Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 13, 1965 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1965
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. * DALUS, TEXAS COM* "We MA* (Jo mneft atront ttre trotld In Konefal hut we do live In and can <fe- velope A persona! life of oat own mak- In*." -"• Cote Sweeney VOL. 87 NO. 37 NBA, McNaught Featurei "YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" UP1 Uascd Wlrei OLOVIS, NEW MEXICO, IMtRSDAV, MAY 13, 1905 201'agcs today Reds Won't Admit Failure On Moon Downpours Soak High Plains, Curry Sectors Red Shot Crashes On Moon The High Plains area of Eastern New Mexico Wednesday was soaked with a whopping rainfall which moasured up to three inch es in some sectors. Clovis received an official .37 of an inch but other spots in Cur-' ry County were favored wlth' Clovis nnd F'ortnles ore Included In a severe weather warning for this afternoon. The alert, covering parts of eastern New Mexico and west Texas, calls for hail, damaging surfnre winds, with a possible \ tonuido. ! The nrea Included In the wnrnlnc covers nn area (50 miles either side of a line stretching from ten miles north of Hosweii to Childress, Tex. downpours ranging from 1 to 4 inoho^ the- Soil Conservation Ser- vicp office renortod The official ,*M of an inch recorded by Karl Kramer, official weather observer for tho N>ws- Journal brought the tntni rain, fa!) for May in Curv County to 71 i>f an inch Tho years total i* 2 fv'i irwhes A lieht ratn was rontinuinc at scattered area points this morn, ,„,, rarlshad M ing with the t S Weather Ru, The showers hit at a time when reau forecasting more snnwrrs ?ho F;istern PI I 'h » this nftrrnoon with heavy down-!„,,,..";„„ . .,"?.*neat cropis and further relieved a which ear- where," said Mrs. Phil Hodges who resides on the ranch. "All (he earth tanks are full ~ there's an awful lot of water." About three miles north of the Hammond ranch, about 2 inches vas posted at the I. D. Shaw ••nnch. John Spo-mmn reported about >5 inches with no hail at Pleasant Hill Wednesday afternoon. ' I'p to 4 inches hit near the Cleo U'aener ranch. 3 miles west and '0 milrs north of Melrose. : He said. "The rain was fine ' for the people who receiv-; -d hail on their irrigated wheat." Horbert Jones said his wheat vas "mined by the hail." In Melrose. about .20 to .30 of i'i inch was reported within the •itv while Olen Firestone posted •in inch at his ranch two miles 'ortheast of town. Bon Pritchett of Hellene reported 1.7 of an inch with some Mi'ht hail at his ranch north of "lovis between Frio Draw and 'limnine Water Draw. : "The rain and hail started fall•nil about 1:30 p m.," said Prit- hett. Other rainfall measurements included- Tucumcari. 146; Las pours in northern and eastern: portion of the state. C In Portal*, a total of 19 Inch- 5 ^ M w a < recorded while 2 to .T ' last week - p,'irtrr<o"t hit varionf point's Cniinty. th* police TT nf border with in? from ?1 \r> Friona. .SO and inc*: At IHlrne and In the Frio Draw area ahmit 15 mile* north of flovi*, rainfall ranged from ] 7 to ? inches j Thf Frio Draw, normally drv etcerit when runoffs occur, was flowinr over the brinks about 5 P m Wednesday. I.lent showers r '<'foel soldier were killed falline about 2pm and "fsday nicht in one' of 18th Yank Dies In Dominican SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) A rebel spokesman said today loyalist troops and .. , ' incr«»:»«;ed ahout 4 p m. ,'^' ] '^ A '' 5k)me hail acrompan'M t h e k:I!ecl |,v r ,.( )0 ] showers In sc.ittfrH sertjons of "'-her action. Currv County and also in the MuU-shoo area btit no major da- mane was reported exropt to irricatH whr-at north of Melrose I'p to .75 of an inch of mms- hire with lieht n:.M was report- p«1 in the Grady area bv Calvin two : Marine was snipers in an- f ' a re I a German, for the rebel hieh - iri(1 ' said 40 loyalist sol, ' ! , s a^nnipan-..d by a tank '" '° I K ' n(>!r '"< > a vegetable Cuarrtod bv the reb- MOSCOW (UPD-The Soviet army newspaper Red Star today described the "great difficulties" of landing a space ship gently on the moon but refused to admit the Luna-5 mission was a failure. The 1'i- ton moon probe apparently crash-landed on the moon late Wednesday night after the Russians announced in advance they would try the "elements" of a soft landing system, leaving them a chance to gloss over any apparent failure. "The launching of the auto malic state Luna-5 is another step in our movement on thr path for a man to reach the moon," Red Star said. , The article detailed the "serious engineering prob'oms" that must be overcome in a soft landing the pull of the moon' gravity, the difficulty of turning on the retrorocket braking sy? tern in time, correction of lasi minute course mistakes and thr actual braking of the moonship to a feathery landing. "To exercise the soft landing of apparatus on the moon it i' necessary to slow down the speed of its fall with a brakinr system," Red Star said. "B u t this is not the most difficul* part of the task. The main thing is to work out an automatic system of guiding the landing." j This left Western observers in ' the position of being able only to speculate on the apparent; failure. I A terse, 60-word announcement by the official Tass news agency was the only statement which followed the landing of the 3.000 - pound probe late Wednesday in the Sea of Clouds region of the moon's surface, i Heavy advance publicity that Russia would soft-land the instrument - laden "Luna - 5" or: the lunar surface and thus take a vast lead over the United States in lunar exploration had accompanied the launch. | When it landed, Tass reported the time (3:10 p.m. EDTl and added: "During the flight'ties said today four of fivei and the approach of the station j Americans killed in the battle' to the moon a great deal of In-j »f Song Be were slain during! formation was obtained which a Viet Cong attack on a firs* is necessary for further elabor-'aid station. One of the victims ation of a system for a soft ;was a stretcher case who killed landing on the moon's surface.",a guerrilla with a pocket knife Russians learned of the land 'before he was shot, fng two hours later on a late-; The Viet Cong overran the evening newscast. i province capital before Red Chinese Driving To Take All Asia DAILY OR SUNDAf BANK FULL — The water at Frio Draw, 18 miles north of Clovis, normally flows to the right of the tree shown, at runoff time, but after Wednesday's rain and hail in the Yanks Killed In Aid Post SAIGON (UPI)-U.S. authori- , " farlor - v - r*~*m _J JB I JS& -f i « JAJl stout HP said most of that sec- "" nnrth of th <" t'- S. corridor tion received about an inch of an ? l ? at ! j ie a{t -ackers were re- moisture Wednesdav with lieht ! ' ihml and the tark captured, showers still falling this morn- There was no immediate re- in * . . _, ; >r ' rt ^om the loyalist military At the I^P Ross Hammond junta on the reported action ranch northeast of Field a whop- but there were unofficial repine 2 inches had been recorded ports of skirmishes in that area by S am with another 30 of an Wednesday inch posted overnicht. It was still Garcia also reported that 43 raining this morninc (loyalist junta troops under lieu•There's water standing every-'tenants named Piantini and Fchavarria who had been t'uardmg a nail factory on Maximo Gomez Avenue defected to the rebels. This area is considerably north of the US corridor. I Garcia said the second incipient came when someone annar- jently tried to infi'trate the area IAIN IN SIGHT around the antenna of rebel- held radio Santo Domingo. He Mostly cloudy today and to- sa 'd this was heavily guarded night with occasional rain to- by rebels and that a few shots day and thundershowers likely werp fired No casualties were this afternoon and evening reported. Some chance of a heavy rain. lU-lx'i sniping continued while Considerably cooler today and <; rescniatives of the Organi- cooler tonight. Friday partly /asion of American States cloudy and warmer, 50-77. .-OASi tried to find a way to Wednesday'i high at 2 p.m. break the political stalemate 64 degrees. i which has threatened to erupt Today'i low at midnight 57, into civil war between rebel degree*. land loyalist juntas. dawn Jones of Albuquerque, a mem' concluded. The Russian man-in-the-street! Tuesday, then withdrew into th C|ber of the Governor's Tax Re- Sen. Melody pointed out was disappointed by the Luna jungle in the face news "I must admit I'm crest- mined counter-attack fallen," said a Moscow office,namese reinforcements worker. Air Force planes. 'They Shall Not Succeed' WASHINGTON (UPI)-Presi dent Johnson said today thr Viet Nam conflict was part oi a Chinese Communist drive tt take over all of Asia and he pledged: "They shall nevei succeed." Johnson discussed the role 'jjr Chinese Reds in a White Hougr talk to an audience of editoria cartoonists. His remarks werjB, televised and broadcast to tne nation. "Their target is not merely South Viet Nam—it is Asia,," he said of the Chinese Commtj<- nists. "Their objective is riot the fulfillment of Vietnamese" nationalism. It ir, to erode and discredit America's ability "ft •help prevent Chinese domination over all of Asia. In they shall never succe'< Johnson in his spee< newed his call for unconx al peace talks and emphal his proposal of a massive S< ease Asian aid program which he invited Russia to j< Blames Chinese Reds He blamed the Chinese for blocking peace negotial Johnson said: "We are for unconditional discussi And it would clearly be in interest of North Viet Nam come to the conference table. For them, continuation of war without talks means only damage without conquest. "Communist China apparently desires the war to continue whatever the cost to their allies." The President said there was greater need than ever for , <u .... , , , , American countries have infor"-iP eace talks and tne setting up ' «S e «£ r Si 1C i8!7 n °, mallv estimated ^ey might con- ° f the aid P ro ^ ram *a»us5 no Staff Writer .$ 9a,000,000 in 19/0 would prob- tribute t t j f ^ * purely mi]ita solution . "If you are going to increase ably be going toward education. men for an intei TAmVican sight for either side, services you are going to in- Our major concern is to plan peace force in th Do minican Johnson reiterated his readi- crease taxes," said Franklin ahead and develop, Mason.Republic, diplomatic sourcesI ness to talk peace, then devot- 'said today. led most of his 20-minute speech one There were some hopes that! to tne ^ S ' proposal for "a token units of Latin!massive, cooperative develop- militarv or ' A&UJ &PRA w , "SWR&iW ' &*" ?*>• "" ' a-.- A. % •V,.,iw. '*"?£. ' area the banks were full. The runoff in the draw is flowing under the State 18 bridge. (Staff Photo by Scott Fischer) Increased Taxes Eyed For State Units Offered For OAS Peace Force WASHINGTON 1UP1I _ Latin BY GEORGE PROTHRO i r*»\y IriLO Lilt ~~~ ~" — •••.. «*«*'..*.V»M ...... »i. . t - - ill tit. We of a deter vision Committee, speaking on a out of every four persons in the verv sma ,j ~k by Vjet " panel Wednesday to the llth state is in a public school. He American nts and US ! s t ate convention of the League added one out of eevry 25 per-i f urces nii[I j. CANDIDATE ~ A Clovis Man, Roy S. Walker, Is Considered A 'Darkhorse' Candidate For Governor. Page GRADUATION — Fort Sumner And Grady Gradu- atkms. Story And Pictures Of Fort Sumner, Page 7; Grady, Page 5. 14 Foreign Si em IS lu UMMU t ....... U, M MUtffcftn • f-iroujrt 4 Public Kecord f Cro**»v*4 IT SuoUAy u IfcwJfe « " ^^^^ul ^ If 1^^^^^^ Cyclone, Tidal Wave Ravage Pakistan DACCA, Pakistan (ITI) — Pakistani authorities said today that 100 persons were known dead and several thousand were missing and feared dead in a cyclone and accompanying tidal wave which hit a 20,000 square mile area of East Pakistan Wednesday. Officials said reports still had not been received from six subdivisions of the disaster area and from several hundred off-shore islands. The tidal wave caused by the cyclone was reported to have devastated many of these. Retiring Indonesian Envoy To Return JAKARTA (ITI) — Retiring U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia Howard P. Jones, will depart May 29 for the United States, the American Embassy announced Thursday. Jones met Thursday with President Sukarno to inform him who his successor would be. The new ambassador has not been officially announced. Bomb Damages Neqro Church In Alabama OXFORD, Ala. (ITI) — A bomb explosion early today heavily damaged a one-room Negro church near here, smashing windows and ripping a gaping hole in the floor. No injuries were reported. Several hours after the blast nearly $1,000 had been collected toward a rebuilding fund for the Pine Grove Methodist Church in the Friendship community. Justice's Impeachment Trial Near End OKLAHOMA CITY (ITI) — Closing arguments ushered in the final phase today of Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice N. B. Johnson's impeachment trial. Johnson, a 74-year-old famous Indian leader, is accused of accepting $10,000 in bribes to influence his decision. The two-thirds majority of those present will be necessary to convict Johnson and remove him from office. West Germauv, Israel Establish Relation BOVN (ITI) — West Germany and Israel established diplomatic relation* today just 30 years after the collapse of the Nazi regime and Us campaign to destroy the world's Jews. The decision angered Arab nations which began breaking their own relations with Bonn. Iraq and Jordan did not wait for today's official announcement but broke relations Wednesday. Syria was the first to follow today. At least eight of the 12 other members of the Arab League made it known they plan suxuiar action. of Women Voters of New Mexi- sons in the state is receiving co meeting in Clovis. i some form of public assistance. encl A growing education program FTft rpmark<vl thpro aro 157 Q(T . Bu; He remarked there are 157 ag- it appeared that consid- police' ment effort for Southeast Asia," ?ech last month at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He reported that his personal . . ., .. . _ ...... c.,-,,.^^.^^^,,^ AIU ,M luc would be needed to put : representative, Eugene Black, expressed by the panelists. Sen, generalfund .together a hemisphere force,was making "rapid progress- Gordon Melody D-San Miguel; whlch cou;d in any meaningful! on this proposed program and Ben Mason, chief of the budget A si.vpomt state program for wav take over th • role f sthe j ha d found increasing enthusi- division, department of finance, the fiscal years 1965-1967 was Amencan Marlnes and para . asm at the United Nations for !fl°J!!! Wednesday by the state troopers now in the country un- carrying forward the develop- V.S. command. Iment plan. from Military Pay Raise Higher Than Asked? and Jones. Jones predicted the state would lei)lgue - ! require a new tax base within a The sixth point was adopted relatively short period of time. la$t week by the national league "By the 1967 session we will be and said that apportionment of looking squarely at a new base,", state legislature should be on an he said. j evaluated base of representa-, Jones expressed doubt as to ujnn^as^se? 1 u TV*™ "TT' the possibility of the property tion and nr0 vision« Y °° nS ' " tax producing enough revenue provisions. WASHINGTON (UPI) - Key'es would range from 2.7 per and predicted the income tax The other five points included, House members pointed to- cent for personnel with less would have to meet the needs, exploration of the New Mexico du\ to a recent plea by the than two years service to 4^P "It's fine to say, let's cut ex- Constitution with support for Navy as an urgent reason why .per cent for those with more penditures, but when you go to changes, support of improved military pay must be raised than two years, cut it you have to take it out of election procedures, work to- even higher than President _ _ , . someones school or soraeones ward a unified court system, an Johnson is asking. i * awage Certain salary," Jones remarked. ; improved personnel system in A request for a military There was little doubt the "Peonle must realize the™ i«? St ^ t<? Sovernment and the devel- pay raise for military person- military portion of the propo* a rSnsWn beTS services ""T 1 ° f 'T" 3 " r f sources with nel was included in a propos- al would pass. The only qS»» wflSfjoS'Slu'dS" 8 S a emSrmem y edUCaU ° n S HJoh " SOn f ^ * ?"*»»*'»„ ™ Whet ^ J°^ Mason pointed out state ex- S ' rn l k> > ment \\ednesday for a total of #853 would get more than he '^""s activities for the con, million in salary increases for sooner than he wanted it. included a President's some 5 million government em- on the by- ployes. i He oredicted an increased on ' la ^' s ' the «*** P™&am, the All the raises would go intoic" v "' "A "^ """P *»»<" JJyKraSr'S'SlS. ^sf^H^.'L'Ssa .-S?. ••-,!• •». Q * -\*2£?£&! l --!a.>::* ary public schools of cent in the next five years would "tend to drain on the gen. era! fund less," pointing out the increase of 18 per cent enrollment in the last five years. Although, Mason added, there would probably be an increased enrollment of 60 per cent in the seven state colleges and universities in the coming five year period. "Demands in higher education are increasing substantially'' be explained. Ik remarked that 65 per cent penditures would continue to go of "** s which' ^-Mp.m. lincrease. The military lacreas-iff^y tS eSS&Jtft' h °""" " Graduation Edition Order your extra copies now of Sunday's Clovis News-Journal for May 23. The friendly merchants of Clovis will be wishing the graduating class of 1965 at Clovis High School best wishes and good luck. You will be wanting to send your friends and relatives copies with your graduates picture. Call 763-3431 and reserve your extra copies. Only IQc a copy. Copies must be reserved in advance as only the number ordered will be printed. members, he has legislation that would provid§ aa average W.7 per <*# rail* for ill servicem*o on July 1. Riven' bill for th* 2.6 million MfvtoMML wotOd cost $t biilloa compared to UM» HH mil tai of Joha«oa'« ov«r-«Jl al. The combine!} ' " military govwnmtot oow rung t)Mmt tjBf year.

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