The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 30, 1931 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 3
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THE DAILt HEWS. FREDERICK. MP.. WTOOT8DAY. DECEMBER 30. 1931. JO AT UN! DANOJESDAY oliday Function Held At Frederick High School. r SA!LY RADIO PROGRAM iCcsxplletl bj Waited r»«tore Eradicate) WCDXES0AT. DEGEXBEB «^ W«XVES»ArS BEST rKAXCBU Ook-- WJZ Network UTEA? JStiirork T-- WJZ Networ* rto Pres* WASC KHwork ---- Mrcet «aj«r-- W ABC Nrwork 1 00--Morlcr. Lope* Oreha. WTtC. BAJtTFOXD--ZM--1 ·HTEAP. « 4i-7 00. 8 S9-S.OO. OSASTESS ETASSDAKO TIME oat. SUBTRACT case Hoar Icr Ceami Tirset E16EST OF THE SEASON 300 members and sttended the annual niid-inrster dance of the Frederick Itgh Scinxt Aluaujj, held in the auditorium of tne school Tuesday night from · 9 until 1 o'clock. It »as the largest , ·ociai function of t^ic Cnristmas hois- ' day season nitn guests attending from S toany sections. j Music was lum^hed by Floyd Mills j and his 12-?iece broadcasting and re- ' cording orcnes^a from Cumberland, i The orchestra !ef: foUoamg the dance f for an engagement in New York city. Elaborate decorations of Christinas greens -rere piaced about the auditorium and an iridescent lighting effect, which added greatly » t=e attractiveness of the occasion In addition to members of the alurcru association and their guests, several members of the faculty of the school. Prof. A. L. Leary. principal and members of the present senior class attended. Those present- Class of 1923--Eenry A EngeKjreclit. Mary Himbury. Louise Buckingham. Mrs. Barbara L. Seeger. Class of 1924--E. W. MacGiil. Helen King. Martin L. Bowers. Cnarles E. Collins. Carlton Baumgardaer. William Ml Brish. Franklin F. Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Butcher. Jr, George D Paxson. Class of 1925--David M- Kernp. Lincoln D. Engelbrecht, WUliam S. Schmidt, J. Austin Esworihy. Edith : (EASTCKX STATIONS) WBAJL. B-U.TntO»T--S»6--7W k. I T-JZ 4 CC-1! CO tYBZA. BOSTOS. m* J WBZ. SFSiNGJICLD--MS--M* k. WJZ 6 iS-S 00. S li-S 30. » 00-10 OS. ·0 33-13 OC ' 6 OO-Spc.-tt- Orc!s- « 00--PUrers I 8 30--G^^cr Boys rO CO--Chrx 1 ll-oo--Sports: Ar«!« BrooOcatt ' iirau. BOSTON--ses--ss» k. 1 WKf (TOO-* 30. 645-788. 738-7.45. . E 15-1C 33 ! 6 y--OJl PsiiUer. Kews 1 7 15--C-ffibr!! Or. T'4S--Stlinss . 11 oo-- KtKS U 00--ConraiS Or -. O»--breis "~""iTo3-^slKal Procrisa 11 90--Varwtr. SScirs. Or WGK. Bl-FFALO--S*S-*S» k. WABC 6 M-« 30. 7 OC-8 15. » S0^_» 6 30--W^gt. Sports 8 *f i »-oo--Ccsi=irr« Talk: Quart t 18 39--Plals Polks: Measorljs "rc=. I WLW. CKC1NXATI--C»-7«B k. S 45-7 15. 8 3C-10 OO j--i£an Saraiuze Ciaiwr: Dcc» . .5--Stokers. Or . R f D . Rorirtfrs lew-Kern ft: ParcM: V«sw i ifl 45~Sports - Nlcrttc*ps. Moon RiT«r ! " WTUS. CtElXlANO--1!3 1--UM k. WASC 7 15-10 SO- 13 3C-1 00 ! 6 CO--Vlll»«e: Mike 4: Her=aa; Sports S 33--Pisais:. Me^xJiM ' 10 38--Parker. Efc»» Or . Potpourri -« *f:«- CLEVELASl _. s ,.«--,r» - 7 0*-- T»i3. »vor«» T 35-Boawlers: Orsi: 8 15-- Hsi!»j^--e» » 10 00-- Ali Re«.M3t Prosr«= KOB. SOTAKK-- e Docs. Spwts. Or 7M k. mjyiit.r s^^i. ^v^..*. ^^. *«· ^ftianct .00--Laceterd. lopet. Seeeess: Wooo- 8 SO-- Deo Ritrr Or : Suing QcarC 5 00^ R--s^crs. A'Sito Pabl*s 10 ^»--Trappers- E2«rtaiaers. J*r«» ~ WEAF. STEW 6 80--Sscp-re Rooa Or . $ 45--S^iA^is Beys f 7 45--GC*C.S«:YS IOOP 8 33--Socia 5 BiSi 9 00--Or Concen. Rie* lA 30--Ljric Draata 11 stl^p^'o^^EirerrT. C««-UM!- *rs Ors. 12 33-- \v*.:-i=!B Or. WJZ. KEW IOKJK--S9»--~t» k. e OO--Treajure Boi. Piano Deo « 30--CiUcwijr Or Lo«el! 7jOO--A=LOS-Aair. E ,'tnbe! 7 30--PhJ Coot. StijCej a 8 15--Jo-rs Or 8 38--Mclodr. Holae: Coaedy 10 00--Co^a=bo Or Spaeth. Cisn *O 4S--Hotlrvcod Nights, ciaaijx- -11 38--So=«s «: Paster Jaet WhUiac II go--Jeswrs. Puck. EoJst Or. WABC. KEW 10KX--»»--8«8 k. £ OO--Gc^--£ to Press. Orct*. 6 tS-R- - · - 1TBAF 845-1190. 1J OO- 12 30 11 «e-- Crooaen. WJZ -_-.'. TO«ONatV-»T-*4» k. T O0-T IS t OO-S 30-. 8«-« 15. » 00-9 38 C 3*-- DScner MtaSc 7 li--'**««* o' Flowers S 30--Ctrn Basker* 10 SO--Peat.. Or. iWCSTOCN STATIONS) (EST--SUBTRACT 1 Hour Sor Central StsjrtSftir^t TfiD* I r. CHICAGO--sw-i--«« a- VXAP 7 44-8 15. 9-W-S 3O WJE S 15-9-00. W.30-11 00 v 7 OO--Or*.: Sports. OrcM U 00-Se«. »au S-: ,%«· Ora. FIND GOOD NEWS !N CALENDMOF 1932 | Only One Friday The 13th And ! 'July 4 Double Holiday. ALSO CALLED LEAP YEAR WEAF WJZ !· 00-1C 15: 11JO-U45 Fimno: B««tt!y ^«« Orch. 10 30-F»*t«. *n" Anly. "TTioia»8 Or*. WtS. CB1C»CO-»41-J;« k. « 00-« SC. 7 45-8 90. t 1-8 30. *»-»00. 6-06-6 JO. 8 45-7 OS. S M - 1 1 U 123S-100 ·S 03--Grne G:ea= 8 00-- F*« -- " Boad'i Or MeKx!:« JIT--tec--r» k. ,-io 45: li is-ii-30 . 6 go--KCVSC*-. VlUattrsi CcsrcSyi OreJx- ' 10 45--Mjn MiTS* T»ho!t Or ' WJK- DETROIT--ipe--3* k. WJZ T 00-7 15. S.1S-W15. 10 55-11 15. 11 3O-1.M g 00--Talk: F^Efcts- Interne*: 7 30--Weleosiers: Fest. . triu -- SO -- Bos«eU De»ney WOBS S 00 -- Cc:j=r!:»!i5. S^sln' S»=s 8 SO -- Ss« Saj-ti: Ma'e Clioras 9 OO -- Orjittlsi: Cnsse CCsb 10 OO -- Perscci'.itles OrtSs «: Q'JarCK 10 *S-- Su-Uiir Or . Street Sister 11 45 _ Re£Etti£ DucJUa Joses OreaB 1 OO-- Ball Roe=i B»m Ors. WCAt. rBILADClPHlA-SSS- 1I» k. WABC « 45-" 39 7 4S-S W. S 15-10JO. 11 is-s: «. i: oo-i oo SOO-.Ve^s. Tali. Spor-J T 38-Fttt. 8 00-- Feats- 10 3O-- Orelw fTLIT. PHIIJlDELPHlA-4S*-«» k. . _ - JO-7 *S. 9 38-W 00. U 30-M 1» 11-SO-- Amos T»' Al»!l Or WCFU CHICAGO--a**-** *- t OO--Or.. F*gbts. BaJ3**in Bd : Feat*. 9 U £Oci*: Co=irt. *ras!c£. Tvfior 0 JO--Bartoa: OrrtB. Orch. VOC 0AVKKPOKT. KBa 1CHO. WK «OB.-E~SJ»A-I»*» k- ar i *s-n- u i»-ii so. u 30-i-oe WHAS. tXdSTlUEJC--*C--SI* k- WEAF * OO-S M. 7 4S-* OS. * 30-11 00; 11 1S-1! JO 'S-i£t:-? me: *«». *«*" H w Amaa ·«»· Amir 11 So--WorW Tour [3 09--JeT.. Kurkarth Orciis- imEr. MO.ITACKEE--wt-at k. WEAT 7 30-7-13. 8 IS-llOO « *5--Cncle So! 7 00--Dinner Tut* 10 33--F**tsre _ ^_ , rt _ 7 1S-7 39. 8 JO-11 OO WEAF. - . 7 OO-- Korr-J PUrrrs 7 3S-- CbrcT clei- Harssccy 8.:s-- 0!1 iiJSO-- Oreis. . _ - . WJZ « 45-7 IS: 7 30-8 00. 8 -39-JO 00 ·o 30-i! oo: « eo-is is 11 30-12 00 E 08--TaU t That: Sew - n|--r, 01 D-: Mc.Vrtba: ·r e 00--La*rcu«. Feaii.; OrA.: Corbtt- ' s OO--EM«nb!t 10 OO--Slater* i -i 00--Soorw. S»'.t-P««3=ts. Bessor Or I WCAE.' WTTSBCEGH--Sti3--|S8» «. I WEAF 6 09-« 30; 6 «-7'00. 7 4S-10 30 6.3--New* 7.15-- Piano, Ore:: Tr.erelB a lot : , vilesdar Jar 1932 ' First o! all there i a February 29. imaging the jear a day laager than!. ar.d therefore L*ap Year, which 'offers the sweethearts ot shy s\\ains !ihe privilege oJ popping the question. II' the" boy rr^nds ha\ea't the c«ne j " AnoUter feature oJ the coaslag war is that :: contains bit one hoodoo cay. that is Friday. May 13. and thus re- c-ces by ha^ th chaaces o! disaster »hat threaieced the public this year, · its t»o tough-loci dajs. Pa; Day Ootlook Is Good. Those who are paid on Saturday ·*.'.'.! , ·ae'come the flve are-pay-day rooaths t rangement next yetr Is that the Saturday half-toUd»y on February JO U followed by Sunday and Washington's , Birthday. i Euter C*nK* Ear!?- , ' Husbands will find comfort in the i 1 ract that Easter coroes a bit early. ; I March 25 and there Is just a posslbil- ' itv that wttey may decide that ts* weather isn't suitable !or Easter ftaery Artotser prolonged week-end holl- cay occurs in Ma Tbe holiday is Decoration Day viuch exiervds the aol- iJay through Monday. In July Inde- ! pendence Day tails on Monday Columbus Day tails on Wednesday. Lit Noiernbeirs char: sho»s AnnteUoe i or. Pr.aa\. »:th '.he livelihood that ·aie emploKR ai" ns»k* the foUow- ·£ o.aj s Sail-holiday a lull one ' it's no: until Dereoiber that live cal- good news '.r. the , ^ar produces a real.y bid breat. .-"-s'.aias JaUii* 011 Suaday Granulated Sugar 100 Ibs. $4.45 Pure Creamery Tub ! Strictly Pure BUTTER 2 «»69 LARD Sunnvfield Print | ^-»^ ^«^ f^ 3 U" 25« Government Inspected BUTTER "37 Cut to QturWrs for The News. Famous Cough Prescription A doctor's famous prescription called , T"v,x:ne Is guaranteed to rellffve coughs w'biln a few rr.'.r.u!^ It works oo a . tie-.v principal--relaxes throat irritation Brt Pink Salmon 3 **« Solid Pack AP PlimpkiD White House Milk 2 lg* cans 15 C Musselman's Apple Sauce. 3 cans 25c 3 cans 20c Wood's Mince Heat lb. 22c WOW - KS». ST. 00-GulM Maalc K . . - - , - . WTAF « 00-« 3O. 6 «-7 00. 8 li-10 00. 10 IO-11JO TMSc" i « T 3M»~r5.w »-. 11*0-11-15 7 15--Sport* 10 30--Varwrr 11 15--Fljer*. Scas» - Orels : Or. »U-PS-» Another "--brVak-" In the holiday ar- ' Store and all other drug stores. Lane Jane Roddy Stewa'-t * Landis. 1 George A Miller. W^lism 6. Foat. Mrs. | sess'on of the big contract bridge ijane, jane ttocoy. a*n*.. .. IM-U^. , *·"·"-» -- ^..-x Ur.»t-h »ni«rrxT «rlv todav and their r."-? ^ t t^O^-Ct. il«^»**«^ * ·,,»»*. »··« . . . ,---i-- __ . . ^ *, ·* 1- Margaret Deiland. Theron Green. = Martin L Bowers. Ann Beach Anna Levy, WiHiam Seidel. Dai id G. y^i.nTTiMit, j. jiuiLiii c^Avtu_ij. *^M*«t.; ETerharz, Jr. Brsd.ey StrR srterger. Winpigler. John A. Kansen. Jr.. ELza- 1 Madelya Soots. G. Page Gardner. Jo- i--». n,«^« T n n.-^-a K»"r.»r\orid, Dorsey j seph Shook, C. Bess Castie, L Victor " ~ S-rapson. Ralph CantreU. G R. XoeH, Margaret Harris. Ehzaheth FlooS. Elizabeth Loy. A! Jones, Alice R. Cohill. Nelson Lansdale. Helen Potts. Irene R. Richards. Anne Graham Dennis. Mrs. William M. Br^h, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse C. Ramsburg. ^eth Grove. Lenore Shipley. Heirca TTann, Laurens N. Bowers. Class of 1925--James M. Etchison. CarroE James. Mary Alice Mobley. J. W. Zeigler, Sperry Srorra, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W- Spumer, Clara Zimmerman, Naomi Edna Kefauv- Daviseoart Disqaalitied. match, ending early today and their i lead was cut to 16.33). The rubbers i became 53 for Culbertscn, and 43 for a v s e o r . , Balt-rcore, Dec. 29 --Dick Daviscourt. [ Srfiney M. X-enz. who had a new parv heavywe-ght Trrestler from California ner. Commander ·vinfteld Liggett. Jr was daquaiif-efi here tonight in a bout · Points of rubber, 112. Culbertson, with Matros Kirilenko for choking his 855. Lens. 380. opponent with the ropes. Kinlenko _ . _ er,*H. O. Smith, Carl G. Smith. Harok! paaime A. Keyser, Wilbur E. Kem. Ef- j ' Clem, Mrs. G. Page Gardner. Ralph |£g. Moore, Wilson E. Moore. Carroll A. W. Bover. Edgar B. Palmer. Mr. and . Wickiess, Ann Wagner. Francis Greene, Mrs C T aui Roderuck. Russell Hsrm iperrr Edraondszon. Joseph H. Apple. Class of 1927--Stewart H. Bro^n. I Edgar S. Weiler. Jr, Rebert Smith. Del- Edna Stewart, Russell L. Kemp. Char- 1 mar Riffle. Mildred Jane Wiegand, lotte I. Burger. Oliver Keefer. Meredith, j Helen McPherson. Mildred Wenner, F. Hickman. N. S. Zeiler. Catherine Fout. D. Morrison. Roy Knili, Hobson Mus- J. D. Moberly, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. "' " ' ' T ~ Famsworth, Helen V. Grumbme, Kenneth Denlbiss, Anna K. Slagep. Stofces K. Engle, Frank H. Lewis, Margaret the wiener fffl l»TC^li i^J. PrOBTBSS *f mmmmm,,-- ---- I ^^ .Jim Corr-gan was tossed out of the, v; ring by D»ck Shikat and was unable to continue. Shikat was awarded the decision In 13 minutes 40 seconds. . setter. Miriam Wirebrenaer, Trout, David T *-rr,*r will'am Noel, Mrs Fleming. J. ft. Ganoe, F. B. Fleetwood. James Morgan, Mae Angle, Ed- NEW YEAR DANCE STATE ARMORY Friday, January 1, 1932 8.30P.M. POTOMAC CLUB ORCHESTRA Ladies, 25c; Gents, 50c. Big Del Monte Sale Del Monte Peaches Del Monte PEARS Sliced or iialte* Size Can 2 "H 1 31c 18c doz. $2.16 Del Monte Spinach . Ige. can 15c Del Monte Apricots Ige. can 23c Del Monte Fruit Salad Ige. can 32c Del Monte Pineapple Ige. can 17c Fancy Dried Apricots . __ Jb. I3c ' Itory Soap . * cakes Z5e * ( Crisp Tender Celery , The Coffee Trio Culbertsons Lose Again. New York. Dec. 30.-- ilr. and Mrs Ely Culbertscn lost, five ol the first ne rubbers plsyed at the £i-'teentb FLORESTONSHAMPOO-Idealforraeinco. Estelle Baumgardner Anna Belle Smitn, j itice, iir. ana -lirs ivimii i ociixio.., | -,-ctMn with ParkerX Hair Balsarn. Makes U Archie Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Richard i Blanche Cram, John W. Kiracofe, | ^soft^n^^c^bT^ilocaidru.- v TTJJTif. Margaret Sager, Mary Me-1 *""' ' -- =^t for $ 1.75 Bltzer ward Grove, Jr^ George Baker, J. E. Class of 1928--Eariston L. Rothen- | Chenowith, Harry Ewmg, Mr. and Mrs. ^ noefer George E Hamilton. Jean Kolb,' J V. Jamison, Mrs Sperry Storm. J. E. j Estelle BaumWciner, Anna Beile Smith, j Rice, Mr. and_Mrs AMon^T ^nne^ iue Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Richard " · T "^~ TIT TJ "' Kline, Margaret Sager, Mary Me Comas, WiEiam Fisher. Monroe Burdette Marv Bames, Vera Klein, Wil- ]ard H, "Markey, G. H. S:au3er, Elizabeth. Tyson- Class of 1923--Virginia K. Willara. C Lease Bussard, Earl Websser. Corcelius S. Moberly, Jr. W. ESwood O"Hara, E. O. Hcra-ard, Robert C. Har- cington. J- Hajrold Hooper, Rebecca ^(Holland, Harry L Decker, Elizabeth Storm, Gsraloine Mmker, G. E. Wil- diams. Howard Taylor, Jaines Snouffer, j Otenn O. Garber, Jr, H. Clifford G2- i toert, Lois Town. Helen Page William- i son, Chester Bowers, Aiden Fisher, i Stelna E. Lea. Rath Grove, W Douglas ·Siraraerman, Mary Looise Day, fThelma MuEmix, Eugene G. McAbee, ' iMrs. Alvia M. Bopsi, George C. Ze^- , ier, Lillian V. Henry. Class of 1930--Mary Ellen HofEman, , (Robert Danner, C Robert Stup, Wil- i giam R. SchJldfcaeeris, E. Eagece Thorn- i as J-, Frances Yiager, M-Jared Cramp- . ton. Lucille Baurcgmroner. Soscoe Saoos, Charles M. Poole, Dorothy Kreh, J iHoward McGregar, Madelyn Harper. , Frances Poole, Munel Moberly, Bern- . jiard v/siiamson, James S Douo, El- | .wor a Whitmore. Ralph Gassley. Bur- ] wm. Creager, Meredith Young, Robert -McLaren, Smiy S=hraidi, Dorothy j .Wachter. John Htir, CnarloSe L Ship- i 'ey Ward Dor.nan, Helen 3 Mathers, Pauline shook, Rooert C McCardeH,' Claude Barrick. Class of 1931--Louise M Fox, Lewis , Fagan, Winston Shipley, Welch Boyer, I Charles M. LeGore, A. T McCanner, I Jack Byrne. ECeen Mi^er, Marybe^e I Castle. Woocrow Hamson, EliEabeth | Beben, Wir^fred Koons, R^th Sei-er. j Sarah Keyser, Herman Ramsburg. Mil- . dred Rice, Mar-^nna RadcliE, CaroUis j ga-fiTi, Dal^s WZbum i Class of 1932--Evelyn Ogle, Daisy | S'urcgardner, E. L^awood ?Jyers, Da- . Tri M- Garber, Helen Dora Darner, j Robert W. Garreit. Carl Summers, j Loais- Baser, Dorothy Roop, George , W. Smith, Mary Arm Myers, Ralph Selson. Eva Sarle M-ller. Loutse Dar-o- AT;TI Mane StauSer, Betty Markey! Paul Str-^e, Elmer X X'-sz. Irene Har-is, John Ferguson. I^lLan Saston Guests InelJccd- Gertrude K-ng, loa Ev'er Flovd Spa-ins. ruzaoeth Frank, Grace Eaoer Pai-ne Keyser. Raymond S. Crum, Joseph C'nor, Mr. ana Mrs · -5^~.-jr DeTilbiss. Kaihryn Travsr, Lu- cife Wachtsr. Stanley Dava. Allen Sheralc, Charles D SoSmasjer, Dolly p Stzler, Helen Shoemaker, 3 lee Jones, J £ Sharer, Dorothy iauver W.lljcn Mackiey, T Magaiia. S^swortri Taylor, jNIar^in Rau Catherine Reosrt. Carl^n Sseggs, Daniel D W^son, K-rs D Cramer. Nellie Gene~e~e £*ather- ir-, D3na:a Leatherman. V^rgin^ Jeannette Kaylor, V^gima a- \ Impu^tx Color «i»di B««utjr to Gray and FocUd H»ir or less You can take talk trips from Frederick to: Ashevflle. N. C $1-70 Camden, S. C 175 Cincinnati, Ohio 1-75 Concord, Mass 1-75 Jackson, Mich 1-75 Manchester, N. H 1-75 Morence, Mich. 1-70 New Bedford, Mass 1.70 Platteburg, N. Y 1-75 Plymouth, Mass. 1-75 Spartansbnrg, S. C 1-70 Wilmington, N. C. . 1-70 These are Station-to-Stalion Day Kates for 3-Mirinte Talks TELEPHONE! It's friendly I It's cheap! YOUR GROCER SELLS Garber's Preferred Bread A New toaf of More Slices . . . 8c -- OR -The Large Family Size 10c Ask for It By Name The Garber Baking Company S O'clock Coffee Red Circle Coffee Bokar Coffee lb. 17c lb. 25c lb. tin 29c Sweet Potatoes Oranges Luscious Grapes _ 19c 3 Ibs. 7c 2 doz. 35e 2 Ibs. 25c STIEFF'S SILVER Rose, Puritan and Clinton Patterns FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOB FREDERICK JAMES E. DOLL JF.WELEB FOR OVER 50 YEARS Take. Greenawalt's Dandelion Liver Disks for Year Liver's Sate 25c lar « ebox$1 -°° GOMP. SYBTTP OF MULLEIN For Coughs and Colds 25c and 50c At four Druggist's or Dealer 1 * It is with a feeling of gratitude and full appreciation that we extend our hearty greetings to you, and in wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year, we gladly pledge our sincere cooperation for your best interests. STORM cV SHIPLEY THE BUSY CORNER Buy A Fine Blanket or Comfort With That Gift Of Money This Year Fine All Wool Blankets Are Very Inexpensive A GROUP OF All Wool Blankets Fnll size, in every wanted shade. Specially priced at FINE All Wool Filled Comforts Satine covered in attractive designs. Shades-- Rose, Blue, Gold, Green, Orchid. $3.39 ALL WOOL FILLED Chintz Covered Comforts In beautiful rich tones. $4,95 tmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmv Let Us Help You make your dollars go further and give more satisfaction. DYEING LADIES' DRESSES^AND COATS $2.50 Up MEN'S SUITS AND OVERCOATS _ _ $3.00 CLEANING AND PREfSING Ladies' Plain Dresses and Plain Coats, Hen's Suits and Overcoats. P 1. · QUAKER CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS BROKEN LOTS OF Curtains AT DRASTIC SAVINGS From onr rejular stock. Priced fonnerlj- np to $1.93. From one to three pairs of a kind. BENNETT'S Dependable Merchandise Start Saving New Year's Day and Ijy the lirae another Xe'.v Year rolls aroiuid you v.ill have a e»miurtable sura put aside a^aiust the emergencies of the future. This is the right bank to put 5-0111- savir.cs in. Sound as the JTOT- orjinient. and pays you 3 1 - per cent, interest every six months. Farmers Mechanics i i National Bank Frederick, Maryland 'The Bank of Personal Service"

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