The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 17, 1955 · Page 13
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 13

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1955
Page 13
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K ONLV A FOOL WOULD MOLD ^ an. I'M GIVING UR AND VOU CAN'T STOP ME, OODLES. ^ THE SANDUSKY REGISTEft -STAR.WRWS I GOT MIM A SLED, SCOOTER, ROCKET QUN, SKATES, PHONOGRAPH, FOOTBALL, COWBOY SU|-f:, RADIO, TRICYCLE.CAMERA, h AND AN ELEdTRlC ' 1^ -(fRAIN/ Tonighf's Radio Proframii subject to cTiatiKe Tiy ittattons witnntit notice All times listed are Kastcrn Standard WTAM—1109 CLEVELAND «:00 Manning fi:15 Mantovant «:;)() Monitor 6:45 Monitor 7:00 Lone Ranger •J:!.") Best Fire 1 ::V) News 7:45 Monitor w.rR—7«0 ijKTRorr .Tos. Hainline Sicy High Bob Re.vnolris Industry News News, Youth Ways of Youth Jr. Town Meet Jr. Town Meet wsrn—1370 TOLEDO News Sport."! Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor WLKC— 1 (.10 SANDUSKY New."! .Sports Parade Boh Hope Seals' Bonnie Ann Shaw Singinf; American Sat. Serenade Sat. Serenade Sat. Serenade 8:00 Monitor «:13 Monitor fi.'M News «:45 Monitor Young Ideas Young Ideas Bijf Band.i Big Bands Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor SHS-Norwalk SHS-Norwallc SHS-Norwalk SHS-Norwallc fi:00 Monitor »:13 Monitor 9:30 Ole Opery 9:45 Ole Opery Big Bands Big Bands Jamboree Jamboree Monitor Monitor Upper Room Xnias Seals SHS-Norwalk SHS-Norwalk SHS-Norwalk SHS-Norwalk 10:00 Monitor 3 0:15 Monitor -10:30 Monitor 10:45 Monitor News; Philly Philly Orch Philly Orch Philly Orch Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Okla. Symphony Okla. Symphony Okla. Symphon.v Okla. Symphon.v ] 1:00 News, Sport n :J5 Monitor 11:30 News 1145 Monitor 12:00 Monitor News Sports CBS Dance _CBSJ2ajlce -News World News Sports Monitor Monitor News Wax Works Wax Works Wax Works Wax. News Prayer, Signof f Sunday's Radio WTANT—110» Cleveland 7:45 Monitor W,)n—760 Detroit WSPD—1370 Toledo WLKC—1450 Sandusky n.OO Salon 8:15 Monitor 8:30 Baptist Hr. 8:45 Baptist Hr. News Kecsler Field Ren fro Valley Rcnfro Valley Organ Moods Be Light Assem. of God Way Out New.s Norwood'Hom* Devotions Melachrino 9:00 News !):15 Travel 9:30 Sunshine n :45 Art of Living 10:00 Mon.; Pulpit 10:15 PulpJt 10:30 Baptists •|0:40 Baptists World News Music Room Album Religion Unitarian Unitarian Hungarian Hungarian Ave Maria Organaires Organaire.s Christian Sci. Hymns Faith Hymns Faith Chapel Hour Chapel Hour Hungarian Hungarian Blessings New World 11:00 Trinity 11:15 Trinity 11:30 Trinity 1 I :45 Trinit.y News Golden Echoes 1st C(^ngregationaJ 1st Congregationa; News K. P. Biggs S. L. Tabernacle S. L. Tabernacle Religious Artists Abele Muslcale Abele Musicale 12:00 News 12:15 Sunshine 12:30 Eternal Lt 12:45 Eternal Lt News Best of Guest Bishop Study Bishop Study Uebelhart Data Favorites Favorites 1st Congregationa. 1st Congregationa: Mr. Sunshine Young at Heart 1:00 Monitor 1:15 Monitor 1:30 Catholic I :45 Catholic Newscast Sweetheart Norwalk Forum Nor walk Forum Woolworth Woolworth Woolworth Woolworth Taberncale Tabernacle Tabernacle Tabernacle Cunningham Wayne King Wayne King Preview CHANNKL 3 WNHK tlevrUnd (i:00 Ra\i\»r Raniar (i:30 Hall ol Fame (i:45 Hall of Fame 7:00 "Barrymorc 7:15 Barry more 7:45 Big Surprise 7:30 Big Surprise 8:00 Perry Como 8:15 Perry Como 8:30 Perry Como 8:45 Perry Como 9:00 People Funny 9:15 People Funny 9:30 Star Theater 9:45 Star Theater 10:00 George Gohel 10:15 George Gobcl 10:30 Hit Parade 10:45 Hit Parade 11:00 News 11:15 Theater 11:30 Theater 11:45 Theater 12:00 Theater Sunday's Televison 2:00 Catholic 2:15 Catholic 2:30 News, Monitor 2:45 Monitor Pan-American Pan-American Philharmonic Philharmonic Living Art Way Out Revival Revival 3:00 Monitor 3:15 Monitor 3:30 News, Monitor 3:45 Monitor Guest Star Serenade Blue Memorable Music Memorable Music Philharmonic Philharmonic Philharmonic Philharmonic 4:00 Monitor 4:15 Monitor 4:30 News 4:45 Monitor News; Sunda.y Sun. Afternoon Sun. Afternoon Sun. Afternoon 5:00 Theater 5:15 Theater 5:30 Theater 5:45 Theater News .Symphony Symphon.v Symphon.v Revival Revival Monitor Monitor Lutheran Lutheran Monitor Monitor TlieaTer Theater Theater Theater Music Roth Music Roth Proudly We Hail Proudly We Hail Salute to Natk)i-r" Salute to Nation Hr. of Charm Hr. of Charm 6:00 News «):15 Sing-AfReriea (i;30 Meet Press (i :45 Meet Press Rin-Tin-Tin Rin-Tin-Tin Glenn Murray News Gene Autry -Gene Autr,v Gunsmoke Gunsmoke 7:00 Monitor 7:15 Monitor 7:30 News, Monitor 7:45 Monitor "BTOO MoniTor 8:15 Monitor 8:30 News 8:45 Monitor " 9:Oo'li'I(vnrtor 9:15 Religion »:30 Monitor 9:45 Monitor Edger Bergen Edger Bergen Edger Bergen Edger Bergen Simday News Harsch Monitor Monitor IWonitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Waiter Wincheli Pinky's Parly On the Line News 2 for Money 2 for Money- Miss Brooks Miss Brooks Tree Lighting Tree Lighting World's Music World's Music Symphonette Symphonette Kostelanetz Kostelanetz 10:00 Monitor 10:15 Monitor ,10:30 Forum 10:45 Forum 1 iTcMPMorTiloF" 11:15 Monitor 11:30 Music 11:45 Monitor 12 :00 Prayer Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor World's Music World's Music Lutheran Hour Lutheran Hour Messiah Messiah Messiah Messiah Meet Press Meet Press Forum Forum News UN Report .Starlight Starlight News Wings of Healing Wings of Healing Sacred Heart _Calvary Time Billy Gratiam Billy Graham Hawaii Call.s Hawaii Calls World News C'an(p Meeiing Catholic Hr. Catholic Hr News, Clas.sics News i^a.ssport Dreams Dreams Passport Dreams Prayer, Signotf Monday's Radio t'levclaad _7:4,3_ 8:00 8:15 8:30 _H :4,5^ 9:00 k'»:15 B:30 0:4 10:00 10:15 10:30 I0:4,> Reporter Andrews Sunshine News Andrews W,nt—760 Detroit Music Jack White Bud Music Hall Music Hall H .SI'D—1370 Toledo Alann Clock Uebelhart Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Ui.lU —1450 Sandusky News Kasy Does Easy Does Easy Does Eaby Does NU'Hride Ucckd.iv Weekday Weekday News Kitchen Club Mrs. Page _La^z.vJRanch Godf'ey Godfrey t-lodtrcy God I res' Homeiiiakers Homemakei's Homemakers Homemakers Syncopated Clock Syncopated Clock News, Weather Syncopated Clock Robt. Hurleigh Espec For Vou Stumpus Betty Newton 1 1 :00 1 1 :15 I 1 30 I I :•».) 12.110 1 2 :1,1 12.30 I2:4.T 1:0tr l:l.i 1 ;3(i 1 :4.) 2:110 2 15 2:30 2.45 '3T0O 3 .15 3.30 3 4:' 4 ;II0 ) ,1.) ^ :30 •i A) 1 (Ki .' if* Weekday WcfkriHV Wcekdav Fil) Mt<Jc_c_ Nc u s l.ivoslDi'k .Mil, Klon,) Mil. Gloria Bill Mayer Bill .Maver Rill Maver Bill_ .Mayer News Mayer Hill .Maver Bill Mayer Bili_^Mayer Weekday Weekday Pet Hotel Dr's Wiie Ciiidirey Godfre.s Make Up Mmd Miller Show "News la nil Time Out Time Out Road of Life Ma Perkins Dr .Malone Ginduig l-iSlit_ Shopper Perry Mason Nora Drake Shopper .McBride A.sseni God Weekday Weekday Weekday Weekday Wrekda.v' Top Tunes I'fbeliiarl Iiitervie ws Party Lim.- Part.\- Line Parl.\- Line Pariy Line Party Line Party Line Norwalk .Sliow Norwalk bhow Port Clinton H,\ inns We l .nve News Huron Huron Show .Saiiuii.v Ka.\ a Tune Town Noon News tiram Report Local New.'s Guy Lombardci CHANNEL 3 WNUK Cleveland 10:00 SpirituaKs 10:15 Spirituals 10:30 Youth Want.<! 10:45 Youth Wants II :00 U. S. Forum 11:15 U.S. Forum 11:30 Patterson 11:45 N.V.Peale Christophers Christophers Hobo BoBo Paul Wincheli 12:00 CapHartz 12:15 Tomorrow 12:30 Theater 12:45 Theater Gene Carroll Gene Carroll Gene Carroll Gene Carroll 1:00 Matinee 1:15 Matinee 1:30 Matinee 1:45 Matinee Polka Parade Polka Parade Stump Sports Stump Sports 2:00 Matinee 2:15 Matinee 2:30 Western 2:45 Western The Passerby The Pa.sserby James Mason James Mason 3:00 Western 3:15 Western 3:30 Western 3:45 Western University University Big Picture Big Picture 4:00 Wide World 4:15 Wide World 4:30 Wide World 4:45 Wide World 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 Play of Week Play of Week Charades Charades Lucy Show Lucy Show Lassie Lassie Wide World Wide World Cap Gallant Cap Gallant Super Circus Super Circus Super Circus Super Circus Omnibus Omnibus Omnibus Omnibus Meet Press Meet Press Roy Rogers Roy Rogers Great Liie~ Great Life Frontier Frontier 8:00 Variety Hr. 8:15 Variety Hr. 8:30 Variety Hr. 8:45 Variety Hr. (i:00 fi:15 0:30 6:45 "•7700" 7:15 7:30 7:45 You Asked For It Omnibvis You Asked For It Omnibus Lone Ranger You Are There Lone Ranger You Are There Range Rider Range Rider Film Festival Film Festival Liberace Liberace Jack Benny Jack Benny Film Festival Film F'estival Film Festival Film Festival Ed Sullivan Ed Sullivan Ed Sullivan Ed Sullivan 9:00 Playhouse 9:15 Playhouse 9:30 Playhouse 9:45 Playhouse Lifetime Chance Lifetime Chance Mack Amateurs Mack Amateurs Theater Theater Hitchcock Hitchcock 10:00 Lor. Young 10:15 Lor. Young 10:30 Justice 10:45 Justice Life at 80 Life at 80 Confidential Confidential Appointment Appointment My Line? My Line? 11:00 Hollywood 11:15 Hollywood 11 :30 Hollywood 11 :45 Hollywood 12:00 Hollywood Drew Pearson Feature Film Feature Film Feature Film Featu/e Film Pendulum Pendulum Shadow Theater Shadow Theater Shadow Theater Monday's Television niANNI 'L 3 WNIJK Cleveland 8:00 TodJiy 8:15 'I'oday 8:30 Today 8:45 Toria.s ' ~9:00"Early Bird 9:15 Early Bird 9:30 Early Bird 9:45 Early Bird CHANNEL 5 CirA .NNKL 8 CHANNEL 13 WKWS ClevelandWXEL Cleveland WSPD Toledo Fun Farm Fun Farm Fun Farm Fun Farm Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo C'apl. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Romper Room riomper Room Romper Room Romper Room 10:00 Ding Dong 10:15 Ding Dong 10:30 Ernie Kovacs 10:45 Ernie Kovacs ir :00~Home 11:15 Home 11:30 Home 11:45 Home Paige Palmer Paige Palmer Wings of Song Wings of Song WRU 'Telecourse WRU Telecourse Song Shop Song Shop Garry Moore Garry Moure Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey "Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Strike it Rich Strike it Rich Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo 'rv Newsreel House Party Love Story Love Story Garry Moore Garry Moore Valiant Lady Love of Life Home Cooking Home Cooking Strike if Rich Strike it Rich 12:00 Tenn. Ernie 12:15 Tenn. Ernie 12:30 Your Nest 12:45 Your Nest ~lT(HrPlay h ou se 1:15 Playhouse 1 30 Playhouse I 45 Playhouse Kiddieland Kiddieland Uncle Leslie Kiddieland Valiant Lady Love of Life Tomorrow Guiding Light News, Weather Farm Hour Tomorrow Guiding Light 2:00 Pla.v house 2 15 Playhouse 2:30 Little Margie 2:45 LitI le Margie :t 00 Matinee 3 15 Matinee 3:30 Matinee 3:45 Matinee Playhouse Playhouse .fall Bidlaek Jan Bidlaek '^Th eater Theater Tlieater Theater News Pinky Pinky, Girl Friend Story Time Story Time Party Line Party Line Party Line Party Line News: 1450 14.50 Club 1450 Club 1450 Club 4:00 Life Date 4 :15 First Love 4:30 Mr, Sweeney 4:45 Romance 5T0 O^Pi r\ky~Ll?e 5:15 Pinky Lee 5:30 Hovv'Doody 5 :45 How'Doody Theater Theater News Paige Palmer "Bob Dale Santa Claus Little Rascals Little Rascals Alice Weston Alice Weston Love Story Love Story Robert Q. Lewis Robert Q. Lewis Art I.inkletter Art Linkletter "Big Payoff Big Payoff Bob Crosby Bob Crosby Brighter Day Secret Storm Your Account Your Account Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality Standpoint Gallery 39 Big Payoff Big Payoff Bob Crosby Bob Crosby "Brighter bay Secret Storm Your Account Your Account Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Late Matinee Late Matinee Late Matinee Late Matinee Fun Farm Fun Farm Draw With Me Voice of CIO Wendy Warren Shopper Helen Trent Gal Sunday Liberace Liberace Lorenzo Jones Woman House News; 1450 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450, Weatiier Mansfield Youth, 18, Found Dead In Tenn. Rt Happiness Stella Daliai; Wid Brown ^ Pep Vouiig Worn Hou.^c Ma\ ei & Co .New.-. .Mii \ti Ma> er & Co House Parts House Pal l> Mu.-ie Hall MuMV Hall .\ I,- 11. s .Seui es Mll .Me \i.<li .Mu.vic Hall Rt Happiness Stella Odnni, Widr Brossn Hep|.ier Vou lit; Ti 'lJ Fi vc Top t r. e lop Fw V Top t i\c News 1450 U .'iiJ Ckil) 1450 C!ul) .Sania C <;iiis .Ne 'A .•- 1 ! 50 14 111 Misauk 1 W, Ik 14 •) 0 C i u b BIG S.WIY. TKNN,, Doc 17 1'' The bo(l.\ ol an 18-.\ cjr ultj '.\t'-:io, \Oio iiatl ijet 'ii li \uijj ;ii :\laiiilield. Ohio, ssa.- found ;l ,ii .e i|u\sn ill a cicik neai lifi'e, ill wa.s di»clo .bcd loda^. The Negro, Robert L. Taylor of Stanton, was found near thi.s Ten' jssee Kiter valley towji 100 miles o' Naslnille. He had not been ebbed, llii wallet II -ned $225 in t-a.^h Ur. .J. .Maii:>iield Builes ol t'aiiideii, said be couh' iiul dc- teiiniiii' 'iiiini'diat il Ta> loi died tioiii iiead Iii^iur\, dio .ning or what." VOlOS bWt'tl. HPiO£ BOTH VOO AtOD M£ CHftRGtP KiD»Of^PlK)G UV)LtSS tLl>£ HOME ftT D)OCE> 1 ^"''^m ^OPPOSE SO. IT 15 \ 1 -7--—' • 45

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