Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1953 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1953
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

\. —*.jjy»^^efci ^^^^_.^.^_g. FNfflilXvnT ALTOW Wtlfllft T«LBQ«APtl STARTS... THURSDAY • POWER TOOL CATALOGS t HAND TOOL CATALOGS • CRAFTSMAN YARDSTICKS • PLASTIC POCKET PROTECTORS (Fr«o to AH Adult Soars Cuttomors) >/, f No Outfit at Sp«>< ic«l PrS<:o! M.TOW tvnnro n»pn«ra CRAFTSMAN KMN. TIITING ARBOR BENCH SAW OUTFIT Regularly 187.80 i YOU 8AVE 37.88 95 Look At fltes* tuporlor F*«tutreil WerV ,lev» !«*•« ales', •• <n>l teWe ana 1 w«k) III) eny oaale •e le 4»» TIIMna, t*M»t. •** ktixh Itr «lUr UIHaa, C«Hf«l» kill taMlcai-nd«CM M *»•»•) 149 $19 Down, $11 Month Dunlap Hand Drin For H««WeiO«t-At PlfteM 1 2.98 •* Fnr Hose-quarter work) LlfHtWelfht die-rant »lamlnum conltrHAtl«n. •(«•! chuck; ',4-In. capacity, Oi»ri •«• closed! Hero II I* ... msnlvf, extra heavy-doty . . . th« Unfit bench »w we've ever "Old! For outstanding quality, mechanically »n- perlot feature* and exceptional performance all In one law . . . we're convinced this superb CrafU- man rannnt be matched today at anywhere near thin •pedal sale-price! See It In action at Sean today! HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: CrafSmsn 10-lnoh Tlltlnr Arbor Ben oh Raw Craftsman H. O. 1 11. F. 8400 It. P.M. Capacitor IHoter Table Extan.lah (») Craftsman Work tight Power Tool Bench with Powr-fanl * Wheel a*,!*' f TtftAM f Price | 93,00 19.95 23.00 4.*» I.« | 187. SO «a|e | Ton 1 Prlr» Have I iD.ea ; «. u ' 1 S9.1II 10.18 I I "~ 1S.8I «.!» I ' ».M» I .«» |ll. 00 | 4.50 I 149.05 .17.55 Tool Boxtt CJt'aftsman Mechanics' Type Reg. i.4» 4.98 Strramllncd with raindtd «orn«ri. 2'NjanM •'**!—«l«olrlcally waldcd for grtkttr ilr«nith. Carbide-Tipped Safe-Saw Blades 8-in. Craftsman Quality 7" Regular 11.95'. Long needed safety *chi«v«d with special 3 tooth construction! Regular and special arbor shapes in 6-in. and 12-in, diameters fit popular makes of electric hand saws, bench, radial and swine saws. Also cuts plywood, wood, transite, roofing! Molding Cutter Head and Bits Regular 89.80 CRAFTSMAN 18-IN. ROTARY GASOLINE POWER MOTOR $74 CUTS HICHWEIDS I Down-7 Month on Sears Easy Payment Plan SALE-SAVING OF 15.50 Powerful 1.5 H.P. lightweight famous-make engine Height of out adjustable from 1% to 2 % -Inches Exclusive, shock-absorbing blade mounting protects blade Economical t. Runs for 8 hours on 1-quart of gasoline Lightweight,.. strong cast aluminum alloy housing Engine has convenient automatic governor control Four wheels have ball bearings . . . rubber tires 4-DAYS ONLY AT THIS LOWEST PRICE Regular 109.SO Craftsman 18-IN. REEL TYPE GASOLINE POWER MOWER $ 94 110 Dflwn, $9 Month «n Stirs Buy Payment Plin SALE-SAVINGS OF 15.50 Pdwerad by • 1 H.P. 4-cycle famous-make engine Economical! Runt 4 hours on 1-quart of gasoline Nciflon-fround, dust-sealed bill bearings in rid 5-bladereel of high carbon, high grid* tool steel Speed is adjustable.,, wide rang* 6f cutting heights Big 10-in. diameter wheels semi-pneumatic tires Ruggedly-built; strong, pressed steel construction 4-DAYSONLYATTHIS LOWEST PRICE Roller Cabinets New, Improved Craftsman Reg. 89.95 ..... ... New, aaiy-ralllnf l-4raw*r eablnet. Heavy, all-steel. Lock on lower panel lor all draweri. 17*»»«82-ln. overall. Open End Wrenche* Streamlined for Easy Handling 2 QP —„. .,„. ,. r ,. „_,., »w Drop for««4 "•»p»r»Tal»" steel with ruit-ritlitlnf llnlth, «| t* 1-ln. al«*a. Metal itanO. »ollab«A h***a an< bodies. SAVE S 13.29! K-Pe. Wrench S«t Craftsman Adjustable End Reg. 6.19 •! « Prnfuslonal quality, clattd to rt- •lit rustlntv SU*at «, I. and. 10-ln.; with >4, H and Hi-l«. capacity. Metal clip. S-in. Bench Saws Ball Bearing Equipped . 46.9S Tllllnf arbor controlled by wheel on 'right aide for convenience. Fast, accurate' depth adjustment. At Sears! Easy Blade Alignment Regular 13.29 . 9" Makes your bench saw more useful, more versatile! Set consists of: Molding cutter; 1-in. Planer Cutter; Cabinet Door Cutter; Shoe Molding Cutter. Fits V 2 , V« and H-in. arbors. Comes in attractive plastic box with dividers to hold set in place! SAVE S 3.07! SAYE$IO,00! I [ SAVE $24.12 DunUp Drill S«t With 5 High Speed Drill Bits 14 88 Reg. 18.95, only .... 11 «OQ Drill, »nnd, polish, grind, buff, mix PHlntl Can ^rlv* U-ln. bits in iteel, U-ld. bits In wood. Wttb *(•*! eaie. Craftsman Tool Light Handy Push Drill With Drill Selector Handle 1 98 £• S.40 «ti«<««<n..i.i I nUwf Ma t »ln. handl* k«l(|i I drill polnti 32-Pc. Socket Stts At a Terrilie New Low Price Reg. 36,98; ttttttit 19,95 More Useful Than Ever... Dunlap Portable Power Tool 32-Pc. Workshop . . . Ju«t dltl »*U«t«» f«f iti (ortable, *a«]r>|rtf h»n4ln. Aoourtt»l Floor Drill Presses Craftsman Industrial Quality Kef. 88.50 . floor modal drill, to center of 1,1-ln. olrrle. Handles all types ot drltllnc with e«i». Precision made to laatl ^ ^af*». 4.49 3.50 KlfU iteel arms ad- JMl fl» three swivel bill »«d socket Jalltl. Ia«andef«ent. 3-Pc. Pllor Sot T«« Crt(Um»» III, «nlmul JtlnU, U'U. .•••ed*» wrmeki U«t b««, *«d mnoh mare! •if U t«d»y. Reg. 58.95 46 o.w 2.98 WE IEAR$ EASY PAYMENT PLAN ON PUROHAIEt TOTALING 10,00 OR MORE Saws, sands, drills, bores grinds, buffi, brushes, polishes, mixes paint! "Supreme" precision 14-in. capacity geared key chuck assures greater accuracy a.nd makes for easier holding and removal of accessories. ' HAND TOOL ASSORTMENT OttOM ft* 21 ipciaj rand tods ... all really . . . . Bfiftical iMlt you naaa) and wwt for your boat* aa4 wdrkikop! TiMi IN w«a«ii MH, dajaj d«JU, um> iui*s, piian, pJiuM, iaumi fcawMn, fciawdriveif, rjjoi bUd««, wrecking bait, wc«aj ICMHI atMrtauaK. Uwa bolt maiiaMtti mf^j^m. gj_»u_^ Iftlk B\A M^MV vl^^LPMP *^r "* U, 4l»(tMl. B »•!•!• !• fikile awry* l«f oil*. Dunlap Drills '•a-Inch for Heavy Jobs OfctOP 1 H.P, Motors Ball Bearing Capacitor Type Dunlap Qrindor With tt-in, SpUtpPhut Motor Llfblweigbt aluminum Irame; e»*y baudliuf. Hueit "Bu»r»m»" feared key vbuck; Irlffer switch. T-ft. prsteclor; d«ubi*-»ial *b*(li »>U« insulation; built-in switch. Het It) ikUtdi nt IM! IMU. S Powor Wood tits New Fiat Design 4 ,4.»4 .'.. •aOV Reg. 55QOGround Cast ctjitMtMaJ tfail TetttS Rotary Mowors Eegular 13.0,90 108.00 Craftsman M-ln.. Blade and htU.inf ' project beyond wheels »t sides for tMjr trlmmintl 1.0 H.F. ' onflne. Cuts H to l-inehes Powor Mowsrs 4<:ycle, 1.2 H.P. Engine 7Q fift Beg. 104.00 I9«OO Overelsed semt-pnenmatle tires. Handy speed thretUe. Entire canstrua- llan of rl|ld pressed steel. l»-ln. oot. I SAVE $3.07! | | SAVE $3..00! | So Quiet and Easy Running! Craftsman "All Steal" 16-in. Hand Mower 88 • Reg. 19.95 ^ • Sealed ball bearings in reel 16 Stronger and lighter than cast iron! 5 reel blades made of ausrempered tool steel; positive locking screw type cutter bar adjustment. Oil impregnated bronze bearings in reel. Range of cutting heights—!/2 to 2 inches. Economy Mowers 14-in. Ru bber-Tlred Wheels .. 12.88 Reg. 15.05. 18-in. Hand Mower 5 High Carbon Steel Reel Blades 29.50 Four carbon heat treated steel blades stay keen-edged longer! Precision ball bearlnu in red, H«r«w*«« handle. Reg. 32.50 Oil Impregnated wheel bearing! Aircraft type wheels ar« machine cast aluminum. «fd baked enamel. At Sear.. Rtttoct TrWta i ••''!.• Mtfl filQ '. imiili»»» •• I J!H''' > JL fflltffM nMN^iftji w 39 ti 1.3B 1111 f 11 KM* «• HI ot* IW«*» (ft* ItWfll Unit. Lightweight! Sturdy! Useful 7 9.98 •If Itillxlt'lfl, fitll Mn> fttUl I. «•. ft. irjr materUl 1 ••< rilnforoM •«fei ftbbir tlrtii 4H fctarlnti. W«u« •fit. You Save $1.00 To $3.41 USE SEARS EASY PAYMENT PUN ON PURCHASES TOTALING 20,00 OR MORE Here Are 13 Good Reasons Why You Save At Scars QUALITY HAND TOOLS UtSI COMUINAIION OF HIGH QUALITY AND LOW ^ fe&, PHICE'. IN YEARS . COMl IN AND LOOK fM OVFR jgf^ ^:^ < $^$$&$f$&&*$?$ <?« i EACH i.tft l'|it), Wr»ucb i*t , i^nkftaauio Tout ftos... ^ittmlJHt* BJow Tttrt'h. >. too w. Kuldiriag Iron. Craftaauta Puut* Uttft Hoi-11 Chitr'l !•!•» 4,08 4,08 4.08 •4.08 .4.08 •4,08 ..4,08 Lady Dunlap Design Stainless Steel Tableware 6 QC •«IO Knives of I-Dior* solid kleel • . • •die. froiiBd s»d buffed (J«VI ever UrnUb. ro«t «r lUlB> Ntvfr and, UIMU) taw ft... Hand 8«w 8**8 H ,"4,08 nud iaw mio pt 4.08 Uattd i»W 3<UH ?*....,,,,.4,88 n»i4 a»w M*S'/ } *t.,..,,.,4,88 S.JHS. BU it4. ».,....4,08 •V SUol Eliminate Tedious Raiting $fl. K«g. 39.95 llVe frame, oaiy - le - empty «U -bushel b«pt>ir. roan MjMtabio fcru,h»s. Green and yellow. • Lawn Rollers levels Humpi, Hold* In Moisture IIS fifl Reg. 17.95 I O.OO T«bolar it**! h»ndlei, Heavy milt* drum. With water. 1«5 Ibi.,; t15 AH iteel construction. SHOP AWD COMPARE THESE SALE-SPECIALS fttjiffr M9 Riyon Rflhiforwd RUBBER HOSE eter OUHUP QUALITY Regular 7.49 Craftsman Transparent Craftsman Mowers Gasoline Model 21-in. Cut Reg. I Z I «OU Ju*t raltt hand!* ta itart . . . l>w*r to tUpl Hufftd M» H.P. »n|ln« mm 2U hours «n 1-qt. (ai. AdjuitabJ* ' apaad. Craftsman Mowers 16-in. Cut JSasy Running 24.88 fc t 25.UB Mada of steel. Install of out Much stronger, llfhfer, ft «||gy ile.l hladei, double riveted to steel brao- keta, Do the Job filler—nave a More Beautiful Uwn With a Craftsman Mower 50 Dunlap Wheelbarrow 19 95 • Regular 129,50 • 1.7 H.P. uiollne motor O Cuts a 21-in. wide iwath Reg. 25.95 Ball Bearing Steel Wheel Heavy-duty contractor type! Heavy-gauge steel tray has 4-cubie foot capacity. Strong channel steel undercarriage. Smooth varnished hardwood frame and handle. 2-ply pneumatic tire takes bumps smoothly! Powerful, now power mower has streamlined 1-pc. case aluminum .housing . , . shock absorbent blade mounting protect! both blades and ihlft. Front and rear guards shield blade. Speed Is automatic governor controlled. Knife Aitortment Regular 1.59 to 2,19 Values Your 1 fe * .4 "% Elgin Door Clows Special Heavy-duty Construrtion l baiv»» for tvir? i»e! 1 and a »•<•(*[ brttl llaed; ru»t- b»l»tets. I ulorlul variety »l K«g. 3.3B Ideal for btavy •turm. »tr»eu tat combination duorsl IQtism-.iit. ivUn- der, ttevertlble for ri ( k,i or Ud «»«4 duor». Values to 2.19—Criftmu. «»d OunU» Garden Tools riPOf From 2 Popular Models MotaJ Mitro Boxot Rl !AU s!r*lal toff. 4.4* 8.77 i Night LaUh . 3.3» I e68 Your Choke <;*• t« rl«bt or Ult HW.IH I tl ||w,«sil Fw «*»M you • |Jj all »§ ywnl 4iNi<iMi USE SEARS EASY PAYMENT PLAM FOR PURCHASES TOTAUH6 $20.00 OR MORE! ALTON 309 PIASA PHONE 3-SS11

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