2 13.S0 Ji.-.s «». 1 M.7C l.r.i'-i IJ0 ll.eS 1 .1' 1 f.y 13.SS 1.57 i-S.6 :>.' s 1.11; M 13 U". 1 .11'/ 6S I2 .7 'l to i.i.r.o I 55 G« 13.60 1 .11't 1 2. lift 1.1 M, fiS.1 1 l.SS l.M'l :,,*.4 11.10 1.11 11.00 l.'O'.i r>s 2 11.48 1 ..1U jd .3 11 14 > l.'il r.'.' 11.0" N 1 01 .17 2 13.OS LSI t.T'.r, 12.114 1 r, 1 % 17 12.0.1 1.51 57.2 11 .56 1.10 f.» X 1 ni 17.7 X 1 .04 55.S X 1.02 G3 1.51'- X 1.59 Crop dama'Te in Argv-mina du" te rains during the harvest and liie fact that the threshing returns in Australia are rather disappoint leg. have been partly responsible for Ibe late strength of the wheal market. Those facts together with the reduced yields in Canada alntig wilh a tailing off of both the win! tcr and Sluing w'.ieat in Ibis country are expected to make the market continue, strong. New York, Nov. 24.—Bull operators found It difficult to advance many of the popular Industrial and railroad shares today without run- uini; into large offerings of stocks but they were more succosai'ul ..1 , the low priced rails and sveelnl- I ll.-n, more than n score of which I were lifted to new peak prices for I Hie year. Sales approximated 2,000 I shares. I Stiff Resistance. j Speculators for Ihe advance con; tlnueil In control of .oday s stock i market but encountered stiff re. slstatice on the part of the b„-ar traders with Iho result that price ! movements were decidedly lnegu- ' lar. More than two score issues at' tallied new peak prices for the year 011 total sales lb«t approximated 2.000.000. New York. Nov. 24.—Unusually heavy trading ngain characterized today's stock market wfrb price movements showing marked irregularity In reflection of tho play of opposing speculative forces. The main trend, however, appeared to be upwaTd, with more than 25 Issues, ten of them rails, attaining new 1924 peak prices In the first two hours of trading, total sales during that period / exceeding 1,000.000 shares. Boo-ted Rail Stacks. Heavy buying of the St. Paul and Seaboard Air Line issues, a. 1 of which b.oke through their previous year s births, was one or the ear.y features. Seaijoard Air L n,- was boosted three points 1 and St. Paul preferred climbed jino.e thaa two po.nts. O.her is j sees 10 soil nt new lop price3 We're ! Western Pacific common, and pre fer.ed, and Wo it Vlr yiuia. Chicago Lreat Western common and preferred. Tobacco P,oil- nets. United Cigar, Fisn Rubber, International Mercantile, common and preferred, Allis-Clial- mors, Central Leather. North American Company and Independent Oil and Has. Soared Upward. I'isher l.ody soared five points, C. 8. R.-a.ty four and Ooodyear Uui. b?r preferred, Stewart-Wurner ur.d I'nited Dai;; each soid 3 or mire points above Saturday's Hual quotai.ons. Market St.eel Ra lway .c.'i.nd pre.erred broke four po.nts nil V. S. Cast Iron Pipe, St. Louis- ..'ouih,,'Ls.crn, LtuleJe lias. Manat: -.n:\-.r ii",tl ltoclt Is and co.union c 1 ha.k 1 vi to 2Vi points. fr-rnpl over-flub^, ription of tho ;! uO.OOi. ,0C 0 French loan was teneraliy legar.Ied us a .a.orabie facto:- alihoi:;;b II aerved tcmpui-a. ily to di.ert in.erer.t f.-om he ytock mar'.i^t. New Yo:-:.. Nov. 21.-Stock prlc >.-: ..oiled at Ibe 0. eaing i;f t„..ay a inai-htt, sc,er.".l hloc'js of 1.000 to 7.00(1 sh-.rea chr.nslng hands in the first few miir.ites of trading. Heavy accumulation:; of the St. Paul i?su--'S sent both Ihe co:nmon and tie preferred to new highs, tho latter gnlnliu; two points. The first sale of U. S. Steel common was 3,o:io shares ai 116'a, up a point. Over Subscribed. New York, Nov 2;.—Substantial over-subscriptions of the $100,000,l.(;i) Frecc'j loan, offered today through a nation-wide syndicate headed by J. P. Mo gan and Company, was announced when the booi.s were closed 45 minutes after the opening. I.otilsvillo & Nn.ihvIHe . Mo Pat-iri': Common ... M> I 'ltiiiic Preferred ... N y ivnlrnl Mrrthcrn Piiclflc Pennsylvania Hy HeadlriR Ity ••;;» lloek Inland Ity 4SH Koiiilieirn Ily 11'% SI I, & S t' Ily '. M> Southern IMclfle Ity I02'4, Union I'ai'lflo Uy H"'i MOTORS: noneral Motors Sludcbnkpr Motors Hup Motors t'lr-n'o Arrow Hudson Motors Chandler Mrjtol'B Overland Motora Mack Truck Ine Kelly Springfield Tiro Co . U S (luulitT Co ...., Cnodrleh Rubber Co llnodyenr T * R Preferred AJi's Rulilier Co Amn -Hosr-h Macneto Co .. Allis Chalmers Mfg Co .... Maxwell Motors _"A" Maxwell Motors "U" Moon Motors Slowart V.'iirner Mfg Co .. Strnmtmnr Hub Cn Timkrn Roller Roaring ... INDUSTRIALS: Anm Lloet .Sugar Industrial Alcohol Amu Can Co Aain Car & Foundry Amu Locomotive Wabash "A" Amn Stool Foundries A •nn Tel & Tel Amn Tobacco Amu Woolen Associated llry Hoods .... Montgomery Waul Baldwin Locomotive lAmtinontal Can Coron Cola Co l'avklson Chonilcnl Co ... Corn Product* Refining .. Famous Players Lasky .. Congolcum Co Cuban Awn Sugar Amn Agrl Cbom J"".' Duponl Pe Nam 1J- Amn Asphalt Co J-J Oeneral Electric jilj loll Hanosler Co 10-2 Intl Paper Co ,J ! »; Hnllman Co Scars Roebuck ...» Wostinghousi' F3cc .1-. Mfg l'nl'.ed Drug Co Woo'.worlh Kaysor (Julius) Silk Co . ...104'4 ... »2 'i ... 71-, .. .llt'.'-j ... cr>5i ... 47T» . BS'4 . 41 . 15-% .. IOVI .. rs?, .. Sti ..111- 1 , .. 17 V, .. :i7T» .. 35 .. tl'i .. 9 ,. :s •• 5! !' 321H1 .. 22 .. ni- 1 , .. 70 : :, .. 311.1 .. 41 .. sun ,.ir.ow .. 173 «.a .. S3*, .. 13»i .. 40 ! Hi 12° lac'iti .. F9 ..136 .. 4b;. . ,121 s . .. 60\ .. 7S-1 ... 40', ... 40\v ... SSI* ... 43T', ... 23-1. 64 10S' 114' 23 f ' EDUCATION HERE Tuesday night and Wednesday International Worker* Here DISTRICT MEETING It will be One of Six Con ferences Held Throughout the State, or.gluoer, who has one of tho blK power (srndera grading the Troy township ronds nt tho present lime. Six miles of ro::il were graded In Valley township. N T CIZEHSON BANQUET FOR THE DADS AND LADS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1924 i EXTESIATE ALL THE PPAIRIE DOGS Religious education will receive a groat Impetus in meottues to be held In Hutchinson this week, addressed by national lealera of the Council of Religious Education.' ' A pa.ty of International o.'flcials of this movement, making a tcur ot Amerlcn, led by Dr. Hugh S. Maclll, general secretary of Iho International Council ot Religious Education will arrhe In Hutchia- Aunt Nancy Roland has rented a room from Mrs. Jones, who lives In the Dnnlap properly, anil moved Into It for tho winter. She snyB she likes her now homo Just fine. Mrs. Jano Fenwick purchased a l'ord touring car from tho Duell Motor Co. recently. Mr. and >lrs. Frank Flrebaugh and Wllnia and Frnnkle spent Sunday near Sylvia visiting their daughter and sister, Mrs. Blanche Howard and family. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Warnock and Floyd visited last Sunday evening in Tnron with Mrs. 11. A, Greeson. and we are glad to hear she Is able to be up, nlthought she Is quite poorly yet. Aunt Nancy Roland expects her sons, Chas. and Joe Roland and their families from Moscow, Knn., to spend Thanksgiving with her They will drive through In their cars and visit friends at llucklin and also with their sister, Mrs, Mng:;le Kcllums and family, south' west of NicUerson. Mrs. John Hlatt and Mrs. Roy 11 Intl maTe a business trip to Sterling last Friday. The Domestic Science Girls Served the Banquet at Buhler. County-Wide Effort to be Made to Eradicate th; Prairie Dogs, . LIBERTY BONDS. Fiaal prices quoted by the M Nash ton Loan company tod: were: 1st 41, ... 1st i vi • 2nd. 4'iTo '3rd 4U1- . • -Ith 4" Vt . V. S. 4<i? 5100.20-. 100.18 ;; 100 29-3 101 S -3 IOI.K,-? 102. H-3 105.18 3 LIVESTOCK MARKET 1 DR. P. R. HAYWAIl. 1.7'). LOCAL MARKETS Sunflower Produce. Heavy hen3. Hie; ti'tlit Inns, 13c; •prlugs ICc; slags 12c; Leghorns and blaeiu*, all weights 13c. old roosters 7r); turkeys, No 1 Lie; No. 2 Sc; old toms 13c; ducks loc. geese Sc. EOGS—Fresh, per doz 40c. Locat Gra"-. WHEAT- loomed by Wat. Kens MIIII wheat $1.32. SHOUTS—51.06. lIH.tS.'—$1.36. Swift £ Co. in "I'TBRFAT—No. 1 34c; No. 2 *1c P- 1 1 i lilt -creamery 40@41c. •!•' esh. 40c. Since fully 80 per cent of the ..heal crop has been soid o,'f the farms at a good price, the farmers are imiepeniient about felling the remainder of th."lr crop. It v.-ill therefore be difficult for fcinrope to obtain a Isrge volume of wiie:.t without udvancin? the premiums. The country offering- of corn dropped off when prices wjre low- O,-M1 and Unit chicked any further deolliie. The demand for corn from feeders Is li^ht because o: the low price of hogs- The export purchases of wheat lasts week were estituated at o.OrOXOu bushels and rye at 2,000.010. That refines ihe repor.s that foreign countries are ujable lo dl- go'si the wheal as last as it Is being received. Most of the present foreign purchases are fur.ares. He.] winter wheal is scarce and commands a good premium ut Chi cago al the present time. The heavy movement of winter wheat is over and Ihe demand Is greater than Ihe supply. Foreign Exchange New York, Nov. 2i.—. .. M"n o.v changes eas. ; quotation sin cents. Croat Britain demand t.C2-.a; cables 4.02Ts. France demand 5.2!)'.;; cables, 5.50. Italy demand 4.33; cablej 4.33V 2 . Uelgium demand 4.8GU; ca';!c-s, 4 83% ficnaany demand 23.81. Holland demand 40.15. iwiuerkmd demand 1030. recce demand 1.78. Poland demand 19'/«. Czecho-SlovaKia dciuaud 3.0H4. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 24.—CATTLbi —Receipts 20,000; calves 4,000; klllin.-, « eers scarce; quality pla'n. In-bet'cen grades strong to 25c hirher; top light steers $10.00; bulk sho.t teds $7.50S9.00; few gras.:ers f0.00@".50; she stock i-tcady to strong; spots 10©loc hl.-hcr; bu It butcher cows and heifera J8.10ff5.75; and cu te.s ?2.35©3.23; bulls strong, calvei stro.-g to 25c higher; ijuallty conside.-ed; practical top veals CS.O0; s'.ooker and feeder steers s '.rorg to 1nc higher; lop year Ings v7.40; s:ock cows and hefer" steady at S2.T5@-1.50; stock calves 'S«225.? hJjracr; hulk J5.00&7.IIO. HOCS Roccipts 25.200; uhlpper tr.arkei mostly 25c lower; top IS'.Ou; bulk of sa !e3 $.?.405£!i.O0; de- siratl3 ISO to 2C0 pound nvo..-.g; 'S.7C(J9.00; pa:k?rs talking 50c lower; hlddin;t 58."5 on wel.~hty bittche s, ll.-.iit llshts unevenly Icwer; p2 ':; t j UR sows I S.00@3.25: stock pigs 252, mostly $r,.0llfii 0.50. SHEEP—Receipts 5.000; lamb.i !0C'T,2;c '-.l.rher; lop ted lots S13.S5; host natives 513.53; cilp:,ers 111.00 6'11.03> odd lots shifp steady. Chic^rjo Liveatoik. Chicago. Nov. 21.—HOGS —Receipts 05,000; modeiately active; mostly 155'i3r.c lower. CATTLE—.leceipts 25,000; fed 3te2rs and yearl 'ug fat she-stocs laSf'lZc higher; better grade s eera showinrr most advancG. SHEEP—Receipts 20.000 dull, very lltt'e early business; fow sales fat iambs strong at J13.75; tat shoo-) strndy; hantlywqlgh! fa' ev.-e .s $T.5C tg~S.00. son tomorrov. to hold meetings here Tuesdav night am Wednesday. Dr. Maglll will spca!: at the First Christian church at 7:30 Tuesday night, and again on Wednesday norm at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon. On Wednesday evening ai 7:30 a conference institute will h; held at the First Christian church. Sunday school workers and teachers from over southwestern KansT3 will he here lor ihe inslitute^ It Is expected. Among (he -lemlicrs of the parly to to here '.or the ins.ituf) tomorrow u'ght and Wednesday are: Dr. Hnijh S. Magill. general secretary Intcruatioral Council of neli-icus Education. W. O. Lnndcs, sec: itrry of the World's Sunday school associat on, i"ew Y'otk City. A. 51. Locker superintendent of field department o2 International Council o Religious Education Dr. H. Shelton Smith, superintendent of education, of the Inter­ nationa lCcuneil. Dr. P. R. Hayward. superintend- rut of ycung peoples' work, of the Inte. i:a'.l:r,al Cou-cll. Dr. V,'. Edward Raffety. editor ot the lu rrnatio::al Journal ut Re! g ous Edu'atIon Hutchinson is one of ths s,x points In Kansas where the members of the party will hold eon. ferences. The othcrn are To;:eka. T wrence. Kansas City, 8a ina and Wichita. And KKansas is the only 'e west of the M.^.issippi to be visited by the party on this tour Mrs. Frank Gclst, Mrs. Nancy Roland and .Mrs. J. R. Broom took dinner with Mrs. Warnock one day this week. Harold Detter, who was operated on for appendicitis at the M. E. hospital In Hutchinson, Is reported to be getting along as well as could bo expected. Mrs. Blair returned home recently from a moaath's "visit with her grand-daughter and family In Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Beck visited friends In UIIB city last Sunday. Miss Orrel Ewbank and her mother were visitors here last Saturday and Sunday. Miss Orrel returned to her school work at Manhattan Sunday evening and Mrs. Ewbank also left for her home ,in Dalhart, Tox. Frank- Geist helped Amos Mosier In doing some carpenter Work on his house last week. Iho funeral of Rev. Amon Clark was held at the ,M. IS. church F.'lday afternoon, and the body was laid at rest In Wild'Meade cemetery*. Rev. Clark was a brother of Mrs. I. L. Kirkhulf ot this city. The boreaved relatives have ihe sympathy of their many friends In their sad bereavement. Mrs. Sarah Miller received telegram Com Oregon announcing the seilous Illness of her brother, Jack Curtis. Buhler, Kan., Nov, 24—A -father and son banquet was given by the dads to the sons, members of the Buhler Hl-Y Club, In tho gym of the Buhler high school. Approximately 120 platos wore served by the girls ot the domestic science class. Several toasts wore given by days and sons, Interspersed with group songs and glee club music. Tho feature of the evening was a demonstration of the process of receiving new members Into the Hl-Y cub. very impressive y cond ic eil by Floyd Hawkins, district secretary of the state Hl-Y. and a vory good talk by Prof. Mnhler of Mc- I'herson college on the subject,' "Hold that Lino." It Is the first banquet ot this kind ever given here, but probably not the last, judging ] ments hoard as to how successfully The prairie dogs In Reno cinu.o which have Infested about 3,001 acres of land, nro to bo systemat Ically extormlnntod, according t< 11. W. Call, county agent. Th< township trustees from all parti of the county are asked to meet at the Farm Bureau office al the court house Saturday to plan a campaign of action. A. E. Oman, a representative ol the U. S. Biological Survey, who Is In charge of rodent control work In this state, will bo here Novom her 28, 29 and December I, to help coi.duct the campaign. Mr. McCnll staled that poisoned grain would IJD« distributed by the tov.nshlp trustees and nfler all the prairie dogs have been given a chance to commit suicide with It. tho few remaining ones will be killed off with cyanide gas. this one terminated. Booze Being Made In An Empty House Ed Cunningham, colored, who wa3 arrested last night on a charge of drunkenness. Is believed by the police otficers to have been operating the Btill which was found In the empty house next door to where he was living at 929 Twelfth avenue east, this morning. The still which was seized by the police officers contained some of the cold mash. Liquor wae found In the bouse which Is believed to have been the same as that which was found In .Cunningham's pocket. Another still was found at the same house last spring, according to Ch'ef of Police W. E. Loug. ONLY ONE COVOTE SEEN BY WOLF HUNTERS. Fa" her Ka'n To Give Annual Sermcn A wolf chase was staged five mllos southeast of Hutchinson yesterday morning by about 70 horsemen and women, composed largely ot national guardsmen and their wives or women friends, and also of farmers of that vicinity. Only one coyote was Beared up and he was too fast for the dogs, according to Unils D. White, who was in charge of the event. Two packs of wolf hounds, one of which Is owned by Bill Petrie of the Salt Marsh, wore taken to kill the coyotes. Another coyote hunt has beer scheduled tor noxt Sunday morn lng. It will be held up in the snnd hills north of the city. f -IDER THE DERRICKS Call Money. New Y'ork. Nov. 24.—Call motley taster; high 2'1; low 2; ruling rale 2 1 .-; clojing bid 2; offered at 2Vi: last loan 2; call loans against acceptances 2Ui time loans steady; mixed collateral 60-39 day., 3fi3'.i; four-six months 3'.i 'ii3 ^i: prime commercial piper ''<'A''i'i\~. NEW YORK iTOCKS. 1'... l,v Jain * hi. H-nnell & Co.. .-"'1 l:n:ahaii:h-Wlloy blllldtn;;, by \vlrf. I,-mi New i'ork. Wichita Live Stock. Wichita. Kan., r.'iv 24-HOGS Receipts 2,000: looks 40c lower; prospective top $S.S5; bulk SS.65-3' s.eo. CATTLE—Receipts 6.500. including 1.S0O calves; acMve and steady on all kinds: beer stee.-s $5.O0vii S.00; beef cows and helfer3 53.23® 0.50; bill's S2.50fe3.50: veal calves 23 00 (7 7.00; stockers and feeders 53 OOi&G.oO. PRODUCE MARKETS Knna.. Joseph AspiJl.->. an liu"li b stone n.ascn. Invented canein 100 years ajjj. -:i City May '-. Nov. 21— HAY- Uttdiarjjeo >. ..,. lower; receipt 2 i ccra. TIMOTHY-.v, 1 «!.."«tar<I JJS.OOii .V.:. ©M.50: So. : .S $12.1, PllAUXUS—No. I HO 'I $10.00 all. SO; f».£0. 1 :ALFALFA— Choice »23.0o b •• No. 1 f20,50g)»22.60; slai. W.50iJ>W0M; No. % IH,qJ)@1 No, S J7.00@10.00. j Japanese have deviled a diving CbOVEU-^MIxed lutht No. 1 1 •.inparntug which dispenses with 41S .&0916.60' No. 2 »lt60@14.OO. j ihu noi-d of pumping. !1.0(W17 00; So. 2 W s»0 • ;:: '•!) - 1 1 12 50, No- n.ooiiy Forty more cars of wheat were received on the Hutchinson mar- sei ibis morning than were ship- pod at Wichita The local receipts were 130 cars while Wichita only bad 90. Hutchinson received 13 cars of corn but Wichita did not receive anys Coffeyville'a Mew Hotel. Cof.'eyville, Kan., Nov. 24.— Cof feyviile will, this evening formally upon its ha'.f nilllon dour Ihe Dale. The new bu'.K'.ng is ot fire-proof consiruclion, six s'.ories In height. STI:I:I.S-. i:.:ihlohiMTi S:e,-1 Corp Co'o Fur! A; Iron Cu Cue U»U- Stetl Co Cast Iron Pip^ Co Cuif Stows Steel Croat N01 thorn Oro r.'.'puh to lion A: Stool I,' B Steel Corp Coinnlon .. C S Sivl Corp 1 *1 cOrrod . COI'I'llltS: Amn Smelling A r.oflnir.g Anaconda Cowa-r Co 1 'allahan /.'no A- Load .. .. I'iiitiu Copper Co I'hik- Copper CI IluUo &.- SuniM'tor Inspiration Coppur l-.'oniiooott Copper I'.av Cons I.ltati Copper Co OILS: -Mmlail Consul!,I:.led Close .. 41 .. 3'i',» .. 01 , ..131', .. "7'i .. SS '.t . . 4S'j ..111'. . • 122 TB Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Nov. 24.—Creamery- butter 2c higher; 45(ff47c; packing unchanged. 22c; other produce unchanged. EtidS—Firsts 50c; selected 59c. BUTTER—Fat 21c. POULTRY—Hens 20c: springs. 22c; broilers 23c; roosters 12c; turkey hens and young toms 23c: old toms ISc. Struck a Gascer. Coffeyville, Knn.. Nov. 24.—A gas well good for ten million feet a day in Ihe Burgess sand was struck unexpectedly late Saturday by Edwards et al, on the Pennington farm, northwest corner of south west of Ihe northeast of section 13-33-.1C, n half mile southeast of the Liberty Wilcox sand pool. Good gas producers In the same forma , tion. hut not so large, were drilled: Parker Is the new J:nltor In the I.l'orty pool. The now well I "cuire Mitchell ! is proved a large area for gas pro- j ihuched and cribbed duct km. ALDEN Mr- and Mrs. Elzn Cayv.-ood went home with Mrs. Caywood's sister, (Mrs. C. E. Rozel who had driven over for them from McPherson. Ti'o.y stajed over Sunday. Lo'.a Stoinmeta is visiting with her Uncle Mr C. E. Uoze In Mc- Phrsou for two wc.ihs. . Mr. and Mrs. Crosdldler were visiting In Hutchinscn'on Monday. Louis Bennett and family tooii dinner nt the Methodist pirr .onnse. Ruby Be-aell attended the revival n.ejting In Sterling with Merle Somers In the afternoon. The Evangelical women of Alden v.ent to Hutchinson on Wednesday to attrnd a meeti-g lu the interests of Missions In the . Evangelical church. The second number of the lyccum course was given on Vu:s.lay night to a goo .l house at the gymnasium The Marimba Players. There were tl.ree in the party and they furnish ] ei! a very intqrestlng program coa- slsting of readings, olos, duets, trios .luporsnations :.nd musical with piuiio and M.i. iinha Phones The school w .ll have a tr.plo has- hat ball game on Friday nlfbt The Aldcn teams lost both games to Genesco last Friday Iilnht- T..u high school v. Ill put on their Mini- sir.:! next Tuesday night. Hlllard Mulr and riaroid Enyeari v. ho have been working In hotels In Kan as City and Excelsior Springs have come home for a short v|-" Hlllard plans to go i Dallas. Texas, to take a Job in t hotel. Dad Witters who has been around the school building so long as the Janitor will be seei. no more there. He is having a sale on Sat urday of this week. He will then The annual union Thanksgiving services of the churches of Hutchinson will be held Thursday morning at S o'clock at tlte First Meth odist church. Father M. L. Knln, rector _ of Grace Episcopal church will preach tile Thanksgiving sermon. The choir of the First Methodist 1 church will render the music at j the.service. Dr. Roberts In, Pulpit. Dr. T. T. Roberts, secretary 01 the Phillips University of Enid Okla., n Christian church school was in llrtchinson last evening and occupied the pulpit o{ the Firs Christian church. TOO LATE T», CLASSIFY J gooKc and duoks lor sa. Phnnp 2202M. SAVhJ your tinio and money by go liiK first for 1 ,-ifU and bonus lo lit newtsl of book and glfi atoros—Jane way'w. 14 '!nsl S '.'oond. FT>11 SALC ^i^xiu ~hi T owii cloth coat. fur tollar. cheap I'linni, 74SW. KOI'M)— Milk can. Sill Call A. K. K011I. ^/M ami hoard. 24 Most Third. . .i.i'l.\lT"iooms. 24 Cast Third. TO GIVE REC-P .ION TO THE MEW PASTOR A locept'.on ReJ. and Mrs. the . irst Ave. day evening. will bo tendered G. A. W miner, at .laptist church Fn- Rev. Wimuier Kot'Nll—A package Saturday evening. Own.'r may havo same h> .'iillir.ii for and d^ooiihlng. also paying riTjiil. Pbono 71S Wfst 13ih. .AlMi.S or ino:i Psttiii" to 01- OUISKO of 1 lufoblrison to r'lirrsfnt larg- minufacturlng n:.d supi'ty house. 44 P'-l day gun. nl-.ti od 4 live p'rono ami ss Aililrt C-12. ."or,- ows. r cently came to Hutchinison rroni El'.swor.h lo have charge of the ! n pastorate of ihe Bap.lst eluirch. I "' Tho of the chui-jfl | will be the guests and In nddit.on i all of the ministers of the city and j their wives will be inviicd. I '.EMITTED BUYING LIQUOR I AT CANTWEi-L BARN DANCE 1-IH; SAI.i:—'I've Irg typo l-'o .inn China, tiu'.lo hogs. G. II. llavlason. P nj".n. KlCna. SLIFA.SDL James Sutton, (120 Ave. A west and uelmer l.evick, 220 Ave A west, both ubuui IS . ears ol u^o were arresled late la..t u gin by the police, officers on thj cbarg" of being drunk. Whei. questioned as lo where they purchased the liquor, one of 'lie young men admitted thai It was at ihe Cult nil oarn dance west " f sterling, ac cording to Chief of Police w . E. Long. CR^ANIZE A B. Y. P. U. FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS I'll! INC 4400 AMI CALL FOR CI.ASSil'llil) Al) IIKP'I. A H!-B. Y. P. U. was organized ostl.' evening at the First Ave. Baptist church with twenty young .people signing the meniheruhlp roll. Miss Mildred Bailey was made president. Phillip Holcomb. vice presdient; Elmo Young, second" vice president; Miss Lillian Whiting, secretary; Ralph Broons, treasurer, and Mrs. Guy Winner, , planisL o to Florida where his son has a farm and h2 will help run It. Jack '. JUSTICE OF PEACF COX MOVfcS HIS OhhlCC his corn JAIL FOR MINERS ON A RIOTI 'JG CHAflGE. Wilburton. Okla., Nov. 24 — Five Miners charged with rioting in connection with a raid last July on the Kali Inla coal mine near Marbrla pleaded gullly in slate district court here today or.d were sentenced to 60 days lu jail and rined $500 erch. The cases of 32 other miners, charged jointly in tile Inrormatio'n were continued until the February term of court. bo'el 1 Maitanrt nil ""•CI. i.,,.|f(. ( >;| , Two royal tombs from the Valley of the Kings will be erected I I lu Field Museum at Chicago. t'anAnm I'i't Pan-Atnri lit Pure Oil Phillips IVIin i'o-.,lon & V.j llovr.l 1'uuh •-Uillv nil ... Si'aildard OH S anduvd OP i Kli,.|| Cn'on Od i I'.-rias <'o • White Enitle ') RAILROAD.'!: A -I' .1 S F llaltlintiru A- Ohio . Canadian Piu-h'le .. Hrlf Ry ipont Nnriliorn Ily llllnuls Central .... K C Souilioro '1'r.lliM 'I': .in.s 21".4 .'14 17 FiH 79 Vi 1"'| 39 ?a r,4-v, Chicago Produce, Chicago, Nov. 24 —BUTTER— Higher; creamery extras 47'/ic; stundards 44Vic; extra firsts 42^4 © 45c, BOGS—Unchanged; firsts 43<if> 50c; ordinary firsts 42S.t45c: refrigerator extras 30©30Vic; firsts 35c. f N J . f Ca'lf R 3',% 28 46'.. 22« Potatoes. Chlca-o. Nov. 24—POT A TOES— Early morning trading limited, market about steady: Minnesota sacked round whites 75<Q)95c: mostly SOtirOOe: Idaho sacked ruisels r'2.C0 !7j .2.25. Ch'c.--rjo Poultry. Chlca -J, Nov, 3i.—POULTRY— Alive, Higher; fowls \l\i@2lc: iiii '51 springs rs.- 1 ; roosters 15e; turkeys m?» , 27c; goc3e IBc; ducks 17c 435 .112 ..154« J" .. M.V. I 2- Cotton. Now York, Nov. 21.—Cottcn futures closed steady; Dec. 23.98© 124.00c; January 2t.23@24 21c: March 24.60fc21.l52c. Spot steady; Heal h of the City Is Very Gccd Now Dr. Guy Walker, city physician, reports the health of the city to be flrat class now, with no Bcarlei fever at all and only some mild cases and but few of them, of other so- called contagious diseases. HE SERVED TWO YEAR8 ON BATTLESHIP TEXAS James Lo Chair, who has served tho past two yoars in Iho United Stataos Navy has returned home He Is a sou ot Mrs. E. A. LoClalr of 425 Ave. V eust. While In the 1 avy ho was stationed on the II. S. battloshlp Toxza and on one trip was at ninny of the Eurorean ports, Laler bo was etatloned at Norfolk. W. Vn. Mrs Carrie Oliver Romborger v. ho lives nt Gem, Kill... is vlsitl 5 with ' r fa.her the Rev. Oliver. Mr. Cl.ver Is poorly. A Presbyterian missionary, Mr. Adair from Africa will bt at the Evangelical church "Sunday morning at which time the church will take their annual Thank Offering tor mis-ton work. STOLE $30,000 WORTH OF DIAMONDS AT K. C. Kansas City, Nov. 24.—Dirmonds valued nt perhaps 530,000 were slo'.en by three men who today held up and robbed tho Barr anil uunn Jeweiry company In the heart of {he downsown district. W. R. Dunn, one ot the proprietors and several employes were forced into a>back room while the men gathered their loot. Tlte exact value of the stolei diamonds cannot be ascertainc until a check has been intulo 0 the firm's safe, J. H, Burr, one o. the partners said, but he estimated the loss at $30,000. In addition to the diamonds a number of watches and emtalenia were taken. After having held his Just ice court at 20% West Sherman for the pasi tour years, Justice of Peace T. F. Cox will move inn. new offices in the McCurdy build ing on Thanksgiving Day. He will open court In the new location Friday morning. HL1ND AD ItKI'l.lKS A -10—1 0-11—. i;-7— 2 p -11-1 C-ll— 1 '1-5-1 F.-lt—.1 -10-4 .1-10—3 .10—2 K- 11— 2 .'11-1 1 . - y— 1 v-7—1 ji-a— 2 U '-n—3 MO 1. t, ..-!>.,..£,. o: ,li-i. uiioiia iillverilsi 'mt-nu for the ourr .'nl dav'a 'taui- ,-nnnoi he accepted HIOI than 12 a ir. foi Tha Newi anil B on) for The Heialtl All chanKPP and Hill* rei-ive .1 altti those hour, will lane (feet in folelowina dov Tb Hulohtn ^on News-Hl-rulu te a llttuiler of The APSIietal Kin of Newi lupet '""Ifiairfled Advertising ManuKni «hcb ineliaics resdins. ni-v/.pa |.<rt 1 hi nutrition the oouni -y a/.J rois foi it. aim the elirr.inall on ,if frnliduleni ml ml.! clDssiflort ndvermtng 'ft,, llulehlnjioii New. H ni'il u. wel m evety olhot rnemlici of the jsaoolo '1011 pndepvot. to nrlnt only Iruthfu VVunl Ada and will ant.reciate havlna 11. ntlentlon culled 10 any ai'.vert'ae mini nnl vonfnrminB to iho hlgbeal ,'oidurdK f honouty All , la&sillert Hda will bt- mac ted ooth m.fining anil evening tsmiert 01 ihe paiot. An ad which ta Accented foi n slnirip Insertion v. lit apoeur In both The News anil The Herald '"laa'dfled adveitialiiB term.* ar* ash Phone uid-'rs ore aiv -enled f>' ...invenlericp, but with Ihe urderstanrl mil ihnt hiPv wltl he uaid nn nreser •upon Wives may be bought on the stalltnent plan In Pondoland. southeast Africa. Lovebirds, once popular for "fortune-telling" in Englund, arc becoming scarce. CORI ECl'IOf. OP CLPSSI^IED AD ERRORS The .News and The tleialtl will lie oe reanunalble for mn-p than one In corrocl insertion of anv itdverliaeitien' ordi ri\ foi nmie than one nmo Heron noi ihe fault of ihe advertlsPra tt'hici- -•:eurly l.-aael) lh" real value of lh< advertia ment wt'l he r--t'liried only by Duplication without extra rliarip wlihln FIVF dnys afiet ln«erlinn. N, repuhlioatlnli vvl:l he made when tht nrrnr does no! maiejta'ly .free! lh. iir-.o: ^tij^Apa ^i|i ;o .mnrlind at asuoi FAREWELL TO THE RETIRING TEACHE 31 . 701; 1 aoi2 i middling 24.50c. GRADING TOWNSHIP ROADS WIJH COUNTY EQUIPMENT Some ot the townships are hiring tho county to grade their roads. Recording to W. A. Stacey, county The Home Builders class ot tb First Chrlstlr.11 cliurca taught L .tohn Co^nuughion will have basket supper in the church din :,.o:n this evening aa a furewell . Mr. Connuugh.on, Wupper will L served at 7:30. This CIUSB Is coi. posed ol 50 young married couple: Mr. Cotinuugbton Is leaving sou; for Washington, B.C., to local there. He recently resigned as olt) 1 attorney of Hutchinson. He was active, us a teacher in lite Christian Sunday school. THE NEW BU3CK C0AC21 « IS HERE I

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