Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 6, 1975 · Page 22
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April 6, 1975

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 22

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1975
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

IO-D-—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAIi—Sunday Morning, April 6, 1975 (taint** for Sate j$4. Houses HOW SWEET H 1» -- TheTwaimm ami comfort of Ihu lu\nn" 4 twd- roan. 3 bath. In Mrlonio Oardens, ovo." tlO.OfU spent nn l»nd,vapinc ami itorni cellar. No lavvn mower reeded here, pnrM at S85.000. Cull Tom Lawson at "(S-OiW. Rtv*. "•15- •JOfH. Jack Rovyman ne-,itt/>;'<. LUXURY t.lvlnK plus iiToleVlion from Flomu. Beaiitifullv Imislieil hn.sement plus 4 hcciroom*. ri bailu. living room dlnlnc room, ilen ami playroom, Less than t *ear »M Goreeous house. BCM area, Hcxl buv In l.ubrwok. Onll ruy Klrnce, 7W- OMV. Kite or weekend 7!>5-21!io. Jack Howtnan Realtors. UW.NER: Nico 3 hcdronm. l-\ limb. Mn*i?en schorjl. JI,?.7. r .O. l'-fl[) r.tiih ND Realtors. "tfMfll. IIOHGE'K rent. 1 .: inick*, trnilpis, Inw bars. Inrnl anrj ono ivav. 7tt-3o03. "11-2IS7, SStll ft A. Tqufly undT HI>YV p»in IMS. 7'i". inlere<l. immediate possession. 3 br., I halli. Hjinlrce AJdition. I3«,95ff. Bill 792-fiOH Mllidor, Hellion 7M- 4181. 4.J Real Estate for Sa1« L Real Estate for Sale 1ft I BUY URGE EQUITIES 792-4881 JERRY AKER 84. Houses OWNKIl sclline -JUKI s<|. II. I.nnil- scaped, fireplace, cuslnin .lianes, oool. clubhouse, etc Uiw in s. 711*- Mft.1. _ rjEOWOIJATKK i> linlinoin, 5 IS North Hosum. Owner [iii»iu:cil. 7iir>- 7S7IJ, rBUY EQWfiES R. DAN JOHNSTON 744-3322 RUSHLAND PARK M-'J 10th. SnanMi cMrnnr. I licit-j.- l mom, '_' s,tor>.-, <',ilh<iei«; roiling, ,*i! nialh, :; ilcni slmly. J lin-iilare*. jl IMP Burner, shake, ruof, tremendous! IMtiav. j.hrur.lK'f >, clHljiHUte fn (lues-, i j drapes, cftcnels*. sui'inklrr s\siptns.| i'i.-'OJ viunr? ferl. ^iKTrlnii': rnmrr; i ALL BRAND GO, i i Realtors — 1714 4th | 747-0201 i SVMMMIM, I'lllll, 84. Houses OWNKH. S^ffiU er|U:lv. Cnlo nml 'MM lilth. 7SI5-9771. ' OVVNKK; » bciliixjni, cunnilcU'lv ic- ninilelnl, icrnKccnteil HII, custom huilt cabhiels, slian rariicl, extra nice. SUPi niniitliiv. "tn-y,'.*'l IIAVK rl.lKNT~tor nvn'linlruom willl tnrnw OP uiirw illuwlrnc 30111. it. I.. CMl-ihicr lieal'l-IMutfl 1717 ..3 :i br-dji»ni, K J biilh, den, llvitit;-! «,iim, sluih, utility, canieli'tt ilrrfiiC'l. rcilCPl, 52U mriiillily 7 IK'I. In MI. r7,ii's'l r'liiilv ]Iait-.fii«:il Heally itf-'-ITW. 711.SIKH RMibUle for Sate 84. Houses OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY & SUNDAY 2PMTII? 6309 35th St. (Park loroine) 792-3218 r.llr 'Jr'n nnil nir i'"ini. c'.isinm > i Aiii)nj) i i- IKHH t lan-Uraiicil KM hiMVi- UH. : 1X( OMK I-HOrl.'ll'J'V UII. 1 liillll lifjllsi' vi:u uui '.M'^lTi', ,s. in J'f.'ir. <ij cfidM }if n .^d'jfi, n I lKfi:iit*tn nl' 1 ^ fj \ut: I'ili.iisr I'at Tunirr riyinin I'aiiMll lioinilil ltr:init . loan, SI7t (111115. equity un- licr 510,000. a br, 2 balh. lireplacc, ref. air. 5(17 «r,1. 5,VoO. Nan 73.>-^J8 Malad«r. MLS 4901BmfldHwy REALTORS HUMS *fii nift m KaH{ iv Mcsnef f ct coiomoo LAKE RAMSON-SWIMMING POOL-FIVE BEDROOM Thii lovely, livable, home odcrj rvrryih,,,, F>ve bcdro.v rojranci on^-hollbaths, healtd pool surrcunorc w^ui s cooi-oct k pai 1 ^replaces, full appliances, roned air cononioniion.; bain house a ai;eopeners and much more. Call today. ' SAVE GAS-MOVE CLOSER TO DOWNTOWN 3 bedrooms, 7 bath, 2 car garage, larje den w,ll, l,,tp t , cf . ,, vrr , 0 rct , MarriOoller 775-30SI DiKieRyan 79/-5SS1 Jim Wills CALL 7?2.^3?3.3 Mr.G.I. Lrge 3 bedroom or fa;y in vert to a cjLfplcx. DouNr y^r V.A. appraisal of SIS 000 at Ulh. 350<1-<16th Completely re.decor«icn. .1 bedroom, ? bafh. J?»?| Dr f i- living. Sprinkler f, cowed falio. Madcgen School. J39.SOO. 3123-19th Spanish 7 Story. T ilr rro'. I ^ corner lot, Playrooni and T fireplace. Mosl uniqur. Tax Rebate of 5V,000 on ftm J bedroom with nft'CC. rlflyroom and firf.pj.irr in ''M'-frr bedroom. Sr-e at 3307- 80IM. Buy Now IVO/j-ROth. Wifh out A doubt fhe p^^f!'c^^ ^ And [Jrn. tvormao Hsnjis h(n built. S5J,500. ROY : „ IDDLE'TQN REAtESIATB 330947th 792-4484 Martha Farmer 795-1723 Randv Bowlin 797-3944 Roy Middltton 795-1 Hi HOMES. INC. OPEN HOUSE Saturday .. Sunday- 7'til 6 "Buy How, Hen Homes Wil! Never Bt i Belter Buy" 621635th — Refrigerated nir conditioning, fireplace, 3 bedroom, 2 bath. 7 car garage, (ence, ihap carpet and many extrai, *1,3SO DOWN — S260 monlhty. Other homes under ccmstnjcl.'on priced Jo J3?,5GO. There ii ilJH lime to pick your own colors. TOTAL Come by Saturday and Sunday or ELECTRIC Call 792-6658or 797-0437 anytime. LIVING 313 WALKTOWILLTAMS elementary school when y^-u hi; ifiis sharp FOUf? Bedroom i-iornr Good equity tiuy- CLO5ETOALTURA afiarlmenfi and handy lo dc-wn fo*n> Paymcnls $!JD, Two Bdcm Siorm Cellar, Loll of i patio u- iivinr;, r.Lor>E TO TECH Nrat f.vo tiftdroom fhat ynu ran o w TI for n o J »; i n r; ri n w n V A . F IVE ACRES IKr rf),ilou Sf hnnl Distr i* OWNER MOVING - SAYS SELL! 7100 t.-j. (( hM-.v t ,,-.- rD with 3 bflrtr ^cn, : r^'-v, drepfflre, n t fl n / ri!r*x. sai.soooo GREAT RENTAL PROPERTY - Three bedroom <ind ri/.'o bedroom houses on sams rr-r Refrigerated air, carpet, both ui excellent condition, ("in-,* ir, Tech. »7,000 CO YOU'LL LOVE IT Tt.,r» m, ? bflfh hi if fi'-u-rr . garage, good IRCSIKV,. i^ii 0 ( 1 store room, 521,500 00 ALL THIS AND INCOME TOO! tli-rr. hrl,,-„-,.-,, i >. ;,,;,, r . il)rr I- ••." .-..It, •-...., ; rr::M, ri, |-fl. , \'. I.I r;n VA Si S P^lT HO MON £ V MAKER - One 1 Anrtrea Bell .................. 775-5618 Barbara Bord ............... ?99-3Sll e 8ond -3511 FARMS A RANCHES Shifb/Bell. ................. 795-54,8 Jimmie Irwin, Broktr ...799-3073 B9VCB Irwin .................. 793-9 Equfll Houifng Opporlunil^i INVESTORS EXCHANGE 797-373 I OPEN HOUSE ALL WEEK 4909 54th New, 4 Bedroom, 3 full baths, living-den. Ready to move in. 95% loan with 8 3 A%.S41, 950. 5404 78th. Farrar Estates. THE BRICK IS RED, Ihe garage is white, and inside the house is a pretty sight. Carpet and drapes wilh cabinets galore, living room, den, 3 Br's and more. This equity buy is just right and S153.00 monthly fits in a tight. Come and seethlsone. 511343rd. ON 59th THERE JS A HOUSE, 3 BR, 2 Balh and even a storage house. The equity is high and payments are low, Bookcases, beamed coiling and drapes even go. The pantry is close to the kitchen you'll see, slorm cellar is large, will hold more than 3. S47,500 jusl can'f be beaf. Call us (o see Ihis houseon 59th Street. Howard Milburn ZaydeneBradshfiw ° Carl Morris Nadine Rogers Ed Morehous* Jerry Bradshaw ...... Broker Mike West Nrw \',\ In.m a-.ail:iblc. icin- \ r rnirnt luMlinn. buck. 3 ttr. ? li.ilfi. tllil iiir^ce. nice yard. I 'niter $'J5.WXI. Jr»neItf 792-1 jST ,M9ta<liir, Itrallorl 711 (HI. ^ i NKW llMng J21.WO. :i beuraim. kitchen and baih remoilcleil, new oarpei, dishwnshcr. sinN-e, ctiuitc in- neiv loan. K.R. Moore 71S-1STS, South I'lains Tlcaltnis 71)J-l'iriT,. ^JHUU KliUITY: $IUI p.iynlunls. L J firdrooin vvllli new root anil water hrnlor. Walking <liilflnce lo vchools. West of University Avenue. Krn Wil- IN Ilenlinrs. •;or>-7l(il. (.'US'itlNV uiTmlTiedTwiirTiimioTTF'y liath, Knnnnl llvini?. anil iLlnln< loom. Ciu% p den \viifi jiie plncc, unique kilchen and bienkfn^t nnok. Ijuao Ulillly loom, slorm shcltei under iniLio, sprinkler s>slcm. Musi .<•'<• in iiniii't'rliitt'. Cull 7l<r>-1!H7. IX)\V eijully, three bedniom, one anil fiirecMfuniter both, sinale carasic, rai-pctcil. ilisluvastiff, disposal, West Mibbock. 7!KH5.|S nfler 5:00 p.m. All .MSIl .MONTHLY- .,„ u H-M ncv, ivlin^', and paint. With slorm cellar, ' Call 7M.:>87| itr 747-S!M!l. Real Estate for Salt fft 84. Houses 9510 BELTON AYE. UNIVERSITY PINES 3 ItKilliaoM, 1 Br.tli. Jler. sir., central lieat. Fireplace. Riiilt-lns. Double garage. Covered pMio. l-'ur- nlture may lie purchased If desired. MW(l Equity, j'-lli payments, 7'1 Loan. 745-1533 Nights 745-1203 DIRECT FROM OWNER Snve 1:1.300 before my due brick home Is Ihled willi Heritor. Home was custom de.siirned and hullt. .V,>- nroximatclv IUB7 MI. ft. Ijuce i'*r- pclcrt .stoint nronr basement. Yard hy Tom's, Monterey School District. S55.000 ranse — RtalEttaU far Sate 84. Houses 2."(l;> ^4th, a-2-'-', livlnurtiom, dlnlnu if»om. v*0 x '.*? den xvlth fireplace. £!l,9.V), or eqully. payments SISS.>. NKW llitlnc! .T tcdroom, 3 bath, larce |[vin£ den. Nice carpet anil drapes. Huge backyard, fruit trees. Appraisal ordered. No. 5.103. Qoodi- 3-1-t. NK\V carpet; lark'e equity or new loan. 765-SS70. ilnyu; nighl. 793- fiil;t'>. No realtors. KtVH room IKJUAC, cood; (ujndjtjon, want to exrhaniiij for land. 908 E. Kill Ktrccl. 7U-1306. ____ Classificil Ads Get flesuTu~7S3~!«ri GOODACRE DAY I MANTOOTH PHONE 7<22-2128 I Hourtjuite K-5,lAont*rey Center TOMMY MANTOOTH FEBRUARY SAIESMAN OF THE MONTH CHILDREN WANTED: To lill this beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bath home wllhin walking distance lo Haynes, Evans and Christ the King, isolated Masier lor Mom and Dsd! All Ihis for only 533,950,00./(513 TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TAX CREDIT Plus 1500,00 A I Iowa nee for d rapes or landscaping! 3-2-2 Beautiful home — Pnmc location,>B513 Uidi Niwcitm ....785-0567 Kiy Stiitijnii 7.47-MJ5 Iselriliid 745-2Z25 HUM 7J5-2I10 Tommr Miitooth 7SI-50X Fiw Tylir, Jilts M|r 7IM35J Billy Meiki, •' Cmnmirclil 7I2.010S Dub Mi.tootli 712-1620 7J5>322I tquil Houslii Opiirtuiltlis QUALITY PLUS Huge older home in O'Neil Terrace. Double fireplace — h»s beautiful Kalian Marble hearlh. 2850 sq. tt. ol "Livingpleiisurc"/17l5 TIRED GF CITY LIVING This 3 bedroom, 1V< bath home with 24x15 finished basement is on. 4 acres and is just for you. Priced to sell Today! WE HAVE QUALIFIED BUYERS-NEED LISTINGS S200 -MOVK-ln. VA] Will sell VA- KHA. LMicdroorn home within nalk- Ini! distance to stubbs. Wilson A Coronatlo. Just repainted, new carpet, fenced linckyaril. Payments un- iJnr .'1-!0. Hrrshci oonlon. 747-6-I98 ISY owner. 3 bedroom, two bath, rorriceraled 8 |r, fireplace, calhedrnl rellinir. shair cai-pet, henutitiillv landscaped \vilh over 35 trees, K\Y l.llbhncl; .SIV.'.SSO, 79S-5B2<I. l''OIl Hale by owner-524,000. 3-2-2, near Bowie, 5117 Mth. 792-3692. riOOS 5'JNll — Pretty 3 bedroom hrlclc. Hachelor owner left town. Equity! Edwards A Aberrmlhie, 7!>2 5l6fl. Bernice Tiirqiielte. Brotrer. SlfALI, Kuuity - Trade' 3 Redroom. - Bath. IJouhtft pnra^e. l^'lrenlaci*. Payments S221 Homer Burleson f.i'allnr': 792-13:;I, IDALOU Absolute country living, with all clly oonvcnitnccs, highly restricted ne w subdivision In Idalou. J/>wer luxe*. 1~> Jltiiiitcs lo downtown Lubboct. N'rw .1 heclroom, imiU-Hiff, Ohoicp lot.s available. Call •JS2-2S21, or nijih SCHMIDT JONKS A iJil GKICA 89'J-^3^I Nijfhl J?H2-'269JI or SSMfi TiniHorton Qiulity hnill 3 br, 3 bjlh. brick, ctbl far, lots ot fruit trpcj. <(1S IT,V 5-nd. iJB.650. ld> "SM27I f Malldor, Rejllon 795-tMJ. Redbud 13th i Slide 792-3813 Spacioui older hornp near Tech and medical lacililies. 3 Jovcty bedrooms wi:h 1 baths. Combination liviny room &. dining room. This home is decorated beautifully for gracious liviny. Make an appointment with us for a special showing. E-l 11. Low, low «quily on this cule 3 BR, 2 bath house! II even hs<. a fireplace!! This house is anxious for a new owner! Priced at only J23.950. E-106 1«30 iq. II. - bricV. - 3 BR, 2 bath, den-living comb,, and formal dining room. AM kinds of fruit trees, plus grape vines All !ors?J,500E-5H TWO STORY: brick, 3 BR, J'A bath, den-living comb., gamcroom, &. formal dining room. Buyer may pick the colon!! iJ5,500. E-95J3 MMr Mlnui* 7S5-UI1 RIDIEBI Wlliii J92-0522 MizliiliviM ISb-10«< XlliStnlck 159-1562 StJYi Burditt 163-63(2 Zddih Hirrk 7)5-^055 hcHlmick m-tltt JeiiBlnilit 19S-197! l.f.Wiil 199-4810 Blllii KIHI;, Mr J95-1HS 2020 50th 744-8457 Lavish hom« in M«loni« Park South: 2700 st|. II. i BR, isolated master bedroom 8. large dressing room. Formal living ft, dining, sunken den, large garncroom — PLUSH!! WE WILLTRADE F-2U FHA-SIO.JSO. Sharp 3 BR, slorm windows A. doors, new • paint — Vacant and ready lo go.-219 SHARP 3 BR — Remodeled, good location. Apartment on REAR, renls lor 195 per rnonlh. WE WILL TRADE. D- 221 2 BR, 2 bath, new carpet, drapes, new storm windows, and doors. Bowie, Coronado schools. rllS EQUITY buy. 3 BR, bath, lor- m<il living, separate den. and slorm cellar. Priced at JI5.750. E-9930 aiflcrtf Skup 7M-2I02 Bitty Bttzliff Hl-2353 SxiitOliri 7M-5I8! OdillPirdr 7M-OM7 BoifCiI.Viriir 531-2213 Jidy Ballziil HMI11 PitsjSmn) 1M-HJJ Kirlm PsIlJfd 7IM2H Jick Itgbluk, Mir 74M)*SJ Iftiwyi hnlxr 1151531 Ciiflistritint, Mp. ...71MII! JOHN OLIVE, INSURANCE-747-3817 ?50! 3312 I OF, 5202liB.fRoad 792-3817 OP[KSUN[UY2 III 6: COUNTRY LIVING! ACREAGE- J Bed room, ? Bath brick home piui ? bedroom (renis (or J150 monthly). Main houie h«i 2600-5F, buill-ini, dishwftiher, Carpeled. Wfller wrll, Wx60' melAf barn r concrete floor. Term son equity. RuIEstaUforS* 84. Heustt OKN HOUSE 4401 74TH 3 Bedroom. 2 Bath, nctris. »lr. cemr*l heal. Fireplace, Built-lns, douhlR garage. Covered patio, J4300 equity, J361 payments, f'oiurational loan. located on * Cul-de-sac in Quaker Heights. ly Owner 7*2-0340 WESTWIND ADDITION 'lliree. bediaocn. I wo Iwlh. double savage, icfriserated «lr. all brick, kitchen bulll-ins, cold shag carpel 7 net. loan, }U5 payments. Equity with owner carrying n second lien or new loan nvnilabU. Wlldeoijijj West 7i)5-817-l or Turner Wilson It Wilson 792-6357. lack J III C 0 ueen 4505 AVE. Q 747.3431 OPEN 1 -6:00 DAILY NEW ) lit u( I It, l UTK, HICK in; rtrni • su.iii n,sirH im. mil (u u tin IHIII • ut.iii it.sii.n im • f.s m u ;iu i,iut • iii.)si • ti.iti <i IHI . Hi-, in ti till ISti • 111.111.11,111 !i Ini • I 1 . 1 . Cm III) l!li • ill III • 11.1111| Jm I'H, Cm Jill lilt • in Id • 1! ill II |m I'/.H h«. Jo Nunnery 7>f-Jf7l Floyd Rtynslds I«3-3JS» EdMoonty 7'7-l500 O.C.Tum 7J5-4007 Joedurnty 759-7*5) Bobby McQuttn, S. Mgr 745-307S EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY TAX CREDIT Of 5«<i Of SALES PRICE UP TO $2,000 o Ih: 3 II 1 unt't lni— it! ISO. i n«). ) 11. S505 79th: (Rtwit", i>iai!!i.ii[ 1 dint[ Sil.SIH. 550] 3Ilh: ) it in. i!i.H!. Mr but. SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT: Ruih Area!! J SR, den, basement, lormal living and dining. S8X, 500 F-105 Two Story! 3 SR, den, almost ready — Quaker Htighls. tJ?,505. E-93J5 Pickyourowncolori!!4BR,3 baths, den-living comb, with cathedral ceiling, and study ofl ol master bedroom. 5*7,500. F-72. PLENTY OF NEW HOMES, GIVE USA CALL. limMlior .............. 795-35H Hlvi NnJifJt! ........ 7J5-OH2D. 1 littfWitkln .......... 712-1111 Ilmtritlr .............. 7I2-M7I Kitkiy Siitti .......... 115 7151 FLAGG REALTORS 7006 INDIANA AVE. 795-7126 OPEH HOUSE SUNOIY mam PARK Very unusual A Br, 2'/j balhs, formal living f. rtininy, study or office has built-in drsk. Courtyard. 3 car gara-ye. Isolated mnsfpr Br, U x 21 with f i r e p i o c f. , Nice den with firep'are. OPEN Tiunda/ frorn 2 to 6 p.m. — 6219 Louisville. CMI Pete Hfirmonson 797-1939 or 7957176 NEW LiSTIHE Hay nrs, Evans, Coronado schools. Home also feature* A Br, 7 baihv Healed 4. ftlicrrcl pool in hACk yard. For [psi than S38,QOOE>[>! Call iaveme Won. 3 HOMES R any ing in price from SI 7, 500. to no, 000. tliaf will KHA.vA wifh very small down payment re- tiuired, no payrncnfs urihl June. 3 Brs, i ' j f. 2 baths. Sonie have been remodeled. Don') waif. Carl Senders 792-1158or 795-7126 ami vviln rpfldy to ^rll this im- mfs^ulfltp well clccoratpd home. One of the most cheerful k>ti;hcfii in town with bay win- rtow ^ yrlloiv curtntrn. CJttf Mflrtj^rr' to ice one cf the most « 1 1 r a c 1 1 v P 3 Br, den, living homes on thr market. Established loan, lovely yard f. beaufifuf- iy draped. One of A Ktnd! 7951970 or 795-7126 urn. i own 1 year old, 3 Br, ? bmn, dbL gar- aye, 7 back yard: fl/eas, )<irgp lor. 7-" ! * r o interest. For more informal ion call j r m Srashear af 797- S940or 71S-7126 OPEN HOUSE MEUONIE BRENTWOOD GARDENS CUUB JJOS.JOfhSt. /I! Br«nlwood Circlt SamReyti LouilcWAlson FARRAR QUAKER ESTATES HEIGHTS icago Ave. <?I5-7?IHS1. raihtitr Cart Sanderi 1PW HOUSE FROM J M. UHm 0*HK (ucipl ImiJifi) RAINTREE J709-I5th WESTWIND i702-3rd PARK LORRAINE ilOJOSth St. Jim Pag» Margaret Williami 795-H70 Jim Brathear 797-WQ Pen Hurmomon 7!M;n JuntKincaid 755-4777 L^vtrn* Moniingo 747-1745 Sam Reyts 792-1442 Carl Sander] 792- II51 Jim Page , 747-M73 Louise Wilson 7?5-»Bdl 53DOO. EQU1TT-IWO SIOIT Carpeted, 3 Br, townhouse wilh liroplac«, dishwasher, built-in cooking, disposal, large storage, sprinkler system. Call Jim Page at 795-7126 1 let him show you how to free those weekends for family fun. i HOME f OK ILL SUSOXS Thii sparkling new home i-s designed to accommodate the largcsi family anytime of year with 5 bedrooms & X baths, Enterlaining is rt br«e:e in the fully equiped kilchen, family room, play room & basemeni, Add to this a pool, tenrus courls A. cabana-low 80's. C^ll Louise Wanon 795-9861 or 795-7J76 WHAT A DEAL Only S695.00 total move-in, payments approximalety 1183, begtnning June 1975. 3 Br, IVa baths, buill-in cooking, central heat, cvap. air, loMl price 517.S50. Call Laverne 747-)785 or Wilh hot-dry summer dnys ahead, theieallcleclricStJBr Homes will make summer time great. SwimrrWnq pool & P'5/ ground near by. One 3 Br, 2 rJMh is ready now & others cnn pick your own colors. CAll Carl Sanders 792-1158 or 755-7126 imOHIE WK SOUTH 4 Br 12 iiolaled). 3 bains wilh formal living & dining, plus den w; brick fireplace wall t. pameroom, Near swimming pool &. programmed park. Priced rigril for equily buy. Call Jim Page795-71J6 S!0 SHAVOR, MGR. 795-3150 •TED RATCLIFFE. COMM. 799-45IO»KEN flAGG. BROKER 4122 34TH 795-823« i ^ We are Proud to announce the association of NELSON PARSONS with our Little Store. Nelson is a fine, conscientious Christian man who will do his utmost to help you in anyway he can with your Real Estate needs. JIM TURNER ENTERPRISES 795-4326 ?1 I747-369H EXCLUSIVE New li^fing in prestige area. Very expensive i elegani. 3 bedroom, ? : /i bathi, den-living combination, (orrr>*i dining, large mailer bedroom. Burglnr fllflrm. •sprinkler $yitem, All fhe nmrntries lo make for grsc'Oui iiv*ng. 5004 SOlh STREET 77J-4557 792-3886 OPEN 1-1:00 New 1 BR find 2 Blti. Brick 2SVfc Jllh SHOO down 13 ICorw. LUXURY BRICK S BF?, ^ BAlh, Basement playroom, •vyfl-bsr. Corner, SprinXlers. Well. Huge dtn, 3 SR.. 1 Bdlti. Uol»1trJ masfer. Dourjfe garage. Fireplace. Relrigerdied air. Corner.23M-SF. HUGE LOT, PECANTREES Lovely brick 3 BR., 1 Bslh. Ruih Elsmcnlary. 1900-SF. NICE BRICK NEAR LCC 3 BR, ? B'alh. Isolated master. Double flarage. $2^.400. Large lot. Jun« SheTkVcll Kenneth rUmllttn Dcnovin Rtid 7t7-2033 FRENCH REALTORS 4223 . 34!ti 792-4345 LOW EQUITY ... with ?ii% loan, almost new. Fireplace. 3 SR. 2 B, al 4*15 - 35th, Park Lofrsine, Call Today. LOW INTEREST . . . payments S174.00, 7%, or new loan on Ihis 3 hr, j a. double garage, al 4401 • 49th. excellent brick home. WANT TO TRADE? . . . 3611 - 77tl> Drive, beautiful home, owner needs smaller home or duolex. This is a beautiful 3 or x BR. in Melonie South, give us a call today . . . WANT TO TRADE? . . . 21U- 5-<>h, over 2500 feel of osautifuf home. Has 7% loan and S247.00 payment. Would consider good properly lor trade-in, for equity. Bill Plummtr 717-3121 Dudliy Rttd 799-1157 Pat D»ni«ll W-2»47 Cvaltnt C»jtl«btrry 747-4351 Gay Altundtr 799-5159 RUl Frinch 799-115* Slwoed Frinch BROKER JIM RIDDLI-: WESTERN REALTY 797-4301 i »H500 Equily. Southw.jt. nesuliful 3 | Bedroom brick. Pi Buih. Carpeled. Buill-ins. Double garage. • Spjcicui 3 Br. brick. 1 u bam, den, carpet, built-ins, J204, • Lovily ^ Br., 2 Balh, near Monlerey, 119,950. • IHSO Equily, redecoraied 2 Br,, Step-saver kitchen, JI5.. •Mov« in fr«t, veierans, level/ redecorated 3 Br. J109. •«K. Ojlslandinij inveitment! Financing available, 110,950. • 43 Unit Motel, lerms, consider frade, • 55 Acrti near Shallowater, I" Well, WE BUY EQUITIES« 792-3344 NKAfi Tecli 3 bedroom brick J13.000. Carpeted, fenesd, double purport. S-'pOOO doivn, payments about $150. Earncstccn Kelly. 7!)j- 874C. Pal Ganelt Realtors. ns-OfS RtdEtUttferSal* 84. HOUMS NOW 1 .! I Buy NOW!!!Barsaln - ill'.'O. SF- Rclnjjerated • KothiniJ rtown veleranj!!! sharp -3 Bediooni Trade - Jolmslon Realty - (S06) rURBF. bedroom, Hi bath. 51,000 luwn. $16,000. Owner carry balance i per cent. 799-34SC. OLU House. Die I.ol. Komo furnllure — 2110 Main, $ Hi.000. Charles McCown. Reallors, 7W-6206, 7112-3003. OWNER: ImmacKlnle three bed- m, hujje master. Two baths, jtn- rase, utility locm. il.OjQ ninltv. payments S1T.1 1311 4Dth. 7-II-U7U1 after 4:30 P.M.' TIIRKK henroom house. 5120 35lh. .jest offer over J5000 cash. 707-3323, 733-6118. IVi SI'OKY, three bedroom, 2',i wills, riant den, sunken /Jr'eplace Microwave oven, built-in vacuum system, huae closets. t63,500, 793 R780. 792-4351. FOR Sale By Owner - brick, 3 bedroom. 2 bath home. Occupied foi only .one year. All builtins, sunken den llvinjf area, low equity, Sli percent loan. ULTRA Spanish Decor — Mclonle Parks. landscaped. professionally Curbed fjcwer bed, electric carsC* door opener, I)a\id lure. 795-67S5, Pat Oarrett Realtnix 7!),VOfill. R«»IE»t»t« for Salt . Houses . BKUHOOM Bcauly! A fctcp ti> luxury, room and comfort, f41,9aO. 7 percent. S'J77. Eqully H3.3SO. .1017 GSth. Charles ilccown, Uealtors, 7!)2-l>206, (92-3003. . KH\-VA. 3 bedroom, i balh, llvliiu-. room, den, fireplace, shag canici, r bulltfns, sloiiu cellar, 163S (t. Jiear Brawn Elementary. 7-M-1SM. _; '0 ilOVK J.V! VA. Will scl! VA. ..'\. 3-2-2 home In the Bowie.,, HacKenzle. Coronado school dislrlct, : Central heal, targeted, fenced yard, Isolated master bedroom. Payment* under S?W monthly. I/reddle Thomr>-1 son W7-8148, The 'I'homnson Compa- * nv. 7U3-8236. i. OWNER 61st Street, 3-'J-2, fireplace, •' ref. air, hullUns, Mall and nil Schools, Custom drapes, ^,000 «|, It..' »6900 equity. 707-1-105. aftei- 5:00 and wcekc?ni}!;. No realtors. _ ' JtJST listed. 3 bedroom liome near mall, nautili caiage, larce storm cellar storm doors and windows. Haynes, Evans, Coronado. E.R. ifoaie. ~1;>-1R7?. South Plains Kenl- tors. 751'2-^'liJft, OWNER selllne extra sharp three bedroom, IVi bath home. ljo\v eqully — J16'J a month. Ijirfte living room and den. Shae carpeting. Malcolm OarrclL Realtors— call Wilson Alplan- :l or 7nil-t)C37. .R Kayfi-Trade-Sell or make offer on this 3 bedroom, a bath brick home in Haynes. Avails arcs, LHVCP- dc-n li.Ti beam reilinj; and fireplace.. Nothing down VA No. 1326. Gooria- cie-Dav-Manlooth 7!)'2-'Jl2S. _ LOW equity, thvee hodrrotn.«, tivo Ijalhs, lar^e palin, new i-arpet. 79L'- 5L'52 alter ;i:00 pm. COUNTRY Living — :l bedroom 2!i haths — Livinff-den I'ombinatlon — I'.efngeralert air — l-'oulile car Harare — Jailie Cheney, T9W737. Pat flavrelt Realtors. 7!>">-OliU. 3003 - urril sr. 3-2-:>. fireplace, larse backyard, fruit trees, beautiful landscape, ('all for showinc. We need an o/(er.' Kuthryn. 7W-7fiSO. Ferguson rtcnl y.slatc 797-83M. •TOP CASH FOR HOMEJ Any area, any price, equity or cleir. ' We pay closing. Conlidential, courleous. Our lOlh Y«»r. 4122 34TH 79S-J236 J:i750 KQU1TV. Uriel;. ", bcilroom, I rarpcted. buiU-in!T, Cornnado, po^ses- s-ion. 707-^IUS after K P.M. i I BELOW I | APPRAISAL I I WILL TRADE j * 4 New Brick Homes f i 2 Duplexes I pu = li('fllor5%l«5I<uCi«dil [ NO DOWN VA ' LOW TOTAL MOVE IN Near Racquet Club Emm«1f Ellis WE BUY 747 REAL ESTATE IV OWNER ^ath, living, dining, ^^t^f and dtn w.FP. «3<^<>^^ilri noort eouity. 2505 70lh. Call Jack Alrnack, IXR. 797-323', or Don Caslleberry, 795-7165. 795-7241 <Oiy»r Night (If no answer call jgaii I'm out selling ant). ^i REVERE HO.MKS, INC. WHY WAIT Jo purchase A new home? >? new homes - ready for your ins Dec T ion. Several under construction. Select your own color's and area. Quaker H*igh(s, Farrar Estates. Raintree, Mclonie Gardens, i BR, ? t» 3 ba'hs, gameroorni with wel bar. Prices ilarr a( S39.SOQ. Plenty of conventional money. 95% - ?c% - «o% (cans available. Markalftd By FUGG REALTORS, INC 795-7136 Transferring Wondering what lo expect? Ask us lor FREE booklel! WiTh piclures and inlo on homes wherever your Are going, Jeintttt Holdrldg* ....712-1SS7 IdaMcGovern 7»5-4270 NJn Burch. S, Mgr 7?5-illi BlItLyle, S.Mgr 791-4014 Hiynei B*umO«fdtnr 7f2-(?tt G*ncSn**d 7524010 Interested in a new home? Se* ouf various plans, or show us yours! WE DOIT YOUR WAY: iOOKII Ht* l OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY* SUNDAY 2 PM TIL 7 6309 35th St. (Park loratne) 7«07 Ave. V Jt(lfl|f Slid CtlStmctill 4iei I'owillilii Hwj JJMJI1 7IMMI Corner Lor-Rtdburf Arc* p 3 Liedroorn, 2 tialh, Qen-fiving PDrirfttcriming-I blocks to Rush standing lanascaping. S?6,95D. Work Your Way In VA. 1 BR , balh, ^in»)|^ g^r^yp and •.rnrin c«(Ur on dnuofc lor wifh plenty o1 room lor a gArarn. Etjurly Buy llnrt^r 19.000 ~ vsymrnli 125^, C^flrm- IIKJ 3 Bedroom, ? bflfh, lormfll living, and l^rge ,irn • k-ichen with lireplacc. Llose to schools and shoppmg. FARRAR ESTATES MW[ IOOM Fimshrdflna Reidy, SPACIOUX holfllcd Thrpc Bfdroorn. Tv*o BAlli^, Piclurr Pflne!c<1 Def . FriqidAirf Kitchtn, Closets Abound Exlra SpcC'fll. CflU BtUMENT Gamp Room, Isolaled M«Mrr Bedroom. Step Down Dfrn, From FrigirJsire Kitchen. To be Bright and Cheerful. Plenty oi Slongc • 5408 74tli Street, mum GMDIMS On Corntr Lot, BricX 8uill-ln Kilchcn, Three Extra Large Bedrooms, Two Baths, Two Dressing Rooms, Special Side Entry. Utilify Room Sink 3ZOI 7?lhSlreel. CECIL E.JENNINGS "THE BUILDER" 795-5216 34lh Str««r LEWISGARNETT MLS REAI -TORS Selling or buying Please call us and be pleased James Parks, Mgr Residential Sales 1728 Wh St. 744-1441 Night 799-8929 . ,. 79J-74O 7fJ-0235 i MaryColvin ! Chrisli Purltl! CimilKBerry j Ronnie Foy 1 Ellen Berlin BilliiGiiit Jim Riddlt, Broker 74S-3S47 EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY V ALCOLM RRET 4212 50th i 797-3383 OUR OFFICES Open Sunday 1-5 P.M. MAR. SALESWOMAN OF THE MONTH BEAMcLAURIN Wilton Alplanalp. Bea McLaurin H«nry Ellison Tommy Vnllas .... Julia Lester Margaret Sparks . Rote Hardy . Jack Bains Jim Boye-r Charlie Huff, Mg.. Malcolm Carrel!.. Malcolm Garielt J Insurance 799-0437I 763-1 1361 .745-2314 [ 799-6343 797-47001 797-5270] 795-6558J 795-5347 799-3377J 792-87831 795-7455 HUSTOHE FHIO- OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-5 PMi 551579|h-$56,791 HURC 1 Hit, 2 balh brick Jiomf. Formal living ny>rn. den vilh beamed railing ft lirrplacc. l,f. kilclirn wilh all built-in appliani'iiv Inlcrciirn. Sprinkler sysirm. Huft p^iir. «-:ih fabulom yard. Ihnihlenaj grill &li(hl. UHOEP. S90 t MONTH Wo have a 1 UK, 1 Mih hnint wilh > pan- >-\f<t IIWHR raini. «'il| sell i\() down VAor KILSwilli tlOOilimn. JSFOIirWITKHlJCESlUOf J UK. t talh hrirli lininc wilh a ISxIJ slurfy. Den wild lireplnce. All huilt in applianrrj in kilt-lion. Onlral heal ti jir. Slorm trllar. Double garaue. 1 KDKOOK WITH DIN 1 nil. 111 bath brick home wilh formal living room t rltn. l.g. kitchen wilhwok- Ing and disposal. Cenlral hcst. SMJHUOUIty-3 IIOKOOM .1 Bit, IV. balh home wllhittn -livincrnm- h. A I*, riming «rra. All hulll in applianrrs iakilrhrn. OntralhratAiair. HUCt < lEDKOOM < IIK, .1 nalh liomr only 6 mis. old. Kor- rial livinj[ room. Itirmal dining *i i-allicilral rriling <lfn wilh (irfphcf. Caiiir rcKnn wilh wet bar. Sep. slnity l.f. nlilily. All hiii]|.in appliances. .Sep., FUUIOUS m HOMF .1 Illl, 1 balh home wilh linge calhnlral beanifrt ceiling dfn. Hough marhlf lircplai-c. All .huill-in appliances. Ijrgt hrrakfasl area. Unusual amount nf slnraxe. l.g, closet.v Cnvrrediulin. lief. air. Hcauliru] colors. 3 Hit. 1 balh brick hnmc wilh <alhedr»l ilrn i firi-nlire. Kormal living room. f.g. kilclicn vilh tiuilt-in conklnf. llel. air. (War roof. Double garaRe. All walk-in closets. Huy VA. KHA cr Kijuily. K»- cellenl location. 1KHIP t CU*K' J lEDtOOM 1 flR, 3 halh brick home wilh formal living room, formal dining tt den, • rooking disposal. Double earaic. KMA- < !<f!. 4 bain home wilh den-living romh. Kireplace. Calhcitral ccilinR. All hiiill-in jpplunrei. I.e. utilily. lodoor grill in game room. Kxlra parking ipace. llcaulifLkl landscaping. 3 IEDIOOM DUPlEI-EQUirY Small enuiiy It W5< munlh paymenl. J HR, 1^4 halh.s per side. Hen 4- (irplace. Re( air. All buill-in appliances. ?(M month income. JliOdOOIil-ISHHJ-SUTON 3 III!, l»< balli home. Den-living comb. All tuiili-in appliances. Intercom. lieni house* bring in 1205 mnnth. ijnd frond ace^s roadol highway. 3 lilt. I '-i hath home. Kormal living rootn. Den wkih fireplace A bookshelves. r'onnal rlining. New shag carpel. AIL buili-in appliances, fief. air. NEUMttniJBWXOJfim 2 IIR. 1 hjlh home with 1.17(1 sq. f(. Tor- mal living loom, dining room Ar Murly. Conlit be convrrlrd to Medical Ollices. KxcTlEcnl arranfemenl. *'j SONNY ARNOLD & ASSOC. THESESTTHINGS In lilt >rr getting higher. But this home is listed below yesterday's cost. 3 tiedrooms, 2 balhs, fireplace, rfg. air, and co:y Kilchen that makes this ,a chnrrner. Immediate Posession! LOW EQUITYI BIRD'S DO IT Now is tht tim« to (eather your nest! Interest rates ir< down. Your dream home can be found In thr wide variety of our new homes. Located In RAINTREE. PARK LORRAINE and WESTWIND. T.O.I.I". r*wn«i«uit «J(,200.00 Gr*at LMitltn Ingtnlout Plan , Fintisllc F«clllll«s WE WELCOME TRADES I HKAI.TOM Ml-S 2350 34th 792-5171-24 Hoirj 793-3325 A TWO YEAR OLD BEAUTY Southwest, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large living den wilh caihedral ceiling and fireplace, beautiful kilchen with all builtins. ref. air and double garage. 137,500. THREE 3 BEDROOM HOUSES In Southwest area, below S30.000. All are very good locations. All kitchens have builfins and arc very clean wilh nice yards. Night i a no* Sundays Call Ronni« Mtador 799-5672 Lirry Elliot! 797-5115 Peggy Smith 744-J442 MlltlKinr 7>2-<75l Gl«rn Anlwin* Broktr McmbtrMLS Equil Housing Opportunity •16 HOLLAND REALTORS 792-3235 S2<,500.4 BEDROOM IW bains-Sunken den with fireplace t. calhdtrsl ceiiino. Dishwasher &. doublt oven completely redecorated-VA appraisal order-Call Now! VETERANS- IJOO TOTAL MOVE-IM 3 and 2, doubl* car garage, paneled den wilh shatj carpel, sell-cleaning oven, rel. «ir. all brick. 476,450. 7V.% loan, ' Hurryonnlione. LOWS3C,0«0'l New in Welt Wind-3 bedroom, 2 Bath, H'»J3' living den with fireplace, cathedral ceiling, plusn decor, 4 lo choose from. Call to set all four. INCOME DUPLEX J2J5 per month income-Near Tech'Never v«c*nl. Excellent condition-only 115,000. Won't last long. Stlsy OunitJti 195306^ ^lotin Hollmd H5-S630" 3 MIS ENTERPRISES BUILDERS 19I45THST, 763-3611 NEWHOMES Ready lo Occupy! 1302 Fremont 375-SF. 3 BR.. 2 Balh. Double jar age. Central heal, ref. air -ireplace. Builf-ins, dishwasher, Jeaulifully decorated. J27.500. New conventional loan. PiCKYOURCOLORS 4i20 7llh 1S20-SF. 3 Br., 1 Balh Double garage. Central heat, rel air. Fireplace. Built-ins, dish washer. Cathedral «iling. Palio 139,500. LOOKITRADE-1NS1 2517 70th. Cul-de-sac. Double gar age, autoryitic doors. Central heat ret. «tr. Scufpturtd jtiag Dishwasher, buill-ins. Fireplace FHAorconvfnlionjl.536,500. «0k 47lh. IVi blocki to Maedgen J020-SF. 3 BR., W> b»lh. Fireplace Built-ins, dishwasher. New carne nttt paint. Outside storage. 0» grtll, gailighls.S37.500 WETAKETRADESI 3 V« THE NEW TAX CREDIT DOES YOURS? CALL NOW FORINFOI "MI^I-CASTLE" "Swcel-as-Pie!" Sunny colors enhance this 3 bedroom l'/j bath charmer. Pml J157! UNDER $24,000 3 nice bedrooms 2 baths, huge fenced back-yard. Assumible loan payment 1U7. LARCE LIVING ROOM Wilh W/B fireplace! Charming 2 bedroom collage. Gold shoo Ihroughout. Reduced! ROOM FOR EVERYSOOYI < bedrooms 2 l /i t>«lhs, living room, dtn/WlcIien, Jlorm cellar. New pslnl, piper, (, carpel; Huge! , llf llltKl — ll( Illll Nlta 7»J.»IM; Clarissa 7«.J777j »unny 7J5.2IJO; ;»». 3705! J« 7»J-9\(I; Oerfy 7IJ. 0111; Myrl 799-0911; Rtgir V. i, R*ilf»r. < s

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