The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 26, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 2
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FACE TWO •THE PAWS NEWS. THURSDAY, JOLT It, 1104 Parisians to Short Course 55 In Party From Lamar Leave Here £undav - » ; Morning Headed by County Asr?r.t A. 1,. : Sdmiaston and Mfss Beu2ah Blsck- «•«!!, home demonstration agent, a ' «trty or 35 Lamar county men. j women, boys and gir2s w:2) leave i Paris at 7:30 o'clock Sunday < naomias, J«ily 29 to attend the An- j coal Fanners Short C*wste« a? A. | and 3i. College. Included in the ; party are *~ver club bov^. f<vp arSrls. 11 elafc*—- women, seven men an£ three women who are not club members. The J-amar county par:y tvii! snake the trip in autoraobiJcs. arriving a.t College Station l3te Sunday afrc-rnoozi. They plan to re- rr-.ain th<»re through Friday. A prog-ran* including demonstrations and discussions of virtually every phase of agriculture and honiemaking has beer, arranjr- ed tor the 1934 short course. The projrram also includes many novel entertainment features. Throngrh the cooperation of :!ie College. Slvirig expenses durins the short course will be low. Rooms ma-y be had for SI.50 for The entire short course and rn<?al tickets may be boujrhr for 54.SO which •svill include rr.eals froin Monday rhror:sh Friday. Fyll -" : \ as to plans for the CROWDS OF CURIOUS JAM MORGUE TO SEE DILLINGER CORPSE Van Anderson Cordially invites, solicits and will appreciate your vote and support in his race for the important office of COUNTY JUDGE Van Anuersojj 25 ^ rnsn of ouTSiandlng knowledge of people and public affairs, well educated. Trained in the ejterrise of public office and trust through four term5 ?.s City Recorder. His nua.'ificaiions snd his personal hisiorv are veil known to a?I the voters and need no retention here. He is conducting his canipsign on a c!e"an bssis, not eng'sgrlns; in courrhouse petty politics. A vote for Van Anderson will be a. vote'for s. Nevr Deal in the count v iiidfc's of lice. Exterminator Of Rats Here H. EL Hyatt, who for 16 years has been a professional killer *>f rats, termites, roaches and ants, is now in Paris helping business houses cope with their pest problems. Mr. Hyatt ha* worked in. a. number of cities in the United States, where his efforts have been pronounced successful by civic authorities and. others. He is working: in Paris under the approval of Dr. John A, Stephens, the city health officer, since his work in eliminating rats goes a long way toward eliminating: the source of much disease. Rats are. according to authorities, the natural original carriers of the virus of typhus fever, which has steadily increased since 1929. when there were only eight cases in Texas Last year there were 33S cases as compared to 227 in 1932. 43 in 1931 and 13 in 1930. Mr. Hyatt prepares his own exterminators, which ar-& co7>yr!grht- ed. for use !n his campaigns against rats and other pests. Once hia plan of operation is put into effect he then instructs janitors or building keepers in the use of hip preparations. Mr. Hyatt said he works in residences only rarely since success of his operations is largely contingent upon extermination of rats in a whole neighborhood rather than in one house since the rodents move from one house to another. He can be reached in Paris at 5Q2 Maple Avenue or by telephoning \ 151TJ. ! The TKO fraternity meet* Friday night *tS o'clock *.t th* hom« of T. IX W*Ua. Jr.. on Lamar *Y«^ nue. for *. watermelon party. All member* and their guests axe "expected to, be- present. Commerce Journal: Dallas, citizens recently succeeded in getting: their electric UKfei bill cut $400.000. Immediately th« city government of Dallas ratee* the water bill ?2S2,.«00 and cits taxes $100.000. What's the u«e? XI they don't catch you coing thej get you coming. ^^ teri- be r. rice. course and details of regis- j LAYHE FUNERAL IS s and otner information may ; ad at the county agent's ol- ! AGED WOMAX I>IES HELD o* WEDNESDAY i Army Flyers Arrive Here I La*! rites for Mrs. X. P. I *'* , Tu ^ a >' afternoon . veunesaay afternoon pass rnor o'clo H_ I Chri -i.c-RC.fc-, services j Mamon-Frv funeral chapel cyn- ss Kate Braddy. 50. who j ducted by the- Rev. j. Robv Ward. ... , . . . -. away here Wednesday- burial ^^ at Ever|rre <, n Cenie ; ^- nt arm ^ P^nes. :nc«i<l,ns six gr at ^:30 were he'd =t five'•?.«.-« (Thomas Morris observation 19 "Wednesday afternoon. Rev. ! _ . . . „ • {ships in two formation of three Season, pastor of F:rst j ^^\ A^oama Julrll ; ^93<- | snips each, arrived at the Paris .n church bavins charge. j 1T;^« ^^1^™^^^^^** Thursday m omin S about inlWT^znik^he^omeVe'reii;^ ? Cl £ C * fr °£ ^^ ^ ever since. She had been an invalid-. l : e ' a lir Dall *f- T^tT TO * und ~ r the r,asr «ve vears at the horn* of i ^T. «>mmand of captain Harry her* son. Os«r Mm™. 19,- f Tv eciGMigton. flying- a Basic Traina; B: MARKETS At A Glance tar Hot«i tic«.3«.* BIRTH OF A SOX c-n born TTuescJav nisrn 3d Mrs. W. N. " Smith of PvOXj* ^ T ^* £L^ Ij 1 * 13 "!^. y^;g yyi t-;** to Jan. Mar. May July Oci. 3sTElV YORK COTTON Pr-er CIos* ...... 12 31 ...... 13.05 • ...... 13.3S 12.JS 13.13 IS.17 13. IS 12 ST 12.S5 Clo*e is!s$ IJ.SS 1345 11.04 13.1C- >'JE1V NS COTTON SPECI ^ ^r a Limited Time Only) Here** what you "G-3"! ypa fet the b th* greater rexzd trip of Yoa get t&e eery stterjrt* end s .fJTio&tfi tru&fi of isidfr —aD of -wfiaeQ addx up 43%&?OR£NON-SfCin MILEA CE at aa extra co*t to yoa BIG SAVINGS ON NEW G-3 The c^eatest tire to ever ibave the Goodyear name See What You Save SIZE Sale Price You Ye?, w e have a 12 months GUARANTEE nre-!.:me ..'2.U r.;SZ2.7"5 cefec's of 30x3 Vs Goodyear §3-65 4.4O-21 Goodyear Speedway .45 4.50-21 Goodyear Speedway 54.90 4.50-21 4,75-19 5.25-18 5.50-17 $8,15 ' $8.65 $10.30 $11 30 S7.00 S7.45 S8.85 S9.70 Sl.IS SI.20 $1.45 SI.6O Look At These Prices Goodyear Pathfinders SIZE Regular Price Sale Price You Save 4.40-21 4.5Q-21 4.75-19 5.25-18 $5.70 $6.50 $6.90 $8,35 S5.20 S570 $6.10 $7.20 .so so «n *i i r SI. 15 cCLAIN'S SERVICE STATIC PHONE 255 ALL CARS GREASED, 75c 1 head of the flying- school at Z-ove Field and Major Frank. Cawthon. Preceding these ships -which | were delayed on account of an ac- j •icident -n-hich occurred prior to j f Wh takeoff in Dallas, another j » j ship from the same field arrived | s"pt, | at the Paris field at S:30 o'clock [ 1> t^"_ | and srunted about 15 minutes be- | ju3-.-~ j fore.landing. Lieutenant Archie j ^«T>^; O:ds was pilot and Corporal Broad- j t> *r^- I hurst Teas- co-pilot of tjiis ship. } Jcfj- \ which was put Jnto slo-w rolls. Im- | ^f p ~ : rnelirnan txirns fa feat often used I Ry« ".n combat^, "winsr-overs, tail spins. ; -^t 1 "^ ; '^hfp stalls, apslde-d'jw-n spirals f is-S? •-'-^rtical and s'ow barrel ro!i«, | The=e stunts tvere. demonstrated I ?-srairs before all the planes took i off for their next stop at K-ojro- i J*rev Cjos* Hijrh J^ow Jail. 12.53 1251 1±.75 iia.r. 13.01 13.05 12.9*1 >I»y j;.07 13.13 1*95 Jniy ... 12,73 Oct. — 12.74 i: sr ii.35 r>ec. .. lioi CHICAGO Fr«v Close H;?Ji W. H. Farmer and family ac-! companied by Mrs. Farmer's par-j ents from Kettiphill left overland 1 this tvcck en a 15-day trip to i Colorado. YeHo\v-storie park and ! Salt Lake City. * Roy Cavities* Asks Re-election Ir>. presenting my candidacy for re-election as Commissioner of Precinct 3. 1 do so with the thought in mind that the" people of Lamar County do not ow« me anything. Two years ago I was elected your Commissioner, -with tht statement of the voter demanding a business administration, I have given my entire time to the dutie* of the office and every act ha*-had careful deliberation. In asking you to re-elect me ycmr Commissioner. I am asking no more than any other Democrat:. I have previously said that I nave given you a business administration. If you will take time to Inves- xiscate TOT record you will find this statement to be true. At no time during this campaign has my re- r-o-rt iiet-n challenged. Thanking the people gen-eroasly for their past support and the "splendid co-operation which has helped me to make my administration pleasan^ an<5 successful. Sincerely, ROT CA'VTXESSi: Re-Election Precinct .$* (Political Adv.) GO ANOTHER 55 V; 53 Talk (Continued From Pag* One) "as pilotiajr or:e of the planes r.-s-day. Refreshments xrere r. is h ed by J"ran ?c Election (Cortinaed Page One> i-fiis crc-SvS cour'-ry practice flishi • i? th>r last one in -cvhich Captajn 1 "."eddinston will participate before! his trans-ferment to a post at Mont- j gc-rserj- Ala. He has been in corn- • rttafued by one of the bigsest Jor:-and of Hensley field for the past | e :sn chain store orira.nlra:ions in >-:K years and is responsible for the ] th« stats of Texas. He also said 5uccess of this field which is now j McCra-w o-srtjed one-third interest •" ~ri£:dir*ra one of the best arrny ; In «,n Insurance compa.rty fiyirsg: fields in the South. j orferecl to pay a. Fort Worth Captain Wedding-con will be sue- i•-nian, wido-w of a Union printer. csede-3 by Captain Thomas who j """*•* 9 ln payment of a 1,000 juds- W<s_ i snsat agratnst the company, fur- i ^n discussin?r McCraw's record I as district attorney. WoocSward ] said a state audit will probably sho-w- that McCraw coliecte-d from SI0.00 to 512.00 more irv fe*s while district attorney la Dallas that he was entitled to. Senator V7oo<iward promised •wh«n elected he wouid employ Jaiaryera as assistant* who are familiar vr;th la.'ws ^OTerning labor conditions and one familiar with I&TS-S srov«-ningr the educational department, thus settiny ^P a labor departiaewt and ar» educational departn-.ent in the attorney general's office. In cJosing. he !«ald aJI fonrier attorney generals, now living, are supporting his. candidacy, as well ajs a majority of those who have served with him In th» Texas iegislatur*. TM JUST TOO TIRED TO EUY THAT DRESS TODAY " I courta," he sai<2. The voters i should lend their support onJy to «crkfrd hard in the state ?i'« j>O5t six years for pe, ever Texas and have had ".-' iie?»rly &.U ntijor iestaia.ri«>. »:£•- .-iCt*<J daring that time, Texas tius :--ear can piit aside prejudices and • or^ for ability.'* Attorney General Jam«s V. Ml- 'de. spealctils' at Cuero, saidT "Ever since 1 took up a close study of the subject, i fiave advocated progressive changes in the! prominent lawyers of the state, procedure of oar ttate an<5 the yreater part of the newspapers of the state, Ke concluded hi* talk with the claim that al- those legislative candidates *«o ! iljou ^^ h * ^ "°' « v ei» the best ... pledge themselves to w-orx j ^"T^ !li R -* home town of Cole- ror reforms that will make justice! sn * B - h * J9 th * best ia ^* r te th « swifter, surer and i«w costly.- attorney general's race- Tom Hunter put a new plaok tn " hia piatloma. at Georgretown. K« S^ 0 Antonio, while Senator Tom advocated a state-wide p-og^raro o'jConnaJIy. whom he hopes to d«- pow*r-devc!oprnent of streans*' 'eat, was appearing before audi- end said tT ejected grovemor he| ences !n CJeburn* and Fort Worth, would champion larRe grants from the federal government to provide cheap electric power In Texas at one-sixth to one-tenth the charges now collected by public utility concenss, "There Is no reason why there should; cot he K aeries of dams on the Trinity, Brazos. Colorado, Pecos. Conco «nd I f or her rivers, some of them sup•] plying; energy for deveJopnient of water p-ower and the rest forna- re»ervoir« for irrlfration th* Wichita Fall* Uw| \ > frr-otl man «ai<5. C, C. McDonald's speech at BaytowiJ wai*' interrupted i^ the hurricane which blew into the Texas coast. H* planned to carry || hi* canJJ>*lST» to Dallas Thursday McCraw, candidate for ; attorney general. Ilicewiae ran Into j stormy weather at Corpus Chrl»ti. Clyde Smith wa* at Fort Arthur, «n<} Walter Woodward damped *t Deca-tur, Bowl* and Wichita Tails in th* campaign for that offtc*. Jo»*i/h W. Bailey, candidate for tis« Ceited St»ie» *en*t«, al»o ex- peri*nc«4 vblkvomble weather in Relieve Headache And Quiet Nerves In Three Minutes When you have on« of tho»* violent, nerve-racJdnic he*d*ch*"#. from Inorjranlc causes, you can icet noothlns: relief 5n three m!nut*-s with **B. C., r * » re'iabl*. pl*w«iTit- to-t*ke r«m«<Jy. *'B- C." J« prepared by * r<;irt*ter*d pharmacist compound**] on a <Ii?f«rfnt principle from rn^st ri»n<f-jjrlvfa»r «ar«n- cJ«?s in that it cont*.Jn» ncveral !n- jpnttirent* so blended *nd proportioned &» to accomplish Jn « few minute* what we believe no on* dru&E formula can do in no short a time. "B. C." should *!•?« b« u*«d for th« reilef of muscular aches £nd pains, common colds and n«u- ; for reducing fever and W TH!S 80TTLE OF tLUc RIBtON WILL REST YOU. I ALWAYS RELAX WTTH PABST" "WHY TM MOT A »!T TIRED NOW ... l COULD TRY OH A OOZ£H DRESSES - tenr wjthoat oplaten. narcotic* or rach hmblt-formln» drtijpi, Oet "B. C«" In JOc *nd » ar* HERE'S A HINT How many times hav« you felt like you couldn'* go another step? When you are fogg«<j out fry this plan. Rest and relax o moment. Drink a bottle of Pobsf Blue Ribbon. Talce fim« enough to «njoy th« wonderful refreshing fast* sensation found only in Blue Ribbon. Then watch that tired feeling disappear. BUT don't fpoii your remedy by drinking ordinary beer. INSIST on Pabsf Blu« Ribbon.;;pure, full-flavored, with a distinctive taste all its own, X tip for hushands: Worried, restless, can't sleep ? Relax with a bottle of Pobst Blue Ribbon. See how soothing and refreshing it it. Ah*cys have a few bottles in th« refrigerator. Order a case today. PABST BI1JE RIBBON BEER

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