The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 8, 1970 · Page 28
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May 8, 1970

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 28

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1970
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

The Fnttttlv Circus vlein*s Register May 8, WO. Parkins 5-8 1970, Tit Register tad TrOxrn* Syndie»t« "But- 'Poor's 1 not so bad. Chris Peterson got 'VERY Poor 1 !" C*arl vUiu — tiiai 16*0*11*1 ti»\i jam* Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. NEW'YORK, N.Y. - Michael Caine (here for "Too Late the Hero") got a letdown in a department store. Sat in an inflatable chair — which collapsed ... Sir John Gielgud said, after Carol Charming opened her new show in England, "Not since Danny Kaye has London taken anybody to its heart, etc." NANCY AMES, Ina Balin and Pat Maraud, all mini-skirted at The Jamaican, said they'll fight the midi styles. Atta girls! : . . TAFOO MIRGY f ~\ 1NGABD CHELEK ^ j ejjaajasa*. . s~\ <^J ... Print Ike SURMISE ANSWER tan Tl WHAT SOU HAVE TO GET TO WALLPAPER A ROOM. Now arrant* the circlid letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. otf Yetterdty't (Aniwert lomorro*'' Jambleti MOUND AROMA TIPTOE BAFFLK Amwen What A dam won't-ADAMANT TeirrrLike It Is Nancy Ames Peter Sellers is moving to Rome: "In Italy they don't care about age. In England and the United States, you're a senior citizen at 53!" x, GOLDIE HAWN asked Tony Award-winning director Ron Field (of "Applause") to direct her TV special . . . Mike Frankovich is flying to Paris to coax Ingrid Bergman to appear in "LoVe Machine." THERE will be a Broadway musical called "Noah," and Loo Brecker figures it'll run 40 days and 40 < nights. — That's Earl, brother" {Copyright, 1970).?, •THE WATER MUST REALLY BE BAD Adult CrOSSWOrd Puzzle ' ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Spanish explorer. 7 Crazy Horse's tribe. 13 Confused: 2 words. 14 Beta Lugosl role. 16 Hero of ancient tale: 2 words. 17 Pioneer In photography. 13 Small cask. 19 — Stanford. 21 Aspirations. 22 Ideal woman of Irish saga. 24 Creator of Rebecca West. 26 Forthwith. 27 All: Prefix. 28 Leg joint. 29 Moslem fiat. 31 Inferior fabric, akin to drugget, 33 Melville's Pequod. 34 American novelist. 35 Forbidding. _ 36 Malacca, for en*. 39 Expert skier. 43 Certain exams. 44 Tennis stroke. 45 Fish delicacy. 46 Latin: Abbr. 47 City east of Addis Ababa. 49 Esau's country. 50 Small bottle. 52 College in Pennsylvania. 55 Roof ornament. 56 Variety of peach. 53 Cardinals' cousins, . In a way. 60 French composer. 61 Gymnasium adjuncts. 62 Request. 63 Glacial ridges. DOWN 1 Quandary. 2 Pressing. 3 Father of Osiris: Var. 4 West Indian woody vine. nomnnamu |C|0|R|R| I iDlOIRBRTA IS IH IE IRI ocmra BHS QDDS auuuu I R| AlRll TTTV^B I Idll II la IN III! I I DDDDBd 5 Container of a sort. 6 Translucent stones. 7 H. C. Andersen's birthplace. 3 A, for one. 9 Spanish article. 10 part: 2 words. 11 Pertain! ia to light Intensity. 12 Menu plirast: 3 words, 13 — - bieak: 2 words, 15 Be adecuate, 20 Not on - : 2 words, 23 Liturgy. 25 Nothing Lat, 23 Interlock 30 firam 32 Famous football team. 33 Opera coak. 35 Halo. 36 Cleared up. up 37 Brought the rear 38 Proportional. 39 Monarch 's title. 40 Sculptuijtof sorts. 41 Bride at d groom. 42 Derelict. 44 Fold, 43 Remodel, 51 Floral t'fflbolv 53 Bulky: Ir. SrpasebaJI abbreviation. Senator Soaper Says; Modern furniture design can be confusing. A simple rule to remember is that if it lights up it might be >& lamp: Ij you can sit. on it, it could be a chair. IM HERE, KMNSTAlRS, IN THE LIBRAE The Wizard 6I~ld~ Parker WELL, WHAT PO ^ AT THE RATE HE<5 YOU THINK OF HIWU60IN6 HE 5HOULP SAW? VOU MUST' < WAKE'THE TEN-M05T- APMIT HE'S CUTE! ) WANTEP LIST BY THE TIME HE'5 TEW.' MkBBEY, WE'VE GOT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH JUVENILE AUTHORITIES ANP FINP OUT WHO THIS BOY IS.'TELL ME EXACTLY HOW YOU FOUNP HIM! HE SUPPENLY APPEAREP AT THE FRONT POOR YES- TERPAY.' r-" KV WE PON'T KNOW HOW HE T I THINK GOT ON THE PROPERTY.'.. JWE'P BETTER NATURALLY, MY SECURITVA GET IN GUARPS WERE'EMBARRA55EP! TOUCH NO ONE KNOWS HOW HE /WITH JUPGE GOT THROUGH THE GATE!,/ PARKER! Rex Morgan. M.D. • o, June/ Q HE ISN WAS HE EXPECTI AWP WAIT IW HI6 OFFICE/ I HAVENT HEARP FROM HIM ALL YOU KNOVy, TVE ALWAYS WANTEP TO &O INTO NURSING — AKJP I'LL ALWAYS RESKET THAT I HAVEN'T/ 90 VDU THINK IW TOO QLV TO CONSIDER IT AT TWENTV-PtWKr Bloiidic ELMO, WHAT DO YOU WANT? WOTMWG/ MR. BUMSTEAD. I OUSrWAMTEO TT3 SEE IF K/IV *\ • LITTLE BROTHER / WAS TALL EMOUGH S TO REACH YOUR ) ^ DOORBELL ' ^ Abbie An 9 Slats f 'PEARS TH/VT WAV, / HIAWATHA.QUESTION 15 AM I THE FIRST STUDEMT TO ARRIVE ? SHUHA 1NOIAMS ARE \. THERE AROUND ? Y THIS SURE IS/N _- - - , HI,COUSIN,'MY NAME 15 ffe-WOl DEER, OWE. PLEASED WCES'ON'A'DVM&Cfc* ^**^ TO MEET VOU. PIME FOR SHORT. Steve Canyon WHEN A CROWE) LltcS AB6 MPU TAXI/NS 7/ THAT M&TttM AWAY?_ ' $OAAgTHIN0 WRONG POT£5T,7HIS 14 ROUND TUP WHERi KAY THEPEpPleWANTMB fp DP $OA\£THIN(J IU PIXles The Better Half Citizen Smith , unuf&ff, A mi "Bey, here's « new, youftg cojoomentator I'm goiog to ... Be just weezed «od blew his notes aU over t^row extensive te$ts on your river, Mr. Mayor, There 's NO WATER in W u

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