The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, May 27, 1932
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Last Edition VOL. LV.--NO. 191. AP) Mean* Associated Press. T HE WEATHER FORECAST FOR MARYLAND: Local thundershowers this afternoon AT tonigrt. Cooler tonight. Saturday generally lair and cooler. Full XEA Service. FREDERICK, BSD., FRIDAY. MAY 27. 1932. * * GOBLEKIZM SAYS HE BOUGHT 10 RECESS MY INTERSTATE TRUST TO TUESDAY! Crowd Presses To Hear Walker Quizzed State Attempts To Prove Pro- Testimony Of Witness Today j gressive Increase In Obli- ' Directly At Variance With That I gations. Of New York Mayor. SEEK TO SHOW CENTRAL : LATTER DENIED ANY SECURITIES UNCOLLECTIBLE! KNOWLEDGE OF DEAL Legal Problem Involved In Efforts To Collect Argued Before Court. Cumberland, Md, May 27.--Delving No Question But That Trans- j action Was For Mayor, Says j i : Commissioner. I T.UI-I. «* TWELVE PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS BE LEGAL IN CITY ON HERE SATURDAY EVENING ( Much Interest Being Shown In i Mass Meeting. mm CONTROL Banks Will Ciose And Postoffice j i Will Also Observe Special i Hours. : · NO RURAL FREE DELIVERY ; SERVICE. ANNOUNCEMENT nc-u "lie sia.e wxiiij. atwnui*.^i w : wvmx*a-*.* *V\A.». .»-·« ^^-^ prore a, progressive increase in obliga- j 539.000 which was sen' ttons ^rhfch over a long period of time I . v j^,, b e ;the" led the bank, into insolvency. Mr., * ";. ~ . " " J. "Waike;- or his secretary. Edward , ! York. May 27 (AP).--Park Cominto a part of the trueSload of records i missioner Walter R. Herrick testified beef the Central Trust Company which; » ore ,x e Hofstacter legislative commit- j were transported from Frederick to th^s i ' ' , he fall o , 19 , 6 _ ' citr ·where the trial of the bank's! %CT -v*~~i - · __ ! president. Emory L. CoWentz. is beir* j bought 300 shares of Interstate Trust . held, the state today attempted to! Company stock: and paid for them with · to htm fro: _ Mavor James led ttse bank, into insolvency. Mr., " CcKemz is charged with receiving! money for deposit tn the EUicott Cityj branch when he knew the Central j Mayor Walker, while on the stand j Trust Company was insolvent. j yeswrdsy and Wednesday, denied he Tttese obligations, the state sought i nad ever owned "directly or indirectly" to prove, grew steadily, with the great-! ,~ r i~ ers tate stock. i PYOPIMCPC flnnmmrprl Fnr est sum being the 52,623,429.86 owing! x- ae njayor testiSed a. black of the tXerCISBS Announced TOP September 2, when the bank closed, by | jroet had been laid aside for him when the Central Securities Company as the: ,_£ company was organized and that collateral Isted to .secure the bank's | n e told several of his friends, including loan to that concern. The state made j Herrick. they might buy some of K but special effort to prove that this loan ; j e i-o^j never had any of the stock- ! tras not collectible. \ Herrick said that whether the S39.000 j Other transactions testified to were j came to him from the mayor or from ' those to which the bank held bonds of; stanton, there was no doubc in his · tlie Pittsburgh Investment, Company.; rnind that the purchase was made for j and an agreement between the bank j Mayor Walker. He said he delivered ; and the Guarantors Investment Com- i -v. e stock to Stanton with the under- j pany. One transaction involved a j o^r-rjing k was to go to the mayor, j sum Tchlch. it. was testified, was owed; Herrick testified that some time later . to the bank by Lena Shry. a young- he asked the mayor if he still had the . p rooram Completed For Senior girl who clerked there. ' stock. j ^ W-I- eve-v «ea' filled. and with milling: hundreds outside the cjor stnvins » e "'-* r ;:v ' % '·"·'····*'· ^- *· M: r by Samuel Seabury went through :ts second day. The fisrare 1 indicates Seabury. N ^ l" Ma? or \\ .i-s-GLASS DAY TO BE TM »»*«*« Special Exercises To Be Held At \ \ \ { Cemetery And Memorial ! Ground. i Oil Truck Hits Passenger Machine And Catapults it Across Street. ACCIDENT AT 5.30 A. M. HEARD TWO BLOCKS AWAY ! Crash At Square Corner Described At Subsequent Hearing In Peoples Court. ^» . T r - - / O 7 ~ 7 County High Schools Names of 173 prospective county hi?n id.i.ite.» -r. Ju:ie were ar.- x James C. B'.ehl. ·anced all the prj;pe.:ive grad- Gsrrison. Cljrot-.r'- W-lliani Muss. Rooort Hammer Wi:-_u-jid. Catr.--ri:ii- Jcar.-tte \VjlkcrivUlr Ilijh School. nrn«T.c.-:e»'iii Tuesday, June to a'ddko- to the 178 prospective Sirred Irer.e Burner. Grace ^- r t \ . w . r f . v . . w . . . r*.· ,, *-.! ,.. *?,....- TT».,»r.-v- f--»-»l.»- pus At 4.30 O'clock In Afternoon. J graduates in ihe otner r.izh schools . · of the county, the present list of pros; pective graduates from the Frederick fc Srhooi is 16!. but it is not oer- Eller. Chipley. Mary Eleanor Cramer. Mildred Elizabeth Cramer. Dorothy Car- oliec Crum E'.::fr Grare Etzler. Ethel Louise Hahi!. Vijla Ka.henr.e KMd. i 'Tiiil O _i-ivW-rk « * * . * * » . « « . · « · -- _ - ! t a£. that all -.hase listed wiil receive j ilade.iae *TM=* M f'- : Mfm^rial Iiy E*T.-ra!ly obs^rA-ed will be marked here with »;vc- Ul v-ere:r.o:-.if5 a*. M! Oliv.*t cemetery, ·shore the graven of many sold'.'rs sre Thf serM.-e-s. spor^jrod by Francis S- ·:'. Kev poft T..I .".a:eri-j.i Legion. ar.d t the W.m- r.'s Auxiliary, -xi'.l jv'h'xiuled to £e co^-l-id'XS about 4 Banks »ill be cl »ed here ar.d · ;hrw:?hout the county, as the day !s ; a :cj[l holiday There all: be little Other holiday o^xwrvanc*. a:srt , from the use of a sp v cin! shed- by the p^loSUv and the ran-'e"a- DR IRA L.ANDRITH. Combir.i:-.; nit as.-! !:um-r « a -leaker ^as-.drith. ch,ttrni-\:i -^ l''.e .^a'.'.jna. of WarJ-B'-linoTt C-l!^e and »ae-tiss:« pa:'.did;y.- for \toi-prr.«n;e!i: .·' the United Statf. will su-idr,--v a ra'.ly :..- pro- :·.:·,,: will trwi a'- 730 f Ti* city's traffi: light control box a - , the Sqitare Comer had a narrow e^-.x;»t- from a third disaster early this n-..'r:;.r..: aj; a h*avy sedan, catapulted from '.he cvr.ier of the street by the for^e of impact with an oil truck, came to a stop or. its ;ld a scant three Vocati? A;n;ti!ttire--Ja.iv's Ward , t; o:l o ; rural delivery Schools and n AT Q{1 TO MFET SAMF, I j A Y nLOU 1U lllljUl un^lU vn. i , ; their diplomas, and the announcement The defense intimated that this transaction would be explained when | its opportunity to testify arrived. : One Morning Witness. : Only He said the mayor replied: "No. I put iz up for collateral on a Ic -z and it's aH gone." Walker denied on the stand yesterday Cammffr.cement Friday. June 3. civ. and in several instances baseball Academic--Frederick Gordon Cramp- gsr ,i e s will be plav-i. ton. John I ancis Davt5. Paul Havcrn i xhe loca! prvstofRce schedule cails for Dawson. Wor-thington Glenn Tyler. ', opening of the windows from 7 to 9 James Howard Wa'-r^, Eleanor Louise i o - c iock IR the icom:n?. one morning Webster Blickor.- Sastan. Kathryr. Emnia Mane Cham- i ee'.ivcry ar.d two collertio::.-. Most of Hanson Draper. Robert ' bers. Gertrude Mae Elizabeth Dowery. j t!le postal employes will be permitted Prospective graduates as announced ^ ^ ^ follows: " Middletown Hi^h School. commencement. Wednesday. June 3. Class Outdoor Activities. ! M ^ink Harri-'vemon Fru^nour. Harrj- [ ^ ar 5' Henrietta Gr-.-.y. Anr.i Bwwlsa i to spend the day as a holiday. !^o;^mrRichaVdS;r^elKefauver.;I-^nib. Janie Lucile Po,oy. 1 Harold Eugene Kinr.amaa. Carro.! 1 Charges ing f or senior «"* esanuner in charge o£ the mayor's is soda". Class-Day a. roaf." Herrick testified j wiTi be the mo mencement. The Alumnae Association 1 Kquidatioo, and his testimony was in regard to the maze of ing tae "Bank's transact: years. The testimony, while an involved nature, nevertheless pro- ! incorrect." he said on the stand today, cob'.e^-z to Brodbeck Hall. defense "except that the mayor testified differ- j _^ t 4 39 o'clock the Class Day exer- ! Loveil. William Holand Lu-:. Cecil Fuime- Kara Elizabeth Gav- i Day Widely Observed. Memorial Day has been widely ob- scned since 1863. when Ks mark.: was "oegun in the northern states by ! the decoratun of graves of the soldiers The observances of Confederate Memorial Dae varies throughout the South. | som? states markinz " as early as April 26 and others as late as June 3. In Virginia May 30 is commonly observed - The day is a legal holiday in all parts of United Sta;«s except the South when the varyini dates are observed. The I can only say the ; c i xs will be held on the campus. The I thought | -.a- are i chain is the chief feature of the --not Decoration Day." ceeded fairly rapidly, as the oelense j "eTcep Interposed few objections t* the read- ; e ntl. yesterday. ing of the records. These records show- j testimony I gave was wha ed the increase in capitalization of the i was correct." ; Class Day program. It is carried by the ; -pi ora trust company from time to time, the j Prior to calling Herrick to the stand. |SO? homores .ar.d the seniors march be- | s -^« er Loii^e Rath Summers. Vada j , _,,__. ,,,, T nr , n ,, 1n r,n increase in dividends and earnings, and j Samuel S^bury, counsel Jor the tn- ; Iwen :ne . TO chains o: iaure l to the j Ru , h Warlenre!B . Esther Elizabeth | ; GARNER BILL PROVIDES , Wizard. Fran^ Virginia Wise. M,crea OTHER SHIPS bilND All) ,, « « ,, ,, - , ,, n A n m ni,r IIHE: f I-.*, i*. c*iii«3.i^v -;i v-* " * - _ . , - - . r-- r~ i ~r J Virginia Haupt. Ruth Na- ! Collision !n FOQ Early Today ; Grand Army of the Republic ir. 1882 : Keile-- Do--ofnv Louise Reeder. Mar- ] urged fcs observance as "Memorial Day Kathrj-r. Rice. Lilly Jane Ropp, j Off Block Island. dna Schrover, Olive Sussar.e ; ·c-de Dr. Landrtths aod---. Much interest ^ IKL::^ s!i ·noss mctX::ig. Vouu; People .-· ar.d the ivwnsv. The speaker -AI! a_-d J. DJ-J?:K Dr Landrith is reported 5'Vietie^ sh i :n :iie . :y the i iklin S. Gicker. ·j.:\z ineir dausrntcr Martha. 10. all of a^ed car unhurt saic for a slighc chest bruL-* to Mrs. Gic!Er, tfce driver. She received medical treatment and they i.v:etie* of Frederick · preparv j t; r,. sunr sc some tune this aft- iho .ire s^orin? « j r , noon . he , r ... p ^ Buffalo. N . y.. J O IM- intriKiucev.. S;, -.v.- , :i}aln( , repalr .5 to their automobile, y of the h v^t s , xramar, J. Knauff. Woodbine, ir,ti u Frvdor:ck .rom Q , .,, r ..-.j.^^ to ;d justice Beni Anr.apoli«. followi:^ a meeting at Reada ht , arlni . ,,, peopies Court lat in?. Pa. Ir-roin here he ?oes. -A-i:h oilier | mQ7nin! , -, hat !ie tb ou 5 ht his s t members of the Allied Campaigners, to Del . Norr:;.v A n. P.v . Har- i rUbur? P.t . Pr.n«'.-r.. N. J . ar.U otn- I or c:::.-.=. State.'. ho . jr _ , a ....,, . woodbine, driver JusUcc Bennett at later this speed at waj . not morc lhaa :0 miles ieaded guiltr «, a charge s . ve he right ,,, way mm APPEAL the dailv statements as to bills payable, j vestigation. declared that Walter's test- j S ; O1B :. ma--ial ticie of the Laurel Chain ·which Uie state sought to show grew · imony had been var^ on all points and i s on g i which wns written by the class steadily to indicating weakness on the j that Walter T. Sherwood's "Sight" -n | o; cart of oani; omcials in stemming j the face o: them. I ri-t- Coort Formulates Question- j After strong objection had been j Tin · Oneida Wolfe. 1912. Carolyn Siiepard. '3-J. o: Belle- I " Vi i ea; i D=a i Agriculture--Paul Daniel v _ _ _ _ 3 COUNTY POSTOFFICES f accusation is ericesce of ! rx Pa . ^ c^t-rcan'of the sophomore ' -^^^~y. e Tighter L'ert, Harold S. N - C7 ,- London Conn.. Mav 27 fAPi.-- _ (activities on Class Day. .Miller. Th-' Merchants' and Miners freight $1OO,OOO Woodsboro $55.,_,,,,, 'ii-niinTITIT ! Pailo^lns the ?pr-ssior Louise Pat-; Emmitsbnrff Hi s h School. 'steams an- the steamer Citv ^ ^ ^ _ .^ ,, ._,, MEMORIAL to j terson. of OanneiliV.He. Pa., president ; of the senior class, will give ?.n ; w.H present th president of the junior voiced by Leo Weinberg. this city, attorney for the defense to the state's question as to what efforts were made collect on the Central Securities how much had teen collected. ; Min i sterla | Association To Have ; *e »«"*; :i nimself formuiatea tne · . ; nor MacMu-an Charo-6 Of Exercises. i be read by Estella HoSmaa of Red Lion. Commer.cemerx. IxJ in a fo? o2 OOO Emmitsburg. Brunswick. Academic -- Eu^pne ?. Zachartas. Mar- g; oc i rs; in d today, the Grecian sink- class. Alva. Durk.?e of Baltimore. --"- question in the following formt i The Frederick Memorial Cemetery,! located one-half mile west, of Free- . ^ "Whas efforts have been made to j collect?" i Authority was then cited by Leo j Weinberg to show that it was rot necessary inite When t had under lenr :o. collect the Central Securities ce_.. . . . . .. ;fkr the closing of the bank September ! ^^ ~ M cecauon 3. The question appeared to be wheth- , """"' "*^" er the --ourt coul-d adniit testimony as j to the effort? of tli-i r--slver to col" |Pa.: the senior :'j ss sor.c. -s-ritten oy iCC2l FoUowmg a procedure m otner cities, those directly interested in the new that Frederick tending more to make the "oans Inso.v- e~t.. Adjonm Tonight. AprtL i orial Cemetery Company was incor-! : oersted 'indsr the laws of Maryland, j Bachelor of Arts. Catherine Beury Avars. Elizabeth. X. ! J.: Lillian H^ird., ?a : l Scit'n May Beck. Portland. Pa : Jane utterly. Scrantor.. ?3: Anna Elizabeth Boyer. Arendtsville. ?a t Sara Louise Branthoover. Greensbur?. Pa t Marie Madeline 3rowr.. Harr^bur?. Pa : %'.-.-ienne Mar.e Car^-^n, Austin. ?a.: - (COXTIXUED OX PAGE 5} b« r.o session iegal " oliiiay. there 's--"-"of court -''. ' ?sciar. Up to noon today there hac been no ."Sstiasony from ar.y Frecencii persoti. ·with the exception of Mee'ss. who has been stationed there since shortly after the bank closed. (COXTI1S UKiJ OK PAGE 5) HOT SON INDIRECT CAOSE OF FIREMEN'S COOL DINNER iret Gillelan. Maiert Peninah Gingeil. EfEe Rebekah Hoke. Mamie Glayds Kelly. Novella Edith KeUholtz. Margaret Eliiiabeth Rouver. Delia Pauline Riley. Mary Alice General--Clyde Joseph Eyler. Charles Jacob Eoke. Ode'.: Shank. Wei- dan B. Shank. William C. Smith. Liberty Ilisrh School. Commencement. Thursday. June 3. Academic--Isaac Eccar Nirocerr.uJ. Helen Marie Barton. Alice Katharine Diil-er. Ruth Naomi Lor.-. Elizabeth I R. Bessie May Reiy. Margare-i Marie Rippeon. Mary Christine Smith. Lenora Alice Sparrow, Irma Cele?te Ger.era.1--James Allen Garber. Patil Eugene Lon;, James Isacore Wriznt Edith Blanche Royston. Thurmont High School. Commencement. Monday. June 6 Arademi:--Melvin Whitman Ambrose. Ber.ton Arnold Arbaujn. Riciiard Alfred Hauver. William Walter Hayes, Harry Lester Krone. Edrrar Xe~. in Rhodes. Paul Roy Stot'.learier, Wilson Atville Stuli. Richard Price Tr -~3. : iary Gra~e Bassard. Str.el Anr.e B.-aers. .ne ^ a loss of four lives The Ciiattano^za rescued the remaining 32 rr.jir.bers of the's crew .ind d-r ng tlie rr.c-minj tr.e bodies r" three of the four mor. lost-were recovered by -one of ". .e coat suard era" ru5r.e^ " y the scene at firct reports of the accident It was reported, but not postit.vel- Yerified. that 'Z. L Forrest. =-:ona assL^tant. engineer, and Charles Crowley. a steward. vore twj of t"n: j .-.--· perisii-jd. : Should the Garner relief bili now bei fore Congress be adopted. county would be m laie for three ne* poo'cffice buiiciinsrs out. of the S!5i.- ISO noo fund for new public bui'.Jings. . of the bi!!. jtirt an- nciuiccd. rc^t^l that ^r.-? of tlie stcnv- it for a S100.0PO postofSce at Woodsboro. while Brunrairk and Emaiili- . hurt: -KO-J'.Q n?~ buildlnss sor'-.l S55 000 The b.H ha-s born brought forth as a cirr;..:-.? out the pr ^r.i:n o: j broa , n . by offlcer Alton Shaff of the .n 587 cities in t-io Un.ted . dav pM ^ , o , c( . and was 3ned S5 ! The Tidewater Oil Company, owner of tlw truck, aisuuied all responsibility for the accident and repairs to the Gicker automobile. The crash, which occurred at 5 30 i o'clock, could be heard as far away as the postoftlce. Mrs. Gicker was 1 driving north on South Market street. · ar.d KrtaufI was headed east on West ; Patrick street. KnauS said he applied his air brakes but they did not have time to take hold. Two witnesses. John P. Miller and Melvin Caibaugh, tcstlfled that the trucfc was joiny "pre£- ·.y fast" but they could not estimate itit speed. Despite the force of the" Impact, badly damaging the Gicker automobile. not a piece of glass was broken. The rctir wneels were both broken, the I rear fenders crushed, and the automo- I bile body dented on both sides. The occupants of the car were extricated with some difficulty and the automobile later removed to the Ideal Garage. Oil from the truck tank, which was spilled over the street, was later absorbed with the use of ashes, and cleaned. Ask High Court To Pass On Decision Involving $186.000. IU ri?WTD)iT TBIICT ffl ' "ar fenders cr 1ft UijRlML I n U O l 00, j b i l e -0^^ dent The County Commissioners have taken to the Maryland Court of Appeals ! their claim to priori'.;.- .n the distntu- j tion oi the assets of the c!-.sed Central j Trust Company, by a.«kin? the highest j np . state court to review the decision of the Circtn: Court of Frederick county denvuiz th» romrp.L^i-ir.ers their claim in the SiSo.ODO county school bond is- F. H. S. BANQUET PLANS The appeal *a.= filed Thursday eve- . nir.? by W. Cltr.:.3n MjSherry. attorney \ S3 th» i-33imis.;i^ner.', together w i t h the [ Reunion And Dance To Be Held On June 10. Arrangements are progressing lor affidavit of Jshr. W. Hol'er. president ; Uie Frederick High School Alumni As- of the b-jard. that the ap- ' sociation's annual banquet and. dance peal is not be in; tak-r. for purpo?3s of delay. The Cirru'.t Cxirt the appeal is t.ii-n dC'-i.'iin on which .; that gr-en by Judges Hammond Urner ar.d D. Willard. March 29. that no trj't. as contemplated by the statute, was creatird in tri** C^mrnLs^i^ners" de- oo«.t of tr.e funds m the trust company. ( :n b» held Friday evening. June 10. in Cobientz Hal!. Hood College. This -sii! be the first year that the gathering has not been neld at Braddocic Height.-:. It is believed by those in charge that, a greater number wiH attend because of its being held in the ceeded for Boston with the rescued afvr reporting her QTT. passcr-icrs and Tr.* Grecian left Zj=:~.r. last ni;"r.t for Norfolk carrying general freiz'r.t and no --·? c --l- : '- Chattar.jC-ga. jThicr. -e.t ,. ar . Q , ;hl , p an fl a a v.xst! Wh. :h" Circuit Co-irt stafdl that it j has secured an ouUtanding musical Xew Y tor 3oc r. ^f- sign., p.o- pub j. c prcsram. with t'ne i _? -regrettable" t.ia, s.'uatiun oc- j nrgan^ati^n, in ihc person of "Ty" --tpectation of!! emplovmen many p*rs*--ns ihrtKKhout ti'.f nation ! be classed as a prior claim. | chestn of thirteen musicians, with Tne bill ailnts S630COO \r- Marvjni j When tne 1 ; sought fur- j versatile rnsisic and instrumentation. for po3tr,HiCes vilcri*". rcost of wr.icn are In the S70.0CO class The mca.=-jre Tiould also provide $81.893289 natjon- C eciar. was ·· st-^1 5~-:w stearn- cperatei by the Merclianto and Miners .-·vr.-. -r -s-ris The Ct-v o! Chattar..-za a Ri "'" Sh-? nr_- on tlie l.r.- v- :-? Ss-.3r.r-ih. ^rew York ar.i B'-s'or. s-ojrurs. ;t held that the mrn;y could not ! zcizler. Harrisburg. Pa. and his or- I be classed as a prior claim. i wrien tne rommi3Si-r.3r.^ souznt . tlT-r to nave th-ir c'.a.rn rerojr.ised on ! The orchestra has experimented with i the irrour.ds T.e mor.ev. cerKJsited .- ne 7i;e of :ile ntecan libra harp for or- by ' rcr nv*r and liarbnr pro.-ectJ,. is one of the rr.ost .in- laid there by tne M_ J. Grove Ltaae; Company, and shrubbery planted.' Eight internjents have been made, and: Auto Crash a number of Iol-s have been purchased i by local persons. Acjacen- property ; is available for more than 8.000 burials. = __--. ?.nd lots may be had at reasonable Blincine 5-jr.li2::it. on the Rc-^knlle pr.ces on easy terms. ; ?iie near Rociville Tr.urjsday ca-iMd The decicalion of the cemetery and . -r ;r.":ry of "wo youths and nesrlv Madlrn Huth Brown. Heler. France 5he left N»w York list r.ijnt. BosVoo- Summons Them From Feast At RockviHe. Market Waits . consecration of the ground on Stiniay dUr York, May 27 ·'A?'«.--Th-e *tock" will be presided over by Rev. Dr. Amos "^d i^iS 1 szin'is. -iiTin^T of ,r^s v/ckvill-e Vol-.r.^c-r Fir-: D^psrttr^r.T at Derr., Anna. Sweeney D^ Alice Cath- cnr.e Dy.^rt. Annabelle Virginia Eby. Mildred Madeline Hsltz. R-^gina Pticlis Kelly. Mary Katcryn Peel, llar-arct. L-'-u^e Pryor. Ocessie Irene Sm-th, ?-Iar- 2~ierlt^ Elizabeth Sn.', £ly. Mury Catii- er-.r.e Wilaide. Ruth Eliza oeth Wilr..dr-. Edr.a Ruin Wills. Dc-rotr.v Mart.n Wise- mar.. Martha Blarj^'ne Yinilir-g Gcr.e'al -- James R^yiton Fralt-y K*-r.- Jo5 aiarket settled into z -^chftil -aitmg , Jo=n ^ra-.e.-. president c-f t^-e altitBde txtey afwr yesterday's late up- erick CltT Min^teria- Associatsoa. Re.. tens. The rjor.-r^rCisan statement o f ' Dr. G. Ellis Will^rr^. pastor of Calvary sesaioriai leaders expressins d««rir.i- raaaoa to the b-;=c--: w-.-h rs- pcrts of a swine toTrard tr.e rr.nnu- Fred- : h? fire factnrers' sales tax. -srcre wide!.. c- jtcribed in banking and brokerage cir- c'«s as encouragir.g. Ster"_jis ca'sles opened at 53.68%. off % cent. money roiswed at 2-- per cent. THE WEATHER TODAY on for 24 ho-trrs end-Tg 7 a. in., today--r.or.s. Precipitation Inches. Kay to Jat«--6 60 M. E church, ^rfll make ihe address and o'rsr »ca! min-sters --111 partc- i?s.t*. A ctiaret -f ncms frr-m :":fe choir of the United Brethren, church The program is as follows i "Jes-i3. Lever of My So:;!:' Twcr.'.y- thSrd psslm: first lesson. G^n '23- 1-20. 13-'.S: Tr.e G=spcl. Jc-hn 14- !-£· hTTnr. O. G^c O:r Help Ir. A:^ Pa?::" respir^ive read.ns, sdclr^.-. Dr. Will.?rr.s: r.Tmr.. · Ten "n-.?tisar.i Tirr== Ten TTv-usand " Officers of the ccrr.etery ccnipar.v are- John L. Martin?i-::-. TV. V a . prei.dent: C^psr E. Cljnc. The f.rprr.e- had ;us rescue call. ~K.:r.^ f. *· ar.-d were or. :.-.c_r ~sy t--- the i^-ciier." After the f.r«r.£r. had -he 5-rr.*r. ;mg. whj 7,-ere a.i^r.r .r. t jttjr.z over the dir- r.-er. cis-:o-. cr^rd that tlis c-"-r~2.r. ticcets ro'i.-- ce pro~""v3'-"'~ A -s-- *-^--j3"ie"" "--- "·* ^-^ ''*%" of V?:a-t:-r^l A?ricul-tirs -- W.lllarr. J:s-.pit '3?.-^f~ ZCAiT. Da-.i=; Bale.-. Vtr- S37".;c. K-:-r.--:r. R.-oert Wagarr.--. Brnns«vicfc Hi;h School. Tu-;s:a:.'. , 7 A"5cerr..D -- Goor;2 Ber.;.=-m-:. Circ. Artaur Sylvester Flora. Howard Gr^--.-_- Kic-re.1 W:llia-n Preston Sp.:;il*;r. Emma. Lot-^e 3^jtl-._ Eva Gsr-rude 3j~e-- bound. She 15 a craft ?f 4 Z4Z r.-?- tons. Tne ?torv of the collL^i^n wa^ "0*3 grapl-.-cally" in radio mcssaaiai picked up bv trso Radio Marine Cor^'ra'ion Th» first from the C.ty of Chattanooga said. -At about 1 50 a m . e s t. we struct tl.e steamer Grecian ar.d site w«- aiichcred Crew and pa==r:ig-:rs · of tr.e Chat'ar.-c«ea all r.?r.t A -e~ rr.inutcs ia'er the Chattanonga ·VTe ar« b".j»-r.e thr^r blaf- a' ir.- ·*-..*:= ar.d swarrr.-.r.; f-.-r :r--n-.ler?^of 2-c; fc-.sts" At 3 33 z m . the ?--.-.r.i---r Or.tano "We d" r.^-t r.e--cl a-v s- s "he City cf Chat-.-.r."j,i. -f tr.o iir.'-d bv trv ther" rVrder.c'rt co-;r.ty. The "·j- tr.e i-on:rr.i 1 i5ir-r.er5 rather than the ci-jnty troaf ;r .was ;o deposited in v.olati;n nf la-*, the cr.irt in a decision p--stoffire cen-^rs ;n thi5 · of April 2= recosn.i:d c.a.m to a d-xns: an .inr.-ial b'isiness f i t i l.rr..--?fi **.·· r.: Wlt.le r.ot tjy proportion '.o the re'".e siaejita'us o' the S1SO C"X) '· nd issue-, tne "*· .vll-.Vnnc:' t"i""e:rv ir.uus-! a s^Taratc do's-- '·f 5:4-583707. and The c-fSc" ran'-i": .'ecCTid t' all-'~fd as ar.^r c.nni an'-r- :',- in b-isirscs.- d-jr.* in th* 1 i minea ijrr: r.^t ISA-S than SI 000 r.or. as .t i appeared, more than S56.287.53 a.-fsr.t prr-.ofric b-ai' a.-J 'Tr.e r.85.000 prior claim stil; remam- navsw-.rk ani Emrr.i;rb';rE haie ^ ur.zrar-.ted and .t is on t.--- quas- t.^r. "r.e corr.rn.A.-icr. i rs seek the rj'.r.z of tr.e C:.ur- .f Appeals. ^r; d'^rr.^d inati'-qust' 1 Ne-.' post- f.fvs 3t ETl-Ci" Citv. R^civ.'l" ar.c .ir.r'-.c'N r.r" a-^o^-o :n th» srTl.'.r.d a'l-tnten- E?.'h "f t.^e^p o-jld bo in the S7C PfO virs chestra and r.?w use it as a background of appeal and coloring. The organization has just completed a dance and stage tour that extended into th" fir and middle West and the New Ens-arse! states, and are now headed for the summer season in Florida Annour.fements have been mailed to all members, and David M. Kemp, secretary, -eports that an indlcatiooa point to the largest assemblage In tha '.en tears" existence of the asEOciat""*;. i LINDBERGH TO TAKE PART IN PROSECUTION Coarh. · May 27 -AP. --Th* ap- \ tt'in- T.»--nt ·'·' !»' H 'Sp £*" ^Veo'o - · th? N^val Aca^l-^rr.y ac 1-*^^ rc^-"h of J Eipfscll. N. J . May 27 iAp).--Co: Charles A L.r,db"rgh is ready *··* t.=ikc a pers-j:ial liar.d .r. -he pr--s*c Jihr. H Curt^ :cr "he Imax t Bible C-lass Meets. The regular monthly meeting of TJM Lad.ts' Bible Class of the Evanse-cal Reformed Sunday School was I-.-?:i Th-,:r.5dav ev«nmc in the church parlors, with the president. Mrs. J. H. Schmidt, pix^icins. After the devo- ·ion pr=i the rtjtilar btzsiriess TSZS ut:?r. ot - iiie P.-..,^ Normal May prec.p.Ut-or.--3 SO irich- vire-prcr-.cent: Vrill.arr, C. P,--cer.r-c. lyyz a "tasftr-r^r :~ tlv: Sto-t. o." Poo".."!e. to C--jn,". Kosp.'il est actual May. 1931--352 Inches. Excess In 1932 precipitation to Maj 1--2.46 'nches High temperattire ycstercay--90 High, tercperature a year aro--S4. Low terr.perat^rre last night--3 Low temperature a year a;o--49. Sun i-eto" -rxJay--728 p. m Sun r - r s t n-.orrG.'-- 4 47 s. m. Mocn r.f-o t T.-.r: .-.,--: 19 a. m. aei5 usuc-rrow--1-07 p. at. secretary: ar.c Harr.r.-iond Clary, trtas- Spring -xr.ere ·sas .17 Inrh of Rain Today. Ar.otr.-er t'r.ur.cer,"ho~£r early ·,."--s f_-st a.d bv tr.e Sr^ fri Hall told S^r?:. Rcy Bc-d-.or Cl--"-;- Grarr-=. Sdra M. Hsrlev. S'li.-" Margaret. Ger.ev.eve Lorriir.* Sm.t-t ^:·.·.r.-: \tar- ?aret. Waltz. Mir^^rct 3 irr-is v." . r .- M.ldred Mae Wc-i»:r l.arn O. Barker, TriDm^ J-x-^p.T B..ike. Paul W. Dear.. r»rmsr. W Gai'h-r. er Ve-- an O Pa-:. L-e.-tcr , SXr. Earl W. Keystc-r. Gl^-r.r. R. M-- · Qulller.. Carroll J Pxr-?r= R Statr? C ."cr Upchur I"-' 5 .? a.=-s-_v..r.3 :r. :lie scar:.-. -ivrrci. ' 3st 3e Tr.-? Tie That ffl:o~-:-d bv liie Lori's Prayer and M-rro.n b=r.ed.r-.^- The rr.soi^i; --as then j^ rliarje of the comtmt;«e for -he --on-h with 5Trs. J. Leor.ard Xot- r.airi? rl-.3; The -folio-sing pr?ram WAS rendered. Piano duet. Misses HUa Elcr Helen Buesing: reac- iras."; Mrs. Walter Fcaga: solo, Donald L."athtrrrr.3n: reacir.j. Kathenne Eci- "·'t?' resiir.- l!rs rhcmas CuUer. He- fr«h.T»n-j -ere then se-pu. The coa- rrftfe fcr tl-.e Jurse ritee " afternoon brought .17 of ar, inch of rain Corpl. Harry Mcr=or., ;f aoc-tv.llo ?o- ' Riser, Cec.l M. 3. Stsippy. R*- br;ra Copper. Mary Ci'-herlr.e lx!idre E-.rlyn Rtter.'jur, Frev^rn fc.r. .li V.ra.i.ii RJ.-V Spi-.-.r. Fac V.r- s.r...; j to Frederick and twa degrees crop in , li.^e Headquarters, tr.a: he -.-as o"! I ternperai-irt;. Before tr.e rair. the max- r bv the brtgr.t. s.jr.l.jht srJ c-.c r.ct rft i imurn t£2tpc*ature fsr the da was S3 :r.r p..r.-ttd t-^-k ,,:/,.! h» '-as t-x c oi^ !ri-^rt-5. After u^ shower it aas 8S de- to » \ r.:- Then tl;s lirerr.-n returned i srees. ,, i i» «"?!*-- . J s Hospital Honors. M^ V.rg.r..A Sv- r.---: of Mrs Charles Mehrl.r.?. 431 W» = t "i'li street, and n s'^idrr.t rjr^" 3 in t--** Int v rrr. r -di5-/* c"s-s at -li" Il^w.t-^i for trie cc.vcd se'.eral "r.or.or^ at th* graduation sserr^os May 24. Tr.e first year holding pr-M. which Is 3 i nolarsh p award .-.:;; the SLlJ3lar.= r..p \KJe *fi" r-.;tl.f..t'y TI 7)i.»rf.fii :. .:-:.-.; T.-r= ci.rfrrrcrl upo.i ne- Mr- Mehrlin? a'.- Kindrrcarien Cl'--ir.z et'-r--.-^ F^-^ Free Fcicr^-'rf Crarf -- .-.rr..r.5 »t 10 V .---Id at t'r.-e B't-'.c.r.e b^by. then bclt-'-.ed c.l.-.e vi? "n He confessed to Cf.-.r.c Lir.-dbor^h fal=e r.oprs ^f r-Kj-.orir.^ "h.- b-iby in ".".e h---pe of ror-".-..r.^ rr.^ li'^r by 5cl"..r.- h.s s'ory 'o nc^fpa?-' l r.* ra Dill-r Jesv° Anders, chairntan. ar.d K^.tJier.n? Tyson. Mrs. 7Lsry is Mrs Thorros Culler. Mrs. v« ^tesr*nsr and "iss Oxa krrir-or. o'-a r.;-h%riss Margaret K-^n- Dr»ordr Char-cd. ::-5-.---r 15 r)rir.~.pal. reached 92 chiUirT. j Cr_ir;:-d *.th ;_~ r^erl. frir. October to Feoruary The anr.ual ! on his trrest a fe% m^-.-tt Tli-,r-. J iv e'.^nlr. 3. at 730 d;.p:i Lyi-^ c "...-ed. -!i* -·a -:i .ir.der ^·''o-'-: a; the Federated Caar.t.cs | s:n;.-rii for a lies -_is ^ Police Geacra;--Ted FlcetTiood, Jtobtri £»:!, ur.ded ta« e-'icrcisss K the naspitaJ. iBi^dir.;. -\Jcron To Start Home Soon. Laser.,:rs^. X. J. May 27 -A?1.-- L.etit Cc^nrr.ander Charles S. Rosendahl. corr^r_ir.der of the r.^val ci.ricib".e Akron, in - nessa?e · tlie r.a-rai «ir station :.~-diy indicated tlis A'^ron would be ready to start on ner homeward j.Tjrrit-y frcsn the Paciric coast Jur^ S or 4 The message a:ci tne Akron w-vild partic.pate, in exercises Tiih. »a» flrc. '

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